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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00 a.m., straight ahead, new details on an arvada man convicted of brutally sexually assaulting a woman for 30 hours. a judge handing down his fate. >> dramatic video of a man pulling out a gun on live television. the suspect is still on the loose. >> and isis about to get a pay cut. >> and a different picture from this morning. we will show you what it looked like early this morning. snowfall can. wet roadways arp the metro area. >> much different picture now. a live look over denver.
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we are in the clear with the metro, with the mountains still having some snow on the way. >> we are in really for another round that will come through late this evening, through the overnight hours, for the high country, and some of that is going to get a little bit closer to the front range tomorrow morning. but most of us are going to remain dry early on. look at the difference. just a few hours makes here in colorado. >> and take you into fort morgan and the wireless cameras, we will see beautiful blue sky, and yes there is some fresh snow on the ground. both locations really did not pick up a lot of accumulation. and as we look across the city 3 park, you can see quite a bit of grass still showing for you there. but the blue skies and the sunshine, definitely warming us up. which does make things feel `retty nice outside. as we look at the current temperature, here in denver, 39 degrees. look at this, boulder, 41. and greeley, 43. and very warm in some locations. and we are going to increase just a few degrees in the high country. and we have a mixture of some 30s and some 20s right now. here for denver, you will
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the low to mid-40s, and then from there, we are going to cool things off, winds are going to pick up yet again, this evening, as we get the next system that will roll in through the high country. and we will take you through the future cast and tell you what you can expect in a little bit. jason, the roads are looking different. >> completely different. we will start in the mountains. right now, i-770, just in the last five minutes, opened all lanes both directions on i-70. and holding traffic to do pass. and the same work near the eisenhower tunnel early this morning. right about day break. than is what the eisenhower tunnel looks like right now. actually pretty nice. as you can see the sunny skies. here in town, we are looking at dry roads. completely different than it was about six hours ago. where we had a lot of wet roads. we had some nasty sloppy condition, especially across c- 470. and this was a much different picture, even a little while ago, in castle rock, you can see, still wet around the edges, but for the most part, the highways are dry, still some of the neighborhoods, have a little bit of snow.
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>> jason, thank you. make sure to download the storm shield app to stay ahead of storms like this. right there on your phone before the storm hits. now, for new developments in the screen bandit robbery, the man on the fbi's most wanted list for robberies today. for the first time. >> milo mason robbed at least two banks last fall. sally has more. >> reporter: he made the court appearance via video conference. the defense tried to lower mason's bond to $100,000 to match his codefeedants but the judge sided with the state's argument that mason poses a significant flight risk and kept the bond at $500,000. cash bond only. if you may remember, mason was on the run after a crime spree this past fall, where he allegedly assaulted two people. his co-defendants were quickly apprehended after that crime spree. but mason was caught last week
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on the fbi's 10 most wanted fugitives. he is currently facing a slew of charges. among them, attempted first- degree murder. and preliminary hearing is set on february 16 at 8:30 in the morning. we will have this preliminary hearing, with the co-defendants as well. all day. for now in jefferson, sally medview, denver 7. new at 11:00, an arvada man which spend the rest of his life in prison for the kidnapping and brutal sexual assault of a young woman. lawrence allen white attacked the woman in september of 2014. they met at a bar and the victim went home with white. and white put a rope around her neck and repeatedly assaulted her for 30 hours. the police says this is the most calculated and vicious attack he has ever seen. a snow covering walking path is where a school bus went this morning at the celio apartments and 12 to 15 students were on the bus but nobody was hurt.
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two more people are dead. more than a dozen others injured. after a greyhound bus flipped on a california highway this morning. >> take a look at the aftermath here, this bus lane crossed the median on the 101 in san jose. the bus was traveling from los angeles to the bay area when it flipped just after 7:30 our time. a passenger reports that both people killed were ejected from the bus. and authorities are still investigating the cause of this crash. no other vehicles were involved. a motorcyclist is killed after crashing on santa fe near stanford in engelwood around 10:30 last night. deputies say the rider was not wearing a helmet. no one saw the crash. but deputies think that the motorcyclist likely hit the concrete barrier and lost control. %- a traffic investiiate under way in aurora, after a 10-year- old girl is killed in a crash at 16th and dellmar. police say she was in a booster seat but it was not properly secure. the girl's mother was making a left turn, when another car hit her car, causing it to flip. the woman's 11-year-old son and
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in that car. but should survive. and police say it is possible that that woman could face charges since she did not have the right-of-way. ooficers have arrested three people, including a teen, in connnction with a series of home burglaries. investigators said the suspects took jewelry, television, firearms, from several homes, in colorado springs, and el paso county. and so police say they have recovered close to $50,000 but several hundred thousand dollars of property is still missing. right now, boulder county deputies want to you keep an eye out for this man. missing from lafayette. 20-year-old ryder johnson is his name. never came home from el dora school area, after work on sunday. a few hours after leaving work, deputies did finds his car, near gross reservoir off of flagstaff road. today, there is still no sign of a 50-year-old man who got lost on a hike at st. mary's glacier.
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not identified the man. the rocky mountains rescue has been searching ever since. photos from the deadly plane crash on the western slope, a pilot whose plane exploded has been identified as 62-year-old raymond ray pillar of taberflash. >> you can see the wreckage. witnesses say they heard a plane rev up its engine and heard an explosion. rescuers found the wreckage 50 miles in a forested area west of meeker. trader joe's is recalling store brand raw cashew pieces over possible salmonella contamination. it is producttthat is sent to two dozen states and luckily colorado is not on the list. the company is pulling them from store shelves and asking customers to throw them away or return for a full refund. no one has gotten sick so far. the supreme court has announced it will decide the fate of president obama's controversial executive order on immigration. that worried would allow up to 5 million undocumented
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the u.s. theepresident brought this forward more than a year ago but blocked by federal courts. republican-led states challenged the president's plan. the supreme court will likely make a decision by early this summer. isis is struggling financially. war time pressure on the islamic state is apparently forcing them to slash fighter salaries by half. isis soldiers earn between 400 and $1,200 a month plus $50 stipend for families. recent victories for the u.s.- led fight against isis means isis cannot afffrd to pay soldiers quite as much as it `sed to. right now, several stores are boycotting the academy awards. why some actors and actresses are calling foul play on this year's nominations. >> and terrifying moments call on camera when a man suddenly pulls out a gun on tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*=
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tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@
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welcome back. a chilly video to show you a. a news reporter on live tv when a man suddenly waves a gun in front of her. this happened in serbia. this man waves the gun and walks off. rather quickly fortunately. >> the reporter looked a little annoyed, brushes it off, and keeps going. police are still looking for that man right there. this comes six months after two u.s. journalists were shot and killed during a live newscast in virginia. >> wow. for the second year in a
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color was nominated in any acting category for the academy awards. so now, two big stars, jadda pinkett-smith and spike lee re skipping the ceremony in protest. >> smith posted a video on social media encouraging people of color to recognize the power they do have and not beg for acknowledgement. her husband will smith is one of the actors who did not get nominated despite critical acclaim for his performance in concussion. >> begging for acknowledgment, or even asking. diminishes dignity. and diminishes power. and we are a dignified people. maybe it is time that we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities, into our programs. >> the president of the academy of motion pictures is speaking out as well. cheryl boon isaacs issued a statement saying she was heart broken and frustrated about the
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scholastic is pulling a from distribution. it is a george washington and a smiling slave baking a birthday great pride. it does not have enough historical context is the reason it was taken off. eagles founder and guitarist, glenn frey passed away, 67 years old. battling many illnesses. he had a house in aspen and the eagles first concert outside of los angeles, in aspen. today might have been a game changer for affluenza teen ethan couch. there was supposed to be a hearing requesting that he be tried as an adult instead of a juvenile. but that could change the degree of punishment. if he is found guilty of violating probation. but the judge delayed the hearing today, has not set another court date at this time. despite killing four people in a drunk driving accident, couch only received probation after his lawyers argued that he was
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distinguish between right and wrong. well, outrage growing over that massive water crisis in flint, michigan, right now. angry protesters even calling governor. >> the mayor is now headed to the nationns capital to push the white house for some more funding. the issue here, residents are dealing with lead contaminated homes. when the state temporarily switched the city's water source to the notoriously dirty flint river. it was a cost-saving measure. while officials built a new supply line to lake huron. >> the water source was switched back eventually, but the damage was already done. 3 president obama has already declared a federal emergency. more is needed. we will try to hold back the jealousy when you hear the next story. one michigan town got to enjoy the 1960s. 47 cents at one station.
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houghton lake had gas for 54 cents and another 84 cents a gallon. these prices are the lowest we have seen in a long, long time. it didn't last a whole long time but the prices are, you know, now back up again. but still, around dollar. it all appears to have started as a competition between the two stations across the treat from each other to see who could offer the lowest. and you could see the lines as a result. and people were bringing gas cans as well trying to fill up. >> i haven't seen that in a long time. >> ran out of gas in a hurry. >> it feels nice when you go to the pumps now. tiie. right now, much better than it was early on this morning. pretty chilly. >> yes, it was. >> as the storm blew right on through. it was really quick. 3 brought a little bit of snow. but it is all gone. as you look off to the west here, from our studio,,you can see, some clouds over the high country as well as some snow. the metro area. it is just a quick burst of that little snow, and rain snow mix in some locations. you will notice the camera is
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the wind speeds niceeand calm. a little bit farther to the south and to the east, we are seeing some wind speeds in the teens and nothing compared to what we saw with gusts upwards of 45 miles an hour in castle rock. as far as the temperatures, and a nice little warmup for us, here in denver, 39 degrees, and we do have some 40s though across the front range. and greeley, you warmed up very nicely. and 43 for you. and a little bit cooler on the eastern plains. sterling and burlington, both at 36 degrees and dealing with some of the 30s in the high country. and the high country, you are not going to see much of a difference with your temperature. really what are you right now is going to be your high afternoon. as far as the metro area, some degrees. so denver, topping out right about 43 degrees. and we will see some warmer corner. so lamar, are you going to be across the state. and now, yes, we did have that snow, that quickly moved right on through the metro area. and still dealing with just a little bit of the southeast corner of the state. but as we look at our future cast, there is that nice clearing, through this afternoon, and still we will
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sunshine, and blue skies. and late this evening, as we stop this here at 11:00, right about the midnight time frame, we are going to start to see some more snow, move on to the western edge of the state. and then fill in to the central mountains. and it is going to get closer into the foothills. however, the metro area should for your commute. but we will see twinly some more clouds. -- definitely see some more clouds. through the afternoon, we might pick up more moisture. and rain showers through the eastern plains tomorrow at 1:00, and watch the chance for a little bit of snow to move in. about a 20% possibility we will see some of that moisture move through the metro area tomorrow. again, if we do see some of this, it is not going to be a major accumulation for us. mountains are going to pick up a couple of inches. you can see that continuing, really wednesday, through thursday morning, with the high country however. but are you going to see a chance for some stronger winds, later on this evening, picking up yet again. that snow for us tomorrow afternoon, and a little bit cooler on thursday.
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a look at friday and saturday. things look great, warming us up, into the 50s. of course, everyone is looking for sunday. because of the big game. and the temperatures are going so the storm is going to roll through. it is going to bring snow to the mountains. down here. it should be dry. and it is going to cool us off a little bit. so 44, not bad. but similar to what we saw the last game. the issue again is a little bit of the winds. >> but the temperatures look much better. >> yes. >> this time of the year, yes. >> 44 is really right where we should be. it is hard to complain. >> it is football weather, come on. >> yes. the countdown is on for the broncos big game against the patriots this weekend. that showdown will decide of course whether or not the broncos go to super bowl l. so we have already beaten the patriots once this year, but this matchup will be different. denver 7 sports director, fills us in on what we need to do. >> good morning, everybody and welcome to thh chase for the championship. enjoy the scenes from yesterday on a victory monday.
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if you want to. broncos country, keep the emotion, the elation going today. broncos beat the steelers to advance to the afc championship. what a feeling. but startingglater today, we look ahead. broncos already are thinking tom brady and the atriots coming here next sunday. a golden ticket to the golden super bowl at stake. -`gary kubiak and broncos players told us yesterday already looking forward. >> we have a tremendous challenge. we worked hard to get this challenge at home. that is really excited for our football team and our fans. and just looking forward to it. we need to have a great week. we are going to have to play better than we played yesterday. we know that. but we are all looking forward to it. >> they have their players now, they got their guys, and gronk, and we wouldn't want it any other way. it is the best. that's the beauty of playing in the nationaa football league. great players going against other great players. it should be a good one. >> ron miller right there. brady versus manning. chapter 17. the final chapter surely. tom is 11-5 against peyton.
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c title game two years ago. and brook beat brady here november 9. brock on. remember this? beating the patriots. brady is 2-6 in denver. he said yesterday in his radio show, it will be fun to play another peyton manning led team. the broncos hope not. the broncos have seven dropped passes in that steelers game. this guy didn't drop anything. broncos ball boy in the ends zone, catching kickoff, the k man does this every game. this video has gone viral. i posted it on my facebook page yesterday morning. already over 80,000 views. we found this guy. a former cu receiver. we will talk to him on 7 sports extra. so watch for that. % more on this, coming up later today, on the chase for the championship. morning. >> much more to come after the break, we will tell you about this man born in the 1800s. why he is hoping to make it into the guinness book of world records. >> and a 5-year-old has a marking pitch for you.
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a story making news object internet today. take a look. when you ride your scooter and
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with you. the perfect way to accomplish both. you put your little dog in a puppy backpack and off you go. the dog looks fake. but it is real. just hanging out. looking around. having a good time. >> one problem with animals is that they are not very good at physics. thus is the case with this not so clever labrador retriever who is struggling to bring his new oversized stick in the house. and insulting the dog even more, the woman can't help but laugh hysterically at the situation. he eventually runs away with the stick, defeated. >> here is a sure-fire way to lose your job as a valet. catch a $200,000 lamborghini on fire. the valet got a little carried away with revving the engines around miami south beach. he was supposed to park the car but wanted to show off. he was frazzled but another man came to the rescue with a fire extinguisher. when the fire department
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like the valet's career. they do things differently in the australian outback. like pull teeth. this guy removed two rotten teeth from his mouth using a pair of pliers, a wood bad and some cardboard. you see that? the guy didn't even flinch as the air quotes dentist knocks out the one tooth, and it took two whacks to get the second tooth out. showing no signs of pain, the guy thanks the dentist and says to the camera, we are tough in the bush. he looks like it, doesn't he? >> yes, he does. >> they do things a little bit different in the outback. >> a little given. >> give that guy a blooming onion. >> he is talking like it is nothing, like he is clipping his finger nails. >> wouldn't that hurt? >> i would think so. but if it is already >> thank you. >> that little snap. that little click part, that's the worst part. >> okay. >> wow. oh, jason, thanks for sharing. >> we will get you back.
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this man, they say he is 131 years old. hoping to put him in the guinness book of world records as the old of the man in the world. and his i.d. shows he was born in march of 1884, lives in brazil, his family wishes he could be officially recognized as the oldest man. because the current record glove are belongs to a person in -- record belongs to a person in japan who is 112. we will see if the guinness book of world records can confirm all this. a kindergartener is proving age is not a number, and published her first book at five years old. here she is. this is little ann that. writing a book called season. and she didn't need much. the process is simple. >> there is your name, anna, right theee. >> we worked probably every saturday for at least two months. and she wrote it, she illustrated it, and came out really great. very smart girl. >> read my book, please. >> what a great experience for her. she got the opportunity to
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a local author at the silent auction. >> that s awesome. >> really cool. >> her own book. well, police need your help finding the person who is breaking into car, stealing credit cards. you might be able to identify this suspect. >> and we will tell you about donald trump's biblical mistake
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it is 11:30. breaking news, a carjacking suspect on the loose right now in denver.
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the suspect for several hours, near glennarm, between 17th and 18th downtown. denver police closed the section a little while while they searched. they have now lifted the barrier. this man tried to get away in a parking garage after he carjacked somebody on dellgainy street. the person abandoned some clothing maybe to disguise the appearance. a hoody llft behind. and a blaak beanie. -`if you know anything that might help police, give them a call. and newwdevelopments in the scream bandit robberies, the man on the most wanted list for robberies across thh metro in court for the first time today. >> a judge has decided that milo mason will not get bond. sally mamdooh has the latest. >> reporter: a video conference for a bond hearing. the defense tried to lower mason's bond to $100,000 to match his codefendant but the judge sided with the state's argument that mason poses a
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kept the bond at $500,000 cash bond only. if you may remember, mason was on the run after a crime spree this past fall. where he allegedly assaulted two people. the co-defendants were quickly be a hended but mason was caught -- apprehended but mason was caught last week in thornton after placed on the fbi 10 most wanted fugitives. the slew of charges includes an attempted first-degree murder charge. the preliminary hearing is set on the 16th at 8:30 in the morning, an all-day hearing with his co-defendants. right now at 11:31, we will show you what it looks like across denver, it is absolutely gorgeous. beautiful blue skies. a few clouds out there. but nothing to complain about. as compared to the snow and the cold that we had early on this morning. the temperatures warming nicely here in denver. downtown, 41 degrees. 40 in thornton. 38 in erie. as well as highlands ranch at 33 degrees. the sunshine makes a huge
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at least with the feels like temperature, out and about, from here, topping out at 43 degrees and then see things cool off again, back in the 20s. the sunshine, it is going to last, but then late tonight, we are going to see some clouds move in. the mountains are going to pick up snow. and we do have a chance to pick up some of that tomorrow afternoon. it looks like tonight's commute and tomorrow's commute, looking pretty good. and take you through the rest of the future cast coming up in a little bit. and super quiet on the roadways. each though we have the problems -- even though we have the problems early this morning, cleaa and dry, and a i-25. and the hov lane, northbound and southbound side, very light lunch hour. we are looking at a really nice % wrap-up of the storms, the early morning hours. no issues for us on the roadways. which is great news. into the high country, i-70 and quebec, driving across c-470, extremely sloppy, down in douglas county through the neighborhoods, you might find a little bit of snow here and
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is a nice easy commute. if you want to get out there and even walk around, through lunch here, watch out for some of shaded areas that could be a little bit slick. >> thanks, jason. take a look at this suspect. jefferson county deputies say she broke into two cars in evergreen a couple of weeks ago and stole some credit cards. both of the cars were parked outside the buchanan rec center. deputies say the thief used the stolen credit cards within an hour of the crime. tragic news out of henderson. a worker at a landfill has died after falling 50 feet at a gravel pit. air tracker was over the scene at 120th avenue and henderson shortly after it happened. henderson pit says its employee was working maintenance on an elevated conveyor when he fell and hit his head on the ground. the widow of one of colorado's fallen heroes wants to change the law surrounding specialty license plates. the plates at issue here were created in memory of weld county deputy sam brownley and other coloradans killed in the line of duty. the sheriff's department planned to put the special plates on their patrol cars
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state law says government vehicles with specialty platee could lose their tax exempt status. >> i think we need to let them know that we are out there, and that we do support them. but you know, we honor them and we will remember them. brownley's widow, heather thorp, will introduce a bill to change the law next week. we will follow its progress and let you know what happens. a group pushing for full in grocery stores in colorado is changing its approach. hard liquor now off the list. the group hopes to get the measure on the november ballot. supporters say the push will and wine now. they hope it will give small businesses a fair chance, because opponents are worried expanding liquor sales would put the mom and pop liquor stores out of business. right now, republican and democratic presidential candidates making their way across the country trying to make the last push before the iowa caucuses. >> getting pretty close.
11:31 am
slight biblical smeask. while at liberty university, he referred to second corn corinthians in the bible as 2 corinthians. >> we can protect christianity. i don't have to be a political -- >> 2 corinthian, 3:17, the whole game. where the spirit of the lord, right, where the ssirit of the lord is, there is liberty. and here, there is liberty college. but liberty university. but it is so true. >> there was a little laughter. you can hear the crowd. the crowd of 10,000 was filled overwhelming with liberty university students who were required to attend the university's tri-weekly convocations. the republican national committee is upset with how cnbc handled the debate in boulder they cut ties with nbc news allltogether and instead cnn will hold the super tuesday debate.
11:32 am
moderators had a meen-spirited tone and presented a series of gotcha ques. president obama is australia. the first foreign minister this year, discussing fighting isis among other things. and our government asked australia to contribute more militarily to help defeat isiss a 911 center in floridd is in a lot of trouble. because officials ay an emergency call went unanswered so she could order lunch. brandon mier has details. >> the doctor couldn't hold him up. he dropped to the floor. usually that's where injuries happen. opticians. back in september, a patient has a seizure in the exam room. 911. offiie. no answer. again, no answer. other people in the store tried calling, and nobody picked up from the other end. >> reporter: jared goodman says %- they let the phone ring for
11:33 am
minutes and no one answered. after an internal investigation by the broward sheriff's office we now know why. one of the call takers was on an eight-minute personal call, ordering lunch. from this pizza shop in lauderhill. >> what can i get for you? >> let me have one piece f >> okay. >> and let me have a lunch special for, or pizza lunch special, two cheese pizzas and a coke. let me have the lunch speccal, two pepperoois and a coke. >> the call taker admitted her mistake and was issued a written reprimand. fort lauderdale officials say they will re-evaluate if regional 911 coverage is still the best option. >> if that means we need o look at going back to our own police and fire and 911 to do that analysis. >> as for the patient in this office, he came to. okay. basically. came back. so he is okay now. >> as far as jared goodman and
11:34 am
concerned, it is a square they shouldn't have had to go through alone. >> but yes, if i call 911, phone. it makes me feel a lot better. coming up after the break, we will show you the first flower ever grown in the state. >> plus, we will tell you about a rare sight you can catch in the sky tomorrow morning.
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welcome back, looking at a
11:36 am
five planets in the sky together before dawn. mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn and marss visible before sunrise. the first time in 10 years all five will appear tocchet in the pre-dawn sky and the show lasts through februury 20. astronauts grew the first ever flower in space. astronaut scott kelly tweeted out the favorite. `fter several failed attempts. lettuce has grown but not as pretty and kelly says this is the first flower they have grown there. this video, all this week, first alert weather meteooologist lisa hidalgo is in steamboat springs learning about forecasting in colorado. and she is learning about weather and taking a boarding lesson. >> sure she is learning about the lesson. >> she is outside. >> and she wanted to make sure we knew how extremely hard she was working in steamboat. >> she was sitting on the
11:37 am
yesterday, with a beer and her laptop. she put that on facebook. so i can say that. >> i was going to say, are you supposed to say that? >> she put that out on social media yesterday. >> all kidding aside, they do learn a lot of important information but get to have some fun. >> meteorologists come from all conference. >> fantastic weather summit. they lucked out because mother nature brought quite a bit oo snow the last couple of days, % great to see some of the snow in the metro area. it is quiet, the snow we had, has moved through, and however, we are going to have more in the high country, late this evening, and so get ready for more there. looking off to the west, westchester, it is just gorgeous outside. this is why i love colorado. one moment, we have the snow. and the next minute, the sunshine, and some pretty nice temperatures. off to the west, we are going to be warming to about 44 degrees in boulder and westchester. here in denver, 43. we are pretty close to our highs already. we will see a mix of those upper 20s and 30s, and we started off relatively warm, even with the snow that moved through.
11:38 am
and our highs areegoing to be right where we should be. as we look at the search days, you will see some temperatures -`about 10 degrees above that. here is your community forecast. unlike this morning, tonight, it is going to be quite a bit quieter. which means the roads will be nice and dry. and partly cloudy skies. and now early tomorrow morning, we will have an increase in clouds. and still should be dealing with dry conditions, down here, across the front range. however, there is a possibility for some patchy fog, and especially up in weld county. so we will be watchinn for that early tomorrow morning, starting about 4:30. looking at the satellite and radar, nice and quiet now. off to the west, this is that next system that is going to be moving in, and as we look at our future cast, you can see just a few clouds, right about ak, and then we aae -- right about 5:00, and we are going to be watching tte snow from the west, after midnight and you will see it get closer to the front range and the foothills, early on tomorrow morning, but mostly cloudy skies for the plains. and dry conditions, which will be nice. and getting a little bit of a break in the clouds, while the
11:39 am
we could be looking for a little rain shower, on the eastern plainss and eerly afternoon, and as we head a little bit later into the afternoon and early evening hours, there is a chance we might pick up some light snow. no major accumulation as a result of this. and anything we do see will be very light. but just enough that maybe your commute tomorrow evening might be wet in some spots. a touch warmer tomorrow. and then it is going to be a little bit cooler. once that front moves througg. dropping us back down, as we head to friday and saturday. there are the 50s, putting us 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. and don't worry, we jump back there really quickly. we have the huge temperature swing in colorado. back into the 40s on sunday, gamm. and it looks like things are going to be very decent and pretty similar to the conditions this past sunday. >> great. >> still looking good. >> yes. well, turning to some health news, this morning, researchers believe they may have found a better way to study brain injuries, it is chip. researchers put those chips
11:40 am
inside the brain and the chips melt away once they are no longer needed. scientists hope the sensors could eliminate the need for large bulky systems to monitor brain injuries for people. which can leave some patients open to infections or bleeding or other issues. so ar, testingghas only been done on rats. researchers at c. u. using light to get to the bottom of they are able to target bad bacteria like e. coli and salmonella using light- activated nano particles. researchers are specifically altering wave lengths. a mu study suggesting catccing up on -- a new study suggests catching up on sleep can help reduce diabetes. this is in young men, with healthy young mmn eating a controlled diet. and the study found getting fewer than five hours of sleep on four consecutive nights hypeddtheir risk for diabetes. >> but after sleeping more than nine hours, for two consecutive nights, the risk returned to normal levels. chronically sleep deprived people are more likely to
11:41 am
such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and they also tend to difficulty concentrating, and reasoning and solving problems, experience all of those. >> i was going to say, can you >> i know. good thing they did a study on men. >> exactly. this will get you thinking this morning. many of uu have wills for our loved ones to know what to do when we are gone. >> it may not be enough. it turns out, you should share computer passwords as well. >> a widow in cannda is taking on ap toll get her husband's password. the 72-year-old's husband had an ipad and mac computer but peggy bush didn't know his apple i.d. password. to get it, apple told her she would need a court order. it is a problem that a lot of people might run into. >> definitely going to become a bigger issue. more and more people are transferring their lives online. and it is going to become a greater and greater proportion of one's state. >> so apple eventually said it made a mistake and didn't need a court order after all. but to avoid this, they suggest
11:42 am
their wills on where to find the passwords. >> there are so many was passwords to remember. >> you need a spread sheet. a man who ends up in a
11:43 am
for the first time, a pennsylvania man is speaking out about being frozen to death in a snowbank. doctors refused to declare him dead and did everything they could to help him survive. amanda kelly explains. >> reporter: frozen nearly solid in a snowbank in carbon county, ii where justin smiih's father found him nearly one year ago. >> i threw the car into park and ran to him. he was blue. lifeless. his face. i checked for a heartbeat and nothing. >> i tried to walk home in the storm and honestly the last thing i can remmmber is waking up 30 days later and my family all reported me. >> the coroner was on the scene when justin was found in the snowbank. but doctor gerald coleman at lehigh valley hospital in hazelton said he didn't want to give up just yet. and would not pronounce him
11:44 am
>> initially, they were almost questioning me, like are you kidding me? >> we had very low temperature. it can preserve the brain and other organ functions. >> teams of nurses an staff did inspector cpr on justin for two hourses and they tried to warm up the bed using an ecmo machine. >> he held my hand and i will try everything i have, including the kitchen sink at your son. >> we needed a big miracle. >> that's exactly what happened. >> justin was flown to the cedar crest campus in allentown and as he warmed up, his heart woke up. justin woke up amazed. >> i never heard of anything like this. it is amazing. something i have never heard of. i can't thank everyone enough. >> when you look at the science of what happened to justin, it was hard to imagine that anyone on earth could survive this. >> now, justin is missing his toes. pinky. but he is backkto school. back to golf.
11:45 am
calling a medical miracle. >> this kind of just renewed the fates of why i do what i do every day -- the faith of why i do what i do every day. >> he was meant to be here, wasn't he? >> when it is not your time, it is not your time, i guess. >> 30 days later, he wakes up, incredible. >> he needs to write a book unbelievable story. a woman in florida says she is thanking the angels reunited with her little dog who was lost 10 years ago. this is a yorky, escaped while playing in the yard. so cute. and 10 years later, somehow the little dog was discovered 11,000 miles away -- 1,000 miles away in texas and thanks to the micro chip little ginger was able to go home. >> to say that it is readable after 10 years. and the dog was in texas. and the chip has miami information. so she thought that we moved to texas and we did not update the information. >> that is good advice. to update the information.
11:46 am
>> ginger still remembers her family. >> she was found in texas from miami, 10 years later. >> unbelievable. >> micro chips work. >> they do work. but gosh la, is a good reminder -- gut gosh, that is a good reminder for anyone who moves around a lot. update the information. snow is gone. sort off >> okay. >> we got more coming. >> all right. too bad. but we will take a zoomed-in view right now of the snow that is moving our way. so this is 10:00 this evening. -`as you will notice, no snow there just yet. but watch as that snow moves into the high country. and it is going to inch just a little bit closer. western edges of oulder, and layer mer counties larimer counties. we could pick up some rain showers on the eastern plains in the afternoon. just in time for the evening commute, theee is a chance for a little bit of snow to move through. this is tomorrow evening, not tonight. tonight, is nice and dry. and the temperatures today, we are going to hang right there in the low 40s.
11:47 am
so kind of just bounce around by a few degrees. >> not so bad. >> okay. >> yes. >> thank you. we have debbie's deal, the national western stock show is offering free grounds admission today only. just visit the national western box office to get your ticket. that free admission does not include the main rodeo but includes some rodeo events and the trade show and the swine show manship event for example. >> don't forget to break out the popcorn kernels. you don't have to ask me twice. there is a popcorn board and according to the popcorn board, % americans eat 13 billion quarts per year, and 41 quarts per man, woman and child. >> do they get paid to be on the popcorn board? >> i don't know but delicious gig. >> yes, maybe they get paid in popcorn. >> just get paid in popcorn. i would do it. >> heck yeah. >> i don't know how you play the bills but your belly would be happy. >> yes.
11:48 am
>> nothing. >> i enjoy popcorn. >> air popped popcorn, very lean for you. >> thanks for joining us today.
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