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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it is 6:00 a.m. we start with several breaking news. including no winner in the jackpot. plus a winter weather advisory issued for mote re. you can see the snow falling in the country. this time tomorrow it could be a messy commute. if you went to bed suuer bummed out you didn't get the $524 million jackpot, no worries, no one got all the numbers. and you have another chance now. it could climb to 675 million by the next drawing saturday making it the largest in u.s. history.
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tickets to see if you won a lower prize. the numbers are on the screen. won $2 million. just this morning the national weather service issues a winter weather advisory for our area. this is i-70 there. lisa how much are we talking about? >> we are going to find we have a better ideas of totals now. most of the snow ii going to be up and in he mountains, into trinidad and mexico, you can see the light bouncing off the clouds, we do have quite a bit more cloud cover and there's a chance we could pick up a
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-- flurry or two this morning. it goes through early afternoon on friday. some of the heavier snow down along the palmer divide and in- through our southwesternn foothills. today more clouds, look at our temperatures from 20s this morning to mid 30 this is afternoon. there is a chance we're going to pick up some light snow today. i think totals today would be pretty light, like lick half and in--- likely a half an inch to an inch. south of trinidad where you have some nasty driving conditions right now and hain laws are going to be confined to the high country, near vail u can see the heaay traffic on the southbound of i-25 near thornton parkway. take a look at the overall map. you are still seeing a lot of green. the map is not snowing -- at least it's delayed a little bit
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coming in from the north side. the drive gettinggout the dia looks okay right now. >> breaking news out of up state nnw york. rescuers are using a crane to reach some miners, there are % about -- they are about eight or 900 feet down in lancing, new york. the elevator they were going down in got stuck. so far 12 have been rescued. they are working to get the rest of the miners up. they can only take out two or three out at a time. . a man was shot dead in paris on the north side of the city. this man they said was trying to attack the police station. the man was yelling allah akbar. he was wearing a fake explosive vest and armed with a knife and tried to get into the police
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police are invvstigating this as a potential terror attack. this is comes on the year of the charlie hebdo attacks. darryl orr is at a scene right now. >> reporter: right now, kelley, we're out here at 14,607 avenue. at the red sky condominiums. upon arrival police discovered there was a person stabbed. police are on scene have just left and we are unaware of the conditions of the victim at this time. hopefully they'll figure out what went on here and be able to resolve it. all right.
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story. adams county investigators are trying to figure out who shot a man multiple times. this happened just southeast of thornton. >> reporter: this crime sceee will probably be here for a while. clearly sunlight and investigator's friend. this is a look at the scene off of eight eighth and washington. this is what we know so far the air taped off a man -- area taped off. this could be a home invasion, but police are not releasing any information on the man who was shot. we are expecting to get more information from police later this morning and we will relay that to you. stand by. 6:05 a.m. wheat ridge police put and end to an eight hour stand off. this shortly began around 4:00
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police went to the home at 38th and pearce looking for two men on warrants. officers eventually nabbed a man that was hiding in the basement. a search carried out for a man. longmont olice told us they still haven't found thomas fechtler or the girl he allegedly exually assaulted and kidnapped. police think he may be on the four. it would have missouri plates, rear end damage, but no evidence to confirm he's left the state so keep an eye out. the victim is only described as
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officers found a man dead inside and another woman with a gunshot wound that died at the hospital. vandals who smashed into cars in southwest denver did lot more damage than originally thought. police think the vandals may have used a bb gun. officials say they are looking for a silver or gold 90s self cheverolet. starting today denver police will start wearing the body cameras. >> reporter: the move comes after several discussions by state lawmakers over race, policing and justice that several law enforcement members attended. now because of the discussions, now 800 denver pollce officers will be wearing those body cameras today.
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our gopro perspective on what these cameras will look leak -- like, if they have any interaction with people out on a call, the cameras will report the interaction. there are still a lot of written how these officers can use them. they will work toward protecting the officers and the public's interests. also reviewing the footage of the body cameras will require a lot of time and man pooer. later this year, state lawmakers will meet again for discussion across the board on how they wwll work in every department. live from the headquarter at the denver police. the cameras are intended to protect the police absolutely the public.
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successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in response south korea now sending oot propaganda. bomb. the news from north korea and the concerns about china's economy cricketed to a rough day on wall street. yesterday the dow dropped 252 points. nasdaq was flat. here are the futures this morning. s and p is down 42 points. the nasdaq down 22. dow down 357. for a bit ttday it was around 411. so it hasn't retreated from -`that so far today. early this morning a couple of hours ago we had winter weather alerts issued in denver.
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entire metro area is a winter weather advisory that goes intoo effect by 5:00 tonight. winter storm warnings into the south and new mexico, and southwestern colorado ooking over a foot of snow. >> reporter: those are the worst driving conditions to the south absolutely southwest of -- south and southwest of the state.
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welcomeeback, it's 6:13 a.m. now. one of ft. collins largest employers wood ward is about to build its headquarters on the land where there are two silos. it is already designated as a state landmark. but they are indicating they
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they would use them to build a seating area on the land if they got rid of them. woodward is appealing. in the middle of chicago claiming a man built it. he calls the structure artwork. it tack him about 15 hours to build that igloo. that's some dirty snow. >> it is kind of dirtt. we're going to get some fresh snow. it's going to be pretty and white tomorrow morning. that means the drive is going to be real nice. >> so you didn't win power ball and you're in for a bad commute. >> in parts of south eastern colorado, this is a look at kim
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can see some of the snow falling there. you are going to five south on i-25. you can see some of the snow. on radar things are pretty quiet in denver right now. you might see a flurry or two. our mountains staating to pick up some decent snow mainly west to have divide seeing the snow right now. 3 you will notice on futurecast between now and about 9:00 the few snow showers as you get closer to castle rock down along i-25, totals today most likely half an inch to an inch. more tonight about seven or 7:30 p.m. you are going to find more here in denver and west on i-70 by genesee, you will start to see
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tomorrow morning things fill in a bit more. we are expecting more accumulating snow tomorrow. friday morning commute could be a little tricky, by friday night here is what we are expecting, so again, from today through tomorrow, we do have denver about two to 6 inches. there are going to be some pockets mainly on the west, you can see where some of the darker blue is. palmer divide, closer to three to 7 inches. one to three spots like fort foothills. mountains five the 0 inches close tore a foot there -- closer tooa foot there. temperatures right now in the low 30s. we are only going to see about a five to 7-degree warmup. mid to upper 20s in the mountains this afternoon. so it's a chilly day today colder from here. tomorrow we drop into the upper 20s. we are going to see light to
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overnight lows in the single digits. we stay cood through the weekend. things get mild, by next wednesday there's the bright sppt all the way down at the end. >> hi, wednesday. we're always looking forward to sunday when the broncos play for the first playyff game. >> reporter: you can see just between -- wrapping up and just now we had a semipulled over over vail pass and we do have some snowy conditions, but it's really nasty the southwest part of the state or south side of trinidad down to ratone. over- all, a very quiet and easy drive for the most part right now. right now. a big-story out of libya.
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have been killed after a truck bomb explodes in libya. nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. we do know isis has been focused on the area. other breaking news, irrn embassy in emen. theee appears to be no visible damage caused by the airstrike. over the weekend. the six people you see on the screen right now are all charged with running a child sex trafficking ring in colorado. they say this man was the ring leader.
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we are talking to the psychologist of a girl that was au accused of -- accused of plotting a shooting. >> prosecutors say she drew maps and even bought a bb gun. >> it sounds like she was at the second stage. it was prevented. the next step would have been she would have done it. >> the 16-year-old is being held on a million dollar bond. mental health evaluation before any other check marks are filed. -- charges are filed. the man at the center of the netflix document series t.v. if you are watching the series.
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life sentence for a murder he says he did not commit. his girlfriend sandy greenman agrees. conviction. the best in the country. and that's why i've been trying to get her for four years, just under four. in fact i've stalked her. >> they want to retest some of the blood evidence in all in hopes to get a new trial. ed to the team gets back to practice.
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an update on that breaking news out of up state new york where the miners are trapped. 15 of the 17 miners have be rescued. the elevator that goes down into the salt mine in lancing, new york broke. they have been able to ggt some
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only two people remain trapped -`right now and the crew is working to get them out.. today the -- livestock will invade downtown denver. >> i love the stock show. i've got my stock show mug over there. >> reporter: 17th street will be closed down because of it starting about 11:00 or 11:30. by noon that's where the parade route will go over the broadway. it will affect the light rail. they should be done and out of there by 2:00. but that's what you wwll see. the long horns are heading down there. >> tea?
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>> curiouser and curiouser. >> reporter: you are going to find a few flurries around. just in time for the evening commute we will start to see some light to moderate snow into tomorrow. still putting denver two to 6 inches but on the southwestern edge of the area more likk three to seven. a lot can still change in if next 12 hours. 35 today. you guys we know it's going to get cold. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. ed to the broncos get ack to work after three days off and it's all about the post season now. >> the questton remains who's going to be the starting quarterback? >> coach kubiak says it's going to be who the broncos will face. they will face either the
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>> you can watch saturdaa right here pregame starts at noon, kickoff at 2:35 p.m. for the wild-card game. nobody hit the huge jackpot. >> if you are kicking yourself
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it's 6:30 a.m. and we have no winner for the jackpots. break news out of adams -`county. a man shot multiple times. we're gathering the latest details. and a winter weather advisory issued for our air. you can see the snow already coming down in vail.
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tracking this for a good five or seven days now. at this point we're not seeing any snow in the area, but the radar is picking it up. you might slow a flurry or two this morning. -- you might see a flurry or two this morning. a dense fog advisory is in affect there. the winter weather advisory goes into effect 5:00 tonight. we are talking potentially a good couple of inches of snow here in denver and hhavier on the southern and western edge. i'm going to divv into the totals comingp up in a few minutes. -`snow, is going to be light. about a half inch to an inch. it gets heevier tonight. >> reporter: we have some stop and go traffic in the usual spots of town. up to the north side the
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from the north side. switches from downtown denver t heaviest section is 120th down to -- you can see the yelllw turning to red on the southbound side, 20 inutes downtown. take a look at dry creek, this poor guy is changing a tire on the northbound side of i-25. not the way to start off a thursday morning. >> janes, thank you. >> everyone is talking about power ball this morning and you won't believe what mitch's mom texted me. >> my mom says when i win the power ball, i will not tell my children. that's what my mom sent me this morning. >> what's up with that? >> i'm not telling you what i sent back. no, don't. there was at least one person who did win $2 million
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someone in colorado got about 50,000 bucks. the power ball estimates that the jackpot will reach sick hundred $75 million by the next drawing which is coming up in the next couple oo days. it will be sat. it will probably go even hire than that thanks to all the demand. >> so where does your powerball money really go? most of it goes toward the jackpot itself, almost a quarter goes to great outdoors colorado for state parks, trails and open spaces and the trust fund for local parks aprecreations and colorado parks and wildlife. >> next time you're in a skatepark, a dog paak or a dog trail, thank a lottery player.. >> yesterday alone stores sold almost $2 million worth of tickets. 6:32 a.m. now. this is in adams county sheriff's departments block off a neighborhood along east ate
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a man is shot multiple times. eric, what have you found out? >> reporter: details are really hard to come by at this point, we're not getting much information from police right now. i can tell you this area has been blocked off about six hours no. you can see the crime scene unit parked out in front of the home. we also have video earlier wherr an investigator was snapping photos outside of the home and had a flashlight poiined inside a truck parked out front here. just south of thornton. this would be a home invasion. a man was shot multiple time. no word on suspect or suspects. no word on the victim. but we're about more than six hours into this investigation. creew are going to be here for self hours. looks like they are waiting for
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even more details. all right. thank you. it 6:33 a.m. and a nurse loses his lines after denver seven find out he's accused of assaulting several patienns. police accuse thomas moore of assaulting and touching female patients in colorado and nebraska. take a look at this guy, a violent felon wanted for escaping work release. he was previously convicted of felony assault and recently busted in an online child section sexting. a judge sentenced weber to work release in december just one week later he left for an appointment and never came back. >> to get work release, they know he'ssviolent, they know he's got a history, obviously he's going to have failure to
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why giie somebody work release whose going to put their feet on the pavement and leave instead of taking responsibility for his actions? >> a spokesman said they sent a fugitive team looking for webber, he is listed on both national and state law enforcement right now. prefers will start recording their interactions with you. they are outfitting them with body cams. we have the specifics this morning. %- >> reporter: this move comes after self discussions by state lawmakers over policing, race and justice, and here is a quick look at how this all works. now, typically the officer will be wearing this body camera and once there's an interaction outside with the public, or they're on a call it will start recording these interactions. there's a lot that goes into this. this is not just something and officer will turn on.
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this, wiih policing and policy, as far as these body cameras go. they're going to have to draft the right policies that protect the public as well as the officers and the investigation. also when these cameras capture something out on the road theyyll have to review the footage from the camera. this will take a lot of man pour and a lot of time will go into this -- manpower. that will start seeing on officers today. guys, back to you. 6:36 a.m.. york. all 17 miners trapped and rescued. they were down about eight or 900 feet-this was a salt mine. there was no collapse of any kind rather and elevator gave way or stopped working so again all the miners are all safe an out this morning.
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land onnsomeone or something. a plane loses a part in midair. we'll tell you how this ended.
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here is a predicament. these people had to be lifted by a harness. and dangled on a rope high on the grown and air lifted nice and safe to the grown. imagine seeing this rushing down from the sky. national guard transsortation plane that crashed into a woman's yard in mississippi. >> i heard this loud boom, i didn't know what it was.
6:34 am
behind me like something fell an i looked and the nose had hit the highway. it was gone t that point then it landed in the yard. the military says the plane landed safely. investigators are now looking into what went wrong. >> that might get your heartbeating a little bit. >> reporter: we have dense fog along i-70. this is a look from the camera in lamar. some fog to the east. it's going to be a cool start for the kids at the bus stop this morning. by this afternoon we are looking at highs in the mid 30s. there's a chance we could see heavier tomorrow with around two the to 66inches in denver. >> reporter: we do have some heavy stop and go traffic on the north side of town in place
6:35 am
i think it closer to 25 minutes on the southbound side getting into downtown denver. a drive on c-470. this is where that guy is changing his tire on the north side of i-25. telling students to leave hoverboards at home. universities all over the country have made similar moves. dia is also asking people to stay off of hoverboard just because of safety. you can't even put them in bags. andy choi has more from this year's consumer electronics show going on right now in vegas. >> reporter: i know what this is. talk about a product for the millennial mom.
6:36 am
test. it is connected to the blue tooth device, it provides you content while you wait, that stressful 3-minute period. it one to have most stressful time peeiods of a woman's life. >> reporter: when mom and dad find out they're pregnant they're going to the internet afterwards any way, right? >> yes. this collects any information that any woman would want to know. >> reporter: there a demand for this or is this kind of we can do it so let do it? >> no, there's a big demand for it. >> reporter: just capable of making high-tech life long solutions. i'm andy choi. the device costs apparently betteen 15 and 20 bucks. i thought they would ask more than that.
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expensive any way. potential parents will not see a plus or minus on that. >> ready for another my neighbor says we can get gig internet speed from centurylink.
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about the time it takes me to eat a cookie. oh, that's really fast. centurylink is rolling out 1 gig internet service near you. call to check for availability. let's download the sequel.
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welcome back, to denver seven. sharon osborne kicked an intruder off the stage during the people's choice awards. she was on the stage with a host from the talk. he shouted a reference to kanye west. the man was handccffed briefly and eventually released. >> well, he looks like any other little toddler headed out of the school. but this is prince eorge. the best part is none of his friends have any idea he's in line for the thrown. this next-story may get
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six-year-old lyle drummond. they have had a date night every week. now it seems he's picking up the tab. dad jumps in the background here. check out his moves. he is pretty good. the girls eventually catch dad dancing and then freak out as teenagers would. say cheese. this guy wasn't horsing around as we zoom out see the horse? epic photo bomb with his little girl. she'll remember this photograph forever won't she? >> it like he knows exactly what he's doing. >> e i can't. >> -- exactly. >> reporter: so far it's dry in downtown denver.
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trinidad that's where the snow is as you get west to have divide. we have some cloud cover and dense fog. here is live look in pueblo, not seeing any live snow on this come camera. as you get closer to limon and kansas, fort collins 28, greeley 19. it's actually pretty mild when you look at our temperatures due to some of the cloud cover. you are going to find highs today in the mid 30s. climbing only about five to 7- degrees this afternoon. castle rock 34. you have mainly upper 20s to low 30 in the mountains and then some low 40s down south near trinidad. a lot of alerts to get thhough. winter storm warning to the south.
6:42 am
front range toward colorado sppings up into the phils that's a went werth advisory that goes into -- a winter weather advisory. we have some breaking news you guys. >> yeah, we have a live look from new york. we talked about the trapped miners in the salt mine. there you can see them a couple of them coming up out of the crane. they're about eight or 900 feet down when the elevator there used up and down to get out of that minn it broke in lancing. >> abc news has been tweeting out that all 17 are safe this morning and what an intense searcc. because it is so hard to get to these guys, and so never racking. >> every one of them 17 trapped down there. they were aale to get a communicaaion like down to them. -- line down to them.
6:43 am
basket on it. there you see the last of them free now. stuck in the mine for several hours about eight or 900 feet down. again this is in lancing, new york, upstateenew york. and this is a salt mine. no injuries. that's incredible when you have a mine mishap like this. >> siice this is out, let's send it over to jace. >> to jason. >> reporter: i've been watching this guy for about a half hour. this is courtesy of a tow truck driver that is helping him out. we show you on the map that we do have no slowing because of it on the northbound side. 225 heavy stop and go from parker road about 10 minutes there. looking at more traffic on i- 70, 270. no other significant problems for us yet as folks are making
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just about 10 minutes before 7:00. this live picture from upstate new york. some great news 17 miners trapped below in a salt mine there. all of them free. you see the crane up in the right hand corner. they used that to get them. it took aawhile since they were so far down there in the salt
6:45 am
right now. this is in upstate new york. they were using that crane to lower a basket down into a salt mine. the elevator shaft that miners use to get to and fro. it's broke, trapping up 17 -`all have been rescued and this is the scene in new york. we continue to foolow the breaking news of no one winning the pourer ball jackpots. this will come saturday. right now powerball estimates the big prize could reach $675 million by then, could go even hire. you still could have won a lesser prize. we know someone in colorado matched a number to win $50,000. i was going to pick those, i swear.
6:46 am
colorado. i-70 in vail. snow is already coming down. here. lisa is joining us. >> reporter: okay, we've got right now some light snow falling down to the south as you get closer to trinidad mainly west of the divide, but by about nine or 10:00, couldd see a little snow along the palmer divide. we are expecting accumulating snow tomorrow about 7700, light to half an inch. our morning commutes tomorrow mooning a ittle tricky. three to seven iiches. 27 tomorrow, jason, it stays cold through weekends. >> reporter: a typical drive for us.
6:47 am
getting down through 84th avenue. very typical stuff for us on i- 70 to downtown. 225, that incident marker indicates somebody was changing their tire. castle rock, looking nice. we still have this stock show to worry about. that will close down at noon. so far no major delays or cancellations as a result of the storm rolling into town. this is dia equipment from a previous storm. 3 inches of snow today. snow removal crews are already out there getting ready. you're plane may stay on the tarmac a little longer. >> reporter: a breaking news update. near 88th and washington a man
6:48 am
investigators are still here. we're getting closer to sunrise now. that will help as investiggtors gather information outside the home.. they're alss inside the home gathering details as well. again, the man was shot multiple times. no word on the man's condition, no details on the suspect or suspects. we'll stay out here through the morning to keep you up to date. denver seven. also breaking overnight. wheat ridge police end and 8- hour stand off. police tracked down men wanted on several warrants. this is a home off of thirty- eighth and pearce. police arrested the other suspect. a search for a kidnapping suspect police put out an alert
6:49 am
he is likely driving a green rav four. they have gotten possible citings the victim is white, blond hair, 5'3", 120 pounds. 800 denver police officers will be wearing body cameras denver. and here is a quick look on how this all works. typicallyythe officer will wear body cameras. and it will catch any
6:50 am
for now live in denver seven. 6:56 a.m. 110th livestock cake-off. it's back to work for the broncos as they -- kickoff. >> it's back to work for the broncos. head coach kubiak says he won't wait to make a decision until he learns who the broncos aaee going to play. >> this weekend we will find out who the broncos will play first. it's the chief's versus the texans with kickoff at two thirty-five p.m. we'll have game analysis and look ahead to the broncos matchup. >> you have playoffs, stock alert. %- pretty quite.
6:51 am
snow possible. you will note not to the north of forth fort collins and greeley. so noon for the parade today downtown we will be all right.? >> yeah, a chance for a few light flurries. >> it's january for crying out loud. thank for joining us. 11:00 a.m.
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