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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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always ready to strike out in new directions. and reinvent himself and his music. >> his new album i hope it does well. >> i'm smultitalented performer re-inverness reinvent to himself. firefighters are battling a fire near west 27th and -- >> reporter: the fire is now under control but as you can see behind me it's still very much an active scene right behind me here. we want to show you viieo of what this house looked like a few moments ago. this 2--story home was completely engulfed in flames. firefighters assisted two
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but luckill no one was hurt. they are still working on figuring out the cause of the fire but right noo they're making sure all the hot spots are taken care of. live from federal 28th, denver seven. 4:31. some sad news over the music world. david bowie has died. he has been battling cancer for 18 months. >> bowie was known for inspiring glam rock. dance pop, whatever it was he was always reinventing himself. ground control to major tom.
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changes, turn and face the strange changes -- jean, jeannie, let yourself go -- we could be heroes just for 1 day -- over. >> they said he died peacefully with family and friends. still unknown what type of 3 cancer he had. it's january 11th. and lip is a, we had some nice sunshine yesterday. is there more of it? >> reporter: very cold. right now we're at 18 in denver. 12 at fort collins.
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chills at eight below. day. a weak disturbance bringing some cover with it just clipping colorado, so you are going to find a mix of sun and clouds. upper 30s to near 40-degrees. really a pretty mild afternoon, more about this coming up. >> reporter: we're talking about that fire that's just north of the stadium on federal. police are diverting traffic between 27th and 299h. also a stalled vehicle on i-70 eastbound, near brighton boulevard. we still have the stock show going on for several days there.
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i-225 into aurora looking good. dct looking good on arapahoe road wide open. police are investigating an overnight shooting where a man got into a gun fight. the victim was found a few blocks away near 50th and federal. they are expected to be okay. the search is on for a robbery suspect. aurora police say a masked man rabed the subway on -- robbed the subway. a bistander chased him down, pepper sprayed him, the sussect got away and now olice want to talk to the bistander. police are looking foo two men who held up a store on south parker roads. if you know anything about this call police.
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taser to take down a man who say they was driving drunk and shooting his gun out of his truck. here is some body cam video taken by josh at well. you can see alvarez look for his belt. looks like he may be going for aagun. the taser. the deesress de deex-sation was teetbook. hh is one officers who has bought and wears his own body camera.
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are working on plans to bring in 1,000 might grant children to colorado.. the plan is to house them in federal lakewood starting in april. but there's concern the facility isn't going to be ready in time t. obama administration still hasn't hired a contractor. theeother big concern is who many likely will be teenage boys. here is how this works, when someone is arrested topers ask if they want to be part of the dui marijuana program. right now the state is testing five devices. the illegal or pot impairment is five nano grams of thc.
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the pay out is just over $800 million t. jackpot is so high the lottery billboards are not millions. they can't do million. we need new billboards. -`>> even though no one hit the jackpot there were six winning tickets here in colorado. $50,000. the others were about $100,000. we have a list of where the website. after dozens of muslim workers were fired. we'll explain. >> reporter: it's now 4:37
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welcome back, it is one of hollywood's biggest nights leading up to the oscars, the golden globes. >> they recognizzd some new talent, old favorites. -`here are highlights. >> reporter: always a big
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some big awards. the ref revenet, won. -`it made a strong showing over the box office over the weekend. it's first in wide release. >> i think people appreciate seeing a different type of cinema out there. theefact that the film won tonight and it was acknowledged, all the better because we want to see more filmm like this. >> the martian. >> reporter: it made it's way into the comedy category, but despite some jabs during the ceremony and on social media it was named the best comedy of the yeer. >> when something hike this happens and peopll really respond to the movie and
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movie and there's kind of perfect storm reaction, it's great. >> reporrer: best actress for joy. >> david has been my championn for years and i've been his, so now i get all of his attention because i'm the only cast member tonight, so its like my real dream come true. >> reporter: both winners in the supporting categories were stunned to hear their names called. >> i keep thinking maybe this is really not happening. i honestly, truthfully did not expect this at all. >> don't remember standing up there. is it really?
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just the mere fact that these incredible people were. applauding that you realize it'ssnot over until it's really over. >> reporter: abc news. macey face also as well. >> are we loud to talk aboot any of that -- >> probably not. we've got temperatures that are going to finally get back to near normal. >> repooter: normal high today 44, this weekend we topped out with highs in this 30s. at this .18-degrees in denver. wince out of -- at this time 18-
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feels like eight in denver. drr roads, side roads melting. you are going to find more of that today. three in greeley, five in aurora. littleton, not as bad but mounnains are 20 to 30-degrees below zero. you are going to find a mix of sun and clouds today. you can see again, mostly sunny conditions here in denver. we picked up a little bit of light snow in the past 24 to 488 hours. `otentially aafloury or two today. -- flurries. looking ahead, monday, tuesday, wednesday, through thursday, we're going to be in the low to
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snow on the grounds is going to keep us from climbing even more. this ridge of high pressure, we could get into the upper 40s. late thursday into friday a potential of snow here in the town. looos like it's going to stay chilly mid to upper 30s, but overnight lows in the teens and 20s. the fire on federal just north of the stadium, also north of spear, we are hearing that police have federal blocked off at spear which means pretty much can't turn right rom spear onto federal. continue on spear, turns into irving aad get around the fire that way. that's going to causs some issues as crews continue to
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the stall at brighton is now wide open. that car is gone now. still remembbr that stock show is going to cause some slowdowns. they're going to have that because the stock shoo is going on for a coupll of weeks. here is cdot for you. looking good. it is fort 6:00 all signs pointing towards -- buuiness headlines from new york. >> repprter: good morning. another stock selloff. china's stock market plunged 5% today. the concern could drag down other markets as it did last 3 week. u.s. stocks had worst in weeks. it's a third january in which uber has cut prices and how much depeeds on the city.
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the big new one will be the mercedes mid class includes self driving technology. all iicare about are heated seats. -`all we have to do is win the powerball first. have a great day. colorado's second oldest police department mason be history. central city planssto shut it down. this is all about saving must be. right now really no timeline for the transition. employees frrm the police department will be able to apply for the sheriff's office. car gill is now changing its termination policy after muslim workers were fired over
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they can now reapply in 30 days instead of 180. the company muslims. one local store owner says she may go out of business. >> we move in somewhere, minnesota, nebraska -- >> reporter: because of car gill? >> because of car gill. >> they said they got fired because they weren't allowed a prayer break. car gill says they do give them breaks. fir our digestive systems handle a lot over the holidays. 20 hours of anxiously fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts. cooking for family meals
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it's 4:51. >> we're jamming. >> i've never heard those before. the broncos are in for a championship. the steelers are coming to mile high. so the team gets back to work. >> i like your rendition better.
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the stage is set for next sunday. the bruised and battered pittsburgh steelers come to play the number one defense in the nfl with the quarterback making his first start in a long time. it's a rematch from december 20th. broncos went into pittsburgh. brock osweiler had a moment to remember. the broncos had a 27-10 lead remember the wheels came off the baggen. big ben three touchdown passes in he second half. broncos got nothing. the zone was the high fly zone. yesterday we talked to shack barrett who said getting a second crack at the steal town is -- >> they celebrate. every time they do something
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it's u makes me so mad that they just dance around. they're probably the worst celebrating team in the nfl. >> when you get beat by somebody in the nfl, you always want to get them back. who else beat us? chiefs. >> e played all these guys. they're familiar with us, we're familiar with them. >> reporter: so big ben has a shoulder injury, the broncos go back to practice today. more on that later today. until then have a great morning. speaking of the game i'm going to show you what to expect in a minute. denver high off 40 today. fort collins 36. we do have colder air near greeley and sterling. 20s for the mountains today. nice in the 40s. -`this is today, not tomorrow.
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night so i was forecasting -- all over the board. 43 on wednesday, so we stay pretty mild throogh thursday. chance for light snow on friday, thee so far so good on sunday for the game chilly temps in the 30s but sunshine, eric, so not bad. today. unbelievable, lisa. >> reporter: take a look. they still dealing with the fire on speer and federal other than that looking good. this is 225 at parker rood. not many cars on the road yesterday but that will change. it's 4:54 now. there's a place that mmkes it happier for low income seniors. >> i'm a case manager in denver, colorado. >> reporter: there's barely
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volunteers and staff at senior support shelters. >> it is a day center for seniors and homeless. we serve over- 65,000 individual meals per year. >> reporter: it inccudes internet access, heelth screening, and most important help in government assistance. >> it can be an advocate for the people when the system starts to fail. >> reporter: john cotton was the manager for 13 years, but then he started volunteering here. >> because if you care and these folks you just can't say, too bad, i'm gone. >> the man has been a good send for me. without him i probably couldn't get groceries.
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and other expenses but he biggest problem is we don't have any place for you to go. >> reporter: john is so knowledgeable. senior support services often assigns him the toughest cases and the clients ask for him specifically. >> the man knows everything i think that there is in the world to know about seniors and how to help them. >> reporter: so we have a surprise for you. for all your years of service here for helping the community. 7 news and trusting choice the independent trusting agents of colorado woold like to honor you as the seven every day hero. >> go to denver channel and you will seed to -- you
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heroes. alabama has won three national titles, anddclemson only one wons. kickoff is just after 6:30 tonight. el chapo has been captured and is expected to be extradited here to the u.s. up next, what actor sean penn had to do with his arrest. >> and david boeing passed away.
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