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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 10, 2016 3:05am-3:35am MST

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stick around spx starts now. weecome to 7 sports extra. welcome the pittsburgh steelers to denver. it is said. steel town is coming to mile high to face the broncos in the divisional round of the playoffs. tonight in cincinnati it got wet and wild. big rain in since the -- cinci. touchdown, 15-0 stealers. to appreciate this he snagged it behind his legs, transferred to the hands as he did a front somersault and caught it. opinion. disaster struck for pittsburgh. big ben was shot -- sacked he fell on his shoulder and he was carted off holding his arm.
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later and into the game and moments in shifted immediately. bengals got a touchdown. 15-7 then under 2 minutes ago aj mccarron to aj green, these at the goal line and he is in. bengals up 16-15. but then came big ben. last-second to antonio brown was incomplete. brown was knocked out cold. this is brutal. this was a 15 yard penalty. another one on jones and that led to this. 35 yard field goal from chris boswell. the steelers came back to win 18-16. they are coming to denver next sunday. they will have injury issues to deal with this week with big ben and antonio brown. >>here we go again. broncos, steelers a week 15 rematch. we had a feeling they would see each other again.
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the broncos have a chance to avenge their last loss with peyton manning under center. will they be healthy willing to go? anyone's guess. brock awes while it had a big 1st half. >>4 touchdowns it put the broncos of 27-10. big been rally the troops in the 2nd half. he played like a man possessed. pittsburgh scorrd 21 unanswered. 3427 the final. earlier tonight on our special broncos beat [ indiscernible ] and former bronco brandon stokely told us the steelers are the best matchup. well against them, to variouss and emmanuel, i don't feel the secondary at all. up front defensively i like our matchups. i know they have weapons on the outside, i think chris harris will play a lot better than he
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antonio brown. offensively and defensively. i like all of our matchups a lot better. >>i think the steelers are better matchup. i say that knowing they been is a great player, antonio brown has been amazing. the last 9 games of the season the steelers are the best in nfl. their defense is one of the worst pass defenses in football and i think peyton manning to take advantage of that. >>they might not have big ben or antonio brown. >>the chiefs, both brandon and choi agreed we did not want to see them coming here, they are headed to new england next week. >>the chiefs embarrass the patriotsslast year that was at arrowhead. we saw today kansas city could win on the postseason and they did it on the road. >>let's check out that she's texting game. it was not even a game.
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took us 6 yards deep and took it all the way out. 106 yards and 7-0 on the 1st play. it got worse from there for the texans. bbian hoyer, a hat trick of pics in the 1st half for him. texas tried jj watt as [ indiscernible ]. it look good on paper but he got stuff. pass to chris conley it was 20- 0, the final was 30-0 chiefs. they are headed to new england. >>we are just locked in and ready for next week. we're taking it one game at a time, one day the time, we wiil keep on rolling.
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there is no tomorrow. there is no different next week. coming up, you are going to do a story with peyton manning. >>one of peyton's former teammates he weizen he has no
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welcome back. if peyton manning ever write a book i have the perfect title for the chapter on this season, what a long strange trip it has been. the nfl's all-time leading passer on his worst day as a professional missed 6 games due to injury and returned as a backup and he saved the day in the season finale. he has been given the reins in the postseason ffr what many believe is one final run at the lombardi. >>i am excited to think about whoowe will play this weekend and have the opportunity to help and contribute.
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the broncos starting quarterback entering the postseason. >>on looking for to peyton 3 leading our football team. >>guys knew it was going to happen. we are proud for him. >>it is peyton manning. he is a hall of fame quarterback. you coull not ask for a better leader. >>reporter: peyton led the broncos to a come-from-behind victory in the regular-season finale. he finished a paltry 5 of 9 for 69 yards but it is the intangibles that do not show up in the box score that has cj anderson talking. >>he sees things that the normal average high dozens the, maybe the film doesn't see it either. when it comes to changing plays and audibles and putting us in the right position, that has always been a big part of his game. >>reporter: we shot him -- saw
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holed up for an entire game? >>i'm confident. not being able to be healthy enough to play and practice is not fun, it gives your body a chance to heal and feel better. >>i know he has done everything that i have seen him do from the start. when he is on the ball and when he's moving around, i don't have any doubt, he doesn't have any doubt. that is a good thing. >>reporter: it s the nfl's most compelling story and another chapter in number 18's hall of fame career. >>i always told you all if i wrote a book, i could write a good short story. right now it is fun to focus on the now. >>he gets to write the story the way he wants to write the story whether that's enning this year or continuing on. he gets to write it the way he wants to.
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gary kubiak said he thinks manning is as healthy as he has been all season and that is good news. >>we got some great insight tonight from troy ranked from the denver post and from `randon stokely. %- they were special guests on our sports extra earlier this evening. brandon even made a prediction you asked him point-blank and straight up. >>does a 39-year-old peyton manning have enough gas in the tank to leave the broncos to the super bowl? >>no question in my mind. he is the ultimate competitor, ultimate teammate. i think at the end of the day that rest really helped him and he leads the team to a super bowl championship. >>you heard it here 1st. other news, quarterback guuu adam gase today was announced at the dolphins head coach. the 37-year-old, we saw those
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manning put those up working with gase. he is now the youngest head coach in the nfl . >>we wish him luck. >>lindsay von made history in austria. >>the csu bass will team said no way san jose state. you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash.
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welcome back. lindsay von made history in the 1st race of the new year. she tied the world record for world cup downhill victories at 36. the record stood for 36 years. ironic. this was her number 72 world career cup victory. >>csu rams and san jose state. rams down 2 late. they went into overtime.
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john dillon, csu wins the wild one 85-84 on the road. they are now 10-6 in the year. >>things are coming into place for our colorado teams. >>it is broncos steelers week. it is going to be big terrible towels. >>we shall see on sunday.
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a bull fighter wannabe gets cocky. why that left him flat on his back. >> ay-yai-yai. >> he helps folks fix stuff on the internet. >> this week he posted a very different type of video. >> my life means more than it has ever meant before. >> why jim clark is the driving force behind saving his sister's life. wing suit pilots take flight. >> right next to each other. why the impressive precision
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and a brave dad asks his son to remove his cash. >> this is about to happen, y'all. >> the moment the power tools come out to get the job done. >> to the e.r. you go. mess with the bull, you get -- >> the horns. >> it's a common saying for a very good reason. you don't mess around with bulls. >> we head over to san jose, costa rica. one young gentleman obviously didn't get the message. that's luis contreras. he's decided to face this bill on his knees. the bull is stamping its feet, it's almost like he's antagonizing the bull, come at me, bull. >> he's full of himself, that's the problem. everything in a second. >> yeah, no, that's not the way
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>> he didn't move quick enough and the bull gets his horn right under his arm. >> he attempts to get up quickly and quickly realizes he doesn't really have the use of his right arm. he had a pretty serious puncture wound, it was bleeding profusely. he had to go to hospital. he was in intensive care but did recover. you know what's crazy, guys, this is the second time he's been roughed up by a bull. >> that bull was faster than gravity. he was trying to fall to the ground about the bull beat him to the ground. >> this was broadcast live on tv as well, all part of a bigger event. let's hope they'll learn from in its entirety. he is okay. time to retire, buddy. we have a favorite red neck on this show.
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>> jim clark hosts all kinds of videos. >> do you really it takes 1.6 gallons of water every time you flush a toilet? >> he posted this video on how to make the most use of water around your home. >> it involves using water that would go into your toilet tank, brings it through the top of the tank, so you can use it in a bowl above. >> you can wash your hands with it, brush your teeth with it, whatever you want to do. >> because it is clean water. it circulates back into the tank so you use it twice. >> i like that. >> just a short while after posting this video, he posted a very different type of video. >> hey, i matter more than i ever mattered before. >> he's sharing something very personal. >> i'm a bone marrow match. i'm a donor for my sister.
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>> his sister has been battling leukemia and has had a really difficult time dealing with it. he found out on this daythat he's a bone marrow match for her. >> they're getting ready for the bone marrow transplant. >> he set up a gofundme page to help pay for the procedure. >> it's just a check swab, that gets you on the registry. you may get a call sometime in the future because you're a match for someone, somewhere. you can save that person's life. >> head on over to, click on
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>> that guy is telling us where he is, and he's got great video to show us as well. multiple camera angles of this jump. boom, right into that narrow slot canyon there. but check out how close the but you blue and white suit there. right next to each other. >> they're trying to get this close to each other just to prove how cool they are. >> the proximity to each other really isn't the heart of this video, because watch this. >> whoa! close. we trust them.
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ruins. >> next to that tower. they've got the cameras in all the right positions. here it is, from the point of view of the guy in the blue and white suit. look at this, you've got the cameraman down below and that solid rock wall. what precision. >> i can't imagine what it would be like to hit that wall. body. >> let's not even think about that, because they pulled this jump off quite perfectly. adam was out fishing when he saw something stuck in the mud. so he got out of his boat and went on over, ran into this little fellow. >> it's like the goat found the last bit of moisture. >> he grabs him by the horns and
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>> you see it kind of bust into this tree, takes another fall. you see the bottom half of its body completely covered. he's trying to get the mud off of himself. he picks him back by the horns and puts it back on the right track. >> he's exhausted from trying to kick its way out of the mud. good job, adam. >> deer hunters find her. >> she almost cleared that thing. >> they pulled the wiring apart and stick a bar in there, pull a few wires, push and pry. she gets loose pretty quickly and easily. >> look at that struggle. she was really caught in there. two grown men had a difficult time trying to spread those wires apart, it would barbed wire too.
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