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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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she is charged with two counts of murder one. the prosecution was asking for a bond and did not that-- win that one. the judge gave than $1 million bond and the prosecution says she is extremely dangerous. they said even after she was arrested she told detectives that if she got out she would try to commit the murder again. reporting life, jennifer kovaleski. >> it has been a difficult journey for us. >> for the family of he murdered in aurora. demoiselle of the country who -`have been impacted by gun violence and mass shootings. the representative has been a leader in getting stronger background checks in colorado.
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and everything set forth the president. obama in his nationwide address became -- was very good news for the family. you may have mentioned, her son was killed 10 years ago after graduating colorado state. not everyone isshappy with the announcement today on gun restrictions. some areoi fight this one big time. >> anyone in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecutions. 's reporter: executive orders called for stronger background checks. they arr proposing more funding for mental health access, gun safety technology research for agents. we will hire more people to process applications and bring an outdated background check system into the 21st century. >> among coloradans attending
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we spokk to rhonda and her daughter who says the president's work is in line with their work in colorado following the death of her brother nearly 10 years ago.>> it's just making sure that people have a background check. whoever has a lethal weapon, that they are not on a watchlist because they are terrorists. they are not a convicted felon. >> there are a lot of people fighting these executive orders. the director of working on gun orrs orders are illegal. >> we believethat is not only illegal but unconstitutional. he is doing it running around congress to expand the registration system, ultimately because he wants to confiscate privately owned firearms in america. the lawsuit against govvrnor
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magazine been here in colorado earlier today, we will let you know if anything happens withh that appeal later on. the mother of one of the shooting victims was also at today's speech. the mother of jessica galloway says his leadership was moving. >> to see leadership actually cry, have room for victims and survivors and to share tears -`with us because we cry every >> we have responses from several representatives and to read those just had to our website. taking a look at the weather, another warm day but we know it is going to change sometime soon. >> a lot of folks are talking about snow that we are expecting.>> 10 days or so and
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a beautiiul day in denver as darkness settles in, 30s and 40s at lower elevations, 30s and 40s in the mountains. they continue on into hursday for the southwestern part of the state. there's not a lot going on, a hint of some flurries but most of the action is out to the west of us. a good system spreading heavy rain into california, pushing rain to las vegas and it is going to be moving our way. mild for one more day but then the snow in the way, full details and a 70 planner in a few minutes. a male nurse is accused of inappropriately touching for patients in three hospitals in colorado and now they want to figure out if he has molested others. thomas moore was arrested following a four-month long investigation. let's fernandez has more information. you found out he has workeddat nine hospitals since 2000 a?
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colorado including this one behind me. this is where one of those assaults occurred. the victim told police she had come to that hospital for treatment of her severe abdominal pain and that the nurse gave her morphine. she woke up and realized he was rubbing her chest area and kissing her. when she was discharged, he apparently asked her out and said i will find you sweetie. he later tried to friend her on facebook. they learneddthere were three ooher victims, two of them at the emergency center in greeley and one at regional must medical center. >> we want to ake sure that given his history, we want to make sure if there are any other victims that they come forward and speak with police. reporter: we went out-- protector his last known address and said he no longer lives there. he has been released on bond
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let's fernandez denver 7 this guy was caught saying she's o a doorbell camera before breaking into a woman's house. it happened in south jefferson county on saturday. he rang the doorbell then entered the home. upon seeing someone inside he turned around and ran away. if you have inforration call the sheriff office. this man is wanted for burglary. he force his way into an alpine lounge and took cash as well as beans-- alcohol. this happened near e. 60th st. and holly. the victim was approached by two women with a gun who demanded he give them his car. officers were able to find the car and the suspects collided with another vehicle. a standoff happened for an hour before both suspects exited the car and were taken into
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body was found in the rubble of a burned down clinic in arvada. it was destroyed in a fire on saturday. the office manager says he was a counnelor and was there when the fire happened. tte cause of the fire is still under investigation. some planes have-- had quite a fright, it slid off the runway two to ice. there was no significaat damage %- to the plane. we reached out to people on the plane and they `aid it was a little bumpy and most people had no clue what was going on. the airport was closed but now are back open. there are some big names are getting an update on the transformation which is a plan
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the airport. the train from union station to dia is scheduled to begin april 22. a scary incident, how to little boys were able to get their hands on a loaded gun causing it to go off. we are learning more details about the affluenza team and what happened to his mother in court today. does drilling for oil cause earthquakes? what he wants done about this issue. this storm system draws-- comes to a close along with
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new in's-- information on the affluenza team on the run with his mother in mexico. her mother-- the mother appeared in the courtroom and agreed to be extradited back to
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they fled to mexico while he was on probation for a drunk driving class-- crash. he spent his time in mexico partying at a strip club. the father of someone injured is not surprised. >> nothing will change until something gets his attention. >> his lawyers say his parents did not teach them right from wrong. they are f from mexico. the group of armed protesters occupying a wildlife refuge says they will leave when a plan is in place to turnover federal land to locals. ranchers, loggers, should have control of federal land. the protesters have been in control since saturday. protesting prison time given to fellow interest convicted of setting fires on public land. military command in
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service member was killed. the troops came under fire while assisting a mission with special operations forces. a helicopter was sent in to evacuate casualties. it came under fire as well. the san `re asking for help filling an 18 minute gap between the time the shooters went on a spree and died in a shootout. the fbi wants to know what those shooters were doing. they stopped anywhere or contacted anyone during that time. a nine-year-old trinidad boy remains in critical condition after he was accidentally shot in the head. he and his brother were in a car when they found a loaded gun . a man looking after the boys was pumping gas at the time of the incident.
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a west denver autobody shop has damage. `hey were able to put the fire out quickly but a firefighter receiv nor injuries, when he slipped on some oil. no word on what caused the fire. a colorado lawmaker wants to hold companies liable for earthquakes caused by drilling's. -- a drilling. you ask scientists, can this link be proven? reporter: the answer is sometimes yes. i'm life here where they are tracking earthquakes that happenover the globe. you are uued by tracking but more are linked to injection wells that are caused by drilling operations. >> tracking activities have been definitively linked to earthquakes. reporter: there is a controversial idea, make oil and gas pay any property value
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including-- drilling including earthquakes. >> are youudoing this just to send a message? >> i'm doing this because i want to see it pass the senate. reporter: he took a stand after people found out for a plan for ddilling operations in their neighborhood. >> placing a well in the middle of the neighborhood makes no sensee >> is not good for world colorado or colorado economy. >> it's another attend to run oil and gas out of colorado. as far as the earthquakes-- >> i don't think the science is definite. >> there have been numerous studies linking the injection of fluids with the creation of earthquakes. reporter: while earthquakes
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injection wells it would be more difficult to tie a specific earthquake to a specific well. the oil industry needs to be held accountable. >> do it safer. that's the bottom line. reporter: the usgs tracks all of these and you hear all these white circles, these are earthquakes and they have linked to those to the 3 wastewater injection sites. you see a couple of areasf here w w being udied but the real concern, most of themembeen minor. the real concern is that it could trigger a very large and dangerous quick-- earthquake. cu boulder has agreed to pay a philosophy professor $25,000 after he was temporarily banned about making a joke about suicide and murder. he was banned for two months after telling his department that he would not kill himself,
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unless they were truly evil or had the soul of hitler. a judge threw the case out and the two sides settled. spoiler alert if you watched making a murderer from netflix, a man from arvada has started a petition that has 260,000 signatures asking for the party of steven avery. the documentary says he was framed in the case becausus murder charge came a few years after he was released from prison for a wrongful conviction. the man who the petition posted on his website, sending the letter to the president and the governor of wiscononscott walker. >>visited rocky mountain national park because it was a record- breaking year. now officials are looking at how to manage these larger crowdd. for the first time, the park top 4 million visitors in november.
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si15 compapa 2014. the park is turning 100s o o visitor numbers are expected to grow higher. the park will get a little snow as we will in denveve most of the moisture is going to impact the southwestern part of the state and it should be another gooo soaking for california. they need all the moisture they can get and in denver our skies are mostly clear. 45 and that is the high for today as well, a lot of dia, west southwest winds at 45%, overnight tonight will be down about 21 by morning so a little bit above the normal and the clouds increase, still a pretty warm day 243 and gs start to change for us. no really cold air coast to coast but kind of chile in new
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minneapolis, the one spot is 70. this is going to come through the area over the next few days,,the main impact will be in mountains but we will get some measurable snow as the storm approaches. >> this is a bit overdone on the radar but tonight mainly clear skies with some decrease -- increasing clouds, not all that cold. single-digits and lower elevations, statewide great news for gunnison they say about zero. 5 will be the predicted low, 10 for craig and teens-20s expected out of the planes. the mountains. the gradual thickening of the clouds earlier, temperatures are up there and most locations -`will be cooler. 20s and 30s in the mountains. the main event comes through wednesday into thursday with about 1 foot of snow for mountains as the low-pressure system moves across the region and a cold front comes down
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of snow but colder is the main story with this system. not great air quality, not a lot of mixing to get the local pollutants. for tomorrow the high temperature is about 43 degrees. skies tomorrow will be partly cloudy looking at the extended forecast the system comes through thursday into friday, light snow developing, 1-3 inches thursday night or friday morning and check out weekend. ne in the 20s and some light snow, cold weather by monday morning starting out at zero with highs in the mid- 20s. i hope you savored some of the 40s because they are going away for a while. >> good for you. i'm going to take these off later.
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out of work the next time we get a big snow storm? these peopleeare not letting icy roads stop them from having a productive day. >> it is like gruber for your
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that it is cheaper and safer than the post office. >> there is theemost deterministic tracking of every shipping provider on the planet. you can watch your package go down the road to its final destination whether it is 5 miles away across town or five states away. >> it is about one-year-old and looking to expand here in denver. the powerball jackpot is continuing to climb, it is the fourth-largest powerball jackpot ever. it's an estimated $450 million. a surge of late ticket sales caused of that increase. you may be ableeto post more than 140 characters. the character limit could grow to 10,000. that's a little too much. the same limit on direct messages on twitter. they have been extending the
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have not officially confirmed that. the new limit could take place earlier this year. %- we got our first look at the design for the valentine card and cash. after world war ii people from all over the world have been sending valentines all the way to loveland to get a special stamp. the chamber announced the 2016 official valentine beer and there are even valentine coffees. if you want the stamp on your valentine cards all colorado mail must be received by february 10 to make sure they -`arrive on time. herr is one way to make the best of winter weather. people in the nntherlands don't mind a little ice. it looks nice and smooth. thht is how they get to work
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>> look at the posture. they look good. now you have to get a stick and a puck and make it a hockey game. >> getting the 600th goal. we have enough ice on the roads to do that, it will be in the 20s. i want to play a little hockey in the parking lot. that's a fun idea.
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