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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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that's what's making news in america this morning. denver fire chief is out of the hospital recovering from stab wounds after a woman with a knife jumped into his suv and attacked. police don't know why she did this. >> video shows a violent attack in loveland. they're hoping one of you can help crack this case. >> broncos continue to chase the championship and are back on the practice field today. at least one broncos player calling the patriot's quarterback a cry baby. thank you for joining us. i'm kellie patterson. >> i'm mitch jelniker. also breaking news out of pakistan where several gunmen
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first want to check in with dayle cedars with our first alert weather forecast. snow in the high country. it is dry here across the metro area. yoor morning commute not an issue like yesterday. chance for snow later on. some of the snow in the foothills there, it is very light. temperatures are cold, but not horrible. here in denver, 34. look at this, highlands ranch and parker both at 38. erie it's 26 and boulder at 43. you're going to cool off and you'll warm back up to 46 degrees. here in denver, 45. littleton and highlands ranch 45. snow moving in this afternoon. no accumulation, but could make commute. let's check in with jayson. >> i've seen the snow, we have
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laws that are -- chain laws that are on and off. you can see the snow at i-70 and vail pass. will be slick, especially the high mountain passes. be caaeful if you're heading that way. here in town, camera at i-25 and thornton parkway, picking up the cones now on the southbound side. overall, lots of green for us this morning. overnight construction still has to be picked up here and there. breaking news that could impact your money, your savings. u.s. markets have taken a nose dive, this is in premarket trading. s&p down 34. nasdaq down 85. the dow now 306 points. some analysts calling this red wednesday.. you can see actually this is video in the story we'll get to in just a second.
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down and that's affecting markets world wide. morning. that's having that wave effect and affecting our markets for the day. that's how we're starting. yesterday. breaking news overseas. at least 21 people killed when a gunman storms a university. this is the scene in pakistan. several people injured. most of them students. the death toll may rise on this situation. it happened after classes this is university northwest part of pakistan. arrested. no word on how many. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. denver fire chief eric tade is out of the hospital after being stabbed. police released an old booking photo of the suspect, 42-year- old marlene zacevich-rodriguez. police say she jumped into the fire chief's unmarked suv and
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happened near colfax and speer. the chief has injuries to his hand and leg. he jumped out of the suv, but the vehicle kept rolling. >> at that point i was thinking, that car could be, there could be a collision going on. speer is just right there, light turn, car still going, what's going to happen? but a young man came in the car, actually drove it to the side of the street and got out casually and walked away. >> the suspect is in custody pending an aggravated assault investigation and the d.a. will have to decide whether to charge her. new video shows a man violently attacking a woman in loveland. police release this video. it happened back in july of last year, off west 29th street. take a look at this sketch of the attacker.
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physically and sexually. cu boulder police asking people to be on the lookout for this guy, said he grabbed a female student and tried to kiss her and follow her. if you have information about this, call boulder police. violent crimes on the rise across the country, including here in colorado. every city except boulder and thornton reported more violent crimes in 2015 compared to 2014. traffic deaths are up, last year the deadliest since 2008. 545 people died. 4:35 now. this man accused of robbing
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wearing a scceam mask is being held on half a million dollars bond. his name is milo mason. he's facing charges of attempted first degree murder now. a heavy police presence in downtown denver all to find the person who stole the red jeep cherokee. %- cops say the man stole tte vehicle and ran into a parking garage near glen arm and 17th. happened yesterday morning. officers found a hoodie and a beanie the guy was wearing. the case of bill cosby has inspired legislators in colorado, a bill on the table that would lift the 10-year statute of limitations bill on sexual assaults and another bill would change the death
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would need to be in favor of the death penalty. and two separate right to die bills. and join us 4:00 for our new show sunday, politics unplugged. marshall zelinger and anne trujillo are talking to lawmakers about issues happening the state, it's sunday here on denver 7. downtown denver, you can see it's all lit up, celebrating the broncos as we get ready for sunday's big matchup between the broncos and patriots. that matchup is featured on the cover of this week's "sports illustrated." it features peyton manning and tom brady and reads, the last xvii. so far, brady has won 11 of those matchups. war of words between the up. both teams had the day off yesterday, but they had lenty
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>> surprise, right? broncos' antonio smith told reporters it's fair to call tom brady a cry babe. here's his quote -- we'll hear from both teams today. sunday's game is more than a game. it also means big bucks for denver. really, the entire sttte. >> we get a chance to show off our brand, tell the world who we are. >> restaurants close to the mile high stadium say they see a bump of sales before the games each week. and funds to the convention center, general fund and promoting colorado. still ahead, we're going to introduce you to it's famous k- ball guy. >> the video going viral of him catching steelers' passes and
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we caught up with him and he revealed his secret to success. >> it's beholden to no one, but we the people how refreshing he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. >> sarah palin is shaking up the presidential election, throwing her support lined donald trump -- behind donald trump. but she is dealing with page problems on the home front. >> as you get those little ones ready to head out the door, temperatures near freezing. mostly cloudy skies.
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welcome back. it's 4:42. the coast guard has suspended its search for the 12 marines who went missing after the two helicopters collided off hawaii's coast last week. searchers found four rafts, but no people. there's no indication anyone survived. bernie sanders' lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire has gone up. the poll shows him with a 27- point lead over clinton in the granite state. nationally, clinton is still in the driver's seat. a national poll shows her ahead
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they stomp on our neck and tell us, just chill. just relax. well, look, we are mad and we've been had. they need to get used to it. >> former alaska governor sarah palin endorsing donald trump for president. she carries a lot of weight in the republican party. trump is currently neck and neck with ted cruz in iowa. palin's 26-year-old son in trouble with the law, though. trap palin was arrested on domestic violence charges, accused of holding a gun to his girlfriend's head. he is out on $1,500 bail. 12:43 now. wide portions of the midwest and northeast preparing for a blast of winter weather.
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winter weather advisories. many cities in the northeast, d.c., philly, new york, boston could get a foot of snow later this week. hello, winter for the east coast. >> we have seen bitter cold temperatures in the east coast. we're lucky, we were on the edge of that the other day, but nothing compared to what they're seeing. it's unbelievable. thattsnow is moving through and we'll see basically, they'll rounds. this system you see here, and what we'll be dealing with today as it pushes off into the midwest, it will pick up steam. by the time it hits that east looking for very cold temperatures and quite a bit of snow. here we've got snow in the mountains early on this morning. as we look at our futurecast, in. it was a little bit heavier overnight and it will quiet down a little bit today. could pick up an additional 2 to 5 inches.
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see moderate snow falling right along i-70. past noon there is a chance for a few flurries across the metro area. this morning we've got mostly cloudy skies. we'll see a little bit of sunshine today. but then later on this evening this is where we have the chance for not only light snow across the metro area, but we could see a rain/snow mix along the eastern plains. here is the snow that we'll be dealing with, continuing throughout the day, which is why we still have the winter weather advisories in place, especially for steamboat. we're going to check in with lisa in our 6:00 hour. she is there and they've had decent snow over the last couple of days. fast forward this overnight tonight, this is what we're looking at, still more snow continuing in the high country. for the pro area, mostly dry. but we are going to be dealing with cloudy skies untillwe really get through tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies. it will be a nice day, but unfortunately, because of the front that's going to move through later on this evening, it is going to be colder tomorrow.
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the door, our temperatures similar to yesterday. we're going to cool things off a little bit before we warm `ack up. 19 in greeley. 31 in denver. teens and 20s on the eastern plains. up in the high country you're also there, upper teens and low 20s. by noon, 45 degrees. we'll kind of keep in the mid- 40s through the early afternoon hours and cool things off. closer to when you commute home we could look for the snow to move in. as far as the high temperatures, mid-40s across the front range. we're going to continue that to the eastern plains, except in sterling, you're still going to stay a touch cooler. in the high country, upper 20s and right about freezing. tomorrow is colddr because of the front that will move through to this evening. on friday we're going to rebound nicely, near 50 degrees and as we head towards this weekend, great on saturday, but another system is
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that will bring snow to the mountains. could see a few flurries here sunday afternoon for the broocos' game maybe a little bit of rain we could be dealing with. >> the good thing the game is early. we have a very wintry drive in the high country. take a look at a picture of loveland pass. you can see that completely covered with snow, loveland pass, u.s. 6 closed down now because oo the adverse conditions and avalanche risk. i-76, highway 85 slowing down through some of those traffic lights, but otherwise an easy drive to the south. c-470 wrapping up the jason, thank you. we're following breaking news out of highlands ranch where a car crashed has injured at least one person. >> kyle horan is on scene now.
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>> reporter: right now i'm on wild cat reserve park in highlands ranch, south of university boulevard. take a look, you can see there is a four-door car here that hit a pole, if you look to the right. looks like it was a light pole. police just arriving, still investigating. it hit that pole, you see the pole fell over into this person's yard here. there was at least one person in the car. that person was taken to the hospital. we do not know those injuries. police are still investigating as we're getting away this early morning. we're tryyng to learn more. as we learn more, we'll bring that to you. reporting live, kyle horan, denver 7. thank you. it's 4:48. safe way is closing its denver based bread plann, leaving 95 without a job. a spokesperson for the company says it will close at the end of february. a third party baker will take over bread production. a safe way representative says
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employees tt apply for other jobs within the safe way company. lower gas prices means big profits for airline and mcdonald's is adding chocolate to their french fries. >> good morning. topping america's money, profits are soaring for the airlines. >> falling fuel costs contributed to delta making year. other airlines are seeing similar wind falls. >> they say they're pouring those profits back into new planes and terminals. but those fee, they'll stick around. more than 40% of americans didn't take any vacation days last year. >> apparently one reason, not as many workers are receiving paid vacation time. >> everyone loves french fries and chocolate, right? >> why not combine the two? it's what mcdonald's figured. it has two types of chocolate, dark and white. >> here's the catch, you'll
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and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera.
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hot on the internet today, over minneapolis. it's called frozen pants.
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this frozen pants trend. he puts them up all over town. first soaking the pants in a bucket of water, hanging them outside, molding them as they freeze. other people are continuing this trend. do you remember the stay puff marshmallow man? you can get this candle that smells like marshmallow when it burns. in canada, they're doing this. spinning around and around in that contraption until you fall the ice. looks like about 10 seconds of fun. matt stony, competitive eater, best known for winning contest. he's proving he can gulp down
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weight gain powder. gallon and a half of liquid, 960 grams of protein, and that's as much as in 160 eggs. yikes. this little girl has never heard anything as funny from her father, except this. listen. dad says snow falls from the sky. >> snow falls from the sky. [ laughing ] >> and it blankets everything. [ laughter ] >> it covers it. completely. %- [ laughter ] daddy's funny. daddy is funny. >> she may be young, but she's no fool. >> no. >> she's not going to be fooled by anyone telling her snow falls from the sky. >> she's adorable. that laugh. you have to love a kid's laugh. thank you. outside now it looks different than it did 24 hours ago. nice dry roads here in denver. mostly cloudy skies. but this afternoon will look
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we have temperatures in the northern front range in the teens in the mid-20s. the southern half of the metro area, at freezing if not slightly above. parker 38 degrees now. it will cool a little bit. but this afternoon, 46 in brighton. 45 littleton and aurora. boulder 45 as well. grand lake topping out at 29 degrees. we have a chance for snow. let's check back in with jayson. >> easy drive on i-25. what a difference between yesterday when we had the wet conditions and i-25 now it's basically all dry. same on c-470, nice and dry across highland z ranch. one accident in highlands ranch. we'll have nor details coming up. thanks. as the broncos chase for the championship we want to see your broncos pride. check this cutie dressed up.
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this one in. >> this one is from larry. this is sophie and it says, go broncos. keep sending your pictures to us on our facebook page and you can tweet them to us. the broncos' k ball guy has gone viral since impressive catches. he's eric mccready, a former cu receiver. these days he's an assistant coach at fire view high. >> i like to add a little extra weight around my stomach area, so when the ball is coming in, it's coming in hard and fast. i like to have extra weight here and padding so when it comes in in my stomach i don't feel it as much. >> i have that naturally built in. the video of his catches has been seen more than 125,000 times.
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should add him to the active roster. >> side line entertainment. commng up at 5:00 a.m., critics are slamming a plan to widen i-70. >> one group says it's a waste of $58 million. but not everyone agrees. we'll dig into both sides when we return. >> car lovers you might want to look way, a lamborghini torched and copssthink they
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