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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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for most of the area, with 15"+ possible insome areas. visibilities will be near zero and travel will be strongly discouraged due to blowing and drifting snow due to the 40+mph gusts we will see through the day. snows will begin to taper off late tuesday night through early wednesday morning. stay tuned to the first alert weather team. we will keep you ahead of the storm. >> 3 3 after a year of campaign events and political ads... tonight is finally the night iowa. 3 we've got team coverage tonight. we'll join jetske wauran and jaclyn driscoll from local caucus sites in a momentntbut we start with our senior political correspondent scototthuman in des moines.
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result headquarters? 3 3 "do youounow where your caucus i i yep."caucus day in iowa and presumably winners announced in just hours--so extreme times, call for extreme measures: "we drove a thousand miles on monday to be here"he's one of a reported 800 ted cruzvolunteers, they say, the biggest ground game in iowa history.but if you believe the polls, even that sn't been enough to top trump. "you know, they want us to look like maniacs. we're
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angry and the stupidity and incompetence of our leaders." and while the small town & rural voters are most often profiled here, it may be a different group to tip the scales "all of the candidates have social media accounts, they've hired digital media staff that is on hand so i think they're really reaching out to the millenials"gina jo-kim-sen works to maksure fellow co-eds caucusand says candidates' social media strategies, are doing the rest. "do you think it works? : i absolutely think it works, i follow marco rubio on snapchat, i follow all the presidential candidates on facebook and twitter so if i see it and share it i know all my friends are going to get it too"so in these final hours, it's about firing up those first time voters (bernie), fighting against all odds (omalley), and trying to manage the message: "the republicans and their allies are determined to do everything they can to bring me down they don't know me very well, because i don't quit." 3 we said earlier we'd *presumably* know winne by the end of the night- for the
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will have smart phone apps to input results to avoid a repeat of last cycle, when due to missing votes, the official winner wasn't technically declared until 16 days later. in des moines, iowa, i'm scott thuman. 3 thanks scott. we now turn to *local* caucuses... where democrats and republicans will gather in more than a dozen schools, churches and homes to known. 3 we'll start tonight with driscoll... who is live at one of the republican caucus sites at east high school in sioux city. jaclyn, many caucus sitetewill open at six or 6-30. is there any sign of activity there yet? 3 diana, larry i'm here live at east high where we are just getting set up for the
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caucuses throughout the state of iowa start at 7 o'clock tonight. to attete the event, you must be a registered republican voter. there is opportunity for anyone to register right here at east high tonight. at this time in iowa, there are 612,000 registered republican voters however, only 120,000 turned out in the last caucus in 2012 and this was a record turnout. tonight, we are expecting a good turnout here at east high... around (number of people). results will begin to become available at 7:30, but this happens as they are reported from each precinct.t. results will be posted online as the iowa gop receives them. with a packed republican field, results of these caucuses could start to slim down the pack. we will have more coverage of the republican caucus later
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fox 44 at 9 and ririt here on kmeg 14 at 10. 3 3 our jetske wauran is also sitting vigil outside a caucus site this evening...she joins us live from a democratic caucus site - bryant elementary school.jetske, what are the democrats looking forward to? 3 diana, larry, in less than two hours, democrats will gather here with friends and cast their votes for the man or the woman they support to become president. after supporters give speeches on behalf of their preferred candidates, caucus goers will move to different corners of this room, depending on which candidate they're backing up. and if a candidate does not get 15-percent of support from the voters, he or she is considered not viableand to tell us more about the process is x, thanks for joining us tonight.former secretary of state hillary clinton, is
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latest polls from des moines register, showing she's at about 45-percent, and with the her endorsement from the major newspaper, how will it impact her chances of winning? meanwhile, despite being the oldest contender in the race, bernie sanders is drawing much support from younger voters here in iowa, trailing closely behind clinton in the polls.. but he's gottenenlot of support from young voters in story county, johnson county, areas near iowa state.but what's how's his ground support in the rural area? and what's it going to take, to get the millennials to come out and caucus?do you think bernie can catch up, in this neck to neck race? 3 3 registration is already underway ahead of the formal
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7.3 jetske. a real key to the tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders could be the supporters of former maryland governor martin o'malley. how does that work?if they don't have 15 percent of the turnout... they had to decide if they'll support hillary clinton and bernie sanders, or just go home. 3 3 we turn our tention back now to coverage of the upcoming winter storm... 3 meteorologist chad sandwell is warning the storm could turn into a blizzard in parts of siouxland.our jaclyn driscoll spoke to the iowa d- o- t earlier today... to find out what they're doing to prepare to clear the roads before, during and after the snow falls. 3 blizzard alerts stretch from north-central kansas to southern minnesota, and the worst of it hitting right here
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that could reach up to a foot paired with sustained winds over 30 mph, the storm will likely bring whiteout conditions. a day before the storm hits, the iowa dot is already preparing. "we're getting trucks ready. we're getting some loads of salt that are coming in today, so we're checking trucks and blades and lights. travel is highly discouraged, but the dot says they will be doing their best to keep the roads safe. "trucks are out as the weather dictates we need to be out, so we're monitoring road conditions often and they're out as the weather is needed." there is a slim chance that parts of i29 could close down due to accidents or snow totals. in this event, on ramps will be closed until the conditions improve. the dot encourages anyone who must travel to check their website for updated road conditions. we have the links to their websites in this story at siouxland news dot com"best thing is to keep an eye on the 511 website and keep and eye on road conditions for yourself. if you can stay
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little extra room and watch for lights and give us some space." in sioux city... jaclyn driscoll, siouxland news. 3 sioux city public transit is preparing for tomorrow's snowstorm by pre-emptively cancelling all services for tuesday.they say a decision on wednesday service will be made can find their status... as well as those of area schools and businesses... scrolling along the bottom of your screen and online at siouxland news dot com... where we've also got links to road condition website for iowa, nebraska *and* south dakota. 3 in other news of the day... two men from *wisconsin* are in jail at storm lake... being held on suspicion of murdering a 5- year- old in a drive- by shooting late last month.22- year- old eric salazar- mota and 23- year- old sergio ortiz- raygoza... both of beloit, wisconsin... are accused of shooting that boy while targeting his father on january 22nd in beloit. storm lake police were advised
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yesterday afternoon... and began a search. the suspects' vehicle was found near t t lake... and police set up a watch on it. just after 11... the vehicle left its parked location and was followed by officers... who pulled it over a few blocks later and arrested the pair without incident.they're being held in the buena vista county jail without bail... pending extradition to wisconsin. 3 3 the siouxland human society is trying to help you with your valentine's day shopping.they're once again offering their famous gourmet double-chocolate carmel apples for sale.each apple costs 15 dollars... and the money raised between now and february 6th helps the shelter take care of more than 3- thousand animims each year.for 2016... the shelter expects to make about 13- thousand apples. "this is a wonderful project that helps out the animals and we thank each and every one of our volunteers for coming in lending a hand. this would not be possible without them."this is the 20th year for the apple fundraiser.if
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order... you can call the shelter at 712-252-2614 exention 7. 3 3 taking a break from politics... to talk about the number one cause of death in regular americans and political staffers: heart disease 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll take a look at one tool doctors use to diagnose difficult cardiac problems. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 heart disease is the number one cause of death in america. siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us how doctors diagnose cardiac problems. 3 february is american heart month to boost awareness for america's number one cause of death... heart disease. at mercy caridology, doctors help patients with all aspects of this disease. one aspect is arrhythmias which can be studied with electrophysiology testing. "the important thing is that we need to know exactly what is causing adnormally fast or abnormally slow rhythms. and may of times we can get soem clue by looking at electrocardio grams or by looking at the halter
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undergoes before electrophysiol ogical studies. "the patient will visit the electophyiology lab for an exact diagnosis. most patients are awake during the prodecure or he or she can be moderatly sudated if they are anxious or uncomfortable. "and then we put three to four catheters inside the patients heart. most of these catheters usually go through the groin veins and sometimes we have to put one or two catheters through the neck veins.''then the heart is stimulated electrically or with medication or a combination of the two. during this period doctors can determine what part of the heart causing the irregular heart be at. ''now those rhythms which are more common usually come from the top chambers of the heart. and the beauty of them... most of them they can be cured with the catheter abliations. after we find an exactly what the cause of the abnormally fast
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beat is irregularly slow.. "after pinpointing the diagnosis, we can offer them the appropriate treatment options. most of the time it is usually a pace maker." be sure to talk with your doctor about your heart health. kayla novak siouxland news. 3 3
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drifting snow due to the 3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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discouraged due to blowing and drifting snow due to the 40+mph gusts we will see through the day. snows will begin to taper off late tuesday night through early wednesday morning. stay tuned to the first alert weather team. we will keep you ahead of the storm. >>3 3
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3 iowa state and iowa both move in the rankings today. hear how the associated press views the teams. and former cyclones star jeff hornacek is out as head coach of the phoenix suns. hear what lead to the end of his coaching tenure there. chris is next with
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse."
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3 former iowa state star jeff hornacek was fired as head coach of the nba's phonex suns this morning. 3 hornacek learned of his fate last night during a conversation with his general manager following the team's loss to the dallas mavericks, the suns 19th in 21 games. the suns had playoff aspirations after hornacek posted records of 48 and 34 and then 39 and 43 in his first two seasons as coach. but they've fallen to 13th out of 15 western conference teams. the suns say they'll have an interim coach in place by tomorrow. hornacek played his first six years in the nba withthe suns. he holds the isu assist record and became the fourth cyclone basketball player to have his jersey retired back in 1991. 3 it was a good day for the cyclones in other ways though. iowa state and iowa both saw movement in the ap top 25 poll just released today. the cyclones climb from 14 to 13 after last week's win over kansas and loss saturday at texas a and m. the hawkeyes
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following thursday's loss at what is now number four maryaland and yesterday's win over northwestern. head coach fran mccafferey says his has been consistent. 3 "this team i think continues to do a couple things. they share the ball. and they believe in each other. we can survive a player or two not having a great game because other guys pick them up." 3 the latest nebraska preps rankings are out and this one's interesting. while we still have no siouxland teams ranked in class "a", pierce moves up from 7 to 5 in c-1. guardian angels stays at 9 in c-2. battle creek is the new number ten. randolph and walthill each move up a spot in d-1. here's the kicker though. c-2's undefeated defending state champions winnebago drop from 1 to 2. haven't lost in over a calendar year. *four* loss hastings saint cecilia is your new number one. i did reach out to the folks at the omaha world herald who put these
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back as to why on that one. 3 3 3 3 3 finally tonight... we want to wish a very special "happy birthday" to a very special siouxland woman. 3 gabrielle "gabe" perry of sioux city is celebrated her 105th birthday yesterday. her family, friends and staff at brookdale senior living helped her celebrate the big day. afternoon.gabe is also one of the remaining sioux city "stockettes". the stockettes is a group of women who worked at the stockyards and still meet periodically. gabe was there for nearly 20 years working for various
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was also a nurse. happy 105th gabe! 3 3 3 3
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