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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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denver 7news starts right now. town. we are talking football and the broncos chasing a championship. tickets are now for sale for sunday's afc championship game. this may be the year you'd want to avoid craigslist more than ever. >> the broncos are not printing hard tickets forrthe playoffs. most will be printed on an 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheet of paper of there's really no stopping the scammers from making photocopies of the same ticket. >> reporter: no. this is what a ticket looks like. it can be printed at home and if i'm not trustworthy, i can print it multiple time. %- let's say i print it 10 time. only one of these will actually get you into the stadium and you won't know it till you're at the gate and this happens. just like we saw her on saturday night, candy lewis
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phone ringing. >> people want their tickets now. they're concerned if they don't get them now and the phones are still ringing at 20 to 7:00, they don't think they're going to get tickets. >> reporter: 5,000 tickets for the championship game went on sale at noon. >> after those seats sold out in five minutes like wham, the internet blew up where those people just bought the seats to resell them. >> reporter: this year's buyer beware is a little different from years passed. >> you can see the notes my son took for me today. >> reporter: the majority will be printed on the same 11 by 8 1/2 inch paper candy's notes are printed on. check out this craigslist ad. we aren't saying it's not legit, but how do you know. the broncos did not give us hard tickets this year, cash only. i can print them for you. >> that ticket can be printed off 10 times. >> reporter: and you won't know till you get to the gate to find out if your barcode actually scans. >> the key is a legitimate site
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you don't want to get burned. >> reporter: so what about before i actually buy these from someone i'll call the `roncossand read these numbers and they'll verify it for me. the broncos won't do that. that's one of the reasons they suggest using the nfl tickets exchange. they are guaranteed. you print them from home and it will be a fresh barcode. the previous barcode is wiped out. >> sunday will mark the fourth time manning and brady have faced off in a championship game, the most ever between two quarterbacks. >> the previous three manning pulled out the w twice. lionel bienvenu live in the newsroom and this could very well be the last meeting. >> it could be the 17th and last meeting manning versus brady, the final chapter. it's amazing how fast you move on from a huge win like the broncos had yesterday over the steelers, but there's no looking back in the nfl until you win the super bowl. then you can relax, but the broncos are one win away from
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there was celebrations last night as the defense saved the day, the only turnover in the 4th quarter and peyton manning with the game winning touchdown drive and that sets up this latest manning versus brady match-up and gary kubiak's first time in the afc championssip game as a head coach. here's his reaction today. >> it's cool, looking forward to it. i'm tired today, i can tell you, that but no, it's exciting. it's so hard to win in this league. boy, we've been battling all year long. yesterday was no different. we got a tremendous challenge, but we worked hard to ggt this challenge at home. that's really exciting for our football team and our fans. injury news today omar bolden out, partially torn ligaments in his knee. >> thanks, lionel. you continue to show your broncos pride.
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that's bryce with his broncos pride at a game. check out that hair! keep sending us your pictures with the #broncospride and to our denver7 facebook page. take a live look at our cdot cameras at vail pass. the snow is continuing to fall off and on out therr. denver7 meteorologist stacey donaldson joins us for your first alert weather. >> we somewhere some advisories in effect up through the high country, but we actually are expecting a chance for snow here around the metro area in the next 24 hours. outside now it looks fantastic. we have partly cloudy skies and our temperature right around 40 degrees. actually sunday didn't make it up to 40. we have warmed things up for our area and it looks like into the next couple of days we are going to experience some cooler air and chances for snow.
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forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we are tracking several developing stories right now, first a heartbreaking story out of aurora, a 10-year-old girl died after this crash at 16th and del mar. a woman tried to turn left onto 16th and was hit in the side by another car. the woman had her 11-year-old son and 10 and 8-year-old daughters in the car and the 10- year-old died. police believe her booster seat was not properly secured. the others were brought to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. deputies are looking for this lafayette man missing since last night. 20-year-old ryder johnson was last seen leaving work at eldora ski area yesterday afternoon, but at 10:00 last night deputies found his car at gross reservoir off flagstaff road. the search has been suspended until tomorrow morning. in englewood a sinkhole that opened up near craig hospital is filled in.
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sent a crew to work on it. that area of clarkson has been closed all day. when we send our kid to school, we hop there are steps taken to -- kids to school, we hope there are steps taken to keep them safe. denver7's marc stewart is live tonight and lessonn of the past weren't always followed. >> reporter: this is just a portion of the 100 lus page report. the authors say the system failed center ofically and even references -- catastrophically and even references the columbine shooting. chaos at arapahoe high school in 2013, a shooting claiming the life of claire davis. killed himself. three years later this report is released, an attempt to chronicle went what went wrong including a lack of information sharing. in fact, the authors make a different reference to the past noting as with columbine in
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was in place at the school from the staff to the students at the time of the students. >> state law recommends highly you do an information sharing agreement with law enforcement, social services and mental health and one was never done. >> reporter: the report highlights a series of small errors including a decision not to formally suspend the gunman after threatening to kill a teacher. in fact, the support raises concerns with how the school system dealt with potential problems noting the shooting may have been averted if a threat assessment of the gunman days before was more thorough. among the big take-aways, the need for a better network to help troubled students. >> so you don't threat up the student and send them on their way but bbild a support plan around that student to get them through the crisis. >> reporter: since the shooting littleton now has a new superintendent. he acknowledges mistakes were made and warning signs were missed. since the district will be relentless, his word, moving forward. >> you can find take link to
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100 pages now on the a landfill worker is dead tonight after falling 50 feet at a gravel pit in henderson. air tracker 7 was over the scene at 120th after it happened. that worker was an employee at henderson pit. the company says the man was working maintenance on an elevated conveyor when he fell hitting his head on the ground. `>> we sent air tracker 7 to evergreen where the fire department pulled four people from an suv that went down a 75- foot embankment near pine valley road and quandary creek trail near jefferson county. two people were airlifted, one taken to the hospital and one was not hurt. protesters with black lives matter made their voices heard today marching at the martin luther king day parade unannounced. more than 1,000 protesters showed up. their main cause was to get video released from when michael marshall died while in custody at the denver jail in november.
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program of speakers and performances which some people found offensive. >> from this perspective it was a little disrespectful. >> when you find somebody who thinks it disruptive is not a true student of history. this is what dr. king would have wanted. >> both events and march were % peaceful. in aurora the police department led a procession of the vehicles to the mlk library at the aurora municipal center. mayor steve hogan was in attendance. this is the 30th year aurora has done this kind of commemoration. do you recognize this woman? jefferson county deputies say she broke into two cars in evergreen on january 6th and stole credit cards. this happened in the parking lot near the buchanon rec center. deputies say the woman used the stolen credit cards within an hour. she's thought to be driving a dark colored lexus suv. if yyu have information, call jeffco sheriff's office. the war at the pump is coming to an end tonight in
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people got a gallon of gas in prices reminiscent of the '60s. yesterday lucky drivers in hoeton lake michigan fueled up for 47 cents a gallon. the cost which is much cheaper than the $1.89 national average apps to stem from competition between gas stations. nonetheless people lined up to cash in. >> there were lines of cars waiting to get gas, people filling up gas cans. it was kind of unbelievable to see gas that cheap. >> well, the craze did not last long, though, as today the prices were back up to $1.47 and $1.46, still not too bad, though. >> don't you think you want to take a drive to michigan just for that? >> might pay for the trip. coming up on denver7 a group wanting to sell full strength alcohol in all stores in colorado is changing its focus. >> the change that could be on your ballot in november. >> shedding light on a growing problem, how cu researchers are
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welcome back. we're checking out the cdot cameras for you. look at this at vail pass right now, definitely some snow coming down. denver7 meteorologist stacey donaldson will have your first alert forecast in a few minutes.
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made to honor colorado's fallen heroes and created for the weld county deputy who died in the line of duty. so you can man the surprise when deputies were told they cannot put them on their paarol cars. >> reporter: they're heading to the capitol next week to try and change that legislatiin. you have to make a $50 donation to ccps or concerns of police survivors to wear a plate, but they ran into one big problem. when we last met the brownlees, tanner wanted one last piece of his dad's memory. >> here's your card. >> reporter: it turns out the rest of the weld county sheriff's department wants something to remeeber him by, too. >> sam was a good guy. this is his calling. he was a deputy sheriff through and through. >> we have to keep moving forward, but that doesn't mean we have to forget.
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brownlee was killed in the line of duty in 2010, so when a special commemorative plate was made in his honor, it only seemed fitting each patrol car would display one, too. >> i don't think it was an intended consequence. i think it was truly an oversight. >> reporter: the problem? state law says government vehicles with specialty plates lose their tax exempt status even though the department had already raised the fund. >> in our particular case we were trying to auction off the car that sam brownlee drove make a donation on behalf of every one of our cars. >> reporter: now brownlee's widow is taking the cause to the capitol hoping to retain the plates remembering her everywhere. >> i think we need the plays out there to show we do -- plates out there to show we do support them and that we honor
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>> reporter: if we eventually get that legislation changed, it wouldnnt affect just weld county. potentially departments across the state could put these expert plates on their patrol cars. we'll let you know -- specialty `lates on their patrol cars. legal let you know what happens. -- we'll let you know whats. there been a change in -- what happens. there's been a change in strategy for getting the sale of full strength beer and wine in supermarkets. by tweaking the bill the group says people will have more choices when they shop and will chance. people originally were upset expanding liquor sales would put mom and pop storms out of business. researchers are using light activated nano particles against bacteria strains that are becoming more resistant to salmonella.
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getting smarter and stronger. >> many times things don't work and then you essentially quarantine the patient and kind of hope things eventually work which is not a good situation. >> the best part, these activated in notice particles onlyydamage bad bacteria and -- nano particles only damage the bad bacteria. a 50-year-old hiker has not yet been identified who did not return from st. mary's glacier. crews searched in cold and snowy conditions yesterday as well. in nee mexico crews are searching from this broomfield man. he disappeared after searching for hidden treasure. the 54-year-old randy billute told a friend earlier this month he planned to travel to the santa fe area. his dog and raft were found about 9 miles downstream from his carr glenn frey who co-founded
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the guitarist was 67 years old illnesses. frey founded the band with don henley in los angeles in the eerly 1970s and had a house in aspen for some timee the first eagles concert was in aspen. ice ike -- icicles are forming quite a spectacular sight in st. louis on the power lines there. definitely some wintery looking weather now especially up through the higher elevations around vail pass the snow coming down now. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for our northern and central mountains until tomorrow night around 6:00. keep that in mind if you're traveling up throogh the high country the next 24 hours, could see low visibilities at times with the highhwinds and the snow blowing through.
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snow will affect the metro area early tomorrow, very light snowfall headed our way. we had a bit of a break in between storm systems in the last 24 hours. so after a huge snowfall weekend in the high country, about 2 feet of snow fell in two days at vail, we had about 4 inches in the last 24 hours there, a-basin 3 inches, eldora 3 inches and copper 2 inches. in denver it looks great outside right now. we have partly cloudy skies, 35 degrees. that's after a high today of 51. so we really warmed things up nicely this afternoon. wind chhll factor only 30 with 66mile an hour winds outside. the winds will pick up tuesday mind. today. 44 -- 51 our official high today, 44 is normal. mostly 30s around the denver metto area, 37 for fortt collins, 28 for greeley, 30 for
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in the mountains we have 20s and 30s. that moisture is still coming in from the west. as it swings through colorado, we're going to get some of that % powdery snow in the form of flurries. all this energy is coming in from the west pushing our direct. there's also another storm system -- direction. there's also another storm system coming our direction. at 6 a.m. we have those snow showers here. i don't know that we'll see a whole lot in denver, but farther south around castle rock, castle pines down toward colorado springs and the palmer divide we could see about an inch of snowfall. then you see how quickly can moves out and -- it moves out and we clear thing up tomorrow.
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morning, 40s in the afternoon. moisture swinging through early tomorrow morning clearing out going through the rest of the day. tomorrow afternoon highs in the low to mid-40s, tonight 25 degrees for our overnight low, 43 tomorrow with flurries in the morning and on the seven- day forecast we'll have those highs staying in the 40s the nexttfew days, slight chance of snow again early wednesday and 50s starting on saturday, love it. >> it's pretty mild, not too bad. >> thank you. anymore. that hover board ban and why week. >> the broncos celebrating the big win over the steeeers but
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they may be in the nfc championship game, but even the carolina panthers are now banned from riding hover boards. panthers coach ron rivera talked about the ban after he said he caught his players using hover boards to race each other in the hallways. >> did you see those things on youtube blowing up and stuff? i mean that concerns me more than anything else, something crazy could happen. >> exactly. coach rivera doesn't want something crazy to happen to anyyof his players. >> he's got a good point especially ahead of next sunday's game against the arizona cardinals with a trip to the super bowl on the line
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>> we'll see, guys. welcome to 7 sports extra, the chase for the championship. dance like von miller if you want to in your broncos snuggie tonight. keep the elation going. broncos beat the steelers to advance to that afc championship game, what a feeling, but starting tomorrow we look ahead. broncos already are thinking tom brady and the patriots next sunday, a golden ticket to the golden super bowl at state. gary kubiak and broncos players telling us today looking forward already. >> we worked hard to get this tremendous challenge at home. that's really exciting for our football team and fans, just looking forward to it. we'll have to play better than we played yesterday. we know that. i know we're all looking forward to it. >> they're players now, we wouldn't want it any other way. that's the beauty of playing in the national football league.
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against other great players, should be a good one. >> so it's brady versus manning, chapter 17, probably the final chapter. tom is 11-5 against peyton, but peyton got the w two years ago and brock beat brady here november 29th. remember this? yeah. brady is 2-6 in denver. he said on his radio show today it will be fun to play another peyton manning led team. broncos hope not. passes yesterday. well, this guy didn't drop anything. broncos ball boy in the end zone catching kickoffs with those sticky hands. the k man does this every game. i osted this video on my facebook page this morning, already over 72,000 views. receiver. watch for it. avalanche in winnipeg tonight and here's the cutest
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this little one is adorable, probably didn't care much for the game, more concerned about sippy cups and binkys which is better that way because the avs grounded the jets. blake comeau fired off a shot. % karl solderberg buried the rebound. absolutely beautiful pinpoint passing. iginla and bang, 2 -0. avalanche 2-1 the final. varly made 36 saves. nba championship rematch cavs and warriors, lebron and steph curry. this got real. lebron pushing steph down to the court, hey now. two superstars taking this thing real serious there, but curry beat lebron, third rocks from all over the place, up
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college hoops, monmouth and sienna and then polari went wild. he bagged the bench. they got a sleeper over there. they're out of their mind at monmouth. they won 85-69. when we come back, in
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