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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00 a.m. any moment governor hiccenlooper will step up to the podium and deliver the state of the state address. he'll lay out his plans for the 2016 session. >> reaching a compromise on some issues could be tough, majority informant house -- in the house, the republicans controlling the senate. we'll bring it to you as soon as it begins. everyone standing around. yet. >> not yet. supposed to start at 11:00, but
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but the governor will be speaking for approximately 40 to 50 minutes. oftentimes we get an advanced copy of the speech. we haven't received that yet. he says he'll be talking to the whole state. often they'll be talking directly at lawmakers because they're hoping especially during an election year they'll get along and make progress. but the governor says he really waats to speak to everyone in big job he's got, because he has to talk about not only the things he thinks went well in the last year, but also the things that we need. a lot of people think we need more money for roads, improve education, make college more affordable. >> even the house speaker says lawmakers need to fix tabor.
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>> republicans have said all along don't tamper with the taxpayer bill of rights. they're going to come to loggerheads, head to head right out of the chute. the session f course goes 120 days. it's scheduled to adjourn may 11th. there are a lot of things on the table and opefully the governor can start making his case for cooperation. >> wages may be another thing. % we've been hearing about the increase in minimum wage. another thing we've been hearing about we may hear addressed today as well is the right to prescribe that pill, life ending pill to terminally ill patients. he may address that as well. we do have a political show starting on sunday at 4:00. denver7 reporter marshall zelinger who is out there getting ready for a report for us and anne trujillo our evening anchor will be hosting that show and they'll be
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democrats about some of the issues facing our state in this hot political season, they'll sunday. tune in for that, that's sunday at 4:00 here on denver 7. this is something that we'll have every week going forward. >> we have marshall zelinger live on the phone. he's in the gallery there in the upper tier. he has a great bird's-eye view. a lot to tackle this session. marshall, can you hear us? [ no audio ] >> sounds like he's trying to. we'll try to establish this shot. we don't want to lose this shot, because we have the podium for the speaker of the house, it's where the governor will take the stage and speak % to this joint session.
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you can see that was the `peaker's platform. we'll get to marshall in a minute. 3 dickeyylee holings forth, that's normally will she leads thh house. but today the governor will be there as he gives us the state of the state for 2016. >> we're going to take a listen now to something yesterday from legislators. take a listen. we apologize. we are experiencing some technical difficulties. so, here we go. oh say can you see by the dawn's early light >> that there is the lead singer from the fray, isaac slade. he started the nee legislative session by singing the national anthem.
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lawmakers also returned to the newly renovated chambers, which wasn't a bad thing to return to. >> this is another live look inside the house chambers, waiting for governor hickenlooper to take the podium. an issue, some lawmakers in different cities, including denver, one of the hot issues is this construction defect laws, whether they favor the contractors or homeowners. there's been some back and forth, especially in denver, and so it will be interesting 3 to see if he touches on that as welll it's something that would affect many builders and jobs across the state. so another issue. perhaps not as large assfixing roads and education, but one that can mean a lot of money for the state and a lot of jobs and affect a lot of you out there. >> college affordability a hot
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we've been hearing that on the presidential campaign trail as well. that's another topic we expect to hear from as we continue to wait, if you're just joining us, we're hanging around now. the state of the state address supposed to start at 11:00. clearly we're running behind here. everyone looks like they're about to take their seat, so hopefully that eans we'll hear from the governor soon. looks like we do have marshall zelinger standing by. can you hear us now? >> reporter: i can. can you hear me? >> great. finally. tell us a little it about what's going on inside now. >> reporter: speaker of the house has taken the podium and will announce when the governor comes in, almost like the president being in town. as soon as it getssto that point i'll quiet down, but it's not quite there yet. you've been previewing what governor. we know he's going to highlight the positives of the economy, but will also touch on some of the problems with the state, funding for transportation and education. pottntial cuts we're going to
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he'll do that in front of the house and senate meetinn together in the house chambers. there's a few minutesshere of ceremony that has to take place before the governor is announced to come into the chambers. >> talk about for a moment, if you will, the challenge the governorrhas in this speech, because on one hand you've ggt to talk abouu how well we're doing in colorado, but you also have to talk about the needs we have in colorado. they seem to be conflicting, but he has to address both those topics. >> reporter: he's going to start clearly with the positive. you'd want to start with the positive and et people jazzed up and encourageed. he's going to highlight the colorado, problems with transportation, funding building he roads instead of
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it looks like the governor might be ready to be announced. >> marshall, thank you so much. we can hear you trying to be quiet in there. i think we're going to go ahead and listen in to what's oing on there as they prepare to introduce the governor. >> ttey have roll call out of the way. i guess that's good. eeerybody is there. they should be, right? >> hope so. >> get this session rocking here with the state of the state address from the governor. again, scheduled to start at 11:00, we're 8 after, so a little bit behind. not terribly unused to this. that happens seems year to year
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the governor is supposed to speak for a little under an hour, talking about not only the highlights over the last year or so, but also the challenges we have ahead as a state. >> especially as he tries to get both the house and senate to work together on a lot of these issues, which is always a challenge for anyone when it's that divided as it is. >> especially during an election year. >> yeah. >> even the state lawmakers could tell you they know much of the natiin keeps a close eye on colorado, not only because of our growth, because we lead in many areas, in business areas, but because we're a state for the %- presidential election. they're not -- they know that's happening so they may be more divided than usual because it's an election year. >> do we still have marshall available? >> reporter: i'm still here. >> i want to bring you back in, because you have your political show coming up at 4::0 thhs sunday. can you tell us a little bit about who we're going to hear
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>> reporter: war going to talk to the leaders, house and senate leaders. clearly they're going to have different viewpoints. the speaker's speech yesterday was about colorado's way of life and the positives of colorado and ways to bring a equal to quality, the speaker -- the president's speech was more about law enforcement and protection. clearry the viewpoints on the tone of the speech were different. we're looking for three members of both the house and senate here. when i start to see those members appear in the door way, that's what i'm waiting for that will shut me upp to talk more about what will be on the debut show, we'lllbe asking leaders of the house and
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things, and get the other chamber to pass things. just like last year, there will be difficulties in passing compromise here without getting help from each side. >> would you say the tabor is probably the biggest challenge where the lawmakers are on either side of the aisle on to change or budge? >> reporter: if you ask the senate side, they'll talk about dealing withhthe budget that you have and refunding the money to the voters and figuring out how to spend he money that you have in your piggy bank without asking for more. the democrats will paint the picture of the mechanism creating this tabor refund now that could possibly go to education or transportation in some fashion, that that mechanism needs to be changed, that it's not so much -- it `hould be a tabor refund this year, voters should be getting money back, but it's a miitake letting that happen.
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governor is about to enter. >> marshall, it's no secret this city is rapidly expanding. we are just -- >> state is growing. >> population is insane right now. do you think they'll e addressing some issues related to that as well today? >> reporter: we're about to find out. >> is he walking in now? >> i think so. we may have lost our live picture, unfortunately, marshall. >> reporter: didn't realize that. %- >> so we can hear you and hear folks kind of murmuring as the governor is entering the room, but can't see it. let's take a look. i think we have it now. 3 >> now we see him. >> coming down the aisle.
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when he gets to the front row, that's where special delegates are, the mayors and fiance in the front row. you see lieutenant governor joe garcia. this is his wife next to him. john souther, mayor of colorado springs in that row he's greeting. other members of the colorado legislature on the end. senate president will hand over the podium to the governor who will start his state of the state address. the first half will focus on
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before e turns to the realism, the problems this legislature will have to figure out solutions for starting this afternoon and tomorrow when they really get to business. >> it is my extreme pleasure to present to you the governor of the entire great state of colorado, according to him, the honorable, the betrothed, john hickenlooper, governor of colorado. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank yyu very much.
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you, thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you and good morning. the rosy glow and spring ii my step isn't just due to my recent engagement. thank you. i know that i am a very lucky person and i know i'm not the only one looking forward to the broncos beating the steelers on sunday. [ applause ] i'm grateful, excited to be here with you today in the state capitol to kick off our sixth year of work together.
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leadership, and thank you to our house leadership. to all of the members of the assembly, we thank you for your commit and your service to the state. last year we llst ooe of colorado's most beloved public servants and educators, representative john buckner. we welcome janet bucknnr to the general assembly, we know you'll bring the same level of dedication that your husband brought to his work nd community.
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thank you as well to attorney general cynthia kauffman, to secretary of state wayne williams, to treasurer walker stapleton, we're honored to have the vice chairwoman and councilman michael thompson joining us this morning as well. welcome. [ applause ] in the house today is also u.s. representative ed perlmutter. [ applause ] thank you for taking a brief respite from the hurley burly of washington, d.c. and
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southers. [ aaplause ] -- and denver mayor michael ancock. [ applause ] thank you both for all that you do for our communities and for our state. we offer our thanks to the supremes, the esteemed members of the colorado supreme court who are in attendance this we're indebted to the members of our military and law enforcement ommunities and to major general edwards of the colorado national guard for their service and sacrifice in the pursuit of keeping us safe. [ applause ] >> i want to extend thanks to my cabinet and staff. i don't think i've ever worked with sufficient an incredible group of people in my life. i also want to ggve a shoutout to all our state employees for -`endeavoring to bring out the
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[ applause ] some months ago lieutenant governor garcia accepted a new position as president of the western interstate commission for higher education, which he'll begin later this year. [ sniffing ] i want to thank you, joe, for your partnership. your leadership as the executive director of the department of higher education, and most importantly for your friendship. [ applause ] soon weewill also bid farewell to executive director of the
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mike, we thank you for your collaboration, your stewardship of all our natural resources in the state of colorado. -`[ applause ] i'd also like to give a special shoutout this year to the department of personnel and administration, legislative staff and all the employees from capitol complex, and % colorado companies who have worked so hard to restore these %- chambers to their original splendor. [ applause ] % 131 years ago a democraticc governor and republican general assembly came together to enact leeislation to build this capitol. it was 1885 and colorado was experiencing a silver boom.
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and growing by the day. it cost roughly $2.7 million to build the capitol back then. today would probably cost 100 times that. originally the top of the capitol dome was to be adorned by a 12-foot high statue of quote, unquote, the most beautiful woman in colorado. despite a clear republican majority, the legislators couldn't agree oo who was, in fact, the most beautiful woman in the state. so they forged a compromise. the crystal atmosphere known as the lantern that tops this building to this day, they built something to be proud of that has endureed and served generations of coloraddans. at the beginning of my second term last january, as we took stock of the strength of our state, the promise of the future, and the thorny fiscal thicket that threatens to undermine both, we asked
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proposing to build for colorado? colorrdo is still the frontier. we're forward hinkers, risk takers, innovators, self- sufficient, independent and strong, a little wild and a hell of a good time. colorado is a place where you can make your own way. this should be as true tomorrow %- as it is today. we don't need a delorean time machine to know change is coming. just 20 years ago we were still using dial-up modem. we didn't know we would be texting more than talking, and dating would be about swiping left and right. and he cat videos, all the cat videos. if you're yoong or old, what your dream looks llke, strike gold, stone cold, colorado is the place where fortune favors the bold.
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can hase your american dreaa. colorado is the place. [ applause ] a vibrant economy, widespread prosperity, a healthy environment, these things don't create themselves. they're created byy partnerships. the state is a partner with business and nonprofits in growth. by working together we can do more for colorado than any own. we call this the golden triangle. thanks to the investtent of our private sector, the collaboration in and beyond this building, and the hard work and innovation of people across colorado, our golden triangle strategy is working.
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[ applause ] we've come a long way in the last five years, from budget short falls, stagnant economy, we have one of the best economies in the countty. one of the best places for businesses and careers, quality of life, health and tourism. our economy is projected to continue its steady growth and our government can be effective in finding solutions to ssme of colorado's greatest challenges. % we now have a comprehensionive state-wiie water plan, the result of unprecedented engagement with over 30,000 part. it's anchored in conservation and powered by innovative solutions to make our water go further, protect our
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flourishes. we'll work with you to craft legislation that gives the colorado water conservatiin board greater flexibility in funding our most important water projects. we're building on the success of colorado's $40 billioning a curl industry to ensure our rural communities realize their full economic potential. colorado blueprintt2.0 is helping regions identify and capitalize on their assets. this bottom up approach is delivering exciting resslts. today we are happy to announce costia county will be home to blanca products saw mill, a new commercial facility that will ssrve southern colorado and northern new mexico, creating over 100 jobssin the first year with the potential to grow by hunddeds more by 2020. to giveeyou an idea of how big
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in that county is like adding 60,000 jobs to metro denver. [ applause ] in 2013, this body created the ready grant, which played an integral role in the partnership that brought this project to colorado. wwth us today are county commissioners -- please join me in congratulating them on their partnership in bringing this new business to colorado. [ applause ] >> stand up. [ applause ] rural colorado is also plugging into our aerospace industry, thanks to outreach aimed at expanding colorado's space
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major front range contractors % are looking to swamp businesses around the state and looping them into their supply chain. over 50 colorado companies supplied $25 million worth of goods and services to one single recent lockheed martin satellite project. %- it's not just front range benefits see -- companies seeing the benefits. companies joined forces as a result of rood trips arranged by the colorado business space round table. we encourage other industries to follow this lead to make targeted efforts to do business with colorado companies and maximize resources state-wide. now, when you've got it, you've got it. one of the many ways colooado's tourism. in 2014 we hit two all-ttme tourism records.
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spent $18.6 billion in colorado. that's a 7% gaii in spending compared to 2013. [ applause ] we're just hitting our stride. we established the outdoor recreation industry office to help communities throughout the state grow their recreation business. we're launching our rural jump start program his monnh in mesa county. three companies, colorado clean, tsw analytics, and pro star geocorps have applied. we look forward to working with them and colorado mesa university president tim foster to enhance the competitiveness of colorado rural communities. tim, stand up, take a bow.
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promising work on main street improvement initiative and pressing forward on efforts to bring broad band to every cornnr in colorado. [ applause ] we are leveraging federal dollars, state assets and our new telecome wall to ensuue all colorado households, all colorado businesses, all hospitals and schools, regardless of their location, have reliable, affordable broad band. [ applause ] since july of 2014, we've secured 9,000 new jobs creaaed by companies either relocating to colorado, by existing businesses expanding here. companies like intel, five
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malt. our talent and resources are a major draw and perfectly position colorado to be the national leader in one of the most month emerging industries -- important emerging entries in the world -- industries in the world, cyber secuuity.. we met with experts, researchers and business leaders tt examine the landscape of this new frontier in china and crystallize our plans to create the national cyber securitt intelligence center in colorado. as we see it, this center can be the country's foremost authority on cyber security research and development, on training and on education. it will provide real time response capability for businesses to detect, prevent, remediate and recover from threats ann hacks. we've proposed to establish the center in colorado springs, utilizing the region's impressive concentration of
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interests and connection to the university of colorado colorado springs cyber security program. mayor southers, and chancer pamela shockley zalaback aae here with us today. join us in thanking them for their collaboration. [ applause ] i cannot express how collaborative and supportive they've been of the initiative and how much work they have already done. colorado wouldn't be in a position to lead on cyber security if we didn't have a highly qualifiid workforce already plugged into this burgeoning industry. developing a worrd class pipeline is critical in
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investment into colorado. our minority students earn post second agrees at half the rate white students do. it's a detriment to the state. that's why we're working so aggressively to close the attainment gap. there's been no greater champion for closing the gap than joe garcia. the collaboration he's led throughout the state is the main reason colorado is looked to as a leader. college and carrer readiness gives students to get college credit and professional experience while achieving their high school diplomas. students are making the most of their enrollment programs.
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science while he was still at high school. he went on to attend the community college of aurrra and kennedy space center and has a bachelor in space engineering. he is the first in his family to go to college. he told us without the condition current enroll -- concurrent program enrollment program we might not have now his little brother is planning to follow in his brother's footsteps. please join me in congratulating him for being an
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[ applause ] now we'll continue to support concurrent enrollment as well as high standards and allianceed assessmenttthat improve student out cooes and teacher performance. you passed legislation to reduce testing by 30 hours, so we can accurately measure our kids' progress towards meeting standards without overwhelmiig them or their teachers. but there are pivotal moments in our kids' academic careers when we need to know exactly where they stand on the learning curve so we can adjust % course if needed before it's too late. it's why we're tanding firm on 9th grade assessments. [ applause ] it's not going to be easy to meet the challenge we face in advancing our education system. our budget requests calls for
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education and no increase in financial aid. this is not the direction we want to be moving. but it's a direct result of conflicting budget mandates forcing ppinful choices like this one. our economy can't reach its full potential until eeery coloradian can be a productive part of it. when yyu're poor, it impacts every area of your life, from your health to your education, to your housing, and employment. it doesn't just affect kids or parents, it affects entire families. in 2012, nearly one in five kids in colorado was living in poverty. it's a number we've worked hard to reduce, and today it's one in 6. we want to drive those numbers down even more. one of tte approaches we're taking is called two generation, an effort to move families out of poverty and towards self-reliance. we ask that you reauthorize
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helps fathers who owe child support get jobs so they can contributt financially to their kids' well-being. our department of human services has received national recognition for its work on 2 general under the leadership of executive directorship of reggie beaken. [ applause ] >> the health of our residents -`impacts our quality of life, which is why we're pry tore advertising to make colorado the healthiest in the nation. we're working to increase access to health services and build on the momentum of our successful state wide initiatives. over 93% of coloradians now have health insurance. as a result, we see increases in the use of preventive services and life saving
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taxpayers money in the long run. the colorado child abuse and neglect hot line has received over 175,000 calls to date, making it easier to report suspected abuse and get kids the protection they need if they're in an unsafe situation. similarly, colorado's mental health crisis support hot line has received tremendous engagement sinne its launch in but in many communities the stigma around mental health and lack of access to hands on services often prevents people from seeking help. through our state model we're working to make it as easy to get suppoot for your mental health as it is to see your primary care doctor.. [ applause ] in 2013, we proposed reforming our civil commitment rules to be consistent with the majority
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it's time to get this done so our health care providers are empowered to evaluate and treat people in crisis who pose a threat to themselves and others. we're also amplifying our work on suicide prevention. colorado ost 1,058 people to suicide in 2014. it's an all-time high for oor state. we're working with the suicide prevention commission, ocal communities and national experts to figure out why we have the fifth highest suicide rate in the nation, and develop better tools for prevention. [ applause ] since 2012, firearms suicides have outpassed the number of coloradians who die in car crashes. auto fatalities have dropped to near historic lows because we prioritizeed and put resources behind education and safety programs. we need to put the same kind of
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awareness of the links between mental health, suicide and guns. we're partnering with gun shops, firing ranges on a pilot program to make sure suicide prevention is part of the conversation when addressing [ applause ] another of our priorities is connecting more coloradians to our national resoorces, especially our kids, so they're spending more time in the great outdoors and less time staring at scceens. it's not just the health benefits that come with outdoor activity, it deepens our respect for and appreciation of our beautiful state that sets us apart. in one generation we hope every
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10 minute walk of a park, rail or green space. our trails project is identifying the 16 most important trail, gaps, missing segments or unbuilt trails across the state and enhancing or connecting them to provide better access to the outdoors for everyone. i might not get to all 16 of these trails this year, but i'm going to try. and i invite you to do the same. [ applause ] colorado's first ever interactive trails map to make it easier for people to plan and experience an outdoor adventure. now, when we recognize a threat to our natural environment, we need to take actionn
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when abandoned mines wwth remediated. to reduce the risk of another release like that -- tackling watershed contamination prevents a challenge because of laws that failed to meet anything less than these national standards. we ask that you support our congressional delegation's efforts to allow good samaritans, like state agencies, local governments, watershed groups and nonprofits to improve water quality without incurring liability for meeting all federal standards. upholding the highest publlc 3 health and environmental standards while promoting innovative energy development, this is a cornerstone of our energy strategy. at our altitude we know better than anyone how important clean air is and we need to protect
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that means moving towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future than is reliable than what we have now. colorado has risen to this challenge where a leader in the pursuit and promise of renewable eeergy, sun run has brought 800 new solar jobs to our state. as we nurture the growth of -`renewables in colorado, we'll continue to work with the oil and gas industry to innovate ways of safely and efficiently getting resources out of the ground. well before the clean power plant was formalizeed, we expanded renewable energies and fracking disclosure rules. it's all connected. these efforts are important components of the colorado
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as our framework to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. let's press forward to integrate these plans to minimize our loss and capitalizing on new opportunities as we power environment for generations to come. [ applause ] now, as we look to the future we have to look at some hard realities. travel on our highways has increased 42% in the last 20 years, but the capacity of our highway system has only grown 2%. even an english major like me can do that math. it seems we discovered the formula for congestion. nearly all of cdot's budget is dedicated to maintaining our current system and even those resources are stretched. this puts us, it puts critical
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add 2 million more residents projected to join us over the next 20 yearr, and we've got a math problem. our population grew by over 100,000 last year alone. so we need to invest now to ease congestion and mobility for today and tomorrow. we have transportation issues up and down i-25, along i-70 and other high volume traffic corridors throughout the state. if we're going to get these projects done, we must find new funding resources, one way or the other, and leverage partnerships to pay for them. some have suggested a version of transbonds as an option. but without new revenue, that's a little bit like tryyng to drive your new truck across the state with a dollar's worth of gas. this is a challenge that will only get more daunting as each day, each week, each month passes. lee's find a way to permanently put new money toward roads so
11:45 am
transportation problem. [ applause ] thank you. [ applause ] much like our transportation system, colorado's housing capacity has not kept pace with our population growth. we don't have enough condos for current residents, let alone for the folkk moving here. demand and rents have skyrocketed. labor and building material costs continue to rise. these are forces beyond our control and they're contributing to the problem that's driving the cost f housing out of reach,
11:46 am
so let's revisit the area that we do control over to make home ownership at least a little more attainable. our old friend, construction defects. [ applause ] we don't deny this is a complicated issue, but it's too important to give up on. in the absence of state action, 11 different counties have passed their own patch work of ordinances, but we still need to find a state-wide solution. let's hunker down and craft a law that balances homeowners right with business' ability to operate. let's extend the state low income housing tax credit program. [ apppause ] these tax credits kick start financing that communities use
11:47 am
investment in order to house coloradians experiencing homelessness. programs like this are particularly impactful for our veteran homeless population as % we trito ensure if veterans experience homelessness, those etch seweds are -- episodes are -`rare, brief and nonrecurring. colorado voted to legalize marijuana three years ago, most had no idea how much hard work and collaboration on all sides of this complex issue it would take to build a safe, effective regulatory system from scratch. great challenges remain. we should continue to look at lessons learned from alcohol, tobacco as we onitor and update regulations. back in the daa, candy cigarettes desensitizeed kids. and today pot infuseed gummy bears send the wrong message to our kids about marijuana. let's ask ourselves if we're
11:48 am
edibbes do not so closely ressmble the same produuts kids % our supermarkets. [ applause ] we've all worked hard to restore coloradian's faith nd trust in good government. we've lowered costs, cut more red tape and updated our technology to improve customer service at everyyclick. we're not done yet. colorado is one of the top graduating college. bbt moss weren't alive the last rules. we'll request legislation to update our code to make it easier for vendors to compete for and do business in the state of colorado. [ applause ]
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when it works. 3 democracy is messy and imperfect. sometimes it's uncomfortable and ugly. haters gonna hate. but when democracy works, when demmcracy works, it's beautiful. it's poetry in motion. democracy wasn't designnd to be argument-free. it's built on vigorous debate and give me liberty or death dedication to the principles of freedom and equality. but democracy also wasn't designed to be combative to its own detriment. without compromise -- [ applause ] without compromise, the system stagnates under the weight of so many stalemates. conflicts in our state constitution, in this building and certainly not in washington. we used to take pride in
11:50 am
the framing of the u.s. constitution, the creation of our interstate highway system, putting the first men on he moon. in today's politics we revel in getting our way without giving an inch and stopping the other guys from getting anything done. we've made these the only things hat count as wins. and the american peopll looe. you're either for us or against us mentality hurts our state and our country, and it % undermines our democracy. [ applause ] this isn't how our founders ennisioned it. they weren't partisan to the point of paralysis. the system worked because they worked together. ccloradians know how to work together, more than anyone else. when tragedy strikes we rise above our differences, fires,
11:51 am
come what may, we build back better and stronger. doesn't have to get -- does it have to get that bad? standing in this chamber, steeped in history, i wonder, i wonder well, who really is the most beautiful woman in colorado, and this is no longer any real ddbate, it's my fiance, robin pringle. [ applause ]
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but all joking aside, not that i didn't mean it -- oh, wait a second, not that i didn't mean it. i don't think there's any question, but all joking aside, if the state needed a capitol building constructed today, would we be able to build it? could we come together and get it done? % would we even get far ennugh in the process to debate on what should bb on top? we're a state that's equal parts republicans, democrats and independents. and one thing is certain, we're never going to wake up one morning and agree on everything, but we are all coloradians. always. not just when tragedy strikes or when we answer a challenge to make kindness top of mind, colorado is our community. our neighborhoods. mosques. around our careers and passions, and the families we
11:53 am
born into. connecting to and investing in something greater than ourselves. we realize that aerospace in the springs and oil and gas on the west slope, mountain bikkng and duraago, no matter where you live in colorado, these things matter to all of us. the more every community in colorado prospers, the more we have as a state to invest in what's working and help find solutions to what isn't. we're going to continue being a great partner to the peopll in the private sector, because, and this wws every dent when we talked to people around our state on our tour last week, whether they believe in government or not, they want uss to work to find solutions, to solve problems that are bigger than every single one of us. let's really try to be more bipartisan this session. let's forego cheap shots in
11:54 am
productive dialooue. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. let's use equal parts imagination and reason as we plan for the futuree investing wisely and strategically in what we want to build for colorado. striking a balance between 3 stability and agility so we can handle whatever comes our way. we can't control what happens to us, but we can controllhow we respond. when an unintended effective of well intentioned legislation is
11:55 am
should take action to correct it. within our control is hospital -- lawyers are going to disagree, ss are leaders. that's what we do. we believe there's a way forward that doesn't violate the constitution. if we make this fix, the tabor limit won't be one dollar penny in referendum c. the one we propose provides services to our health care system that it can't provide on its own and that they want to pay us for them. if we can't make thhs very reasonable change, like many already allowed under tabor, then whht choiie do we have but to reexxmine tabor? right now no one can say with a straight face that our budget rules are working for us. coloradians know we're not fully funding education. they're fed up withhtraffic congestion, they're fed up with
11:56 am
inability to expand our highway system. virtually every chamber of commerce is editorial bored across the state, as well as action 2 and progressive 15, all agree fixing the hospital provider fee makes sense. [ applause ] [ applause ] thank you. let's just fix it and lock in funding for education and transportation. let's get back to moving fooward. our roads and schools are waiting. and coloradians are depending on us, whether they like government or not, whether they believe in government or not,
11:57 am
whatever that may be, and set colorado up to win. let's look past our term limits and work through our differences to build something we can all be proud of, so that in 130 yeaas from today, coloradians will look back on what we accomplished here nd say, they did us right. civility leads to collaborrtion. compromise leads to progress. it's the poetry of the system working the way it's supposed to. it's a pleasure and a privilegg to work with every one of you, i'm optimistic and excited about what we can build together this session. so let's get to it. thank you. go broncos and goo bless the state of colorado. [ applause ] >> governor hickenlooper `rapping up his state of the state address this year, saying at the end let's get back to moving forward. our schools and our roads are waiting.
11:58 am
is strong in his mind. >> he also talked about ways, steps to prevent things like the gold king mine disaster, and talking about our population growth. there's not enough housing. i know a lot of people in rentals now becauseethey can't aforward to buy a house or the houses are goong so fast. that's something interesting we'll have to ask about, whaa 3 are the extra steps being taken. >> the growing pains this state is used to, but coming 10 fold this day and age. he touched on the housing situation, talking about the construction defects issues that so many cities are dealing dealing with. >> there's a lot of questions still to ask him. we'll be speaking with the
11:59 am


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