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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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premiums are on the rise, how you can save money. and just about two hours, the president will give his final state of the union address and what's making headlines is who will not be in the audience. >> there's one seat in the first lady's box that will remain empty. >>reporter: it's symbolic, based on the president's executive actions last week, conservatives will see it as a political maneuver, one of which will be filled with the colorado business woman, one will be left empty, in honor of victims of gun violence. here's the reason. according to the white house website, we leave one seat empty for the m haves of unra -- victims of gun violence, who no longgr have a voice. last week, the president reveals the executive actions on gun control, different moves that don't need congressional approvvl, including requiring universal background checks for all gun sales.
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father of aurora theatre shooting victim, alex sullivan. >> over 30,000 people a year are killed by gun violence and 80,000 are injured. it's hard to designate just one person for that. of those. >>reporter: the presidenn likely to ruffle more feather tonight as this is his last state of the union and as he said last year, he doesn't have to win another election. eric and ann. >> thank you, marshall. >> tomorrow there will be plenty of debate in the state capitol. lawmakers go back to start the legislative session. he says lawmakers will have to figure out where to cut 370 million dollars across the board. as well as ways to find funding for education and transportation. governor hickenlooper's state of the state address is on thursday. and this sunday, we debut the new political show, politics
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marshal sdel lig will -- and an update right now on the suspect in an officer-involved shooting. zuni and 26th. got out of the stolen vehicle with a gun and when he wouldn't no officer were injured. now. pending an investigation. fort collins police are looking for these two guys who they say tried to rob a woman at gunpoint in the creek side park area, a week ago today, just before 2:00 a.m., two guys threatened her with a gun. when she resisted, the guys ran away. if you have any information, you're asked to call the police. and denver police are currently looking for this guy, they say he is stealing packages from people's front porches, most of the crimes are happening around 18th and downing, if you police.
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stolen, you can just head to the denver police department's website. let's switch gears now, and talk weather, again, another clear night out there. >> yeah, chief meteorologist mike nelson is joining us now. with word on when we're going to see the next cooldoww. >> we'll get a little bit later you are. gunnison, the temperature dropped to 22 below 0. shape. the sky looks the same, the cold air is pooled up there, 0, while we're at 36 in denver. temperatures did reach the 50s colorado. so it's really your location determines what you're seeing out there. and we are seeing some high clouds moving in, part of a storm system moving our way from the west, a cold front will arrive here, starting in the mountains thursday. and then here on friday. it will bring us cooler weether, but until that time, just a chilly night tonight, a gradual warming trend coming up, another chance for snow for denver. arrives here on friday. forecast? i'll have that for you coming up in a few minutes.
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a rare request for help, from the district attorney in jefferson county. he's asking anyone who witnessed a triple fatal accident on highway 285 north of aspen park on august 14th to come forward. the driver, alex alvarado suffered veers injuries in the crash but survived and he's been charged with three counts of vehicular homicide. officials say he was driving upwards of 100 miles per hour. if you have any information on the crash, contact the district attorney. several people in colorado springs were honored today for how they responded to the planned parenthood shooting. colorado springs major awarded the spirit of the springs award to a doctor, four other medical personnel, and an assistant store manager at a nearby king soopers. comfortable and safe and handed out coloring books ann crayons to kids. new details tonight on a report that is just out can and youth in colorado, the rocky mountain high intensity drug
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colorado is first in the country for youth pot use, the group found over the last two years, youth pot use is up 20%, however, a promarijuana advocate thinks different. he says surveys of a much larger sample size show peen teen pot use in the -- teen pot use in the country trending downward. big changes could be coming to familys in boulder valley schools and denver7's mark boyle is in louisville tonight, mark, these proposals are drewing strong reaction from student -- drawing trong reaction from students and parents arp any time you mess with the school schedule, you mess with the before and after school schedule of the students and parents. they want to make sure that any changes are in the best interest of the students. >> i'm usually up studying until 10:00 or 11:00 and i have to get here at 8:00, i have to get up att6:00 and i'm exhausted in the mornings. >>reporter: agree, they're still
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school to beat the morning bell. too, because he's a freshman. so we usually get here, like 5 minutes before the starting bell rings. >>reporter: if the boulder valley school district adopts recommendations by teachers and parents and administrators charged with studying the school day, students more get more morning rest. >> waking up a little bit later makes the day better. >>reporter: administrators are entertaining the idea. pushing the school time back 30 minutes, more time to get to school, and put them out of% school later, which would impact those involved in after school activities the most. >> generally, our students are involved in the curricular activities, in good standing, good students r but missing class time, on a regular basis is a concern. >> shows and stuff, i just don't go to school that day, because it's just -- i have to sometimes be in like fort collins by like 8:00 a.m.. >>reporter: not all students or parents are in favor of less
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evening. >> just home work would become harder because we have so much that you can't do it in the morning in the first place. >>reporter: administrators want to urge parents to realize that nothing is set in stone right now. this is all just being considered. all of these recommendations, now, if any changes were to be made, it wouldn't be before the 2017 school year. we'll of course keep you updated on this story, we're live in boulder county, mark boyle, denver7. thanks, mark. here in denver, parents of students at glenns miller creek of arts academy are having to worry about their kids being exposed to tuberculosis. a person was infected with tb over the holiday break. they're not saying if person was a ssudent. at this point, the froms say there is no threat for tuberculosis spreading at the school. denver health diagnoses 60 people a year with active tb.
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away from taking on the pittsburgh steelers and big updates on. ben roethlisberger, lionnl, what's the latest. >> the steelers players had the day off, but big ben took part the in the radio show in pittsburgh and he let the cat out of the bag. even wondering how badly injured his right shoulder is after this sack by vontaze burfict saturday night. broncos country wondering if big ben will be able to play. here's doctor roethlisberger updating his medical reports. >> sprained my ac joint, and tore the ligaments in my shoulder. so that's why i was so painful when i was throwing, on the follow through. you know, the kind of top and back ligaments, are the ones that were torn, so when i would throw on the follow through,,my arm would, you know, kind of -- that would be real stable in the joint, it was so painful. >> all right, doctor, thank you. so, big ben will go to practtce tomorrow. he's not going to throw at all.
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take it day by day and see where ben is by the weekend. i think he's going to play. >> no update on pro bowl antonio brown. >> thanks, lionel. as we get dloeser to -- closer to the weekend playoff game, the broncos pride is starting to show. take a look at simon, krrsten sent us this picture of simon dressed up in broncos gear, we want to see you and your team pride, use the #broncos pride, we'll show you the photos here on denver7 powerball mania is continuing tonight, the jackpot is now 1.5 billion dollars, before tomorrow's drawing. people are still rushing to get the tickets and one store in pueblo is a very lucky location. m and m foods in pueblo is considered lucky by the colorado lottery. you see, more than 100 people have won at least $1,000 from lottery games there, since 1987. and people made their way to the store yesterday to get their
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>> we came here for a reason. i mean, the lucky store, so i guess that's the draw. hopefully, the lucky store will give us a lucky ticket. >> last week, he sold close to $10,000 worth of tickets. >> let's just say there's an office pool of 50 people, 30 million a piece, can we handle that? >> i think we can handle that. >> we'll try. >> new polls released today are turning the democratic presidential race upside down. >> how much of a lead bernie sanders has over hillary clinton. >> new recommendations about breast cancer prevention. coming up, we're clearing up the confusion about when and how often you should check for breast cancer. >> as if health premiums were not high enough, they're going up. we have tips for you on how you can save money from your premiums. >> check out that broncos sky, beautiful along the front range. coming up, we do have changes in
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developing tonight, turkish officials are blaming isis for a suicide bombing in istanbul. it killed 10 people. u.s. officials have condemned the bombing and said it is committed to working with turkey. they were foreign nationals and included 8 german tourists. new pictures appear to show actor sean penn arriving in mexico and meeting with people close to drug cartel leader joaquin gus man, el chapo -- guzman, el chapo. the pictures are legitimate. this coming as rolling stone released the full 17 minute interview that penn had with el chapo. within the interview, the mexican drug lo unapologetic about being a drug lord.
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jumped ahead of national front ruunnr hillary clinton. in a new iowa poll today. the poll shows sanders leading for the first time in iowa. with 49% support. clinton has 44% support. that's a 9% point increase for sanders, and a 7 point drop for clinton. since the last iowa poll last month. as we told you tonight, the president is giving his final state f the union address. and one of his signature issues is healthcare, nicknamed obamacare. and there are concerns over how affordable it is. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer ran the numbers to see how mmch insurance is going up. and jason, you found ways you can minimize the cost. >> that's right, the average healthcare premium in this state increased 7% from 2015 to 2016. according to the division of regulatory agencies. there are things you do to reduce the extra cost, even turn it into savings.
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going up, but people can actually mitigate that. >>reporter: how? first, know about and use tax credits, the amount is based on your income. and changes from year to year. depending on your situation, you could end up paying less this year, than last year. >> with the tax credit going up, with premiums going up, we have a number of customers, who are staying with the same coverage this year, that they had last year. the premium that they're required to pay is less because the tax credit went up and reduced their net premiums. >> second, shop around. insurance companies insent vise you to switch by offering lower rates than the competition, similar to cable companies, just by switching within comparable plans, we found that an individual can save 8% on their coverage. >> it's easy and convenient to kind of push the renew button and go with what you had last year, that's easy. but it can really pay off to go ahead and shop arounddand see if you can find something better. >>reporter: finally, ass for help.
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health colorado and when filing your taxes, a paid professional is going to save you money. >> it's comparable, it's complex, and experts who work with it every day, see things that the individuals who don't work with it every day won't see. >>reporter: now, tte deadline to sign up for health insurance is january 31st, if you've already signed up, it is too late this year. but if you've waited until the last minute, you still can save despite those rising costs. living in the newsroom, jason gruenauer, denver7. confusing health headlines about when women should get mammograms t. women ages 50-74 should get ma'am graps every two years and women in their 40s should consider it based on risk factors. the american cancer society says women should start yearly checks at 45. and only women 55 and up should test every two years, so which is right? >> the bottom line is that they e have good lines for us to --
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you don't have to do this or not. and sitting down with the physician, the patient together, can decide what might be best for screening for certain women. >> i know these guidelines make me crazy. it looks to be a good time to buy a house in denver, zillow has ranked denver has the hottest housing market in 2016. topped the list with seattle and fort worth. neighborhoods in aurora to have the most growth. and frontier airline s will be launching a new service, in doll colorado springs with nonstop flights to las vegas in april. $19. with round trip fares as low as $118. last week, frontier announced 42 new markets, now brings the
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the spring and summer to 56. it looks like it will be a big weekend for governor john hickenlooper, he is getting married, hickenlooper announce during the christmas holiday he got engaged to hissgirlfriend, robin pringle. it will be a small private service on saturday. congratulations to them. pretty quiet around here, you have to go way out there to find some weather. that's the storm that's going to come in our way by the time we get to thursday and friday. it's quiet in colorado and very, very pretty, the view from the camera downnown, looking at the broncos color in the sky, a lovely sunset. high today was 45 at dia. but we hit 53 downtown, it's 44 downtown right now. 36 out at the airport, winds are light from the south-southwest, humidity at 40%. overnight tonight, we'll dropp3 down to around 20 degrees, which is close to the normal low of 18. just high clouds, and tomorrow, mostly sunny, but still hazy, the air quality not great..3 but the temperatures downtown,
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upper 40s out at the airport. as far as the conditions around the country, take your pick, folks. 1 below at minneapolis. the cold air surging in across the great lakes. but our temperatures looking pretty good here, i showed you earlier, the cold pockets like gunnison, it barely got to the 0 mark today. here's a clipper storm that zipped out of canada out of the alberta province, creating snow across the great lakes. this front will arrive here later on this week can and bring us snow for the mountains and on the plains, a little bit f, maybe a trace to an inch. high clouds out there for %- tonight. that's it. low temperatures 7 below at grand lake. 20 above littleton, denver, 4 ra above at greeley, 5 at fort morgan ft across the state, still really cold spots like minus 20 at gunnison. and tomorrow, just a little bit of cloud cover and just the high, thin stuff, like we've had temperatures, range a lot from 8 %- above at gunnison, 19 at
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50s along much of the front plains. the next storm system will work its way on thursday, spreading snow in the mountains, this is a fast-mover, not going to be a major storm, it be sweep by and intring us a few inches of snow for the mountains and a touch of snow on the plains. temperatures are going to be colder after that front goes through. 20 tonight, mostly clear and cold. tomorrow, the high temperature at 48 degrees. and low 50s on tte western and southern suburbs. looking ahead, clouds increase thursday. light snow, an inch oo less on friday. the weekend, looking pretty good. cold weather, but quiet conditions. now, 35 and 17, not only my weather forecast for sunday, that is my football forecast. broncos 35, pittsburgh 17. >> oh, the score. >> i thought you were going to say that was your powerball ticket numbers. >> i might throw those in there. >> do that before sunday is. >> see what i come with up. >> do it, probably would work. right. >> doubtful r but it's worth a try.
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now, this has to be one of the dumbest crooks ever, more on this bizarre video, showing a man stealing a python, he put ii in his pants.
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a longmont company is hoping to shed an un-- set an unusual guinness world record with a ball of 150,000 stickers,
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is 220 pounds, the company says this ball weighs 230 pounds. well, guinness will officially measure the stick you are ball yesterday, tomorrow, which happened to be national sticker day. >> good timing. new video tonighh, this one is the dumb criminal category, caught on camera stealing a 2 foot python by shoving it down his pants. the store manager says the situation could have ended much differently. >> he's lucky it wasn't feeding day, feeding days are on mondays. and they're very hungry. >> oh. policc are still looking for the $200 python and the ttief. maybe look in the hospital. >> no thank you. a historic building in omaha, nebraska, is now completely covered in icicles, take a look at this. crews worked in below freezing temperatures to fight the fire over the weekend, and yeah, those temps caused the water to freeze, there's now, about 10-12 inches of ice on the damaged building.
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believe, an ohio man is complaining to a disdepartment because he didn't like the -- police department because he didn't like the mug shot. they released this picture. he didn't like this picture. so the guy sent another picture, this one, to the police department, in a private message, writing, here's a better photo. that one is terrible. well, police are still looking for the guy. you shouldn't break the law. >> you could send in a glamour shot. >> you can find them anywhere.
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