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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. it was pretty dry when you went to bed last night. a quick snowstorm is hitting the metro area right now. >> it is hitting down south and west of denver. a live look outside the studio. you can see the wet streetss there. % and get you through it all and begin with denver 7 reporter sally mamdooh off of i-25 castle pines parkway. sally? >> reporter: it is windy. and it died down a little bit. the snow died down a little bit but still pretty windy out here. and winds about 15 miles an hour. as we mentioned earlier, a couple of hours ago, when we got here, there wasn't any snow on the ground.
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it is completely covered in snow. this entire shopping plaza that we are in right now. completely covered with the snow. and it died down, so it makes visibility a little bit better but blowing pretty hard. and i am anticipating it will go away and be a different story once we see the sun go up. and for right now, it is nice, conditions, we haven't seen any accidents right next to us. and the conditions are nice. but still, keep in mind you need to be cautious when are you out here, driving because it is slippery on the roads. but dale, when can we see the snow go away? >> the good news sally, it is a quick storm moving on through. we want to show you some wind speeds where sally is right now. we are about 20 to 25 miles per hour. so much stronger winds down south. and what happens is as the front was moving through, it really picked up the winds, but once it pushes through, the winds calm down, behind it. and fortunately, it is still a little bit farther down in the southern half of the state. but those winds will calm down
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nicer in a short period of time. we are starting to see a little bit of clearing in the northern portion of the front range. and if you look, just north of the colorado line, you can see another little round of snow. so a few more flurries are going to move through. wellington, as well as fort collins and even some clearingg there, in berthoud and heavier snow, a little band from longmont as you head into the forth lupton area and the other spot we have been focusing on is the southwest corner of the front range. right there, where sally is standing, it is some of the heavier snow, but do you see the nice little pocket. this is just as you are heading out to d.i.a. if you're traveling there, you are going to be picking up a little bit of moderate snow. and the temperatures, jason, the good news, near freezing which means we are getting quite a bit of melting. >> very wet roadways. we want to take a tour around with the c-dot cameras, cameras to the north, with wet conditions, like we are seeing along highway 36. let me move the camera here on i-25. up to 110th. and you are seeing wet road conditions for us.
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center. and on 225. now, parts of c-470 are a little bit more slick. and we also are seeing a little bit more of the snow stick to the roadways. like here down in castle rock. speaking of castle rock, our snow wrangler this morning, 3 daryl orr is driving right now, on i-25, in castle rock. daryl, what have you seen down there. >> reporter: jason, we are seeing quite a few cars that are spun off to the side of the 25. we have just entered the castle rock area. a lot of the roads are just wet now. we have seen quite a few c-dot plows out here. and they have been spraying mag chloride down and plowing the snow off to the sides of road. we are hearing of an accident which you spoke of earlier at mile marker 167, which is about 15 miles aheads here. it is a rollover accident. and the good news is, that is a noninjury accident.
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morning. and we can't emphasize enough, just give yourself extra time out here. are you definitely going to need -- you are definitely going to need the washer fluid. the high roller speeders are out here this morning and that's a big factor why the accidents have been happening. jason, what are the other road conditions this morning? >> let me show you the map. we have had at least a half dozen accidents in douglas county this morning. a lot of them are being cleaned out. still active. a loo of green still out there. which is good news. i-25 to the north seeing a fair amount of traffic through 84th. wet roads up there. >> jason, thank you. 6:04. checking on conditions west of denver right now. >> denver 7 reporter lindsey watt is live off of i-70 and dinosaur ridge. lindsey? >> reporter: kelly and mitch, it is barely snowing here now. it has tapered off in the last half an hour or so. so at this point, we are just seeing flurries. scoot down here, and show you how much snow has fallen here. maybe about an inch. to give you a look at the roadways now, right in front of
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can see the snow, that has accumulated there. and beyond that is him 70 and i have seen about -- i-70 and i have seen about two dozen area. that has helped drivers remain traveling at normal speeds. in some cases, just a little bit more slowly. i do want to let you know though that c-dot has the traction law in place right now. both directions on 70, c-470 in denver, west to idaho springs. that means drivers have to have snow tires or four wheel drive. chains or another type of traction device. and that traction law is also in effect right now, both directions, from silver thorn to the eisenhower tunnel. also both directions on vail pass. you are headed to the mountains this morning, maybe taking a day off from work, i know they are getting snow up there as well, it should be a great day on the slopes. but definitely take it easy on the roadways. we're live in golden, lindsey watt, denver 7. 6:05. turning to breaking news.
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motorcyclist is killed after %- crashing on santa fe near stanford in engelwood. the crash happened around 10:30 last night. deputies say the rider was not wearing a helmet. no one saw the crash. but deputies believe the motorcyclist hit a concrete barrier, and lost control. returning to a heart breaking story in aurora, at 6:06. a 10-year-old girl was killed in a crash at 616th and delmar. police say she was in a booster seat but it was not properly secured. the girl's mother was making a left turn when another car hit her car, causing it to flip. the 11-year-old and 8-year-old daughter were in the ccr and are in the hospital but should survive. it is possible the woman could face charges since she didn't have the right of away. boulder county officials want you to be on the lookout for this man from lafayette. he never came home from work after work on sunday. a few hours after leaving work, deputies found his car, near the gross reservoir, right off flagstaff road. ticket prices, to catch the
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championship, in person, are soaring. we have a look at stub hub this morning. %- tickets start at several hundred dollars. all of these re more than $200. and these are not like down in the 50-yard line either mind you. the broncos are noo issuing hard paper tickets for the afc championship game against the new england patriots. the majority of them are printed at home by the season ticket holders. so you if you buy from craigslist or a guy on the street, there is no guarantee that that bar code is legit. the secondary sites, or third party sites are not doing anything wrong, but the bar code is very important. you either. the nfl says really the only guarantee, if you don't have season tickets and you want a ticket, go to nfl tick exchange. and that promises to be legitimate. and 6:07. several looks outside. the snow coming down, especially to the south and west of town. and you can see in the live crews, we have off i-70, off i- 25 on the roads so you know
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you head out. let's send it out to first alert dale cedars for a check of the forecast. >> temperatures in many locations are at or at least near freezing. quite a bit of melting as it hits the roadways. a few locations below. once the snow moves out, the temperatures will warm back into the 40s. >> not every place around denver is seeing nasty road conditions. i-70 and quebec, drying out right now, which is nice news, if you have to head out to d.i.a., where there are some switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv.
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11 minutes after 6:00. we are monitoring the first alert weather today. slushy and slick commute in some spots. you can see the radar there on the left. hanging over denver. and that middle picture there, that is driving along south metro road, so you know the trouble spots to avoid. and on the right, that is up on i-70, near dinosaur ridge. so south and west, getting a
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>> a quick mover, right, dale? >> a quick system. and it literally just kind of pushing through rapidly. as we were driving in, this morning, you kind of had the strong winds, anddsome blowing snow, and a little bit quieter here in denver, right now, and down to the south, we are still dealing with. it and another band will push through. it is not over just yet. but relatively soon. by the midday, clearing skies. we want to show you this shot, this is i-25, aad you can see, downtown denver, in the background, you will notice the traffic here, moving relatively nice, and the roads are mostly along i-25, and in denver, just wet. a little bit farther south though, where things are quite a bit different as we have been showing you some of the snow. here is a look at the satellite radar and you can see the heavier snow, just south of the metro area p and there is the other band moving through the portion of the front range. the uture cast, we will see this clear out, relatively quickly. by 7:00, the northern portion
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and we could have some light flurries but it is really light. -`and then within the next two hours, you are just going to see that snow. push down to the southern portion of the metro area. and denver, itself, should be dry by about 9:00, and however, we will still see some light snow and flurries by the palmer divide. that's where we will see possibly in some locations, up ward of about two inches of snow. and the rest of us, not a lot of accumulation at all. an inch in some spots at best. by 12:30, there is the clearing that we are dealing with. pretty much statewide. the mountains also getting a break from the snow. and louver, they are going to see -- and however, they are going to see more moveein. as we move the future cast forward, we will see the snow build and fill in to the high country overnight and early tomorrow morning, if you're traveling, along i-770, you will be running into that snow. metro area should remain dry. however, the northeast corner of the state, could pick up some light snow. not major accumulation there at all. this morning, the temperatures slightly warmer than they have
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roadways. at freezing here in denver. but you will notice some warmer temperatures in the northern portion of the front range. melt relatively quickly.. in the high country, some teens as well as some 20s. the warmup will take place. we are going to have the high temperatures, really right where we should be this time of year. by noon, 43 degrees. and more clearing skies later on with sunshine. the temperatures are oing to tonight. across the metro area, low 40s. and a few location, such as greeley and sterling, topping range. and southeast corner of the state, picking up our warmer temperature, 49 for lamar and if you are in the mountains today, the temperatures there in the pper 20s, and low 30s. and a little bit warmer as you head toward the western slope, and looking for a high temperature there of 37 degrees. and looking at our is seven-day planner. you will notice the warmer tomorrow.
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in, we will cool things off, a few degrees for thursday, and then look for friday and fantastic. we are going to be into the 50s, and a mix of sun and clouds, jason, all week long, and once all of the little disturbances move out, it will be quite a bit warmer. a touch cooler for sunday nd the game but that is good football weather. >> and very tough driving conditions in some parts of town. otherwise, just very standard. let's start to the north side, this is i-25 at 110th. from so from 120th down to 84th avenue. wet rrads, ery typical. conditions here. and maybe in the neighborhood. but for the most part, it is just wet. take a look at the map up that way, you can see all of the red on i-25, you can also see we have an accident up on wadsworth at highway 36, causing some sliggt delay, at intersection. and there is that southbound slowing, all the way through 84th avenue. and 20 to 25 minutes already, into downtown. 270 is getting busy. denver tech center is getting a little bit busier and an accident at peoria and east, denver tech center.
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have seen the road conditions, along 25 and 83 and 105, down toth south. several accidents along monument hill and toma road. this is the road wrangler just south of castle rock. i-25 frontage road is looks like daryl, as you are making your way down toward toma road. >> reporter: that's right. we are taking the outer rode. but i will tell you what, the conditions on the outer road, 225, to the left there, not much difference. the speeds are a little bit higher on i-25 headed south here. and we are taking this road to get down here to show you this accident right around i-25 and toma. take your time this morning. and jason, how else areethe roads looking? >> the other bad condition will be downnon c-470. a little bit better on the west side of town. but it is going to be a tough drive in some spots. >> thank you, jason. 6:16 now. the world of rock and roll has lost another one of its stars. eagles founding member and guitarist glenn frey passed
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complications from multiple illnesses. took a lot of people by surprise. he was only 67 years old. ask any generation and they probably know at least one of the eagles hit songs, hotel california, take it easy and tequila sunrise. trying to loosen my load. >> the eagles were formed back in 1971. spent a lot of time in colorrdo. frey called aspen home. and the resort town is part of the song "party town." >> the eagles were the first to perform at the invesco field of mile high, opening back in august of 2001 and you may remember that was a sell-out crowd that night. the oscars air february 28 on denver 7. and this morning, there is a lot of talk abouu two people who say they won't be in the audience. director spike lee and jada pink et smith say they are both not going to be at the event, over a lack of diversity they say. lee asks how is it possible for
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20 contenders under the acting category are white? pinkett-smith frustration comes after will smith did not get a the movie concussion. lisa hidalgo has been in steamboat springs looking at forecasting. >> the conference includes meteorologists from all over the country and what you are lives. >> it is so true. we will get to that in a second. you. steamboat clearly pushed the snow button for us. it is perk. it is beautiful. we were under a winter weather advisory. morning. but pickeddup a good 2-4 inches overnight. it is just gorgeous. a little bit more here tonight. from snow to severe weather, severe weather really just around the corner for us. the technology, and where we have come, over really just the past few years, and how it day basis. so chhck it out. yesterday we heard from greg, during one of the meeting, one. lead meteorologists at the
6:18 am
and we talked about how unique colorado is because of the roux roux -- rockies, when it comes to tornadoes. and we will look at past tornadoes. and using climatology on a day to day basis, even though it is % not a perfect science. >> the advances that we have seen are ruly stunning. the ability to foresee severe weather 21, 24 and even several days days in advance is far better than 10 years ago. where we are in another decade, you can only guess. >> how do we get better for you, our viewers? in the morning when we show you during severe weather season, the big blocks, enhanced or marginal, severe weather and that is a 12-hour window. whattwe are able to do with the new technology is find ways to pinpoint that within a two or three-hour window. and a much better idea where and when some of the outbreaks can occur. very neat.
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toughest job on the planet this week. it is just gorgeous this week. >> she is learning. >> not only about weather, but she is getting another lesson and that on the side here while at the conference. >> yes, apparently she is learning to snowboard and she wanted to make sure we knew how hard she is working and i got to say, lisa, if you have never snowboarded before, looking pretty good. impressive. >> you are going really fast. >> and i did not fall at the end of that. butti will say, i grew up, born and raased in colorado, and started, when i was 15, i hit the board,an didn't do it until about a year ago. so i have been on one twice. i have to give huge props to dillon my instructor. he was unreal. in two runs he had me turning. >> that is awesome. >> did you scold the third graders who were passing you going downhill there? >> it was like me and -- you know what? they couldn't tell because i am the same height as they are. they thought i wws one of them. >> nn shame, lisa.
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>> you did good. so if you will excuse me, i need to go back to take a nap later and do some learning on the slope later. >> post your blog about the restaurants later today, will you? >> okay, will do. >> thank you, dear. see you tomorrow. live look at theesnow coming down off of i-25 and castle pines parkway. still coming down. not done yet.
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welcome back. morning. taking a live look from the roof cam this morning, you can see the roadways are wet out there. some of you waking up to some decent snow this morning. >> 32 degrees. a little chilly. snow, rain here and there. dale, this is not quite done yet. >> it is not over just yet. but as we take a look at radar, what you will notice is we re starting to see some of the snow break apart. and that means it is quieting down. we still do have some heavy bands that are moving through. and you can see that with the darker blue, as we look on the radar. this is is right along i-70, and moving through aurora,
6:22 am
the heavier know and down south. castle rock, albert, where some of the heavier snow is going to last just a little bit longer. but as we look at the future cast, you are going to see it is clear from north to south, relatively quickly. so by 7:00, look at this. fort collins, longmont, mostly dry and denver, it looks like that could be by 9:00, palmer divide, however, keeping a little built of snow between 9:00 and ending about 10:00. roadways are hit and miss depending where you are. let's check in with our road guru jason. >> down in douglas county. getting hit. c-470 ken caryl, getting hit. and we also have wet roadway, at least weather-wise, but the northbound side, look for mississippi, heavy stop and go traffic. let me take you on the map to show you what is going on. an accident between 6th avenue and colfax, there is the accident causing a big delay to ili if. f ili -- iliff right now.
6:23 am
especially in douglas county. i ill have that for you coming up in a minute. >> thank you, jason. the parade in denver to honor the life of dr. artin luther king jr. yesterday was part march, part parade, as always, but this year, part protest as well. more than 1,000 people representing the group black lives matter showed up unannounced and demanding the city of denver release the video of the death of inmate michael marshal and the protest delayed the program of speakers and performers to honor dr. king. not everyone agreed with that. >> twals a little disrespectful. >> it was a little did the respectful. >> for many who thought it was disruptive is not a true student of history. this is what dr. king would have wanted. >> the parade remained peaceful. and police did not make arrests. >> and there was a wreath- laying ceremony. the police department led a procession to the library and the municipal center. the city has ton done this for 30 years. 6:26.
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the front range. dry outside a fow hours ago. not anymore. we have crews own to the west
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6:30, the roads are looking a lot different than a couple of hours ago. a quick snowstorm is hitting the metro area. >> the brunt is to tte south of denver. here is what you can expect from the roadways and our snow wrangler, daryl orr driving around. and jason is tracking the crashes. take it slow. >> team coverage started with denver reporter sally mamdooh `ear castle pines parkway. >> reporter: that's right, and the snow is scaled down a lot, since we got here. we got here about 4:30, and it was coming down pretty hard. it was so windy. but you can see the remnants of that snowstorm, that we saw, completely covered, and it is the entire shopping plaza here,
6:26 am
nothing on the ground. and you can see the accumulation of the snow, i would say less than an inch or so, out here. and the roads, they are definitely going pretty smooth for the most part. as you can see, drivers are not slowing down at all. and you can see they are going really fast. but these are the type of conditions that you do need to slow down. especially around this time when rush hour is picking up. as more people start heading out the door to go to work. so you need to slow down. because it is slippery. despite looking like it is just freezing rain out here. guys, back to you. >> all right. sally, i will take it from here. just south of where sally is located there at castle pines, we are getting some strong wind speeds. sustained winds in castle rock, right now, of 43 miles per hour. you will notice much quieter winds, here in the metro area, in the northern portion of the front range. and that wind is going to be whipping around, some of that snow, that is still falling down, and down in the southernn portion of the front range, that's where we will pick up some of the heavier snow. right now, it is just south of
6:27 am
so you can see it moving through aurora. and they had a little bit of break in the snow. and we have it returning, and look at this clearing though, this is what is going to be coming their way, within about the next 30 to 40 minutes. and then we are going to start to really see that clearing. good news, as are you heading out the door this morning, the temperatures are pretty much at or near freezing. here in denver, at 32 degrees. that is definitely helping all of the snow not accumulate on the roadways. and let's send you out west, right now, lindsey watts is right there live at c477 and i- 70. we have seen some strong winds. a little bit of snow. lindsey, how is it looking now? >> reporter: well, as far as snow goes, i can't complain about this one. at this point, we are seeing just light flurries here in golden. light wind as well. we chose this spot here t the down saur parking lot because we have a great -- dinosaur parking lot because we have a great view of i-770 from here. you can see the speeds that the vehicles are traveling. some are slowing down a little bit. never a bad idea. and the roadways here around
6:28 am
icy at this point. and c-dot however, does have the traction law in place for this stretch of i-70. that low goes into effect east of where we are, at c-470. west to idaho springs. traction law also in place tunnel. and also vail pass. that means vehicles have to have four wheel drive. snow tires, or chains. and so c-dot is playing it safe this morning. and they also have plenty of plows out. there is one right now. and i have seen a lot of them on i-70 this morning. and to help keep your drive to work as smooth as possible. how are things looking elsewhere, jason? >> not good in some parts where we are not seeing a lot of snowfall. i-225, from the streaming camera here, in mississippi, the northbound side is jammed solid. up to an accident, that we have by 6 6th avenue.
6:29 am
the northbound side of 225, a crash between 6th avenue and colfax and that's why we are seeing the traffic jam back to iliff, 20 to 25 minutes on the northbound side. the southbound section heavy in the typical spot south er road. a new accident is coming in a half hour, coming in from the north side, on that transition of i-70, and i-25, in the mousetrap. again, just wet there. an accident on wadsworth at highway 36. and very wet and slick on parts of c-470. getting better over there but still a little slick. also very tough in douglas county with accidents at monument, including a rollover at monument hill. and then very heavy northbound traffic. and that is up to an accident near tomia road. in that vicinity, our road wrangler daryl orr driving on i- 25 in castle rock right now. >> reporter: yes, jason, the roads right now along i-25, they are just wet. but some of the bigger problems are the bridges and overpasses. they may look wet but a lot of those are starting to ice back,
6:30 am
we are also hearing about numerous accidents along highway 83 south of parker into the franktown area. headed that way, use a little bit of caution. and a big problem that we are also noticing out here is splash-back from the other vehicles. it is hitting the windshield and really making the visibility difficult out here this morning. so give yourself extra time. get some washer fluid in there and just slow down while you're out here. >> one other accident mentioned in the denver tech center, down at peoria and easter, not far from centennial airport. 6:35 now. another look at castle pines parkway. where some of the heavier snow ii this morning. south and west. a look from outside our studios here in denver. we could also see the roads, downtown, a little bit more oo the wet side than snow accumulation. but it is making for some slick spots. so remember, check our denver channel web site. and we are upgrading the first alert forecast and any schools
6:31 am
you know and have it there at the web site. 6:35. and the author of a newly released report of the fatal shooting at arapahoe high school in 2013 saying the system failed cats strofcally. theeshooter killed the girl and then himself. the authors make a direct reference to the past, writing, quote as with columbine in 1999, a strong code of silence was in place at the school at the time of the shooting. >> state law reaaly recommends highly that you do an information sharing agreement with law enforcement and social seevices and mental health. and one was never done. >> so the report highlights the series of small errors, including a decision not to formally suspend the gunman teacher. -`the report also claims the shooting may have been averted if the threat assessment of the more thorough. we have the full report, posted
6:32 am
if you would like to read it. a worker at a landfill has died after falling 50 feet in a gravel pit in henderson. we have more after this happened. henderson pit says its employee was working maintenance on an elevated conveyor when he fell and hit his head on the ground. air tracker 7 also flew over a bad crash in evergreen. the fire department pulled four people from an suv, after it fell down an embankment, about 75 feet. this was yesterday afternoon. the crash happened near pine valley road. and quandary peak trail. three of the people are in the hospital. the fourth was not injured. >> do you recognize this woman right here? jefferson county deputy says she broke into two cars in ever gene a couple of weeks ago and stole some credit cards. both cars parked outside the buchanan rec center. and deputies say the thief used the stolen credit cards within an hour of the crime. 6:37. a live look outside right now. this is near castle pines parkway and i-25. you can see the roads are not too bad. but the snow is accumulating. as dale has been telling us
6:33 am
heavier south and west of denver. so let's check that first alert forecast. with dale, right now. >> and we want to give you a look right now at our radar. you will notice some of the heaviest snow is just south of i-70. we are seeing a new band that is moving through aurora, down into parker. and right just south again, right there along i-70. so if you are traveling, and they do take you in that direction, be advised a little bit more snow packed and icy roads. >> you can see some of it from the cameras, yosemite and union, some of the snow continuing to fall, making the roads wet and very slick along parker road south of 225, all the way down into the town of
6:34 am
welcome back. taking a live look outside, from our c-dot camera, this is southbound i-25, at 62nd. the southbound lane there, a car right in the middle. so obviously, it is going to cause a little bit of a backup,
6:35 am
just a heads up if you're heading out in this area. jason, obviously watching this. we will keep you posted. so astronauts aboard the international space station can say mission complete. check this out. these flowers have come into bloom after two years of work. it took a long time because of failed growth cycles and then there was red romaine lettuce grown last year. the new break through ill allow scientists to understand how plants grow in micro gravity. >> i have had failed growth cycles. >> have you now? >> i blame fast food. i changed my ways though. [ laughter ] the brightest planets are visible from earth starting tomorrow. this hasn't happened in more than a decade. this is how it looked like back in 2002. a little hard to see. but if you look right here, up this way, it should be a line of planets riggt down like this. there are a couple over there. those are just aliens or stars
6:36 am
>> as you go down diagonally, sat turn, mars and venus and mercury. in a straight line almost. get up before dawn. if yyu forget to get up tomorrow, don't worry, you should catch it every morning until february 20. as long as the weather is cooperating. right, dale? >> yes. and unfortunately, this morning, definitely is not the morning to get outside and look out to the sky, because we do have the heavy snow moving through in some locations. right now we want to focus on this spot right here. you can see aurora, the darker blue, what is where we are seeing some of that tronger snow coming down, and could pick up about a half of an inch to an inch of snow. within the next hour. and then this really is going to begin to taper off. so as we look at our temperatures, you will notice how across the metro area, we are all right about freezing. and 32 here in denver, as well as thornton and erie. and same with littleton and highlands ranch. you saw your temperature change from 32 to 31. and parker right there as well. as that snow does move through, some will stick in the spots, especially where you are seeing the heavier snow falling. once it clearing out, which is
6:37 am
soon, we will start to see our temperatures warm. and we are going to top out right about 43 degrees here in denver. and 44 the high for thornton. and 43 in highlands ranch. jason, quick system. but unfortunately, it hit right during the commute. and that is slowing some things down. >> yes, it is. especially for us down to the south in douglas county and out in southern jefferson county. this vehicle right here, this driver is coveraged out right here on the -- is out right here on the southbound side. before 58th avenue. stop and go traffic down here. this is the accident on 225, right before colfax. still causing a monster traffic jam all the way back to iliff. >> jason thank you. 6:43. a realttme look at the drive right now, this is daryl o reflex r -- daryl orr driving past casing pines park ware. the road conditions are slick. and make sure you have the wiper fluid. >> i-70 and c-470, c-dot put
6:38 am
i-70 today, because certainly snowing a little bit more in the high country. and the snow is piling up south of the metro, at least on the sides of the roads there. you can see it is still coming down at i-25.
6:39 am
6:45. a live look outside. this is near i-25 and castle pines parkway. not a lot of snow today. but enough to slow you down bit. this is what it looks like. south of the metro. also west. there is some snow there as well. and downtown, really just wet streets right now. >> so iffyou are wondering how long is this going to last and what is it going to do to my day, dale will tell us. >> the good news it will only fask your morning commute. the bad news, it will affect your morning commute. [ laughter ] >> the denver area, we saw the snow start to pick up, probably about 3:15, 3:30 this morning. and just enough time for the roads to be nice anddwet. some spots pretty icy. the satellite and radar, what you will notice is the snow is starting to break apart. it is a lot lighter right now. in some locations. compared to what we were seeing.
6:40 am
right through aurora right now, along 225 and the 470 loop is where you run into more snow pack and icy roads. no major accumulation. but it could be about a half of an inch to even up to two inches in some locations in the southern half of the metro area. by 7:00 on the future cast, you can see the clearing from north to south, and denver itself should be mostly dry by 9:00. and a little bit of snow still down in the palmer divide. and by noon, there is the nice cllar thrag we are going to be dealing with. and that sunshine, it is going to come out, and it really is going to feel great. now i am going to move this forward, on our future cast, relatively quickly, through the another round of snow move through the high country. and metro area, tomorrow morning, it should be a mostly dry commute, compared to what we saw this morning. we see a little bit of snow, move through some locations, in the northeast corner, could pick up a little bit more. early on, as this front moves in, we have some really windy area. and the wind speeds now about 5- 10 miles per hour here.
6:41 am
and we are seeing some much stronger wind speeds. in castle rock right now, 43 mile-an-hour winds. but you will also see some of those sustained winds in the 20 to 25 mile-an-hour range in the southeast corner of the state. those winds will calm down as the day moves on. but you will still have them last a little bit longer. as far as the temperatures, we are already warm. we were near freezing and here in denver, we are at 34 degrees. and castle rock, 36. and mountain town, teens and 20s. and from here, we are goinn to climb into the 40s. and this really puts us where we should be for this time of year. more sunshine. midday today. and even more this afternoon. quite a bit of a cooldown later on this evening. highs in the southeast corner. warmer location there. topping out in the mid to upper 40s. and for the metro area, low 40s. although greeley and sterling, even fort morgan, it looks like you may not hit the 40-degree range. in the hike, upper 20s. and right -- high country, upper 20s. right above freezing.
6:42 am
through quickly. tomorrow with. that front, we will cool things off joust a touch on thursday. and once all of the weak disturbances are done, we are going to warm up for friday and saturday. the temperatures in the 50s. and sunday for the broncos game, a touch cooler, but jason, as of right now, we are looking for dry conditions. >> and unfortunately, i can't give you free parking at the broncos game, but i can give you free parking on i-225. there you go. just about free parking on that northbound side. traffic. as i take you on the map, all the way to an accident. colfax. on that northbound side. so wet streets around here. we are not seeing the snow stick, in many of the neighborhood roads but wet for you. and look at that traffic jam, 20 to 25 minutes trying to get through that traffic jam. and several problems on i-25, the heavy stop and go traffic and somebody clonked avenue before 58th avenue. people are trying to get to the right and left and around it. and adding to that traffic jam. as you can see, how heavy the traffic jam is now. take a look at the travel times.
6:43 am
downtown denver. heavy stop and go traffic on i- 76, 270, highway 36, this accident is off of 36. on wadsworth up there. and that is causing some delays. 6 6th avenue, 285, and quite for now. but slick continues down to the south in douglas county. with numerous accidents including a rollover crash cleaned up by monument hill. the broncos are in the chase for the championship. and we love to see your broncos pride. here. >> i love them. >> they have these looks like are you done, are you done taking the picture? >> susan sent this picture to the facebook page. thank you, susen. >> adorable. do. >> dude. >> is that his real hair? >> maybe. this is from gloria jones. fantastic picture. >> it is glorious, gloria.
6:44 am
is dedicated to covering the winter weather today. the crews are off of i-70, and i-25, and on the roads out there driving so you know exactly what to expect today.
6:45 am
6:52. sure it was dry when you went to bed last night. not anymore. a big team covering the snow that is hitting most of the south and west of denver. >> we want to start your morning sprint at 6:52 with
6:46 am
off of castle pines parkway. >> yes, i mean the only thing i can really say, it just got colder. as you can see, we are seeing a little bit of flurries. but we first got here a couple of hours ago, the ground was completely just wet. but now, you can see some of that snow accumulation from the heavy snow that we saw over the past couple of hours. but on to the highway here, on to my right-hand side, we do see the traffic going pretty smooth. drivers arr not slowing down like they should be. because despite not seeing a lot of snow that is sticking to the grown, it is pretty slippery out there. for now at castle pines parkway, sally mamdooh, channel 7 -6r78g9s if you're -- if you're in this area and are not liking the commute with the snow. an inch is on the round. taking a look at the roadways, highway 93 and beyond that, i- 70, most of what has fallen
6:47 am
taken care of by the snowplows. the drivers are able to travel at normal speeds. maybe just a little bit more slowly as a precaution. live in golden, lindsey watts, denver 7. and i will tell you what, sally is right. these drivers are going a little bit too fast for the conditions. especially south of the denver tech area where we are right now. but you can see, the roads are just wet. the snow has definitely lightened up in this area. but the big problem is, a lot of splash-back on your windshield. let's send it back inside to jason. >> and preset number one is that's good. and new problems on the roadways. c-dot camera, looking at i-36, the flashing lights. a new problem back in here. you can take a look at the map. we had big ddlays, not only on the north side of town, but also here on 225, the accident near colfax, still sitting in traffic delay. road. there is the new problem on 36.
6:48 am
58th avenue is gone. but still, dale, over a half side. and still some heavy stop and go traffic developing on that south side. with some of the winter weather driving conditions we have in douglas county right now. >> talking about some the issues, to the southeast, as we look at radar, that's where we have some of the heaviest snow moving through. it is just south now, you will notice, of aurora. and moving through parker, and out farther east, on to the eastern plains. but as we move this around, you will notice we are still seeing snow on the west by the palmer divide but breaking apart in front range. out. relatively quickly, as we move our future cast forward. and are you going to see that about 9:00. and light snow down south. castle rock. but then clearer skies this afternoon. deggees. 5 minutes before 7:00. let's get you caught up on some of the headlines this morning. so you are in the snow. happening overnight. a motorcyclist died in a crash 3 on santa fe, right near
6:49 am
10:30 last night. no one saw the crash. but deputies think that the motorcyclist hit a concrete barrier, lost control, and he was not wearing a helmet. %- aurora police say a mother could face charges in crash that killed her 10-year-old daughter. that crash happened yesterday evening at 16th and delmar. the victim's mom was making a left turn when another car hit her car causing it to flip over. her two other children were injured. police say the 10-year-old girl who died was in a booster seat but it may not have been secured properly. search crews will return to gross reservoir in boulder county this morning. `hey are lookiig for 20-year- old ryder johnson pictured here. he left el doro ski area after work on sunday and never made it home. later that even, deputies found his car at the reservoir. at arapahoe high school, a new report shows steps could strategy.
6:50 am
then shot himself. and the school should have done a more thorough threat assessment of the gunman. they have the full report, you can find it, on the university in boulder, two all gender bathroom, according to the daily camera, the buddhist inspired university made the change because they identified rest rooms as a place where tune, faculty and staff may have felt marginalized. one of rest rooms has a single stall. but the other is a multistall rest room for both genders to use at the same time. and get ready to pay up if you plan on watching the broncos versus the patriots in person right now. this is starting around $270. that is for the high seats. and the nfl will only guarantee tickets sold through the nfl ticket exchange. they warn the rest could be fakes so buyyr beware. just about time to say goodbye. let's get you back outside to head out. i-70, c-470.
6:51 am
>> a downtown look from the studios at clear and lincoln. we are just looking at the sheen on tte roadways. which means it is wet in town. take it easy this morning. >> we needed a little moisture. we are getting it today. it won't last long, though. >> it will move out relatively quickly. we are starting to see it clear from the north to the south. so right up north of fort collin, getting a little bit clearer, and it will be out `ithin the next two hours or so. >> good to hear. we will keep you posted throughout the morning. >> have a good day. stay tuned for good morning america." see you back here tomorrow morning. bright and early. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838
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