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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. we have breaking powerball news. we have good news and bad news. good news, the world's largest jackpot ever, $1.6 billion, will get split three ways. bad news, just not here in colorado. the three winning at this times were -- tickets were sold in tennessee. now. >> unless you bought a ticket in some of those towns, right? no jackppt tickets sold here in colorado. yet. the colorado lottery says five tickett were sold here in colorado worth $100,000.
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4, 8, 19, 27, 34, powerball 10. we want to show you some of the sell braces overnight -- celebrations overnight in california. >> this morning jackpot is back down to $40 million. abc's lauren lister joins us live from that lucky store in california. lauren. >> reporter: this morning someone who shopped at this southern california 7-eleven is 1 in 292 million, the odds of winning the jackpot. california lotterr officials saying one of the winning tickets was sold here. >> can you believe it, america, a world record jackpot, it's coming to you right now. >> reporter: it was the more than billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. >> now for your winning powerball number. good luck to you. it is the number 10. >> reporter: and that moment undoubtedly changing the life of the lucky powerball player who bought one of the winning tickets here at this chino
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people showing up here after it was revealed. [ cheering ] >> i'm very happy and exciied. >> it's almost like we won even though we didn't, because our community won. >> reporter: call it a sign of powerball fever sweeping the nation. tickets ahead of the drawing selling at a pace of $1.3 million a minute during rush hour. >> the winner. >> the winner. >> the winner. >> that can't be the winner. >> this is the winner. >> reporter: drawing long lines, inspiring people to cross state borders from nervous nevada into california. trip tickets to the moon. borders in the case of canadians. >> reporter: more than 300 million tickets sold wednesday, almost one for every person in this country, for a prize that got too big to fit on billboards. but the cash value comes close. lottery officials reporting it comes out to $983.5 million.
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winners who scored. lottery officials say in seven states there were $2 million winners, 23 states there were million dollar winners. and there's always this weekend. another drawing. estimates are the jock pot is down to a mere 40 million bucks. lauren lister, abc news, back to you. >> winners in colorado, $150,000 and $50,000. nothing to sneeze at. >> we're winners every day because we work with lisa. >> here's my ticket here. not a one number. not a one. seriously. >> noohing. >> look at our temperatures. we live in a great state. temperatures in the teen, 15 to 15 grease warmer than yesterday. `0s, 30s, even 40s early this morning. here in denver it's 32 degrees. winds out of the west. gusty up and through the
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across the plains not as bad. but we benefit from some of the winds because we're feeling in denver temperatures from 30s to 40s along the front range. it's going to stay windyy through the first half of the day today. by 3:00, a high of 43 with mountain snow. we'll talk about the chance of snow in denver coming up. >> thank you. drive still looking good in the 6:00 hour. i-70 and 270 raffic is running just fine. we'll start on the north side of town this morning, and the drive is looking just great thornton. colfax. that drive on i-70 the stock show is happening, no traffic yet, but you'll see that tyyical slowing. i-70 between 225 and i-25 nnce and smooth, about 10 minutes. we'll take you through i-25 south to the dtc area. it's just fine as well. you can see here about 15 minutes, 16 minutes on i-25
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i'm kind of bored. not much going on. >> it's nicer when you're here. what's going on with the driie? overseas. killed. this is in jakarta. ties. you can see one of the blasts. % it happened at a starbucks, one of those explosions of several. this was just a few blocks away from the u.s. embassy there. police there say the attackers were imitating the actions of the terrorists in the paris attacks. we know some of the attackers were killed. but still unclear how many. we aaso understand some of the attackers were arrested affer these blasts. again, in jakarta overnight. good news in the fight -`against isis. the turkish military has attacked isis militant positions in iraq. also in syria. this is retaliation for the blast earlier this week in instanbul. turkey's prime minister says 200 isis militants were killed
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in denver a home goes up in flames orcing a family of six, home. firefighters say they found a legal grow operation inside which may have contributed to the cause of this fire. denver7 reporter brendaliss gonzalez is outside that home on north eagle street. safely.. >> reporter: yeah. still people out here just now rummaging through what's left of this home. take a look. roof is gone, many of the walls are gone, though the foundation is still intact. % this home is destroyed. we talked to the man who woke alarm. he was able to get all his family out, including his 8- month-old son out safely. once he got everyone out, he went back inside to rescue the two dogs that were inside of there. everyone out safe. he ended up getting smoke inhalation and had to go to the hospital. he's back out here now, though, getting whatever he can out of this home.
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going to go. he's thankful everyone is out okay. he's thankful he heard that smoke alarm. he doesn't know what would havv happened had they not heard that alarm. live in denverr brendaliss gonzalez, denver 7. about seven minutes after 6:00. learning new details after this fire destroys a southwest denver home and claims the life ralph andrade junior died in the fire. he was bed ridden, he had ms. his father, ralph andrade is in serious condition after he and his wife rushed back in to try to save their son. they ended up trapped themselves, so they screamed for help from the second story window. some neighbors stepped in. >> put the ladder up to the window. tried to go up there as much as possible, but the smoke was so bad that i was losing my breath. >> the couple managed to get out of the home before fire crews got there, but had no choice but to leave their son behind.
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fire investigators still don't know what caused the fire. this morning the second teen girl plotting of killing her mountain vista high school -- prosecutors say sienna johnson bought a bb gun for target practice and mapped out plans to attack mountain vista high school. the judge refused to unseal details in the case. police say they arrested both girls after receiving an anonymous tip. 6:08 now. the tsa is taking blame for the insanely long lines we saw at dia in the days after christmas. the lines at 3:00 a.m. looked more like peak travel times. some people waiting more than two hours and missed their flights after all that. the tsa says in a statement it did not have correct staffing protocols. the delays were at their worst mmnday and tuesday after christmas. governor hickenlooper lays
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>> we'll air the state of the state address live on denver 7 at 11:00 today. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh joins us outside the capitol with a look ahead. sally. >> reporter: it's expected to be a packed house around 11:00. that's when the governor will make his speech. joining me live nowwis lieutenant governor joe garcia. what can we expect in this speech today? >> the governor will lay out his vision for our continued economic recovery. it's already one of the strongest anddfastest in the nation. we want to make sure it reaches all coloradian, especially those in our rural communities. >> reporter: helping the speech will create a common ground for the republicans and democrats when it comes to the budget, is that right? >> that's correct. this governor always looks for common ground. we know we need to address our budget through the technical fix we need to make to our hospital provider free that will free up hundreds of millions of dollars to really pay for the services that coloradians want and need. >> reporter: lieutenant governor, thank you so much for
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this speech will be at 11:00 3 this morning and we'll bring it to you live. back to you guys. >> sally, thank you. this sunday we'll debut a new political show called politics unplugged. marshall zelinger and anne trujillo will ask about priorities for this year's session. it airs at 4:00 sunday here on denver 7. ten minutes after 6:00. breaking news and sad news to report. actor alan rickman has died. a picture of him here. he looks familiar to you. a well known actor. perhaps most recognized, he played in harry potter films. villan in the die hard series. he died after a battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. so sad. we're seeing a lot of neat things come from things he said, memories on twitter. this morning as you're heading off to school upper 20s to low 30s. really windy up and through the foothills out west. as you're heading home for the
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most likely not needing snow bbots or pants. starting tomorrow some changes. we'll detail it coming up after the break. >> up to the mountains, i-70 and genesee, a little bbt of wind.
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6:14. investigation underway at a street. denver police sayythey got a situation. homicide investigators on scene. they found a body. we'll keep you updated on thanks. we want to give you a live look outside now from our roof camera. quiet morning weather-wise in denver. -`30degrees and should warm up a little bit more. you're tracking something going
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>> along the gunnison river we have a flash flood watch in effect due to an ice jam. water could rise 5 to 8 feet in some spots. interesting to see. we'll keep an eye on that. here at home no alerts. to the north and south of our state, high wind warnings in effect. no wind warnings in effect along the front range. but it looks like wind speeds 15 to 30 miles per hour on the west edge of i-25, along 36 to boulder along 285, 93 likely windier. in denver now it's 32. the winds are really helping to boost some of our temperatures. it's 45 in longmont now. boulder, 41. fort collins, 36. very mild. one of the warmest morniigs we have seen this week. up into the mountains single digits. this afternoon we'll see in the high country mid- to upper 20s. in denverrlow to mid-40s today. in some spots we're already at our high.
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as the winds pick up, the numbers will fluctuate through the day. closer to 50 across southern and southeastern colorado. 12 in gunnison. 25 in aspen. 28 in grand junction. at this point all is pretty dry. if you're heading up to the mountains this morning, you won't find snowfall, not really until miiday. `e're watching the first in weak systems that will bring us snow. most what we'll see will be in the high country. 12:30today you can see snow in through the northern central mountains. across eastern colorado we're likely looking at mainly just `unshine today. overnight tonight we'll get a little increase in cloud cover and tomorrow mooning, 7:00 on friday, we're still dry here. not expecting this to mess with our commute much. by the afternoon, friday afternoon, 2 to about 3:00 o'clock, we could see light snow filling in overnight, looks like early saturday. totals don't look impressive. still calling for about half an inch to an inch with
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through midday across oor eastern ppains. that's just going to be the first in a series. also likely going to be a chance for light snow saturday into sunday. skies will then clear for the broncos game that afternoon. depending on some of the sunshine, that could mess with our temperatures, too. looks like mid-to potentially upper 30s sunday. then as we start neet week, mild but a better chance for snow by next wednesday. we'll keep an eye on that. eric. >> hoping that forecast sticks. dry for the game, that would be good. in the high country, i-70 at georgetown, calm there. berthoud pass. if you're trying to head into winter park. volume. still no major accidents to report. you can see that on the maps. we are still all in green in most of the city. 225 through aurora is looking good. i-25 still in good shape. i-25 starting to see that typical slowing through north glen and thornton. just typical lowing.
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accidents. thank you. new this mornn are safe at home while getting lost in the back country skiing. this happened about an hour west of boulder. rescue crews found the two men just after midnight. jason douglas is from superior and the other man from canada. we're hearing from one of the u.s. sailors who crossed into syrian waters and were released. >> we made a mistake and we %- apologize for our mistake. >> u.s. fishes say the video appears to be authentic. u.s. central command says the video s clearly stageed. tonight republican presidential candidates meet on stage for the first time in
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the gloves are coming off wiih the iowa caucuses looming member 1st. the debate in charleston, north carolina will be split into two. donald trump front and center there on the main stage event, featuring seven candidates. because of fox business' criteria, rand paul, carly 3 fiorina have been bumped to the so-called kids table. participate. democratic presidential sunday in charleston. here's a live look in denver at 6:19. tomorrow break out the broncos' best. denver's mayor has declared it orange friday. the city will do its best to light up many of the landmarks in orange. >> we want to see your broncos pride. send us your pictures. you can check out this newborn
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broncos all the way the what a cutie. i on't know how they got a jersey that small. this sent in by amanda. awesome. send your pictures to facebook, you can use the #broncospride on twitter. not sure anything will beat this broncos pride. these homeowners won a contest, had the inside of their home painted broncossorange. for doing this, they got tickets for the ame.
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three pooches from colorado making their way to the puppy bowl. dumb friends league says three of their puppies will play. >> moose and ollie will be on team fluff.
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it airs on animal planet on super bowl sunday. now after a long pregnant pause we go to weather. >> that was a really funny story, too. >> i know. the dog smiles. >> we'll get that. we'll find at that tape. >> promise. it's windy in the foothills. gusts at this point over 50 to 60 milee per hour. >> hello. >> bad hair day up thhre. down here not as bad. now pretty clear skies. gorgeous start to our day. a live look from our camera east in burlington. it's beautiful. mostly sunny. sunshine will dominate today. we will see snow in the mountains by this afternoon. highs in the low to mid-40s in denver. air quality today moderate. no indoor burning restrictions. that gets updated at 4:00 this afternoon. highs today, low to mid-40s covering northeastern colorado. 20s in the mountains. coming up we'll take a look at the cool down that will bring us into thee30s starting tomorrow. eric, how are the roads?
6:23 am
hair thhs morning, she tweeted that. you have to see that. >> it's not pretty. >> shows how windy it will be. starting to seeeslowing on i-25 here. it's that typical slowing through north glen and thornton. starting to slow down. 18 minutes from 120th to colfax. i-70 still in the green. drive ttmes no more than 10 minutes both directions between 225 and i-25. about 10, 15 minutes between i- 70 and i-25 on that drive through 225. looking good now. it's 6:30, usually we have a lot of accidents and traffic. hopefully i don't jinx it. final for the first free coffee friday of the new year. tomorrow we'll be at the king soopers in lakewood off south kipling and florida avenue. >> that delicious coffee will start brewing at 6:00 a.m. we'll be out there until 9:00. say hello.
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three winning tickets in the
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it's 6:30 and we're all at work this morning. no jackpot tickets sold in colorado. >> but we have three winners, in florida, tennessee and southern california. lucky owners will split the largest jackpot in the world ever. 1.6billion bucks. you can see people went nuts in chino hills, california where one of the tickets were sold. the store's owner gets $1 million for selling the ticket. >> it's not all a loss in colorado. five tickets sold here for $100,000, there's also another 10 tickets worth 50 grand. so here are the numbers again. double-check your tickets before you throw them away. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, powerball number 10. >> let's take you live to beverly hills. the oscar nominations just about ready to get started.
6:26 am
categories like animated feature film, costume design, make-up, hairstyling. we expect to get into the acting and best film categories in about seven minutes. stay with us. let's get over to lisa hidalgo for a check of the weather. she also did not win powerball. >> still here. the bottom of my ticket says, expect the unexpected. no. % i'm going to expect the expected. clear skies. beautiful start. you can see out east, that's a bronco sunrise. blue and orange in the sky. temperatures a good 15 to almost 30 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. really warm start to our day due to pretty gusty winds in the foothills. you're going to find our temperatures soar this morning. in some spots we're in the 40s. and we'll be in the low to mid- 40s through the afternoon. dry across the state this morning. by this afternoon we should see snow in the mountains. will be dry for all of us here
6:27 am
denver, 43. greeley, 40. mid- to upper 40s to the south. a mild day today. details coming up. >> you guys are so negative. i won four dollars and that means a free oreo blizzard for me. >> oh, boy. >> got to stay positive. >> everybody has goals. >> i loveemy oreo blizzard. clear thii morning. 3 really no issues at all. green everywhere. except for up north. that's that typical lowing through thornton. still no accidents. i'm waiting over here. >> hey, we don't want that, eric. breaking news into our newsroom, death investigation is going on now. this is at a residence near 11th and ash street. denver police say they got a call about a domestic violence
6:28 am
there they found a body. family of six after their home goes up in flames and firefighters say they found a legal grow operation inside. they're trying to see if that has something to do with the cause. denver7 reporter brendaliss gonzalez is live on scene. >> reporter: you can see the damage on this home after this fire. the roof destroyed. many of the walls gone. you can see straight from the garage all the way to the outside of the home. we talked so some of the people inside of the home at the time. one of them we talked to was the one who woke up after hearing the fire alarm. he was able to get his faaily out safe, including his 8-month- old. he described what it was like when he saw the flames inside his home. >> i was very freaked out. i didn't even know what to do, didn't know what to grab. obviously the family, the dogs. thooe were of course the main
6:29 am
stuff, i don't know. >> reporter: where was your little boy? in the crib? >> yeah, he was sleeping in our bedroom with us. my wife had won't up to give -- woken up to give him a bottle. and not two minutes after the bottle the fire alarm went off. i woke up started running around the house. >> reporter: he including others inside of this home were out here, a few still out here, rummaging whatever they can find that's still left inside this home. they don't know where they're going to stay tonight. they're thinking it could have been caused by electrical problems they've been having, although firefighters are still investigating to figure out what caused this fire. reporting ive in denver, brendaliss gonzalez, denver 7. >> thank you. former air force academy cadet will spend half the year
6:30 am
another cadet at a party in boolder. prosecutors say the victim got drunk at a party and that ryerson assaulted ler innthe bathroom. after getting out of jail, he'll spent at least 10 years under superviseed probation. peekaboo street is facing assault charges in utah. she admitted to pushing her father down the stairs and locking him in the basement. she claims he assaulted her. police in key west, florida, arrested back street boys star nick carter. police say he got into a fight at a bar. the jail has him booked on a misdemeanor charge. this morning governor hickenlooper will tell us how our state is doing. denvee7 reporter sally mamdooh joins us from the capitol with a review of today's state of the state address. >> reporter: mitch, it is
6:31 am
inside the state capitol building behinn me here around 11:00 this morning. that's when the governor is speech. he'll focus this year on addressing the state as a whole and he'll be doing it in front of the republican controlled house. we caught up with the lieutenant governor a few moments ago and here's what he today's speech. >> the governor is going to lay out his vision for our continued economic recovery. it's already one of the strongest and fastest in the nation. we want to make sure it reaches all coloradians, especially those in our rural communities. >> reporter: the governor is also hoping his speech will help both republicans and democrats find a common ground when it comes to several major issues, especially the $27 billion budget. live from the capitol building, sally mamdooh, denver 7. live look from the oscar nominations happening now. >> we're waiting to learn who
6:32 am
6:38. live to beverly hills, california, where we're moments away from learning this year's oscar nominations. few front-runners, really. leonardo dicaprio expected to be up for lead actor. >> he's never won, so it would be interesting to see that. star wars is up for any big awards. this is now the highest grossing movie of all time. finannial success is reelly no guarantee for a nomination. >> absolutely. again, this is the stage set in beverly hills. by the way, if you're trying to put something on your calendar, the oscars will air febrrary
6:33 am
let's listen in. >> welcome. what an exciting morning. thank you for kicking it off. john, let's continue. for performance by an actor in a supporting role, the mommies are, christian -- nominees are christian bale -- sylvester stallone in creed. >> performance by an actress in a supporting role, jennifer jason leigh, the hateful 8,
6:34 am
kate winslet in steve jobs. >> for achievement in visual effects, the nominees are -- mad max fury rod, the revenant, awakens. >> for achievemmnt in film evidencitying, the nominees are, the big short, mad max fury road, the revenant, spotlight, and star wars the force awakens. >> for achievement in production design, the nominees
6:35 am
danish girl, mad max fury road, the martian, and theerevenant. >> for adapted screen play the nominees are, charles randolph for the big short. nick hornby for brooklyn, drew goddard for the martian. >> original scrren play the nominees are, for bridge of spies. alex garland. inside out.
6:36 am
jonathan herman -- for straight outta compton. >> original score, bridge of spies, carol, the hateful 8, star wars the force awakens. >> the best foreign language film category, the nominees are from colombia, from france, mustang, from hungary, son of saul, from jordan, thief, and from denmark, a war. >> for achievement in directing, the nominees are,
6:37 am
george miller for mad max fury road, the revenant, room, and tom mccarthy for spotlight. >> for performance by an actress in a leading role, the nominees are, cate blanchett in carol, brie larsen in room, jennifer lawrence in joy. charlotte rampling in 45 years, and saorise roman in brooklyn. >> bryan cranston, matt damon in the martian, leonardo dicaprio in revenant, and eddie
6:38 am
>> and the best picture nominees, they are, the big gardener and jeremy kleiner producers, bridge of spies. brooklyn. mad max fury road. the martian.
6:39 am
and spotlight. >> for the complete liit of all the nominations, please visit >> join us sunday night, february 28th to celebrate these incredible artists and films at the oscars with our host, chris rock. see you then. >> february 28th here on denver 7. you can see the oscar nominations. 8films for best picture. >> i was like, are they going to keep going? >> big list. >> lot of people also wondering if star wars, and they got three nominations mentioned here, visual effects, editing and original score. revenant racking up. >> it did well go the golden globes as did the martians. i have catching up to do. >> i really want to see the
6:40 am
hollywood is also mourning a loss today. sad news, actor alan rickman has passed away. that came across today early this morning. well known actor. certainly recognize his face. had a wonderful voice. very good actor. recognized in his role in harry tter. he wws also the villan in die hard. his family confirms he died after a battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. >> so bumed to hear this. >> you start to remember films, love actually, too, one of my favorite movies. breaks your heart. >> it does. we have a beautiful start to our day. clear skies. as we head inno the weekend changes. we've been alking about a storm moving in. it's not going to be a big one. this will be the scene today. sunshine. wind speeds between 15 to 40 miles per hour along i-25. mountains.
6:41 am
hour reported near berthoud pass this morning. our temperatures due to the down sloping winds all over the place. 29 littleton. 34 boulder. 36 in fort collins. we're pretty warm. compared to yesterday morning, about 10 to 20 degrees warmer. this afternoon we're goinggto be in the low to mid-40s. some neighborhoods that are seeing it now, you'll see your numbers fluctuate. later today low to mid-40s. cooler than yesterday. still around normal. up into the mountains low to mid-20s. wind speeds will be pretty high overrthe higher mounnain passes today with areas of blowing snow. if you're driving along i-70, fresh snow on the way. this is our next system. it's the first in a series of weak storms bringing light snow through he weekend. today our mountains will pick up pretty much all of it. between now and 12:30 light to moderate snow develops.
6:42 am
we could pick up a few inches. 8:00tonight still dry. pretty dry across the plains. increase in clouds overnight into early tomorrow. even friday morning's commute, tomorrow, you probably don't need to give yourself extra time. not expecting much, just winds -`in spots. by 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, that's a different story. we might start to see light snow here in town and overnight friday into saturday chance of light snow. totals still don't look impressive. maybe half an inch to an inch with this. could get a few light snow showers saturday into sunday. it looks like skies will clear in time for the broncos game sunday afternoon. you'll get more sunshine. our highs at that point in the mid-30s. next week mild to start. and a chance of snow it looks `ike by wednesday. >> we're following our first accident of the morning. it didn't happen in a food spot. this is i--- good spot.
6:43 am
it's near alameda and backups stretching to the mousetrap at i-70. avoid that area. major slowdowns north glen and thornton. typical slowing. no accidents to report.
6:44 am
nine minutes before 7:00 a.m. plan on leaving the house early tomorrow to you can join us for a free cup of coffee. it's our first free coffee friday of 2016. we'll be at the king soopers in lakewood. we'll be out there from 6:00 to 9:00. al-jazeera america will shut down by the end of april. the company's business model is too hard to keep running in the american market. that news came up during manning's news conference and this is what he had to say. >> surr it's devastating to all their viewers they have, so.
6:45 am
indianapolis clinic received multiple shipments of performance-enhancing drugs and manning called the article complete garbage. if you use the eos lip balm, you'll want to see this. there's a woman suing because they says the balm caused her skin to crack and bleed and blister. she put these pictures on social media.
6:46 am
we start your morning sprint with breaking powerball news. $1.6billionwill get split three ways. no jackpot tickets in colorado. the three winning tickets in california, florida, and tennessee. >> no jackpot tickets sold here in colorado. but don't throw away the ticket rado lottery says five tickets sold here are worth $100,000. 50 grand. again, here are the numbers from last night's drawing, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, powerball 10. breaking international news. at least seven people killed after militants suspected with ties with isis attacked jakarta. you can see one of the explosions on this video. this one happened at a starbucks, which is not far away from the u.s. embassy there.
6:47 am
seemed to be trying to imitate the paris attacks. killed. still unclear how many. we also know others were arrested. >> reporter: we're near eagle street, where a home was destroyed by a fire early this morning. there were six people inside, including an 8-month-old infant at the time. one man woke up to the sound of the fire alarm. he was able to get his family out safe. he went back to rescue two dogs. he had to go to the hospital for minor injuries. smoke inhalation. he thanks hearing the smoke lives. thank you. `he second teen girl accused of plotting to kill her classmates and teachers will find out if
6:48 am
the second teen, sienna johnson will be charged as an adult. yesterday a judge refused to unseal details in the case and police say they arrested both girls after receiving an anonymous tip. traffic alert, trouble on i- 25 southbound. as you go through downtown, alameda. 70 now. major issues, even causing issues on i-70 as well. it's a big mess. cdot cam, this is 19th and i- 25. you can see how slow it is. back to the maps, dealing with the typical slowing to the north side through thornton and north glen. you can see slowing on 76. pretty slow through commerce city as well. i-70 in the yellow past 225 now. that's just the typical slowing. also aurora through herry creek reservoir, slow. that's typical. no accidents there. big issue on i-25 southbound at alameda. thanks, eric. oscar nominations just
6:49 am
here's a look at some of the nooinees. best picture, bridge of spies, brooklyn, mad max fury road, room, spotlight, the big short, the martian, and the revenant. >> wouldn't it be fun to see leonardo dicaprio take best actor? the oscars air here on denver 7 february 28th. we've been tweeting the nominations out this morning, so follow us on twitter. >> i read room. i'm getting there. i got a lot to get through. live look ouuside. it's been beautiful this morning. clear skies. temperatures now in the 30s. this afternoon air quality moderate and no burning restrictions in place today. that wwll be updated at 4:00 this afternoon. highs in the low to mid-40s today to the northeast. upper 40s to the southeast. 20s in the mountains. our mountains will pick up it looks like decent snow over the next 24 to 36 hours. we get a shot at snow here in town, late friday into early
6:50 am
live look over denver this morning. another broncos sunrise. it's 6:57. % tomorrow make sure you wear your broncos best. denver's mayor has declared it orange friday. wear orange. light up some of the landmarks around town in orange light. >> we want to see that broncos pride. %- send in your ictures. check out this cutie here. she's weariig a broncos onsie. you can send us your pictures on facebook or #broncospride on twitter. >> i don't have much in orange. >> i don't either. >> i have plenty of orange ties. >> can i bring my manning jersey and we'll wear that? >> yes, absolutely. >> over your suit, that will look sharp.
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