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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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reporter: i spoke with the son-in-law, he explained what happened at this house and that the fiie started on the ground floor. he said there were five family members, including their son ralph the fourth. the family suffered a tremendous loss when fire broke out tuesday night. this is a cell phone video shot by a neighbor. >> they lived in this home for 38 years so to lose your child, and everything you take for granted, it is very emotional. reporter: the son-in-law say the parents were upstairs prepping ralph for dialysis, he she smelled smoke, learned
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grrnddauggter and great- granddaughter to get out of the house. she tried to get ralph out but he hit his head. neighbors helped rescue them. their son has ms and was bedridden dowwstairs which is where the ffre started. he died in the blaze. >> life is too short. we didn't know this was going to happen. reporter: some people have placed flowers at the base of dj took time-- bj purvis took time to think the people who helped his loved onns. the neighbors are going to be okay, his father-in-law is in serious condition at denver health, his mother-in-law jesse -- josie is in good condition. lance hernandez , denver 7. into our newsroom of the ice
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parker. we are gathering more details and we will soon have information. if you are outside you know the wind is pretty strong. you can see the plastic coverings of this building blowing in the wind. >> might-- mmke nelson is here with your forecast. >> the wind will drop but look at these earlier today, 82 `iles per hour, morrison and gold hill and 37 in centennial. this is what it looks like in loveland, really snowing and blowing and in the denver area you can see the impact of the down sloaping winds-- down
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reporter: they are starting to die down and we periodically see wind of 30-40 reporter: they are starting to die down and we periodically see wind of 30-40 miles per hour but they are really dying now and study. those 60-80 mile-per-hour winds are gone and they will gradually reduce. back to you. this is a photo of the %- adult of the allegedly the plot. brooke is facing two counts of murder. she and sienna johnson made an agreement to shoot up mountain vista high school. she told a friend she had sent a text message warning her not to go to school that day and say sienna johnson wrote in her journal saying she had found someone who has what it takes and they were going to be
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she had a fascination with the % columbine shooting. he says he is disappointed with the decision to also try her as an adult. >> we cannot take random people's thoughts and specifically in my clients case, this is a therapeutic journal. there have been no concerning types of materials found in her home. >> they are being held on a $1 million bond to try to get the case brought back to juvenile court. johnson will have a similar hearing in march. denver police captured and escaped parolee. they captured the arrest on a cell phone. benjamin was arrested on parole after serving time in prison for robbery and drug abuse.. the amusement park lakesite he
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later. a home catches fire forcing a family out of their home. no one wws hurt and firefighters say they found a legal grow opeeation which may have fire. they are not sure what exactly caused. the governor outlined a series of topics and touched on infrastructure. he is pushing republicans to help in accomplishing that. marshall, there is a fundamental difference between what the governor wants and what republicans believe. reporter: the governor wants help generating new money and republicans would argue we need to figure out how to pay for government with the money %- already in the state budget. fighting over money is nothing new but knowing it is tied to future road projects is. john hickenlooper ssarted his state of the state for colorado. >> we are one of the best places
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quality of life, for health and for tourism. impacting some of our problems, specifically bad roads. >> nearly all the department of education budgets are dedicating to that and resources are stressed. >> he will support a bond only generate new money. after his speech, i asked him help.>> if the republicans will sit down and say we want this new revenue or that new revenue and we are willing to go out and work with you, i'm all for that.>> the states budget crunch can be solved with tighter spending with we already have. >> we're going to have the largest budget in our history when they are talking about these huge cuts all they are talking about is reducing the growth rate of government
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democrats getting standing ovations and republicans % sitting on their hands. like confusing-- confusing hospital fees. the governor's last line was agreed on, thank you, go broncos. >> we will be following lawmakers very closely. we're debuting a new show called politics unplugged and we will sit down and discuss these issues facing colorado. at 4:00. new mexico officials plan to sue the owner of two minds. they were the source of a massive spill the polluted rivers in western states. you probably rememmer this, a cleanup crew accidentally spilled millions of gallons of waste from the gold king mine near silverton. the lawsuit will be the first
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-- spill. the broncos are preparing to take on the steelers on sunday. >> he was back to work today, we are joined live. it was nice of the broncos to be at near full caaacity with the game three days away. reporter: everyone was here except brock osweiler. it was a big relief for the return of von miller. he missed practice because e was sick. big ben did not throw any passes in practice today but we still expect him to play. as far as von miller he had a self-diagnosis. >> mozzarella sticks. you can't put regular gas in a ferrari. [ laughter ] i learned that yesterday. plan back to normal and ready to go.
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-- and slushy at the movies. >> i don't know what kind of cheese was in those mozzarella sticks, please don't eat those, i thought my friend ate some to because he was sick yesterday also, i believe they flushed the mozzarella sticks out ann i told them to stick with popcorn and little goobers at the movies. [ laughter ] >> antonio brown did not practice again, he has a concussion. he had 189 yards back on december 20 but the one thing we learned today, stay awayy from those mozzarella sticks. >> some great movie advice. expect to see a lot of orange tomorrow. echo hancock has declared tomorrow orange friday so make sure you have your jersey ready or the orange suit you own, i know you have one. plan to see a lot of broncos fans showing broncos pride
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school spending solutions. >> johnson county is mulling over what's best for the district and where millions of dollars could go. donald his crosshairs. the questions facing him now. a series of storms coming in from the west coast, i will let you know what that means for
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we are staying on top of this breaking news. this picture, we've learned they patrolled a third juvenile from an icy pond in parker. this is a picture of the search seen and parker police have confirmed to us that two other juveniles were rescued a short time ago. all three have been taken to the hospital.
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information and will bring you a report as soon have whether to build a bigger school in northwest arvada.>> they will decide to finish work on another schooll >> overcrowding is becoming a big issue. reporter: that's right, carter. we will show you what they are doing. one classroom to the next, all in these portable trailers but if the district votes to expand construction, these wiil be gone. >> we are doing what we can to make it better for our kids. they need the space to learn. it is tight. >> it's less than ideal but when expansion hits the area schools do what they can. bursting at the seams.
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forward with $15 million left over from last year's school year. if approved, $40 million would be put into new construction of a k through eight-- k through 8 school that would relieve pressure. phasee1 was built in 2004, phase 2 never completed when a bond issue failed during the downturn of 2008. >> you can build something for $15 million but does it meet the needs of what we need to do? >> our first priority is the kids so hopefully they continue on that path. this is just the reality right now. >> what happens to the $15 million is still up in the air. the board meeting starts at
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latest onlinee than $40 million to develop affordable housing in boulder. the money is coming from state issued bonds. google has invested in construction for more than 200 apartments. they are part of the cities affordable housing program. home sales are climbing along with theeprices. there were more thhn 6600 single-family home sales up 21% from november. the median price is $305,000, 9% higher than the average of 2014. powerball money could have come in handy but no one in our state one a share of the $1.6 billion jackpot. more than one dozen coloradans did when, five people bought tickets that were $100,000 winners while 10 other tickets tickets matching all the winning numbers were sold in
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florida. isis supporters have claimed responsibility for this attack at he indonesian capital. at least seven people were killed in this explosion. five killed for the suspected attackers. at least 23 other people were 3 hurt and there are no americans among the victims. presidential candidates are getting ready for an important debate. one of their last chances to sway voters from the first caucus 18 days away. ted cruz is facing new questions . a report says he borrowed $1 million from big banks to finance his senate run but did not tell the federal election commission about it. it was a simple filing mistake. donald trump made a stop in florida and kept up his attack on canadian born crews questioning whether he can legally be president. >> if anyone is banking on him and the courts ruled that he
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trump has threatened to hit harder at any opponents who that means this one should have plenty of fireworks. candidates will face off in a % debate ii charleston which is of hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o it is 2016, the yearly in order to your finally snags an oscar? the revenant scored many nominations and won an oscar after being nominated for other times. % mad max was nominated in 10 categories including best picture. the other nominees include big short, burgess spies, spotlight, and the martian. you can watch the 80th annual
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can see the oscars right here on denver 7 and chris rock will be hosting for a second time. we have some sad news to tell you about. yiddish actor alan rickman-- british actor alan rickman has died. he had been battlinn cancer and was just 69 years old. we are two weeks into 2016 but have the first hurricane of the year. alex became and 85 miles per hour hurricane and the center issued warning for some islands near portugal. is expected to hit tomorrow alex is the first hurricane to form since 1938. we want to bring you back to that making news we've been following of an ice whiskey. this is a live look and we can tell you that two young kids were pulled from the ice and a third was just pulled out a few minutes ago. we have crews on the scene from
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you can see several agencies are involved in this rescue, we will keep you posted on the status of those three juveniles . as soon as we learn new details we will bring that story to you. scattered light snow falling to the mountains. we are going to see a little of in the mountains. this is a view of the city looking to the east, 43 and the high was 44, the low this morning was 20 degrees. we will drop down to about 70 degrees close to the normal of 18. wind should be decreasing and partly cloudy with a few afternoon flurries. >> we have a fast-paced weather pattern, more moisture coming in the west coast. a windy system and what you see down here in the gulf of
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with cold air and bring a nasty noreaster. the wind will drop down gradually but still be preety gusty in those wind prone parts of the foothills. lighter wind expected by morninn, with some single digits expected, for tomorrow we will start the morning at 10 below zero, 17 in denver, 14 in greatly. during the day more snow but it's going to stay up there for the most part. you will see 2 to 4 inches and if you flurries may drift on the eastern plains. colder tomorrow across the northeast, some low-40s for trinidad, lamar, burlington, and 10 for a high emperature at gunnison. >> light snow in the mountains,
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moisture coming in. cold air across the great lakes %- with snow expected there as well. certainly a wintry forecast. colder, liggter wind and 35 with a few flurries possible in the afternoon. the weekend forecast stays chilly and maybe some light snowwon sunday. here it is once again, the revised forecast and football score, 31 for the broncos, 13 for the steelers. looking ahead, some 40s monday and tuesday, light snow coming
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we are staying on top of breaking news.'s the mac rescue crews pulled kids from an icy pond and we are there right now. reporter: there are a lot of rescue crews out here. the dive team was out here earliir pulling those kids out of the pond. what is not clear is what they were doing or if they were playing there. parker police tells me that someone in one of the house is called 911 and were able to find the first two kids fairly quickly and the third was just pulled out. we all right across from iron horse elementary school. obviously a lot of activity and
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very latest. >> we do not know their ages, we're still getting information because we know they were taken to the hospital. >> the past couple of days we've had a bit of a warm-up. >> even though we've had days that have not been super warm, for the next few days nighttime is cold enough, but you get above reezing and that means it is pretty sketchy for the ice and thickness of it. my neighbor says we can get gig internet speed from centurylink.
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