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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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treatment.there are no charges pending against the driver of the semi. 3 it's a milestone for sioux city... as the first navy ship to be named for the community prepares for its official launch tomorrow. siouxland news reporter jetske wauran is in wisconsin for the christening...and has more on the preparations ahead of the formal ceremony. 3 jetske wauran intro: "it took two years in the making, the uss sioux city, spanning at nearly 400 feet long. and today, i got a behind-the- scenes look of this massive warship, based right here in marinette, wisconsin." milestones for the uss sioux city lcs-11..the latest littoral combat ship built in marinette, for the united states navy.kenneth lieberman, executive officer, u.s.s. sioux city"the rco counsel, this is what makes lcs particularly special compared to the rest of the legacy fleet."executive officer kenneth lieberman is in charge of the 50 sailors who will be on board the combat ship."i am the executive officer for the
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stone, us navy sailor: "it's an honor to be here, to be selected by crew 108." lieberman: "we will then come up here this fall and man and certify on 11 and bring sioux city to mayport, the second ship that will be home-ported in mayport."littoral combat ships are not built from ground-up like traditional ships. instead, they're built in blocks, called modulesthat work like big puzzles."and allows it more of an assembly line process."and friday morning, us navy officials and sioux city dignitaries, gathered for the ceremonial mast stepping,.a long time tradition in the us navy where coins are inserted into the mast.bob scott, sioux city mayor."well firstly, i think the mast ceremony with that was very impressive and very, and i don't know it makes you kind of swell with pride for your community and country." sioux city mayor bob scott says, he's proud of the work done by construction workers at the fincantieri shipyard. "it's pretty impressive." siouxland chamber of commerce
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mcgowan, siouxland chamber of commerce president "that was a very fascinating ceremony this morning and that we're pleased to participate in."the uss sioux city is expected to be commissioned and ready for duty in early 2017.the ceremonial christening will take place right here tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. i'll have that full story for you at 10 p.m. on kmeg-14, saturday night. reporting in marinette wisconsin, i'm jetske wauran, siouxland news. 3 the university of okoboji's annual winter games are in their 36th year... as they get underway this weekend. siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell is in the lakes this weekend... and reports the games provide a winter *boost* to the local economy. 3 it's natural for things to slow down in the winter. perhaps no one knows that better than the residents and business owners here in okobji. after 3 months of fun and sun, winters here slow to a crawl.boone dewall/owner boonedocks convenient store"i know the bars ,restaurants, hotels..everything is slow, everyone is coming up for fun and a great family weekend. a
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the ice. it's really about bringing the family's up and having a good time."the university of okoboji winter games is in it's 36th year. what started out as one event has definitely grown over the years.jeff thee/chamber of commerce "the iowa u of o winter games, has become really a plug in the arm for our businesses in the area. in a typical month business in january would not be so strong."business's large and small across the entire area agree that this event during the lull of winter provides a shot in the arm which can make up for one or two months lost revenue.jantina carney/snowha wks club "when we have a good winter we have a lot of snow mobiles that come up. they stay at our hotels, they eat at our restaurants. one of our missions as a snow mobile club is to make this more of an offseason area to come to." diana herrig/owner the hutt bar & grill "this time of year it's kind of slim pickings everyone kind of feels that it's very slow through the winter but now with the winter games everything picks back up."everyone pitches in to make this event a big deal.
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of the flag football tournament. he also manages the americinn/super 8, he says despite the cold, it's a great weekend for the games.matt schmeling/manager americinn/super 8 "what's nice work hard and you play hard, while this time of year we work hard to let others play hard which is kind of in itself it's own reward." everyone will be having a great time, and while the lakes community definitely benefits, a lot of the money raised at the events does go to charity.debbie parks/marketing director parks marina "we gave $3600 to the make a wish foundation of iowa, and that's another thing...even though the winter games has a lot of things going on a lot of the events go toward charity." 3 most of the events get started at 8am tomorrow. we'll be here covering them and of course the polar plunge at 3pm. 3 we're less than 72 hours away from the iowa caucuses... and siouxland is hosting several candidates this weekend. tonight... democrat martin o'malley and republican jeb bush held events in sioux city.
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popham was at both events and joins us now.nick... what are the candidates saying as we hit the home stretch here? 3 3 larry, they're mostly focusing on energizing their supporters... hoping they can win over some voters at the precincts monday night.jeb bush's campaign has been mired in the single digits both nationally and in iowa since launching last year... his supporters say poll numbers don't matter in the long run...and they're focused on electing someone with proven experience and leadership. 3 "well that fact that he has a plan. it isn't a plan that's going to be brought forward as he goes in, although it sounds like he is willing to work with others and i like that"after governor bush left sioux city and headed up to dordt college... another former governor made a stop in town.former maryland governor martin o'malley is viewed as a longshot to win the democratic nomination behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders.for his supporters... it's about choosing a nominee with a
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goals. 3 "i believed him and it just seems like he has a plan for what he wants to do for the country and it's not just talk."these two stops just the first of many this iowans prepare for monday's critical caucuses. larry? 3 tonight's events just the start of a small flood of candidates heading to siouxland this weekend for last minute campaign events. marco rubio, rand paul, ben carson, rick santorum, ted cruz, chris christie, hillary clinton and donald trump all have events planned in siouxland over the next two days.we'll have full campaign coverage this weekend on siouxland news at ten. 3 tonight temperatures will cool into the upper 20s. throughout the day saturday clouds will be increasing with temperatures into the 40s, allowing for more snow and ice to melt. however, saturday evening there is a slight chance of rain transitioning into snow by sunday the system
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14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 tonight temperatures will cool into the upper 20s. throughout the day saturday clouds will be increasing with temperatures into the 40s, allowing for more snow and ice to melt. however, saturday evening there is a slight chance of rain transitioning into snow by sunday the system makes its way out of the area, it will leave mostly cloudy skies behind it with temperatures in the upper 30s.we are still tracking a winter storm that will impact siouxland early next week. stay tuned over the next few days and we'll keep you informed of how things will
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3 it appears that *some* in the republican party are hopping on the donald trump bandwagon.coming up after the break... we'll look at some of
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3 3 just days before the iowa caucuses, donald trump is holding a hefty lead in the polls. as a candidate, trump has been unapologetic and brash, and has shown he doesn't need to change his ways.does this mean the establishment *will*?our national correspondent kristine frazao has more 3 the anti-establishment,
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political experience may be experiencing a significant shift."the establishment is actually is against me, but really coming online. "coming online in the form of a nod by bob dole - the 1996 g-o-p nominee..dole on phone on fox "if it comes down to donald and ted cruz, i'm for donald trump." and henry mcmaster, south carolina's lt governor and former member of the republican national committee. wednesday/gilbert, sc"the unique donald trump - next president of the united states."so what's with the change of heart? simone pathe/political reporter, roll call"the idea that trump is gaining in the polls the idea that he is still leading in iowa and new hampshire folks are starting to realize hey - if he wins the presidency we're going to have to work with him."stand-up"some political analysts also say it's less about the establishment *backing* the number one and more about them *shunning* the number two." matt dallek"bottom line is ted cruz is someone that many republicans know, they despise him, many republicans do and
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senator ted cruz - who called senate majority leader mitch mcconnell a liar on the senate floor"i cannot believe he would tell a flat out lie." with trump's absense, cruz was front and center at thursday night's debate.nats cruzbut with a dozen gop candidates, endorsements are hard to come by, with many waiting until the field narrows.simone pathe/political reporter, roll call"i think a lot of folks are starting to realize that this could be the reality - that donald trump could be the nominee."a new reality for this reality t-v star - once a long shot now being given a second look.i'm kristine frazao siouxland news. 3 3 speaking of mr. trump... his pending trip to sioux city means good news for a local non- profit group. 3 "support siouxland soldiers" announced this evening at his event at the orpheum theatre
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present the group with a portion of the proceeds from his fundraiser for veterans' groups held last night at drake university in des moines. trump says the event he held instead of attending the fox news debate raised 6 million dollars.there's no word on how *much* of that will be given to "support siouxland soldiers". 3 3 it's game night and that means we bring you the best basketball games from around siouxland! 3 3 starting with sergeant bluff
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time rivalry game! okoboji 3 girls go for 18 and oh! sticicic3 3 3 sergeant bluff luton has won four games in a rown heading into their matchup with east tonight. east has only lost three games total. sbl came into this year with much bigger aspirations than this 8-6 record. but a win over the black raiders could propel this veteran team down the stretch.east has had a great season so far with a 12 and 3 record. both teams wear orange
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red for heart health awareness. 1) start the second half now sbl up one. keegan oh so savery! scrumptious *and* delicious! sbl goes up 3!2) east would come roaring back though. off the missed shot jaylen rees with the putback! 3) warriors went cold early in the third quarter and connor murrell took advantage. he scores off the rebound and outlet pass!4)off another sbl miss east keeps running! tyler danke misses but van rees is there!5) time to steady the ship for sbl. savery from the corner. drives and scores! but east has a 38-31 lead! and east wins it 59-51. 3 north and heelan in a battle of sioux city rivals hoping to build momentum at the end of the regular season. this game was back early!!1) after getting the rebound north's jailen billings pases it to tavian williams. and with that layup north stars are up 2 to 0.2) next heelan's ryan moore shoots it over the defender and that makes it a tied ball game.3) and right away heelan
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lays it up. crusaders take the lead 4 to 2.4) fast forward, its tied at 6 a piece and burnside shoots it over the 6'6" tent wilson. and he makes it 8 to 6 heelan.heelan wins 76-48! 3 south sioux city boys and mount michael benedictine coming down to the final shot! not the student section though they always win! 1) just over 15 seconds to go cardinals down 3. they 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 south sioux city boys and mount michael benedictine coming down to the final shot! not the student section though they always win! 1) just over 15 seconds to go cardinals down 3. they get it down low to kalvin warner. he scores they foul the knights who hit their free throws. 2) so five seconds to go they need a three to tie! tanner christensen with a decent look at it! but no it was a tough shot.cardinals fall 44-41. 3 hinton had a "blue out for
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honor of a track and football coach who recently succumbed to the disease. 1)third quarter hinton jay small for two points2)trinity collin heynen for two points3)hinton ross johnson passes andrew hasselquist for two points 4)hinton blake vandehoef for two points 3 ic cream capital of the world! le mars hosting estherville lincoln central!1)first quarter midgets kyle devary for two points to start the game2)midgets trevor friesner for two points at the whistle 3)bulldogs james brownmiller for two points3 4)midgets kyle devary for
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thompson for two points one handedle mars wins 69-46! 3 3 over in the ice cream capital of the world the lady bulldogs season hasn't exactly gone as planned. at 6 and ten having lost 3 in a row they took on an estherville lincoln central 3 team looking for their fourth victory.) midgets josie condon for three points in the third quarter2)bulldog katrina engebretson for two points3) bulldogs madison dreckman for two points in the fourth quarter4) midgets josie 3 condon for 5)bulldogs madison dreckman for two points bulldogs will pull a win midgets 56 to 40 bull dogs win 56-40! 3 game night is just getting started! we head up north to see how akron-westfield fares against harris lake park. gehlen catholic and clay
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off. don't go re game night is coming right back! 3 picking up action in the 4th quarter. hinton is up 58 to 16. 1) hinton's kailey burke steals it from trinity christian and takes it all the way for the 2 points. 60 to 16 blackhawks.2) few minutes later kelli gleason grabs the rebound and she takes it down for the layup and the foul. she would miss her shot and hinton is up 62 to 16. 3) with under 2 minutes to go, riley mcfarland has an open shot and she makes a 2 pointer. 64 to 18, blackhawks.. 3 girls basketball clay central everly at gehlen catholic! 1)maverick's sarah nehring for
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the game2)mavericks's kennedy wilson for two points3)jays grace auchstetter for three points4)maverick's sarah nehring for two points sarah nehring 4)maverick's sarah nehring for two points 5)jays grace auchstetter for three points again.le mars gehlen pull a win over clay central everly 44 to 39 3 --the wolves out running early in this one....jordan kyle with the steal off the press, goes in for the lay up. wolves up 3 early.--moments later dalton burdorf w the steal and dishes to kyle who lays it in.
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--harris lake 3 park press doing damage bryce perkins with the steal errant pass scooped up by burdorf for the easy bucket.--westerners trying to keep it close...layken mullinix cuts it to 5..harris-lake park holds on to beat the westerners 59-53. 3 --later in the 3rd the lady wolves trying to stay close when madison brevik hits the the 3 from the left side to pull within 6.--good passing 3 from aw keeps them in the lead as freshman brooke koele banks one in for 2.--then with just over a minute to go harris lake parks katherine ihnen with the running hook shot to cut the lead to 4...but they fall short 40
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3 --this one was all indians early. billy brown grabs the defensive rebound and goes up court to logan backhaus for the bucket. indians up large....--next time down the court zach dykstra finds the 6 foot ten inch ryan kriener for the hoop and the foul. but he misses the freebie... 31 to 4 indians--ehawks showing a little fight. thomas schultes with the short jumper.--spirit lake comes right back with a little scoop shot in the paint. indians 34-7.... and---------ehawks fall... 88-33 3 --emmetsburg comes out of the gates red hot. early first quarter bailey naig with the drive down the lane for the lay-up ehawks up a pair.
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on their home floor...senior bailee newman spots up the 3 and its good. --back and forth we go emmetsburg's kate jackson from just inside the 3 point line as the e-hawks go back up 1.--later spirit lake hanging tough...freshman anna brown lines it up deep from the left corner for 3 and its good. emmetsburg stil up 1.the final --------------spirit lake downs emmetsburg 55-47. 3 that's all our ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> welcome stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey! yeah! captioning sponsored by cbs
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