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tt4w`t2n`qd"" qzh! ` so much for the early retirement plan. hopefully, you won something. a winner in chino hills is a lot richer. they have all numbers. >> and there could be more when is out there but not here in colorado. no one matched all the numbers here. of course, there are plenty of tickets to check. >> marc stewart is live with the excitement and concern for lottery future. >> reporter: and how quickly things change. the sign is back to zero dollars. that leaves the lottery with a big challenge. how do you keep the momentum
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reset? a massive pooerball push in the final hours of sales. the record-setting $1.5 billion jackpot is enticing to lottery veterans. and first-time players. will you keep playing after this big jackpot? >> if i win something. i don't know. maybe. >> reporter: that's the struggle facing colorado lottery leaders. keeping sales strong when the jackpot returns to a lower level. we talk to colorado's lottery chief from pueblo. >> we just don't know what the impact will look like on this mega jackpot a year from now. >> reporter: in the past, the lottery has suffered fr is known as jackpot fatigue when some players hold off until the jackpot is massive. and if they don't play, colorado parks and schools could suffer.
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more numbers to the mix this past fall. the goal was for bigger jackpots and more winners. this potential billion-dollar bonanza wasn't necessarily part of the plan. >> it's not a science. >> reporter: a big gain feeling big dreams. >> no way. if it happened, that would be great. >> reporter: i just got an email from the state. there are some smaller winners in colorado. five people one $100,000 -- won hopefully overnight we will find out where those tickets were sold. >> there is, by the way a foolproof way to win the grand prize. just purchase more than 292 million tickets, one for every now been -- every number combination possible. but you might have to split it
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remember this at dia december 28? long lines had travelers backed up. tonight, tsa is finally taking the blame. a spokesperson said the correct stuff and protocols weren't followed. many of you told us you waited in lines for about two hours. low gas prices are nice the price of oil continues to tumble. now at $30 a barrel and dropping. that's not necessarily good news for everyone. russell haythorn is live. he found there is a negative impact, particularly here in colorado. >> reporter: it's a unique issue here in colorado because while it's putting money back in your pocket here at the pump, it's also costing colorado jobs and tax revenues. oil and gas ari $30 billion industry in our state. the price at the pump is
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like alex schmatz but t also drawbacks here in colorado. >> this industry is very important to colorado. >> reporter: according to the governor's office, the oil industry has lost 6200 jobs in colorado since prices dropped 20%. that amounts to a 72% decrease in tax revenues. >> the wells we are drilling in weld county and other pa colorado are very productive. >> reporter::on the upside, suv sales. for years, the previous and the volt -- toyota prius and volt sold for efficiency is but when gas prices tanked, buyers started gobbling up gas guzzlers again. suv and pickup sales are up 10% while volt and toyota prius sales are down 18%. -`as for gas station owners -- >>
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it keeps operating costs lower and credit card fees repaving slower. >> reporter: stan dempsey says it's all related to supply and demand. opec keeping production high. he says it's because he saudi's and others are trying to keep their economies relevant with oil production methods around efficient. >> they have economies that are last -- less diversified. their citizenry really depends on a strong oil market. >> reporter: analysts say the pricier at the pump will continue to drop over the course of the next three months and then it will increase slightly around memorial day as those refineries introduce those summer blends. summer blends are more expensive to refine because they protect the ozone and keep the smog away. live in denver, russell haythorn denver7. the worst
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street continues today. all three major indexes fell. dow jones fell by 365 points. what does that mean for you? the average 401(k) of $92,000 has already lost $7000 since the beginning of the year. there is an old saying, so goes the year for stocks. 70% of the year, that is true. we are already halfway through january. chipotle gained 24 points. this after it outlined its plan scares across the country. the company is now taking several steps to improve food safety. a deadly fire and southwest denver is still under investigation. the couple who lived in the home on stanford drive is grieving over the loss of their son. the father is still in bad shape in the hospital. liz gilardi is in that area tonight. she spoke to the people who
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saw the flames. >> reporter: these neighbors didn't even think twice trying to get in through the front door, trying to put ladders up own safety at risk. >> the whole house was in flames. >> reporter: they heard screams from help. neighbors first thought about a %- >> i just thought i hope they got him out. 3 neighbor explains how they the family trapped inside. >> i went and got the latter, got up over the fence with the latter. tried to go up there as much as possible but the smoke was so bad i was losing my breath. their bedridden son did not. firefighters brought the wife, josie out of the house. >> we put some socks on her and
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put her in the ambulance.>> reporter: today, robles was taking care of a dog who escaped the fire. she didn't think twice about running for the flames. >> i don't want to be the hero. you couldn't ask for better neighbors. >> you could call thh people who rushed over to help good samaritans but they will just tell you they were being good neighbors.>> it's just a really close community and when you see somebody in trouble, i just don't think you think, you just act. >> reporter: people have been stopping by the house to leave flowers or say a prayer. a lot of the neighbors are thinking about doing something for the family. they have a gofundme account set up. we have a link to that on our website. i talked with fire investigators today and they tell me it could take a long
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they can't even tell if the home has detectors because it was damaged so badly. a colorado springs high school had to be put on like creek high school. classes were already out for the day. police are still putting together what happened. the victim of a nearby shooting was taken to the hospital in a nearby car. a hook -- a high-profile case coming to jefferson county. this is the second trial for michael blagg. because a juror lied about past experiences with domestic violence, he was given a retrial. outsides believe they can get an unbiased jury in jefferson coonty. it was all a lie is what parker police say about a reported kidnapping back in september. police ask for help to find a kidnap 17-year-old who said she was kidnapped from her home. that teenager is false reporting charges.
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kicking off with a twist. >> oh say can you see by the dawn's early light -- >> the national anthem this morning was sung by the lead singer of the fray, colorado native. despite the new digs, lawmakers have to deal with the new task of balancing the budget. tomorrow, we find out more about the governor's plan for our state. he will give his state of the state address. you can watch it here live. this sunday, we debut politics unplugged. marshall and i will sit down with lawmakers and policymakers to give you an in depth look at the issues facing our state. we will talk with state leaders aboot the priorities legislative session. that's sunday at four clock right here on denver7.
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a bronco sunset. high clouds over the state we are going to have more high winds and high clouds tonight. gusty conditions developing west of denver. look at the temperatures. 410 and way below zero in gunnison. strong winds expected along the front range. tonight and earll tomorrow morning into the foothills. this is what we have coming up. mountains tomorrow, turning coldererthe weekend. the special fofothe broncos game coming up. many of you are sharing your broncos pride us as the team chases a championship took take a look at these adorleof kaelin watching the game. send us your pictures using declaaed this friday broncos
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where all your orange gear in anticipation of the game against pittsburgh. the city will light up a lot of landmarks in orange. there is less sniffling and sneezing going on in offices this year. it has is asking where's flu season?>> what's causing this delay and what could make this your even worse? the steps now being taken to provide online protection to kids at school.
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one f the teens suspected of a murder plot at her school in douglas county will be in court tomorrow. she is one of two facing charges. the other has already been charged as an adults. today, the judge decided not to release court documents that would have outlined what the girls were allegedly planning. it's more common now than ever, computers and other technology devices being used in our kids classrooms. what is happening to their information including test scores? representatives alec garnett and -- are looking into data collected in schools and how necessary it really is for learning. there's no doubt technology is making students and teachers jobs easier and faster. a similar bill fell -- failed in the last legislative system. it could pass this time since
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a shoplifting suspect used a stun gun in her get away at the see you bookstore. -- at the cu bookstore. they think she is a student. police are trying to catch this guy who held up a subway on east colfax. he is wearing a surgical mask so no one got a good look at his facebook employees didn't see which direetion he ran off. you have to take a look at these new pictures. they just look like trucks full of carrots. turns out, it's a creative way to smuggle. each of those not so real carrots is filled with pot. 2500 pounds and all. the shipment was found over the weekend on the texas-mexico border. the flu is on its way and doctors worry we are not prepared. flu season is off to a late start this year but as it spreads, there is concern that enough people are getting the
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haven't been that busy since last december. >> you could catch it out here i guess. >> reporter: it looks like winter but flu season -- >> haven't heard of it coming around yet. >> reporter: once you get it -- >> you will be the first online. >> reporter: patients aren't thinking about the flu, at least not until they get sick. >> this year, people didn't get their shots as much and we have a huge concern. % >> reporter: concerned people won't be prepared when they flu hits colorado. if you didn't remember to get a flu shot, you're not alone. at ruby hill parkk thess snowboarders don't want the flu to slow them down. weeasked if they are prepared. did you get a flu shot ttis year? >> i did. >> i haven't yet. >> i did not. >> reporter: every year, the flu shot is different than last year it wasn't as effective.
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keeping some from getting vaccinated this flu season.>> there was a method a lot of people got sick with the flu shot so they are thinking i want get it this year. i think that could be a big >> reporter: this map from the cdc shows recent activity across the country. you can see colorado is only reporting sporadic cases compared with widespread flu on the east coast.. researchers predict it might not peak until february. >> we're just getting started work >> got to stay healthy on the slopes. we found there is still time to get your flu shots and there is still plenty of the vaccine available. where we are on that subject, ladies will say man turn into babies when they get the flu.>> it's true. but man, it's not all our fault. it's the hormones in our body according to a new study. >> researchers at johns hopkins university say the estrogen in our bodies actually blocks the more aggressive symptoms of the virus took
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the man flu is worse in our female counterparts after all. >> maybe, it was mail researchers. just saying -- maybe, it malewas researchers. just saying. this trend arrives here later tonight. in denver, we had a beautiful sunset. a gorgeous sunset earlier. 430 right now. 410 at the airport. miles per hour. the high was 510. the low was 22 . lows drop to winds increasing especially into sheridan and the foothills. snow in the mountains tomorrow,'s no -- rain everywhere else. just about normal for this time of year. there is a storm system coming in from the west. it's not a huge deal for us. it's going to move through -`pretty quickly but it will
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the wind will be 30-50 miles per hour and in those wind prone areas, much lighter winds expected farther east. lows in the teams to mid-20s at lower elevations. single digits and teens in the mountains. across the state, still some pretty cold pockets. well below zero at gunnison and alamosa but on the flames, teens and 20s and tomorrow, here comes some of the snow moving in. 3-5 inches for the ski areas. dry on the plans. just kind of windy at times. highs in the mid-to upper 40s. some readings near 50 on the eastern plains. 20s and teens expected in the mountains. the mountains will continue to see some snow off and on for the next couple days. it's a strong northwesterly flow. that brings the pacific moisture into colorado. ` couple) from canada helping to bring some colder air in as
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in the high country. just a few flurries heading into the weekend across the plains. winds increasing to 25 tonight. the high temperature of 450 took lloking ahead, gradually cooler temperatures. 370 friday, 320 and maybe a flurry on saturday. sunday, 310 and 10 miles per hour. this is a prediction for the game as well. 31 broncos, 10 steelers. specific bronco forecast, early freezing. late in the game, mid-20s with a few flurries possible. i brought my forecast down. colder temperatures so i'm thinking that will knock roethlisberger back attach and maybe one field goal for the broncos instead of a touchdown. who wouldn't want to live in a pizza shop?
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he got to try out his new home today.
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take a look at this live picture from california. this is the store that sold the winning $1.5 billion powwrball ticket. it's in chino hills southern california. tough to see because it's a
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crowd has gathered to snap pictures and go in and out. maybe they are hoping someone dropped the winner on their way out. this store gets $1 million for selling that winning ticket. an orphaned bear cub is getting used to his new home tonight. you remember this guy who found a warm spot in a colorado springs pizza joint. he is getting a new home. colorado parks and wildlife made him a new day in to spend -- than -- new den to sp winter hibernating in. reporter: tonight, the biggest win of the season. the warriors went into pepsi center with a 36 and two record. they came out with lost number three. under two minutes to go, nuggets nelson drove it in kicked it out to will barton. the crowd goes wild. nuggets up. warriors going back.
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seven with one minute left but golden state never out of it with steph curry. 109-107 37 seconds left. curry had seven seconds left. there he was. he lost it. nuggets are going to win. 112-110. warriors are no well done, guys. reporter: look into the chase for the championship. tale of two quarterbacks. we had peyton manning healthy ready to make his first start since november 15. meanwhile in pittsburgh are pittsburgh, ben roethlisbeeger practicing hoping his shoulder recovers enough to play at mile high. he says he has until sunday and he hopes to be a go. peyton manning says there is no quarterback in the league as tough as he is.
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time. you can't play quarterback as long as he has if you are not a tough player and roethlisberger certainly epitomizes that. that's what makes him so special. >> he is one of the greatest to play the game. it's always an honor to share the field with him. i just hope he has a good day. reporter: we talked to the merriest thomas. he could have the biggest game of his life on sunday. his mom might be watching him play for the first time ever live and in person. she spent the last 15 years in prison for dealing cocaine and just got released from halfway house. travel restrictions have been lifted so he is trying o stay calm and loki is he told us about it.>> i know she will be excited. it will mean a lot for her to see the first game live.
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record-breaking receiver tweeted tonight he is skipping his senior season in fort collins to enter the nfl draft. man was he fun to watch. he ended his career with her 3600 yards and 31 touchdowns. tsu -- csu records. reporter: great passing by rams up by two but they faded down the stretch. keller knocked it down.@jla
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