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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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they found a man with a gunshot wound, dead inside of the apartment. and a female with a gunshot wound who is still alive, she was transported to a nearby hospital, where she later died. police aren't saying at this point who shot whom. again, littleton high school just a block from here, it did go on lockdown this afternoon. the couple does have two young sons, a 13-year-old and an 18-year-old, they are in police custody tonight. again, police investigating an littleton. we're live in llttleton, russell haythorn, denver7. and more breaking news, police in wheat ridge want people to avoid the area near 38th and pierce, they have officers out there now searching for a suspect who is believed to be holed up n a basement. they were searching for two suspects want on fell any warrant, one of them was already taken into custody. and just into our newsroom, the state nursing board, just suspended the license of this
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touching women while he was working n hospital emergency rooms, thomas moore is accused of touching the women after they were given pain medications, investigators say in two cases, women said moore ent them facebook friend requests after they left the hospital. moore worked at 7 area hospitals in 7 years. and we are continuing to learn new information about an alleged murder plot in douglas county, 16-year-old sienna johnson is being charged as an adult. prosecutors say johnson told the detective if she got out, she would try again. that's one of the disturbing new details revealed in court yesterday. denver7 jennifer kovaleski at the high school. >>reporter: ann, he says there appeared to be a lot of red flags in john sos son's caae, especially the fact that prosecutors say she harmed animals, he also says it's likely that johnson fant sides about committing the crime here at mountain vista high school
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it squares a lot of people. >>reporter: 16-year-old sienna johnson looks like any other teenager. >> we would like to think that a 16-year-old girl is not to that point where she has no remorse. >>reporter: the head of the criminology center. indicators of murder prone kids. >> it's psych cosemantic, it's bordering on that. >>reporter: prosecutors saiden jo son hurt animals in the -- said johnson hurt animals in the past. >> it's one more step between harming an animal, and harming a human. you know, there's a very gray line in between. >>reporter: prosecutors also say she had a detailed map for the day of the attack and bought a bb gun ffr target practice, she was close to committing the murder plot at her school. >> it sounds like she was at the
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it, she started acting on it, and then it was prevented. the next step would have been she would have done it. >>reporter: the prosecution also says that johnson showed no remorse. she's being held on a million dollar bond as for the other teen, she'll under go a mental health evaluation before any reporting live, jennifer kovaleski, denver7. thank you, jen. by the way, this case is different from any other in douglas county because of a new law, passed in 2012, her defense attorneys will try to get her case transferred back to juvenile court, at a hearing in march. prosecutors decided to charge johnson as an adult. this new law, allows juveniles to appeal to a judge before being tried as an adult. so there will now be a mini trial in march, where evidence will be present sgld and more developing news now, these people are in big trouble tonight, they are facing charges
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prostitution, and sexual assault, that's not all. denver7's jason gruenauer is tracking thhs story, and jason, they're all part of a crime ring. >>reporter: yeah, 6 arrests have been made, so far, including the so-called ring leader, he would force young girls to have sex for money at area hotels like the one behind me, in and around the denver area. according to this grand jury indictment, 29-year-old brock franklin, found at least three young girls on facebook and coerced them into a life of pros prostitution and drugs. he would force the girls and money. now, some of the charges, that ring now faces, includes human trafficking of minors, forced prostitution and pimping along with sexual assault. arapahoe county district attorney's office, one arrest is still pending, that would make 7 in all.
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has been bond out of jail, that ringleader, again, allegedly, who faces 39 felony counts, is being held in jail tonight, without bond. reporting live in denver, jason now, talk about lousy luck, a man cleaning his gun accidentally shot his neighbor, when he fired a bullet through the wall. a colorado springs man says the weapon misfired whill he was cleaning it. luckily, the injuries were nonlife-threatening, the gun owner was arrested for illegal discharge of a firearm. stabbed when he thought he was doing a good deed, the victim says he was trying to help someone who was broken down on a county road, when he was stabbed several times. well, the victim was able to run to the store and flag down another good samaritan for help. a short time later, the suspects drove up in the victim's car and chased the pair down, crashing into them. the suspects then took off. well, we now know 19-year-old
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the police are looking for 37-year-oll shawn overstreet, he's accused in the stabbing. the storm coming to colorado, creating quite a mess in southern california, el nino rains washed out neighborhood s, near san diego. muddy waters trapped commuters in their car, wreaked havoc on neighbors,,and urth ifer west, there was no short -- further work, there was no shortage of work, the storm brought fresh powder to local resorts..3 right now, a ton of moisture coming in off of thh west coast into california, some of that making it through the desert southwest, into colorado. and will continue to do so over the next couple of days. this is what it looks like right now west of the divide, the snow is falling lightly, they will increase in intensity, we do is have a winter storm watch in effect for the mountain area, winter storm warning in the four corners and this will spread about 4-8 inches of snow, locally up to 12 over the southern mountain area, we'll get some light snows here in the
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late this afternoon, the cloods increasing, in advance of thaa storm. we have cold and know in the forecast, all of -- snow in the forecast all of the details in a few minute sgls a lot of people live in rural douglas county. soon, the county will tell you what you can and can't ride. mark, there are people firmly issue. >>reporter: that's right, that's what douglas county is trying to remedy here, there are people that moved out to this area because it is very quiet, others, though, they like the land and they like to ecommend create on their own private before the two sides start climbing the fence at each other. now, there will be a public meeting again tomorrow, this issue. this is an updated draft of a resolution that will bb presented to the public. that would restrict a large
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can build on your prrvate property. people to ride around the open fields, like now, but prevent construction. 50 cubic feet of dirt is two semi loads, if you would like to weigh in on this, certainly, a lot of people around here have an opinion. you show up at the douglas county administration building tomorrow at 5:30, they'll present the updated draft and you can also voice your opinions, commissioners could vote on this as soon as february. we're live east of castle rock, mark boyle, denver7. there is a powerball frenzy, happening right now.% in just three hours, we'll find out if anyone won the 500 million dollar jackpot. colorado lottery was busier than ever today, earning as much in sales in one day as they typically do in a week. but it isn't just the jackpot winners who will win big, so will coloradoans, out of every dollar, 24 cents will go towards improving our outdoors; oh, my
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corners of the state, eefr town, municipality, see, everything from trail restoration, park, open space, wildlife conservation. >> yeah, so the more money spent on lottery tickets, the more goes towards our state. passengers on a bus bound for denver thought their driver was just making a quick stop until he diin't come back. why greyhound says he didn't graek any rules. -`-- break any rule sgls and the
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amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back. (sfx: clap, clap, ding) and we're back now with a developing story, colorado
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again, there is now a criminal investigation over a recent e. coli outbreak at restaurants in california, the company was served with a federal grand jury subpoena as part of a investigation tied to neuro virus outbreak in california. the fda is investigating. a lot of news happened while you were out sleeping, denver police tell us this crash is a result of a hit-and-run. it happened around 4:30 near champ and park avenue, a jeep was flipped on its side and the driver taking to the hospital. the police are looking for a white four door sedan, they have no description of the driver. and someone shot out the windshields and windows of cars. police say they think the vandals used a pb gun or a pellet gun and the crimes may be linked to a silver or gold chevy blazer. a bus full of passengers made an unp expected stop
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left the bus, and checked into a kansas hotel, so he could get some sleep. passengers said they thought the bus drivers was making a quick stop until they didn't come back. >> never seen the driver, you know, we sat here, i had to crank the bus up, with we have newborns and children, it's getting cold. >> greyhound says the driver finished the rest time and drove the bus on to the next stop in denver. they were not told about the federally regulated rest hours, the passengers had the option of keeping warm in a nnarby fast food restaurant while they continue. an historic land mark or a safety concern, who silos in fort clirns are at the sent -- fort collins are in a heated debate about whether to save them. couple of concrete tubes. >>reporter: two century-old silos, for now.
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left ii northern colorado of this age. >>reporter: bill is a local historic press ser vagsist. >> i think it's very unfortunate. i mean, i think woodward would build up an awful lot of communitt will by preserving them. >>reporter: this farm stead is a historic land mark. the silos are annimminent threat and danger of collapse. which would give them the legal right to demolish them. danger. >> not according to the chief bidding official. plan. meanwhile, itself possible they an involuntary local land mark to protect it, whether the company likes it or not and the city is considering new rules to streamline that process. >> critics are saying that they are made to get through this
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>> i understand what they're saying, when we mapped out the process, we learned that there are some steps that are in the process that might not be necessary. >>reporter: still hoping woodward will leave the silos, land mark from the past, surrounded by the future. >> it's like anything that's historical, once it's gone, you can't get it back. >>reporter: in fort collins, jaclyn allen, denver7, we talked to woodward today, they didn't t have anyone available for comment. colorado firefighters are making sure they can safe you if you ever get trapped on thin ice, several agencies, including rocky mountain sdpier lafayette were part of the drills at harper lal in louisville. an engineer at this morning's exercises says when dealing with ice, it is never predictable. >> during the cold snap, if you've got air yat tors or fountain in the lake, moving water, that can change the thickness of the ice, by looking
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thick or how safe it is. >> the firefighters also practice self-rescue techniques while wearing suits to protect them from the very cold water. mike is joining us now, mike, more snowy weather headed for the metro, right? >> i hope you've enjoyed this ten-daybreak from the snow and cold, because the cold is coming back as is accumulating snow, all because of that big storm out in california. spreading moisture our way, and a cold front coming down from the north at 1-2 combo. high today was 46 degrees, in the city, and our low was 19. the normals are 44 and 81, the records 66, back in 2006, minus 21, the record low in 1913. downtown. 30 out at the airport. 78% humidity, winds from the north-northeast at 8 and the pressure rising slightly at 29.73. there's a little snow in the foothills as we speak.
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the metro by early in the morning, up 70, down on 25 to snow for the morning drive. low also be in the teens to the west.% and generally low to mid 20s, denver and across the northeast plains. across the state tonight, the low temperatures dropping down alamosa, 14 at gunnison, that's been putting up with. tomorrow, the moisture continueses to come in from the southwest, the colder air drops in from the north and so the combinations we squeezeeout a fair amount of snowfalllfor the state. the highs are colder, low to mid 30s, northeest colorado. upper 30s to low 40s to the -`south and 20s and can 30s to the west. as far as snow, between now and let's say, 6:00 o'clock on friday, it's going to be about 6-12 inches across most of the mountains, 2-f 4 denver to the south, 1-2 on the northeast plains, zoom that down a little bit closer for you along the front range, ou see lighter snows to the northeast, but especially from denver, down to
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that's over 48 hours, ii's not exactly going to dump on it. it will be prolonged periods of light snow, 6-12, to freshen everything up just in time for ski weekend. tonight, increasing clouds, a little snow develops late and a low near 20, for tomorrow, the high temperature at 35 degrees. with periods of light snow. looking ahead in the extended forecast, got to grab a different one, ann i do this every once in a while. can you see the problem here? yeah. >> no. >> all right. >> i'll show you right now. >> what's that? >> i had my days all mixed up. >> you do? >> now, we're fixed. >> what day is it? >> yeah, today is wednesday. >> we'll start with that. >> thursday, 35, friday, by the time we're down, 2-4 inches of snow and 27, 20s through the weekend with another chance of flurnsst flurries on sunday. -- flurries on sunday. got to hold the bright spot until next wednesday when it get s back to 40. >> it is getting chilly. >> hopefully -- [ inaudible ].
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>> right it. coming up, broncos, they're off today, one of the players got good news fl the nfl, we'll have details. plus, mat duchene got the call
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it's the tv you love whenever and wherever you want it. prism tv from centurylink. see what everyone's talking about at welcome to 7 sports extra, broncos, final day off toddy. before getting back to the practice tomorrow. not knowing who they're going to play in the first playoff game, gary kubiak says they'll just work on themselves. >> we obviously are familiar wiih some of the couple of the teams that will be going into all of them, have not crossed pathds with a couple of them, we'll have more work to do
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about us, you know, that's the thing i want our players to stay focused on us. >> broncos running back ronnie hillman, the afc offensive player of the week, that running game came alive against the chargers, peyton manning making excellent hand off, hillman ran for 117 yards and the game winning touchdown. the afc wildcard game, the cheefs beat the texans in the first game of the srngs chaefs went on to lose the next five in a row and won the next ten in a row. the texans looking for revenge and denver7 has that came game here on saturday. kickoff at 2:35. also after the game, a special denver7 news with extended broncos coverage on 7 sports extra, jahmai webster live in houston. `nd brandon stokely, live in the studio. matt duchene, yeah, you, selected to the all-star game, nashville, he had a december to remember. leading the avalanche with 18
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`reat, he told us today, getting the avs is number one. >> i'm focuusing on, you know, put that on the back burner and obviously enjoyed it when i found out, but you know, put it on the back burner until it comes around. >> hockey to play here. >> highlights tonight. >> it will be nice. >> thanks, before we go, weather. >> your 7-day, let's make sure it's the right days. pick one. >> thursday, tomorrow, colder,
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it is time to come home. the list starts now. we got restaurant servers to fess up little lies they're telling you to keep your happy. and do this one thing and you'll
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plus, a hot new app that's become the uber of dog walking. hi, everyone, welcome to the show. i'm theresa strasser. >> let's start with the top of the list. >> of course we all love our coffee but it seems according to this video that might be an acquired taste. that's at number three. >> breakfast, i make a lot of coffee, a lot. >> millions grown-ups love their morning cup and their afternoon cup too for that matter. but kids -- >> oh, no. >> in this new must see video that has about 400,000 youtube videos, they try it for the first time and it turns out most of them were not big fans of the smell. >> disgusting. >> it smells like brock ry coli. >> or the taste.
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ahead of me at starbucks.


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