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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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5:00 a.m. we're following breaking powerball jackpot news. if you're looking to see who won, there were three winning tickets. just none of them sold in colorado. instead, they were sold in california, tennessee, and florida. >> take a look, this is a gas station in chino hills, california. huge celebration. when the news broke last night, people flooded this area to celebrate because the gas station will win some money. and also to check their own tickets. >> don't get discourageed. you might have won something. somewhere in colorado there are
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here's a look at the numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. >> everyone wonders who is holding the winning tickets. you know people in california, florida, tennessee will question all their coworkers who are out sick today. >> abc's lauren lister joins us live. >> reporter: this morning someone who shopped at this southern california 7-eleven is 1 in 292 million, the odds of winning the jackpot. california lottery officials saying one of the winning tickets was sold here. >> can you believe it, america, a world record jackpot, it's coming to you right now. >> reporter: it was the more than billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. >> now for your winning powerball number. good luck to you. it is the number 10. >> reporter: and that moment undoubtedly changing the life
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who bought one of the winning tickets hehe%@ai@at ed cthis chino hills, california 7-eleven. people showing up osed circ@ahere after it was revealed. >> i'm very hahamawcland excited. >> it's almost like we won because our community won. >> reporter: call it a sign of powerball fever sweeping the nation. tickets ahead of the drawing selling at a pace of $1.3 million a @jmacuitng rush hour. >> the winner. ]cuit >> the winner. >> the winner.r.closed c>> that can't be the winner. >> this is cmawthe winner. >> reporter: drawing dh@clong cucpiring *@ai@people to cross state powers@a * nevada into california. >> we're all going to buy round- trip tickets to the moon. >> reporter: crossing national borders in the case of canadians. >> everyone's got the fever. >> reporter: more than 300 million tickett sold wednesday, almost one for every person in this country, for a prize that got too big to fit on closed c lottery offialc @ai@dreporting it
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it's not just the jackpot winners who scored. in seven states there were $2 million winners, 23 states there were million dollar winners. there's ththweekend. back down to a measly sounding $40 million. lauren lister, abc news, back to you. >> lauren, thank you. funnnnhose people in convenience store chugging gatorade. >> having a good that i'm. nacho cheese was flying. >> other big story today will be the wind. >> gusty conditions. our next storm on the way, it will pick up the winds in the foothills and mountains will pick up snow by this afternoon. right now in denver we have speeds at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. it doesn't take much, with that wind, our temperatures along the front range in the 30s and 40s now. really a very mild start. you're goiig to find closer
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we'll be in the low to mid-40s this afternoon. not quite as warm as yesterday with mountain snow later today. denver within the next couple of days. -`we'll talk bout that coming up. eric. >> thanks, lisa. i'm a big winner this morning. four bucks. >> wow. >> $4. >> buy another two tickets. or nacho cheese. >> i'm looking at the positives. $4. i'm up two bucks because i only bought one ticket. i-25 and arapahoe wide open. also in the green this morning, i-70 and 225, heading out to the airport, pena boulevard is looking good. no major accidents to report. at least right now. breaking news to tell you about, another terrorist attack, at least seven people are dead, after militants attacked the capital of
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one of those blasts happened at a starbucks. very close to u.s. embassy there in jakarta. the attackers may have had isis. they imitateed actions terrorisissaw in the s atat some of the attackers were killed, but 's not clear many. some of the attackers were arrested. we'll continue to update you as we get more information. breaking news at home, a dehome up inflames this morning forcing a family ix from theer home. they made it out okay and talked only with denver 7. denver7 reporter brendaliss gonzalez joins us from the site. >> reporter: you can still smell the smoke out here. you can still see parts of this home smoking, but the fire is out. there is no longer a roof. the foundation is still up, but most of the walls just gone. firefighters are thinking that the fire could have started on the right side of this home here. that's where you can see. you can see right through the
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not much left. one of the renters tells us they saw the fire start in the back room. talking about six people in this home, including an 8-month- old baby. they all got out. one person was taken tothe hospit minor injuries. rs working to figure out how this all started. basement intact. that's where firefighters tell us there was a legal marijuana grow operation. the home is a total loss. now the family inside was renting, figuring out where to go from here. >> i'm just glad everybody is okay. it's just, can't really wrap your mind around it. i can't right now. just thankful everyone is okay. >> reporter: smoke alarm that woke up one of the person inside this home, that's how
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got out in time. reporting live, brendaliss gonzalez, denver 7. got new details about a horrible fire in southwest denver that killed a man. we're learning the father is in the hospital, fighting for his life. firefighters say he rushed back into this burning home to try to save his bed ridden home. now ralph andrade senior is in serious condition. family members say he and his wife, who also went inside the home, doing much better. they're thanking neighbors who risked their lives, putting up ladders while ralph and josie were yelling for help. >> put the ladder up to the wwndow. tried to go up there, but the smoke was so bad i was losing my breath. >> ralph and josie got out. their son, ralph,, jr., who has ms unfortunately died.
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join the podium and tell us how the stateeis doing. sally mamdooh joins us live from the capitol. >> reporter: the governor will deliver his speech right behind me here at 11:00 this morning. he'll focus on addressing the state as a whole. according to our partners at the denvvr post, he'll talk about the state's significant improving roads, imexpanding broad band access, and making issue of the homeless crisis. he's hoping it will help democrats and republicans find to several major issues, especially the state's $27 billion budget. we're live from the state's capitol, sally mamdooh, denver 7. sally, thank you. new developments about the travel nightmare at dia. remember this happened during the holiday rush? those long lines formed last month while people were waiting overnight and into the next morning.
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saying correct staffing protocols were not followed. we have new developments about the news organization that ran a story claiming peyton manning used performance- enhancing drugs. down. >> sure it's going to be devastating to all their viewers. >> the company's last day will be april 30th. it never really took off after launching two years ago. let's talk about the chase foo the championship. peyton manning was at practice yesterday gearing up for his first time as starting quarterback since november 15th. sunday's patchup against the steelers will be big for demarius thomas. his mom might be in the stands. it would be the first time she's seen him play live. she's spent the last 15 years in prison dealing cocaine. she was released from a halfway house in november and the
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show us your broncos spirit. there is a photo sent to us from vasquez. >> we have another one sent in by brian. check out the broncos fans cheering on their team. post your pictures on our facebook page or send them to us on twitter. >> love seeing everybody's pictures. >> great pictures. this is one ticket you'll want to get. some officers are using their
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welcome back. it's 5:13. live look from our nation's capital this morning. looks like a lovely morning there. former nfl runningback lawrence phillips was found dead in his jail cell. he was in a california prison awaiting trial for charges of killing his cell mate last
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he was originally sent to prison in 2008 after conviction of domestic violence and false imprisonment charge. we're learning more abab the man who opened fire in a louisiana movie theater in july. investigators are now releasing details from his journal saying john hauser praiseed the charleston church shooter. his family says he has a history of mental illness. hulk hogan is suing gawker for releasing a sex video of him. if he wins, he could put gawker out of business. the two sides will argue about whether or not gawker had the right to share a private figure of a public figure. e trial starts i imarch. malaysia airline is facing a lawsuit herein the states. the planeared two years ago. momoeckage stilhas not t found.
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filed a lawsuit. their lawyer says he plans to file more suits on behalf of other families in the next couple of weeks. president obama just talked with russian president vladimir putin over the phone. they discussed the on going crisis in ine. president obama stressed the need to work towards a diplomatic solution. duck dynasty star phil robertson likes ted cr endorsing him for president. that endorsement comes ahead of tonight's gop debate. fox business network is lowesting this time. therwidebates with donald trump, bebecarson, cruz and marco rubio on the main stage along with a few other candidates. everyone has powerball fever, including police officers n missouri. >> instead of buying tickets for themselves, they bought them for strangers.
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county were instructed to give the tickets to whomever he wanted, including one man who thought he was getting a ticket for a cracked windshield. >> if you win, don't have to worry about that crack, get you a new car. how about that? community, community, community. >> how do you think you would feel about it if someone wins? >> that would be awesome. as bad as i want to wwn, you know, it's not about me, it's about this community. >> the officers paid for the powerball tickets themselves. their goal was to give away 100 winning powerball jackpot tickets were sold of course in california, florida, and tennessee, not there. but that's a great gesture. >> it is. imagine what it would feel like to wake up this morning knowing that you won that. >> how weird is it? three people's lives completely changed this morning. >> hopefully great stories will come out. >> long distance cousins will find them. >> oh, yeah. >> you could do something real
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you hope people do. we're from 40s in fort collins to teens and 20s in other spots. we're all over the place. 30 now in denver. winds west-southwest at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. winds will be an issue today, especially up and through the foothills through early afternoon, we'll see pretty strong gusts. one of our twitter followers writing in that lyons recent wind gust of 60 miles per hour. current temperatures because of the winds are mild. low to mid-40s now in spots. boulder at 43. longmont you're at 45. farther eest, greeley heading into fort morgan single digits to 20s. where it's windier, where we get the down slope temperatures there more mild. in denner speeds are at about 15 to 20 miles per hour this morning. today that will be in the low to mid, even upper 40s. not quite as warm as yesterday. 3 we're still very close to
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con fifer 39 for a high. mid- to upper 20s in the mountains. in the mountains gusty conditions on the topssof those peaks if you're heading skiing you'll likely find blowing snow along the roadways. closer to 50 across parts of southeastern colorado today. it's really our last really mild day when it comee to temperatures. get outside and enjoy it. for the kids at the bus stop nice today. you'll notice this is our next round of snow. it will move into the mountains by afternoon today. midday, early afternoon we'll start to see snow. eastern colorado will stay dry. we're expecting sunshine today. you'll notice by about 12:00, 12:30. we still have clear skies along i-25. no real change there. in fact, overnight tonight into tomorrow morning this system won't really impact our drive. 7:00friday morning, a few clouds. really going to be later in the day afternoon, early afternoon, that we could start to see a little light snow.
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good probably 30% chance of picking up about an inch of snow. might get a few pockets with 1 to 2 inches farther east. the mountains at thattpoint will start to see drier conditions. today we're at 43. tomorrow upper 30s. %- then we drop even more so this weekend. saturday into sunday we're at 31 on sunday for the broncos game. could get a few flurries into the weekend. stay tuned for details. otherwise, it's going to be really a very minor series of sttrms until the middle of next week. i think by wednesday we've got a better chance of picking up at least good accumulating snow in town. >> we'll an eyon that. nice drive through aurora now. this is 225 and parker road.. also the light rail train moving there. looking good through aurora. i-25 and hampden, foggy on the camera. that's just the camera. you can see traffic is running smoothly both directions. i-25 and jewell. take a look at the maps, i'm waiting for something to happen, but not much.
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still good through aurora, i-70 is looking good. i-25 south, maybe stop and go through commercecety and 36 heading into broomfield. typical slowing. thanks, eric. 5:20now. got a video we have to show you. it's a very happy pup. take a look. >> say cheese. >> that doesn't even look real. this rescue dog slowing a huge grin when the owner says, say cheese. the video has more than 12 million views on facebook. >> does they get a treat for that -- he get a treat for that? >> he needs too. how do you teach a dog to smile? >> in front of him all day long like an idiot. i love it. many of us are lucky if we
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5:23. welcome back to denver 7. the stock market opens up to pretty rough day yesterday. all three major indices fell. the dow went down 365 points. what does that mean for you? the average 401(k) of $92,000 has lost nearly $7,000 since the beginning of the year. experts say january sets the tone for the entire year about 70% of the time usually. but we've got more to go. chipotle stock opening 24 points higher, after they outlined their plan to recover
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country. the company says they're taking several steps to imppove food safety. the price of gasoline is lower than it's been in 12 years. it's good news for drivers, but could be bad for the state. the low cost of driving is driving out jobs and tax revenues. about 6200 jobs have been eliminaaed in the past year. >> wells we're drills, particularly in weld county and very productive. they're very prolific first few years of production and we're still experiencing an increase in oil production. >> suv and pickup sales are up 10%, while volt and prius sales down an average of 18%. we've heard of pitching the -`perfect game.
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done something better. >> he bowled three perfect games in a row. he just kept rolling strikes in three back to back games. first he didn't even realize what was happening. but everybody else did. >> everybody just kept watching and watching. when it got to the tenth frame it was like everybody quit and like 20 cell phones just taking video of him the whole time as he was bowling. >> once i seen it, the last pin tt go down, then it hit me. once. i said, oh my god, i just threw a dream. something you just dream about. >> he should have bought a powerball ticket. united states bowling congress is reviewing his performance. >> ii true, he'll be only 28th person to do it. i can't believe 28 people have done it. >> got to be called a turkey on fire. got to be something good. >> turkey on fire?
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three strikes in a row, so a turkey on fire. >> okay, great. you coined that phrase. >> air quality moderate. no burning restrictions in place. low to mid-40s. gusty winds up and through the foothills. will stay that way through eaaly afternoon. already seen speeds over 50 miles per hour. 43 today. tomorrow we're at 37. it gets colder heading into the weekend with a chance for snow late friday into saturday. watch for that. again, it will beereally light. we're looking at maybe an inch in town. >> speaking of light, the drive is really nice so far. i-25 at 62nd avenue running smoothly in both directions. dtc wide open. i-25 and dry creek. i-25 and arapahoe road, and through aurora also in the green and wide open. thanks, eric. kids and computers go hand in hand these days.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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