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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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, just about 5:30. when you head outside today be ready to bundle up. only 24 god 24 degrees now. >> we have the whole team covering this morning. >> lisa keeping an eye on the storm, jayson on the roads. i-25 and hamden, a tractor- trailer got in an accident with a car. it's back open nd track is flowing. buu it's a reminder, be careful. we've ssotted accidents all over the metro. we have denver 7 photojournalist daryl orr keeping an eye on situation. >> darrl, tell us what you see. >> reporter: lot of accidents out this morning.
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reason, too fast for conditions. these drivers are not slowing down. they think it's just snow, but really underneath there's ice. all these accidents are happening. our last live shot here in the last hour we spoke to one of the drivers, which you saw his vehicle stuck in a snow bank. he admitted he wws going too fast. he was in a four by four and wrecked and now he's lost his transaxle and tire got torn off. ems crews were out with him. he's okay and now he's waiting for a to you truck. in front of us, this is a 7-up tractor-trailer, double trailee. he ended up sliding and landing into the guard rail on i-25 before castle pines parkway. looks like a couple other vehicles are involved with this accident. %- we're not sure on the injuries on any of the drives. but they've been out here a
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a bit longer before they clear it up. one lane open on the far right side, on a blind curve coming south. be caution before you get to castle pines parkway, about a mile before it. heads up and you'll see this mess. back to yyu. >> it's been so slick down there. had that accident, another slide off accidents in douglas county. this is i-25 at parker road, and you caa see the slick conditions we had here. not only here on the ramp, but also on southbound 225. cdot camera at i-70 and york, it's not bad conditions right there. however, we have really tough conditions to the north. accident peoria and i-70. i-25 and 84th. you can see the wet conditions we're dealing with up to the downtown area, north side of town.
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snow covered and very slick. you're seeing speeds down by about 10 to 15, even 20 miles per hour in most places. had a twitter follower by wadsworth and yale said he watched somebody spin out in the road. there's a lot of hills there in lake wood and west side of town, so it's very slick and crashes. >> it's reaaly tough and it's such a mix of conditions. take a look at the top of our building now. on speer. when we came in this morning the roads were wet. now the snow has picked back up and starting to stitch. potential 1 to 2 inches here in denver this morning. here's what that looks like on radar. you can see some of the darker blues filling back in right %- across the metro area. lifting a bit from the south. heavier snow in pockets along i- 25 farther west, heading out on 6th avenue, you'll find pockets
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arvada, wheat ridge, westminster, you're picking up more. and toothe north along i-25, heading north of e-470 to longmont, that drive tougher. wind at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. winter weather advisory in effect until 2. we're expecting most of our accumulating snow to fall between now and about 9:00. this afternoon we'll still see a few flurries, but not much more in the way of accumulltion. this will put our totals about 2 to 6 inches between yesterday and today. we're still on track with some of those numbers. heavier in pockets. we're going to look at more totals coming up. cold today. so when it's cold we send sally out. we have crews checking out the conditions. sally mamdooh now down south along c-470 and bowles. how is it looking there? >> reporter: not that bad out here. traffic starting to pick up a
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as track picked -- traffic picked up, we saw more plows. more cars are starting to come on the highway. slippery conditions, to take it slow. give yourself some time, because you just don't know. and it doesn't seem, this snowstorms not similar to the one we had a couple of weeks ago where we saw snow on the ground sticking. this one is not as bad as the last one. for the most part, allow yourself some time. it's not bad behind me. no accidents where i'm at now. slow. back to you guys. thank you. don't forget download our storm shield an, that way you can be alerted to dangerous weather before it gets into your area. your phone. you can dictate what areas you're concerned about. well. you can find out how much snow
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you can find out how much actually fell. share your pictures with us. we've had love to see them. this is from one of the workers at dia. plowing the snow at dia. you can up load your photos at ` or the free denver 7 app, even share them on our free app, you might see them on the air. more smash and grabs, this time investigators tell us the snow helped them catch their suspect. denver7 reporter eric lupher joins us from south broadway with details. >> reporter: turns out the suspect walked home accordiig `o police and of course it snowed, so he left behind footprints. police followed the footprints to where he lives. take a look behind me, this is where the smash and grab happened, off broadway south of hamptonn
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stolen at this electronic shop. boarded up. this started at a hair salon and police say they tracked footprints there as well. this is a look at the apartment complex where they tracked this guy. they knocked on the door. he said he was in all night but his wet boots were at the front door. we talked to he owner of the salon and she was happy to know the suspect was caught. >> they have a suspect in custody. we don't know if it's related to your shop. how does that make you feel? yeah. that this would come to an end. >> reporter: back here live, when daryl orr was asking the owner of the hair salon, he wasn't sure if they're connected, but police believe the salon and these two shops are all connected and looks like the suspect has been caught. eric lupher, denver 7. thank you. right now two aurora police
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out if they'll face charges for shooting and killing a man last month. police say chan lee was in a stolen car and rammed into police officees. officers opened fire, which is against aurora police policy. officers aren't allowed to shoot at a moving car. that stands even if the car is being used as a weapon. a 16-year-old kidnaped from longmont and is safe this morning. we're learning more about the man accused of taking her. investigators say the girl told her mother she was having a sexual relationship with him house. her mom called police and he was arrested yesterday morning in alabama. new pictures of milo mason, a man the might be says is very dangerous. he's the final suspect in the so-called scream mask robberies. he's been on the run for months. he is on the fbi's 10 most wanted list. ttere's a $100,000 reward for information that lead to his arrest.
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show is getting underway. >> former broncos' kicker rich carliss was the grand marshall in the parade in downtown denver. best known perhaps as the last player in nfl history to kick with a barefoot. >> i think probably the most important thing is making sure you got a good wave.. don't want to mess up the wave. i think you got to keep the thumb in and i think that's it. >> he's wanting to do the pageant wave. >> looking good, though. the show is entering its one- tenth year. it runs through january 24th. still tickets out there. >> you can find the link at with all the information. debbie's deals compiled a list of great bargains. family 4 pack, tickets, hot dogs, chips and sodas for $89. there's a two pack deal with tickets and beer or soda for 39
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if you'd like all the details, go to our wwb site, or the free denver 7 app. have you heard? it's snowing outside. >> yes. >> look outside, lisa. >> with the start of the stock show we would expect it, right? temperatures now in the 20s. the snow is coming down. the winds have been picking up between 15 to 20 miles per hour. almost coming in sideways at times. it's making for a cold morning. it's sticking to the ground here in denver. we're looking at a windchill of just 12 degrees. >> causing problems. this is c--70 by ken caryl, look at the snow blowing across c 470. super slick conditions to the west.
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there are lots of problems with this morning commute. there's problems with the commute every day, but the problem here this morning is the snow obviously. leading to new problems with accidents, like this one the southbound side of i-25 just after ridge gate before castle pines parkway.
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hazmat guys, couple of tow and a single car spinout south of castle rock. there is a scam targeting immigrants trying to get a colorado driver's license. the wait is so long that scammers are trying to ell fake appointment times. the only way you can make an appointment is to sign up online. don't fall for that. high school students here in colorado have an answer, the collegeeboard tells denver 7 this year's 11th graders will not be required to take the sat, at least for this year. this will be the last year juniors take the act. this comes after teachers and parents were upset with the department of education when they decided to switch up the required testing. an unbelievable tale f survival. 70-year-old doctor in minnesota survived after getting trapppd underneath a boulder breaking his leg. >> he had to crawl 16 hours to %- try to find help.
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hunting, triped, fell into a ditch, his leg broke instantly. got out of that 4-foot ditch, and kept dragging himself for hours, only letting his mind focus on four thoughts. >> the thoughts were bend your knee, dig in your heel, check to see your gloves are on, and push. that's all i let in for the next fivv hours. >> wow. >> he draged himself 16 hours with cars passing by, not seeing him, until finally a trrck driver noticed him and stopped. >> he's my hero. the most joyful time i can remember. he opened that door, and all i did was blubber. i blubbered, please don't leave >> poor thing. he suffered frost bite on his fingers. his broken leg is expected to recover. 16 hours of that? >> ordeal.
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>> you wonder how many people drove by and didn't see him. >> glad he's okay. snow will conninuu. we're expecting probably % another 1 to 2 inches between now and probably 9:00, 10:00 and things will lighten up this afternoon. going to bring our totals, 2 to 6 inches. some neighborhoods getting a little bit more farther south and west. overall, right on track with what this ssorm was supposed to do. winter weather advisories remain in effect until at least 2:00 here in denver. farther south we have winter stoom warnings there. southwestern colorado picking up over a foot of snow. mountains. advisory until the 2:00. in spots along the front range, additional 1 to 3 inches. maybe 1 to 2 in town. you'll notice radar is pretty active right now, right in and around downtown. some of the darker blues filling back in as the storm continues to bringgus snow for the morning drive. farther south of denver, englewood, cherry hills, you're
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-`about 2 inches overnight, so you'll add another 1 to 2 on top of that. north of e-470 towards longmont, another spot with gusty winds,,about 15 to 20 miles per hour and decent snow. live look over denver now, downtown really tough to make out as we have snow falling. itts not doing much to the highway as far as ticking in town -- sticking in town. some of the side streets look sketchy compared to an hour ago.. 6:00to 9:00 drying up. by about 10:30, till light snow but we won't add much to our totals at that point. southern colorado different story, sangre de cristts from pueblo south to trinidad, more snow heading into new mexico and southwestern mountains. san juans piccing up a few more inches tonight and early tomorrow. this just whipped throogh saturday really quick. i did not mean to do that.
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and clouds saturday through the afternoon into the evening. temperatures are going to stay in the 20s. today we're starting off in the mid- to upper 20s. almost tough to show you our highs because we're going to hover around this mark pretty much all day long. low to mid-20s ttis afternoon near castle rock. through the next couple of days you're going to find 20s. overnight lows in the single digits. %- it will get colder as our skies clear out more this weekend. weak disturbance pushing through sunday. and monday and tuesday we're near freezing. lows in the teens and by thursday 43. >> you whipped through the futurecast. you should have ne-ne'ed through this. this is the northbound side of i-225 and mississippi, it's slow because of the weather
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some of the side streets through southeast aurora are slick and a lot of snow. look at the map where we can see accidents here to the east side of town, including one at peoria on i-70. anothhr one i-70 by quebec and north field. very slick conditions across `25, i-25 to the north. and airtracker 7 can't fly here because of the weather conditions. look at the snow we have along highway 2877 this is on college avenue up in fort collins. snow is falling and several inches of snow on the roadways, making some of the turning and stopping very tough. otherwise, we have slick conditions again on i-70. eric lupher is in englewood now taking a look at the road conditions along broadway and south side of metro denver. >> reporter: snow is coming down at a steady pace now. the light fluffy stuff. issues. this is broadway, about a block
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it's improved since about 20 minutes ago. snow started comiig down, we saw almost full snow coverage. now cars are trying to chop up that snow. don't let that fool you. stiil icy. you can see the sheen at this inteesection. about a block, block and a half from hhmpton. you can ee this side street here completely snow covered. if you're going too fast you'll be careful. snow still coming down. it's going to be slick down there, wherever you go across the metro, so take it slow. good advice. ten until 6:00. looking for extra cash after the holidays? check to see if the state of colorado owes you money. >> there is $600 million in unclaimed property now, including things like left behind like cash n a safe deposit box, tax refunds, or
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inactive and they were closed. %- >> we have more details on we touch here, it will take you to the site. you search the property claims, put in your personaa information, it will guide you relative pops up. you never know. a new scoffality dinosaur ridge is shedding light on the matiig habits of dinosaurs. they found scrapings in a rock they believe was part of a mating ritual. they believe scrapings show where groups of dinosaurs with meet and males would tty to prove their abilities to dig a nest. researchers say this is a huge deal because this habit is similar to what some modern day birds do. bowe bergdahl the soldier captured by the taliban getting
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5:54. first alert weather alert. the snow continues to fall. it's not done yet. as we look over the denver metro area, you'll find somee places the roads arr fine, just wet. other places pretty slick. new information in the case of something bowe bergdahl. heel go before the military court tuesday. he faces charges of desertion % and endangering fellow soldiers for disappearing from his post in afghanistan in 2009. as you know, he was later kidnaped and held by the
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then released in that prisoner swap. next week's hearing will be in fort bragg, north carolina. remember the beach explosion that happened in rhode island this past summer? a woman was just sitting there, suddenly the ground beneath her exploded. it was caused by underground cables. investigators say it could happen again at other beaches in 12 states. but the coast guard says there's no way of knowing for sure without digging. crazy video. group of uys deep sea fishing when one of them gets a marlin. he tries to reel it in. at the last second, the marlin flies into the boat, almost knocks him over. you can say the marlin won this fight. >> i think so. >> huge. >> that could really hurt somebody. >> really could. >> what is that video? is that a cartoon? >> the marlin's home movies. apparently had a go pro on his head.
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that's what a marlin looks like. we've got more snow falling. 2to 6-inch range when you count yesterday's snow with toddy's. some of these numbers might tteak them a little bit. heavier up to the north. fort collins potentially, closer to 4 there. reports of loveland 4 inches this morning. a good 5 to 10 through the mountains. really nice to see. food snow for the -- good snow for the mountains this weekend. mid- to upper 20s through sunday. >> tough drive into douglas county. daryl orr is driving on i-25 heading south the south side of castle rock. doesn't look fun. >> reporter: it's very frustrating out here. keeps blocking the camera and keeps doing the same thing with
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through a half bottle of washer fluid. very slick out here. you'll need plenty of stopping distance between other cars and it's a mess out here. back to you. >> daryl is heading to a fire reported in larkspur. we'll get more details in a second. new crashes, including this one at 5th and sheridan. and tough driving conditions along 285, and almost looks like fog on the drive on 285 near windy point. 5:57. demarius thomas mmkes a good living at a bronco. but what he's doing in his spare time. >> the snow is here, and there's a reason or not it just being winter.
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