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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  January 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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denver 7 news starts now. >> 9:00, can it be no one is a multi millionaire this morning. the good news is that you have another chance at this come later this week on wednesday and it will be 10 digits. to powerball winner last night, a jackpot over a billion dollars now. >> that is exciting to see. the search is on for a violent robber. the frustrated thief could not get into the reggster so he took the entire thing. major hollywood actor under
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if you were out early this morning it was a cold one. it was also pretty foggy depending upon where you were especially north of the metro area and kind of the northeast area of fort morgan were socked in. here in denver, gorgeous. looking outside you see beautiful blue skies, plenty of deceive you, because those temperatures are frigid. even with the sun up it is still nice and cold across the metro area. the dense fog advisory has been reduced. really right now weld county, along i25. if you're driving north on i25 you may run into patchy fog. it should be lifted 10:00 this morning. we have another hour. look at these temperatures, though. single digits in longmont, below zero in greeley, denver at 17 degrees and that definitely is
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have a little bit of wind, factor that in. your feels-like temperatures in the single digits. denver, it feels like eight degrees. that is better than the 10 below it felt like early on this morning. our warmup will take place. it will be a little slow and even once we get there we'll top out at 35 degrees. at freeze freezing, slightly above for the metro cities today. we'll warm up even more. we'll look at that eric in the seven-day forecast. >> i got your ticket. i grabbed it from the desk here. i'll see how you did. >> not so good. >> you got two numbers. more than a billion bucks that is what it will be on wednesday. it will be a whopping $1.3 billion. thht will be a world record-setting jackpot. if you win and took home the cash option yoo would walk away with 800 million. insane. no one matchhd all the numbers in last night's drawing which
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there were two tickets to match all five numbers. those tickets sold inn3 connecticut and texas and are good for $2 million apiece. here in colorado we had six tickets that matched four numbers and the powerball. two of those were get $50,000 and four will get $150,000 because they had the power play. here is a look at winning numbers, 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, powerball was 13. and it is no secret that your odds of hitting the jackpot in this massive drawing are minuscule at best but we wanted to look at things more likely to happen than winning a billion bucks. odds of winning powerball are less than 1 and 292 million. maybe this sounds better to you. your odds of getting struck by lightning while you were ddowning are one in 183 million. that is better than your chance
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odds of boog killed by a an ser roid strike is 1 in 7,000. >> 1 in 6.million chance of being drafted by nba team and listen up, jerks the odds of dating a supermodel 1 in 88,000. get out there, boys, and start trying to get with the supermodel. >> that is one of my favorites. >> that is a good one. >> not that bad. >> 1 in 188,000. turning to the broncos, their chase to the championship begins with the steelers, pittsburgh beat the bengs gals in last night's -- bengals in last night's game. they'll me here in the mile high city next sunday. we'll have more on the matchup ahead in sports. we have a news alert for you.
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dangerous robbery suspect who attacked an employee at a subway restaurant. kyle horan has the latest. >> i talked to the owner of this subway restaurant on south chambers street in aurora, and they say that the person who came in here, the man who came in here, pushed the employee inside to the ground and got away with a whole drawer full of cash. once he was leaving, the police say someone saw the robber trying to get away, fired a warning shot in the air and fired shots at the suspect's vehicle as the suspect was getting away. now i just tweeted at aurora pd and they said the suspect is still at large. however, his vehicle was found. that suspect is still on the loose. anyone with information is asked to call the p/lice. the owner of the restaurann says kyle horan, denver 7. to arapahoe county the search continues for two guys who held up a gas station friday
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this happened at western convenience store on south parker road. authorities say the men had semi-automatic hand guns and got away with only $100. developments from the el chapo capture, actor sean penn is under investigation after it turns out he interviewed him before the authorities did. >> turns out penn met with him secretly three months ago. his rolllng stone article on that meeting just released yesterday. abc's mat gutman shows us the picture of that meeting that is just emerging. >> that stunning new video, the first ever interview with el chapo guzman surfaced in a day after his capture in his home state of sinaloa. the drug kingpin in an interview, sean penn who he hoped would make a by optic
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filmed on a remote ranch with% squawking chickens, the man shipping narcotics into the u.s., what will i do to defend myself? [[peaking foreign language] >> he in an accompanying olling stone article with the proof of `nterview picture, explains the harrowing trip to the jungle to meet el chapo. with a battalion of body guardd around him. the communications with producers and actors helped lead them to the drug lord. mexican authorities authorities say they may extradite him to the face drug and murder charges. he brooe out of two maximum security prisons, most recently -`last year, escaping through this tunnel built right into his prison cell. we learn to how close he got to escaping again, escorting out of a gun battle of this house where
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into the sewers. the police told us he surfaced at this intersection and pulling up this manhole. >> the two of them allegedly jumped out of this manhole. if you look inside you can see the m4 with the rocket launcher. they left that inside, scampered out here, carjacked a vehicle and drove towards the highway. >> the mexican authorities capturing el chapo and his lieutenant. they came here because it was the closest protected area to where el chapo was arrested 200 yards that way. the back. this is where they got his identity. they sat him down on this bed. that is where they took that famous picture. >> reporter: hours after the picture was taken, he was prison. >> the mexican authorities will allow him to be extra indicted
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take six months because of the appeals process. while you were sleeping ausb52 bomber flew over south korea. the bomber is back in guam after the flyover. the bomber was joined by a south korean fighter jet. north korea claimed it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. some xperts denounced that claim. legalization of marijuana in our state created a whole new set of laws and guidelines. -`>> some of those concern driving after using. the trouble is figuring out how high a driver really is.
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sunday morning, it is a beautiful start. not a cloud in the skies. it will be bright and sunny all day but it will be cold. first alert weather is dayle. >> whatever that is. >> will be with us in a second. evans avenue closed in both directions in santa fe as workers upgrade the traffic signal there to make the signal safer. it includes larger signal headd and countdown signals. evans will reopen tonight at 9:00. figure out whether one is under the influence of marijuana ii in its influence sey. they're tapping into a resourcee3 of drivers driving high. troopers are asking if they want to be part of the dwi marijuana pilot program f they agree, we would help test technology to accurately determine how hiih a
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right now the state is testing five different devices all of them use saliva. the legal limit is 5 nan know grams of thc. most of the passengers on board of a diverted flight bound for denver are where they want to be. it made an emergency landing in vancouver yesterday. it was headed from anchorage to denver. a passenger sent a threatening message. we spoke to a woman on the phone who sat next to the man arrested. >> he was laughing and tapping the screen and armrest. at one point he tried to pull out the monitor. >> that was certainly unusual. right now authorities are not saying what the message was. his name has nottbeen released. united had to rebook all 131 passengers on board. this morning federal investigators say a security flaw that allows hackers to take control of radios in some jeeps
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manufacturedradios. this ends a five-month investigation after security experts found they could take over a vehicle. they could change its speed, control the wipers, radio, even the brakes. all of this done remotely. that prompted a recall of 1.4 million jeep cries chrysler vehicles. law enforcement duties will be farmed out. the sheriff's coughs provide the same or slightly better service for two-thirds of what it cost toss to maintain a police department. several residents told us they don't like it. >> we need our central city police officers..3 i'm almost in tears. >> we know all of our officers very well. and they look out for -- they look out for us and we looo out for them. >> they're ironing out intergovernmental agreements. there are six officers and
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department. be able to apply for jobs with the sheriff. it is 9:14 and we know how snow making machines work and we know how they work. >> a man in new jersey has one outside his front door. this morning it was cold degrees. we should warm to 44.
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9:17. here is a look at i17. if you head to the high country
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not a lot of people out on the roadways now heading west because we all know it will get crazier heavier eastbound as everybody comes home this afternoon. the weather will not be a fabtd. may have light snow later this afternoon but it shouldn't affect your drive on i70. we'll talk about the little bit. a man in new jersey took the matters n his own hands since mother nature didn't cooperate. he has a snow gun that can crank out snow one inch per hour as long as the temperature is 35 degrees outside. >> i had a lady pull over to the side over there, get out of her car,,look both ways, run across the street, touch it. >> when i walk into school in the morning i get five kids, how did you get snow on your llwn? >> so exciting. they're so thrilled about it. unlike the canada girl yesterday, girl from canada. the cold air is expect to do move into the area again next
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as this guy says he plans to make two feet of new snow at that point..3 if you wonder, the canadian little girl i was talking about yesterday, she was about 2 and she was not a happy campee with the snow that was outside her door. >> i don't need a snow maker. my yard faces north i won't see my grass until probably march. snoo this year. >> we're above where we should be andddown here we're not going to see any more snow today. in fact we're seeing a lot of sunshine and beautiful clear skies but that snow on the ground is keeping our temperatures pretty chilly. this is east of dia, earlier this morning it was completely covered in fog. you really could not see the ground at all. so things are looking much better. a few ockets of dense fog. that is where we have cold temperatures. really -- greeley you are zero
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you are a goose egg with alamosa. eagle right now 10. on the eastern planes, burlington, warmer locations, 25. grand junntion you are there as well. where do we go from here, teens and single digits, weell stay in the 20s through the first half of the day. at noon we'll hit 30 degrees. 1:00 or two clock 30 degrees, not warm by any means but warmer than yesterday with the high of 28 degrees. by 5:00 we'll cool down to about 26. little bit of a breeze and that will make some things feel cool cooler with the wind chill factor. most of the etro area at or slightly above freezing. greeley and sterling, two of the locations will be slightly shy of that freezing mark. burlington from 25 you'll warm to 37 degrees. lamar looking for a high of 35. we are not looking for really any snow down here in the metro area. as we look at our futurecast you
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here is the pocket we're dealing with of that fog right now. that is going to keep some low-lying clouds through midday today and then we'll see that push off. as we put our futurecast into motion you're going to see the clear skies really on the eastern plains and then just some light snow in the mountains. again, this is not going to be major accumulation, a tenth of an inch in some places, no more than an inch in others, if that at all. overnight tonight we get the clearing. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to sunshine and that will continue throughout the day. today is going to be kind of the beginning of that slow little warmup. so tomorrow near 40 degrees. we are going to have windy conditions in the morning, close to the foothills. it will make things breezy. the good side of that means it will warm our temperatures. that is what will bring in warmer air and then we return back to the 40s. the bright spot on tuesday l be a day of 40s and we'll have that sunshine.
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as we set up for the next system that's going to roll in. thursday the mountains pick up a little bit of snow. that should hold off for us in the metro area, not looking at a much juror accumulation. -`some locations you won't even see an inch of snow but temperatuues will be below freezing both friday and saturday and sunday is not on there, f course, because it is our seven-day forecast. that is the broncos game here at home, do have a chance for little bit more snow on sunday. either way, whether we see the snow or not, it is still going to be pretty cold. >> thanks. we'll keep an eye. the one-tenth national stock show is under way. more than 600,000 people will attend the show over the next two weeks. changes are coming to the national western complex. there will be a new arena, a new trade show area and new facilities for colorado state university. the state has agreed to pay for $$50 million project.
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at 9:22, the broncos know who they're preparing for now. >> the team is gearing it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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technology designed for you.
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this is 7 sports extra. >> good morning, everybody, we now know who the broncos will play. check out the steelers and bengals last night, 16-15 last seconds, big ben back from an injury. incomplete to antonio brown. 15-yard penalty. packman jones and 45 yard field gold. chrisbosswell. the steelers once leading in this game 15-0 come back to win 18-16 and coming to denver next sunday. good morning, od morning. . >> that was a great football
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broncos have a chance to avenge -`their last loss with peyton manning under center. with ben roethlisberger and tony brown be available? these two teams met 21 days ago. big first half. four touchdowns, it was 27-1003 broncos at one point. big ben led the steelers all the way back. antonio brown, mad mn man. 34-27 is how it ended. yesterday on our chase for the championship special broncos beat rider troy rick and brandon stokely told us the steelers were best match up for orange and blue. >> we match up well against them i don't fear their secondary at all. up front defensively unlike our match-ups getting after big ben.
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chris harris will play bet than brown. a lot better against pittsburgh. >> i think the steelers are a better match up. antonio brown is the best player i've seen this season. but the steeler is the chiefs, best in the nfl. so if i'm looking at it right they have antonio brown. third defense is one of the worst defenses in football. >> so they may not have antonio brown and big ben. big ben hurt his arm and shoulder and brown knocked out cold and may have a concussion. we'll see what happens this the chiefs are not coming here. wanted to see. they blew out the texans close. 30-0. chiefs go to new england, steelers to denver. final 4 is set. sports extra. morning.
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the clash of the titans in college football. number one clemson takes on number 2 alabama. the two will battle for the clp in arizona. clemson to the uuderdog against the storied crimson tide. it is a day many of us never imagined we would see. we're not talking about football. we're talking about a $1 billion powerball jackpot. >> not a very large football player. this story is good, too. massive high school player to community college check him out there. look at how big that guy is. >> wow. >> seven feet tall. 440 pounds. how about that? >> he's a big kid. >> he's a big guyy >> seven feet tall? >> seven feet tall. i have more information on this guy. >> he's huge. >> he made national headlines because of his incredible size.
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career a little bit longer. john cron, seven feet tall, 440 pounds. >> he will gg to riverside community college next year where he says he'll get himself in shape and then get ready. >> he's not in shapp right now? wow. >> scary. we'll see what happens when he gets into the nfl. the powerball is moving into a billion dollars. are you concerned you don't know what to do with the money? don't worry, we'll give you some ideas coming up next. plus president obama is gearing up for his state of the
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theater in your living room. i've seen tv. it was a huge upgrade for us. i love it. i really do. introducing prism tv from centurylink. with all your favorite channels, plus features like whole-home dvr and a wireless set-top box, it's the tv you love whenever and wherever you want it. prism tv from centurylink. see what everyone's talking about at 9:31. everyone is talking about the powerball drawing. no winner last night.% that means the jackpot climbs to a crazy $1.3 billion. go buy a plane or something if you win. that is the highest jackpot the world has ever seen.
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option, you will walk away with 806 mill bucks. >> measly 806 million. even though there is no ticket winners, keep them. therr were six tickets that matched four numbers plus the powerball which means up to $150,000 in prize mvenlt that, of course, depends whether or not are whether or not you got the power play. you see the numbers on your screen. you can also find and find them on our denver 7 app. this jackpot is taking everyone by surprise, even the colorado lottery. their billboards only go as high as $999 million. so they say in this tweet they have to get creative. we'll have to see what they come up with and we'll keep you updated. with all of the excitement about last night's drawing, texas set an hourly sales record selling close to $5 million
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that is obscene amount of money that has come in. >> which is why it keeps going up, because the more people that buy, the higher the jackpot gets. >> i'll tell he what, if i am one of the six that $1150,000 here in colorado i would still be a happy camper. >> i would be happen with 150. dollar. talk weather. talk about something we have a better chance at winning, right? >> it will be cold today and cold as you head out the door. zero in grand lake as well as greeley. teens for many of the metro area towns. littleton 14. boulder, you're there as well. castle rock, 11. starting off at two degrees. this is much better, though, than we were at about 5:00 this very frigid. unfortunately you factor in a little bit of wind and the wind chill factor so that feels-like
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few teens, though, but we're not winds. the warmup today is better than warmup. we'll climb into the low to mid-30s. boulder 34. castle rock right about freezing if not slightly below there in castle rock and elizabeth. eric, we're talking about the chance for more snow, though. we'll look at that in our seven-day next. a news alert for you. the search for a dangerous robber in aurora. the man tried to rob the subway restaurant on chambers street process..3 denver 7 reporter kyle horan is live at the store where this all happened. >> eric, luckily the owner of this restaurant said that that employee is doing okay. they were just pushed to the ground. i talked to the owner this morning. he says the man who robbed the place got away with all of the cash in the register. he also says the suspect was wearing a black ski mask. they couldn't see his face.
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and fired a warning shot in the air and then fired shots at the suspect's vehicle as the suspect was driving away. according to all right rory pd's twitter account, it was found at joplin street. the suspect is on the loose. anyone with information is asked to call all to call all right rory aurora police. a woman robbed five jewelry stores. abigail kemp was arrested in georgia. a man was also arrested. his name has not been released and we don't know what rrll he played. they used social media accounts. she'll be in federal court tomorrow morning. colorado lawmakers are expressing concerns about plans
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migrants to our state. theeplan is to house the kids at the federal center in lakewood. some say the plan was too quickly thrown together. the biggest problem the obama administration has yet to hire a contractor to retrofit the warehouse to make it a liveable facility. another concern is who ill care for the kids many of whom will likely be teenage boys that will require 125 caretakers. we have learned it will be a syrian refugee taking center stage during president obama's final tate of the union address on tuesday. the president invited one refugee living in detroit to come toothe events and sit with the first lady. this is the same refugee who blogged many of youuknow as humans of new york f the president will deliver his state of the union tuesday night at 7:00 our time. denver 7. another special guest for the president's speech is annie teal, the police dispatcher who
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san bernardino terror shootings. teal is credited with staying calm during the call and getting help out there quickly. she said she couldn't have done it without her team. >> they really had a very big part in the whole thing. i happened to be the voice but they were the work behind it all. >> teal is the guest of congressman norma torres who is a former dispatcher. she'll be joined by the thief chief of the police department. authorities are searching for a gunman on a commuter train in oakland, california. they found the victim dead on the train. the shooter was gone. the gunman ran. the victim's name has not been released. this morning the stand-off at the ranch in oregon is still going on. a new group of armed men arrived there yesterday to show their support but then they leet at the request of the other protestors.
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power. the pacific patriot network said security. in pakistan leaders are set to present a list of taliban willing to take part in peace negotiations. have this week. they're meeting tomorrow in pakistan with the goal to war. no taliban leaders, though, will be at that meeting. the clinton e-mail saga. new questions surrounding a 2011 document. we heard clinton allegedly asked an advisor to go around the secure fax system to send her talking points on unspecified topic. now an official said clinton never received that paper by unsecured fax.
9:35 am
some suggest that it shows dishonesty on clinton's part. bernie sand news bernie sanders is leading in the primary state of new hampshire by a wide margin. the new hampshire priiary is february 9. the clinton campaign is also going on the attack to take down her republican rivals. that ad just released by the campaign attacking all of the gop candidates. that ad will air in ohio and new hampshire. jeb bush is going on the attack against republican front runner donald trump. he said if hillary clinton wins the democratic nomination, she will be president. >> in some weird kind of
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the nominee he would get crushed by hillary clinton. >> the same state campaign is being criticized for escorting a muslim woman out of a rally friday night. former new york city mayor michael bloombbrg said he woold like to jump into the party candidate. what the source did not say is what the outcome of that poll because. bloomberg launched research into his efforts. life is always better when
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breaking traffic news for you at veil pass. you see cdot truck blocking traffic right now and we have been watching ttis for ten minutes where it is at a stop. we're trying to get more information from cdot exactly what is going on here, if this was an aacident up the road or just icy and trying to clear the roads to make it safer for traffic.% we don't know, yet. but major back-ups at i70 at vail pass. a healer mix? >> she's a three-month-old healer mix. she's incredibly smart. ali was found at the gates of a municipal shelter in rural oklahoma. probably was left there when the people who had her realized that she was deaf. she ddesn't let it keep her
9:38 am
she is incredibly smart, loves another dogs. a real wiggle bite, and she's learning hand commands and that will be an accommodation we would want doctors to -- adopters to make for her. she will learn hand commands for her basic obedience. she will be available for adoption in two weeks. she will be spayed, micro chipped, fully vaccinated for her age. she will be 300 to adopt. and sheewill make a really great pet. >> so sweet. >> great in a house with kids or great in a house with other dogs. >> and so two weeks for anybody who is comping at the bit. >> anybody who is interested in adoption. go to our website, >> there is an event in february.
9:39 am
participating in pet smart charities national doption weekend. we'll be at the pet smart number 1457 and we will have a lot of animals there available for adoption and all of our animals will be available -- all of the animals that will be available there for adoption will be on our website the week before. >> bridget, you brought in quite an awesome dog. two weeks, everybody. i know you're ready to adopt now. she's such a cutie. we'll have all of that information on our wwbsite after the show. so in 20 minutes if you want to check it out. a cool new video from one of the most famous volcanos. out there in weld and morgan counties. i had to show you this reat photograph. one of our photographs, bruce wilson, was out this morning for a run. he's kind of crazy like that. it was cold but look at the
9:40 am
, breaking news, i70 westbound vail pass at a dead spot. you see from the cdot camera there a plow acting as a road block to make sure the traffic doesn't get through. cdot tweeted it is closed due to an accident. we can't see the accident from thhy zoom out. it might be -- you know how this works, it could be a few miles up the road. who knows? the traffic backup is clear right now. man, lot of people -- really, you know, such a hassle to go anywhere else other than i70 to get west. >> once you're stuck there. >> i'm not sure if i ever saw a cdot plow used as a barricade instead of troopers or deputies from the area.
9:41 am
closed due to an accident on westbbund i70. if you want to get into vail, this is what you will reach. colorado department of transportation, we'll get that to you. there is icy conditions because of cold temperatures. check out this rrally cool new video from hawaii this morning. wow, comes from mount kilawea. a rock fall plunged into the lake, causing what looks like a explosioo. it is frequent when the lake level is relatively high. it was below the rim of the vent. it has been erupting continuously since january of 1983. >> isn't that cool?
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right now. >> yeah. >> so much warmer. >> we should look and see. i'll look when i come back to see what the temperatures are in hawaii. >> you live in colorado for the cold and snow. >> it is gorgeous. i showed you the shot of one of our photographers. this, however, not so pretty. this is a live picture in fort morgan thanks to our wireless cameea. look at that fog. this is what we were dealing with in patchy situations across `he front range on i25. right now it is just into tiny areas we're dealing with weld and ford countiee. if you're in this area, you'll notice little bit of light snow as that. d.i.a., this is east of d.i.a., that is all gone and beautiful blue skies. it is still cold there. if you were dreaming of those
9:43 am
you're going to need to wait. wwth the wind out there, you're dealing with coolness. feels like eight degrees. whopping zero in greeley. that could be better than 8 below in alamosa. feels like 15 degrees. here is how your day will play out. slow warmup. with the sunshine it will take a bit to hit the 30s. it will be closer to the noontime frame. 35 is the high in denver. we'll continue to see the sun throughout the day. few clouds but it is not going to, it is not going to interfere with the sunshine. we started at five degrees this morning. being in the teens right now doesn't feel too bad. we should see a high of 44 this time of year. and that, however, is definitely not going to happen where you're going to be closer to 10 degrees shy of that.
9:44 am
of 32. here in denver 35. berming ton, warmee spotss 37 is your high spot. mountain town, teens and 20. trying to get into vail, you colder situations. light ssow. we'll get sunshine mixed in, though, with these clouds and you can really see how broken apart the snow is through the afternoon. this is not going to be any major accumulation and really should not affect your drive, however, if the stuff is on the road that will be the factor for you. look at the clear skies for planes. the sunshine will continue for the beginning of the week and temperrtures will slowly warm into the 40s. little windy early on tomorrow morning and late this evening from down sloping wind. few more clouds on wednesday
9:45 am
thursday the mountains will see more snow. majority of the front range, though, will remain dry untii friday. at that point the temperatures will drop down you can see we'll be below freezing. at that point it will be, you know, put us back to below where we should be but still not too bad. i'm trying to look up the high temperature today in hawaii. >> oh, nice. >> just so we can all, you know, 76. >> very close. hawaii right now. ` miss golf. >> it will be back, don't worry. >> it will come. >> spring is not far. first responners continues snowstorm. yesterday some of those first responders were put to the test in el paso county. it was one of three drills across the state. 400 people were involved in this. one of the scenarios they practiced reecuing people trapped in their cars. we're continuing to follow
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welcome back, everyone. about five minutes before 10:00 and we have bad news if you're trying to get up to vail or west of vail along i70. here is a live look right now. this is westbound i70 at vail pass. cdot is reporting that the interstate is closed due to an accident. right now we have no visual on the accident. all we can see is that cdot plow blocking the interstate. but as you can see as you head a little bit farther west as you get into vail, it is icy here. here is mid-vail here on the roadway. no real information on that crash but they're waiting for additional news from cdot and hopefully we'll get that soon. >> hopefully they'll work to clear it out enough to get at least one lane open. you just never know how serious the accident is.
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in fact when they zoom in you see people out of their cars. they know they're going to be there for a while. biggest story this morning no doubt the $1.3 billion powerball jackpot. just an unbelievable amount of money. >> mind boggling. what would it take to spend that cash? we did some digging and found options. if by chance you find a billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket. you can buy chicago cubs for $1 billion. how about hulu. you could also pay one billion dollars for that company. >> buy a lear jet. that is my dream. we checked in and found you only will spend a little under $20 million, a bargain, hen you're that rich. >> that is a bargain. one day. that would be nice. >> it will be cold today. >> cold today. highs in the mid-30s.
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