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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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that really i was the one that did it. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i mean, she's handling all that have quite well. >> now we know why she won it all. beauty and poise. >> so that's what's making news in america this morning. good mornnng, it is just about 4:30. we start with breaking news. right now i-25 is closed near loveland because of police activity. >> the information is still coming in the last few minutes. what we do know it is closed now, i-25, north of u.s. 4 in the loveland area. we will get over to jason to see how it may affect the morning drive. >> a closure of a major interstate is a major problem. this is the loveland area. closed. actually they are taking traffic here off at 34. and the closest camera is by cross roads which is not really anything. you will be diverted off of i- 25 at highway 34. no other details yet from police why they have it closed
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darryl orr is on i-25 right now headed north toward that area. we will have details from him coming up in just a second. you can look at the map. we have some trouble spots out and about otherwise. including i-25 at 84th avenue. look at the c-dot cameras there. you can see some of the flashing lights up on the bridge across it. no traffic is coming from 84th avenue on that ramp to go south i-25. i-25 is moving okay. but it is the bridge right there at least that looks like it is restricted for our morning commute. >> thank you. you are going to find more sunshine again. >> good morning. it is tuesday. % thanks for being here. >> it was a beautiful day in denver yesterday. hopefully today will be even warmer. >> better be. >> is it my turn? go now. >> and temperatures are going to be about 35 degrees above where we were. 29 in denver. around 20. morning. a little high cloud cover, in
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but otherwise, pretty mild morning. we have a few spots above freezing early on. castle rock and parker at 25. and fort collin, longmont greeley, teens and 20s. % a decent warmup for pretty much all of us. it looks like by 3:00, upper 40s to around 50 degrees today. high clouds, pleasant afternoon, you guys, near 50, here in denver, and a little cooler as you get out to the north and to the eastof us. about 5, 10 degrees cooler but the mountains picking up a little bit of snow. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good, lisa. thank you. 4:32. two 16-year-old girls accused of plotting to kill fellow students and staff at their high school will be in court. these teens were arrested after a plot was uncovered to attack mountain vista high school. today's hearing will determine whether the two teens will be charged with attempted murder as adults. we are waiting to find out if the body found in a burned
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the cause of the fire is under effect. and the fire department says it may take several weeks. denver 7 continuing to follow developments in the deadly crash over the weekend on colorado's boulevard. we are learning the driver, who police say caused a four-car crash, killing two people, may have been under the influence. policeesay the driver was doing at least twice the legal speed limit when he plowed into multiple cars and never braked. and 29-year-old jonathan nichols was killed in the crash. industry. and nichols was a recording 3 girl. >> it is horrible that someone could do this carelessness to take away a person who was so caring. >> we have learned that the driver, 55-year-old amir dewitt with a history of traffic violations and police arreeted d.a. will determine charges. smash and grab thieves are at it again, police are working to figure out if the newest string of crimes are connected
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the most recent break-ins happened in sheridan. we brought that to you as breaking news yesterday morning. the thief was caught on video, ransacking a verizoo store after braking it in there with a rock. police say the suspect has a thin build with purple and green winter jacket. and a nearby auto parts shop was also broken into. today, presidenn obama s expected to announce a series of executive actions that he says will combat gun violence. one of the new gun laws, mandatory background checks on the private gun sales. abc anything else --'s lana zac is in washington with details. >> the national rifle association. get into the gun show for free. >> reporter: across the country, gun sales have been especially busy. >> any time the preeident gets up there and starts talking gun control, people will go and get guns. >> reporter: potential gun restrictions were a motivating factor for this buyer. >> all. -`gun law, all of the rules that are coming out. every day, or every month, there is a shooting. people want to be protected.
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announce new actions that are expected to focus on mental health issues, update the background check system, and close the so-called gun show loophole that allows some people to buy guns without background checks. >> these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authorities, and the executive branch, but they are also ones that the year wemming majority of the -- overwhelming majority of the american people including gun owners support and believe in. >> this gun owner says she doesn't like executive action but thinks legal gun owners don't mind background checks. >> they want to carry the gun, have the carry permit, like i % do, it is going to not mind having some kind of verification. >> there is one area in which the president and his critics agree. %- closing the so-called gun show loophole would not have stopped
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however, some gun control advocates do say that it could help prevent some people who shouldn't have guns from getting them. lana zac, abc news, washington. 4:35 now. a g.o.p. presidential hopeful marco rubio is making a stop in denver today. you won't be able to go to a rally necessarily. money for his campaign. today's event is held at a condo in downtown denver and tickets range from $500 to $2700. and that will afford you a photograph with marco rubio. ime to talk broncos. our first playoff game is january 17. so that gives coach kubiak much- needed time to make the tough decision. >> who will start for the broncos in the playoffs? brock or peyton? >> fans will have to be patient. we will look at the two quarterbacks and weighing the options. >> good morning, everybody. and the most compelling interesting most talked about story in the nfl yesterday,, this. 17 and 18, peyton and brock. it is amazing.
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seed in the afc. and they is a quarterback controversy. it is -- and they have a quarterback controversy. it is raging on social media. twitter all hot and bothered. after peyton came in against the chargers and brock was under center for turnovers not all his felt but no doubt peyton provided the spark the broncos needed. 5 for 9 passing but they took control and won. gary kubiak says the players will no soon and that is all that matters. >> our players won't be in the dark. we will know which direction we're headed. i think our players deserve a % lot of credit because they responded to both, and the job they have done i am proud of thee and we got to get ready to go and we have a big second season coming up and looking forward to it. >> what will you say about the starters? >> i won't say anything.
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backup or starter, and was he upset? listen to the answers after the game after peyton might get in. >> and you usually don't talk to the backup and say hey, you might be going in. >> usually peyton manning is not a backup. >> next question. >> did you feel that spark when you came in? >> i wasn't on the field. so i didn't necessarily feel that spark. but it really seemed like the -`offenss really got going. aa long as this football team is winning games, i don't care who plays quarterback. >> we will find out who plays quarterback on thursday when the broncos get back to practice. >> butch more coming up on sports extra. until then, have a great morning -- much more come ug up on sports extra. until then, have a great morning. >> who will you watch with the broncos bye week. how about the wildcard, with the kansas city chiefs an houston texans? you can watch that game right here on denver 7. kickoff saturday. 2:35 in the afternoon. the winner of that game could face the broncos, come january 17. so were you one of lucky few to get playoff tickets yesterday?
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first round of games sold out in a few minutes. no surprise. >> if you didn't get a ticket, you are not completely out of luck. the best chance is secondary sites like stub hub. and you can get tickets starting at $ 150. some sellers are asking for as much as $$0,000. i doubt they will get that. but that is what they listed. and we also checked ticket master this morning and there are still a few single seats throughout the stadium. the cheapest ticket we could find there was about $450. >> expensive. >> playoffs. it is a lot of dough. and everyone is talking about the new netflix docu- series, making a murderer, millions of americans across the country are watching this and the story is pushing people to make a change. we will explain. >> this intersection is the scene for many accidents here in denver but public works is hoping to change that this weekend. we will have important information on closures, next. >> an it is another warm day, even warmer than yesterday. upper 40s, to near 50 degrees today. you will find still a few high
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welcome back. 4:42. we continue to follow two breaking news situations when it comes to traffic. we have some significant closures, one is of i-25, the southbound lanes of i-25, it is closed down right now, here at highway 34, for police activity just south, possibly for an earlier high speed chase. and that ended after highway 34. our darrrl orr is on the way.
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on that northhound side -- passed highway 119 on that northbound side. and just saw patchy fog where the same area is. and we will see some of that this morning. and the other trouble spot is 84th avenue on top oo i-25. we have a closure of the bridge over top of i-25. so the c-dot camera is blue but you can at least see some of the flashing lights. mark, can we see the flashing lights of the c-dot camera or not? this is the bridge. 84th avenue. at i-25, the ramp is closed down. and you can ee the flashing lights on both sides. no estimate of when 84th avenue will be reopening. 88th just to the nortt, can get you around it. or even better, the parkway, farther north and yoo can access i-25 from that. >> thank you. a busy morning already. gosh, it is 4:43. and sad developments this morning, police have found the body of country singer craig strickland. strickland and his friend bott died while hunting in oklahoma during a severe winter storm. before the two left, his friend
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don't come back, craig and i are going right through winter storm goliath to kill ducks in oklahoma. hash tag into the storm. authorities have been searching for strickland since his friend's body was found last week. >checking out the next flix series, making a murderer, a docu-series, about a man serving a life sentence and his family who thinks he was framed. >> so now more than 240,000 people have signed a petition to free steven avery, the subject of this show, so many people talking about this. a man from arvada started the petition saying he is outraged about the case and we don't want to give away too much in case you want to watch it but here is the back story. steven avery spent 18 years in prison on a wrongful conviction in wisconsin. when he ot out, he sued the county and police department for millions of dollars. two years later, he found himself back in prison, for a murder he and his family says he didn't commit. his family says they think it is backlash from the police and the city from the wrongful conviction lawsuit.
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out about what they hope will happen. >> steven's realistic hope lies in new evidence being discovered. -`either someone who has been carrying a secret, for 10 years, that he or she has not disclosed. >> so in addition to that petition, there is also a petition on the white house's web site. 3 we checked. right now it has almost 50,000 signatures tand must reach 100,000 in the next two weeks to get a response from the president. >> amazing from a tv show. >> maybe invoking some change. >> and another one, on the radio, where people are behind the guy, wondering same thing, is it true? >> interesting. we have another very mild day. even this morning, even warmer than where we were yesterday. which is nice. temperaturrs about 5 to 20 degrees warmer across the state. in denver, 7 degrees warmer
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you've got temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. close to freeeing along the i- 25 corridor. and winds coming in out of the southwest. at about 5-10 miles per hour. kind of a wide range of temperature, from castle rock at 35, to greeley, right now, %- with just 9 degrees. and we have fort collins aa 21. so a mix of 20s and 30s early on. with some high clluds now moving in from the southwest. and we are still watching the storm, and what it is going to do is spread some snow, across our western slope here today pretty light snow. we are expecting a few inches. in denver, we are going to stay dry. we will get high clouds through the afternoon today. and we will be watching as some of that light snow moves a little closer to i-70. by this afternoon. so we could pick up a couple of inches. mountains. by early tomorrow morning. 3 we get our shot at some snow with this storm once it makes its move. so late wednesday, into thursday, it is when we will start to see some snow across % the plains. before then, enjoy the nice warmup. denver, 48 today.
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and some upper 30s, close to 40, to the northeast. and then mainly 30s for the central mountains. and we are looking at temperatures now, that are again in the 20s. but we will get a good 20 to 30 degrees warmup by this afternoon. and so it is going to be a warm one. now our bright spot again, today into tomorrow, pretty nice. by thursday into friday, thatt is when things change. total still looks to be the same. between late wednesday, into early friday. where we're most likely around `retty light. and as we head into the weekend, skies are going to clear out. you guys are pretty cold though. 20s both saturday and sunday. >> lisa, thank you. 4:47 now. good news for those of you with long commutes. aaa says gasoline prices will %- likely stay pretty low this `ear. it will still be higher than what we are paying now but the national average for this year is forecasted to be between $2.25 and $2.45 a gallon. for context, last year's average was $2.40 a gallon. air tracker 7 over santa fe and evans where this weekend the intersection there will be closed down to improve traffic
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there are a lot of accidents at this intersection. so the signals are going to be bigger, they are going to ave countdown there and the interssction is expected to be night. >> it is about 4:48 now. and the stock market opens today, following a disastrrus start to trading in the new year. here is this morning's business headlines from new york. >> good morning, topping america's money, will wall today? >> big question. u.s. marks got off to the worst start in years after bad economic news from china sent overseas markets plunging. the dow lost 276 points. the nasdaq was off 104678 and 10 and the s&p gave up 31. and diesel crews were rigged to teach on emissiins street. the suit seeks billions of dollars damages and damages against volkswagen executives.
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the latte macchiato, with whole milk and one step above a flat white nd one step below a full fledged es presso. there you have it. >> i am not a coffee drinker and i want thht. >> it looks good. that's america's money. have a great day. we have debbie's deals to help you out. the westminster rec centers for free, or take a yoga class for free tomorrow evening. also the credit union offering two free lift tiikets for account. and there is a boat show. for all of the information, go to and the free app. and breaking news this morning, right now, southbound i-25, right near loveland, highway 34, it is closed down because of police activity. >> so we have our road wrangler is out there. and steer unclear what is going on but we are all over it and bring you updates as soon as bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family
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here is a look at other stories making news. hot on the internet today, take a look at a man who is in russia, lucky to be alive after jumping out of his car right there before he was almost hit by that fast-moving train. either that driver didn't think he could stop in time or make it across the tracks so he jumped out of the car. watch in slow mow. he jumped out and runs away from the train. the car did make it across the tracks and stopped just shortly after. yikes, a close call. sometimes babies get food and one way to get it out, they
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did you see that? watch again. as that baby has a noodle stuck in her news and sneezes it out. -- in her nose and sneezes it out. i'm sure she feels better now. >> this guy is not happy with all of the logs on the bike path. >> sick and tired of people putting logs across the path. oh, that is a crocodile or an alligator. >> it is alligator. >> it is definitely an alligator. not a log, on the bike ath. [ laughter >> and he didn't seem fazed by it. >> a nice looking train set until it wasn't. the whole thing just collapses under its own weight. unfortunately, it waa a great build, untii that happened. lisa, i know have you been looking for a very unique calendar for 2016, so here is one that you might like. this is mike wolf. who has sculptured his back hair, into various designs for his own topless calendar.
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each month but it also comes with 12 hair-based puns like january is happy new hare. this one is cinco de mayo. the idea first came to mike when his friends suggest he shave an american flag into his back right there. it takes about four months to grow the hair for each design. >> how long did this calendar take him? >> several years. >> many years. >> yes. >> well, that is kind of impressive. >> i like the football one. i think we should keep that one for the broncos playoff run. >> i think the worst part, jason told me earlier this morning he was so excited, oh, man i have the best one for you, anddi will toss to you. he was so excited. >> i am buying you this calendar. >> ewww. >> thank you. [ laughter ] our highs today are in the mid to upper 40s. you might want to keep your chest and backkhair today. it is still going to beea little chilly. fort collins, 44. greeley, sterling, upper 30s to low 40s.
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thursday into friday. late wednesday, we will start to see potentially some light snow. so we will be watching for a couple of commutes to potentially get a little icy, thursday morning, potentially thursday night. and then on friday, it is mainly going to be some cloud cover and ome light snow. it does get a lot colder into the weekend. mid to upper 20s. sending it back to jason, and we have some breaking news this morning. >> unfortunately, we have a couple of situations, out on the roadways, we want to start with the c-dot camera right there, as 84th avenue and ii25 and you can see that we have it closed down right now. as we are taking a look at 84th at i-25, and there is, right there, the clossre, all the way across the bridge, on both sides. so no traffic is able to go from 84th on to i-25, unfortunately for that police activity. and the other trouble spot, let me take you north, it is going to be i-25 near highway 34, the southbound lanes are closed down. we had police activity, possibly even a police chase, that stopped, after the car that they were chasing was going over 100 miles an hour with stop sticks. we will have darryl orr up there in a few minutes and he
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exactly what is going on and how long i-25 in that down. >> 4:55 right now. hit-and-run driver. and we brought this as breaking news yesterday morning. a driver took off after hitting a 10-year-old walking near colfax ann yosemite. the tow truck driver saw it happen, followed the driver and blocked the van and kept him tracked until police got there. >> how i caught him, i was going through the ttaffic and -`had my lights on the tow truck, we have the safety lights and people started moving over and i was honking my horn, and then i finally -- he kind of like glanccd over a little bit and i got around him and then i cut him off. >> police say the child was % walking with his mother, was turning. luckily that boy was not hurt. and 4:56, coming up in the next hour, state lawmakkrs have just released a list of things they want to accomplish heading
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we will give you a run down. >> denver 7 staying on top of breaking news, a couple of scenes, i-25 closed near loveland at highway 34 because of police activity. >> and going on right now, in thornton, s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene. they are near i-25 and west 884th. so ww have crew -- 84th. we have crews going to both locations with updates in the next hour.
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