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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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the broncos are in the chase for the championship which means big money. the first playoff game is in the mile high stadium this weekend. >> but not all that money is coming from broncos fans. we are sure to see a lot of black and gold. russell haythorn is live at mile high. >> and russell, there is a push to keep steelers fans from taking over bronco territory. >> reporter: a warning, you could be sitting next to a guy like this, this weekend complete with terrible towel and everything. traditionally, steelers fans have gobbled up entire sections here at mile high and at other opposing stadiums. the broncos are hoping there is not a repeat of that this weekend. if history is any indication of
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poised to strike. mile high could be suffering an identity crisis this sunday. steeler fans are already here. some traveling, some like michael live here. >> they live and bleed black and yellow. >> reporter: 10 years ago in the championship game here in denver, steeler fans were said to occupy 35% of the seats. >> knowing what we know now, pittsburgh fans travel better than any other fan base in the country. >> reporter: broncos blogger ian st. clair is employing those with tickets to refrain from selling to steelers fans. >> you should lose your fan card for that. >> reporter: there are a ton of fan tickets online. on stub hub alone, we found 3 8000 for sale. on the low end, the price ranges from about $190. it goes all the way up to $8000 on the high-end.
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decades credited in part to the rooney family, owners of the beloved steelers. >> they were a very modest family. >> reporter: so, careful not to look more like steeler nation this sunday. >> if you sell, sell it to fill a broncos fans. this is more like it. i feel much more comfortable. will it be an ocean of orange and blue or of black and gold? i think that's up to you. if you are looking for tickets this weekend, you might get them soon. we watched as the price escalated over the span of just a few hours today. we are live at sports authority field. >> we are glad you made that wardrobe change. everywhere you look it is blue and orange. fans have bronco fever. we want to see your pictures on twitter.
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it was back to work today for the broncos. denver seven sports talking to the players about the steelers coming to town this weekend. after a stop at the national western stock show, cowboy is now on the road without his --. a professional bull rider was in town when he stopped by the bass pro shop. stuff was stolen from his truck in the parking lot. he is asking if anyone saw anything. on the phone, he said about $4500 worth of gear was taken. a reminder to check to make sure your car registration doesn't have your address honest. a man in boulder had his home broken into just hours after his car was broken into at dia. his garage door opener, vehicle registration and of were stolen from the car. police are still trying to connect the crimes. we have warned you before that the dmv since you multiple versions of your registration. one does not have your address on it and that is the one that
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should this type of force be used by law enforcement? being red-faced -- being restrained facedown contributed to a recent death of a denver inmate. and quite 2014 annual repprt, the independent monitor warned about dangers of this old saying restraining a suspect in this position risks significant injury including asphyxia. just last week on the autopsy for michael marshall revealed his death was caused y complications of positional asphyxia. >> these kinds recommendations need a policy change. >> denver city councilmember lopez believes denver law enforcement should discontinue the use of the position. the police department says it will wait until the marshall death investigation is complete. several people are on a hunger strike until denver releases video of the fatal
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marshall and deputies. they believe it's a foregone conclusion that deputies won't face any charges. >> maybe we need to go down and shut down businesses downtown, start getting business owners to be a part of what is going on in the community. if it weren't for the community, there would be no buuiness owners. >> denver officials tell us the video will be released as soon as the investigation is complete. tonight, the police chief of central city is offering an apology for scaring people into thinking the police department was closing. this weekend, we told you the gilpin county sheriff will soon be monitoring the town but tonight, the police chief clarified saying negotiations with the county just started and they want to talk to the community about this decision, which will happen every night this week at 7 pm at city hall. it's getting cold out very in a big hurry, especially in the high mountain valleys.
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-14 in craig. but 250 above in denver. it's all a matter of location and elevation. off to the west, our next weather front is a long way away. plenty of quiet weather conditions for a while. high, dry and cold. there is a warming trend this `eek. `ight snow returning friday. we look at all that and the forecast for the big game on sunday in a bit. right now, police are still on the scene of denver's first officer involved shooting of the new year. the suspect was the only one injured. he is still in critical condition tonight. liz gilardi joins us. you talked to neighbors and they say they are worried. >> reporter: -- >> we will get back to that story in a bit. i apologize.
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officer involved shooting of 2016 and there were seven in december alone here in the metro area alone. along the front range since howling, there have been 13. today's officer involved shooting was not far from the shooting at 26th and zuni. the window of a car was shot out but the victim was not injured. police are still looking for a suspect tonight. falling stock prices and now a criminal probe. denver-based aaa is facing struggles after the e. coli outbreak in six states. what's next for the colorado company? marc stewart joins us. mark, chipotle is trying to fight back. >> reporter: if you talk to customers, they we'll tell you fresh ingredients are the biggest draw but perhaps it's also its biggest obstacle as is
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massive e. coli outbreak. the story. chipotle, temporarily shutting down stores in washington and poisoning cases. a bold move by the corporate headquarters here in colorado since some of the restaurants closed didn't even serve contaminated food. >> they are doing more than they have to do. that's a sign of public confidence. >> reporter: e-marketing experts from cu denver says chipotle can revive itself just like tylenol bid by creating tamperproof packaging after somebody deliberately poisoned its bills in 1982. >> assuming they find the source and they can assure the public it will not happen again, they can actually come out of this better than they were before. >> reporter: chipotle is in the safety crisis. in 1993, four children died and more than 700 became ill after eating at jack-in-the-box rex drones yet the company -- jack- in-the-box restaurants yet the
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hired a company specifically for food safety. >> who is going to execute this new program? >> reporter: an attorney represented victims in the jack- in-the-box case and now chipotle. >> they need to explain to the public here is what we are doing and here are the results. it can't just be i'm going to do this. they have to show us that they are doing it. >> reporter: late tonight, i talked to a chipotle spokesperson who says in the upcoming days and months, we will hear more about the specific plan of action. live in denver, marc stewart. all these problems for chipotle makes you wonder about all the other places you go out to eat. health reports. kadoka, noodles -- qdoba, noodles and several other restaurant have more violations
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private deals. >> so, on wednesday night how can you actually calculate your winnings? that. a few of them. all you have to do is put your numbers and and the app tells don't miss out. every year, about $2 billion lottery. those are called what a lot of, lotto hub. the nation tomorrow. >> and sitting with the first lady will be one special guest from here in colorado. tuberculosis at a denver school. a warning sent out and we are talking to the district about what parents need to know.
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let's return to the officer involved shooting. whizzed alert he joins us. it still an active scene out there. >> reporter: this investigation still taking some time. police still out here about six hours later. this is the area where they faced off with that armed suspect all well trying to track down a stolen car. two police officers tracking this stolen toyota rav4 saw
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they tried to talk the driver,, >> shots were fired. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine if the stolen car and armed suspect or connected -- are connected or if it's two separate incidents. this is just the latest case of someone pulling a gun on a denver cop. that is trending up. involved shootingg. >> an officer never knows what kind of encounter they are going to have when they approach a vehicle. obviously, it can be very dangerous. >> reporter: people in the area say they have noticed. officer tony lopez junior was shot five times about a mile ridiculous. their job. it sucks they've got to go out there with the danger and all the shootings and everything like that putting their lives on the line. >> reporter: at the same time, they are worried about crime around the hotels where police face off without armed suspect.
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past six months. you can tell why people living here say it's hard to feel safe when those who protect and serve are being shot at. >> it still scary whhn it's right outside your door. >> police have not released the name of the suspect or any other information. investigators could not say if the suspects fired shots or what kind of gun he may have had. new tooight, a bit of a health scare t a school. a case of tuberculosis at kunz miller -- kunz miller. >> that include students and staff who may have been exposed during the fall semester when a person was diagnosed over the holiday break. they aren't saying whether the infected person was faculty or student. denver public health and dps have been working together to determine which students and staff were exposed but say it's safe for students and staff to
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>> we have not identified any individuals with -- we have identified anyone with close contact with a person with tuberculosis. they have been tested. denver health has a really strong protocol about how to handle cases like this. we feel confident that they have done a good job to make sure everyone is healthy and can continue to be healthy. >> tuberculosis is an airborne disease but even if you are exposed, contracting it is `ifficult. you must be around someonn for an extended period of time while they exhibit symptoms. and even then, many people who are exposed never get sick. if you haven't been contacted by health officials, they say you likely were not exposed and don't need to be tested. the gop race for one of the colorado u.s. senate seats is getting more crowded. john kaiser has now joined the race hoping to take the seat. there are other -- six of the
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tomorrow night is the final state of the union address for president obama just a week after announcing new gun control laws. he is taking a symbolic step by leaving a seat empty for victims of gun violence. this woman says she does the same for her son at every family dinner. will be there. rhonda rice will be in the first lady's bucks to hear the first man speak. in the last year, she has expanded the family -- of the family honey business around the world. no ice scraper will help get this car home. freezing water from lake erie mixed with new rain and snow encased this car in a lot of ice near buffalo. good things school was canceled because this car icicle wasn't getting anyone to class. i will take the weather around here any time.
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a little cold in some of the mountain valleys but no storms close to us. some high clouds. check out this view of the sunset along the front range. just spectacular. it's a harbinger of good things to come. in denver, our skies are mostly clear. it's not all that bad. we had a high of 400. low of 120. records are 670 and -25. we are currently 280 above and 25 at dia. winds from the southwest at 13 miles per hour. pressure falling slowly. tonight, temperatures wwll fall preety far. in greeley, -5. mainly teens over the metro area and a few degrees above and below zero in the higher elevations. tomorrow, 240 at fraser. 270 at georgetown. 220 at denver but 30s around greeley and fort morgan.
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look like this. lows dropping to -4 in leadville. -22 at gunnison. -22 in alamosa and 20 below in craig. on the plan, mostly single digits and teens. below zero in greeley. skies tomorrow, mostly sunny. still kind of hazy and not rate air-quality along the front `ange because of the light winds not really sweeping the pollutants out of the atmosphere. 330 for greeley. 440 for public. 60 for a high-end gunnison. over the next couple day, the weather pattern relatively quiet. the storm tracks to the west and northeast of us. most of the really cold air sweeping across the great lakes into the northeast with snow here. this system is a rather minor affair but it will spread a few inches in the mountains on thursday and light snow down here on friday. high clouds and chilly tonight with a low temperature of 150.
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a high of 42. colder north and east of denver. looking ahead, not bad wednesday. that's our bright spot with mid- to upper 40s. clouds increase thursday. friday, some snow here. doesn't look too bad for the weekend. temperatures in the 30s saturday. sunday, partly cloudy skies and low temperatures -- and temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. dropping into the 20s by the time the broncos take home a victory. getting ready for this week's big playoff game, everything is blue and orange. broncos fever even goes as far as a cold beverage you can enjoy on sunday.
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take a look at the fight for that dia. blue and orange for the broncos playoff run. look at the flights to omaha. a tribute to peyton manning. also while at the airport, you might hear to mary'' thomases voice on the train. -- some areas thomas's -- damarius thomas's voice on the
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ingredients from two states where peyton ma will be available at the brewhouse when the broncos make it to the layoffs. welcome to seven sports extra and the chase for championship. this time, it's going to be different. broncos players told us today. this time it's for real. brokers -- broncos-steelers. steelers beat the broncos in pittsburgh. the broncos had a 27-10 lead and blew it. but this time, it's at our place. sports authority field at mild high. gary kubiak told us today home- field means nothing if you don't show up to play. >> that tells you it's not about where you play, but how you play. they have been exceptional. i think -- i know they won a lot of road games and found a way to win close games.
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sunday off. a change in quarterbacks. 18 running and brock osweiler with a sore knee limping around as the backup. everybody at practice except chris harris hopefully back on wednesday. players say they remember that last meeting and as they said, it won't be the same. >> there is a lot of stuff that's different. it's on our side this time. they've got guys banged up. we are healthier. there's a lot of stuff that's different. >> we know these guys. we have played them before. we played a hell of a game. we know who we are, we know what we can do and we know what they did to us. if nothing now. >> reporter: injury updates. big bend sprained ankle. he is sore and day today but you can expect him in the game on sunday. he won't throw at practice and tell thursday when he will get
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the broncos told us there is no way than -- ben roethlisberger is missing the game. montes burfict suspended by league today for this had. he will miss the first three games of next season. `e will see if brown misses the broncos game. that would be a huge loss for the steelers if he can't go. reporter: best game i've seen in a long time, alabama, clemson. tied in a 4th. coker to howard. 31-24. clemson field goal makes it 31- 27. than a kickoff to drake which was a mistake. he is fast. can the kicker mmke -- nevermind. break down the sideline and a dive to glory. 38-27. an epic fantastic, terrific gatorade shower. the tide roll to another
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