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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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`3 it 6:00 a.m. denver seven following several breaking stories. david bowie died after an 18 month battle with cancer. denver flames shoot several feet in the air from this house at 29th and federal. >> reporter: one firefighter was sent to the hospital and the two victims that were inside that the firefighters assisted them out were also sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation.
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they are wrapping up the fire. it is still very active scen we want to show you what this house looked like a few moments ago. this 2--story home was completely engulfed in the flames. we are told it started in the attic. firefighter assisted two people out of this burning home but likely the injuries aren't serious. they are still working on the cause of the fire, but right % now they are making sure the hot spots are all out, but the house is a total loss. live from federal and 28th. 6:01 and the othhr big breaking-story this morning. iconic singer david bowie passed away last niiht with cancer. >> he had just celebrated his 699h birthday last friday. and released his music album black star.
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dance, space odyssey and under pressure. ground control to maker tom -- i'm only dancing -- >> bowie was also known for his alter ego ziggy star dust. it 6:02 we want to live you a liveelook outside. grab your coat. it is a cold morning out there. we are going to warm up into the 30s? >> reporter: here's a few neighborhoods that are going to be in the 40s. yesterday he had a hard time hitting freezing in most spots. wind chill now of two below. it's getting even colder. that typically happens just before and right at our sunrise in the morning.
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this is what it feels like right now. very cold for the kids at the bus stop. durango, you have wind chills anywhere from 20 to 30 below zero this morning. it looks like between noon and 3:00 we'll be in the upper 30s `o right around 40. >> reporter: we are looking at cdot. the fire trucks are still there at 28th and federal. they have been putting the hose away and all that stuff but it's still there on the corner. you can't from 29th to spear, because they have it blocked off at federal and spear. take a look at the maps how you can get around it's, you can take zunigh. >> i-25 and i-70, no major accidents this morning.
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the gunman got into a fight. it ended in the shooting. the victim and the car 14 a few blocks -- found a few blocks %- 6:04 now. aurora police are looking for another suspect that robbed a him down, pepper sprayed him and then shot at him. police have now summoned for the man who shot at him. three longmont police officers managed to stop a potentially danggrous man without using lethal force. one of the officer was wearing
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recorded the entire or deal. israel alvarez was driving drunk and shooting his gun from his truck. officers say when he stopped the suspect he told them to shoot and even made movements likk he was reaching for a gun. officers then tased the suspect and arrested him. >> we had the situation detained fairly quickly, everything turned ut fine an everybody went home okay last night. >> officers say the body cam really helped in this case. they hope of the body cams in the next year. there's a lot of work to do before 1,000 1,000 children come 1,000 -- mi grant children come to colorado. >> they are fleeing central
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but lawmakers say it's not `uite ready because contractors haven't been hired to get the facility in lakewood prepared for their rifle. we learned that 1,000 would be staying at the federal center. the kids would be taught, fed and sleep at the facility. it will be rettofitted for the use. however that hasn't started yet. it was supposed to be ready by april, but some are ready if they don't hire the crews necessary to make the preparations. the children will live in that facility for about a month until they are sponsored or fostered. it's 6:06 now and colorado's second oldest police department may shut down. they say it's all about saving money. the city manager says the sheriff's office can provide
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no timeline has been given, but says the employees can apply to the sheriff's department. a man that's accused of shooting this officer, he %- walked up to his police cruiser and open fire at point blank range. edward archer reportedly % claimed it in the name of islam. he is part of a group. el chapo's return to the u.s. could take months or years, his weekend take down
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learning el chapo hell a secret meeting with academy award a movie about his life. this is huge, an estimated jackpot for $1.3 billion for wednesday's drawing. this is the biggest ever. >> the colorado lottery must have expected the billboard to reach the billion dollars mark because they're billboards aren't made to go that high. the sign eads 999 million bbcause the word million is already built into the board and they can't change that just for this. maybe they will have to in the future. six people did win something pretty big i guess when you think about i it. two people walked away with $50,000. and others with $150,000. >> lisa, what would you do with $1.3 billion.
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what would you not do? >> you already have that much ii puuses and shoes. >> probably i should just sell it an i'll be a billionaire. >> reporter: we have a bit of a cloud cover coming in from the north. some sunshine this afternoon and our highs pretty nice, near 40-degrees today. colder with a chance of snow. >> lisa, i would buy a leer jet. >> really?
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a developing-story ow at 6:12. colorado state patrol wants to use people driving high to
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people who have been arrested for under the influence of marijuana they will be asked if testing. the hour. air tracker seven over the news we have been sharing with you. house fire over at federal and 28th. crews are still on the scene. it was a tough fire. a lot of flamessearly on. fortunately the home owners got out okay. >> reporter: right now we're looking at single digit wind chills if not below zero. it's cold. we picked up a little bit of snow, so far three and a half inches this month. it's our sixth snooest month. it is a pretty good year for us when it comes to totals. we're not going to see any snow the next couple of days. pretty dry, pretty clear.
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of sunshine this afternoon. two below, aurora feels like nine, even tougher as you get in the mountainssh durango 26 below wind chills. you will notice some of tte clouds moving in from the north. a weak little disturbance on the southwestern edge of will bring morning clouds for if drive, but skies will clear out through midday today. we are expecting sunshine and a pretty nice afternoon. our mountains pick up a few inches of gnome today primarily
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today, primarily 40. single digits across northern colorado the past couple of days. wind peeds about 20 to 30 miles per hour. we're in the 20s out west. conifer ear freezing and castle rock near 38. we have indoor burning restrictions until at least 4:00 and looking at a high of 40 in denver. low to mid 40s through probably thursday. by friday our temperatures are going to drop. our next cold front is gging to bring with it some snow first into the mountains on thursday, this system does not look very organized, so not looking at a lot of it, 30 bibi friday. broncos game on sunday, looks pretty good. not that chilly, but definitely not like -- oh, man, did you feel bad for the fans yesterday in minnesota?
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we're waiting for crew z to open up federal for traffic to get going again. you can see air tracker seven flying over head. crews have it under control now. maybe they just did open it up. look at that we have traffic flowing. i'm double check that to see if they have opened up at least part of the road. accident northbound 225 at alameda. not causing any major slowing right now. up to the north side. from thornton to down town starting to slow down. 16 minutes from 120th to colfax. tonight college football crowns its champion. it's the undefeated clemson
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tied. the contrast alabama has on three national titles. 6 days until the steelers come the mile high and the broncos start the chase for the championship. >> that's right denver is out for revenge and they have some pretty tough -- against the bengaas. >> reporter: the bruised and battered pittsburgh steelers come the mile high to play the number one in defense in the nfl with the quarterback making his first start in a long time. nothing to do but kick it off, right? well, we have a week to do that. brock osweiler had a first to remember, the broncos had a 27- 10 lead then remember the wheels came off the wagon? flew off the wagon, big ben,
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zone was the high fly zone. pittsburgh won it 34-27. they say getting bacc will be -- >> i'm definitely looking forward to it a lot. they left a sour taste in our mouth. every time they celebrate so much, it makes me so mad. they do it to the extreme. they're probably the worst celebrating team in the nfl. >> any time a team beats you you always want to get them back. them, who else beat us in the playoffs? chiefs. any time we can get a rematch with them we'll be happy. >> they're familiar with us, we're familiar with them. >> big ben has a shoulder injury, antonio brown has a back to practice today.
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donald trump continues to lead in most national poles though currently second to ted cruz in iowa. >> you say, wow, what a tackle. flag, footbaal has become soft. football me soft. now i'll be criticized for that. they'll say, oh, isn't that terrible, but football has become soft like our country has become soft. >> he's referring to confusions and being hit in the head and the helmets. >> there was an issue in a trump campaign in iowa. one woman actually fainted. >> the donald wanted to make sure she got all the help she needed. >> $1 trillion -- oh, a woman just fainted. who cares we'll hold it for a couple of minutes -- okaa, she
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to stop, i'll stop on a dime, okay. >> trump didn't wait to use it by trump. she's surbed surrounded by doctors because of obamacare. 6:20 now. this is a house fire over 28th and federal.
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southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier
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the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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6:23 it is the curser to the oscars. last night hollywood's best came out for the golden globes. the film came out in wide release just this weekend. >> i think people appreciate seeing a different type of cinema out there, more visceral
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tonight and it was acknowledged, all the better because we want to see more films like this coming out of the hollywood studio systems. >> the marttan won in the %- comedy category, although critics said it never should have been in the comedy section. we'll see if it gets an academy award. as core nominations come out thursday morning and we'll air them for you live right here at six a.m. you can see lady gaaa coming toward the stage. her arm kind of brushes across leo dicaprio and he makes kind- a funny face.
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know she was passing by him. some people are saying - rude. some say he should have moved. >> isn't it a strong possibility that he was laughing at something totally unrelated? >> and she's focused about getting on stage and it's probably nothing at all. >> that's probably it. fashion. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: i thought it was orange. >> and i love it. >> reporter: it's a tint of orange. douglas county high school. she's a colorado grad. >> reporter: always looking classy. another one i love, the tatums. i love the sparkles.
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did you see how low that thing was in there? >> i'm sorry can we get back to that one. up. >> reporter: you didn't like the white. >> reporter: i loved the white i just don't think many people can getaway with it. >> this was up for debate kate hudson. she can really do no wrong. she always looks fantastic. i just didn't love the cut or the dress necessarily. >> reporter: yeah, it's almost skin tone. what do you think mitch? i think mitch likes this one. >> reporter: mitch, stop staring. >> i'm sorry i was trying to make sure you weren't touching by boardd thank you. thank you, ladies. >> it is 6:26. firefighters saved two people as their home goes up in flames. this is a live welcome at the scene. you can still see trues there from air tracker seven.
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the fire looked like a couple of hours ago. sally is talking with firefighters and residents who are shaken up by this.
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it's 6:30. some scary moments for two people trapped inside a home. firefighters saved them. sally joins us live from 28th and federal. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, the scene is wrapping up and as you can see right behind me, there's only one fire truck left out here, but denver firefighters are still trying to determine what caused this house to go up in flames. right now we're told two people were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation as well as a
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this is from a few hours ago. take a look at this. this 2--story home was completely engulfed in flames. we are told it started in the attic. firefighters assisted two people out of this burning home.. luckily the injuries aren't serious. as i mentioned they are still working on figuring out the cause, but this house right behind me here is a total loss. for now live at 28th and federal. denver seven. 631 also breaking overnight. legendary singer pop icon david bowie passed away yesterday with an 18 month battle with cancer. it comes two months after birthday. he is known for let's dance and under pressure. >> this video has been shared all over twitter. it goes through the changes.
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he was known as much for his fashion and his style as he was for his music. we also have a live look outside his home in new york city. you can see there's a little memorial that's growing there. david bowie. again passing away at the age of 69. . >> reporrer: no hint of our sunrise -- yeah, we are starting to see a bit of color right now. clouds are probably the biggest issue this morning. and some winds too, normal high today is 44, we're going to be pretty close to normal for the next few days. temperatures should be in low to mid 40s by this fternoon. right now it is coll, 13 n denver, a wind at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. coming up, we're going to take
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another chance for snow. >> reporter: crews getting closer to wrapping things up 20th ninth. this is -- 29th. federal is open southbound, you see that car going there but still closed northbound. just too many fire trucks in the road right now to get that open. also an accident on 225 northbound at alameda starting to cause slowdowns to ilif. it's about 25 minutes from i-25 225. thornton southbound on i-25. 19 minutes from 120th to colfax also slower on the i-76 drive as well. still dealing with partial closures from the fire off of federal and 29th.
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working on plans to bring 1,000 migrant children to colorado. the obama administration still hhsn't hired a contractor to make thh facility livable. another big concern is who will be caring for the children, many of them likely will be teenage boys. after muslim workers were fired after a prayer dispute, cargil fired 150 muslim workers after they walked out. they can reply for their jobs originally 180. we talked to one local store owner who says she may have to go out of business. >> everybody say, we move in somewheee, minnesota, nebraska. >> reporter: because of cargil? >> because of cargil.
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allow them the take a break for evening prayer but only a couple at a time.. this is at the king supers yesterday. this woman steals a purse of an off duty police officer. standing room only at the brother jeff's cultural center at five points on sunday. family and friends gathered to honor anthony mills. accident. he was a hip hop musician and founder of all real radio. >> i knew that my son was loved throughout houston and denver community but i didn't know he had this much love. >> tomorrow is not promised so you have to make sure that you check on your loved ones and
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exist. >> police believe the driver that killed mills was driving under the influence. new this morning i don't 3 mean of -- some of the jurors are opening up about the impact of serving in the aurora theater shooting. the jurors tell the associated press they still meet for ddnner and send uplifting text messages. james holmes is serving a life in prison. a simple dream. how nurses made it possible for
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good morning. 6:38 taking a live look outside on this monday morning. it is another cold one out there, mitch. 6:39 now. let's check in with lisa now if we can. >> reporter: we're looking at a normal of 44-degrees today. aapretty nice start to ur day, it's a pretty one. but we starr with some cloud cover. look at some of these wind chills right now. alamosa right now 41-degrees below zero, denver feels like two below. it is a cold start to our morning. you are going to find by this afternoon more sunshine, mostly sunny and a decent warmup. upper 30s by noon and by 3:00 we're going to bb at 40- degrees. eric. >> reporter: thank you.
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the maps. i-225 and alameda. it is slow back down to ilif. and also past cherry creek reservoir. you can see what we are dealing with about 25 minutes from i-25 to i-70 on the northbound everyyhing else looking okay. air tracker 7 flying over the city this morning and we might have a new accident. do we know where this is? oh, this is the 225 and alameda accidents. you can sees the causing slowing as you go northbound on 225. a greeley business is getting attention. it has been invited to the state of the union address. the small business is being
6:36 am
the u.s. and even overseas. you can watch it right here at denver seven and then after the address the cabinet member will go on a tour to promote the president's plans. they will come to denver to economic growth. entrance exams. transitioning from act to sats. cafeteria lunches look a lot different these days. schools are serving more vegetables, whole grains, research shows it's actually wooking. %- they have cut down on calories an increased fiber and protein. >> children are throwing away less food and taking in more of the nutrient dense whole grain fruits and vegetables that we
6:37 am
>> in denver schools have fruit and salad bars and cooking more foods from scratch, which is great. it is 6:41 beautiful st tt2w>rxlh po j# o,p tt2w>rxlh p!!*n ?,8 tt2w>rxlh p4!j# i:l tt2w>rxlh px#*&`:n48 tt2w>rxlh pt#j'`:z4\ tt2w>rxlh pt#j)`:qt8 tt2w>rxlh pp#j*`:fo$ tt2w>rxlh pp#j,`:'5d tt2w>rxlh pl#*.`:.
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welcome back, denver seven, a live look. chilly start to the day. in the teens right now. not sure how this octopus feels about being stuck in the snow there. it took a minnesota brothers hours to do this. they are raising money for clean water to haiti. this little girl recently moved from texas to iowa for treatment and doesn't get to get outside.
6:39 am
outside and bring the outdoors in. >> they were playing do you want to build a snowman with a big huge pile of snow and she hospital. >> this is just their small way of trying to bing a small sense life. >> she's doiig a great job. and they brought the snow in. nurses and teachers. great people. 40-degrees below zero in the mountains. in denver it's two below windchills. you get up into the mountains and it's pretty brutal there. a beautiful start to our day. now. these clouds are streaming in from the north.
6:40 am
north and east offour state. dense fog across parts of eastern colorado. we do have a little more sunshine. high clouds continuing up along 76 heading into nebraska. our mountains where we picked up a little bit of snow things trying out up there. next 24 hours, maybe a little bit very light at best. so we are in far a lot of sunshine until tuesday morning. 40-degrees in denver. colder to the north. foot collins 46. denver 40, boulder , brighten 39. castle rock a high of 38. we have indoor wood burning restrictions today until at least 4:00 with a high of 40.
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to 7-degrees above where we were yesterday. puts us clossr to that normal by midweek. so far wednesday looks to be probably wednesday and thursday the two warmest day on our 7- day forecast. thursday we're going to see snow in the mountains. i want does not look super organized, but headed into the weekend, mid to upper 30s on saturday and sunday. >> reporter: federal is back open now in both directions after that fire at 29th and federal. you can see that from the 29th and federal cam. both directions now back open. still dealing with an accident on 225 northbound at alameda. you can see the backups also air tracker 7 is over that this morning. i think they are any way. there you go, you can see the
6:42 am
we still have two lanes open on 225. back to maps, first i want to show you the drive times. 25 minutes from i25 to i-70. thornton typical slowing 23 minute from 120th to colfax. we'll keep an eye on things starting to slow down. a snow boarder has been found dead. rescuers found his body next to aatree. he worked at elk mountains lodge and his death has been ruled an accident. how the save livings and homes during a wildfire -- how to save lives and homms during a wildfire. the firefighters are learning
6:43 am
begins to entrap them. firefighters managed to saveetwo before having to escape the flames it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. 6:50 we start you with breaking news. firefighters have to pull back from a predawn house fire. this is at 28th anddfederal. denver firefighters rescued two
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within the past 20 minutes to traffic. other breaking news this morning. the music world reacting to very sad news, david bowie passed away last nighh after a battle with cancer. he just released his new album called black star. he's best known for hits like let's dance, space oddity, under pressure. and also known for his aller ego zig star dust. police respond a shooting. officers say a fight escalated when one of the people open fired. the victim wasn't hit by gunfire, but there's a driver side window of the car that was shot out in this exchange. aurora police are looked
6:46 am
a subway. they hit up a subway off of east i'ller and eyeler. police have summoned a man accused of firing shotot in arapahoe county, police are looking for two guys that heldldn convenieie ston south parker road. three mont police %- officers stopped a maa without having to use lethal force. >> take a look. an officer witnesses alvarez driving drunk and shooting a gun from his truck. he moved towards his belt as if he was reaching for a gun. the officer tased him and he is
6:47 am
a police department may be shutting down. still no timeline for a transition. working on plans to bring up to 1,000 migrant children to colorado. the plan is to house them over at the federal center in lakkwood starting in april, but there's concern this morning that that facility isn't going to be ready in time. the obama administration still hadn't hired a cracker to make livable -- contractor to make the space livable. a bang. the show runs through 24th at % the western national complex. colorado state patrol have an odd reqqest for people arrested for driving high. they're asking suspects to take
6:48 am
if they agree they would test technology to more accurately determine how high a person is while they're driving. right now they are testing five devices, they all e >> here is a alert traffic weather. you can e from his this is live in 40 morgan. -- fort morgan. a lot of snow still on the ground. that's what's going to keep our temperatures down a bit hrough the middle of the week. not as close as we e have been snow on the ground. fort collins, greeley up around 46. it's going to be a bit drier there today. our highs are going to be in the upper 30s. closer to freezizieeley and sterling but hereredenver. 20s for the mountains.
6:49 am
chance of snow by friday. chance of light snow. temperatures drop and look at sunday broncos game highs in the mid to upper 30s with some sunshine. >> reporter: denver fire tells eople were sent ,the hospital for smoke inhalation as well as a firefighter for exhaustion but we want to show you this video of this home that was engulfed in flames just a couple of hours ago. this 2--story home is completely engulfed hhre. the attic. firefighters assisted two people out of the home. they are still working on the cause here. the two people weren't injured. from 29th and federal, 7 news. a man arrested for ambushing a philadelphia police officer, police are trying to figure out if he is part of a
6:50 am
edward archer reportedly the name of islam. the tipster says he was not the most radical. lord el chapo. police arrested that fugitive after a shootout. investigators also want to talk to sean penn who apparently the run. he apparently has been trying to sell his-story to hollywood film makers. the traffic. an accident way up north i-25 southbound past highway 56. we'll keep an eye on that and then you think you're in the clear then you hit the typical slowing through thornton, i-25 to cclfax about 23 minutes.
6:51 am
accident n 225 northbound at alameda and it still taking about 25 minutes from i -25 to i-70. air tracker 7 still in the skies thissmorning over the accident on 225 northbound. the backups over to ilif the vehicle is on the left shoulder. onceethat gets out of there traffic should pick up just fine. thanks, ric. it's 6:57. the powerball jackpot gets unclaimed again. it is up to $1.3 billion. >> maybe someone wwll never win. >> the colorado lottery can't even put the billion on there so they are just putting it at $999 million. you have to get your tickets before wednesday night.
6:52 am
plans the odds of winning this time one in 292 million. so whoever does win the powerball jackpot could spend the money to buy the playboy mansion. it went up for $200 million. experts says the worth less than half of that. it comes with a rare zoo license. there's catch though, you still have to let hef live there. >> who was that guy that just
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