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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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following breaking news. were a police are looking for a suspect who robbed a subway set -- restaurant. this all happened on east left. the person shot at the suspect during the getaway? >>police say he 1st fired a shot in the air and then continued to shoot at the suspect as he got away. police are searching for that suspect although they have released a description just yet. they were out here until about 10 minutes to go at this subwaa. we talk to someone who says they spoke to the manager of this subway just shortly after this happened, she said the man came into the subway, demanded money but could not figure how
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off with the entire register. he did a salt one employee before taking off and that person has minor injuries. police are out here processing the area and talking to employees and tell minutes ago. we are going to continue out exactly what happened. we did see a man inside a police car after this. we're not sure if that was the man who fired at the suspect. he was released shortly after police spoke with him. reporting live in aurora . taking a live look outside, metro area. stacy donelson is standing by. >>afternoon highs today were a little warmer in the 20s, now we are getting into the single digits you factor in the wind and it feels colder.
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we have single digits all across this -- the planes and wind-chill factor's are in the single digits as well and below 0 in many areas. we are also factoring something else into the mix, fog. a dense fog advisory has been issued for the metro area and northeastern colorado. now to the other big story of the night. have you checked your powerball jack hot numbers for the $950 million jackpot? the winning numbers are 32 16 19 57 34413 with the 13. >>reporter: with $900 million on the line there is one way these players think they may beat the odds.
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>>reporter: a woman one $2 million on a powerball ticket at this green wood village king supers this month last year. >>really? maybe i am the winner. >>reporter: this is not the only place around denver or green wo in 2014 a man won $1 million at this convenience store right across the street from the king supers. >>i should go across the street. it is clear the secret is out. >>is your that -- mena has ever beee. >>reporter: she is pulling out her lucky wallet. >>you never know. >>reporter: this story may not be one of the luckiest in the state for powerball.
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>>reporter: may be it is one of the kindest. >>how well does your $900 million winning measure up what -`it is more than the gross domestic product of a dozen nations. you could have more money before taxes and after, right now we know who will be headed to denver to face the broncos at mile high. the pittsburgh steelers beat the cincinnati bengals. lionel is in the news or breaking it down. >>reporter: it was a crazy the steelers are in. they had a 15-0 lead and then big ben got hurt and then 16-15 last-second, big ben came back cold. it was brutal. 15 yard penalty, and then a 35 yard field goal and while, the steelers win 18-16 and they are
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man oh man it is playoff time. we will have complete highlights and we will talk to the broncos and peyton manning on this game coming up. we will hear from brandon stokely, all that coming up at 10:15. right now evans avenue in denver is closed at both directions at santa fe as crews work on a traffic signal. the upgrades include larger signal heads and pedestrian countdown signals evans will reopen tomorrow night at 9. another closer to tell you about this one from university boulevard while crews leaked a leaky valve. this includes the northbound alameda. the road should be open by midnight. if you live in tharea you should still have water. big changes could be coming to the central city pplice department and it has for residents fired up. the city wants to do way with
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up with a gilpin county sheriff's department. lance fernandez is in central city. lantz, the city says it is about saving money. >>reporter: the city hopes to save 34% on his law enforcement budget by contracting the workout. i asked for a specific dollar figure and a spokeswoman for the city could not provided. residents say whatever the savings are they likely will not be worth it. >>i think it is a horrible decision. >>reporter: many residents are learning about the plan. hing has hush-hush. a memo from the manager to the police chief that says in environment where desires are and resources are decreasing the city has to explore all in any available optioos. >>we are very close-knit community. we know our officers well. >>reporter: kayla helps manage a local dispensary and she wants to keep the police department. >>it makes me feel comfortable
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>>reporter: the manager of the casino feels the same way. >>we had an incident last week were in individual did damage to our property and it was their response time that allowed for us to apprehend the individual. >>i love our shares department, but it is a wide spectrum. >>reporter: cheryl worries there will not be enough deputies to handle everything especially with businesses in town planning to serve businesses 24 hours a day. >>they patrol our neighborhoods nightly, daily. we are a totown, we are safe local town but we are a tourist town. thhre is crime. >>reporter: one of the unanswererquestions is where will central city spend the 3 money is residents want to know they plan to show up in math at the next townhall meeting. i am told they are working on
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and no timeframe has been announced. passengers aboard a united airlines flight from alaska to denver got quite the scare. one person was arrested after a security concern. this is a look at the scene early this morning when the flight was diverted to vancouver canada. we spoke to a woman on the phone who was sitting next to the guy arrested. >>the guys that down and he was laughing and tapping. he was laughing at nothing and at one point he tried to pull out the monitor. >>there were 131 passengers on board as well as 6 crew members. united is working on rebooking their flights. the search continuing for 2 guys who held up a gas station last night. this happened at the western convenience store on s. parker road. they hhd semi automatic handguns and got away with $1$1 number and aurora emergency crews are making sure you are safeeon light rail trains.
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and pagosa street. today's training was if someone was hit by a train. it is all about making sure they are prepared. -` the 110th edition of the ay. more than 600,000 people are expected over the next weeks. national western complex. er the next decade the will be changing to a new ew trade so arena and new facilities for csu. the state has agreed to help pay for the $350 million project. coming up, one man taking matters into his own hands. how hh was able to create a winter wonderland even when mother nature would not cooperate.
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welcome back. new jersey has taken ers into his own hand. since mother nature has brought no snow he created his own. he has a special snow gun that can crank out snow at 1 inch snow gun that can crank out snow at 1 in./h. >>i had a lady pull over to the side, get out of her car, look both ways, run across the street, touch it. >>when i walk to scscin the morning i get 5 kids asking how i got snow on my lawn. >>cold air is expected to move into the area next week and he plans to make 2 feet of snow.
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>>no we don't. we have mother nature. things are chilly out there across the front range. just last hour r windchill was to below. that has gone up to 7 degrees that is what it feels like outside. 17 is the actual temperature. humidity is at 80%. that is going to create fog throughout tonight. i will have more details on the wouldn't it be great if we saw 71 which is the recorddhigh for today? instead we got to 28 for the afternoon and 17 was the low. tonight will have a overnight of 11 and that record overnight low, 24 below 0. at this point we have temperatures in the teens right around the denver metro region, 2 ees in limon we have single digits from leadville into gunnison.
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here is the current windchill, 7 for r er, 0 for greeley, also for collins view windchill is 9 degrees. it is fild and it will remain through tomorrrr and then we start toto warm things up next week. dense fofovisory in effect along the eye 25 corridor out through i 76. we have low visibility especially in fort morgan. yoo cannot see a thing. in greeley a looks liie the fog is starting to thicken up. we have a dense fog advvsory and that means visibility will be between 0 and order of a -`mile. denver, we do not have fog in the area yet. we are expecting it to sock in tomorrow morning but -- so be prepared. satellite radar picture is pretty quiet around the front
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toward lamar. we are going to see some moisture in the higher elevation just like we did today through tomorrow. i tomorrow night things start to quiet down. tonight lowe's will be in the single digits and the teens from denver all the way back up to higher elevations. highs will be in the 30s across the eastern plains and also 36 tomorrow, 25 for black hawk and 35 in denver. i -- on the 7 day we will be in the 30s tomorrow and then it increases a little each day and then chances of snow returning to the forecast into thursday and friday. afternoon highs will be in the 40s and overnight lows will be in the 30s. >>everyone is looking forward to the next weekend for the broncos game. stick around spx starts now.
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welcome the pittsburgh steelers to denver. it is said. steel town is coming to mile high to face the broncos in the divisional round of the playoffs. tonight in cincinnati it got wet and wild. big rain in since the -- cinci. touchdown, 15-0 stealers. to appreciate this he snagged it behind his legs, transferred to the hands as he did a front somersault and caught it. catch of the year in my opinion. disaster struck for pittsburgh. big ben was shot -- sacked he fell on his shoulder and he was carted off holding his arm. he came back to the sideline later and into the game and moments in shifted immediately. bengals got a touchdown.
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aj mccarron to aj green, these at the goal line and he is in. bengals up 16-15. but then came big ben. last-second to antonio brown was incomplete. brown was knocked out cold. this is brutal. this was a 15 yard penalty. another one on jones and that led to this. 35 yard field goal from chris boswell. the steelers came back to win 18-16. they are coming to denver next sunday. they will have injury issues to deal with this week with big ben and antonio brown. >>here we go again. broncos, steelers a week 15 rematch. we had a feeling they would see each other again. >>that was a great football game. the broncos have a chance to avenge their last loss with peyton manning under center. will they be healthy willing to go? anyone's guess.
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1st half. >>4 touchdowns it put the broncos of 27-10. big been rally the troops in the 2nd half. he played like a man possessed. pittsburgh scorrd 21 unanswered. 3427 the final. earlier tonight on our special broncos beat [ indiscernible ] and former bronco brandon stokely told us the steelers are the best matchup. well against them, to variouss and emmanuel, i don't feel the secondary at all. up front defensively i like our matchups. i know they have weapons on the outside, i think chris harris will play a lot better than he did the previous time against antonio brown. offensively and defensively. i like all of our matchups a lot better. >>i think the steelers are better matchup. i say that knowing they been is
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has been amazing. the last 9 games of the season the steelers are the best in nfl. their defense is one of the worst pass defenses in football and i think peyton manning to take advantage of that. >>they might not have big ben or antonio brown. >>the chiefs, both brandon and choi agreed we did not want to see them coming here, they are headed to new england next week. >>the chiefs embarrass the patriotsslast year that was at arrowhead. we saw today kansas city could win on the postseason and they did it on the road. >>let's check out that she's texting game. it was not even a game. from the opening kickoff he took us 6 yards deep and took it all the way out. 106 yards
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it got worse from there for the texans. bbian hoyer, a hat trick of pics in the 1st half for him. texas tried jj watt as [ indiscernible ]. it look good on paper but he got stuff. pass to chris conley it was 20- 0, the final was 30-0 chiefs. they are headed to new enan >>we are just locked in and ready r next week. we're taking it one game at a time, one day the time, we wiil keep on rolling. >>it is win or o home. there is no tomorrow. week. coming up, you are going to
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welcome back. if peyton manning ever write a book i have the perfect title for the chapter on this season, what a long strange trip it has been. the nfl's all-time leading passer on his worst day as a
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to injury and returned as a backup and he saved the day in the season finale. he has been given the reins in the postseason ffr what many believe is one final run at the lombardi. >>i am excited to think about whoowe will play this weekend and have the opportunity to help and contribute. >>reporter: peyton manning is the broncos starting quarterback entering the postseason. >>on looking for to peyton 3 leading our football team. >>guys knew it was going to happen. we are proud for him. >>its manning. he is a hallfame arterback. you coull not ask for a better leader. >>reporter: peyton led the broncos to a come-from-behind victory in the regular-season finale. he finished a paltry 5 of 9 for 69 yards but it is the intangibles that do not show up in the box score that has cj anderson talking. >>he sees things that the
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maybe the film doesn't see it either. when it comes to changing plays and audibles and putting us in the right position, that has always been a big part of his game. >>reporter: we shot him -- saw him shine in spot duty can't be holed up for an entire game? >>i'm confident. not being able to be healthy enough to play and practice is not fun, it gives your body a chance to heal and feel better. >>i know he has done everything that i have seen him do from the start. when he is on the ball and when he's moving around, i don't have any doubt, he doesn't have any doubt. that is a good thing. >>reporter: it s the nfl's most compelling story and another chapter in number 18's hall of fame career. >>i always told you all if i
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good short story. right now it is fun to focus on the now. >>he gets to write the story the way he wants to write the story whether that's enning this year or continuing on. he gets to write it the way he wants to. >>no one, not even peyton knows how the story in's. gary kubiak said he thinks manning is as healthy as he has been all season and that is good news. >>we got some great insight tonight from troy ranked from the denver post and from `randon stokely. %- they were special guests on our sports extra earlier this evening. brandon even made a prediction you asked him point-blank and straight up. >>does a 39-year-old peyton manning have enough gas in the tank to leave the broncos to the super bowl? >>no question in my mind. he is the ultimate competitor, ultimate teammate. i think at the end of the day that rest really helped him and
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>>you heard it here 1st. other news, quarterback guuu adam gase today was announced at the dolphins head coach. the 37-year-old, we saw those star wars numbers, peyton manning put those up working with gase. he is now the youngest head coach in the nfl . >>we wish him luck. >>lindsay von made history in austria. >>the csu bass will team said
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welcome back. lindsay von made history in the 1st race of the new year. she tied the world record for world cup downlls at
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this was her number 72 world career cup ct >>csu rams and san jose state. rams down 2 late. they went into overtime. san jose state up one,e,is john dillon, csu wins the one 85-84 on the road. they are now 10-6 in the year. >>things are coming into for our colorado teams. >>it is broncos steelers week. it is going to be big terrible towels.
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