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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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we're following breaking news out of highlands ranch, it's where a car slammed into a pole. >> denver 7 reporter kyle horan %- joins us from the scene. kyle. >> reporter: we're south of south university boulevard on wild cat reserve parkway. tow truck driver here picking up this car. looks like a honda civic. he's hooking that p. he'll take that away. this car ran into a pole according to police. you can't see the pole because the tow truck is in the way. but if you look over there you see that hole in that fence there, that's where the pole fell through the fence after that car hit it. police say that there were at
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that person was takkn to the hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries. they just got here and they're investigating. happened some time after 4:00. we're going to stay here, getting information on this and bring it to you later on in the show. reporting live, kyle horan, denver 7. back to you. >> it's not going to be a huge traffic impact. we're talking about at that area that would be on the other side of cherrr hills church valor high school. grace boulevard, university is here, here's wild cat reserve parkway. here is that area we're talking about. we're not seeing big delays because of that activity -`happening. just a lot of flashing lights. c-470 and i-25 looks great. no problems on 225 and drive to the north side for the most part wide open. a little bit of red, which is the last of the construction getting picked up. the high country it's snowing like crazy in parts of the high country. chain and traction laws that way. at least 21 people are
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storm a university in pakistan. several others injured. many of those students and the death toll is expected to go up. now it's at 21. this attack happened after the classes started there in northwest pakistan. some of the attackers have been killed, others arrested. no word exactly how many. details are still coming in. we do know the taliban has claimed responsibility now for this attack. to news that's affecting your wallet. your savings, your 401(k)s, certainly. u.s. markets stumbleed a bit in premarket trading. now. down. fallen below $28 a barrel in the u.s. if we look at world markets, you can see many of the markets across the world, first in europe, many of those are closed, the shanghai, those
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same reason. unstableness in the middle east and falling oil prices. alert forecast. here's dayle. >> we have winter weather advisories in place. these run until about midnight tonight, as moderate snow will continue through the day. here in the metro area you're cloudy skies. temperatures really mixed. in the 20s to right about freezing if not slightly above. in the high country in the 20s and teens. the warmup today, pretty much where we should be this time of year. a little bit of sun midday. then later on this evening and early, late afternoon we have a chance of a little bit of snow. we'll show you hour by hour what you can expect and how it may affect you. thank you. denver fire chief eric tade out of the hospital this morning
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police released annold booking photo of the suspect, 42-year- old marlene zacevich-rodriguez. police say she jumped into the chief's unmarked suv and started stabbing him yesterday, near colfax and speer. arm and leg. he jumped out of the suv. the vehicle just kept on rolling through the intersection. happened next. >> at that point i was thinking, you know, that car could be, there could be a collision. light turned, car still going, what's going to happen? but then a young man came in the car, actually drove it to the side of the street and got out casually and just walked aaay. >> the suspect in custody, is in custody pending aggravated assault investigation right now. the d.a. will have to decide whether to charge her and with what kind of charges. new video showing a man violently attacking a woman in loveland.
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you can see it here in this security video. happened off west 29th street back in july. we have a sketch of the person police are looking for in loveland. the victim says she fought back and it's when this guy ran away. denver repo man is ddad and his killer won't be getting out of prison soon. the parole board decided not to let robert willner go free. in 1990 he killed steve morgan but governor ritter commuted that sentence and willner went before the board yesterday where family members on both sides spoke. but the parole board ruled against the release, at least the next five years. >> i just hope he can get released and t we can somewhat live the next four and a half years and then we have to start this all over again. >> in the hearing, willner admitted he lied in court. he also claimed he fired into
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kill. a csu basketball player is dealing with a tragedy this morning. he lost both his parents yesterday in a house fire. this fire in maryland killed his sister's two-year-old twins. the coach issued a statement saying the school is trying to support him and help him. a skier is in trouble, accused of pushing a snowboarder off the lifts at aspen highlands. the two didn't know each other, but the skier apparently said something about the snowboarder. the snowboarder is okay. the skier left the scene and hasn't been found. vail bout another ski resort in wisconsin. it's willmom mountain. the price of the sale wasn't
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this will be included in the epic passs with vail resorts. state lawmakers have a lot to tackle, including a bill taking on our state's death penalty rules. >> now a jury has to be unanimous. but the new bill would require only 9 of 12 be in favor. >> also a focus on teen sexting if a teen is caught with sexual images on their phone but didn't willingly send them, they'd be charged with a less serious charge. if you want to check up on what our lawmakers are doing, go to you can find out more about the newly proposed bills. money is about to flood into our state. >> sunday we take on the patriots, but it's more than just a game, it's a way to get the word out about our great city. denver7's sally mamdooh joins us with more.
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in denver you'll notice broncos pride, like larimer square here. it's decked out with jerseys and banners, kind of gives you that feeling you're in a small southern town that's proud of its football team. having a good professional team isn't just a good thing for those die hard fans, but the economy as well. the more the team advances, local stores seem to shore up. >> when you have a professional team, one of the things we're telling the community is this is a vital thriving place and it can support that kind of a team. >> reporter: get this, the exposure attracts more visitors to colorado, each hotel brings in cash to the convention fund. definitell a very exciting time for colorado. guys, back to you. >> it is exciting. >> it's very exciting. things getting a little heated in louisiana when a lambo goes
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>> how a company's mistake is helping out a town ravageed by flooding. >> your commute today will be yesterday. this morning dry roads, mostly cloudy skies. nice and quiet. this afternoon, however, could be looking at a little bit of light snow. >> wild cat between university and -- you can see the car there, as it goes to the black.
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out this burned up lamborghini. someone set fire to this days after a louisiana contractor hired to remove four confederate monuments resigned. he dropped out of that project because he was getting death threats. the councilman who voted in favor of getting the monuments -- >> death threats are not free speech. you are crossing the line when you burn someone's property in a public place, you are breaking the law. it's a clear, criminal behavior. and it should not be tolerated. >> police haven't officially connected the car to the confederate monument controversy, but admits it's conspiracy. a volunteer for ben carson has died after getting into a car accident. this is in iowa. the republican presidential hopeful tweeted this out after this happened. it's carson and his assistant, just 25 years old. he was the one who died in this
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were rushed to the hospital. their car flipped. they hit ice on the road and it was hit by another car.
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