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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. hear is a handoff. ball on the ground and recovered. the broncos are one win away from the super bowl. it wasn't exactly a pretty win, but hey, a win is a win. up next of course the new england patriots. tickets for the afc game go on sale today. let's send it over to first alert dayle cedars.
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still celebrating the tailgaters are going to be out there starting on wednesday as we yet again prepare for the game sunday. we are not going to have as much sunshine today. temperatures in the teens and 20s for most of the metro area. greeley finally out of the single digits. we have teens and 20s in the high country. here in denver topping out at 51. the down sloping wind is what's going to keep us nice and warm this afternoon. we are going to see the clouds increase and a little bit of snow. let's check in with jason. >> reporter: so far so good on the freeways. we have had a lot of side
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eagle. and one off of i-270 off the shoulder. also an accident sixth and sable over in aurora. and this one where they're saying a car that possibly hit a building at the microcenter at syracuse and convince and quincy. injured under 6:02 this morning feels good to be a broncos fan. denver took us all on an emotional ride yesterday at mile high. i think i may have sat down twice yesterday at the game. everybody was pumped up. it was nice to see. >> they should be. have no fear the defense came through, offense finally it's all good.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. welcome to victory monday. broncos got it done yesterday against the steelers like they have all season long. just enough offense the get the win. peyton manning wasn't great, wasn't really good but when it mattered, he led the game winning drive. broncos down by one in the forth quarter steelers had the ball. the key play bradley robe knocked it lose. peyton got it, third and 12. went to benny fowler. there were seven drops, but not that one. capped by cj anderson's 1 yard touchdown. final 23-16. waiting for new england to come
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here is the locker room courtesy of denver >> what that was was just one hell of a gut check, okay. it took tremendous poise and effort. >> we're excited to be in the game. we knew we were going to have to beat a good football team to get there and we'll try to enjoy this one tonight and get a jump start to prepare on monday and talk about who we'll be playing next. >> reporter: well you're playing these guys, peyton. they come here next sunday for the afc title game. we will see the orange and blue review at noon. until then have a great morning. you may have noticed this right after peyton manning took a knee. he walks over and hands the
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well he told him to give it to katina, his mom. all -- smiles here. smith had a special custom made jersey for the game. it reads baybay's game. she said she felt like a kid at christmas. cindy harris has terminal cancer. she was surprised by peyton harris calling her and giving
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she had a sign saying my last wish came true, now win. tickets go on sale right at noon today for this weekend's game. we have what you need to know lindsay. >> reporter: kelley, the best advice i can give for getting ttckets for sunday's game, be at your computer or holding your smartphone a few minutes before noon today at the price range is one hundred dollars to $360 for reserved seats. 325 to 625 for club seats. i would think they're going to go in about 10 to 15 minutes. if you don't want to street and don't mine spending a little
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already on sale on ticket exchange and stub hub. i have been checking the sites throughout the morning. right now the cheapest price is 340 bucks on nfl ticket exchange for nosebleeds. broncos limit sales to people region. you will have of the an address either in colorado or one of the surrounding states. mitch and kelley, they want to do everything possible to keep this stadium full of fans. >> i was here yesterday. there was plenty of steelers fans, so really nothing yyu can do to keep them away, but it's okay, we'll deal with it.
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we need the broncos pride. check out these pancakes that were made. >> and here, look at all the gear. they have the broncos party bus. thanks to is bell chavez for sharing with us. turning to some breaking news happening overnight. we found this car upside down on hampden avenue and sheridan. police believe they may have been drunk and texting when they flipped the car. firefighter worked in wheat ridge to keep this home from collapsing. the suv went right through the home and left a giant hole in
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denver center reporter sally mamdoh, nobody was hurt? >> reporter: yeah, nobody was hurt, but just imagine going about your day and all the sudden, bam, a car backs right into your house. right behind me here, a guy backs out of his ggrage, takes out his garage door and then goes straight across the street into this house into the living room. the homeowner's grandson says it's a miracle no one was hurt. >> all the sudden the car came straight through and they just all ggt knocked back. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived they found part of the living room's brick wall completely gone. now police believe driving drunk might be the reason
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they have not released the driver's name to us. sally, thank you. it's 6:09 and we have a news alert for you moms out there. the fbi is warning you about a felony lane gang known for stealing purses and money from daycares and schools. agencies they steal checks and purses. last year 50 people were killed in denver and that's the most fatalities for homicides. 10 minutes after 6:00. three mentioner contractors have been kidnapped in iraq. a group of gunmen grabbed them friday afternoon. took them away from a convoy. the state department is working
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and photos released by iran and a prisoner exchange. this shows three of the four prisoners arriving in germany. the fourth freed american has decided to stay in iran. here is live look over denver at 6:11. today we honor martin luther king jr. activists ill gather for the marade this morning. center park. 1:00. let's turn to jason how it might impact your drive today. >> reporter: there will be a lot of people shutting down colfax. we are going to have to delays as you make yoor way across colfax and will impact your
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from kol fax, taking over the entire road and civic center park. and then all the cross streets like york, joes josephine. the rest of the drive looks pretty good however it is windy. check out the wind sensor. 32 miles an hour wind gusts. >> reporter: we benefit from some warmer temperatures here in the metro area. look at these snow totals from the last 24 hours.
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denver is one win away from getting into the super bowl. the headlines reads steelworkers, it's a play -- steal workers, this is the fumble the headline is talking about. it's inthe fourth quarter. peyton manning andddemaryius thomas made it look pretty easy putting the broncos up 20-13. after that. steelers 16. the patriots come to down next sunday. >> it's going to be a big game. it's going to be fun to watch. >> and next sunday the weather is going to be really nice. yesterday was relatively mild. this next sunday, we're going to have temperatures in the
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>> what time is kickoff? >> i think it's 1:05. >> so it's going to be in the 50s and we all know peyton likes the warmer weather. if you're going to be sitting there you might as well be sitting in decent purchase. >> reporter: before we get to sunday we have a few disturbances move through the state. we are already dealing with some of it on the western slope. for the metro area we have the clouds and we're going to continue to realll see that especially in the northern half of the state today. i'll start this at 10:00, you can see the snow here. it will drop into the central and southern mountains. here at 9:30, you can see clouds across the metro, dry conditions, but the northeast
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some rain maybe even some snow the snow. you are going to wake up to some light snow right across the front range. this is not going to be major accumulation, but just in time for your morning commute, so things are going to be a little bit cooler and roads a touch wet. maybe even a little rain in the southeast corner of the state. temperatures are cold, below freezing definitely across the state. 26-degrees here in denver with the teens onnthe eastern plains. warmup is going to be great. we talked act the stronger winds -- about the stronger winds in the foothills. by noon denver is going to top out eight about 50. we are going to see the clouds increase, although today and tonight we will remain dry.
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if not slightly above freezing. a few warmer degrees at sly salida. greeley and sterling, the front is keeping the colder air sitting around. the ssow early for us tomorrow. temperatures in the 20s to 40s. by friday we're back into the game on sunday, jason. >> reporter: still looking at a pretty decent ride. it is a holiday. so we have all the folks that work at banks and schools, closed down, taking a lot of pressure off the highways. here i-25 and 6th avenue.
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right past mile high, an easy drive if you are going across sixth avenue. you can still see how much green is across the map. that again is because it is a holiday. an accident right on i-70. not a lot of green here. no issues across highlands ranch this morning. thank you. it is 6:20 and we are celebrating the broncos and their championship. this is how you cheer on denver. the morris family has been first in line for tailgating for almost every game for the past 10 games. >> they started camping out on wednesday. they admits the time consuming and expensive at times, but say it's all about family. we meet new friends and they become our family.
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game and the tailgate is done, i kind of get saturdays. >> they are all about sharing %- especially with police officers. if they're wednesday, can you imagine all the prep it takes to get the food ready. it's probably some good food. so we love seeing all your broncos pride. and how about the skiers pride here. they are flying this broncos
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welcome back, 6:24 now. have you seen this seen
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the broncos are one win away from the super bowl. so it's this sunday for the afc title against new england. first alert meteorologist lisa hidalgo is joining us from steamboat springs, ameeica. >> reporter: i got the tough job, didn't i guys? it's beautiful up here. it's a cold, clear crisp morning. we are up here for the weather event. for everybody here in colorado, i'm going to bring in lauren. we are talking about this people come from all over the country. that puts us on the board across the country. >> reporter: yeah it's a great time for meteorologistest to come together and learn more --
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>> reporter: we were talking numbers. last january juut 11 inches of snow the entire month. so far we're up there pretty good. >> reporter: definitely 13 and 3 a half inches over the past two days, so this is definitely a great winter for steamboat. >> reporter: we are going to be talking snow pack, so a lot of great minds are going to be here. tornadoes, probability -- we're going to be talking to one of the lead meteorologists there. and earth's gravitational pull. and how that could affect things. some preety nerdy things. i have one piece of advice before i send it back to you.
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over the rabbit ears pass. it's like drinking and driving. >> we're glad the broncos won and we're at your weather expo there. >> geeing out. >> yes. >> thank you, dear. what led to a student opening into a colorado school
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denver 7 news start right now. omaha. get back on his feet and throws to an open man. it's sanders. it is 6:00 a.m.
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feet advancing to the afc game. the defense recovered a fumble. a 2-point conversion and field goal gave them a shot of catching up. broncos 23, steelers 16. people started talking about the matchup between manning -- this weekend. no surprise that and overwhelming nuuber oo fans each other next week. >> we have to play better next week to win. >> all i'm saying is that manning is going to be ready and that's all that matters. >> we hate to get too far ahead of ourselves, but with a win
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head to the super bowl. right now sports betters have their money on the panthers and the patriots. let remember we did beat the patriots during the regular season. if you want a chance to go to the game this weekend, you better have some pretty quick fingers. >> and a little bit of luck too. lindsay watts is live outside the stadium with what you need to know. >> reporter: you don't want to to come here today. you have to go to denver right at noon. seat as low as $100 as high as $360 for reserved seats. club seats are 325 to 625.
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that mad rush today at noon. you do have options at stub hub, nfl ticket exchange, ticket season holders are trying to get rii of their tickets there. right now $340 is the lowest i've found so far for nosebleeds. the highest is $10,000 those are midlevel seats. not sure what those sellers are thinking. go today at noon to if you want to get seat you have of the an address in the rocky mountain region. and there's a limit of four seats per household. while many fans are rushing to get the tickets i've been online this morning trying to find an orange dress so i
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got to tell you guys, it is tough. there's not a lot of orange dresses that work for the winter time. you saw lindsay down there at the stadium. it looks great from here and it is nice and quiet across the metro area. >> reporter: we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds across the metro area, but it is going to be cloudy this afternoon. bertha path just clocked in a wind gust of 56 miles per hour. the good news with the winds, it warms us up down here. denver, quite a bit colder in eerie at 14. the upper 30s ann low 40s warmup coming. >> reporter: an accident northhound i-25 to westbound c-
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nordstrom rack there. there's the police right there with another car right here. northbound to go west on 470 off to the right shoulder, traffic is so light that you're not seeing a big delay, so no alternate if you are coming up frrm loan tree or lincoln avenue south. take a look at the overall map. it is just a little bit of traffic on the north side of town heading south of downtown. the only other problem is at minor accident there denver police head there had right now. 6:35. imagine seeing this giant hole in the middle of your house. better yet, imagine you sitting there when a car comes through your wall. >> it's a miracle this family was not hurt.
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sudden a car rams right into it. there were three people inside and like you mentioned, nobody was hurt. the driver started here, took his garage door out and wednesday across the street and rammed right into this house, leaving a huge hole in the house where it's now boarded up. the grandson talked to us and said it's a miracle nobody was hurt. >> if you look in there, it's just completely destroyed. >> reporter: firefighters found part of the living room's police believe driving drunk might be behind all of this. investigators have not released the name of the driver yet. sally mamdooh denver seven. police are still looking
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there was a fight between two groups yesterday morning when someone pulled out a gun. >> 20 of them started walking down the street like the old war lords movie, one pulled the gun out positioned at his waste and fired at our car. >> they caught two cars, they're still looking for the group in the red jeep wrangler including the guy who shot the gun. this homemade bomb detonated under a bridge in colorado springs, a resident admitted to making it. fortunately nobody was hurt and did not do any damage. we expect to learn more details following a shooting at a high school.
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they have agreed not to sue the district as long as they release full details about the shooting. the family hopes this will help prevent future attacks. this morning and alpine rescue team will start a search off of i-70 east of winter park. -`there was a 50 year old man whodisappeared saturday. they had the call off the search because visibility was not very good. a missing person. he was searching for treasure mentioned in a 2011 book entitled a thrill of the chase. it shares clues about artifaccs worth nearly $2 million.
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an inflatable raft but no signs of him. and a man is killed while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital. it happened last wednesday in belleview northwest of fort collins. lisa broke her back and had of the an emergency c section. the newbbrn baby is okay, friends say he had a medical emergency behind the wheel. if you would like to contribute, we have a link on denver
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we are starting with a traffic alert an auto peddstrian accident at 104th and chambers. most of the traffic delay is on the north and westbound sides of northbound to chambers, air tracker is too far south to get a look. right now expect delays in that intersection 104th and chambers. the bawl is on the ground and recovered by ware. this is when the broncos finally broke away from the steelers. peyton manning, demaryius thomas made it look easy, putting the broncos up 20-13. the final score broncos win 23- 16. next up, tom brady and the
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sunday. the winner of course goes to the super bowl. the university of denver student has quite a-story about meeting adelle while a little bit tipsy. she says her and a friend met adelle new years eve in a restaurant. they thought they would just say hello, but they got to talking. my mom said we're big fans and it was sold out in like 10 minutes or something crazy and she said oh, i haven't heard that yet.
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broncos fans feel this morning. securing that broncos victory. vaughan is known for his dance moves. >> he said he thought it was a tb. >> i always wonder, does he practice these moves before the game, or does he just have it in him. >> i think it's just in him. should we have a dance-off? >> during the commercial break? >> yeah. >> he's pretty good. >> he is. >> he was getting crazy like the other day. >> getting crazy like. that's my phrase. we show you some shots
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here is a hint of that gorgeous sky for you. monday. we're at 26. 20s. gunnison and alamosa you are starting off below zero. off to the west in the 20s as well as 30s. across the metro area you can see denver topping out at 51- degrees and we're going to see the 50s on the southeast corner of the state. if you are up in greeley, it is going to be just a bit cooler. brighton at 50, parker and littleton topping at 49. 43 in blackhawk and estes park 39 degrees. yesterday we did have the sunshine, today unfortunately we are just not going to see it as much. this disturbance is move into the state and we are seeing
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what we are right now are the they're going to continue through the day and see some of them build. the futurecast here at 10:00, the snow will be contained to the northern and central mountains this afternoon but by in. so we will deal with some light to moderate snow, then this evening rain-snow mix in the northeast corner. it's going to be pretty light, but overnight some of the rain is going to turn to show and creep right along i-25 which means while a lot of you get ready to head back to work and school tomorrow morning, just some light snow that could affect your commute. temperatures are going to be a tad cooler tomorrow topping out in the low to mid 40s. really where we should be this time of year and you're going to keep the 40s until we get towards friday.
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but i think we have to put the bright spot on the weekend and especially saturday into sunday because sunday we have the big game. than friday because the anticipation of friday an it always betttr to anticipate it. >> reporter: u, well maybe not always. there's been a lot of little accidents this morning. from the eastbound side of i-70 exiting peoria. air tracker 7 is looking at it right now. the right lane is blocked. they might even bring in the paramedics. i'm counting at least four vehicles on that crash. it is backing up traffic back on the i-70. even you folks headed out to
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it was called out as an auto pedestrian crash.. they say it's just a one car crash. less than 20 minutes, an accident on steel right near i- 70 causing delays, an accident causing some delays. coming up on the morning sprint. this suv hits a median and flips over.
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6:51. we're following two suspected drunk driving crashes in the metro. we start with sally mamdooh live in wheat ridge. >> reporter: imagine sitting in your living room am all the sudden a car rams right into your houss. that's what happened to one family. this is how it all started. the driver was sitting in his garage and backed out of his garage, taking his garage door out, and going right straight across to the other house. the homeowner's grandson nobody was hurt, when firefighters showed up the
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police say the driver was probably a little bit drunk. they are not releasing the name of the driver yet. denver seven. it is 6:52 breaking overnight we found this car upside down around 2:30 right fe. police believe he miiht have been drinking and lso texting when he hit the median and flipped the car. police are still looking for a gunman in a wild chase after fight in denver. someone pulled out a gun. nobody was hurt in the gunfire. this is at the intersection of south federal and west florida. the other group were in a red jeep wrangler, including the person who fired the gun.
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it is going to be warmer than yesterday. temperatures topping out near freezing, but upper metro low 40 -- high 40s, low 40s. little rain-snow mix n the northeast corner. and early tomorrow morning that's what you could be walking out to. a news alert for all the moms out there the fbi is warning you of a gang specifically targeted at you known as the felony lane gang. they are working in arapahoe county right now. >> there's a report of a settlement of the family of claire davis who was killed in an attack at school where a
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the family hopes details of the attack will prevent future attacks. >> authorities are looking for contractors kidnapped in iraq. we have a photograph to show you this morning as one of four americans released by iran in a prisoner exchange. three of the four are in germany getting medical treatment before they come on home. the fourth freed american has decided to stay in iran. >> reporter: just getting information about a head on crash parker and havana. air tracker will be headed that way in a second. this is the four car accident on that transition of eastbound i-70 to go to peoria. we have other trouble spots 104th and chambers.
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and ta fay and mississippi -- santa fie and this on westbound 270 going from loan tree across highlands ranch. 6:55 today we honor martin luther king jr. the marade today is part parade, part march. it begins at 9:00 a.m. this morning. denver came from behind the beat the pittsburgh steelers yesterday. the offense struggled to get going but they picked up a fumble that put them in great position again. the offense scored their only td of the game, a field goal `ut them too far ahead for the
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next sunday we have tom brady coming to town. lindsay has ticket information for us. >> reporter: beforr the show down on sunday there's another one that's going to be happening today, not on the field but on the internet. starting at noon fans will go tickets. go to tickets will be as low as $100, as high as $360, club seats will be more expensive. if you don't want to deal with the stress, tickets are already on sale at stub hub and nfl ticket exchange. you are going to save some money if you can get on to ticketmaster today. gep that's at noon. mitch, i'm thinking the tickets
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%- 6:57. cameras captured a heartwarming moment, you will note peyton manning walks over and hands the ball to demaryius thomas. he told him to hand it to his mom. smith left federal prison over the summer after 15 years behind bars. she did her time and now she's smiling with her son. 3 >> what a proud moment for her.
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