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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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some kids in denver are at risk for contracting tuberculosis after someone comes to a school with that disease. denver7 will fill you in. >> we have our first officer- involved shooting of the year. we're breaking down how many similar shootings we've seen in the past. >> broncos gearing up for their first playoff game of the season. before you sell unwanted tickets, we have a message about who to sell them too. good morning, thanks for waking up with us. i'm mitch jelniker. >> kellie patterson here with lisa and eric in for jayson this morning. not a bad morning.
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mountains. blowing snow i-70. watch for that. closer to town pretty calm. it's enough of a wind it's making for a windchill now winds southwest at about 5 to 10 miles per hour for us. it'' now 21 degrees. cool start, but not nearly as cold as yesterday. at least not here in denver. look at our windchills to the north. greeley feels like 19 below. craig, 33-degree. still dangerously cold up and through the mountains this morning. for the kids this afternoon, pretty nice at the bus stop. more sunshine this morning, a bright eestbound drive, and our lies this afternoon in the low to mid-40s. denver today a high of 43. over to eric with a look at that blowing snow. camera is a little bit shaky. >> the cameras are shaking especially at floyd hill. you can see every once in a while the snow will sneak across the asphalt. you can see where it's
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as cars go west here at i-70 and floyd hill. just take it easy up there. you will notice gusts out on the roads. maps in the metro area looking % good along 470. that whole drive. also looking good south of e metro i-25. 225 is looking good. downtown looking good. maybe a little bit of slowing with that construction. and pena boulevard in the green. looking good so far. thank you. we're following breaking news. at least 10 people are dead after an explosion in instanbul. 15 others injured when the blast went off at a parttof the city popular for tourists. the cause of the blast is being investigated. but right now turkish officials think isis could be responsible. this is pretty scary. students and staff possibly exposed to tuberculosis at a
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>> it spreads through the air. kyle joins us with more. kyle. >> reporter: those people may have been exposed during the fall semester. this all started when someone was diagnosed with tb during they're noo saying whether the infected person was a student or part of the faculty. denver public health and dps have been working together to determine who was exposed, but say it's safe to report to school as usual. >> weeve dentified any individuals that had close contact with the person with tuberculosis. they've been tested. denver health has a really strong protocol about how to handle cases llke this. and so we feel really confident that they've done a good job to make sure everyone is healthy and can continue to be healthy. >> reporter: tuberculosis is an airborne disease.
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you must be around someone for an extended period of time wwile they're exhibiting symptoms, and even then many people who are exposed never gettsick. if you haven't been contacted by health officials, they say you likely weren't exposed and don't need to be tested. kyle, thank you. denver police are investigating their first officer-involved shooting of the year. happened yesterday near 26th and zuni. police were trying to track a stolen vehicle and saw another suspicious car. when they tried talking to the driver they say he got out with a gun and shots were fired. in the past five years denver has had the most officer involved shooting in 2015. >> an officer never knows what type of encounter they're going to have when they approaah a vehicle or enter any situation and obviously it can be dangerous. >> police have not eleased the name of the suspect or saii if he fired any shots.
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involved shooting of the year, and at our count there were seven officer involved shootings in december alone in the metro area. in the front range since halloween, there habeen 13. look at this video that shows law enforcementtofficers should be be allowed to use this type of force. putting them in the prone position. we've learned force like this contributed to a denver inmate's recent death. in the 2014 annual report denver's independent monitor warned about the danners of this kind of hold, saying -- >> just last week the autopsy for inmate michael marshall revealed that contributed to his death. >> is it a threat to the well- being of those in our custody? absolutely. these recommendations need a policy change. >> denver city member
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stop using this prone position. the sheriff's department said it will wait until marshall's death investigation is complete. several people pushing for denver to release video showing the confrontation between videos and michael marshall who is homeless. they are on a hunger strike and say they'll continue until the video is released. denver officials say it will be released as soon as the investigation is wrapped up and no word how long that mighh take. we know when the woman accused of stealinggan unborn trial. february 11th. what was supposed to be a day of fun turned bad for one cowboy when investigators say someone stole all his gear. he was in town for the national western stock show. says he was in bass pro shop and someone took his stuff out lot.
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anything, and he's missing about $4,500 worth of gear. many of us call uber when we need a ride. -`>> now it may cost less to do that. denver7 reporter sally mamdooo joins us live in denver. >> reporter: it's all about knowing your customers and seems like uber knows their customers very well, because they decided this time of the year they were going to drop prices by 10%. th'rat because nd this time oo the year, well, it gets too cold to go out, and people start these resolutions and want to saae money, so uber decided to cut it by 10%. this will only be available for a limited time. it will start on saturday and probably during the cold winter months to try to get more people to come and use uber. they've been doing that five years and they found out that the only way to boost business around this time of the year, well, is to cut prices down.
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>> because sometimes uber can be a bargain, other times, peak periods, expensive. -`>> exactly. take advantage of those discounted prices. alabama officially has another trophy in the case after beating clemson in the college football championship game last night. pretty good game, going back and forth. but in the end, alabama was able to pull ahead aad take a 45-40 victory. that gives alabama itt fourth national title in seven years. let's talk about the broncos. we're in the chase for the championship in the nfl. home field advantage means pretty good money for denver. >> that's right. we're facing the steelers sunday and pittsburgh fans are known to be good travelers. that's why some broncos' lovers are sending a message to people selling tickets. bronco fans. if you get it on social media and put out, i can't go to the game for whatever reason, family, i get it. medical. there'' reasons people can't go
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but there are avenues now to where you can give it to other broncos' fans without having to hike up the price. >> tickets on stub hub from $200 to $8,000 for the game. >> we want to turn this town blue and orange. you can go to our denver 7 facebook page. here's a look at some of the pictures. here is harper rose dressed in her tutu and shirt. >> this was sent in by justine, showing her family decked out in broncos' gear. rosa sent in a picture of her pets. >> why are dogs so funny looking in outfitteds? i love it. you can continue sending us your pictures by going to the denver 7 facebook page, and you can share them on twitter using #broncospride.
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with prostitutes. >> temperatures in denver in the teens to low 20s. per 30s bybynoon town. highs in the low to 40s. it's pretty calmin town. 3 gusty through the foothills. seeing speeds at about 30 to 40 miles per hour this morning. >> a look from i-70 east of
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welcome back. it is 5:13. taking a live look outside. pretty cold start out there. 23 degrees here in denver. mitch is over it. >> i'm shivering. it's january, it happens. >> it is. better today than it has been. that's the good news. new developments about bill cosby. his lawyers filed a motion to dismiss charges against him saying they were illegally,
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he was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault in pennsylvania, accused of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. his lawyers say the d.a. is only pursuing charges for political reasons. speaking of cosby, he no longer holds that honorary degree from george washington university. the school said it made that decision in light of "renewed distress" for students and alumni who were survivors of assault. the mother of the so-called of a lieu enza teenager is out of jail after the judge reduced her bail to $75,000. she must aware an electronic ankle monitor and will have to undergo a mental exam because her lawyer says she's not competent to stand trial. she's accused of helping her son flee to mexico to avoid jail time or a probation violation. her son is being charged as a
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people in that drunk driving cihe s 16. madd launched an online tionon he be tried as an adult. the petition can be found, you can see it yourself, at good news for lamar odom, prosecutors say they will not file charges after he almost died from a drug overdose in a nevada brothel. despite a blood sample showing cocaine in his system, prosecutors say they couldn't prove possession or he took the drug while he wws in their jurisdiction. tonight president obama delivers his final state of t t union address. he is expected to focus on gun control and the fight against isis. if you can't watch his speech tonight, amazon will it free online. thursday gop candidates
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fox is hosting this event. invited seven candidates. there will be a smaller debate just before that. washers in texas are safe after getting trapped on broken scaffolding. >> check this out. they were nearly a thousand feet above the streets of downtown houston. they were on this thing about 45 minutes before firefighters could work their way to them. workers at a nearby business saw the whole thing unfold. >> they were holding on for dear life for sure. they were facing the building looking in. i'm sure everyone inside the chase tower was freaking out. >> everybody was inside staring out the windows, staring up. the streets were filled with people. >> once word kind of got out, then everybody flocked to the window to catch a view of what was going on and to see the action, really. >> it's the tallest building in houston. they were about 71 ssories up. fortunately, crews got the
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into the window, got the workers out. they're safe and sound. >> my gosh. imagine having to go back to work the next day. yesterday. we get the announcement from the different television stations we work with. stuck. no, it's like sideways. >> terrifying. this morning we've got temmeratures in denver in the 20s. you have really cold pockets of air to the north near greeley and fort collins and windy conditions up and through the foothills now. sally mamdooh on her way up to the foothills to check out these winds, poor thing. gusts upwards of 30 to 50 miles per hour. to 10. it's making it obviously feel colder. you look near fort collins, longmont and boulder, windchills near 9. here in not as bad to the south. castle rock calm, and same in in the mountains windchills 15
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similar to what we saw yesterday. the difference today, we don't have nearly as much cloud cover across the plains. you can see a few building there along i-25. but that's pretty much it. out east a lot of sunshine for the morning drive. you get up into the mountains and we're not expecting any fresh snow until about thursday. at that point we'll be watching our next storm roll in. highs today, denver 43. fort collins, greeley, sterling, mid-to low 30s. colder to the northeast. mid- to upper 40s near pueblo and trinidad. 20s and 30s for the mounun littleton, 46. likely to see breezy conditions through the foothills today. windier this as far as air quality, with lmitions the plains, moderate air quality. action day f v looks like we burning restrictions i iplace until 4:00 afternoon. 43 today. closer to 50 tomorrow.
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thwarmest day on our seven-day forecast. sday we'll get le crease in cloud that will drop our temperatures a bit. the mountains will pick up snow. by friday chance for light snow. most recent models definitely not impressive. half an inch inch at best on friday. we'll keep an eye on it. gets colder heading into the weekend. sunday into monday we're %- focused on sunday for the broncos' game, that afternoon highs in the mid- to upper 30s. we talked yesterday to about a few weak disturbances moving through. could lead to light snow. we'll watch for that. eric. >> thank you. up in the mountains gusty winds. i-70 and floyd hill, where we're seeing most of the blowing snow. you can see it piling up on the median. you can really see it when cars go by. it's really early now, so doesn't happen often. we'll keep an eye on that. sally mamdooh is on her way to that trouble spot when it comes to wind. %- we'll keep an eye on that.
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foothills and especially in the high country. u.s. 36 in the green in and out of boulder and broomfield, about 15 minutes from 120th to colfax. that's a ood drive so far. also in the metro area, i-70 is looking good. drive times same which. about 10 minutes in both directions between 225 and i- 70. through aurora looking good on 225 in the green, about 10, 15 minutes between aurora and i-70 on that north side. looking good so far. just pretty gusty out west. eric, thank you. we have a debbie's deal this morning. you can get into national parks across the country for free monday. don't worry if you're busy that day. they'll offer free admissions on 15 other days this year. we have a full list at losing a pet is a scary things to i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was... that's who i was.
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vh@c inserts%atm tsf^ *abc^h@ns4
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h@catcnser catm ` 5:23. live look over denver. chilly start. 21. but still warmer than it was yesterday at this time. should be a decent day. today we have opening statements starting in the lawsuit against *ts general catm motors 4h@c over faulty ignitions switches. the lawyer for an oklahoma man for example who was hurt in a 2014 crash plans to tell the jury that faulty switch is to blame for the accident. the trial is expected to last a month. this is the first of six trials about this. say goodbye to motorola, hello to lenovo.
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at least if i have to read it. after the company bought it for almost $3 billion. it was responsible for the first walkie-talkies you may remember, and the first consumer cell phones. >> rolls h@cthe tongue. >> sure, sure. government task force nsh@cwomen should start getting mammograms every other year once they turn 50. the task force says women in their 40s should weigh the pros h@c and cons. as always, it's best to check with your doctor h@lav making health decisions. two of the richest people in the world are cococabc together to 4h@c*rce@beat ts *cancer. m news ic% nsertsfll gates and jeff bezos developing a new test to detect cancer. it scans the bloodstreams of patients for signs of dna, that apparently can indicate a tumor is forming before a doctor can 4h@ see it on a scan. the company claims the test wiwi`h@ccost about $1,000 or less and be h@cavailable lavatf *by 2019.
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apple is adding a new feature to help you ^%at night. >> it's called night shift frce@ and willabatthe screen for you. this comes after a study says the blue light from screens can make it harder for you to fall asleep. the mode automatically shifts the colors on your display to warmer colors, making things easier on your eyes at night. it will automatically return to the regular settings in the morning. >> if you're sleeping you won't be looking at the screen, right? as you prepare to go to sleep? >> yeah, people on the screen before they %_go to bed. this app will help if you lose ch@c*abcyour ]h@ it's called finding rover. you can upload a picture of your dog's face. the app will scan through thousands of pictures to see if news anyone *has _h@cthem. >> it looks through 8 different points on the dog's face. if the dog comes to us we get
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it's reported as lost it makes that connection. >> the app sends alerts to people in your area to be on the lookout. it happens all the time. >> yeah. >> i've had several neighbors knock on my door, is this your dog? this would make it easy. >> chip is one thing, collar helps. >> i want to microchip my kid. is that weird? >> no, not at all. wanting to do it, actually doing it might be weird. >> yeah. temperatures all over the board because of our winds. boulder wind speeds 5 to 20 miles per hour. it's gusty up and through the foothills this morning. not as bad across the plains. denver 5 to 10 miles per hour. upper teens to low 20s at the bus stop. in denver 43. colder near fort collins and greeley. warm tomorrow, closer to 50. eric. >> thanks, lisa. speaking of that wind in the high country, i-70 and genesee
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over the place. traffic starting to pick up a little bit now. hearing of gusty winds of highway 93 near highway 72 in the foothills. keep that in mind. here in the metro area, i-25 hampden avenue, volume picking up. i-25 and yale looking good. 5:27 now. yesterday we told you a local city might be losing its police department. now the chief is speaking out and what he has to say about this situation. >> the
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^h@x @ar@[abc%[cuitclosedccuitc *
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