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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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a southwest denver home goes up in flames, killing a man. >> two teens accused of plotting an attack n their high school, we're learning whether or not they'll both be charged as adults. >> reporter: if you need a little pick me up this morning, we've got free coffee out here at king soopers. that's up next. >> good morning, thanks for waking up with us on denver 7. i'm kellie patterson. >> i'm mitch jelniker here with eric lupher. i know he looks like a wide receiver. >> got the orange and blue on today. >> watch out for that cord. >> it's orange friday. >> the mayor said we should
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>> we listened and we hope you will as well. send us your pictures because we love to share of them on the show. let's talk about first alert weather. it's getting colder. >> it is. speaking of the game, come sunday it looks like our temperatures will drop into the 30s. today we're going to see 30s. storm moving in. winter weather advisory going in effect at noon for the foothills nd mountains. mountains east of the divide will pick up snow. could get a good 3 to 6 inches in the high country. your drive up along i-70 this morning is dry. by this afternoon you'll find if you're heading up on this friday afternoon wet roads, maybe snowpack over the higher mountain passes. east across the plains we have cloud cover this morning. increasing clouds as the day goes on and chance for a little light snow this afternoon. the first half of your day will stay dry. look at our temperatures, low to mid-30s between noon and 3:00 with a chance of light snow. it's going to be really light if you see it. not expecting more than an inch
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no big trouble there, but for the commute tonight wet roads. >> hopefully it's not too much so we don't have to deal with major slowdowns. this morning everything is looking greet.. up camera. it's clear and dry on the streets in both directions. take a look at the maps, 225 looking good. i-70 and i-25 in the green. still early yet. we'll see how many accidents come down, but for now we'll enjoy orange friday and hope the roads are clear, mitch. thank you. we're learning more about the horrifying ordeal a couple of parents went through trying to get to their adult son out of this burning southwest denver home this week. the son ended up dying. ralph andrade and his wife josie were upstairs getting the younger ralph ready for dialysis when the fire broke out. ralph was too weak and couldn't
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>> josie had to actually give him a shove. he fell and he tried to hang in there the best way he can, but. >> neighbors helped rescue the couple, but their son, the younger ralph, did not make it. a murder suspect tracked here in denver will soon be on his way back to atlanta. police arresttd stafford yesterday. they say he's one of the three men in this video breaking into the apartment. the second teen accused of plotting to kill people at manufacture high school is being ried as an adult. police say brooke higgins and together -- made plans together. both being held on a million dollars bond. breaking news out of denver, we're told a person is now in the hospital after getting shot during a carjacking. this happened on sheridan and west kentucky. >> denver 7 photo journaaist daryl orr on scene and has the
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>> reporter: that's right, mitch. here at kentucky and sheridan, about 3:30 this morning police received a call there was a carjacking and the driver was shot in the leg by two hispanic males. qeu 3 89 colorado license plate. police haven't given us direction of travel from this incident. i'm going to step out of the shot. crime scene investigators are out. they've just taken the yellow tape down here. we're getting a little bit more information from police. the victim is expected to live. we're alss being told the victim may know the suspect. if you have seen this vehicle or have in information on it, a white chevy silverado, qeu 389 colorado plate.
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you'll want to call. guys. >> we know you'll tweet that out and we'll try to retweet that. it could soon be up to you on what to do with panhandlers in deever. a lawyer is currently working on a ballot initiative that would stop people from standing on a corner asking for money. today the denver city council -`will hear more on the initiative. we talked to the man behind this. a couple in boulder county is filing a federal lawsuit against a landlord saying they lost out on their dream home because of their sexual orientation. tonya and rachel smith have been married more than five years and have two children. rachel is also transgender. they say the landlord would not rent them a home because she thought their "unique relationship" would jeopardize her standing in the community. >> horribly frightened and maniced because we'd already been looking for quite some
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>> the property owner says her decision had nothing to do with their sexual identity but with peace and quiet, saying two children would be too much. we need to beat the steelers here at home. >> coach kubiak is confident manning will lead them to victory, but he's currently the worst in the league with interceptions. a woman is fighting cancer and the only thing she's been asking for is to meet peyton manning. wednesday night that dream came true. she got a phone call that put a smile on her face. >> hello? >> is brie in, please? peyton manning calling. >> yes. >> how are you? >> just fine.
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i know you're going through a tough fight right now, and i just know you got a lot of people pulling for you and prrying for you, and you can add meeto that list. >> thanks very much. i appreciate that. >> makes you tear up. manning could not make it to colorado springs, but is glad he got to speak with her. >> the broncos also offered cindy and her family tickets to this weekend's game. great to see them reach out liie that. >> that will lift her spirits a little bit. >> i would hope so. check out this special treat for patients at ccildren's hospital. the broncos held a pep rally there yesterday at children's. the cheerleaders, miles the mascot were there. some patients got to sit down with one-on-one interviews with some players. >> we want to see your broncos pride there morning. keep on sending us pictures. this is an adorable one sent to us by denise. you can see the football she's holding. adorable. >> go long, go long. this one sent in by kim, our
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as well. jersey. >> troy sending us there one of -- this one of pretty ladies hanging out in front of a broncos fireplace. isn't that cool? post your photos on our facebook page or send them to us on twitter, #broncospride. >> we're wearing orangg today and you're invited to join us for broncos talk, free cup of coffee today. >> denver 7 reporter sally mamdooh joins us from the concern soopers at sii lightning in lakewood. >> reporter: that's right, the ladies are setting up, getting ready to pour free coffee. and also the stable wwll look nice in a -- table will look nice in a couple of minutes, because they'll have doughnuts. come join us, we're at king soopers on kipling and florida, where you can get free coffee. i know you guys will be joining
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you're done with the newscast, is that right? >> that's right. >> they like it when we leave after the newscast. >> reporter: i haven't had a lot of coffee yet, but could be different n the next live hit, i could be jumpy. >> sally got real hyper llst time. >> reporter: i did, i did. i remember that, too. back to you guys. >> never know what's going to happen. >> see you in a bit. donald trump is accepting support wherever he can get it, even from kids. this is a pep rally. >> governor hickenlooper channeling his inner pop star. >> we've been getting awaa without a jacket in the afternoon, ut not the next few days. highs this afternoon low to mid- 30s. denver 35, fort collins 34. chance for light snow here in town. we'll talk about that and show you the timing of this next
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5:42. breaking news, this is a live look inside the international space station. astronaut scott kelly there, a couple of astronauts preparing `or a space walk. they'll be going out in about 10 or 15 minutes. another american astronaut and
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outside the station, trying to repair a failed voltage regulator. this will be peak's first space walk. beautiful picture live from space this morning here on denver 7. sad news out of hollywood to report. celine dion's husband has passed away. he was 73. renee died yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer. they have three children together. republican presidential hopefuls are hoping they did well enough last night in the debate to score well in the polls. >> we'll begin with the undercard debates. >> citizens, it is time, we must take our country back. >> want a fighter, a winner? i'd appreciate your vote. >> i'd ask for your support and your vote. thank you.
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came out swinging. instead of throwing punches at each other, they took on hillary clinton. >> worried most of all about keeping your homes and your families safe and secure,,you cannot give hillary clinton a third term of barack obama's leadership. >> we need to unite behind the winner to defeat hillary clinton, because she is a disaster. >> she wouldn'ttjust be a % disaster. hillary clinton is disqualifyed from being commander-in-chief of the nited states. >> on sunday it will be the democrats' turn to take the stage. republican presidential candidate donald trump was also at the debate, but it's not his performance everyone is talking about. >> they're talking about a show before the rally in florida. can't really describe it. it's something you have to see, so check this out. [ singing ] when freedom rings, answer the
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>> these are the u.s.a. freedom kids. they're singing what's being dubed the official donalddtrump -`jam. `he melody is a remix of a 1917 war song. this was meant back then to encourage young american men to enlist in the army in world war i. >> he's got a jam now. he's not the only politicians using music reference. our own governor made a reference yesterday. >> taae a listen to see what he had to say. >> democracy is messy nd imperfect. `ometimes it's uncomfortable and ugly.. haters gonna hate. >> he forgot to say hate, hate, hate, haters gonna hate. >> sing it. >> he stole the lines from taylor swift during his state of the state address. his speech focused on colorado's growing economy and asked lawmakers to figure out how to pay for much needed colorado roads. >> after delivering his address, he got a special sendoff. lawmakers threw rice on him and it'ssbecause he's getting
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robin pringle. the two got engaged over the holidays. we were hoping to ask the governor yesterday where he was going to spend his honeymoon. that was a question he's never going to answer. >> too personal? >> maybe. >> i was going to try. >> when he was doing interviews he was still brushing rice off. do you think his celebrity name hickenpringle will catch on? we've got snow moving in, a few clouds coming in from the west. you'll find across the plains dry conditions this morning, but we're going to see snow in the mountains, especially west of the divide this morning. 25 now in denver. winds have dropped a bit. windchill right now of 16. winds now shifted coming in out of the northeast. it's going to be a bad hair day for the foothills. speeds at about 15 to 30 miles 3 per hour. across the plains not as bad.
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close to 40. still pretty windy up and through the foothills. fort collins right now you're at 27. longmontt29. parker at 22. low to mid-teens in the mountains. estes park a touch warmer, you're at 22 now.. our highs this afternoon only about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where we are right now. we'll be in the low to mid-30s by about 3:00. denver 35. elizabeth 33. it's going to be a chilly day. bundle up the kids this morning. yesterday you probably got away without hat or gloves. might need it today. in theemountains highs only in the low to upper 20s. near 40 in trinidad. the storm itself bringing decent snow for the mountains. likely will pick up a good 3 to 6 inches in the next 24 to 36 hours. by 1:00 we're under quite a bit of cloud cover east. but we're still dry. by lunchtime you're not going to find any snow at that ppint. we might pick up a few flurries
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evening commute, by 5:30. and overnight light snow continuing across the plains. any accumulation likely less than an inch and overnight into tommrrow morning by 7:00 saturday, skies will already start to clear. we're in for another round by saturday afternoon in the mountains. the series of weak storms will bringgsnow not mountains and potentially a few more light snow showers. a few flurries sunday. broncos game, our temperaturess will drop, we'll stay in the 30s through the weekend. low to mid-30s looks like for the start oo the game. warmer by monday. wednesday. our seven-day forecast really is all over the board. as is your utfit, eric. >> it is orange friday. >> that hat, seriously, is great. >> i'm going to wear it. it is orange friday. take a look, i-25 in the green right now. u.s. 36 looking okay. volumes starting to pick up a little bit. you can see from your drivee
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this is a little wacky. 14 minutes from 120th to colfax. not too bad. i-70 looking okay. stock show traffic later, but looking okay so far. about 10 minutes from 225 to i- 25 in both directions. about 10 minutes. aurora drive still okay. 16 minutes from c-470 to colfax. 15 minutes from colfax to c-470 in booh directions. cdot now, not bad, 225 and parker road through aurora volume pigging up. >> if you wear that to the irritated? >> they tell me to take it off. >> i can't see, mmn. 3 >> that thing is tall. thank you. did you get one of those new high tech thermostats? >> some users are complaining. tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, nest users are complaining of being
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>> they say their internet connected thermostats have bben malfunctioning since an upgrade. >> it's been resolved for 99% of customers. >> amazon is slashing prime membership prices. >> today through sunday you can get it for $76. that's $23 off the usual price. >> and espn getting seriouss about gaming. >> they've launched a division called espn e sports. >> a special hub on their web site will cover the world of competitive gaming, including `he major tournaments. top gamers can make more than a million dollars a year. >> that's a lot of money. >> for just playing around. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. boulder is exploring the possibility now of putting gps collars on bears to learn more about their habits. >> parks and wildlife considering outfitting five
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hoping tracking them will mean putting down fewer during the season. it's just an idea at this point. no final decision has been made. remember that massive mine spill into the rivee in colorado? there's a new lawsuit underway.
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we're back with a live look from nasa tv. two astronaats preparing to take a space walk. they'll venture out of the
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voltage regulator. we're also following a developing story, new mexico officials say they plan to sue the owners of two colorado mines and the federal government. those mines were the source of that massive spill that polluteed the rivers in the western states. this is a look at the spill here in the river. the epa accidently spilled waste from the gold king mine. the lawsuit from new mexico will be the first one coming from this massive spill. about six minutes before 6:00. ben carson is going to have to find someone threw to take care of -- new to take care of his campaign money. his campaign chairman, dean parker has resigned. members of his campaign were frustrated of how much parker was being paid. here's a new story, it's usually the police looking for someone, but a new york police officer is wanted. >> 58-year-old james roberts got off the bus and ended up at
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important job interview. he started crying and a nearby officer saw him and said what was wrong. the officer asked where the interview was and let him know he was about 6 miles away. >> i don't care. i said i got to be there by one. he said you'll never make it. get in the car. >> he got the job and he wants to thank the cop. another feel good story, woman in new jersey is showing you're never too old to do something you love. >> she's 102. she's officially the oldest working teacher in america. she's knnwn as granny at her school in new jersey. she didn't start her teaching career until she was 80. >> do you love teaching? >> i love it.. the children, they are loveable. >> you're welcome. >> that's good. >> she doesn't look 102. her daughter got ler job at
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granny says she has no plans to retire any time soon. >> i think we know the secret. they probably keep her young. >> being active. >> how much do they learn from her? good way it teach them respect. >> and imagine the wisdom she has. >> low to mid-300 for the start of the game sunday. most of the snow we'll see from the series of storms rolling through will be in the mountains. mountains under a want weather advisory -- winter weather advisory. in denver our snow will be pretty light. increasing cloud deck this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-30s. high of 35 in denver, with air quality moderate today. but no burning restrictions. indoor burning restrictions. 35 today. 37 saturday. >> i-70 is looking good now, at quebec both directions running smoothly.
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side of town, also looking good. into the high country where we are experiencing some high wiids. i-70 at georgetown, at least we're seeing dry roads. >> thanks, eric. a high speed chase in denver ends with a crash near a celebrity's office. can you guess who it might be? >> powerball tickets worth big bucks here in colorado. we'll tell you where the winning tickets were sold. and take a quick look at this from nasa tv. we're watching a space waak happening now. pretty cool to see a live shot. >> yeah, it's live picture from the internationnl space station.
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