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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 5, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're denver 7 at 11:00 a.m. we are working on multiple breaking news stories right now. first, a plane headed to denver goes off the taxiway in spokane, washington. it happened earlier this morning. the denver 7 reporter, live at the airport. sally, what do we know? >> reporter: well, that plane was supposed get here at 8:00 this morning. but it was actually delayed until 5:00 this afternoon. 3 and it is all due to the icy airport. now, that wasn't the only plane that slid off the taxiway. according to the spokane
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planes as well had the same exact problem. and now, according to flight 182 entrout denver from spokane, it was delayed because the plane was on the taxiway at 5:40 this morning and hit slippery conditions causing the nose heels to slide off. luckily none of the 160 passengers or seven crew members aboard the plane were injured. and united got tte passengers off the plane, and it was a long and probably scary day for those 160 passengers today. live from the d.i.a., denver 7. >> sally, thann you. and another breaking story a u.s. ssrvice member was killed and two others wounded during an aatack in afghanistan today. this happened during an operation in the hellman province of afghanistan. we will keep you updated as we learn more. they cannot hold america hostage. we do not have to accept this carnage at the price of freedom. >> president obama addressing
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his executive on gun control. he says despite his ove, lawmakers still need to address this issue. he even got emotional at one point, talking about all of the mass shootings. president obama was introduced by a father who lost his son in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. he says it is time for a change. >> ii the three years sincee those 26 precious lives were lost, at that school, far too %- many more lives have been lost to gun tragedies in this country. far too many people right now who are hearing these words are grieving the loss of a loved one to gun violence. as a nation, we have o do better. we are better. we are better than this. >> president obama says his new conflict with the second amendment. 3 he says he just believes there
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`hile remaining consistent with the second amendment. so no charges yet, for one of theeteen girls accused of plotting an attack at the % highlands ranch school. the 16-year-old was in court today after authorities at mountain vista authority uncovered plans to hurt students and staff. the denver reporter lindsey watt was in court tooay, where the hearing just wrapped up and lindsey, why werr theecharges delayed? 3 >> reporter: well, kelly, we expected to find out today whether this girl was going to be charged as a juvenile. or as an adult for the charge of conspiracy to commit first- degree murder. but prosecutors say they are still waiting for a mental health evaluation for the girl. and they lso want a warn, so they can search for cell phones, so they can get the password to search it. that's why they decided to put off charging her for another week and a half. the girl, 15-year-old girl, was in court today, her wrists and her ankles shackled. her parenns were there as well. she was arrested last month, alonn with another teen, after
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plotting to kill students and staff at mountain vista high school. someone texttd a tip about the alleged plan. from court filings, from the girl's attornee, we have today. `er attorney says police never found that the girl had any weapons or bombs and that all `f the eviddnce lies within her ccll phone and a journal that her therapist recommended she keep. the attorney also says that he cell phone and the journal were seized without a warrant. anddshe believes it is evidence out. the second girl accused ii this alleged plot is also going to be in court today. she has a hearing at 4:00. and district attorney says in that case, prosecutors have made the decision whether to charge her as a juvenile or an adult. he just wouldn't tell us at this point which one that is. of course, justing on what happens, the penal -- just depending on what happens, the penalties could be extremely diff in juvenile versus adult court. we will have a crew back here at 4:00, to let you knoo the
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live in castle rock, lindsey watt, deever 7. >> thank you for the update. denver 7 following up on breakiig news we brought you earlier as well this morning. two women behind bars after allegedly carjacking a man at gunpoint. denver police say the incident started around 2:00 a.m., neer 60th avenue, when they stole the car and took off. police caught up with them. that started a chase. the suspects eventually crashed into another vehicle and s.w.a.t. was called in, because the women were armed ann refused to get out of the wreckeddcar. about an hour later, they surrendered. the driver hit by the suspect had minor injuries but will be okay. we also have new details on a olice chase in northern collrado. thisshappened around 2:00 a.m. this morning. police got a call about gunfire in a parking lot at a walmart in llveland. and police got there, that vehicle sped off. -`so three different agencces chassd the suspects, including greeley loveland and larimer county. the driver and the passenger % jumped out of the suv in greeley and stole a different car. and police checked the abandoned car and found a man
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the suspects were caught up, and they are arrestee. there is still third suspect on the run. morning. `ven though it is warming up outside, we got to talk about the next round of snow. shall we calm things down a bit? >> you got through that one. % >> it is gorgeous outside. a few high clouds. perfect. 40s. in some spots, live look here, in denver, you can see a little of the high cloud cover, but otherwise dry, sunny, we side streets. and at this point, most neighborhoods in the low to mid- 40s. we've got denver at 40. and aurora currently at 42.. just above freezing right now in fort collins with a colder pocket of air across parts of northeastern colorado, with %- greeley at 23. and teens and 20s in the mountains right now. and now, our highs this afternoon, pretty nice, you will find upppr 40s, here in denver, and here is how we get there, by 2:00, we will be at 48, and then we will start to drop closer to 40. now at that point,,through light mountain snow, and most
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been own across south western colorado. but as this system makes its move ithin the nexx 24 hourr, we are expecting some of the rain and the snow that is now hitting the west coass gradually, moving here. and here in denver, a chance foo some snow this week and we will talk more about it in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. new at 11:00, fort collins police arrest a nurse, accused of sexually touching women in hospitals. this is the suspect right here, say several women recorded that moore sexually touched them while they were under his car. moore worked as a registered nurse at multiple medical centers including greeley, loveland, thorton and several others. for the full whis go to you might be able to help solve a crime. these images of two men they say stole from a best buy. so take a look. if you recognize them, call police. they say they got away with about two play stations last night. two smash and grab thieves are at it again, smashing their way into two stores in sheridan.
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thief caught on video, ransacking a verizon store early monday morning. >> front door smashed in. iphone display is all torn down. one of the phones is missing. >> the nearby auto parts shop was broken into. police are now looking into whether this case is related to the nine smash and grabs on broadway early sunday morning. and more than 30 in the metro in just the past month. a judge has rejected another defense request in the case of the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from a 3 woman's stomach. this is the woman charged dynel lane, and the lawyer wants a search of her husband's truck to be thrown out saying there is not a proper warrant. the judge denied the request. and the lawyers are trying to have the search of her home and the statements she made to 3 police thrown out. a judge s norule at ss wkk e dge decid at ts trl uld not movet ofboulr coun. > cots aoss e ate are dealg wi a ckg of meal cpetty exinatns d it costs taxpayers money.
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week. the backlog of the evaluations is about six to nine months right now. and this is keeping inmates in the county jail longer and strapping the jail financially. the state has assed for $7 million in the next two years, to try and address this issue. today, the coroner will 3 work to determine if a bbdy found in the rubble of a burned out building in arvada is that of missing addiction counselor there, named john rudder. this is a photo of him. no one has heard from him since % the fire on saturday. he worked at et create effect trratment options clinic that burned down. %- crews brought in heavy equipment and ddgs to search %- for the remains. and the fire department says it could takk a few weeks to determine the cause of that fire. today, we know a little bit more about that apartment fire in greeley we told you bout. crews say a ciggrette lit hat mattress on fire on the fifth floor. the firefighters had to pull one person out of the complex and that person is now in the hospital. and straight ahead, we are taking a look at some stories tooppng national headlines.
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affluenza teen faces a judge. and a standoff, a man holding nearry a dozen children hostage and has a knife. >> and starbucks throwdown that
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welcome back. a s.w.a.t. standoof with an armed man holding 11 11 children and a
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hotel room is finally over. police say whennthey entered the hotel room, the suspect stabbed himself. the standoff lasted more than five hours. the man who stabbed himself was taken to the hospital in critical conditioo. fortunately, police say the woman and the can children were not harmed. the mother of ethan couch -`also known as the after flunz teen, is headed -- affluenza teen is headed to court in los angelesstoday. todayy authorities will decide whether to extradite her back to exas. they were in mexico last week and ethan is still in mexico city. they fled the u.s. after a video online that appeared to show her son violating probation. % he was convicted in aadrunk driving crash with probation that killed four people in 2013. >> you know what you did, right? >> i'm sorry -- >> that starbucks showdown has gone viral. and an angry mother pulled up to the drive through window and called out the cashier for stealing her credit card
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abc's clayton sandell has more caught on camera. $212. >> how are you doing? >> at a california starbucks drive through last week, martinez claims this cashiee stole her credit card number, and went on a shopping spree. connronts her. >> you know what you did, right? >> i'm sorry, i took from you `nd your kids. >> $200 may nottbe that much but that was our rent money. >> credit card systems can be stolen by thieves by writing them down, or using high-tech devices called skimmers. this ffst food employee was caught using one. >> it is very, very difficult to prevent someone toohave one of these magnetic trrpe readers that are ery small and portable. >> experts say you can check your money by frequently checking your bank statements and don't let anybody see your pin number and don't use an atm or card reader if it looks like it has been tamerred with. >> how would you make a copy of my card?
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calls the situation completely unacceptable and says the employee no longer works for starbucks. clayton sandell, denver. >> a woman in indianapolis may be regretting her rants on facebook after complaining about her experiment at a restaurant on new years eve. sse says her night was ruined after witnessing what she called a dead person getting wheeled out. and she referred to that person as a junky and complaiied that the staff did not care about the incorrect bill. and the restaurant responded by saying the junky was a woman having a heart attack and the staff was overwhelmed with someone almost dieing in the restaurant and he shared the post and that is when things took off. >> and no, this is my %- establishment. you won't treat my employees and please don't come back. >> the owner says it is just a cautionary tale about what you put out there on sooial media. the woman wheeled out of the restaurant by the way is recovering from that heart attack. >> you just got to be careful. you can't assume things.
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a lesson to all, huh? >> exactly. we have know on the way, but it is nicer today, right? >> today and tomorrow, 40s still. the mountains will pick up obviously the snow first. but as the storm starts to move in, we should start to see a temperatures heading into the weekend and a chance of snow here for wednesday night. `> oh, great, just when we're that thawing out a littte. >> we are a couple of inches above norming for the season. november and december coming in at 11.3 inches and pretty dry this jannary but it looks like by wednesday night, into thursday, not only will the will here, too. it could be a couple of inches. beautiful look at copper mountain right now, some high clouds, ahead of this system, and that is pretty much it for the central mountains. if you're heading uppalong i- 70, it is going to be a dry,, drive there and back. a few flakes over the higher mountain passes but that's it. and at this point, we are at 40 in denver, and 43 in longmont and 43 in conifer and very close to normal.
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a couple of cold pockets of cold air from fort collins to greeley to fort morgan. close to freezing today. highs today, mid to upper 40s and close to 50 in denver. we should see she numbers by 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. castle rock. 46. blackhawk, 40. um into the mountains. eagle, 35. and teamboat and raig today, pretty mild compared to yesterday's singll digits and closer to freezing today, and closer to 50s, down near pueblo. look at the system, again, at this point, ahead of the storm, we are getting some disorganized light snow, and not much falling right now, and just some high clouds out east. and the storm will start to move, and in here pretty shortly, we will find more snow for the mountains, especially down to the southwwst. and 8:00 tonight, some high clouds, over eastern colorado. and by about 6:00 to 7:00 tomorrow morning, you will start to see heavier snow developing. near telluride. %- near durango.
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to a foottin spots. alerts going into effect. by 7:00 wednesday night, still dry for our commute here in denver. so tomorrow morning and evening, they look pretty good but as you head up in the mountains on wednesday afternoon, things get a little diceyer over the paases. late wednesday and early thursday is the shot at snow here. i will show you in a inute. effect. and that will cover a good portion of southwestern colorado. and i would not be surprised if we start to see more alerts popping up, right into the central mountains here within the next 12 to 24 hours. and eastern colorado, most likely about 1-3-inch storm for us. thursday into friday. and now we go from 48 today, to 43 tomorrow. and so just a touch cooler weenesday. and then 30s starting thurssay, friday. i know you thought we mighh be done with the 20s. but not happening. december and january, the two coldest months and january is our sixth snowiest month, usually around 6 1/2 iiches of -`snow. -`>> so we do need to add to -`those nuubers. >> and i'm looking at the lows at the bottom.
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>> it was nice to get a break. >> we did gets a break. thank you. straight ahead, we will -`tell you about a man who had to
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here is a look at other stories making nution. guy in russia, watch closely as he is lucky to be alive. see him bail out of his car right there before he was train. you will see it again in slow motion. either the driver didn't think he could stop in time or make it across the track so he jumps out of the car and runs away from the train beffre it nips him n the back. the car did make it across the tracks and stopped shortly thereafter. >> sometimes babies get food stuck in their nose like this little baby. got the noodle stuck in her nose. and sneezed. and out comes the noodle. bet she feels better now. this guy is not happy at all about the logs on the bike path. >> sick and tired of people putting these logs across the path. oh, what is a crocodile. or alligator.
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yeah. definitely not a log. that's right. and well, this is a very nice train set, isn't it? until it wasn'tt whole thing just collapses and falls down all the way to the ground. very sad to see that.. a lot of work put into it all 3 for it to collaase. >> and i have been looking for a unique calendar for liia for a while. a 2016 calendar i think she can get her back into. mike wolf has sculpted his back hair into various designs for his own topless calendar. not only does mike's calendar give you a beautiful harry back each month, it comes with a pun every month. like january is happy new hare. and cinco de mayo. for may. and theeidea first came to mark when his friends suggest he shave an ameeican flag. right there into his back. and it made the july calendar. it takes about four months, kelly, to grow the hair for each of these designs. and i think they're wonderful.
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conversation, between you and lisa. >> yes, i would like a calendar. >> yes. >> i know she said that. >> and do we know how much this thing costs? >> it doesn't matter. quost is no object with thii -- cost is no object with that calendar. >> good point. >> please don't buy it. >> i can't handle it. jason, thank you. turning to the broncos news, fans excited about the playoffs. but also talking quite a bit `bout who should be the starting quarterback in the post season. so here is denver 77s sports director with what coach kubiak is saying. >> good morning, everybody. the most compelling interesting most talked about story in the nfl yesterday, this. 17 and 18, peyton and brock. it is amazing, the broncos finished 12-4. one seed in the afc. and they have a quarterback controversy. it is raging on social media. twitter hot and bothered about the debate. all this happening after peyton came in against the chargers and the broncos had 20 seconn half points and won. % and brock had five turnovers
11:22 am
could say but no denying peyton provided the spark. he took control and they won. >> gary kubiak said the players will no hat is going on soon and that is aal that matters. >> the players won't be in the dark. i would never put them in the dark. they will know what we are doing and i think they deserve cruet because they responded to growth -- credit because they 3 responded to both. we have a big second season comiig up. looking forward to it. >> what will you say about the starter for the playoffs? >> i won't say anything. >> nothing about the starterss yesterday. and brock says all of the right things and prepare the same way backup or starter and all that matters with the team and winning but was he upset? game after he thought peyton might get in. `> usually you don't talk to the backup and say hey, you might be going in today. so that waa not a cooversation that took place. >> but usually peyton manning is not a backup. >> next question. >> do you feel that spark when % you came in?
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so-so i didn't necessarily feel that spark but it really seemed like the offense really got going. as long as this football team is winning games, shoot, i don't care who plays quarterback. >> we will find out who plays quarterback on thursday maybe when the broncos get back to practice. >> much more coming up on 77 sports extra. until then, have a great morning. this weekend,you can catch the wildccrd matchup, featuring the chiifs and the texans right here on denver 7. kickoff is saturday at 2:33 p.m. coming up after the break, new details on the students accused of plotting an attack on their school. will a judge charge them as adulings? find out in a moment. >> and also, we will tell you about a petition oing in to free an inmate who claims he
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are you watching denver 7 at 11:30 a.m. we are following breaking news at this hour. a plane headed to denver went off the taxiway in spokane, washington. it happened earlier this morning. those on board were taken off the plane and bussed to a terminal. %- denver 7 reporter sally mandew is live at d.i..., and sally, is will any word if weather played a role in this? >> reporter: well, definitely, spokane international airport, the twitter handle, it seems like this was not the only plan that slid off the runway. several other planes also slid off which caused them to shut down the airport temporarily and look at those conditions
11:25 am
runway to make it clear for the anes to take off. but this right here, this is the place where the passengers were supposedly going to come and pick up their luggage. but that didn't happen, because the plane got delayed and i just spoke to a passenger on that plane. and asked him to describe what it was like when that denver plane slid off and he said that the incident was not bad. and the plane took a rear turn, and then was bumpy, and nobody was hurt. and most people probaaly didn't know what was happening and now they are re-booking all of us on board that plane. and now, according to the united spokesperson, flight 812, en route to denver from spokane, the flight was delayed, becauue around 5:40 this morning, the plane bass was on a taxi way and caused slippery conditions and causing the nose wheel to slide off. thankfully none of the 160 passengers or search crew members aboard the plane were injured,and they are working to get the passengers off the plane. `t definitely was a long and stressful day and probably scary for those 160 passengers
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back to you. >> all right, sally, thank you.. no charges yet, for one of the teen girls accused of plotting to kill students and staff at a high school. the 16-year-old was in court but prosecutors announced they need more information before -`juvenile or adult. lindsey watts is live outside the douglas county justice lindsey? >> reporter: kelly, within the hour, prosecutors here decided to put off filing those charges against the girl. they say they still need two things. her. warrant to search her cell phone. the 16-year-old girl is facing a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, after police say she and another teen hatched a plot to attack mountain vista high school. because both of these girls are 16 years old, they could be tried as adults. we talked to district attorney george brockler about the decision. >> the juvenile system is very different than the adult system.
11:27 am
the pposecutor, our office, is whether what are the best interests of the chill and those are to be weighed against public safety and other community interests. that is different than an adult court. and i want to take that rolee and that reeponsibility very seriously. and that's why getting this information matters. >> reporter: the two girls were both arrested last mooth. and we till don't know the specifics of this allegee plan. but we did find out more today, from the attorney of the girl who was in court. she said policc never found any weapons or bomb, and nothing like that. and thaa all of the evidence lies in the girl's cell phone, and journal, that her therapist recommended she keep. now, as far as the second girl, `ccused in this alleged plot, she is also going to be in court today as well. for a hearing, and district attorney george brockler says in that case, prosecutors have decided whether to try her as a juvenile, or an adult. we just don't know yet which one that is. we will find out at 4:00 today, whhn that hearing takes place.
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courtroom, to bring that you update, as soon as we get it. live in castle rock, lindsey watt, denver 7. unalien able rights to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, thoss riggts were stripped from college kids in santa barbara and high schoolers and columbine and from first graders in newtown. first graders. % and from every family who never imagined that their loveddone would be taken from our lives
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every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> so president obama brought tears today, as he addressed nation, on his executive action on gun ccntrol. and this moves anyone in the business of selling firearms must get a license to conduct background checks or face criminal prosecution. `bama insisted today that he nearry wants to enact a few common sense gun safety measures, not take away people's rights. and the gun control debate also hitting home in arizona. as laura ranier report, the talk comes just days before the five-year anniversary of the shootiig that left six people dead and 13 injured. >> of those injured, congressman gabrielle giffords, and the late bill badger who helped detain the shooter. >> there is not a day i don't think of it. %- >> his wife sally like many of the survivors is a public supporter for stricter gun laws. >> everyone in the country needs to be aware and take some actionn we need a background check on every gun that is sold.
11:30 am
requirement of a background check on everyone who buys a gun, buttprivate sales between individuals, no back ground check is needed. this has come to be known as the gun shoo loophole. but january 8 shooter jared loughner had passed a background check the day he bought the weapon lattr used on the crowd at a political rally. >> i don't know that hey do much good. on the other hand, they don't do much harm. >> david hardy, a gun owner, and attorney, with a focus on second amendment issues, believes it all ccmes down to mental health awareness. >> when i think, what i think we have to do is be more -`sensitive about he necessity to commit people who are dangerous. and once they get committed, then they are a prohibited person who cannot buy a firearm, and that will force the background check. >> before the shooting, loughner's behavior had raised red flags but not enough to put dealers.
11:31 am
and greeley police are investigating a crash that killed a 10-year-old girl n longmont. the crass happened sunday night. and the passenger in he % vehicle, that was pronounced -`dead at the scene. the driver who caused a % four car crash and killed two people ay havv been under the influence. the victims in the crash are identified as 42-year-old anthony mills and 29-year-old jonathan nichols. both were involved in the music industry.. nichols was a recording artist. and wws father to a little girl. the crash happened sundaa at colorado boulevard and mexicoo police say 55-year-old samir dewitt was goong at least twice the speed limit whee he plowed into those cars. >> it is just horrible that someone's negligence and carelessness could take away a person who is so caring. >> we did some digging and found the suspect was a limo driver with a history of traffic violations. the new legislative session starts next week. we are hearing from both sides about their plan. and democrats say they want to make changes to tabr, the
11:32 am
say without the changes, the state will not have enough money for education or roads. republicans say they are pussing their focus on businesses and the economy and they expect the affordable housing crisis to be one of the first issues they put forward. a woman who ran for denver city council in the past, the past three years as a matter of fact may not have gotten -- or may have gotten some not so legal suppprt from sesame street. corey hough faces felony charges for forgery. she didn't get enough signatures to appear on the ballot but sheedid rrgister as a write-in candidate. the denver d.a. says her petition to appear on the may 5 ballot included signatures from dead people and sesame street characters. our partners at the post say signatures were bertd and ernie aad big board and sesame street in the address line. have you watched the netflix series making a murderer? such a huge hit. and now more than 260,000 people have signed a petitton to free steven avery the
11:33 am
a manage from affirmative action has started -- a man 3 from arvada has started the petition. % the man was arrested in wisconsin in 2007 for a murder and in the documentary, his family says he was framed a couple of years after beeng released from prison after aa wrongle conviction and his lawyers are speaking out. >> steven's realistic hope lies in new evidence being discovered and that might be either someone who has been carrying a secret for 10 years, that he or she has not disclosed. -`>> so in addition to the petition, there is also a petition on the white house web site. it has nearly 60,000 signatures, the petition must reach 100,000 signatures in the next two weeks to get a response from the president. straight ahead, students, if you're planning to o to college, some nnws you need to hear when it comes to the entrance exam.. >> plus, you won't belieee what some tech giants have up their sleeves for the future. from tvs that resemble
11:34 am
that resemble cell phones. % we will tell you about it after the break. >> say what? >> i know. >> dry conditions. denver. but there are a number of including this. a winter storm watch that goes % wednesday. through early thursday. snow. especially down to the
11:35 am
so the s.a.t. or a.c.t.? the state is still debating which college placement exam
11:36 am
last week, the state department of education announced it would move from the a.c.t. to the s.a.t. of plans. colorado says juniors may sttll be required to take the a.c.t. this spring after all. and in an e-mail to the superintendents, the department says it is working with a couple of testing providers to keep the a.c.t. for just one more year, at this poiit, there is no time line on the final decision of course, we will keep you posted on what happens. students, your chemistryy `extbooks are officially out oo date. four new element, one 13, 15, one 17 and one 18, were added to the periodic tableeand the seventh rrw of thh periodic table is finally complete. been updated since 2011. one day you may be able to rolt your tv up like a newspaper and take it you with. this. take a look. it is just a concept design right now. as the companyylooks at the future of television. like automaker's concept cars, lg tv's are meant to show off
11:37 am
so it is not totally clear why you would want to roll up he tv or bend it like that. maybe take it to a diiferent room? %- >> still pretty cool. a tablet, a giant cell phone, no a friejts -- no a refrigerator. check it out. samsung, a family hub fridge, a two-foot touch screen and internet-connected cameras that let you view inside the doors, without having to open them up. and the fridge is still in the idea phase so it doesn't have aa price tag. `ut you could stream that video to your phone and go to the grocery store and do i need any milk? >> that's a good idea. >> a great idea. >> because i end up buying >> double. fridgg. >> me, too. >> and you got to stop buying chicken broth is what my husband says. >> that is one. >> and we will sit and talk about thingssin our fridge. >> people are so curious. >> you knoww i do miss, though, just the old handle on tte fridge. because sometimes it is more gadgets, there are more things
11:38 am
refrigerator and stare at it. a nice day in store. right now, temperatures are good five to 15 to 20 degrees, our producer wanted us to go further and said keep talking. so we did. and in denver, three degrees warmer than where we were three hours ago. grand junction, 10 degrees warmer. and a really nice start to our afternoon. today is the warmest day on our seven-day forecast, and get outside, enjoy it while you can. greeley and fort collins, in the 30s and we have sterling %- right now, at just below freezing at 28. -`and boulder, very mild 45 and 46 in the springs right now, and teens and a few 20s heading up, those on the slopes this afternoon, it is beautiful up there. and clear skies, right now. this is the shot from the top of our building, looking west and you can see some of the high clouds out there. otterwise, dry. and winds are calm. and could not ask for a nicer afternoon. and our temppratures are pretty close to normal. now, as you look out west, we are watching the storm that is right now hitting the west coast. and it is going o gradually start to move farther east over
11:39 am
and so we will see again, more clouds over the plains. especially tomorrow. and more snow in the mountains. `nd that starts later tonight, into early tomorrow morning. 8:00 this evening, light snow out west. we are expecting more alers to start popping unin the -- %- alerts to start popping up in the next 24 hours. tomorrow morning, we are headed to work with dry conditions here. -`but telluride and durango and grand junction, coulddbe picking um light snow at that point. and by tomorrow afternoon, it moves into the central mountains. so most of our ski resorts then picking up some snow starting wednesday night, nd we will see a few of these light snow showers start to move eest, and late wednesday, and early thursday, and we have got a numbbr of alerts that will again i'm sure pop up here pretty soon. and temperatures today, upper 40s. and weeare close to 50 in denver this afternoon. and sterling at 38. and pueblo, lamar, and the springs, closer to 50 today. and pretty close to freezing, in the mountains. so really close to normal. and this is double what we were seeing last week, when t comes to our highs.
11:40 am
mild, and low to mid-40s. our overnight lows have been `eally nice. for kids heading back to school this week, we have been in the 20s in the morning and that will change this weekend. so 30s thursday. light snow. it looks like we will see around 1-3 inches, this issnot going to be a big snow maker ffr us. but we will stay on toppof it and keep you up to date. -`and then come saturday and sunday, sunshine returns, and it stays cold. so very similar to what we were seeing last week and it looks nice and look out the winnow and step outside, and bam, it hits you. >> it sure doee. >> pretty chilly this weekendd >> and you can't breathe sometimes with your throat, when it is that cold. >> thanks. republican presidential candidate marco rubio today visits denver but not holding any rallies. this is a private fundraiser downnown. $2700. heckling a rite of passage pretty much for presidential candidates and for some it is practically an every day thing and which candidates can dish it back the best?
11:41 am
>> but who the heck can resist hecklers? >> see how a candidate deals with them. so this is news when hillary clinton first tried to ignore >> i am not going to take your question. >> or republicannstate representatives, insistent on bringing up sex issues with bill cliiton finally promptingg hillary clintoo to snap. you are very rude aad i won't call on you. 3 thank you. >> same weekend bernii sanders was confronted by a sign waving guy wearing a trump shirt. >> here is a trump supporter, is a trump supporter worried about mr. trump's money? >> canaledders supporter, retaliated -- sanders supporter, retaliated by giving salute. no one gets more practice with hecklers than donald trump himself. he is always saying hello. to a heccler, or waving goodbye. >> bye-bye. >> at one point, trump was accused of being too rough on a heckler who got trumped around.
11:42 am
would you please? >> another time trump softened the approach, you can get him out but don't hurt him. >> and handles them with smiles and head shakes and once got overweight. >> i mentioned food stamps and that guy who is overweight went crazy. >> you could get dr. jekyl or mr. hide. >> from jeb bush asking a heekker to speak up. >> excuse me? >> to chris christie saying sit down. >> sit downnand shut up. >> bernie sanders decided to matter protesters showed up at his podium. 3 refusing to shake sanders handle. the cand backed off as an organizer tried to eal. %- >> i promise you that is not going to happen with me. >> it is hard to out-heckle, the heckler in shiekh.
11:43 am
leaders better than the word stupid? >> jeany ohs new york. >> the campaign trail can be so glamorous at times. after the break, we will show you a teacher that can really bust a move. 3 changing student's lives one dance move at a time.
11:44 am
welcome back. in albuquerque a missing 3-year- old girl is bass home after thieves steal the car she was inside of. the terrifying moments leading up to the rescue caught on camera. robert richardson has the story. >> reporter: you can hear the relief in chris's voice as he came across the little girl around 1:00 a.m. >> hi, sweetheart. are you okay? come here. come here. >> police spent hours going street to street, checking parking lots, heading east on indian school, and the darkkess of closed businesses and just after crossing san mateo an unusual color pop up. >> a ball of purple in the middle of a parking lot and i thought that was weird and drove into the parking lot and immediately could tell it was a kiddo. >> cold, crying, confused. just what to do. >> i picked her up and put her
11:45 am
on and got her hoody on. >> some of the other searchers looked to see if there was anything else left behind. they found a small wooden cross 3 with a green ribbon and she personally delivered it to the hospital. >> mom had told me that the cross was actually given to carolyn that morning by her grandmotter. `> he says he broke down driving home, overwhelmed with a hard day's work. >> it is absolutely fantastic. it is the days that we live for. >> but very satisfied with a job well done. >> that sweet little girl. glad she is okay. >> authorities say she will be all right. police are still looking for the car thief. and kidnapper. we have an update on these adorable and rare triplets born in texas. little adison, kinsley, and savannah are finally home. the triplets have been in the hospital for over a month and the babies weighed just three pounds each when theyywere born december 1 and now weigh about five pounds. the next video will certainly make you smile. a principal is showing just because you have to be an
11:46 am
still have a good time. >> coolest principal ever. this educator, ron clark, dancing with some students there in the academy in atlanta. -`he posted the video earlier this week, and it already has more than 1.5 million views. ron clark's name may sound familiar. he has been featured by oprahh with his unique teaching method to help disadvantaged students and he is the best-selling author and a finalist for global teacher prize. very cool. so a little boy in california trying to solve a mystery, after finding a message in a bottlee so a five-year-old was walking along the beach with his mom and he found something he had never seen before. >> it is a bottle. >> i definitely thought of pirates and i thought maybe it was a treasure map. >> hi, my name is chris. i am 10 years old. and in the 5th grade. i living in sacramento. call me when you find this to let me know where it washed ashore.
11:47 am
and i gave the number a call. disconnected. >> a local news station was contacted for help and so far no luck at finding who sent the message in a bottle but rider hopes to meet chris some day and hopefully find him. and i wwnt to do that. ago. %
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