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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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`>> discerning this morning, the search is on for smash and grab burglaries. this morning, it is businesses in englewood . there could be a record- setting day for dia. thank you for joining us
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today. look at the sunrise, it is so take a look from sports authority field to downtown denver. you can see the gorgeous orange and blue. there is the sunshine we will deal with through the day today. as you llok at the satellite and radar, it is clear. a system moving in from the west. statewide it is nice and quiet, but chilly yet again. not as cold as yesterday. it is nice to see. you can see the temmerature in denver at 22. as you head out to lyman and sterling and burlington, teens and the single digits. craig, you are 10 below zero. eagle at eight below zero. kickoff today is that 2:25 and
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low to mid 40s. we will see a few more clouds, but we are dealing with dry conditions. we will look at that in a minute. traffic is buulding at the airport. the highway is doing fine, but dia officials predict the second busiest day and airport history. they expect 175,000 travelers to pass through the airport about 30,000 more than average day. you will remember that people missed flights because of tsa screening. right now it is at about 25 minutes north and south. make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time if you have a flight today. a robber and walgreens overnight. it hit the store at colorado boulevard last night. employees were forced into a
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we don't have confirmation on that and police have not released much information. smash and grab this time in englewood. reporter lindsay watts isslive where this all happened. >> reporter: six shots went through the door early this morning. you can see the glass on the ground of the salon behind me. the owners have not shown up yet. employees have been inside cleaning up, but it looks like the restaurant has been able to open. across broadway, billings hotdogs has been broken into along with starbucks. then a pizza shop and a restaurant called copper ppt. police say the break-ins happened around to: 30 this morning. there have been so many smash and grabs around the denver area. more than 20 since the beginning of december. of course, we are here in
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the border of denver. i was speaking to the owner of billy's right across the street . he was telling us how businesses never keep cash in the registers overnight. they even pull out the registers so it is visible that nothing is inside if somebody should break-in. he said that an ipad and some errors were taken. at a fee of the businesses, the police think that the burglars did not get away with anything. it is more about vandalism then thievery. they say there is some surveillance video and they will view that to hopefully find it people who continue to do this. live in englewood, lindsay watts , denver 7 denver police killed amount -- a man at 10th and tacoma on tuesday. they are hoping for information that could lead them to the kid
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the victim is leon teodor up. -- theodora. a man and woman were shot and both are expected to survive. another person was grazed by a bullet. they are still looking for one person who is believed to be driving a white four-door sedan with tinted windows. police have not released information on the actual shooter. the gun debate continues to heat up this year. president. obama is coming up with executive action and there are laws in the state as well. there will be extra focus on state laws. one will make it a misdemeanor for someone to apply for a gun background check if they know
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gun. the second says that convicted domestic abuse users must give up their guns. >> they can keep the guns out of the people that are particularly dangerous. -- out of the hands of people that are particularly ddngerous. we are going to try to make those laws in 2016. >> reporter: he hopes to meet with attorrey general, loretta lynch, now that he is back from hawaii. he wants to expand background checks. employees will return to work in the san bernardino elderly where shooters opened not surprisingly, security at the building will be tighter. we have video of protesters ransacking the embassy in iran.
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people. they broke into the embassy in tour things apart. about 40 people were arrested. the u.s. state department was critical of the executions. they say the saudi government needs to protect human rights. meanwhile, the death toll on the indian air force base is now up to 10. ` troops and 4 gunmen. the battle -- the gunbattle erupted yesterday morning a week after india's prime is your shirt -- prime minister visited pakistan in 10 years. they are trying to figure out at the gunmen came from the kashmir region or pakistan. looking for a gunman who killed two people in an attack three months of constant israelis.
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gisela moda acoma was sworn in on friday and was found dead in her home yesterday. three people were arrested for her killing in two other were killed by police. -- others were killed by police. the area issknown for drug kyle -- drug cartel activity. % a local business owner says his truck was burned because of his religion. we will look into this next. what would you do.
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it is 10 minutes after 7:00 and it does not look too bad up in the high country..
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eisenhower tunnel. the roads look drive. if you are headed west, this is a good time. in about 30 minutes, we expect delays. we saw that yesterday at about 7:30 around floyd hill. authorities and arapahoe county looking for a person who set this fire -- this truck on fire. they believe it is a hate crimm. he says his business has been vandalized three times. this time the vandal was caught on camera. you can see that he was wearing camouflage. he stops and then all of a sudden the cart -- the truck away. you can see it in the top right corner of your -- of the camera. >> the front door was broken and now the truck is set on fire. >> the total damage for the truck is aaout $50,000. the owner there, mohammed
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is because he is muslim. clinic. this was at the creative treatment options behavioral health clinic at 64th and wadsworth. smoke could be seen for miles. the fire crews said the flames were so intense that they cannot go inside. this is all that is left of an oklahoma home after it exploded. the explosion was so powerful that ittdamaged 50 homes nearby. officials say that the fire started near a gas meter and touched off the explosionn incredibly, only three people were hurt. % this is what people are facing in the st. louis area. the flood danger is not over as the illinois river continues to rise. on tuesday and wednesday. it is expected to crest on thursday. president.
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-`declaration for missouri yesterday to help with cleanup efforts. some people have good hearts, no matter the cost. a man risks his life to save a we will tell you the story next. we have a story of those who have been dealing with temperatures well below zero to
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it is 7:16. we are taking a looo from>> bill: pass. there is still a lot of snow what they are. the mountains have been getting
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there is a lot of snow up there. stephen peterson was driving back to his home in minnesota when he saw something bobbing up and down in river. he turned to see what it was and he saw a deer. he thought about calling 911, but new that the deer do not have long. he went in himself and rescued the deer.>> it looks like it had been there for a while and it had ice all over space. >> reporter: he used a log to push himself out to the deer and then use a trailer strap to bring the deer to shore. he waited for an hour to make sure she was okay. >> how sweet was that? what a good guy. of -- a utah teenager is back home after he had to rescue himself
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the wilderness for an hour. >> he survive single-digit temperatures after being lost while hunting. we hear the 911 calls that he made just before his phone died.>> reporter: a teenager lost alone in the utah wilderness for 18 hours. >> a started crying and i freaked out and i called 911 on my phonee>> reporter: the calls reveal his desperation. the 14-year-old hunter became disoriented and faced for degree temperatures and the dying -- 4 degree temperatures and a dying cell phone.>> you have your flashlight?>> reporter: he was walking to keep his body warm and staving off deadly hypothermia. >> i was trying to keep warm and i couldn't stop shaking.>> reporter: is phone died and his -- his phone died and his %-
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heard nothing for hours. he covered 11 miles of unforgiving and frig before stumbling into a stranger's home. >> i was seeing blank spaces in my mind. i figured that i just had minutes of life left in me. >> reporter: treated for hypothermia and frostbite, the teenager believes that god let him home. >> this week he will sleep next to me or i can see his face.>> reporter: abc news, washington.>> an incredible story of survival. he did wwat he needed to do. they ssii he was basically hallucinating because of hypothermia. a great story and it is great to see he is home. hopefully 2016 is a good year. it will be a good day weatherwise. there will be cold temperatures on the eastern plains. it really is a gorgeous start
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we have broncos sunrise, who can complain? we are lucky to be living in such an amazing state. the temperaturessmaybe are not so amazing. sterling is 5 below. theee are the wind chills. denver 13 degrees and then the bitter temperatures off to the west. gunnison is very bitter t 20 degrees below zero for the wind- chill factor. craig is 10 below. when it comes to today, it will be a nice warm up. 47 at noon. we will see quite a bit of sunshine at the time and you will see those temperatures cooling down a little bit. afternoon. we will look at the broncos game day planner coming up in a yesterday. greeley is just not going to see those much
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sterling hanging out just below 40 degrees. still warmer than yesterday. see. you have not been above zero as your high and today you have a high of 10. craig will top out at 18. the mountains will have mixed temperatures. 29 at eagle and then some 30s. aspen at 27. we are looking for upper 40s in the southeast corner. trinidad will be the warmest spot across the state at 58. some areas not so much. 65 was a warm year, but that was back in 1918. below is where we should be for this time of year in denver. the future cast will be quiet today. enjoy that, especially in the mountains and on the western slope. we will see changes tomorrow. let's put this into motion.
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and evening. just like clouds and we will have pretty clear skies overnight. looking at the regional view, you can see the moisture off to the west. this will slide into the southwest corner of the state starting tomorrow. they will pick up a chance for light snow and even moderate snow. the metro area will remain dry. we will see changes midweek. come wednesday, we will see an increasing clouds and windy conditions. the snow holds off until thursday and friday. as far as the amount of snow, the models have changed quite a bit from yesterday. they are coming in a little higher and we will wait until we get closer, maybe monday, before we fine-tune that a little bit. just to have a little bit more and be on the same page. >> we will keep an eye on that. a big day for the broncos who are taking on the chargers
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welcome to morning sports. there's a lot riding on the game today. the orange and blue with a bye. they need a week off in a big way. tj ward questionable as set -- as well as starting linebacker brandon marshall. the broncos beat the chargers in a reader -- a regular season finale and then the road to tte super bowl goes through denver. home-field advantages hours. this team knows how big the game is.>> we are on a short week this week, but nobody is acting like that. nobody is acting like they are tired or beat up.
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thhoughout the building right now. everybody understands what is at stake on sunday. >> we try not to pay attention to it too much. we have to take care of what we need to take care of. we want to get the bye .>> it is what can you get from the game win right now. we would gain a week and getting the guys back healthy. we are making a big push for the playoffs and there is a lot at stake for us. we have a lot to play for.>> reporttr: the defense has a chance to do something special. the broncos have a chance to be the first events to finish as 3 the one d. they have tops in seven categories like sacks and defense. they have also scored five touchdowns. they have been the only % constant all year. you know what they say, defense wins championships.
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season with another dominating performance.>> we try to have the number one defense. we are a sack ahead of new england. so, that is where we are at. we are trying to close the season out. to be honest with you, we want to be the best and lead the teem and the nfl in sacks and yards per rush. we want to have it all. that is where greatness is bread, you know. -- bred, you know. we want to be the best.>> reporter: the broncos and chargers will be fun. that does it for me for sports on a sunday. go out and have yourseef a great day. >> it is going to feel like the playoffs. remember the game is at 2:25 at sporrs authority field, mile high.>> the temperatures will be starting in the 40s and then cool to the 30s.
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will be light.
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it is 7:30 and things are wwapping up at dia. next -- the airport expects one
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an additional 30,000 travelers compared to other days. security wait times are just 15- 20 minutes right now on both sides. you should expect delays if you travel today. a lot of people heading east and home on i-70 this afternoon. consider using the express toll lanes to cut a little bit of time. though should open eastbound and just a little bit. we will keep track of it here on denver 7. >> it is great to see. good morning, i am eric kahnert here in denver we are at 22 and this time yesterday we were t 18. the wind is light, but it will be a factor for you. the wind chill temperatures are quite a bit lower in the 20s. this is a look at fort morgan and a beautiful sunrise. %- nice and quiet and there is
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overnight temperatures were so cold that it was difficult to get a lot of the melting. as the result -- as a result, there is snow on the ground. as you walk out the door, it is 17 degrees. aurora 21 and parker 22. broomfield is warmer in the upper 20s. from here, we climb to the mid- 40s. so, 45 for older and broomfield. in denver, we should top -- boulder and broomfield. here in denver, we should top out at 47. quite a bit of sunshine today and we will see changes. there is a broncos game this afternoon and we will have the game day forecast coming up. it is 7:32 and we have sad development out of pennsylvania. searchers found the body of a young boy with autism disappeared from a new year's party. he disappeared around 11:00 p.m. on new year's eve from a house
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the little boy was found in a nearby canal. police are treating this as a tragic accident and don't ask -- don't suspect foul play. a local funeral home will pay for the funeral. people are looking for the theodora. there is a reward for witnesses at the citadel mall in colorado springs described fearing chaos when someone opened shooting. a man and a woman were both recover. another person waa grazed by a medical attention. custody. police are looking for a person who may be driving a newer model white four-door sedan. in denver, police are
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a man had a gun when he carjacked a driver near fifth and brian. this was yesterday evening. it was a 2011 great dodge charger with an license plate of 697 dodge charger with an license plate of 697x nk. if you have information, call police. police are dealing with another string of smash anddgrabs. this time in englewood . six more businesses were hit. lindsay watts is inside of billy's hot dogs, one of the businesses hit.>> reporter: there were seven businesses that were broken into in englewood , right on the corner of denver. rocks were thrown throughhthe glass doors. police say that in some cases, the police did not get away with anything. in some cases, maybe they couldn't find anything to take. here at billy's hotdocs, the
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the owner says that they took a tablet uued for taking orders and some beers. the owner is here this morning. he came in to clean up. talk to me about what you found when you got here.>> only got here, we found a rock and this glassdoor broken with glass all over the floor. the first thing we did was to been stolen. the only items t that were taken was a small tablet that we use for taking orders and a box for selling lollipops for charity. and, a handful of beers were taken from the cooler.>> reporter: like most businesses, you don't keep money in the register overnight? >> no, we take the money out of the register and out of the store. we leave the register open like this as aa indication there is nn cash in there.
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and they did take one tablet. -- >> reporter: we have seen so many smash and grabs, about 20, in the last month innand arouud denver. what is it like as a small business owner to have toodeal with this? >> it is frustrattng to be woken in middle of the night to come down to the store. as a small business, it is expensive. there is interference with the business and staff interruption. you have to explain to customers why you have a broken door. it is unfortunate to do that. thh police responded very fast and they were able to stand guard until we got here. we are appreciative of that as well. >> reporter: thank you for talking to us. we are sorry this happened. many of your neighbors are dealing with the same thing. across the street, the breakfast cafi was broken into as well as a salon and the starbucks over here. there is a restaurant and a pizza restaurant nearby. six businesses have the same thing happened this morning.
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doors and thieves coming into their businesses. englewood police are continuing to investigate and they say they do have surveillance video. they will be looking at that to find out who did this. live in englewood, lindsay watts , denver 7 the man that set a truck on fire. % this is one of two mack suspicious fires set -- 2 suspicious fires set on purpose in arapahoe county. the owner of the truck says this is a hate crime.>> my name is mohammed and i am a muslim.>> reporter: we start four 2000 -- a rough start for 2016. here is the surveillance footage. you can see a man in camo wearing a stocking cap and glasses in front of the store. around back is a truck. the man walks in front and
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starts to below as the man walks off.>> he set the truck on fire and walked away. life. this is the first time i have seen him.>> reporter: mohammed almosawi says he believes he is and religion. crime. i believe somebody intentionally did this. that is three incidents. a trashcan was set on fire and then the front door was broken and now the truck has been set on fire.>> reporter: he says he just wants to live in peace.>> reporter: mohammed almosawi says the total damage to the truck was about $15,000 and he is worried that the crimes may violence. more trouble for singer chris brown. a woman came forward saying that brown hit her and took her phone when she tried to take vegas. he is now under investigation for battery and theft.
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for an attack on his then girlfriend, briona. some people call it a miracle and others say it was an act of incredible courage. a pastor confronted the gunmen who walked into his church during a sermon. pastor larry right was giving a sermon on gun violence in a north carolina church. a man walked in with a rifle and a full magazine of ammunition. walked up to him and said, can i help you? the man asked for prayer and committed his life to jesus. he apologized to the congregation and committed himsell to a mental health facility. a connecticuu man facing charges. he was found the several weapons including a stun gun and blamed -- blades outside of the stadium. he was in the employee parking lot when he was arrested.
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stadium or anybody that was therefore the nhl winter classic that was happening at the time. the time is 7:39. nobody likes to haae things stolen.>> they will do almost happening. if you are not as creative as this man in colorado springs. you will not believe what he did to get bacc at these thieves.
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it is 7:42 and you can see traffic flowing nicely to the returning. early. the sun will make a difference once it gets up and warms everything up. the mountain towns are incredibly frigid this morning. we will look at wind chills and just a little bit. of course, we have been talking about at all lot. -- it a lot. the police have a warning video for you taken on w. 44th ave. this is the day after christmas. it shows thieves pulling up next to a jeep in broad daylight and then they just got out and they got into the jeep and drove off with it. this all happened in a matter of seconds.
7:36 am
jeep was inside delivering a pizza. if you recognize the car in this case, you are asked to call police. here is a story that will have you talking. a colorado springs man is set up with having his packages stolen.>> his solution was a stink in genius -- stink ingenious -- stinkin genius. he put out a package with water aad poop. >> a thief took off with the package.>> included inside was a note asking the thief to stop stealing his packages and return the water.>> the poop
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gas regulators are dealing with concerns about what to do with idle natural gas dearly 3 pans -- drilling pans. new rules need to be put in place to deal with the issues. right now there are 7000 wells which are considered to be abandoned where companies plans to drill but didn't. if you have a drone or are thinking of getting one, you now have to register with the faa. you may also want to make sure you have insurance before you fly it. the colorado division of insurance is giving advice to new owners. more than 1 million drones were sold over the holidays according to the faa. >> it will be interesting to see more drones popping up across the front range. >> aaso where they will crash. it is 7:40 -- 7:45 and neither rain, snow nor sleet will stop them. we are not talking about the post man, we are talking about
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dr. into saving lives no matter the weather. i guess we can see it now, he is on skis. story. you want to stick around. this morning, the wind is per hour. but, it does not take much to cool things off. look at the wind chills. denver feels like 13.
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ii is 7:47 and this looks a yesterday up at floyd hill. everybooy is already up there, right? >> they will be coming back this afternoon. it will be a mess after the football game this afternoon. the aware of the express toll lanes that you can use which see.says are now working -- cdot says are not working. -- are now working. and wisconsin emergency room dr. could have stayed home this week when there was a huge snowstorm and he could not drive to work. he didn't. he skied to work and a lot of folks notice. >> i have to get there -- get here somehow. skiing was faster than walking. a lot of people wonddred why it
7:40 am
says he is also a competitive skier in his off time. while he was in medical school in vermont, he says that he had to snowshoe to work one day after a big storm.>> as a nothing to him. piece of cake. he should be skiing every day. >> now they are going to make us skied to work.>> that means they will have to buy us a really nice pair of skis. it will be good exercise to 2:00 a.m. does not sound like a fun time to be outside and skiing. take a look at copper -`mountain if you are headedd already. the lifts are not running, but high country. temperatures are chilly as you head out the door. the wind. this is the feels like door. here in denver, it is 13 degrees. we are in for a decent warm-up which will be nice.
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you. noon 47 which is warmer than we were the same time yesterday. it is a slow beginning for the range. i 4::0, thh temperatures will temperatures will cool down. frisco. craig at 18 and steamboat at 17. on the eastern plains, 30s up north and warmer temperatures in the upper 40s and near 50 in the southeast corner. there is kickoff and the broncos game. people will head out there early for kickoff -- for tailgate time. we will have cooled down by the time kickoff begins. we will have clouds that will have moved into the front range right over sports authority field. 30s and then cooling down a
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it will start off nice. remember that by the end of the game that the sun will be gone and it will be quite a bit cooler. pack those layers because you will want them. looking at the future cast, there is no wet weather for today and no snow. it will be dry for the game. the mountains will pick up clouds this afternoon and we will have some here across the metro area and out onto the eastern plains. the southeast corner stays nice and clear. we are tracking the next system that will arrive. it will bring clouds to the western slope today and then the moisture and snow will hold off until tomorrow. it will not get the metro area until later in the week. so, monday and tuesday are still pretty nice. tuesday is above where we should be this time of year. breezy. we will have snow thursday and friday. a chance for the snow as far as
7:43 am
until we get closer to tomorrow and get a better look at the models. either way, the temperature drops to the 30s. saturday, the high will be in the upper 20s and most likely below freezing. it will be chilly on friday and saturday and then we factor in the snow. it could be a nice weekend for those with a big commute monday through friday.>> a nice start to the work week for the new year. >> more melting. >> more will come. the time is 7:52 and next we will look at how things are moving at the airport. it is going to be busy, let's put it that way.
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welcome back. it is 7:54.
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airport, get ready for a lot of company. dia expects one 75,000 passengers to pass through today alone. officials say it could be the second busiest day in airport history. yesterday, a lot of people missed flights because of backups at security. if you are traveling, leave early and give yourself a lot of time. at 5:40 this morning, e saw waits as long as 20 minutes north and south this morning. the 20 minute rule was to keep travelers from sitting on the ground for hours on end. the new study says it is making it longer for people to get where they are going. to be penalized for making people wait longer, airlines canceled flights to avoid penalties. that leaves passengers on the tarmac for over three hours. dozens of frustrated passengers had to wait. the airline put too much fuel in a plane. the flight from chicago to
7:47 am
was field for the rest of the trip. the crews put into much. >> we ere all looking at each other. is he joking? is the flight going to take off? he kept on talking and we were like, no, this is happening and we are stuck here.>> reporter: passenger set for three hours with nowhere to go. people got off to get picked up. boeing field is about 15 miles from see-tac airport where the plane was supposed to land. >> i would have me pick -- have somebody pick me up too. you can try the new rtd flat iron flyer along i 36. it is making six stops. there are alss express options with you were stops. tomorrow, rtd will offer for -- rides on the flyer for nothing. twins with different birthdays in different years.
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the baby girl che lynn -- jaylynn and her brother, louis was born after midnight in the next year. >> that means they get to claim their baby daughter on their taxes for this year. a good daa for skiing and snowboarding today.
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