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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  January 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:30pm MST

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the browns in 1968. the third time that would happen if the score holds up. 30-0. and most of the 70,000-plus are gone, except for the chiefs fans wearing red. the texans fans showed up in their red, as well. sammy bonn, that 71-0 game was asked if his pass for a touchdown was held? he said we would have lost 73-7 instead of 73-0. >> jon: i put a premium on coaching, mike, as an ex-coach. what a staff. doug pederson. rumored to be a hot head coaching candidate. emmitt thomas. how about dave toub, the special teams today?
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three punts inside the 20. seven touchbacks. they get it done in the meeting room with their coaching, too. >> mike: two knees and close this out. let's talk about houston for a moment. they're going to play a first place schedule. denver next year. the afc north. they'll play kansas city. they'll be in the market for a quarterback. offseason. look ahead for kansas city. as bill o'brien's season will end, 9-7, first playoff game. what about the chiefs going forward to denver or new england next weekend? >> jon: a big loss in maclin. you lose chaurls and potentially maclin, it's a big bite out of your skill on offense. over the last 13 games, mike, with this included, they've given up less than 12 points a game. cow can ride that a long way.
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>> mike: trips to houston have been good for kansas city teams in this great sports year. this that wonderful city, world series champ royals beat the astros in a memorable game. and a playoff shutout for andy reid and the chiefs over the texans. 30-0, here today. alex smith, a second playoff win. standing by. >> mike. in the second half, you started to make it look easy. what came together and started working? >> um, i think a little by just identifying how they were going the play us. a lot of unfelonious knowns. been a long time. seeing how they would treat formations and personal nell. got some of that ironed out in halftime. >> lisa: what impact did the opening kickoff return, what did that have jump-starting everything? >> you never expect to start a game like that. that's what we feel like. we can play flee three phases of football. >> lisa: you're moving on.
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your thoughts on that? >> we'll find out. you know, i'm sure. but, you know, obviously, he's a huge player. tremendous player for us outside. anytime a guy like that goes down, i mean, it's hard. it's hard. he's such a leader for us on and off the field. we'll see. right now, we don't know. >> lisa: 11 consecutive wins after starting 1-5. what is going on with this team? >> it's everything. it's hard to explain. you know, a little bit like i high-character guys that put in the time and sacrifice. to so, yeah. >> lisa: thank you very much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike: number one overall pick. alex smith. found that man, andy reid. chopping their way to the last eight in the nfl playoffs. kansas city is moving on. he gets a kiss from his wife, tammy. 30-0, our final score here. stay tuned for the gmc post game on "sportscenter" coming up next on espn.
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we'll reveal the wild card gruden grinder. it's been a presentation of espn. and a kansas city win in houston. in the playoffs. again. for the first time in 2years, the chiefs have won playoff game. they do it with they won the last playoff game. in houston. they won one in the afl. came here and beat the oilers. time for the gruden grirnd.
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a wild card grinder. who is it? >> i would like to give to it the chiefs. i'm picking travis kelce. the tight end. pro bowl tight end of the chiefs. what a game he's had here today. eight catches. 128 yards. he did it all day long. corner route. beautiful pattern. he beat jackson. went up and got it. and then just a simple flat route. he gets the first down. he beats kevin johnson. another first round draft choice on a deep cross. then he goes down and gets a low ball. make johnathan joseph miss. he's off to the races. he kept the chains moving. he picked up the slack. when maclin went down. if maclin can't play, it will be a lot more kelce. >> that's the way it was last year. the offense did the job. special teams, defense. reid's team gets a shutout. never happened before regular season or post season.
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see you in hawaii. see you for the pro bowl. enjoy the rest of the playoff. good luck to our friends 59 fox, cbs and abz. those of you on espn, we'll go to "sportscenter." those of you watching on abc, your local station will pick up with regularly scheduled programming. we say good night from houston. 30-0, kansas city. sfx: rocket blasting off (ding) (dong) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 (ding)
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anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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denver 7 news starts right now what a game to start the nfl playoffs. mistake after mistake for the texans and the chiefs took advantage running away with the win and that means they could be coming to denver next week. we have an in-depth look at the broncos chased two championship. the sun making its return but it did not help much in melting that snow. we have your first alert forecast which includes warmer temperatures. new tonight, one unruly passenger causing big problems for a plane heading to denver. they ended up spending the night in a foreign country. a two dollar purchase could
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what you need to know before the big car ball drop. at first -- -- but first -- the most important is the super bowl knows what we're going to get. >> were going to the super bowl. >> it is time to go to work. i am looking forward to being back with the team. and helping to contribute in some way.>> it doesn't matter if you lose in the second round . >> we know the teams that we can play. >> it doesn't matter to me.>> no matter who we play. >> it is officially on, everybody! the chase for the championship. a p7 sports extra.
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you just off. and well, what a win for kansas city. the biggest topic of conversation here, peyton manning and the nfl's number one defense together as a broncos set to make a chance -- for today's championship. the broncos play the steelers if they beat the bengals tonight. the broncos play the chiefs if cincinnati wins tonight. stay tuned. it is going to get good. here's the deal. we have brandon stokely in the house. two-time super bowl champion brenda payton. and the broncos beat writer. he sees all and knows all. we will talk to these guys in a minute at the big story -- but first, the big story of the week. going back to peyton manning as starting quarterback. totally unexpected but when payton went out, so many people said he has done.
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it is rocks team now -- rocks -- black -- what a long and strange trip it has been. % number 18 became the nfl's all- time leading passer on his worst day as a pro. missed six games due to injury and returned as a backup. the same for today's season finale. rate has been given what is the link to be one final run at lombardi. >> i am excited to be thinking about who we are going to play this weekend and you have the opportunity to help contribute in some way. >> manning is the starting quarterback entering postseason. >> guys kind of new what was going to happen. we expected it to happen but we didn't really know.>> peyton manning, you certainly cannot ask for a better leader to lead you into the playoffs. >> payton led the broncos to a
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regular-season finale. finishing five of nine for 65 yards. but it is the intangibles that don't show up that has cj anderson talking. >> the normal, average eye doesn't see. maybe the film doesn't see it either. it comes to making players and audibles and putting us in the right position at certain times, that it has -- that has always been a big part of his game. >> can manning's body holdup for an entire game? >> i am told it is a negative of not being able to play and practice. it is not as much fun as being part of the team. i guess part of that is that the rest of your body doesn't get a chance to heal and feel better. so i have tried to take advantage of that. >> everything we have seen him do from the start. the way he is throwing the ball, the way he is moving around.>> i don't have any
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doubt.>> it is the nfl's most 3 compelling story and another chapter in number 18 pollock -- hall of fame career. >> i probably ride pretty good short story. the biggest past off-season this season. but right now, it is fun to be able to focus on the now. >> he gets to write the story the way he wants to write the story. the way he wants to write it. it's a good thing for him. aa this point, not even payton knows how the story will end. but gary says he thinks that meaning is as healthy now as he has been this season. if that is the case, broncos will have to be feeling good. thanks a lot. now, we have brandon stokely with us today. brandon, great to see you again. we anchored super bowl coverage together in new jersey.
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>> not as well as we thought. >> if you need proof that brandon knows what he is talking about, take a look at this. brandon stokely, number 14, catching passes from number 18. and then, these were the days. you were on that 2012 team. that was payton's first year as you had 45 catches, five touchdowns. you guys went into the playoffs as the number two seed and you loss to the ravens. but let's talk about now. %- you agree with gary kubiak's decision to go back to peyton ? >> i do. i think it is a great call by him. a tough call because black -- brock did play good coverage. i think if you want to gg to the super bowl, he is your guy. >> first nine games, who was nfl. he led the league in
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jury -- injury put him out. what do you say that will make -`peyton manning better now than he was in the first nine games. >> the time off he has sad. the six weeks has given him time to reflect on what he needs to do to get this team to win. he doesn't have to force the ball. you have a great defense. different quarterback. it is such a competitor -- he is such a competitor.>> we will talk more about payton and the chiefs and texas. but we watched the game right here on denver 7 and what a finish ! what a start, actually x buy -- actually!. it was domination from the opening kickoff. now davis to get siik shots deep and took it out blocking wide-open spaces and lots of speed. he went the distance and then some. 106 yards and a 7 and nothing lead on the very first play. it got worse from there for the
5:50 pm
ryan picked off by perry in the first of many. he went down in the red zone. right to josh. texas actually tried jj white as a quarterback in the wildcat. that did not go as planned. it looked good on paper but it got stuffed. and alan smith, a beautiful pass to chris conley in the end zone. finally, 32 nothing chief's ear they won 11 in a row and they are coming back to denver if the steelers lose tonight in cincinnati let's go live to nrg stadium in houston right now. to my is there your -- to my weston -- to my webster -- webster is there right now. we knew there were three potential components the broncos could face next week. steellrs. it as you can see, the chiefs
5:51 pm
proud because they were able to get the job done and that was also the question i was posed % -- opposed to the broncos early this week. in my mind, it did not matter who they played. you, me, or in and troy could have built a team. they say it doesn't matter. they say whoever comes into town, they will be ready to take care of business. >> it is out of my control. whoever wins, they come here, we will prepare for. it doesn't matter to me. whoever wants to come here and play.>> going with the receivers. you don't know who you're playing wet doee yet so -- you don't know who you are playing at. >> doesn't matter who comes to >> it doesn't matter now. which is will win and go home. it doesn't matter wwo we play. >> going back to fundamentals and really focusing on being the best team we can be. and when we find out who we're
5:52 pm
preparing for them.>> we will play the lowest seat, whoever that is -- we will play the lowest seed whoever that is. >> the chiefs are taking care of business with a 30 - 0 victory over the texans at home. ridiculous stuff when you think about them hosting a playoff game and getting shutout. now, we wait to see what is happening. but there is one definite your the broncos will be playing next sunday at 2: 40 at sports back to you. broncos beat writer, tori rankin . he looked good in practice. no setbacks with a foot injury. jerry cody apfel experience over yes. peyton also said that he would never play -- teleplay or he is on a short leash. how long do you think kerry
5:53 pm
things start going bad?>> unless there is a health issue with many, i think they're all in with manning. when he committed to manning is different than oswald. oswald is a younger guy, and experience. but to get manning in a playoff game and ditching, at that point, you really cannot go back to him again. as long as the foot holds up, again. >> i don't think gary could have started brock after the way it ended. >> if you look at how gary kovac adjusted for the last 7 wweks, he left himself wiggle room that if payton is healthy, it is his job. it was an healthy so everyone asked why is he starting against the chargers where he was a healthy backup in tennessee. i don't think they trusted it again. they got burned in the chiefs game but they thought payton was healthy and he wasn't. they saw with their own eyes in the game against the chargers, okay, he is good to go and as long as he is healthy, it is his job.
5:54 pm
we saw with the steelers did against the broncos this year. against texas. who do we want to come here. >> i think the teelers are a better matchup. antonio brown is the best player i have seen this season. he has been amazing but the steelers are the chiefs -- thee best in the nfl. so i'm looking right now, yes, they have been. 13 defense is one of the worst pass defenses. they can take advantage of that and beat the steelers at home. the chiefs just don't look like a better matchup. i take the steelers. >> we will talk more in a few minutes but right now, andy reid is talking in houston. >> i am going to focus on cairo playoffs. his ability to kick it deep in
5:55 pm
drive along field is a son of a gun and i am proud of him for doing that. i am proud of the guys. the coach has had a nice plan `here the players play their hearts out. and they absolutely play their hearts out. especially the biggs. the offensive and defensive line stepped up. you are talking about the best defense here. arguably, in the national foot all-league statistically. our guys came out and took that challenge to heart and they had a great week of practice and played tough football. so we will enjoy it tonight. and then, i am not sure when we will play. we will find out later tonight. but whenever it is, we will get right back on it and give ourselves a lot of time. a single elimination tournament. we will keep going.
5:56 pm
sports an amendment -- in a minute here but first, make sure you have all of those layers ready if you're heading outside. lisa hidalgo joining us with your forecast. it is going to get cold. some spots dropping into the single digits early tomorrow morning. already, we're in the teens. a beautiful into the day. we have some clear skies to the west. you can see a little hint of our sunset. wind chill at 10 degrees. that is what it feels like. the current temp of 3 degrees in greeley. 19 in aurora still a little warmer in the southern edge. upper 20s in littleton and skies are clear. if you're heading west were up in the mountains, there is a light -- there is a chance of light snow there ttnight overnight tonight into tomorrow. we will see mainly cloudy skies. by 7:00 amar morning, dropping to right around 10 degrees. it will be a cold start at warmer afternoon. details are coming up in a minute took
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flight ffom -- to denver. one person was arrested after a security concern diverted the flight to vancouver. this was the scene when the fight landed in canada. 131 passengers and six crew members on board. if you're looking to warm up this weekend, a stock show is underway. we are finding out about the changes coming. a lot of commotion around one of the new light rail stations. but don't worry, this is all the keep you safe in the future.
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welcome back. powerball fever is upon us. the jackpot time to $900 3 million. that is all because lottery officials say you will probably spend $400 million on tickets today alone. do you have yours mist brenda gonzalez's live in centennial.
5:59 pm
brenda gonzalez's live in centennial. >> reporter: this time last year, they sold a winning powerball ticket. a woman one $2 million here from one of these -- a woman has one $2 million. chances may not be with me but maybe i am so your odds are about 65% chance of the winning numbers out there. that is according to the lottery officials. your chances of winning, not so much here. we are more likely to get struck by lightning twice but that does not matter. in denver, there have been a handful in denver. including king soopers and aurora where someone ooe big and the chances are, this may be a hotspot, a convenience
6:00 pm
king supers. a person one -- one coat -- one coat -- won $1 million. think about at this way. you have a better chance of being killld by an asteroid than hitting the jack by. also on that list, being drafted into the nba, the coming a movie star, dating a supermodel, or being killed by vending machine than taking home the $900 million. aurora emergency responders put the morning keeping you safe on light rail trains. the drill was on 32nd avenue right where the well rain -- light rail goes in. someone was hit by a train and it was all a drill for first responders. a spokesperson says it is all about making sure they are prepared. the is set to open this year on
6:01 pm
station to dia. it is a beautiful night but it is cold. first alert weather tracking a chilly couple of mornings. the temperatures are oing to drop into the single digits. we have a little light snow out on the western slope. over some of the higher mountain passes but we're officially alert tree in colorado. this is east of lyman. you can see on some of the side streets where the snow will linger and it will most likely stay there for the next couple of days. we're not going to warm up enough to get a lot of melting. right now, wind chills in the single digits those like three endeavor, three in greeley and attthis point, 13 in lyman. it gets colder tonight. we will see a mix of cloud cover and clear skies. the early tomorrow morning. by 7:00 sunday morning, you can see some sunshine to start the day and the mountains will continue to pick up light snow. a weak disturbance rolling through the region over the next 24 to 36 hours.
6:02 pm
very mild. you have a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures tomorrow above freezing so it is going to be warmer. we will game 5 to 7 degrees. we have for college or at 32. denver a high of 35. teens and 20s but heading to the -- denver -- denver with a high of 35. teens and 20s. parker at 32. aurora is just above freezing. air-quality tomorrow, slightly warmer. and we ill continue to see more warm up as we head into the first of next week work we are back to near normal come tuesday and wednesday. low to mid 40s. through the middle of the way, it lookk pretty good. we will be watching for our next system thursday into friday. dropping temperatures. we are focused on next weekend's began. it does look like it is going to be a cold one. but we will keep you prepared. get ready for temperatures near freezing. >> you need to bundle up for that game. this is the perfect weather to welcome the stock show back to town.
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with the use of your tax money. >> this wwek off, much needed theater in your living room. for me, it's changed the way i've seen tv. it was a huge upgrade for us. i love it. i really do. introducing prism tv from centurylink. with all your favorite channels, dvr and a wireless set-top box, it's the tv you love whenever and wherever you want it. prism tv from centurylink.
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we are looking forward to peyton leading our football team. i feel good about that. and i also know that brock will
6:05 pm
he has proven that throughout the course of this year. and i will make the comment like i have made all week long, it has taken all of us and i think it will continue to take all of us as we embark on the second season.>> we are all excited about this. i don't know about you. it on sunday when peyton %- manning came off the bench, i had goosebumps. it was obvious the team responded. is that spark and energy sustainable? will we see him pick up where he left off on sunday?>> i don't think you could ever re- create that moment. he has not done it in 18 years. and there's never anything like the first time but can they build off of it? absolutely. peyton manning does things no one else can do. he's like a computer on the field, a coach on the field. they can benefit from peyton manning being on there. the way he calculatts a sluggish offense, you can see the boost from peyton manning. his presence being back out with that team.
6:06 pm
my main take away is just how bad the broncos are banged up. what injuries should we be worried about as we move forward mist >> the only two injuries that concerned the team, darian stewart has a hamstring issue. he saw a specialist earlier this week. he said it was not as bad aa the one that forced him to miss the steelers game but it is still bear -- it still bears watching. also marcus, left knee injury. he tells us he is going to play but at what level? those are the two guys to keep an eye on. >> we know with peyton center, that is priority number one. what can we expect? >> we have to keep a team's jersey clean. that is got to be the model going and. and i look for columbus to play white tackle -- right tackle. maybe even a crisis of confidence but you have to go in making it your goal to keep
6:07 pm
if you do, you win this game. if he gets sacked three times and it leads to one turnover or a bad pick, pick six, the broncos could lose it at home but i think keeping mr. is it clean is the success -- key to success. if it's the chiefs, you saw them today, that front is nasty. i don't know. we're back here with more wild-card coverage in a minute but looking ahead, we will send it to molly. some dangerous criminals on the run tonight. store.
6:08 pm
welcome back. it is a big day today.
6:09 pm
know who the broncos will play your the chiefs winning the first round and that you solve. it all depends on the game later today. other big headlines -- a `ong way to finish their travels which took them through denver. disunited plane left anchorage vancouver because a passenger was under arrest. the time is running out to get your powerball ticket. the big drawing is tonight at it may not be that bad of a thing if no one wins tonight your jackpot will be $1.3 billion -- million dollars. >> temperatures right now, you will find greeley dropping it -- dropping to zero. it is a cold start to the evening and it will get a few degrees colder. tonight, we drop into the single digits two teens. both that and degrees early
6:10 pm
it looks like you will hit a low of 10. wind chills are going to drop well below zero. looking ahead to tomorrow, a little warmer. you will find some low 30s by noon. a mix of sun and louds and highs in the mid 30s. and we have another cold night to kickoff the start f next week. coming up, we look at the week and things do get warmer. the search continues for two guys who buildup and arapahoe county gas station last night. it happened at this western convenience store on south parker road. the men had semiautomatic handguns and were able to get away with $100 before running off. >> it is that time of year. the national western complex is transformed into the stock show. kyle moran is live there right now. >> reporter: this is the 1/10 -- 110th year. some big changes are coming to the stock show.
6:11 pm
remember will be changed. from the first day, these are the first of more than 600,000 people who will attend the show your the show has -- attend the show. the show has always been about numbers. 728 seconds -- 7 or eight seconds. $100 million brought into the city of denver every year. it is the super bowl livestock shows across the country. hundreds of millions of dollars could transform the space. that is just the start. it is good to see growth but what is tried and true will still be messed. >> it is also a sign of the times.
6:12 pm
special event. and new. it is always nice to change things up. >> seen those changes happen will happen over the next decade. $350 million for csu buildings on site. reporting live, december 7 -- denver 7 . go to for information. for -- a four pack of tickets with snacks, $89. denver water crews spent the day fixing up to university boulevard and cedar avenue. they closed northbound lanes between exposition and alameda. customers should still have water. get used to this call.
6:13 pm
at least not for a few moree days. lisa will be back to let us know when those temperatures will finally climb into the 40s.
6:14 pm
-- into the playoffs. this has been our team. going back to the first game against baltimore, that game in every game thereafter, the
6:15 pm
. everybody has done their part and that is the only way we're going to be able to ave a chance in the postseason. everybody doing their part and i want to be able to do my part. >> peyton manning coming back to start for the broncos. a former broncos receiver, brandon stokely's back. he agreed to come on the show if i would only show this footage like 300 times. so check it out again.[ laughter ]number 14 catching passes from 18 a few years ago. rain in caught passes for four seasons from peyton manning. and played here in denver for four years. played with the ravens, giant, seahawks. you have basically seen it all in the nfl. i will ask you this. the broncos have the one seed. they are watching football this week instead of playing football. how important is that to heal your body after 16 or 17 long weeks? >> get refreshed, get those bruises healed up and get refocused. i think the coach is that a great job. they have if you days off early
6:16 pm
working on their stuff. next week, they will start working on them. >> they are watching the steelers game per share. and the chiefs gain right here on denver 7. they had the number one in the league. the best defense in the nfl. you want a title with a great defense. how important is it? is it more importaat than have a -- than having a great quarterback? >> i think so. if you have a great defense, you can win football games. they usually don't have football days and this team has that type of defense to take them to the playoffs and win a super bowl. >> that is crazy. >> also crazy is that we have a 12 and 14, a number one seed in the nfa -- nfc. the other went five into and no one knows what is going to happen at this point.
6:17 pm
controversy on the one seed. >> and that is a great luxury. to have peyton manning ready to go, i think he is fresh, rejuvenated. that time has helped him. i am looking forward to seeing him take this team to that next level. throughout the playoffs and finish with the super bowl. >> what would you have said if he had said, we are going with rock also while her -- we're going with brock? >> i have never been disappointed. i think this is peyton's team and his time to shine. i think he finishes his career off with a great run and i am looking forward. i am excited. >> you think john elway, what he did -- you think peyton manning can hold that lombardi and finish his career? >> no question. them and i am excited. >> we have to get the chiefs by the steelers though. we will talk more about that in just a minute.
6:18 pm
lisa hidalgo for some first alert weather. i wore my bronco blue for you boys. i will be wearing this dress for the next two weeks solid. >> dye your hair orange and you will be perfect.
6:19 pm
welcome back and happy saturday. first of all, we are not tracking any snow in denver. we did get 3.5 inches from our most recent storm. that put us over 26.1 inches. january is typically the snowiest month. more to come by the end of next week. it is 14 degrees right now in denver. we have clear skies. the roads are going to be icy, especially, on the side streets. whatever did not today is going to refreeze overnight tonight. i see tomorrow. 16 in fort collins. right now, 19. grand lake 15. one of the warmer spots on our map compared to what we're seeing on the planes. we are set to roll through here the next 24 hours. our mountains will pick up a
6:20 pm
we are not looking at -- we will pick up a couple of inches. overnight tonight, a little clearing. we have mix of sun and clouds. a pretty nice day on sunday. a little warmer. you will find a few high clouds out across the planes through the day and you will notice simply by the afternoon tomorrow. one to 3 o'clock, we have more light snow sunday into monday and it will clear out a little bit. tonight, more single digits. 8:00 tomorrow morning -- eight tomorrow morning. single digits to the south and in some spots, we will drop well below zero. leadville, about 5 to 15 below zero. which will make for some dangerous wind chills in the mountains. our highs tomorrow, teens and 20s. denver, 35. we are above freezing but still 10 degrees above normal. parker and castle rock, you will hover right around freezing. it does get warmer.
6:21 pm
but by the first of next week, we are talking 40s. monday into tuesday, mid-40s. overnight lows will even out a bit more and we will see more teens and 20s. another chance of snow coming thursday and friday. at this point, we are watching a pattern that could bring colder weather next weekend. saturday, i high of 30 but i don't think we will e talking subfreezing temperatures that we saw on that one monday night football game. back to you. coming up, much more afc wild-card coverage. we will go back out like to houston for more on today's game . the broncos are watching
6:22 pm
southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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