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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it's 5:00 a.m. we're following breaking news. this home broke out just about an hour ago. encrew -- crews are on the scene trying to put the fire out. >> reporter: the fire now is under control but joining me live is denver firefighter. how did this all start? >> we found fire coming out of the eves of the roof. denver firefighter crews went to office of attack.
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people and they were able to pull the two people out. one was a male, one was a female. they were transported. >> reporter: were they injured? >> we don't know at this time. we let the paramedics in charge of that responsibility, so we don't know the extent of their injuries. fire crews were also successfullyyable to vent the roof. that's when the fire came out of straight shooting from the top of the house. we continued to attack the fire, that's when we changed our tactics about 10 to 15 minutes into the scene and we went from an offense attack to a defensive attack. >> reporter: is that also a siin that the house is a complete loss? >> yeah, at that point there was so much damage to house,
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our goal is always to ensure that firefighters are not injured or hurt, and there was some collapse, roof collapse a little later son, so it paid dividends that we were able to get our firefighters out and go to a defensive attack. >> reporter: but you did have to spray some water on both of the homes that -- this house is in the middle of two homes and you had to spray water on both sides, is that right? >> that's right. we want to make sure that we prevent fire extension to any to them, so in doing so, we minimize any other damage to the buildings or to the surrounding areas. >> reporter: but nobody was injured on both sides of these buildings? >> no, nobody was evacuated
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>> reporter: just two people removed from this. no word on injjries. still working on putting the fire out. spots. what does it look like, eric, what do drivers commuting in the morning as far as this area on federal and 28th? >> reporter: if you're on spear headed toward federal you turn. you're going to have to 3 continue on, maybe go to irving, it turns into spear and turn northbound and you can get around it's that way. all the fire trucks, kelley, when you have a fire this big, they're going to block off the road in both directions and that's why they have to block it and make you go another way.
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for a shooter from a fight the victim and the car found a few federal. right now fans across the world mourning the loss of a music legend david bowie. he died peacefully friends. he was best known for one of his hits, "let's dance" . put on your red shoes and let's dance. to theesound they're playing on the radio. >> bowie spent more than 40 years doing what he loved. he first came on the scene in the 60s. he had just released his 25th album just this past friday which was his birthday. he was 69.
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monday morning forecast. few days of this week are going to be mild. pretty coll morning. right now we're at 17 here at denver. we have a wind chill feel like of 10. fort collins six, greeley right now one, look at the mountains from gunnison southeast to alamosa. winds chills of 30 to 40- `egrees below zero. you are going to find a mix of sun and clouds up to northeast, but sunshine and pretty nice warm uppthis afternoon. 38 now and at 3:48-degrees. right now the adams county sheriff's department needs your help. they're trying to track down an off duty's purse. in that purse.
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this is surveillance video taken at a king supers where they say this person snatched that purse. they say she got away in a silver or gray sedan that had florida plates. in longmont a man is waking up in jail after getting tased by police. police say he was driving runk and driving his gun out the window right through the middle of town. if you look closely you can see israel alvvrez reaching for his -`belt as he is reaching for a gun perhaps. that's when the officer shoots him with the taser. john weeerquist said he handled the situation as best he could. >> everybody did their job to the best and everything came
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nobbdy got hurt and e all went home last night. >> officer at well is a few of -`the officers that bought and wears they're own personal body camera. colorado state patrol wants to use people for driving high. troopers ask if they want to be part of the dui marijuana program. if they agree they would help test more accurately how high a person is when driving. right now they all use saliva. the minimum is five nano grams of thc. 5,000 migrant children are expected to come to colorado. there is concern this morning that the facility isn't going to be ready in time.
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hasn't hired a character to make the facility livable. the other concern is who will care for them. many will likely be boys. muslim workers were fired after a prayer disputee employees walked outtand they can now reapply for their jobs in 30 days instead of 180s. at least one local store owner says she might go out of business. >> we move in somewhere, minnesota, ebraska. >> reporter: because of what cargil -- >> because there's no other job. >> so the workerrers left the job in december after they were told they couldn't take a break for evening prayer. >> the company says they do allow work breaks but only a
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interior fear with the work flow. you may remember brock osweiler started in this game, in the second half the broncos fell 34-27. so peyton manning will be starting this time. 2:40 kickoff right here at home. it's hard to believe but once again, no one hit the jackpot. >> it is at $1.3 billion. after tax that means you would come ome with $800 million. it's such a large number it can't even fit on the billboards. % the words followed by the number million is just writ onen the board. 16, 19, 32, 34, 57 and 13 is the powerball number.
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winners right here in our state. two prizes were $50,000 the others weree$100,000. you can go online to find out where the winning tickets were sold. i never bought one. i don't even know how. i guess i just ask the clerk -- hand me one of them. >> all right. some bizarre turn of events, what sean penn had to do burrell chap was arrested. a little girl falls through ice and now is honoring the man who saved her. so far this month three and a half inches of snow. we're going to add a little more to the numbers. but really for the first part -`mild.
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avenue and sheridan.
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we're back with breaking news at federal and 29th where a home broke out in fires. fortunately everyone got out of okayy a very active cene out there. crews working to make sure there are no more flareups. developing in italy this morning. police are investigatinggafter an american woman was found dead in the city of florence. ashley lawrence was strangled and investigating her death as a homicide now. her boyfrieed and landlord apparently found her body after not hearing from her in days.
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mexico is in the process of extraditing el chapo to the states here, but they say it could take a long time since he's lready escaped from maximum prison security twice. sean penn interviewed him last year for an art article. a person shot an officer three times at a time. the shooter is now under arrest. the officer is okay. they are working with people who have radical beliefs. the fbi is looking into whether more attacks are planned. if not for a man's quick
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been tragic. a little girl fell through some thii ice. he heard some fran sick calls for help. -- frantic calls for ice. >> i turned around and lookkd back and he went under and she went under as well. `> fortunately the other good samaritan was able to get out on his own as well. >> this guy right here pulled you out of the icy water. -`>> thank you for saaing me. >> you're welcome. i'm glad you're okay, that's all that mattered. >> me too. >> the little girl says she learned a lesson about ice covered lakes. >> you just never know. >> if i was that little girl's mom i would have him over for dinner every single night. our wind chills are still really bad.
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feels about zero there. a live look from our camera. temperatures had a tough time getting past freezing. and this morning you are going to find wind chills of one in greeley, six in fort collins, eight in denver and nine right now in parker. cold start as you head up into the mountains you're going to find numbers there that feel 30 to 40-degrees below zero. in the high country closer to 40. boulder 39. 40 fort collins 36. 20 for the central mountains. we do have a weak little disturbance bringing a little bit of snow the north and east of colorado. we have some cloud cover due to that. mix of sun and clouds early on.
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through the middle of the day through the afttrnoon. our mountains had a little bit of snow, a couple of inches, but i think we are going to stay alert free for theenext couple of days. wind speeds may be the biggest issues, and not bad 11 to 15 miles annhourrwith winds gusts closer to 30. monday through thursday low to mid 40s. i think the next four days are going to look similar. low teens to 20s. on friday. doesn't look like a big system maybe a few weak disturbances to roll through,,but sunday for the broncos game, chilly but not bad, eric, mid to upper 30s and some sunshine. >> yeah, 36 is good football weather. >> reporter: working to get you around that fire on federal. they have spear they have federal blocked off.
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happening traffic is also blocked off in both directions. it turns into irving, so you can take that. you can certainly see some slowing as you come to colfax on i-225. take a look at cdot. this is new this morning. avalanche work going on. hazardous truck is going to have to go through the eisenhower tunnel at the top of eech hour. even is safe after a tornado tooched down in southwest florida. damaged several homes, left thousands without power. caused some scattered damage
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police are going outdoor to door to hand out bottled water -- they have been going out, door to door. it was a big night for hollywood. we now know the big golden globe winners that could set -`the pace for the rest of the season. we have the winners, the losers and more coming up. >> and david bowie died yesterday who i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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we're back with break news over at federal and 29th. this is where a house fire started about 3:00 a.m. fortuuately everyone got out okay, crews are keeping an eye on the situation just to make sure the hot spots are out. 3 holly wood's award season is underway. >> here is a look at the golden globes and the humor. >> and the golden globe goes too the revenent. >> reporter: rickie back at it again. the host of the golden globes taking swipes at sean penn after interviewing the drug kingpin el chapo.
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>> reporter: a genuinely surprised kate winslet. >> i'm really actually extremely surprised and overwhelmed. %- moments later, matt damon won for his role in the martian. >> with a little more context, i know how lucky i am. >> reporter: other act awards shows. >> thank you so much. >> sylvester stalone. >> the one everyone agreed on? sylvester stalone was greeted with a standing ovation. >> i want to thank my immginary friend rocky balboa for being my best friend.
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play this character. thank you to the supporting cast. thank you to my hometown kentucky. >> reporter: the race is officially now under way. >> do you really think kate winslet was really still surprised? >> she looked it. >> reporter: this was my favorite of tonight colorado giil amy adams that dress was so gorgeous. >> reporter: look at it with her hair. she is gorgeous. >> mitch, at 6:00, you're going to be doiig this segment. >> reporter: all right. another favorite of tonnght. look at this. isn't that pretty. >> reporter: really? could you add anything cuter on your arm?
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did you see it? >> reporter: no. >> reporter: i wanted to get your thoughts on this, kate hudson. in my eyes she could do no wrong, but i don't know. >> reporter: i kind of like it. she's definitely got the body for it, eric, don't you think? >> become(snoring noises). >> reporter: let show you some drive times. maybe 15 minutes in both directions in aurora. downtown probably 15 minutes there for you as well. and here on the north side
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minute drive. not bad. a local air is in jeopardy
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