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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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tt4wat^(@%d " denver 7 starts now. we are tracking when and snow downtown. this is the start of the storm that is sure to mess up the morning drive.wabc diet is we have about 6 to 1 yqs worth of light to moderatew * snow coming up. roads are slick in the downtown area right now. the main low has moved off. we have good combination to get a good burst of snow. increasing from court -- fort collins. winter weather advisory's in effect through tomorrow. down to the south, a winter storm warning.
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toward the mexico bord.iethan@bra9wmy all of them are looking at 3 to `my des of snow ouhlfrom thist is betrwt is bet storm. so far, not nearly that much but it is still coming down. and corey is out in the snow right now. heavy snow right now in eemyanch. wewer` up an inch and etrsr 30 minutes. we do have somemeis bettey snowfall out here and it is collecting on the streets. even the main roads like 56 and chambers work we do expect dr ththat everyone -- ` *this to %t is out a %@vga litt b boursqhlwthciet the night. we do expect to see some snow on the ground when you wake up tomorrow morning. don't use this as a judge of 9hlwwhat it will chlwlook oursr about a half-inch per hour right now. if it snows like this ou*the denver memeqhlwuntil@bmy dr than yr@brawabc you will have 3 inches of snow
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weo ga*it hlwmybe a slow and snowy commute for you tomorrow morning. in green valley ranch, denver 7 . at this time around,rs9hl wmy d-- drivers will put on standby. siga die^ *` the storm is packing a foot of snow, you will probably not see that snow plows in your neighborhood. better join first alert weather and traffic here on denver 7 starting at orrdeck 30 tomorrow morning. were up to the minute updates -- for up-to-the-minute updates. no el nino is already causing country. >> brace yourselves for what is to come. mark stewart is live. meteorologist have predicted this months ago. >> reporter: predicted and now we are experiencing it. downtown denver is getting light snow. el nino is a cycleethat happens about every five years or so.
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as a nanny, she is alwa the move. walking a baby and man's best friend. she cannot avoid the colorado cold. including our denver snow. >> i feel like it has been a lot more snowfall than i was expecting for this early your i don't know if that is el nino. >> el nino is when warm weather in the pacific mixes with atmosphere creating strong storms like the ones in california. eventually, heading east dumping snow in colorado. >> the storms we're seeing here, re they the result of el nino?>>is b indeed. we expect to abc%some sn r @b *_ the mountains and a little bit of snow down here. >> el nino has alreadd peaked but its influence should last through the spring. probably some big snow and as it weakens, we will still have a pretty active spring in terms of whether an mysevere
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>> a aabc%as ammyter she is keeping an eye on the trail. that may be wishful thinking. we have seen some heavy snows. especially in march. we have had some strong march storms during those el nino years of the past. in the next few weeks, history will repeat itself. live in denver tonight, denver 7 _abcmost all denver police officers will be wearing one of these. a body camara. a new program rolling out tonight. when it is done, 800 more cameras on the streets. we're breaking down the cost and whether it will impact our privacy. >> reporter: it starts tonight in district 6. these officers are some of the first to where the cameras but all of that video they are going to record has to go somewhere and storing it can get pretty expensive.>>
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to do their jobs. officers began wearing body cameras. tonight, and you council member supports. >> you see so much in the national news how they have cameras and how effective it has been. % -`>> the cost is nearly $900,000 but it coot nearly as much to store all of the data. figures from the ity's finance department estimates sttrage fees at around $758,000. in 2016, a loan. >> it will all go back to flushing green it can.>> reporter: one of the first in the state to use body cameras. >> i think that is the majority of the cost that we have associated ourselves with. storage of data. we have a solid policy. we know when we are turning them on and when we trained them off. >> denver police department published this a body camara policy saying one officer would use the camera. examples include capturing
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and mitigating confrontational interaction. but the policy also states cameras will not be activated in place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> i think this will be an objective way of documenting ations. also, first in line to receive the cameras, traffic operations and the gang unit. one of the big questions remains, how long will this video be ssored? we did check out the policy and all it really says is the video will be stored in compliance with current retention guidelines. it is pretty unclear how long this video may be kept in the system. reporting live, denver 7 extracts the denver police union supports the use of the body cameras releasing this statement tonight saying "we believe they enhance officer safety and build confidence in
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police work more transparent as well as make our officers more effectiveeby capturing video of witnesses as well as a select statement." two more police officers are waiting to find out if they will face charges in the shooting and killing last month. he was in a stolenncar and rammed into police officers when they tried to arrest them and that is when he fired which is against police policy. they cannot shoot at a moving car. that stands even if the car is being used as a weapon. take a good look at these pictures. this is model mason. the fbi says he is a dangerous bank robber who has been on the run from us. he is part of the group known as the [ screams ] -- scream robbers. there is a $100,000 reward. just days after taking the executive action, the president took his gun law on the road at a town meeting today. the meeting of topic, lack of gun technology. >> if you are a gun owner, i
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least one of chso if to purchase a firearm that could only be useded by you, in part, to avoid accidents in your home. >> a teenager in colorado has developed a way to keep guns saver by using a fingerprint to unlock guns. we were at the electronic show talking to him about his addiction -- invention. this year's 11th graders in colorado will not to take the sats this year. this will be the last year the juniors take the sat. this amongst\when the decided to switit the required test. what were you doing in high school? are you u about helping amputees or farmers in south africa or delayed the onset of alzheimer's?
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county who haven't even ggaduated high school. >> welearning to cure diseases and -- >> try to epup with these kids if you can. part-time hiih school students, part-time scientists. >> this is extremy ible , an opportunity for the biotech kids here that we get to do this before we go to colllge. >> she noticed amputees often getting severe rashes. that is why corker and emily are working to find the cause. >> we will look at the different species. >> across the lab, they are developing and onset delay for entendres -- alzheimer's. >> they have plaque elkton to the brain -- built in to the
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it is like watching thee, you really do care for them. to completely lose their memory . >> the students are getting help from decorated scientists from around the world with these projects. while problem solving on their own. >> we need you to call this place in order this and we will be going down the hall and we need to ask a couple of questions. they are asking me for advice on more of a support staff for them. >> you don't have to understand what the students are doing to understand that our future appears to be in pretty good hands. december 7. -` the students have not decided where they are going to -`college. stanford and ran for ty are being discussed. students say they have to apply to get in next year >> still a week away from the broncos run to the championship . we found out it will be
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he did not really come as a big surprise. the future hall of famer is rested and healed. >> coming up from starter to backup. hear what he has to say on his return to the sidelines. >>itthis talk about the broncos, how well do you ow the playe? >> who would you on the street works what about these players -- who would you know on the street? what about these >> on the denver channel, on our slideshow. >> don't forget, you can watch the game right here on denver 7 . this is saturday at 2:30. stay with us ter. adam stokely will be in the studio. jamaal webster will be in houston with a look ahead at the rest of the broncos ssason. >> a lot of guys keep track of. getting in a means ore anbeing smart. something you cannnn thatouyou ahead of class.
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could give you the upper hand. y storms to rth and east of downtown denver that they are gradually sagging to the south and west. snow increasing tonight.
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a warning tonight. a scam targeting immigrants trying to get a colorado drivers license. scammers are trying to make
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appointment times. the only way you can make an appopoo sign up online. >> you can by dozens of private -`islands. if you of the nicest private jetssever made in a few high- end exotic cars or you can retire early and give the rest to me. that is the power of $700 million in the powerball check out tonight. on saturday, it could be $1 billion. abc news crunched the numbers to find the most lucky picks. eight, 54, 14, 39 13 are among the most frequently drawn numbers. but 70% of those who have one just went with the quick pick numbers. >> on the other hand, another tough day foforkets here ann around the world. us markets took a tumble for the third time this week work china's economy causing some of the panic. oillprices are now at their lowest levels in 12 years. all of this causing uncece for the economy. a federal investigation and
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drop 10 points over the last couple of days. and the dow jones is down 42% said september. hundreds of customers got sick with e. coli and euro virus. a new study reveals the ugly truth about attracting young women ann academic performance. >> it turns out, good-looking girls get better grades. this study conducted by metro state university of denver is , grabbing headlines. >> skip the all nighter 3 studying if you are a college coed. you may be better off applying more eye liner. >> there is a penalty to a below average appearance for female students. >> associate professor conducted the study over a five- year period. and rebuild findings at a conference this week. >> the literature out there on attractiveness. >> researchers took student id
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show them to an anonymous group of racers. -- 10 being the most attractive. researchers took 168,000 course grades frommthose 6700 students. it turns out, those most attractive girls sorry half percent increase in their grades. so a b+ may have gone to an a- and so on. attractiveness matters much less. the study both prio research in the job market which has shown for years that attractive people get paid more than people who are not as good- looking. >> is is rrally a larger conversation about discrimination. better looking people having better opportunities. >> i think it is a common thing going on right now n today's society. attractive women get more attention. >> what the study can't quantify is if this is all related to confidence and social skills. >> the same individual
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and have better grooming may also be motivated in the classroom. >> rosalie thorne, denver 7 . it is important to note that online courses attracted students taking online courses did not get higher grades. >> both male and female professors tend toward attractiveness. ttat this is not limited to professors but a subconscious we may all be guilty of expect your average traffic jam in downtown today. the stock show is in town which means longhorn cattle close down the streets. the big events get underway this weekend and continue through the 24th. it is getting a little snowy are now. the moisture is moving down from the northeast pushing down toward the fort collins area and toward denver. it will increaseeover the next couple of hours and decrease after the morning drive tomorrow. right now, in downtown denver,
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it has been a cold day today. 35. 28 was the low temperature this morning for -- this morning. right noo,,32 downtown. 30 at the airport. 92% humidity. pressure at 29.71 and holding steady. couple of bands to watch. one off to the north east. another developing innthe foothills. watch over the next couple of hours as it increases along the i 25 corridor to the denver metro area. right through 6 am. that is the main accumulation with averages dropping down to the low 20s and upper teens. a lot of ice conditions expected in the morning. allow plenty of extra time tomorrow because we have not had snow on the ground for a while during a morning drive. six by the morning hours. tendon alum on a -- alum on a -- it will shrink down to the morning hours. the storm system
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the east. but still good snow down on the mexico border. highs will be in the low to mid 20s. 22 degrees at leadville. 30 at trinidad. as far as snowfall between now and 6 pm on friday, you will see some heavy pockets in the mountains and down to the south. lighttr father to the northeast. it's a good snow maker for us, for the most part. some bands of closer to four or 5 inches he step down -- east of town. five to the outh side. heavier outh of your the rocky national park. a remmnder, our new snow cast search snow cast in the app store.
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low in the 20s. tomorrow, 24 with another inch morning. single digits in the morning. 20s. looking ahead next week, temperaturessstarting bounce back next week but we don't get a back -- we don't get back above freezing until tuesday and we don't get that to 40 until wednesday or thursday. >> we are above zero. >> there is always that! >> you are such a ring gauge -- rain gauge person. you are such a trouulemaker. >> we are taking your way back. how dinosaurs found a mate. a complete reaction from %- peyton, brock, gary and a great
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some rocks may not like much but some tele-much bigger story about how dinosaurs found a mate. >> those are believed to be worth dinosaurs would made and the males would attract the females by showing how they could dig and asked. >> one of them showing off in the females are always choosing the animal that makes theemost,
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>> these findings actually show the classroom they did -- how closely related dinosaurs are two birds. >> welcome to 7 sports extra. peyton manning is the starting quarterback. gary kubiak made the decision this morning. a healthy future hall of famer with 23 playoff games and a super woke went under his belt. he is going 18 but 17 is not going away. >> we're looking forward to peyton meeting our foot all team. i feel very good about that. is best for our ball team and also that brock will be reedy to play. he has proven that throughout the ccurse of this year. the comment i made all along, it has taken all of us and i think it will continue to take all of us as we embark on the second season. >> he did provide the spark off the bench in the san diego game.
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you got to believe if rocket finished that game and the bronnos had one, this will be reversed. the worst team came up. not me or i that we and us.>> rock has done a great job. he is helping us be in the position to have a bite. and that is a credit to a lot of guys. and i am looking forward to being back as part of the team and helping and contributing in some wayy >> i'm a team player and if coach feels that peyton gives the team the best chance to win in the playoffs, i'm a big supporter of that. i stand behind the coach. i stand on this team. >> well said. it sounds like the peyton of 2013 is coming back to throw five touchdown passes. he is still the 34th rated passer in the league. still second interception. so how is the broncos locker rooo reacting?
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we asked him about his reaction to the decision. >> is more for y'all. we could care less. we see now what brock can do. all we need to worry about is the other offense. >> you couldn't ask for a better leader to lead you nto the layoffs. we would not be in this `osition right now unless brock did a phenomenal job. at the we are in a great position. >> you can kicked off right here on denver 7. the winner could be coming to denver. the pregame at noon. -- 2: 35. live in houston, denver 7 3 studio. and brandon stokely in studio , as well. the former broncos receiver. two-time super bowl champ your friend of peyton. we will discuss peyton's 24th playoff start saturday night
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denver 7 . i think not for three other former broncos. they all made the list of 15 finalists for the pro football hall of fame. the inductees will be announced on february 6. >> when we come back, a new southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say?
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last night. today at practice, the coach was back in net. that is patrick back there. he's got to get them playing shape. we hope we -- he does some
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