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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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bad news and good news this morning. bad news, you are not a multimillion. >> oh. >> the good news, you have another chance, and this time the payout would be 10 digits. no powerball winner last night means a jackpot of over a billion dollars. my goodness. >> it is 7:00 and the search is on this morning for a violent robber. get into theeregister, so he decided to take the whole thing. >> and a major holliwood actor under investigation in finding el chappo.
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eric lupher. >> and i'm dayle cedars. morning? >> it wasn't horrible, but i did run into it. >> patchy fog and then it would cheer up and come back? some areas not seeing as clear a skies early on this morning. it is a big bowl of soup in fort morgan. look at this. you can't see a thing. it's gotten worse within the last hour thannbetter. you can't even see some of these street lights. you could pick them out earlier, now it's gone. a dense fog advisory is a major factor. if you're in fort morgan your advice blth visibility is incredibly low. lamar souped in but not as ad. city heights are making their way lights making their way through some of the fog. dense fog advisory for the front range. it basically comes down just right about parker so that 470 corridor up to fort collins and out east into fort morgan.
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this morning. some areas quite a bit patchier than other locations. it is cold, single digits across the metro area. castle rock and boulder the warmer locations at 12 degrees. that's sad to say that's warm. longmont at 2 below zero. these are our temperatures here in denver at 9 degrees. factor in a little bit of wind, it feels below zero. in denver it feels like 6 below. parker and aurora at 4 below. definitely dealing with freezing fog that we have. good news is we're going to get rid of it but it had take time. 10 a.m., 24 degrees by noon, 35. more sunshine this afternoon which will make things feel nicer, eric, as everyone tries to nurse their sorrow from the powerball. >> out of my ten tickets yesterday. % >> did you get two numbers. >> i got one. >> one?
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>> doesn't that mean -- i. >> i think i have four. i'll grab my ticket and bring it over. >> shouldn't i get $5 for my one number? >> no, sorry. >> more than a billion dollars, that's the next jackpot. billion. that will be a world record setting jackpot. if you won and took the cash option you would walk away with $806 million. insane! no one matched all the numbers in last night's drawing. there were 2 tickets to match all five numbers but not the powerball. those tickets sold in connecticut and tax, good for 2 million a piece. i'd take that. here in denver we had two tickets that are four numbers $140,000. . here are the numbers from
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32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the powerball was 13. it's no secret that your odds of hitting the jackpot in this massive drawing are miniscule at best but we wanted to look at things more likely to happen than wwnning the powerball. >> wiining the powerball sounds better than some of these we're going to tell you about. the odds of winning are less less than 1:2292 million, so listen to this. odds of getting struck by lightning while you are drowning, that is one:183 million. % odds of an asteroid strike killinggyou, 170,000. >> one this ten million, being ehekted e e elected of being
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>> one in 88,000 odds of dating a model. >> odds are better if you weren't married. we know the broncos chance for the championship begins with the steelers. pittsburgh beat the bengals in the last few seconds of last night's game. what a crazy game it was. steelers won 18-16. they'll be here in the mile high city next sunday for the game. 3 we'll have much more on the matchup coming up in sports. it is now 7:05 and we begin with a news alert for you. this morning aurora police are looking for a dangerous robbery suspect who attacked an employee at the subway in east iliff. the employee fought back shooting at the suspect. they talked to the manager shortly after this happened. the man came into the subway demanding money but couldn't figure out how to open the register so he left with the entire thing. that's when he assaulted the employee before running away. the employee got away with minor injuries thankfully. at this point police have not releesed a description of the
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in arapahoe county the search continues tore two guys thattheld up a -- for two guys that held up a gas station happening on the western convenience store on south parker road. handguns. they got a way with a hundred dollars. friends and family are paying tribute to the two people killed in a horrific three days into the new year. people will gather at brother jeff's cultural center to %- remember anthony mills and jonathan nichols who died in the crash. both were involved in the music industry so today's fundraiser and remembrance will feature drumming out the musicians from 2 to 4 this afternoo . we have new developments from the el chappo capture. some peeple are now calling for
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in the wake of joaquin guzman's penn met with el chappo in mexico after he escaped from prison. that's what led authorities to this hotel room you see here. they met as a bio pic of the drug lord's life. guzman admits to being the world's biggest drug trafficker. but they talked about everything from middle east politics to drugs. authorities will allow el chappo to be extradited to the united states. that had take six months according to one official. authorities had file several appeals before ggzman can be extradited. all of that takes time. here in the u.s. guzman faces drug trafficking charges. while you were sleeping a u.s.b. 52 bottomer flew over south
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the north the nuclear capable bomber is back in guam after the fly over. it was born by south korean fighter jets. last week north korea claimed it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. some experts denounce the claim. it is now 7:08 and the legalization of marijuana in our state create add d a whole new set of laws. >> how law enforcement ii now using arrestees to develop better testing. he latest on the threat
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. it is 1710. what 7:10, a beautiful shot. from the roof cam at lincoln
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the roads will be fine this morning. cold out there, but at least the sun will be shining. right now evans avenue is closed in bothhdirections at upgrade the traffic signal. the upgrades include larger signal heads and pedestrian countdown signals, it will reopen tonight at 9. the science figuring out whether a person is under the influence of marijuana while driving is in its infancy. drivers who have been arrested for driving high will troopers are asking if they want to be part of the dui marijuana pilot program. if they agree they would help test technology to test how high a person is. . this morning most of the
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diverted flight bound for for denver made an emergency landing in vancouver. it was diverted because a passenger had sent a threatening message. we spoke with a wooan on the phone who was sitting next to the man arrested. >> from the moment he was sitting down he was laughing and tapping at nothing. he was tapping at the screen or arm rest. at one point he tried to pull out the monitor. >> how weird. authorities aren't saying what the message was or how it was delivered. the suspect is in custody now. his name has not been released. united had to rebook all 131 passengers on board. federal investigators say a hackers to take control of radios in jeeps only applies to % the jeep manufactured radios. this ends a five-month investigation after security experts found they could take over a vehicle. they could change its speed, control the wipers, the radio, even the brakes, all of this done remotely.
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recall of 1 .4 million jeeps `nd chrysler vehicles. that flaw has been fixed. wife's seen disagrrement whether fracking is safe or not. now scientists say they disagree with the ruling it is safe. the epa released a landmark study that says fracking caused no widespread harm to drinking water. the advisory board says that conchugs needs to be clarified. the panel ill release its recommendations later this month which could mean the epa would be forced to rescind its finding. fracking invvlves extracting oil and gus by pumping chemicals into the ground. some of you may not like snow, especially when the ground is covered with it. >> but one new jersey missed having snow so much he played mother nature in his own yard. here in colorado, yes if you've stepped outside you've
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. welcomeeback, everyone. it is 7:16. here issa look at pike's peak. looks gorgeous with the sunrise, it is nice and cold, let me warn you. temperatures with the wind below zero. so frigid as you head out thee door. bundle out as you get that newspaper. you havv to check this out. a new jersey man, man decided to take matters into his hands. since he had no snow he decided to create his own. so the man has a special snow gun because everyone just seems to have one of those in their garage. it can crank out snow at one inch per hour. catch, though, temperature
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>> i ad a lady pull over to the side over there, get out of her car, look both ways, run across the street and touch it. >> how did you get snow on your line? >> how cool is that. cold air is expected to move into the area again nekts next week so he plans to make two feet of new snow. >> sledding party in the backyard. >> not you've room, from his house to the sidewalk. >> maybe the backyard. >> maybe. i don't know. or maybe everyone is going to look up with neighbors and say -`can we borrow your front yard so we can make that long sledding hill. >> he's got the gun for it. >> kind of cool. snow in the mountains. >> okay. >> not dealing with us down %- here. what we have is beautiful blue skies in dv. denver. there is the bronco sunrise as weekend. eeic is excited they're playing
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>> big ben is injured, that could be -- >> that could be a very good thing. we'll talk about that when we get into sports. let's talk about our weather right now. here is fort morgan. remember how i showed you not everybody is seeing the bhu skies. blue skies. look at that fog. it's getting worse. over the next three hours it will get better. we have three dense fog the state. the one for the front range, includes denver. you might hit a spot when you're driving and it will dissipate and then you'll hit another area of fog. that will go on until 10:00 this morning. down south from colorado springs to pueblo and off to the southwest corner. temperatures are cold. leadville 5 below. here in the front range mostly above zero. % single digits in limon,
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windchill factors take us below zero. look at the hourly planner, yes, there is a warmup but it does take a while. we go into those teens from single digits by noon 35. that's better than the 28 we had yesterday which was our high. sunny skies and that sun had make a big difference. even yesterday, you got yourself into the sun and covered up it didn't feel horrible. highs around freezing. % out on the eastern plains you'll find some locations a little bit warmer, burlington topping out at 37. the high country, though, the temperatures remain in the teens and 20s. farther west, ghenwood and grand junction, loser to 30 degrees as your high. no moisture for i-25 or out on the plains. light snow in the high country. if you're traveling back home on i-70 that is not a factor for you. it is height enough that it is
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it won't cause any major issues today. fresh powder on top of the snow they already received. then you can see the clearing skies overnight. monday morning as you wake up to head out the door, quite a bit of sunshine. windier conditions hate this evening conditions late this evening. downsloping winds, that's what's going to make us feel warmer over the next couple of days. so it's a good thing to see. there's the bright spot, i put the words in there, you'll -`notice the temperature ii back into the 40s. we will stay in the whos really 40s through the week until we get towards friday. on thursday that's the next system that is moving in. bringing snow to the mountains. front range will stay dry thursday night, however, friday, that snow is going to move in, temperatures will drop below freezing, and then we're going to stay cold for the weekend, of course, sunday, at game day, right now, it looks like it's going to be dry, but it's still going to be chilly. but, you know, it's football weather. >> oh, yeah. that's fine for them.
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>> yes. which does not seem to be the case. >> keep an eye on it. 3 thanks, dayle. its owe official, the 110th national stock show is underway. 600,000 are expected to attend the show. over the next decade changes are coming. a new areeb renn, trade show building, are on tap. the broncos know who they're preparing for. >> and the team s gearing up
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only from centurylink. call and switch today. . good morning, everybody. we now know who the broncos will play. check out the steelers and bengals last night. it was 16-15 last seconds, big ben back from an injury,
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got knocked out cold by burfict. 15 yard penalty, another one on pacmaa jones, and a field goal. once heeding 15-0 come ack to win it 18-16 and they are coming to denver next sunday. good morning. here we go again. again. broncos/steelers a rematch from earlier this'son. we had a feeling these two teems would meet again. >> that was a great football game. the broncos have a chance to avenge their loss. now, these two teams met 21 days ago. os wile osweiler had a big first half. 27-10 broncos at one point but big ben led the steelers back. brown was a mad man. a pair of scores. pittsburgh had 21 unanswered.
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yesterday on our chase for the championship special, former bronco stokley told us the sseelers were the best matchup for the oraage and blue. >> i think offensively we match up well against them on the outside, demarius and emanuel, i don't fear their secondary at all. up front, defensively, i like our matchups, getting after big ben. they have weapons on the outside, but i think chris harris will play a lot better than he did the previous time against antonio brown. offensively and defensively i like our matchups better against pittsburgh. >> i think the steelers are a better matchup. brown is the best player i've he's been amazing. but the last nine games in the season, the d line is the best in the nfl. their defense is one of the worst pass defenses in football. i think peyton manning can take
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beat the steelers at home. and big ben. bbth were injured, big ben hurt concussion. the chiefs are not coming heree that's for sure. >> that's the last team i think we wanted to see. they blew out the texans. >> 30-0. the chiefs go to new england, steelers headed to denver, the final four is set for the afc. much more coming up on 7 sports extra. until then, have a great morning. >> looking forward to that next game. going to be a good one. >> here is a day many of us thought we'd never see, a $1 billion jackpot in the powerball. >> it would give you $800 >> just a few pennies. a look at some ways you could -`spend that cash. >> as president obama is gearing up for his state of the
7:24 am
. airplane. this morning everyone is talking about the powerball drawing. no winner last niiht. it means that jackpot climbs to a crazy $1.3 billion. that's the highest jackpot the world has ever seen. >> so if you won, and took the cash option, you'd walk awayy with $806 million.
7:25 am
winner ticket holders here in colorado should still check the numbers and that is because there were six tickets that matched four numbers plus the powerball, and that means up to $150,000. that's not bad. >> no. >> it depends on whether you got the power play or not. you can see the winning numbers right there on our screen and we also have it on our -- >> i got 57. i was pumped. >> i had 57 and i had 16 and 19 and 32, but on different rows. >> even with three numbers it doesn't matter. >> i thinn if you got three the same you win something, maybe only a dollar, but it's something. >> try to get your money back. with all the excitement about last night's drawing texas set an hourly sales record 1.4 million tickets in an hour. >> that is unbblievable. >> i know. because i do the same thing. i usually don't buy a ticket but now that it's this much i do. but why?
7:26 am
couple of million and you'd be good to go. if you got another ticket somewhere -- >> anyway the next drawing is on wednesday. >> your odds are not high. odds to walk out and see sunshine today in denver, pretty good. that's what it looks like right now. from our rooftop camera looking off to the west and can you see the beautiful snow-capped mountains and of course the nice crane in the middleeof the screen. look at the blue skies we have. gorgeous here in denver. farther north and east we have advisory. the big story most of you will notice as you walk out the longmont you warmed a degree, you were at 2 below now at 1 below. greeley 4 below zero there. here in denver it is 9 degrees. with the winds, those feels- like temperatures, windchill, are cold. denver 6 below. parker 4 below. aurora you did feel like 4
7:27 am
still in greeley and longmont, below zero but fort morgan it feels like 15 below steero. zero. yesterday we topped out at 28 so when you see 30s it feels good, right? it is going to be a slow warmup for us but tten once we do it will be above freezing this more sunshine, which is going to be pretty nice once we get through some of the dense fog and eric will take you hrough that coming up in a bit. now a news alert for you, robber in aurora. police say the man tried to rob the subwayyrestaurant at iliff and chambers and assault add employee in ed an employee. here is the story. >> reporrer: police are still looking for the suspect that robbed this subway at the corner of east iliff avenue and % chambers street in aurora. %- the suspect attacked the eeployee inside and left. the person saw the robber
7:28 am
shot in the air.. that person fired shots at the suspect's vehicle as the suspect was getting away. according to aurora pd's twitter account, the most recent post, the suspect vehicle was found at odalia and johron streets. anyone with information is asked to call aurora police. the f.b.i. has arrested the woman they say has robbed at least six jewelry stores in five states over the past eight months. andi game abigail kevin kemp was arrested. the f.b.i. says they used kemm's social media account to put the robberies back on her. colorado lawmakers are expressing their concerns about
7:29 am
child migrants to our state. they plan to house them at the federal center in lakewood starting in april. some say the plan has been too quickly thrown together. the biggest problem the obama administration has yet to hire a contractor to retrofit the warehouse to be used as a viable facility. the other concern is who will take care of the kids. 125 tear cakers caretakers would be required. know address on tuesday, the president has invited one refugee to come to the event and sit with the first lady. he will deliver this on tuesday night 7:00 other :00 our time. annie teal will be another guest. she took the 911 calls during the san bernardino shootings
7:30 am
teal is credited with staying calm during the call and getting help out quickly. she says she could never have done it without her team. teal is the guest of congresswoman norma torres who is a former dispatcher. this morning authorities in oakland, california, are searching for a gunman who shot and killed one person on a commuter train. when officer arrived at the station they found the victim dead on the train. the shooter was gone. witnesses say the gunman ran as soon as the train stopped at the station. the victim's name has not been released. the standoff at the ranch in oregon is still going on this morning. a new group of armed men arrived there yesterday to show their support but then they left at the request of the other protesters. leaders ammon bundy says he didn't want to make it worse with the presence of a lot of fire power. the group came to provide security. this protest has been going onn
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week. pakistan is set to give a list of taliban willing to take part in peace negotiations. leaders from pakistan, china, and the u.s. and afghanistan are trying to find an end to the 15-year-long war. no taliban leaders will be at the meeting. new developments in the clinton e-mail saga. new questions surrounding a 2011 document we heard clinton asked an advisor to go around the fact system to send her talking points. now clinton never rrceived that paper but an unsecured fax. the state department says the same. some suggest the exchange proves dishonesty on clinton's part. clinton is feeling the heat from rival presidential candidate bernie sanders. he sent a fundraising memo to
7:32 am
"nervous." clinton the new hampshire primary is february 9th. i would bomb the bhooep [ bleep ] out of him. . >> the clinton campaign is going on theeattack to take down her republican rivals, that ad attacking all of the g.o.p. candidates. that ad will be airing in iowa and new hampshire. on the republican side jeb bush is going on the attack against donald trump. he essentially says if hillary clinton wins the democratic nomination she will be president. >> in some kind of weird universe if he was the nominee he would get crrshed y hillary clinton.
7:33 am
>> that came during a speech in hilton head, south carolina, yesterday. the same state where trump's campaign is being criticized for escorted a muslim woman out of a rally on friday night. michael bloomberg may be considering jumping in as a third party candidate. how he would do. a source didn't say what the outcome of the poll wass : . this week the first book for pope france sis's papacy is set to be released. it is a conversation between the pontiff and a journalist. he talks about his his experiences and how they've shaped whoohe is. it will be released in 86
7:34 am
it is 7:39 and this afternoon aurora will begin a two-week celebration of the life and work of martin luther king, jr.. the commemoration kicks off at four with tte at the table production of dr. king's life held at the colorado community church on south chaments. chambers. tomorrow there . one colorado city meanwhile is considering doing away with %- police. >> next up, why central city
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. it is 7:43 this morning. a look at i-70 and jenosee which traffic is running smoothly. >> look at sunshine we have out this. it is cold and eric, unlike last sunday, there are more people he heading up to the high country to o some skiing today. >> traffic is not as bad as what we saw yesterday. there's a look at eisenhower tunnel, so dry roads. big chhnges could be coming to the central city police department. they want to do away with the police department and team up with the gilpin county sheriff. lance hernandez talked with the department who says it's all about saving money.
7:37 am
>> reporter: many residents are just learning about the plan. everything has been hush-hush. a memo from the city manninger to the police manager says -`where resources are decrease, the ing, the city has a duty to explore options. >> we know all of our officers very well, and they look out for us and we look out for them. >> reporter: kayla johnson man anged aged a local dispensary and she wants to keep the police department. >> the police station is a block away. >> reporter: this manager feels the same way. >> we m an incident last week where an individual who had done damage to our property and it was their response time that allowed for us to apprehend the individual who did the damage quickly. >> i love our sheriff's department but it is such a wide spectrum. >> reporter: sheryl cresack worries this won't be enough
7:38 am
>> they patrol our neiihborhoods, nightly, daily. we're a tourist town. we're a safe local town but we're a tourist town. and there's crime. >> the city hopes contracting out its police work with ave 34% but they haven't told us what dollar amount that translates to. another unanswered question; where will central city spenddthe money that's saved. residents hope to learn that at much more at a public town hall meeting. . residents are debating changing a town's name. many are not happy with the association with pueblo, they don't want to be associated with pueblo's high crime rate they say the high employment there and school testing. -`wild horse, soaring eagles, turkey creek, r westlake are among the names they're considering. >> next up, a look at how emergency workers are making sure they can help you if
7:39 am
first a look at our foggy and frigid sunday, right, dayle? >> it is chilly out this. we started here in denver at 5 degrees this morning. that was the temp, that does not factor in windchill.
7:40 am
. welcome bbck. it is 7:47, and happy sunday morning to you.
7:41 am
to tower day here in denver? look at that fresh snow on top of those moun town peaks. tain peaks. very cold as you're heading out the door. the guy took a dog out for a walk, on twitter, and he said they came in aa fast as they could. here in colorado, first responders continually train for a huge snowstorm. yesterday some of them were put to the test in el paso county. it was one of three drills likk this across the state. 400 people were involved in this one. among the scenarios they practiced, rescuing people trapped in their cars. we could see a blizzard in march. >> it is our snowiest month. >> january is our sixth snowiest month sometimes. >> are we on track? >> queer's we're above where we should be. we hoff to get extra snow because that helps with our water later on. this morning, snow is not the issue. fog is the issue. i told you i'd show you some of these pictures.
7:42 am
we've been watching that since 4:30 this morning. and what i want to show you is, look at the bottom of your screen. you can see a road, even 30 minutes ago, the top of 7:00, you could not see a thing. it was getting worse. good news it is starting to get a little bit better. but i ddd get a report from one of our twitter followers and she's saying there's height snow light snow falling in the area. that is factor for you there. dia was socked in like fort morgan but look where we are right now. beautiful blue skies. dusting of snow. we'll warm up and see melting over he next couple of days. dense fog advisory, it doesn't appear as we have any fog left over but to our north and off `o tte east we're still seeing activity and that dense fog % advisory stays in place until about 10:00 but in many locations it won't be factor early on. here in denver it is 9 degrees,
7:43 am
sterling r burlington, 16 degrees for you there. and our friends in grand junction, very jealous of you at 22 right now. leadville 35 below and 5 below and we are below zero with the windchill. you'll see us climb into those 30s by noon. it does take us a while to get there. we topped out at 28 yesterday. today, at least above freezing for many metro area towns or at least at freezing. by 4:00 things had cool down. many of you will be sitting inside watching football so a temperatures. in the high country, light snow, i'll show you that in a little bit. highs, chilly, we're going to be in the teens as well as a few 20s there. 22 the high in aspen. warmer for glenwood topping out at 30 degrees. burlington should top out at 37. lamar 35. greeley, you are below zero right now, you should be just shy of that freezing mark.
7:44 am
you will notice mostly clear skies off the plains. still a mix of sun and cloud but there's the clearing later this afternoon that we'll be dealing with. high country, those northern mountains down to the south could pick up some light snow. this is not going to be really any major accumulation, will not affect your travel. but it could be falling down. visibility should be decent. early tomorrow morning, there are those clear skies. clear skies overnight, nice when we get the sunrise in the morning, it means the %- temperatures are going to yet again be chilll overnight. not as cold as we were this morning. we're going to drop down into the teens. tomorrow morning we'll start to see the winds pick up and the reason is we have the downshoepg winds. sloping winds. the positive is we will warm up a little bit. the temperatures haa climb back into the 40s. ww should be right about 44. we'll be closer there on wednesday. wednesday, though, we'll start an increase in cloud. that is ahead of the next system that will bring snow to the mountains on thursday. the metro area looks like it
7:45 am
still doesn't look to be a major snow maker. maybe a couple of inches in some llcations. those temperatures will drop down below freezing which means next weekend will be chhlly. >> keep it on track with the snow average. >> that's right. 7:52 and just ahead another look for the search of man who
7:46 am
. we're back right now on the koern of east iliff and south chambers street where you can see the subway behind me was robbed last night. aurora police say. i just talked to the owner of the restaurant and he says the man who robbed the place got away with all of the cash in the register. the suspect was wearing a black ski mask. the moiee employee was pushed down but is okay today. a person saw the robber leaving and fired a warning shot in the air and shot at the suspect's
7:47 am
according to the aurora pd twitter account the suspect vehicle has been found but the suspect is still on the loose.. anyone with information is asked to call aurora police. the owner ssys he hopes thaa man is caught soon. . and the biggest story this morning is no doubt the now $1.3 billion powerball jackpot. it's unbelievable. >> those are the numbers. >> this is my losing ticket right here. the good news is we can all play on wednesday. so we wwre curious. >> curious. >> what would it really take to spend all of that cash? i would love to try. so we did some digging. we found options if you find a billion dollars just burning a hole in your pocket. the chicago cubs. >> you could buy them. >> you could buy the entire
7:48 am
how about houlo? you will ay a billion for that company although that would could go up quite a bit. >> and if you want to have money left over by a lear jet. get a pilot's license, fly my >> you have to have two pilots. >> so your wife will have to become a pie plot. >> you can spend $21 million for that one. you need money for fuel and rent a plane every time i go wednesday. >> okay. you know that you have to share a little bit of that with us . >> okay i'll give you $20. >> $20 out of 800 and what is it, 806 million? >> okay, dayle, $50. >>. we have been talking about fog, here is a look at the alerts that we are deeling with.
7:49 am
fort morgan is starttnn to get better. denver area, beautiful, gorgeous sunshine, it looks absolutely fantastic. as far as what you can expect for the highs, mii-30s for us here. >> okay. it is now 7:57. and there's much more to come in the next hour of "dancing with the denver7. we'll look at some of the
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