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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it is 6:00 a.m. and we have a big team covering the impact of our first winter storm of 2016. we've seen a lot of crashes and spinouts, especially to the south and west of town. >> it's not done yet. we could see a couple more inches this morning. let's start with sally mamdooh, live off c-470 and bowles with the latest conditions there. sally. >> reporter: mitch, it got a little windy here icked up a little bit. the snow is coming really down. as you can see, the plowers here are staying on top of it.
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people start to head out to work, we saw about four plow trucks drive by that way here a few moments ago. you can tell the difference. they're focusing mainly on the main roads. you can see the difference over the feeder that leads into the highway. plowed with de-icer material on it. obviously the residential areas here are not plowed yet as much obviously it is slippery outside, so you want to give yourself ttme and slow down `hen you're heading out to work back to you. >> that hat looks good on you, sister. you can see here on radar snow filling back in here in denver. when we came in this morning it was not bad downtown. now we're starting to see heavier snow. we'll add on another inch or two this morning. taking a look closer in, in through downtown along i-25, i- 25 is not going to be bad.
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it's sticking to the ground and looks tougher. icier. to the north and up to the northeast we're seeing snow. more snow along i-25 heading towards longmont. also near fort morgan we've seen more, and towards greeley and fort collins. this is from the top of our ng. you're looking at speer, and you can see how bad the road is getting. snow is coming in almost sideways at times. wind speeds 15 to 20 miles per hour. winter weather advisory in effect until 2:00. additional snow along the front range starting from this morning until about 10:00 at 1 to 3 inches. our temperatures, not much to show you. 20s now, staying there through the afternoon. this afternoon lighter, just flurries. `> there are some areas where there's lighter traffic. >> it's friday, that's good news. >> and it is friday. that is great news. it's saturday eve and that's better news. highway 36 and federal.
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you can see the snow falling still across highway 36. worse farther to the west. to the east, i-70 and peoria, you can see the lanes, and you can see another shot of it. there's a shot of downtown, colfax and park avenue west, where it's very slick. you have the basically wet conditions, more of the snow, falling across downtown. take a look at the map. 225 is getting busy. new accident at 5th and sheridan. 285 extremely slick. new accidents in there. looks very foggy and snowy. this is at windy point along 285. up to the north along 287, highway 56, 66, all of it is nasty. this is near longmont on highway 119. it's been very tough. and i-70 slick with new accidents coming out of the east side of town.
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of larkspur looking for a fire down there. >> reporter: this is perry park avenue in larkspur. got about 2 inches of snow with ice underneath it. fire trucks have come through this area from castle rock, larkspur, and we got report of a garrge fire down here 3 attached to a house. upon arrival fives reporting heavy -- firefighters reporting heavy smoke and the owners of the house were able to escape. we're still about another 3 miles from this and when we go there we'll update you on what's happening. back to you. >> daryl, thank you. jayson and daryl have been so busy updating us on crash after crash. %- don't let the wet roads fool you. they can be a problem. a semi and car got into a wreck around 3:00 this morning, i-25 %-
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it caused several more vehicles to spin out. today expect planes to go through the de-icing process before taking off. the faa plans to slow down morning air traffic which could cause delays. you probably heard the term el nio. it's been thrown around a lot lately. that's contributing to this snow. el nio is when the warm weather in the pacific ocean mixes with the atmosphere, it creates strong storms, when they push east they often bring snow to us. denver7 chief meteorologist mike nelson says the influence could last into the spring time. >> heavier storms for the mountains and denver especially march and april. probably big snows. probably an active spring in terms of severe weather and thunderstorms.
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it's getting a lot of talk because of the rain we're seeing in califoonia. but it's a regular occurrence this el nio. >> california needs rain, and it comes so fast. breaking news now, police credit weather for nabbing a man wanted in that series oo overnight smash and grabs. >> denver 7 reporter eric lupher is live for us. all police had to do was follow the footprints in the snow. >> reporter: today on stupid criminals, the thief walked home, and of course when you have an inch or two of snow on the ground, you leave behind your footprints. that's exactly how police got take a look at the smash and grab area here off of broadway, south of hampden. $4,000worth of electronics stolen from that electronic store, that is according to the owner here. also this panda ooe asian cuisine, a door crashed in.
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this started a little ways away at moji hair salon, and police tracked foot prints from that location as well and they believe the suspect in this case is connected to all three smash and grabs. they tracked the footprints from this shopping center off broadway from the panda one to an apartment complex nearby. that's where they knocked on him. he said he was in all night. and they saw the snow on his boots. we're going to go directly to that apaatment complex coming up at 6:30. we'll also hear from the owner of that salon that was hit. thank ou. denver7 has a big team of reporters giving ou a look at the weather across theemetro. lisa says we can expect a couple more inches. >> heaviest snow expected south and west of denver. lisa, this is not over yet. >> it's not. between now and about 9:00 to 10:00 we'll see more accumulation. that will total up to about 1
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for the kids this morning, snow boots, hats. i think my kids' snow boots are in the car. sorry, husband. knew flurries this afternoon -- few flurries this afternoon. details coming up. >> new accidents i-76 and 104th and this one westbound i-70 afterward road. left side of the road -- another spinout. we've seen a lot feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. you've basically got a movie theater in your living room.
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breaking news to share with you, this is a live look at the scene of a jackknifed 7up semi on southbound i-25, near ridge gate. it's been leaking diesel fuel as a result that crash. that's causing backups. you can see on the left the cars moving slowly. snow is still coming down now. we're under a winter weather
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>> let's look at the radar here. we have a look at conditions right now. we're going to gee to jayson and lisa in just a moment. there's the radar. you can see a lot of that, a big portion over denver now. >> hanging over us. let's get out to major king in fort collins with how much snow they have up north. major. >> reporter: good morning, mitch, good morning, everyone. we're live in southeast fort collins, where the snow started about 6:00 last night. %- i want to show you a better view of how much this winter of 2000, what year is it, 16 shaping up to be. that's the snow pileed up in mm front yard. it's quite nice. i worked hard to make it as neat as i can. i'll show you how deep the snow is.
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probably a little bit overexposed. check it out. there's your 3 inches of fresh powder. giving up about 28 inches for the season here. statistically not significant. i think we should have about 22. ahead of the game, but looks like it will be one of those winters where it won't release its grip on us for some time and we'll have to deal with it. suck it up, folks, get out there and shovel your snow. i don't think this will be a game breaker in terms of school. still have to get up and go to school. reporting live in southeast fort collins, major king, denver 7. >> looking toasty warm in that new jacket, sir. more breaking news, a fire in larkspur now. >> let's get out to daryl orr checking on this one. >> reporter: well, we're out here on sugar loaf road and it's hard to see the house. it's set back quite a ways off the road.
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there, originally report was heavy smoke coming from the garage, which is attached to the house. we're not seeing too much smoke out here. it does look hazy by the house. from what we're told the residents got out. looks like they have the fire extinguished because we don't see flames or heavy smoke now. castle rock fire department is here, which we'll swiig the camera around. they're on stand by. they camm down from castle rock to assist with this fire. they were able to get this extinguished. guys. %- >> daryl, thank you. ssch a busy morning. >> all kinds of situations. not much to see there, obviously, but we got to see his drive in larkspur. 3to 7 inches there. it continues to cooe down. post card picture in limon. snow is not falling there at this point. picked up about an inch or two
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a nice start for most of us. it's going to be a tough drive. now that snow filling in, back in here in denver. it was prettt quiet at about 3:00 this morning. since then we've seen nor snow develop. in spots even like highlands lighter snow, which is filling back in. you'll start to see another surge in the next 15 to 30 farther east, aurora things are quiet along 25 heading north to i-70. farther south and closer to i- 25, that's where the snow is also picking up a bit more. farther north and west from there, up along 36 and heading through westminster to boulder, decent snow. additional snowfall about 1 to 3 inches. you'll noticeeon futurecast it doesn't stay blue for ong. next few hours we'll start to see it clear up. late morning we should start to
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heavy year snow by that point, the south near pueblo, trinidad, sangre de cristos with good snow for this system. ttis afternoon and evening cloudy. throughout the day saturday we're expecting cloud cover. but our accumulating snow through the morning hours. by midday today, this s likely what you're going to end up with, about 2 to 6 inches in and around denver. couple of pockets that have been heavier. southern and southwestern foothills. also up near estes park a bit %- more. foot collins, greeley coming in around 3 to 4. highs in the 20s today. mid- to upper 20s through the day today. tomorrow and even on sun. it will stay cold. the difference you'll find temperature-wise is overnight as skies clear out more it will get colder. we're going to see more ii the the weekend. chance of a few flurries sunday. we're not quite done with it. the pattern will stay unsettled through the weekend.
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snow off and on through the weekend. adding probably another 3 to 6 inches. tte first of next week, some 30s. finally warmer. wednesday and thursday, 43 will >> by then we'll be melting out. c-470, kipling, see the blowwng snow. it is really nasty across that west side. 285 has been really tough as well as i-70 just west of morrison and up into the hills of lookout mountain and up towards floyd hill. cameras. this accident on the i-70 drive, westbound at ward road. snow coming down here at i-70, not too far from wadsworth. it is piling up. very slick conditions, a lot of spinout crashes to the west side of down. overall map, new accidents and streets.
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crash we have out there on i- 70. new one i-58 near mcttre. i-70 at washington. and heavy traffic to the north side of town. i wanted to scroll through qqickly some of these cameras in income, and you can -- fort collins and you can see the major roads still snow covered and slick in fort collinn as well. welcome to denver. this is demarius thomas. it's playoff times and broncos country is united in orange. go broncos. >> special message for people city. thomas joins a long list of players, including peyton
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greeted fans. peyton manning will start a week from sunday. coach says he's rested and healed up. when we asked peyton and osweiler about the decision, team came up. >> brock has done a great job, giving us a position to have a bye and watching football this week as opposed to having to play, that's credit to a lot of guys. i'm looking forward tt being back part of the team and hopefully contributing. >> i'm a big team player. if the coach feels peyton gives this team the best chance to win in the playoffs, i fully support that. i stand behind peyton, coach, behind this team. >> the broncos could face the chiefs, texans or steelers. sunday you can watch the wildcard game between the
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this morning we're getting a closer look at the cost for those 800 body cameras for denver police departments. $1.8 million designated for this year alone. the police chief thinks the policy needs more work. the department is rolling out the cameras in phases, with the first ones going to officers working downtown, as well as traffic operations and the unit. scam alert, it specifically targets immigrants in our state illegally. scammers are buying up driver's license appointments trying to dollars. colorado's attorney general is looking into this. new this morning, moffett county will make people work for their food stamps. craig daily press reporting a
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capable of working who doesn't meet a certain income. to make up for that, they'll have to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours or participate in workforce training designed to get them back to work. if not, the county will only cover three months of public assistance every three years.
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welcome back. a live look on the roads. see the snow coming down in that street light. it's nottdone yet. >> this is along speer boulevard and our eric lupher is in englewood. how is the snow falling there? >> reporter: it's coming down at a pretty good rate. no wind, so visibility not an this is what it's leaving behind. this is kenyan street, off of broadway. you can see how icy this is and how easily you could slide into a road like broadway.
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little bit of snowpack. extra traffic is trying to chop up the snow a little bit. snow started coming down heavier around 5:00 this morning and hasn't let up. just enoughhto mess up the roads a little bit. i'm loving my new coat. do you think i could be a candidate to model this for other stations? >> good face. you have to look off into the %- distance like you don't know what you're looking at. good. >> what a goober. >> he is such a goober. i wann to see the matching scarf. >> reporter: i know. i didnnt bring the scarf today. next time. >> next time. it's 6:25. you're going to find still aa you see from his live shot snow 3 falling. additional 1 to 3 inches this morning. that on top of in some areas the half inch to 2 inches we saw overnight. from now until about 9:00, 10:00, light to moderate snow. things this afternoon will lighten up. a few flurries to light snow showers through the afternoon
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we get clearing but we don't get a big warm up. weekend. highs in the 20s pretty much ever day through sunday into the first of next week. overnight single digits lows, brr for sure. >> i'm at the point where i need an assistant in here now. dozen accidents in the last five minutes. this is c-470. bad crash on the north ssde of c-470, by green mountain. it's just before morrison, the northbound side. couple of lanes are blocked on the north side with several cars involved. i-70 by ward road, this accident needing to be cleaned up. this is the westbound side of i- 70. another accident on highway 58. a new spin out in castle rock, northbound side of i-25 by plum creek parkway and state troopers are getting there now. thank you. we wanted to give you a live
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continues to fall on this friday morning. >> you can see it there in the sky. another shot from c-470 and bowles, beccuse you can see more snow south and to the west
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6:30. we're seeing crash after crash today. enough that jayson will need an assistant. don't be fooled, it's slushy and slick. our team's reporters spreading out so you know what you're facing today. >> we have sally and eric and daryl out. you've been tracking a lot of crashes this morning, daryl. >> reporter: that's right. we're in the woods out here. somewhere in larkspur.
6:27 am
which we talked to the chief and the chief said it's minimal damage and the residents are allowed to be back in to occupy. very minimal damage there and they're getting ready to clean that up. looking at the roads here, some areas that haven't been driven on or plowed have a good 4 to5 inches of snow. the roads are winding and dangerous. out to i-25, not too bad. a lot of chloride on the roads. but numerous crashes because the ice hasn't melted just yet. i think a lot of these crashes are caused by speed. slow down this morning. plenty of accidents and we don't want you to become one of those. back inside where it's nice and warm in that studio. >> here is one oo those accidents, on i-70 on the westbound side after ward road. left lanes blocked because of that crash. speed was the contributing factor. slick roads.
6:28 am
on the southbound side at 225 near yosemite. this is already extra heavy and show back to parker road. 3 just in one little area, look at this, had accidents at santa fe, bbllevue, and one at platte canyon. had one at federal and near santa fe. to dartmouth. thhs one on hampden and sheridan. there was the accident on i-70. one by washington is cleared up. 225 drive getting heavy and slick. we've had super amounts of accidents, even in the last 20 minutes. tough driving conditions to the west, south, where some of the crashes have been cleared up. will take us extra time, almost double the commute time in some areas because of the snow. c-470, new accident north side near morrison. >> by 3:00, 4:00 this morning the roads looked pretty good.
6:29 am
look what we're seeing from the top of our lightning downtown. speer was clear this morning `nd it's sticking and you'll find more snow on the side streets. really icy conditions. you can seebly it is over downtown. also to the south along c-470 and farther south the snow is lighter there. but we've seen heavier snow along i-25 heading to longmont. totals in the 2 to 6-inch range with a winter weather advisory in effect until 2:00, including our front range mountains. winter storm warning also in effect to the south. more heavy snow expected down there as you're heading into new mexico. hhre's how the day looks. from now until about 10:00 we're gging continue to see light snow. for the kids this morning, the bus stop covered and icy. they need snow boots. in the 20s. by this afternoon we stay in the 20s, but the snow does lighten up. flurries midday and likely
6:30 am
let's send it live to sally mamdooh who is at c-470 and bowles this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lisa. i don't know if i'm aaclimateed to the weather now. it's not that bad outside. it's not that cold. but definitely the road conditions are slippery. directly behind me you can see no traffic. but we are starting to see a little bit of traffic back up to the north and that's where that accident you've been talking about, and you can see lights. that's an indicator just slow down, because looks can be deceiving. despite the plows here doing a great job of making sure the main roads are clear from the still slippery. slowing down. 3 they're speeding up. looks can be deceiving. you'll want to slow down. guys, back to you.
6:31 am
if you're planning on flying out today, dia, you might sigh a flying or two delayed. not a lot of problems. we looked on flight aware, and a couple are canceled. that doesn't necessarill mean it's the situation at denver. the east coast is getting its share of weather, as s the west coast with all the rain in california. most of it is green in denver. the big issues are on the east coast. de-icing procedures at dia. if you're heading to the airport today, you should be okay. always call ahead, though. breaking news, a suspected smash and grab burglar may have gotten away if not for the latest round of winter weather. eric lupher is live in englewood. officers found a critical clue in the snow. >> reporter: they did. footprints. apparently this crook walked
6:32 am
i just talked to the owner of this morning. he just left. you can see where the door was smmshed in overnight. he is says about $4,000 worth of electronics were stolen. but he pumped his fist when i told how the suspect got caught. also a salon was hit, where foot precipitations were tracked. connected. apartment complex. police knocked on the door, asked if he was out. the man claimed he stayed inside all night, but they saw his snowy boots at the front door and that's when they arrested him. salon that was hit. here's what she had to say. >> how does this make you feel? >> kind of makes you feel a little violated and just a little scared.
6:33 am
suspect who was arrested, a criminal. lengthy criminal history according to olice. was this connected to other smash and grabs? we don't know. back to you. >> eric, thank you. the winter is only getting started here in colorado. >> actually first we want to take a live look outside, give you an idea of what it looks like across the metro area. gray hue until the sky. it is making for a slick drive so be careful out there. winter is really only getting started in colorado. >> i've heard that before. >> the biggest month for snowfall is typically march. >> winter is really getting started about now. >> it is. >> if you're not excited to hit the roads, you are not alone. take a look at this. >> it'sssnoww [crying] >> i know. >> i don't like this. >> i don't like it either. >> go away, snow. >> i know. %-
6:34 am
>> go away. >> go away, snow. that's elsie, she's from nova scotia. she reacts this way ever time she sees snow. lisa, youudo the opposite. >> that's not me. that's not my kid for sure. we love it. %- it's a beautiful start to our day. winter is just getting started right about now. you guys are supposed to laugh, you're weren't listening. >> i'm sorry. i was apologizing to mitch for speaking over him. >> by hide day today our totals about the 2 to 6-inch range. for us. continues this morning. i'll show you what things minute. >> tough 're seeing this tough snow in december and januury, anyway. 6th avenue at sheridan, tough
6:35 am
itts 6:40 on your friday. camera. boulevard. down. you. jobs report for the month of december just came out. first friday of the month. we added 292,000 jobs. that's more than anticipated. while the economy may not be what a lot of people want, we are more robust in terms of adding jobs. %- as we look at the futures market, dow is around 200 points, up on the upside. positive jobs report. even in the u.k. government votes to ban him
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parliament will vote on an online petition later this trump says if he's banned,ee cancel a $2 billion investment towards his two scottish golf resorts. this is eating me up. my 2-year-old's snow boots are in my car. your kids will need snow boots at the bus stop. another 1 to 3 inches of snow in some spots. 20s this morning, 20s this afternoon. by the time they're heading home, we won't be seeing much in the way of accumulating snow. just a few flurries and cold afternoon. i was gging to take the lights this weekend, i'm waiting until next week. >> probably a good idea. another new crash, southbound 25. colorado boulevard, this ii the northbound side, it's here closer to university. that's write there's very few cars on the southbound side.
6:37 am
can see it out to the west side of town, northbound on c-470 aad morrison road. this is one of the latest pictures i could grab from the cdot camera. traffic is barely moving and it's like this to bellevue and bowles and growing to ken caryl. it's not going be a fun drive on c-440. incident markers all indicating a pad crash or bad problem and
6:38 am
%- we're under a winter weather afternoon. >> radar on the left, a look at the roads on the right. we'll get to lisa and jayson in just a second. first want to check in with morning. >> reporter: slick roads is out need to keep in mind. morning. behind me here it was smooth an hour ago. but look at all this traffic backing up because there's an accident north of us here oo c-
6:39 am
icy conditions we're dealing with now because of all the snowfall. if you're heading out, give yourself time. most importantly, slow down. back to you guys. >> beep beep. somebody saying hi. >> when i worked in vegas it background. always a little scary. deal with. >> true. when you had snow there, it was a lot different. through. we love the snow here, and this is good. this will be our first snow going down officially for 2016. we'll get new totals colonel in at the airport soon. the storms slow to move through. today likely cloud cover, today. our bing. most of our accumulating snow this morning within the ext couple of hours. new morning totals 1 to 3
6:40 am
to speer now and itts coming down at times sideways. wind picking up 15 to 20 miles per hour, making for windchills in the teens this morning. winter weather advisory in effect until 2:00. about another 1 to 3 inches this morning. futurecast clears up significantly by late morning, early afternoon. by about 10:30 we're still picking up decent snow across parts of southern colorado. the drive has been tough from pueblo to trinidad into new mexico. another round of bad driving today. through the afternoon and early evening,,southwestern colorado will pick up a little bit of snow. our mountains likell will see light snow off and on throughout weekend. temperature-wise, so cold through the weekend. we'll stay in the 20s today. we stay pretty much in the 20s from this morning through the afternoon, until we drop closer to single digits tonight. that means we're well below normal. probably cutting this number in
6:41 am
good 15 to 20 degrees below normal through sunday. you're going to find a little more sunshine for the weekend. overniggt lows in the single digits to low teens saturday and sunday. low 30s early next week. we don't get out of this cold pattern until probably the middle of next week. wednesday into thursday, mild, sunshine, upper 30s to around 45. >> this is daryl orr on the northbound side of i-25 coming up to castle rock. hopefully you'll see the accident. spinout crash and big time traffic jamming through castle rock. >> reporter: i think we got disconnected. >> unfortunate he can't hear us. take a look at the cdot camera. this is what daryl will run into in just a minute. an accident by plum creek
6:42 am
and a new accident after founders, meadows parkway. it's been a reaa mess in douglas county. look at the drive out toothe west side of town. not only c-470 tough, denver tech center, accident by yosemite. northbound crash on 470 by morrison road causing this monster traffic jam getting worse. and you're barely moving. several lanes are blocked. a lot of traffic accidents in littleton. along santa fe, and a new problems across i-70 and i-25 up to the north as well. it's not a fun drive up in boulder or weld or larimer counties at the moment. thank you, jayson. look at this incredible new video. that's a rare snowy owl nighs
6:43 am
happened in montrral. this photo from space really puts the pollution in china into perspectivee wait for it. nasa astronaut scott kelly said he noticed something different about the sky to the left of the picture. he said the haze is actually air pollution and exists across a large part of asia. air pollution is killing an average of 4,000 people a day in china. if every man, woman and child in china smoked one and a half cigarettes ever hour. >> that's the equivalent? that's really bad. big team of reporters out covering what's impacting us now. and that's the first winter storm of 2016. daryl orr is live on the roads.
6:44 am
welcome back. we start your morning sprint at 6:52. big team coverage for the first winter storm of 2016. lisa has the forecast. jayson is covering several big crashes. >> we have eric, sally and daryl giving you a look at conditions on the road. we're going to start with eric lupher in englewood. >> reporter: good morning. i'm off broadway.
6:45 am
we got here, so maybe 1.5 on the sidewalk. cars coming at you are going northbound towards downtown denver. cars are stopping at a light now. where we can't see the pavement fully, so the snow is accumulating enough to chop up the snow to make it slick. traffic running okay here on broadway. but clearly we've been talking about ii all morning, accidents all over the place. we have sally mamdooh in jefferson county. how is it looking down there? >> reporter: eric, like you said the snow has throwed down, but the effects of that snow are having major effects on the drives behind me. traffic backed up because of an accident north of us here on c- 470. drivers aae urged to slow down a little bit and anticipate the traffic. in the meantime, if you're
6:46 am
time and slow down because despite the snow, the roads out here are verr sliply. guys, back to you. good morning. a peaceful scene of snowfall in fort collins fort collins, where we had about 3 inches fall overnight. it ontinues to fall thhs morning and we'll see how much more it's going to accumulate. we're at about 28 inches for the season so far. about 6 inches above average. it's been creating the pileup of snow. check it out in my driveway. it's about 4 feet deep i've been scooping about six weeks now. kind of getting old. always fun for that first shovel. -`but after that it gets a little bit old. it's really beautiful out this morning. you'll want to take it easy. i have not been out on the roads. i'm sure the crews have been working overnight. it's the neighborhood roads that we still haven't melted out from the last snowfall on christmas day and the one
6:47 am
fresh snow in fort collins, 3 inches. major king, denver 7. i've seen many of the roads in berthoud and loveland and fort collins and greeley. they're all very slick, snow 3 covered and very tough. unfortunately, you can see the flashing lights back in here. tough to see with the way they have the camera moved now. but there's a bad accident lock blocking -- blocking several lanes. we've had this accident on westbound i-70 by ward road. let me show you on the map here this morning, to the west side of town, northbound crash, it's backeddup. it's for an accident at morrison road with track barely moving from ken caryl. on i-25. looks wet now, but you have a long slow ride and several accidents are head of you tech center.
6:48 am
this is a parking lot here. we're coming up to meadows parkway, found weres parkway. mmles per hour. up ahead. if you're headed into the city this morning, you're going too lisa, how much more snow do you this? >> probably at this point probably another inch on top of it. picked up another inch in spots early this morning. additional 1 to 3 in the morning. starting to lighten up. the southwestern edge. metro area, along c-470, it will continue to lift off i-25 within the next few hours. heavier in pockets 225 and 76 closer to brighton, a band moving through there. wean now and 9:00 10:00,
6:49 am
a few flurries through the afternoon and evening. this weekend skies will clear out. staying cold from 20s today to 20s on sunday. we don't get back to near normal until the middle, even end of next week. >> thank you, lisa. dia has had crews out all are safe. of delays. they have weather issues on the east coast, on the west coost. call your airline to be safe. yesterday they canceled a total of 30 nights out of dia. we continue to track breaking news. police nabed a man wanted in a series of smash and grabs overnight. officers used footprints in the
6:50 am
in all the suspect is accused jayson. `>> interbelt to shoo you the pictures, doesn't look fun with all dined of problem. ttis is a picture of longmont, highway 119 off of i-25. here's the travel times. they are not very fun now. commute. coming in. we wanted to share with you. we have the full list at >> that's right. we'll have that strolling along
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