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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 6, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MST

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buckle up for one incredible ride, right off a cliff. now the driver who survived reveals the mistakes that almost made him a goner. >> i thought i was going to die, i'm not going to lie. a fisherman thinks he's reeling in the big one. >> he's pulling it in but somebody else thinks he's stealing lunch.
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of war. hey folks -- >> he helps folks fix stuff on the internet. this week -- >> he posted a very different type of video. >> my life means more than it has ever meant before. >> how jim clark is the driving force behind saving his sister's life. plus dudes try to put on makeup in a moving car. and winter sports in full swing. >> perfect time to go out and play in fresh powder. >> why you want to watch out for that tree. nailed it! >> do not turn away from your tv right now, because this video is -- incredible. >> james shaw is the driver in the car, he's got his car out on road is perfection. the driver is out there with a couple of his friends. and they're having a good time when they come across a few
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that boxster engine sounds so good. but he's gotten up to some pretty good speed. he pops out of the other side of the tunnel, there's some glare and a hard left-hander. >> oh no! >> oh, my goodness me. >> whoa whoa! >> did we just go to black? what happened? >> this incident happened last january. he recently posted this video to youtube to say -- i made a big mistake. here's some of the aftermath of this incident. this little rock wall drainage tunnel right there? >> stopped him. >> stopped him. feet either direction he would have continued to tumble down that cliffside. the driver was not injured. life. corner. he came out of the tunnel. you see there was a guy on the two other high-performance cars parked.
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him to slow down. >> scary, incredible. you got to give it to the guy for admitting his mistakes and posting it on line and saying here's my mea culpa. learn from what i did wrong and don't die. joining us "right this minute" is the driver of that car -- james, jimmy shaw junior. james, what the heck went wrong? >> that's a good question, man. everything went wrong. i was going far too fast. and i didn't know the road. there's a slight change in surface. that may have affected me a little bit. both of those factors got me sliding to the left and over the side of the mountain. >> watching the video again. seeing how it all went down, how have you changed? >> it's been a year, i've definitely learned from this experience. i knew i messed up. i take full responsibility. my driving style is different. >> why post the video now, a year late centre. >> i thought am i going to hold this video back forever? or can i post it as a learning
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you know, kind of a warning on what you should and shouldn't do on public roads, especially. >> so you got a new ride, is the new ride modified, too? >> it's got more modifications than the last one. >> you be careful this time, okay? >> i will for sure. i know the three of us at this table want to go fishing with thomas tran, because his adventures are becoming priceless, let's start back last year in the summer. he and his family are fishing and he's hooked a 20-pound chinook salmon on that fishing line. >> fresh sashimi. he thinks he's pulling it in, but somebody else thinks he's stealing his lunch. watch what happens -- >> whoa! >> oh! >> holy moly. what's that? was that a seal? >> actually nick, it is a sea lion. a very big one.
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>> like the bigfoot of fish. >> whoa, a seal! >> but you guys won't believe just the other day, here he is on a boat with his family again. check this out, there's an eagle flying by. this time, the eagle has no competition for the food. >> oh! did he get it? >> they're debating whether or not it got it. it got a nice piece of fish for dinner. this uncle sums it up for everybody. >> he got it, he got it. [ bleep ]. >> yeah he got it shot vertically, thomas. i don't know how many times this. this russian woman is at the gas station. she has the hose. insert it into her car. gas is flowing. she pulls out that lighter. >> whoa!
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>> you can't be this stupid. >> what is she trying to do? >> not sure if she's trying to defrost it or trying to read the fuel levels. >> internal come bust engine. >> why did she do that? that's getting worse. instead of helping, the car we're riding in is going to back up and be out. >> we talk about you know, survival of the fittest and everything, but come on! >> not too often you really get to see how shallow the gene pool can be. >> hold that thought. the gene pool is about to get more shallow. let's move on over to spain. see this man? he walks up to this homeless dude. and he takes out a light. the homeless man is on the left.
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his stuff there on the right. and it's completely engulfed in flames. the only thing that saved the situation was the person passing by. who snatches everything and throws it out into the street and just kicks at that time to extinguish the flames. >> he could have caught on fire. he was asleep. >> that's attempted murder. let's be honest. >> when he was arrested, you're right, he was charged with attempted murder and now he's in custody. we have a favorite redneck on the show. >> hey, folks. >> jim clark. posts different kinds of red-necking all kinds of things. >> do you realize it takes 1.6 gallons of water every time you flush a toilet in. >> the latest video he posted on how to make the most use of your water around your home. his hack involves using the water that was going to your toilet tank, bring it is through the top of the tank so you can use it in a bowl.
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it, brush your teeth in it whatever you want to do. >> it's clean water and it circulates back into the tank. so when you use it to flush other stuff you've used the water twice. i like that. >> just a short while after posting this video, he posted a very different type of video. >> hey, i matter more than i have ever mattered before. my life means more than i have ever meant before. >> he's sharing something very personal. >> i'm a bone marrow match. i'm a bone marrow donor for my sister. i'm a match. >> his sister has been battling leukemia. and she's had a really difficult time dealing with it he found out on this day that he's a bone marrow match for her. >> i'm getting ready for the transplant, the bone marrow transplant. >> he set up a gofundme page to help with the process. >> you want to matter, if you want to feel as good and as
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yourself on the bone marrow registry. >> he wants to register with the be >> you may get a call in the future that you're a match for someone, somewhere. you can save that person's life. >> if you want either of these two links, head over to, and click on tv show. >> make a difference, be a hero, do the right thing. feel good about yourself. a woman and a child leaving a restaurant notice that -- someone has dropped their cell phone. >> see why what happened next has the police taking a closer look. >> no! when wide-open spaces just aren't wide enough. >> oh! >> are you kidding me? bursting with indulgent flavors like chicken marsala ravioli, or smoked mozzarella manicotti. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. starting at $12.99. for a limited time.
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parenting is all about teachable moments, those moments you are presented with where you get to teach your kids about morality and how to behave in certain situations, and i bring this up because that's the one thing that's obviously missing for everybody in all of these videos. we start in new jersey, it's a short video and a lot of it is blurred to protect the identity of small children who are also in this shot. what i want to you do right at the beginning is look at young man in the yellow jacket, who is believed to be his mother in the blue jacket next to him as they're walking out of this restaurant. someone has dropped their cell phone while they were waiting for a table to become available. you see the boy turn around and mention it to the mum. and then the mum goes, yeah, get it. he runs over and picks up the $600 cell phone with a quick look over his left shoulder. runs out through the front door. >> disgusting. because you're teaching your child the behavior they're going
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of their lives. >> police and everybody are trying to identify these people that was the teachable moment. >> mom is going to remember that moment when she's bailing him out of jail in ten years. future. a bottle shot in australia on new year's eve. for some people clearly the party was only just getting started as they smash through the front door and smash into all of these refrigerators, as well as they just try to find as much booze as they can carry, so they can ring in the new year. >> i love people who are so identity. they cover their head, the side of their head but leave the face open. >> i think the police are agreeing with you, they have slow-motion video, in the hopes that anybody can identify one or all members of this trio of thieves. hopefully their new year's won't
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doggy versus bb 8. new year's day, perfect time go out and play in some fresh powder, right? >> well i don't know if this guy had a hangover, but what's about to happen is pretty bad. he takes his tr 500 out, this snow bike and well he's about to meet up with some folks on -- >> oh! are you kidding me? >> a road traffic accident in the middle of a mountain in the
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>> there's the new year's day headache i was talking about, right there. >> he was able to get the bike back down the hill but he's probably got a little front-end damage. >> him and the bike. how about a little toilet bowl cleaning? nailed it. >> he's like just don't hit the tree, it will be a ton of fun, just don't hit the tree. that's the first thing he does. >> see, that's the problem. all he's looking at is the tree. when you look at something, that's what you end up hitting. >> when faced with a special request, the dudes from dude perfect were only too happy to oblige. >> see a young man's wish come true, next "right this minute." still to come, a sky diver's jump sb to take an unexpected
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>> that's not good. untwist, untwist! >> see why quick thinking saves him from a tangled mess. plus she thinks he's going on a trip, but really he's got other travel plans. >> i'm so nervous. >> how he arrives to deliver a smooth surprise of a lifetime. >> oh, my gosh! >> he nailed it. tim thinks you need to be a mastermind to do your own taxes. so, we flew in a mastermind to help him. well, did you buy a home?
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this is from sky dive fan-o. they're sky diving along the coastline. but you guys this is "right this minute" and you know, something is bound to happen. >> uh-oh. >> you see this guy jumps out, he starts twisting around. that's not a good thing. watch what happens when he looks up. [ bleep ]. >> that's not good. untwist, untwist. >> he did all that he was trained to do to get untwisted. you can see him working his body around. >> kicking his legs, trying to get it right. [ bleep ]. >> the altitude, that's a huge factor in this. he has the time to spend trying to untangle this. >> plus, it was training. he knew what the issue was. >> i'm sure he was still quite scared. >> yeah. meanwhile in melbourne -- ten
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air balloon ride. but sadly, wind conditions change. >> would you get in a hot air balloon surrounded by power lines, traffic lines? >> no. >> and there were trees and buildings. >> i'm going to ride a hot air balloon in the flattest part of the world, not in the middle of a city. >> it seems like a poor decision. >> i want you to notice the ad on the side of the hot air balloon. the ad is for a pair of transport accident attorneys. >> oh, my gosh, no way! >> they had great insurance, though. let's go back to december 24th, 2015, christmas eve, a very special day for scott and carmen. >> because santa is coming. >> he's coming and he's bringing some bling. scott has told carmen that he's going off on a long trip overseas. >> i'm not going to korea.
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i'm going to ask her to marry me. >> instead of getting on a plane he gets back in another car and goes to where she is she is thinking she's filming a commercial. >> big sky helicopters, call today. >> she does that little promo and has to get in the helicopter and watch, he's going to be in that helicopter. covered by this tarp. >> i don't even know what to say, man. i'm so nervous. i don't even know, man, i'm tripping but i'm super excited. thoughtful. it turns out that 30 years ago, christmas eve. he wanted to make it super special. >> he's going to jump out? helicopter! >> no, he is going to wait until they land. his very first gift to her was a vinyl record player and asked her to be his girlfriend.
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"girlfriend" by n sync. now he's taking it a step further because now he's carrying a vinyl record of "let's get married" by jagged edge. >> that's my cut right there! >> you might want to do that one more time. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's a good sign. there's no way she expected to see him when she turned around. >> well planned, well played. >> he nailed it. >> it's incredibly thoughtful. she agreed to be his woman forever. >> and you get to have a nice helicopter ride back to town. >> congratulations, both of you. dudes try their hand at applying makeup. >> in the car. >> i'm glend blending, i'm blending.
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gnarly, like my hair goes like this. >> ahh! you fellows always gloat about how you just waltz into
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>> you're welcome. >> they do that all the time. while we're still in there with our hair and makeup. >> did took us longer, you wouldn't have time so like i say, you're welcome. >> the folks over at buzzfeed decided to give you fellows a taste of your own medicine. yes. dudes are putting on makeup in the car. so the first step, foundation. >> it's a little bit off. that isse powder will get you every time. >> you have some bags, do you have any concealer under there? >> yeah we have concealer. >> concealer, a girl's best friend. >> it's like the photo shop tool. >> first the blush and bronzer. >> you're definitely using the wrong brush for that. >> it actually was really well. >> he did really well. >> they are actually enjoying it. >> yeah. well -- it's about to get better or worse. >> as soon as he gets around the
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>> bingo,eye shadow, fellows. >> let me see. >> oh. >> is that too much? >> it's so scary. >> yeah, smooth road, but that driver. >> with every bump and move they understand the difficulty in putting on makeup. you got to put on the lipstick. >> do i use the pointy end or the flat end. >> i'm moving the car. >> what's happening? >> and well we'll just say, leave the makeup to the ladies. >> not true. i'd have to say like -- seven. very nice. very nice. >> looks like mug shots for the joker. >> this does. you like that? we got more on the next "right
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