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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> "gma" is next, have a great day. it is 4:30. we begin with several breaking news stories. north korea says it's successfully detonateed a hydrogen bomb, after nearly countries reported feeling an earttquake. there was, 5.1 magnitude. the u.n. security council says an emergency meeting is set for later today. a suspected carjacker and two others are in custody after -`a chase in denver that happened overnight. the victim called police before 11:30.
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people in the car and found the gun inside as well. then about 7 miles away at -`72nd and sheridan, police were called out to investigate after a shooting at a mcdonald's restaurant. >> police say no one was hurt, but police did find a gun on the ground. no victims or suspects at this point. here in denver, car windows broken out. >> we found windows smashed near 10th and jewellian street. >> reporter: we're here at 9th and julian. earlier this morning some found their windows smashed out. there's about nine cars and the majority of those owners have no idea what they're about to wake up to. %- we're estimating a couple of thousand dollars worth of damage.
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want to wake up this morning. guys. >> thank you. right now el nio wreaking havoc on the west coast. california dealing with dangerous flooding and the threat of mudslides, heavy rain and that storm system is headed here to colorado. today we'll see temperatures in the 40s. but we have snow on the way. >> now as you can see really not much across the state. at this point in denver clear skies. but the mountains will pick up decent snow, smell to the southwest where we're expecting 24, 36 hours. in denver now a pretty mild start to the day. temperatures are a few degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. craig and steamboat nice start. foot collins 19, denver 24. cold to the northeast again. highs one more day in the 40s. then the cool down begins.
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see in town. >> already have a couple of problems this morning. southbound side of i-25, heavy stop and go traffic from 120th to 104th. stacking up at 120th. extra couple of minutes getting into downtown. this rollover crash at park avenue west and champa. youucan see a lot of damage to that jeep it looks like. very light traffic at this point downtown. won't be a huge traffic issue, but cleanup worked to. bond is set at a million dollars forrthe mountain vista high schooler accused of
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school with her friinds. sienna johnson will be tried as an adult. prosecutors say she had a planned map and a bb gun which they say she used to hurt pets and they say she said if she getssout of jail she'll try again. >> the things that were % released in open court, reference natural born killers after taken into custody. >> johnson will be back in court january 14th. the defense can ask the case still to be sent to juvenile court. supporters and critics are speakkng out about president obama's executive action on
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backkround checcs to all gun sales nationwide. 434. the action will have a minimal effect in colorado because we already have universal background checks in place. colorado's current gun control laws are more stringent with federal law. the two lawmakers recalled for % supporting the measure got invited to hear the president's announcement yesterday. >> president followed colorado's lead. took two and a half years to doo >> the action includes 200 more agents to enfooce gun laws, $500 million to expand access to mental health and new research on gun safety technology. larimer county sheriff
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to express his thoughts on this, saying the this is another step for the president to -- he called for people tt defend the bill of rights. % hours after the president announced the new gun control measures, two teenagers were shot nd killed in his hometown of chicago standing on aastreet corner. they were killed in the suburb of oak lawn when shots were fired from an suv. fbi is reaching out to find out what the san bernardino killers did between attacks. they want to know where they went, who they talkee to. a very sad story in trinidad. a 9-year-old boy is clinging to life at children's hospital
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shot him in the head. gun in a parked car while a family friend was taking care of them. news alert, du is warning students about a possible rapist near campus. the student claims she was drugged and raped off campus saturday. school not giving many details about the alleged assault, but want anyone who saw anything to give police a call. a man trusted to take care of meme is accused of assaulting them. former patients from greeley emergency center even a medical % cenner in nebraska have come forward saying thomas moore touched them inappropriately. moore is currently still with a nursing license. police have him in custody now and say they're looking for
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fbi and local authorities in oregon hoping to find a peaceful end to the standoff at a wildlife refuge. yesterday the ring leader hinted there may be an exit plan for the group but didn't give details. the protestors are angry about what they call a government war on ranchers. if you are into power ball and haven't picked up your tickets, now is the time. >> jackpot up to $450 million now. sally mamdooh is live at the 7-% eleven at 3rd and broadway. >> reporter: $450 million is the number someone could win and in the process forget about all those worries of life. now this power ball number is unique in its way because it exceeds the 6th largest power ball number in history. you have to wait until 6:00 in the morning, so you have to wait about two more hours to purchase the ticket.
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a 9:00 at night and the numbers and winners will be announced. guys, back to you. >> thank you, sally. the broncos' quarterback situation is not really a controversy, is it? >> i think we're making it a controversy probably. >> it's a deal. it continues to be the talk of the nfl. >> who will start? we have the latest on the conversation next. afternoon. greeley upper 30s. colder to the northeast. but this afternoon change on the way, especially for the mountains. we'll talk about it coming up. >> rolloverrcraah downtown at park avenue west and champa. not a hugely traveled section of roadway. a lot of cleanup and damage.
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welcome back. we're following breaking news of this crash, hit-and-run crash downtown denver at champa and park. we'll have more details coming up. it's 4:42. time for the latest on the quarterbackzation here in denver. >> situation. tomorrow we hope to learn more
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the playoffs. whoever, they could face the steelers chiefs or texans. you can watch the kansas and houston game here on denver 7, that's saturday, the wildcard %- game. after the game they're having a special denver 7 news with extended bronco coverage so look for that this week here on denver 7. >> who will it be? >> i think they should switch off every play. >> that would throw off of the offense. the defense. >> throw off the other team for sure. >> send in the third string and start yelling, omaha. >> we have a nice start to our day. change on the way. we'll get good snow, especially to the southwest. 24 now in denver. winds out of the southeast, 5, 15 miles per hour. dry commute today and tonight. no issues for today's drive. mountains will pick up snow. denver, 24.
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pretty close to where we started off yesterday. you'll find teens to low 20s in the mountains. highs this afternoon low to mid- 40s. fort collins, 42. boulder and longmont 34. castle rock 46. upper 20s to low 30s this afternoon in the mountains. boulder at 44 today. closer to 50 across parts of southeastern colorado. more low to mid-300 in the central mountains. storm finally making its move. it brought heavy rain to the west coast. we're seeing that push through the desert southwest and will 3 bring good snow in through the four corners. in denver and across the plains an increase in clouds today. our chance for snow doesn't start until later tonight and early tomorrow. you'll notice by about 8:00 tonight, we're under cloud cover and by early tomorrow might pick up a few flurries.
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less than an inch here in town thursday. potentially a little more east. we'll be looking at about a two- day event from thursday into friday. `riday another 1 to 3 inches. won't be heavy in town, but could make for an icy commute thursday into friday. most of our alerts will be to the southwest. winter storm warnings. light snow thursday. 1to 3 through early friday. temperatures closer to freezing by friday. the weekend skies will clear a bit. more cloud cover late sunday. might get a light snow shower into early monday. our temperatures in the upper 20s. cold weekend and there's the single digits lows again. >> oh, fun. we love the single digits lows. we love icy roads. >> we do. >> we do have that crash downtown at champa and park avenue west. the highways in okay shape. north side overnight
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traffic on the north side. around 120th. all the llnes opening now and traffic is moving along better on the north side. 15 minutes coming in from the north side. 225 to dia, e-4 70, c-470 checking clear. more details on that crash downtown coming up in just a -`minute. thank you. airfares are going up again, most planning to bump them up about $6. delta announced this hike monday. this is the first increase 3 since june. january is learn to ski and snowboard month. two best deals one day lessen with half off rental equipment for $79 at crested butte. if you want to take three lessons, copper mountain, $199.
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when you finish, you'll get a free season pass. details and more on our web site. if you're loooing for a job now, denver is apparently the place to be. denver ranked 12th best in the u.s. to find a job in 2016. the tech industry is expected to be particularly hot. 23% of tech companies plan on expanding their staff. the numbers don't surprise denver's chamber of commerce. >> we have an educated workforce and diverse economy. >> the report analyzed job opportunities, employment growth and monthly median salary, among other factors. aurora ranned 36th and colorado springs came in at number 48. we're hearing from schooo districts and parentt concerned about a plan that would require colorado high school juniors to take the s.a.t. rather than the act.
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months. this is still up in the air now. weeks ago the department of education said they would make the switch this spring, but this week they said they may keep the act one more career. cherry creek schools said it could disrupt students' ability to get into college. >> it's like trying to change the tire while the car is moving. and then subject them to a test that they've never seen that in fact none of our educators have yet seen because it's a new test. >> the department of eduuation now says it may transition from the act to the sat neck year and that would affect current sophomores. a new lawsuit claims a grocery store chain is cheating `ou. that tops our business headlines in america's money `eport. >> good morning. questions about trader joe's tuna. >> there's a class action
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cans don't have enough in them. trader joe's said they don't comment on pending lawsuit,. >> the first weddesday back at work after the new year is always the busiest day. >> the theory is after a few days, you get back on the job, a lot of people realize how miserable they are. >> if you want to get rich, apparently the key, read. warren buffet says 80% of his reading. >> the author of how rich `eople think, interviewed 1200 rich people over three decades and found nearly all of them read to educate themselves. >> does reading a teleprompter count? >> has to. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders says if %- elected one of the first things on his agenda is to break up the country's largest banks. he outlined his plan which
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here is a woman using a lighter to see the nozzle. this guy was reeling in a 20- pound plus salmon when a seal came up and took the easy meal from his line. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. how about doughnut. a does of these things that are covered in 24 karat gold. a restaurant in brooklyn, new york makes it with champagne frosting and coats it in 24 karat gold. each costs $100 each.
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into 2016 but youtube has been flooded withhthis latest trend, cd flicking. you place two cd's on the arms of your glasses. we're not sure where this trend originated from. but people have been uploading pictures of themselves doing this. this guy was talking on the phone with his brother when he got rear-ended by a driver behind him and this is how he reacted. >> jeepers creepers! >> that's right. he actually did say, jeepers creepers. listen again. >> jeepers creepers. >> luckily he had a dash cam to record the whole thing. >> we need to take a page out of that guy's book. being on tv we have to say things like that. >> jeepers creepers. i like cheese and sprinkles,
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we have temperatures today in the 40s, mild. increase in clouds this afternoon. overnight lows will drop. thursddy chance for light snow. looks like accumulation will be less than an inch thursday. tentially 1 to 3 by friday. temperatures closer to freezing to end the week. but cold. 20s saturday and sunday. >> we have a jeepers reepers accident downtown. it's a rollover crash. we have a lot of green, but unfortunately a crash downtown. details. >> reporter: we're here at park avenue and champ pa street. earlier police and fire were dispatched to this intersection for this hit-and-run. policc are looking for a white sedan. driver of this vehicle was transported to the hospital and
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open the next 10 to 15 minutes. it's closed now here at curtis and champa. thank you. jayson is still talking over there. we heard you. >> he said everything is ffne. earlier this week tiara lost her favorite stuffed monkey outside the peterson event center in pennsylvania. the family called the event he's called. people couldn't find him. a couple of brothers malcolm and james onfound it outside. >> we came home and took a pick of it and put it on facebook. we weren't expecting it to get shared as much as it was. >> i'd like to say thank you very much because now i feel
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>> so cute. monkey's picture was shared nearly 3,000 times n one day. now he's back home where he belongs. -`a friend of mine told me if there's a favorite stuffed animal, buy multiple in case. >> good idea. a half dozen cars have their windows smashed out. >> jackpot up to $450 million. we're live with a look ahead at who you might do with all that dough.
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