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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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tt2w!tw((i% amq"`j,ut in the denver broncos are now just one win away from the signer bowl. they play the patriots next week in denver in the afc champ game. wasn't pretty, but they got it done. >> yeah, just like they've done before. tough, gritty, defensive football, and just enough on offense to get the win. peyton wasn't great, but when
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wining drive in the fourth quarter, and afc championship, here we come. broncos down by one in the fourth. defense got the one and only turnover of the game. the key play, roby knocked it loose, and wares recovered, and then third and 12 on the next drive. the game wining drive would go 13 plays, 65 yarders, capped by c.j. anderson's 1-year-old run. waiting for new england to come here next sunday at 1:00. a trip to the super bowl on the line. here is the locker room, courtesy of >> what that was was just one helluva gut check. okay if it took tremendous poise and effort throughout the course of the game.
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good, but we kept battling, and that's what we've been all year long. >> we knew we were going to have to beat a ood football team to get there. we're going to enjoy this one tonight, and then get a jump start on monday preparing for the next game. >> coming up later in the show, we'll talk to you about more from the locker room, and the story about demaryius thomas and his mom. >> mark boil is live at the stadium tonight. there were some choice words for the brady bunch. >> reporter: there were. certainly a lot of people expressing those opinions to us. following that game, we had
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it's the hottest ticket in town. as broncos fever rolls on into %- the afc championship game. we all now await what could be the final manning brady match- up ever. so we set out asking, if history will repeat itself, can the broncos hold off tom brady and the paris again? -- patriots again. >> what do you think about brady and manning next week? >> brady is going down! their cheating! >> go broncos! >> please, please beat the patriots. >> we did actually find one person in these 70,000-plus fans who doesn't actually think next week. >> it's the last time. you never know.
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and we'll be here next sunday at 1:00. >> we're going to knock brady out of the super bowl again. >> yeah! how about that! >> can you believe it? we've had one patriots fan in all of that sea of bronco orange. tickets will be on sale for the afc championship game tomorrow at noon on some of the simpler restrictions a apply for this game. you have to live in the rookie mountain region in order to -- rocky mountain region in order to be able to purchase some of those tickets. >> ffns certainly fired up tonight. coming up in just a about 10 minutes, we'll introduce you to the broncos number one tailgaters who camped outside mile high since wednesday. a news alert for you right now. this is definitely not how this family wanted to end their nighh, with a large hole in the
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this after someone in an suv drove right hrough it. brenda, you spoke to relatives of people who were inside the home when this happened. >> molly, i spoke with one of the grand sun sons -- grandsons of the homeowner inside the home at this time. right now emergency crews are boring up this wall that once protected the kitchen. there were people inside at the time, and now the driver faces some serious charges. in f there's one word to describe this sight and the fact that no one is hurt? >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: here is the suv that did the damage after police say its driver backed out of the home across he street. running into this home's wall into the kitchen with people inside. >> my mom and grandpa were in that room, and all of a sudden the car came straight through, and they got knocked back. >> rob burnette said his family
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>> if you look in with the just completely destroyed. >> police say the driver is okay, too, but he may now face a drunk driving charge. west metro firefighters worked to save any lives of those who might be trapped inside. >> i can't believe they're in there and still alive. >> reporter: some standing just close to the home where this suv backed up from. there is actually a trail of home. emergency crews just now finishing up, clearing this all up. put you can seen just a ton of damage on this home. everyone, though, made it out okay. >> all right, thanks, brenda. taking a live look at our cdot cam rat vail pass. be careful if you're driving on i-70 tonight.
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the mountains on i-70 because of the bad weather. stacy donaldson was in the weather center, and is more snow on the way? >> well, we're tapering off the snow right now. but can you believe it? two feet if two days, right around vail. great ffr some fresh powder, but not for the roadways. our temperatures are tonight will fall into the 20s. denver. a little cooler off to the north, where really it feels like it's below zero at this point. tonight's low live in the low 20s for us. not too bad, but we are going to start to warm things up up. we'll take about our chances for snow coming up in end the 7- day forecast. ? police are still looking for the gunman behind a wild chase is shooting in denver. it started as a ight between two groups this morning when someone pulled out gun.
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workin' walking did down the street like that old warlords movie. one with his shotgun out, positioned at his waist, and they fired at our car. >> fortunately nobody was hit. when the cops showed up, the suspects scattered in two jeeps. one crashed. five people ran, but police caught them. they're still looking for the group in the red jeep rangler who fired that gun. still no word on who planted a home made bomb under a bridge in colorado springs. it went off this morning near constitution avenue and academy boulevard. police think the bomb was made with dry ice. no one was hurt, and it did do not any damage. >> disturbing details emerging about the man who was hit and killed by several cars are on i- 25. this happened on friday. police believe the men attacked his family in wyoming before 3 crashing his car north of forth collins. they believe he stabbed 4
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they four waiting on dna tests attack. the final democratic debate before the iowa calkious is wrapping up in south carolina, as hillary clinton and bernie sanders were debating. the gloves came off tonight. as expected, the andidates clashed on gun control, with sanders getting in a jab on clinton, but hillary was click to respond. >> well, i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disengineious. i have a d-minus ottng record from. >> i look forward to him joining with those members of congress who have is already introduced legislation granting immunety.
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news at 10, we take a look at the importance of these upcoming iowa caucuses, an encore edition of politics unplugged. 2015 it was a rough year for denver when it comes to crime. new numbers released showing the home signed rate is at a nine-year high. and warmer are temperatures around the area are causing scientific concerns. the ice glacier scientists fear may disappear in the near future. >> and a local attorney is trying to put an end to
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covering the chase for the championship now. a colorado springs woman getting a chance to see that game if person today. cindy harris's dream came true, when she got a phone call from the one person she wanted to meet, peyton manning. he couldn't make it to colorado springs, but is glad he got to talk with her. and we caught up with some of the most dedicated fans around. the juarez family has been first in the tailgate line for just about every home game for the last 10 years.
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game since wednesday. they say this tradition is time consuming, and can be expensive with all of the food and drinks, but they say it's more about family than footth ball. >> everybody that comes to family -- to the games is like family. >> when the tailgatt is done, i kind of get sad. >> the family shares everything they cook off, and are especially generous with all the dpd police officers working at the game. >> and you continue to show your broncos pride. check out this little barrel boy. we thought he was so cute. this is errick dressed if his barrel there. a lot of you sharing great pictures like these on the denver 7 facebook and twitter pages. new at 10:00, a controversial new proposal to
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panhandleleers in denver. violators will be slapped with an unto $300 fine or face jail time. >> reporter: on denver's street corners, a battle just beginning. a local attorney is behind an effort to make it illegal for panhandlers to face traffic. >> and all reality, we're at a loss. we don't really know what he's trying to too, other than attack homeless people. >> reporter: ray is with denver homeless out loud. in a letter to the city, the attorney, gregory strauss, said the ordinance will make no specific reference to panhandleleing, but it will
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they called quote freed-side activities "dangerous --" street-side activities "dangerous. >> we'll be keeping an eye on it, and we'll be there to fiiht it, all the way. >> aclu rivers attended that presentation with the city. a ssokesperson said there is no evidence that panhandling disrupts traffic, and released this statement about the proposal, saying what it really targets is poor persons who stand on the side of the street peacefully displaying signs, asking for charity, an activity that is squarely protected by the first amendment. and the current language also states that citation would not be issued unless an outreach worker contacts the person to see if they need any mental health services, or alcohol or drug rehab. again, this is only in the beginning phases, but the
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the november ballot. >> one of the country's 10 most wanted criminals is behind bars after being arrested in thornton. my low mason, the last hoff the so-called screen robbers was arrested at motel six o6 friday night. he is thought to have robbed at least two banks y gun point in the last two months. a gang is resurfacing in colorado targeting moms. the fbi is tracking what is known aa the felony lane gang. they are targeting women at child care and schools, stealing their money. homicide in the mile high city at a nine-year high for 2015. 50 people were are murdered. that's the highest number since 2006. 37 of those victims ever shot. the only possible good news
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than the average among the nation's's 30 largest cities. >> will not allow them to rest until this family gets justice. >> the community is demanding justice for a man who tied in the denver jail. family and friend offers michael lee marshall attended an mlk community service at a church in denver. marshall died after being restrained in the denver jail in november. his death was ruled a homicide. the city says it will release video of the incident once the investigation is done. money collected from today's certain advice was donated to marshall's family. a search is underway for a missing hiker who didn't return home from a hike in clear creek county yesterday. the windy weather and snow is making it difficult for search crews. right now crews plan to keep searching into tomorrow. unseasonablely wild weather affected must have been of
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tornado has killed two people there. as many as 9,000 people were without power, but those numbers are coming down. and unfortunately, those tornadoes occurred overnight, here in denver, we have had very quiet conditions, partly cloudy skies today, some great football weather, but up in the higher elevations, it's been snow, and heavy snow at times. this live shot showing you how quiet it is out there. we're expecttng chilly conditions tonight. look at the steam coming off of those hot springs tonight, as we still are clear for the
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some of the snowfall totals are very remarkable for the past few hours in the skiing regions. so some fan taftic skiing and snow boring going into tomorrow. 30 degrees our current temperature if denver. hour humidity level at 53%, and winding only out of the southwest at 5. so it's only affecting our wind chill slightly. 38 degrees our official afternoon high today. 44 is normal. the record high 65, set back in 1920, and our low last night, 12 degrees. i think it will be a little warmer tonight with lows around 20 degrees. right now 30 in denver. it's e it's still going to be cool up through the northeastern part of our state in through the next 24 hours. the wind chill factor will be
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mindwise as those winds continue to howl in the higher elevations. at this point, the satellite- radar picture is really cleared out. all of our alerts and advisories have expired, but there is more moisture heading our way. this will affect the western slopes starting tomorrow afternoon, and then move into the higher elevations later in the evening. so our futurecast pulling in that moisture tomorrow afternoon, and more on the way, coming in through western colorado, stretching from steam boat springs, all the way to telluride and aspen. so much better weather on the way. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. nice warmup for us. 20s and 30 nhl the higher elevations. and the hourly planner taking us through tonight into tomorrow. the temperature 22 degrees. we'll be up to 46 by the time we hit noon.
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through the middle of the week, and 50s return again friday, saturday, and sunday, with dry air. >> and once again, we're all look it will to sunday for the game, so 50 sounds perfect. >> absolutely fabulous. much better than today, even though it was pretty good today. >> it was nice. a little windy out there, but we got a win, we're not complaining. >> a d.u. student and a friend bumping into the superstar adele, but did more than just meet her. >> and a special person making
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researcher, in boulder are in the middle of a big research on global warning. they say it's happening right here in colorado. >> reporter: the mountains
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and it's not at a glacial pace. >> we're in a point where englishiers are going to disappear in the next couple decades. he is look where the englishier are has been thinning about one meter every year. >> and we've been doing long- term research there, funded by the national science foundation. >> in fact, the research began long before, in the 1960s. williams said for many years, no cumulus change was noted.
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series of echo logical changes. it affects the higher elevations first, but researchers say it will gradually move downhill and affect all of us. >> this wal-mart in littleton is closed, albers the key announced this week it would be
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worldwide. they thought they would just say hello, and leave it at that, meeting adele, but adele had been rolling in the team with a few glasses of wayne, so they got to talk, and hope told get tickets to one of our sold- out shows. >> the next day, adele realized she had gotten both jamie and brady's e-mail addresses, now both are keeping their eye on their e-mail inboxes, hope topping get ticket it is each one of their shows. -`>> in arvada, they have a system that's worked wonders for 32 years. >> they have a saying at the arvada community food bank. no one goes hungry in northern jefferson county. >> we actually serve the northern jefferson county area,
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a hundred square miles. >> this food bank turns out 1 million pounds of food a month to those in need. >> what you really need to do is help a little. if everywhere helps a a little, it adds up to a lot. >> andy has served ere for nearly three years are. sometimes he's here fivv days a week. >> i'm able to do it now that i'm retired. >> andy helps with every program here. whether it's the feeding program that feeding food to hundred offers children a week. or helping maintain the food pain pantry, where people get to shop for their families. >> when a client comes in, do they select the items they like, or do you build a box for them? >> they select. >> so we know it's used. >> right, other than they get something home, they look at it, and say, oh, i would never eat that. >> about 25,000 pounds a week that goes out just to them. so we are pushing a lot of food out the door for clients that
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>> and andy is there every step of the way. >> he juss has a great way about wanting to work and wanting to serve people, and always wanting to do a little bit extra. >> he's one of the reasons the food bank was honored as arvadas nonprofit of the year. 7 news and trusted choice, that's the independent insurance agents of colorado wanted to honor you as a 7 everyday hero, for all of your hard work here at the food bank. >> and to learn more about the arvada community food bank, go
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a florida 911 dispatcher finding herself in hot water after she missed an emergency call so she could order herself and her co-workers pizza. a man fainted at an of advertises office, and when they called 911, they got no response and no call back.
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