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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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we won the afc west, and couldn't be any happy. >> wow, brock or peyton, coming up on 7 sports extra, in the locker room for the celebration after and talk more with peyton, and brock and gary kubiak about this dropping station, under center. molly. >> all right, lionel, thank you. and peyton making that comeback in today's game, on the same day the reporter behind the al jazeera investigation linking him to hooumen growth -- human growth hormones. the source confirrs peyton's wife received multiple shipments of hgh, from the gier institute
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reveal their second source in the document ri, last weekend, an angry peyton manning denied the allegation, calling it garbage. a cool day, but not bad, in the denver area, right now, it's about where it should be this time, in the evening, 26 degrees, a couple of cold pockets, 2 below at gunnison. skies are partly cloudy over western colorado. we will keep an eye farther west as the new storm system is starting to move in that will impact us later in the week. for tonight, it is try and quiet, mild to start the back to work for 2016. but snow coming up later in the week. all right. thanks, mike. this weekend was expected to be a busy one for travelers on i-70 from the mountains into the metro area, earlier today, there were backups near georgetown, but taking a live look right now at the same location, you can see it's definitely not as busy, still traffic out there, but it seems to be moving right along. and despite projections to
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history, the lines moved along today. dia expected more than 175,000 travelers to pass through the airport, last week, a lot of people missed their flights because of backups at tsa. a longmont man is recovering tonight after the robbers brutally attacked him with a fire poker. two guys broke into his home and stole two car, cash and pot. police found one car abandoned, but they're still looking for a red 2001 jeep cherokee with colorado plates, there may be a third sussect. denver police are looking for an armed robber who hit a% wall fwreens overnight. south colorado and east mississippi avenue. police say they're looking for hispanic man, 140-150 pounds, and about 5.10. if you know something call the police. the citadel mall in colorado springs is back open tonight after last night's drive-by shooting, we brought this to you as breaking news last night at 10:00. two people were shot near the
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another person was grazed by a bullet. police are looking for a second shooter, that person was driving a newer model l white four door ted windows. fire crews in douglas county battled this fire in pike national forest on elk park a difficult one for crews to battle because it was in a remote location, they couldn't get their trucks to it and had to walk in two miles to get gear to it. crews don't think it will spread further, because of all of the snow on the ground. one tructure did burn. r.t.d. flat iron service opened up today, the service debuted along u.s. 36, it makes 6 stops all designed to make it and off, there wills also be express options with fewer stops, tomorrow, r.t.d. will offer rides on the flier for free. a police officer finds a missing 3-year-old girl and it is all caught on camera. coming up on denver7, more of
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moments that officer saved the little girl's life. plus. >> you are very rude. >> see what got hillary clinton so fired up, during today's town haal meeting. >> and armed protesters taking a wildlife refuge in oregoo, why on buck, buck, buck, buck, buck,
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welcome back. armed protesters angry at the federal government have gained kol of a national wildlife refuge in oregon. they say they're determined to make a stand. abc's candace gibson has more as these protesters are armed and ready for battle. >> with guns, dozens of armed malitia members have taken over a federal building in the oregon backcountry. >> this refuge is rightfully owned by the people, we intend to use it. >>reporter: they moved in on the building saturday. >> it is the duty of the people, to put that government back in its place. >>reporter: one of their grievances, the sentencing of two local ranchers for arson, in a dispute over land rights. >> the principles are based upon the constitution of the united states. >>reporter: bundy, along with his father, klivan bund dishgs
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over two years ago. they have come with generators and other supplies prepared for siege-like conditions. the protesters will stay put until the local government gives the twoanchsafe hen for th -- ven for tm. ey argineoplo sta ay. ey iued a steme, cusihe malias o an attempt to overthrow the government as a way to spark it across the united statess >> bringing in a militant iew, saying we're going to rise up if we don't get our way, armed resistance, that's not right. >>reporter: they will turn themselves in, peacefully monday. abc news. new york. ryan bundy, who is the malitia leader says the ultimate goal is to turn the land over to local authorities, so people can use it free of federal oversight. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton
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it happened at a new hampshire town hall meeting, clinton stood up as the woman heckled her about bill clinton's sexual affair. >> here we go, right there, you are very rude, and i'm never [ applause ] . >> there you have it, after the event, the woman said she was trying to ask her about her husband's sexual infidelty years ago. donald trump not backing down for his criticism of muslims. somali terrorists al-shabaab released the video, it shows footage of trump and labels the united states a racist society. trump dismissed the video in an interview this morning on cbs's face the nation. >> they use other people to, what am i going to do, i have to say what i have to say and you know what i have to say? there's a problem, we have to find out whattis the problem and we have to solve that problem. >> trump made the comments in the wake of isis connected
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and called for a ban on all muslims from entering the united states. on thursday, cnn will host a special town hall event with president barack obama on gun control. it's called guns in america, and wwll take place at 8:00 eastern time. the president will also answer questions from the audience, the white house hadn't had mucc luck on gun control. previous calls were met with% complete opposition from republicans. saudi arabia has cut ties with iran after these protests of the saw di embassy. 47 people in total were executed and accused of being terrorists, an american official familiar with the saudi government's thinking says the country severed ties because enough was enough. new video tonight, showing a 3-year-old little girl being -`found by aacop in albuquerque,
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the girl was taken in a stolen car saturday night. he found the little girl in a parking lot around 1:00 in the morning. police are still looking for the people who took her. the mississippi river and many other parts in missouri and illinois are recedinggfrom record levels, but that could mean harm for states in the southern u.s.. strong storms caused rivers to reach historic levels last week. there's widespread damage across much of missouri and illinois. in illinois, the bodies of two teenagers have been recovered, 25 people have died in the other two states, it's not over yet, in the south. fortunately, a quieter weather pattern, not only heeshg but across much of the country, the end of the day today, beautiful allng the front range, high, thin cirrus clouds coming in, elevation about 25,000 feet. giving us a pretty sunset. we saw a similar scene up in gunnison this afternoon, as the sun was setting, notice this right here, that's called a sun dog, a reflection caused by the ice crystals in the clouds as
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through, a change in the weather. in denver right now, it's cold, 26, but in gunnison rs it's really cold, at minus 2. craig is right in that same boat, at 3 below 0. we'll have those cold pockets across the state. downtown, 30 degrees, 26 at the airport. the high today was 46, morning low was at 15 and the skies are just partly cloudy. they'll be that way overnight, cold and quiet with the high clouds, low temperature dropping to about 18, which is close to the normal of 17 this time in january. high tomorrow should be in the mid 40s, light winds, mostst mostly sunny skies, much like today. normal high is at 43. now, across the country, 19 at% billings, currently, 21 at minneapolis. . 66 at miami. and relatively quiet. nice and quiet across the central part of the country, snow showers over the great lakes, a few showers of rain down in florida. and across the southwest. we'll watch that storm as our next weather maker for colorado.
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minus 10 at grand lake, but hold in the teens over the denver area, single digits farther to the east, tomorrow, 40s at lower elevations, 20s and #30s expected in the mountains, across the state tonight, really cold pockets, gunnison at 18 below, minus 15 at craig. mostly single digits and teens at lower elevations and upper 30s to mid 40s over northeast colorado. upper 40s to the soutteast. and a mix of 20s and 30s across the west. for monday nightt into tuesday, some light snow starts to move into the mountains, but we stay dry on the plains, and that will continue right into wednesday, by the end of the week, colder air from the north, moisture from the west, will bring us a chance of light snow here in the denver area. mostly clear tonight, cold, 18 for a low temperature. tomorrow, much like today. high clouds, but mild. temperatures expected in the mid 40s. we'll do that again, it looks like for tuesday. clouds thicken, tuesday, snow drops, tuesday into wednesday for the mountain, but not on the plains, that holds off in denver
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molly, i'm not thinking a big storm for us, but maybe 1-3 inches of snow down here, thursday night into friday morning, and for the mountains, this week, a 6-12 inch accumulation for the next several day, which will be great for skiing and snowboarding. >> cold out there tonight, but, man, it is warm in this studio. you're heating it up. fire in here. >> it's you. >> thanks, mike. kids in denver, they always have someone in their corn eshg coming up, meet this week's 7 every day hero. >> and could a name change be coming to a southern colorado
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following breaking news tonight, the denver post is reporting penny parker died yesterday. parker joined the denver post in the early 1990s, before moving to the rocky mountain news for a couple of years, she was
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ten years ago, the cause of her death has not been announced. a name change could be on the horizon for pueblo west. the district put a poll on the city blog today, asking for your opinion on whether the district should change its name, it offered up names like west lake, desert hawk, swallows and soaring eagles, but the most popular choice was other. people living in town have mixed feelings about a name change. >> it would make people realize it's its own city, people don't realize that it's own separate place. >> it's always been pueblo west, so i'm used to it. >> now, if enough people want the name changed, there could be a public discussion with the board of directors changes have come for colorado's child care centers, they include provisions to ban sugary drinks, limit tv time and require playground time and healthy
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child care centers in the state, it does not afffct home based day cares, state officials plan to update those rules next year. take a look at this photo, restoring our faith in humanity t arvada fire protection district tweeted out, crews put an oxygen mask on a puppy there, following a west fire there near saulsbury streets. humans and pees were okay. well done, guys. and an influx of kids will find refuge in colorado, the federal government will help 1,000 unaccompanied migrant children come to our state. they're trying to escape violence and child trafficking in central and south america. the children will move into a federal grounds in lakewood. they'll stay there for about a month, before they're reunited with family in the u.s.. some local leaders are a little bit concerned about the lack of notice. gonzalez with services for the people feels it's our job to take care of children in need.
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them. and creating a more amenable environment for these youth. and not creating a warehouse situation for them. >> the children could move here as soon as april. tomorrow, those of you who live in the denver area, can gett3 rid of your christmas trees for free. from tomorrow through the 15th, all you have to do is put your tree up for collection, and it will bigged up and re-- picked up and recycled. you can reclaim mulch in the spring. already started the tree recycling last week. 7 every day hero is always in their corner, mitch jelnicker takes ussto the boxing ring to meet this outstanding volunteer. >> bop, bop, boo, give me the right. >>reporter: boshgsing like, life, can be unpredictable. so it helps to have some -- showing you the way. >> you know, a lot of these kids
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here because they don't have any confidence in themselves e. they've been bullied. >>reporter: for the last five years, he maz volunteered -- he has volunteered at house of pain ft he's ideal for the job, because the goal is to stay in shape and stay out of trouble. >> i used to be a gang member, but i don't want to see these kid>> it kept me out of drug, gangs, streets. pretty much out of everything. and i've been focused. i've been motivated. confident. i'm going to go big. >> we're not trying to teach these kids to beat up each other or hurt each other, we're trying to teach them self-discipline, respect, you know. >> there you go. >>reporter: he house of pain accepts anyone from age 7.5 on up. if they can't pay a mmnthly nominal fee, thomas covers them. no one is urned away. >> a lot of these kids come in here, and you just see the hurt
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and once they start doing good and moving around, high fiving them, hey, right on, good job, man, you see their little faces brighten up. it's the best thing for me. >>reporter: the house of pain has strict rules, no bullying and no fighting outside of the ring and thomas holds everyone accountable because he cares. >> he's really on everyone, but like. >> god has blessed me, my purpose, he put me in this gym, 7 news. and trusted choice, the independent -- the 7 every day hero. for all of the time you give to the community. congratulations, a round of applause for thomas. [ applause ] . >> and to nominate a hero in your life goshgs to the, and click on the community section and 7 every day heroes. if you didn't come close to winning last night's powerball drawing, don't worry, no one took the jackpot home either,
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the jackpot was at 334 million dollars, the 12th largest in powerball history, now, it's climbed to 400 million dollars. the next big drawing will be held on wednesday, so make sure to grab those tickets. sttll to come, every dog has
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welcome back. a pennsylvania man is make k sure his dog's last days are as good as can be. he recently found out his 8-year-old poodle beagle l mix, has terminal cancer, he says it hit him hard, but to enjoy the remaining days, he decided to put together a dog bucket list, so far, they've seen a sunset together, eaten frenchhfries at mcdonalds and forecasted the weather on tv. >> that's what we're talking about. >> made me focus on the positive things that ki bring out from it and live my life a little differently and live for the day and hopefully in this process, she can put a smile on someone else's faces, like the 8 years, she's always put a smile on my face. >> there are 80 ways for them to spend their remaining days together. >> you need a weather going. >> your dogs spend their whole life waiting for you to come home. >> they're so happy. >> always: . >> they really are.
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to the vet on saturday.
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