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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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out. one was under and they were able to pull him out with a kid-- tree branch. the other kid was underwater for 35 minutes before he was rescued. dive teams were out here working to get him out. all the kids were transported to the hospital. here is what we heard from parker police. >> the hla.-- put signs up and it is never safe no matterrhow think-- think you think it is. reporter: it's a good reminder, three kids were in the retention pond in this nnighborhood, they were all taken and rescued from the pond and it is unclear what the conditions are. one kid was underwater but police tell me they are hopeful and we will continue to monitor
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latest. these are the two eenagers accused in the alleged murder plot. both are being tried as adults. >>. higgins was in jail as we learn more including a fascination with the columbine shooting. she and sienna johnson planned to shoot up mountain this has go. prosecutors say she wrote in her journal. >> searching online is not a i've according to her lawyer. their cases are totally separate. >> even at the early stages i feel comfortable saying they are distinguished. those are different `ersonalities, different characters, very loosely associated at best. certainly the charge requires an agreement between the two of them.
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a $1 million bond. >> the wind is creating a challenge for construction workers at sixth and spear. it sent some of the material flying and the construction workers ended up having to pull it down. it signals a change for us, snow is already follow-- falling and we will be feeling cooler temperatures soon. mike is tracking our first alert forecast. will be see some snow? >> nothing really heavy down here but there will be a few handy. 82 miles per hour and about 60 miles per hour around centennial airport, we had 37 miles per hour winds. they are dying down but this is time lapse from loveland. the strong wind will slowly diminished down to about 20-30
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bit of light snow in the mountains. there will be more as we head into the window.-- weekend. sometimes democracy is uncomfortable and ugly. >> governor hiccup is appealing to a younger crowd. marshall is life. the govvrnor laid out some real problems. >> besides taylor swift lines? he did not shy away from saying what needs work. he started his speech positive, growing economy, a brand-new cyber security center to open, but been tempered the good with a little bit bad. the governor said his budget comes with $20 million to higher education and said k- 12 funding will get less than he prefers. without a solution to that issue. any transportation will likely get nothing. >> let's just lock in funding for education and transportation. let's get back to moving
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roads and schools are waiting. >> the next hundred 18 days are the circumstance after the first day is pomp. >> finding ways to pay for what we need with what we hhve are finding ways to generate new money could mean some sort of tax. we will get more details on specific legislation. >> the government got pelted with rice. he's getting married to his fianci this weekeed. you can read his entire address at this sunday we debut a new political show, politics unplugged. we will sit down with lawmakers and policymakers and take an in- depth look at the issues facing colorado. we will talk about the priorities they have set for
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4:00. about the deadly fire that has left a family devastated. >> there were five family members inside the home. this is cell phone video. ralph and josie were upstairs prepping for dialysis. he could barely move with his locker.>> josie had to give him a shout to get him out of the house. he fell and tried to hang in there are the best he could.>> their son-in-law said that ralph hit his head. neighbors helped rescue the couple. their son died in the blaze. two grandchildren were able to make it out safely.
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fire investigators say the apartment homes are a total loss. the red cross is there and luckily no one was injured. >> the home on eagle street caught fire and a neighbor tells us there was a legal marijuana grow inside. the man who owned the house says the smoke detectors woke everyone up and they say it did not start in the room where the cooperation was. denver police were swarming in denver seven--denver 7 was there . he was on parole after serving time in prison for robbery and drug abuse and only on the run for about one hour before police caught up with him. a contractor was just charged with us-- theft. we talked to a woman who said
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concrete but he did not do that. instead he says he took her money and he will be back in court in february. we are only three days away from another broncos championship. >> notably brock osweiler took part in warm-ups but did not practice. we have more on the injury 3 report all coming up. we told you about cindy harris yesterday who is dying of cancer and all her kids want is for kids to get her wish of meeting peyton manning. >> we're happy to report she got a special phone call. >> this is peyton manning calling. i know you're going through a tough fight, and i know you havv a lot of people pulling for you and you can
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thanks very much. i appreciate that. >> he obviously could not make it to colorado springs so he was nice enough to give her a phone call. >> they offered her tickets to this weekend's game. recalled her yesterday when we was going to make it. there is also a pep rally for the broncos at the children's hospital. it was complete with aluuni, cheerleaders, and then mile-- mascot. reporters, patients who have the opportunity to do one-on- one interviews-- interviews. chickens, these guys are broncos fans, look at them. they are in their very own stadium at pioneer elementary school. this is great, i love the
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`> i get if you chickens clucking uncontrollably if it's too tight. >> what a fun matchup. remember you need to wear orange tomorrow. the mayor is asking everyone to show their broncos pride calling tomorrow orange friday. >> they will be changing tte name to bronco boulevard. we will be wearing orange and we bet this little one will as well. my gosh, rebecca posted this picture. is not cute or what? keep sending us your pictures. bronco pride pictures. go to our facebook page and you can shareeyour photos. >> got a love that guy. a controversial homeless sector in downtoww denver.>> checking on the community
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they were discriminated against three children just fell through the ice and had to be rescued. my neighbor says we can get gig internet speed from centurylink. if i had a gig, how long would
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to eat a cookie. oh, that's really fast. centurylink is rolling out near you. call to check for availability. let's download the sequel.
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we are continuing to track breaking news, three children fell through the ice and had to be rescued. they are all at the hospital and two teenagers were pulled from the pond. this is near iron horse elementary school and we have a live crew and will update you with more information aa we get it. the community center has been open for a month and a half.
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working? we toured the downtown facility to find out. reporter: the denver rescue % mission has provided services for the homeless for over a century. the community center, about two months. after a court fight to open its doors, today the courtyard is fall. >> we are seeing about 800 people. place to stay as well as a new place to eat. >> we have capacity for about 300 people. >> and a new kitchen which will see a spike in numbers. >> it is about 65% more than what we did one year ago. we surpass that. reporter: the ballpark neighborhood association originally opposed construction and sued to keep it closed. a release reads, concentrating
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neighborhood is not beneficial. with numbers up and less people on the sidewalk, the rescue mission is claiming success. >> we've heard from the police department that they've had successes with people coming here. i feel like we're making an impact. >> it is an overnight shelter for homeless man, during the shelter for 675 men. we reached out to the ballpark association but have not heard back. a colorado couple says they found their dream home but would denied it because of their sexual orientation.>> rachel is transgender but they have been married for five years. a landlord with not went from a home because of their-- they thought the unique relationship with jeopardize their standing. >> we're panicked because we
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quite some time. >> it had nothing to do with the couple's sexual identity but peace and quiet. in a group living situation to chiidren would be too much. more than 6000 single-family homes were sold in december 21 percent and 10% the year before that. prices also went up. the median price has hit $305,000. but his 9% higher than last year. analysts say they are concerned that the supply of homes have dropped to a five-year low. oscar nominations came out, revenant is a front runner with several nominations along with mad max fury with. the quentin taaantino road-- film shot in colorado was nominated for best cinematography and score.
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actress and you can check out all the nominations on >> you can watch the awards on february 28 and it will be live here. chris rock will be hosting, this is his second time hosting. a little bit of snow is coming our way and active weather pattern as the jet stream starts to crank a little bit. you can see the sunset, watch the clouds racing along and those clouds are showing wind at about 120 miles per hour. numbers today , as far as the normal high, 44 but 28 was the low, the normal is 18. 18 below is the record low. it is 40 right now downtown with
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still have gusty wind and some snow. i think clear-partly cloudy skies, colder temperatures are back down to 17 or 18 above zero, most of the metro area, single digits and teens expected to the west. called pockets in places like gunnison, 10 below zero, a people and alamosa teams across the eastern plains and tomorrow half-and-half. mentions see wind and snow and maybe clouds and a flurry. any accumulation will play-- stay in the high country but you notice a band throughout the day. most of looking at 30s, so colder than today 40s across
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as i mentioned, you will notice a little bit of snow, a fair amount in the mountains and lots of moisture. a strong storm will roll across the northeast so it will be a pretty active pattern although at lower elevations they will only see flurries and cold weather. low 17, tomorrow is 35, a few flurries possible. this temperatures are going to stay -- i did it again. i tell you what, i'm going to put the right one in here right now. there we go, 35 friday, i tell for the weekend temperatures saturday. a revised score and forecast again, constantly a fluid situation. 31 for the broncos 13 for the forecast. a little more mmld early next
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>> as long as the broncos win. >> it's a question of a touchdown or field-goal. von miller is back after a sick day, we're talking super
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plus up to 12 megs of internet speed. just $55 a month for a year. only from centurylink. call and switch today. welcome to the chase for the championship. everybody is back at practice for the broncos six-- except brock osweiler. gary kubiak says he expects him to practice tomorrow. von miller went to see star
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sticks and a slushy. he said before's struck back. he also told us he's happy just to be here. the super bowl is the prize and the danger looking ahead. >> we've made the playoffs every year but it's not good enough. i want to get what we are all here for and win the big game. of course i will focus this week but that is the difference between this year and other years. >> peyton went through a wild and windy practice looking good. >> when i see peyton manning you think what?>> omaha. >> he's an elite guy and he's going to be able to address
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disguise. >> again, they still are expected to play on sunday. day today. >> it was steelers at 17 then drop to 10, the broncos were still-- will still score at least 30.
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in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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>> our list of brilliant branding tricks. buy their stuff, whether you can afford it or not. >> welcome to the show. let's start by counting down the three stories at the top of the list. >> here's bradley hasmeyer. >> the oscar nominations are out, don't worry if you haven't heard of the front-runners. call us listipedia. >> let's do this. >> vegas odds makers say these are the front-runners. first up, spotlight. >> i don't want you recording this in anyway shape or form. >> this is the movie that tries to convince you being a newspaper reporter is a thrill ride. >> this is your chance to spend two 1/2 hours watching leo run
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and finally, the big short.
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