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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:12. breaking news in douglas county. look at this live picture from airtracker 7. a house near larkspur heavily involved in flames. four people in the house at the time. there may be a pet inside. >> this house is surrounded by a lot of trees as well. so they are concerned about the wind and the possibility of spreading. our daryl orr is here on the scene.
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delay in cell service, we wanted to let you know that. we're going to send it out to daryl to get an update. >> reporter: here is what we've got going on right now. [ audio breaking up ] >> unfortunately we're having a little bit of an issue even getting his signal now, so we'll try to get daryl back. what we know so far is they have this family out of the house, according to officials. that pet, report of a dog still inside. no condition on that pet at this time. you can see there is a massive response to this fire. % it's a decent sized house we're talking here. >> about 2500 square feet. it's a cul de sac. about four or five houses there. this is near larkspur. heavy wooded area. there's some wind there. firefighters have expressed to us, because we're on the ground there with daryl, that they're
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not only because of the trees, but the other houses and the wind is swirling around today. this one is far from out. a lot of fire crews responding to this two-alarm fire. >> we've been seeing this attack this from the top. let's bring in dayle now. what can you tell us about the larkspur area, the conditions the crews are dealing with now? >> a little bit of snowwstill on the ground in some ssots, which can make it difficult as they're trying to tromp around the house. it's also heavily wooded. that's another concern with the winds. wind speeds now are about 10 miles per hour. some gusts of 20, possibly 25 miles per hour. it's the gusts and swirling winds, they're kind of in that location where we have winds coming from all different directions. just north of them, just to the south, and off to the east. factor all of that together and that's what makes it difficult for them to really battle the flames. >> jayson, you know these roads really well.
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little more rural, not maybe necessarily near a large thoroughfare. how hard would this home be to get to for fire crews? >> because there's not a fire station not too close, it would have taken a good amount of response tiie. highway 105 is a couple of miles to the east of there, and they have to wine their way around the neighborhood. pretty big golf course over there. then they could get around that on perry park boulevard. the roads are easily traveled, it's just there's not a lot of stuff there. it's just the infrastructure is not the fire department is not too close and it's not like you have grocery stores. not like you're in highlands ranch. it's spread out. >> i ask that not to be critical of response time, because i don't know how quickly they got there, but if it's in a rural area and windy
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>> it's hard to tell here from airtracker 7, but it almost looks like the fire you're seeing at the lower end of the screen, whether that's the bottom of the house, maybe the basement, or if that is already staating to spread almost into a little bit of the grassy area, that's right around the edge of the house. of course, that's so many trees in that area and it does not take much for that ffre, an ember to jump onto one of those trees and spread. >> our crews that have been monitoring this situation listening to the scanners and information coming in have heard there was a partial collapse because of this fire. certainly a dangerous situation for these crews. they're being very careful about how they attack this thing so they don't put themselves in danger. when you look at this address on the map, you can see how many trees, how much brush is in this area. >> beautiful area. >> it's gorgeous. unfortunate they're hhving to deal with this. >> and at this point no word on cause.
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reporter on the ground. little bit of delay in our cell service. but we'll toss to kyle right now. kyle. >> reporter: we're here on larkspur road now, and as you can see there's a pretty big fire response, firefighters from larkspur and castle rock here fighting this blaze. you can see through the woods. pretty large house hhre fully engulfed in flames. i saw a part of the roof collapse. luckily everyone is out, including a dog. that dog is now out. thhre's about 10 vehicles here. dozens of firefighters. no risk of it spreading, even though it's in a heavily wooded area, because of the cold temperatures and there's snow on the ground. now firefighters are in complete defense mode. they're just trying to get the fire out. no word on how long that will take.
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significantly since we've been here. we're going to keep bringing you more information in later shows. reporting live, kyle horan, denver 7. >> you can see kyle's shot there on the right on the ground. multiple fire units working. he said about 10 of of them. on the left a view from airtracker 7, fire quite sizable. >> it really is. according to the information we're receiving, they got the call around 5:00 a.m. and there were concerns about that pet. so it's great to hear that this pet, the dog, has been found and is okay, out of the house. >> four people and one dog out of the house. no word on any potential injuries with anyone involved here. again, the residents and the dog are all out of the house. now the concern is getting this out before it catches the forest nearby on fire or one of the other homes. clearly it's tough to see the other houses in this picture, but there are about four or five others on a cul de sac next to this house or close to it.
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you can see a decent -- >> icy. >> -- amount of ice and snow in the area. add that with the winds, certainly not a fun situation >> the wind, not only is it a challenge for firefighters, but if it's been windy the last couple of days, things in the area are drier. it doesn't take a lot to put the trees up in flames. >> think about what the firefighters are dealing with, off the driveway and road and they're trying to walk around the house to station themselves to fight that fire from all different sides, they are on now grassy areas, which do have deep packed snow, and because of those trees they're not getting a lot of melting like we're seeing here in the city, so that snow is still there. and it's icy and crunchy and makes it difficult for them to move around. >> we're keeping an eye on this
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news of a house fire in larkspur. this is a massive fire with a massive response from crews out fire. four people were inside the home at the time. they got out okay. located. that dog is just fine as well. so crews really concerned about this fire because kyle horan our reporter on the scene said the roof did collapse while he was there. approach now. dealing with today. this fire far from out as you can see, beginning as a two- alarm fire, good sized fire at a home in the perry park area, near larkspur on a cul de sac that's heavily wooded. dayle has been talking about the wind issues there. not huge gusts, but enough to cause issues, swirling wind. let's talk about that and give folks the rest of the forecast. >> as big as that fire is, it's not going to take a lot of wind to cause issues. wind speeds in castle rock at 6
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this is just south of castle rock and that is where we're seeing gusts upward f about 20 miles per hour. from all different directions. that is going to be an issue for them until sunrise. it will cam down a -- calm down a little bit then. the winds will be back there evening, so they'll be on that house pretty much all day watching for hot spots. the rest of your forecast, temperature-wise, 36 here in denver. little bit warmer in boulder at 39. 20s for the northern portion of the front range. we are looking for some low to upper 20s in the high country now. here's how the day will play out. by noon, 45 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. that's one reason why ourr helicopter is having to actually leave that house fire is because of the cloud cover that we're dealing with. that's going to continue through the day. and we have the chance for a little bit of snow. before the snow arrives our temperatures are going to warm into the mid-40s. low to mid-40s for the front range and eastern plains.
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winter weather advisory in place for the central and northern mountains. 4inches of fresh snow in steamboat. moreecoming today. we'll go through a different system where it will be light, in intensity, happening after about the noon time frame along i-70, the central mountains and then the northern mountains getting heavy now a little bit later on this evening. just in time for your evening commute we have the chance for a few flurries across the metro area and front range. looks like most of the moisture will miss us along i-25 and will go farther east to the plains. will continue overnight and more sunshine tomorrow. big changes are going to be coming. the front that will move through tonight will cool us off tomorrow. >> thank you, dayle. snow up in the high country, great news for drought conditions in the southwestern u.s. and that's where we have lisa hidalgo this week.
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conference going on so she's been up in steam boot -- steamboat working. i do air quotes, working. >> what kind of work are you doing? >> reporter: intense work. a lot going on up here when it comes to things that are important to us in colorado, floods, droughts, also fire. you think nasa you think space. about half of nasa's budget goes to studying what's happening down here on earth. play with me here, i stole those coffee pots from the hotel room. these are signifying a satellite, and any motion they make is signifying something happening below on the ground. yesterday we heard from jt rigor and next to mitch he's probably one of the smartest guys i have ever met. we can basically sense changes in water storage and where the water table is, if we get too much rain would that cause flooding. we can measure soil moisture, gives us a better idea to fires
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one thing is certain talking to him, rain is good, not only here in colorado and to the west of us, but snow, it is crucial. >> yeah, for a lot of river basin, it has to come in as snow. you get gradual melt in the spring and flowing into the streams, refills reeervoirs. >> reporter: here's something elss that's cool. october of this year they'll be launching a new satellite, and this thing will go up in october. you should see the imaging from this. some of the things we're seeing now versus what this will put out, the resolution on this sttff is unreal and cool. it was built at lockheed martin in denver. cool tie. have i bored you guys enough this week? i'm totally geeking out. >> no. >> this is awesome. how many meteorologists are at this conference from across the country? >> it's touuh to tell, because we have a lot from the weather channel. they've been doing shows all the time.
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estimate and a lot of crew members and they're from all over. it's neat to talk to them and get their perspective nd how el nio is affecting them. i've not thought about nordstrom's in days. >> wow, you are nerding out. >> i'm going to about show that green who is boss later on today. >> can't get through the week without spending. thank you. see you tomorrow. let's give you another live look at that fire we've been talking, the one burning near larkspur, the perry park area. our breaking news this morning. you ccn see the flames raging from this residence, this is in perry park, douglas county, not far from larkspur. two alarm fire.
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breaking news in douglas county, a massive house fire. this is near larkspur at the perry park area. this is a look from airtracker 7. winds swirling, cloud cover came in. so we had to seven the helicopter away from -- send the helicopter away from this scene. >> our kyle horan is there on the scene. the delay is a little long because of cell service, but let's get right to kyle with an update. >> reporter: i'm here on winged foot court. i'm going to step out of the way and let you take a look at the fire now. you can see the roof collapsed in. flames have gone down a little bit since we've been here. there's about 10 fire trucks here, dozens of firefighters battling this fire. luckily, good news, everyone was out. you can see firefighters right there near the garage it looks like, they're spraying water from there. there was somebody on the ladder sprayinggwater on top of it. %- i just talked to the fire chief
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he told me the flame heights from the top of the house were 25 to 30 feet. so there was a pretty good glow from this fire. it was very big. the house is a total loss. everyone was able to get out safely, including a small dog. right now there's no risk of spread the chief says, because there is so much snow on the ground and it is very cold. right now they're defensively fighting the fire, working to get it under wraps. not sure how long that will take. we'll continue gathering information as the morning goes on. reporting live, kyle horan, denver 7. let's check in with dayle. >> you can see the winds now pretty mild, about 5 to 10 ur. but we are seeing some gusts upward of about 20 miles per hour in theeperry park area. that is unfortunattly not making it as easy for
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rest of the front range, 20s in the northern portions of the front range. 39 in littleton. we're going to warm to right where we should be for this time of year, into the mid-40s. 45 denver. 44 longmont. starting with mostly cloudy skies early this morning, that will make its way into a little bit of snow later on this afternoon. the mountains, however, getting some decent snow. winter weather advisories for 8 to 14 inches for the central -`and northern mountains. we'll take you through that futurecast in a little bit. let's get a check of our roadways are jayson luber. >> a lot of snow that way and loveland pass closed down. double trouble accidents on the southbound side of i-25. you can see the braking with the accident at 104th. a secondary accident as well.
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continuing to 84th avenue, heavy traffic. this is a picture from the 88th avenue camera. you can see how tightly packedd in the traffic is now. at least 20 minutes just from part of that section and another 20 minutes coming in from longmont and points to the north. heavy stop and go traffic. this hole reported on the eastbound side of alameda at tehon. right lane blocked with that hole. rest of the drive not bad. breaking news that may be affecting your pocketbook. we've been watching the u.s. premarkets, stock markets take a tumble today following european markets. the s&p down 31 premarket trading. nasdaq down 80. the dow down 282. about an hour ago that was down a little more than 300. crude oil prices keep tumbling. was a big shock the other day when it went below $30, now
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that's the first time in about 13 years. world markets are reacting as well. the unrest in the middle east. it goes on and on. all you see is red. each down 2 or 3 percent because of the falling oil prices, concerned about the world economy. csu basketball player is dealing with an incredible tragedy. he lost both his parents yesterday in a house fire. that fire in maryland also killed his sister's two-year- old twins. cu's coach says the school is there to support and help in any way they can. searchers will head back out for one more day for searching for a missing hiker missing since saturday. a fatal officer-involved shooting in california has claimed the life of a jefferson county woman. it happened saturday in san diego county.
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pull over a car driven by jeffrey simms of golden and say he sped towards them. officers started shooting, killing his passenger, kelsey hauser. this sunday at 1:05 p.m., it's peyton manning ann the broncos versus tom brady and the patriots. >> if you think this is just some game, you would be wrong about that. it is big business for the city of denver. denvee7 reporter sally mamdooh is live at larimer square. hard not to feel the broncos pride down there. >> reporter: you see this? i'm becoming a broncos fan. >> i like it. >> reporter: big time. anywhere you go in denver you'll notice orange pride. we're probably in one f the prettiest places here, larimer square, you can see it's decked out with jerseys and the broncos banners.. having a good professional team like the broncos is good not just for the fans, but also good for business, because when
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team continues to advance like the broncos, sales, local sales specifically, tend to go up. >> we get a chance to show off our brand, tell the world who we are. >> reporter: that kind of exposure brings a lot of money to this city. the cash goes to the convention center as well as the city's general fund. keep that pride coming, guys. keep it coming. >> we'll let you lead the charge. >> i like seeing the evolution. >> reporter: like that? >> yes. >> reporter: any time. want to give you another quick look at that breakiig news we've been following. this is near larkspur. this is bit ago from airtracker 7. home up in flames. but the four people and dog inside got out safely. >> fire officials saying the
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welcome back. we continue to monitor this house fire. breaking news we're following. this is happening in larkspur 3 winged foot court. a family of four out of the house. also the dog that was in the house has been rescued as well and the dog woke the family up. crews still trying to get this thing out. they're worried about all of it. at one point the roof did collapse on this. we are continuing to monitor this. dayle cedars has been watchingg this as well with the winds in that area. >> the winds are not horrible, but picking up gusts about 20 miles per hour. that's making it a little bit difficult. pretty cloudy though across the state. had a little bit of flurries to the west in the foothills. the mountains seeing snow. look at our futurecast. from the clouds we're going to be dealing with early on this morning we'll then have the
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to move in to the front range. our temperatures are going to be really right where we should be, around 45 degrees. the snow could affect your evening commute. but not enough to cause major headaches down here. if you're heading off to the west, we'll see quite a bit of snow. jason has been tracking a lot of that snow. how are things looking up there and down here? >> very slick up there, especially the high mountain passes, loveland pass closed. here in town lots of traffic volume. you can see how heavy i-25 is. take a look at the problem spots to the north. an accident i-25 near 104th. lanes are open, but till feeling the effects from longmont, really before 120th into the city. around 25, if not 30 minutes when you add on the extra heavy traffic across downtown. everything else quiet, including the drive on parker road as well as 225 from parker heading into the denver tech center. thank you. a live look this morning, this
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larkspur, perry park area. a house fully engulfed. you can still see hot spots. at one point the flames were
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welcome back to denver 7. 6:44. on the right-hand-side you see a picture from the ground of a massive house fire at larkspur. and on the left you can see the view from airtracker. four people and a dog got out safely. >> these flames at one point were more than 25 feet high in the air. fire crews have had to deal with windy conditions. but fire officials say some of the snow on the ground and cold temperatures have helped them >> the wind not so mucc, dayle. >> no. the winds were from 5 to 10 miles per hour. but we are seeing some gusts upward f about 20. because of the moisture we've had, at least keeping the timber a little bit more wet compared to what we could have seen. still kind of scary down there with all those trees. the fire could spread. but the fire chief wasn't
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six hours back when it comes to our satellite and radar and look at the heavy snow that moved in overnight. it shifted into the central and northern mountains. winter weather advisories in place until midnight tonight. more snow coming down around steamboat. the clouds we have here and on the eastern plains, seeing a little bit of flurries downnin the southern portion of the state. but the majority of the moisture is off to the west. fast forward to 1:30, and you can see there is the chance a little bit of this could come across the i-25 corridor and bring a few flurries. looks like it will hold off until late afternoon, early evening. you can see a little rain/snow mix in the southeast corner of the state. some clearing midday today and the clouds will rebuild across the front range. country. even overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, before
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metro area and plains we should be dry tomorrow morning. and by tomorrow afternoon we'll sunshine. we'll get a break from this wet weather for a couple of days and really on sunday, more snow returns to the mountains. still waiting for that sun too come up. you'll notice the roads nice and dry now hhre in denver. 39 in boulder. mix of teens and 20s in the high country. and burlington not looking too bad at 27. clearer skies on far eastern plains now. clouds really continuing. might get that break about noon. temperatures at 45 degrees then and hance for a little bit of snow. in the high country, highs in the upper 20s, low 30s. about that freezing point. glenwood and grand junction topping out at 35 degrees. on the eastern plains, mid-30s. trinidad and pueblo the warm spots at 50. as we take a look at our three- day planner, temperatures do drop.
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in will take us back down into the upper 30s on thursday. friday we rebounn nicely with more sunshine. friday and saturday looking to be the best two days there, jayson and chance for more snow on sunday mostly in the mountains. >> we have snow up that way. i'll show you in just a second. want to start with the heavy traffic. it's not fun to be sitting in this heavy stop and go traffic from university past colorado past evans. just a weird intersection here when they finished t-rex, didn't leave really enough room for people merging to open this up. that's the main problem we've seen every day heading to the denver tech center. heavy stop and go traffic on the north side. earlier crash near 104th is gone, leaving 25 minute drive through downtown, i-70 is getting busier. 225 is getting busier. and that's unusual to see northbound slowing.
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6th avenue, i'll look into that. one at leesdale and monaco. c-470 looks fantastic. not so fantastic, highway 6 over loveland pass. it remains closed down, lots of snow and blowing snow up that way. thank you. % checking in on a situation we've been following this morning on that fire in the larkspur area. fire crews out there working to get these flames out. still raging pretty bad right now as we continue to take a live look now. >> perry park area, two alarm fire, all people inside the home got out. but it's still not wrapped up. we'll update you when we come
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breaking news at 10 minutes before 7:00, view from airtracker 7. a house fire near larkspur, perry park area, heavily wooded area, about five houses in a cul de sac. a family of four was inside and their small dog, but they all got out safely. >> the firefighters have been dealing with wind gusts up to 25 to 35 miles per hour this morning. they say the snow and cold have helped this fire not spread. they're still working on getting the flames out this morning. we'll continue to monitor this -`them. two schools both closed today because they don't have water now. they're here in denver.
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is just obviously we'll follow this and keep you updated. %- something else you need to know, also breaking, we're keeping a close eye on the markets. here's why. premarket trading, s&p is down 29.5, nasdaq down 75. the dow is down 261. this has gotten better, believe it or not. it was down close to 300 the dow was. it's following the european markets, they're also down today. pretty much across the board. also the asian markets. it's because of crude oil prices, they keep going down. it's now below $28 a barrel. a lot of concern last week, it went down $35 and $30 a barrel. this is the woman arrested accused of stabbing denver fiie chief eric tade. 42-year-old marlene rodriguez is behind bars without bond. according to denver police, the chief was driving his unmarked suv near colfax and speer yesterday. he says the woman hopped in and
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hand and leg. the chief is out of the hospital. 6:52. new video shows a man violently attacking a woman in loveland. police released this video hoping to catch this guy. it happened in july. off west 29th street in loveland. they have a sketch of the victim. the victim here says she was assaulted both physically and sexually. she fought back and the guy ran off. cu border police want to find this man. they believe he grabbed a female student last thursday and tried to kiss her. the victim says he tried to follow another female student well. wyoming teenager being treated for frost bite in a colorado hospital and his
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the mother died of exposure n. the father was found and was okay. northbound 225 an accident, as thee're moving this streaming camera at mississippi, the accident is northbound i-225 after alameda. you can see how heavy the traffic is already growing on the northbound side from iliff past mississippi to that accident near alameda. also one at leesdale and monaco. i-25 getting busier. might be something around university on the northbound side, unusual congestion northbound around colorado boulevard up to university, already heavy stop and go traffic on the north side. 25 minutes to downtown at least. thank you. it's 6:54 now. new this morning, we're getting ready for the planets to align. on a clear day early in the morning you should be able to see mercury, venus, saturn,
6:34 am
will happen about 45 minutes each morning before sunrise. could last into february, depending on visibility out there. speaking of that, let's check your first alert forecast with dayle cedars. >> this morning it's definitely way too cloudy. as we look towards downtown %- denver, you can even see the sunrise because of all the clouds we're dealing with. highs this afternoon into the mid-40s. we're going to be right where we should be. we'll get a little bit of sunshine midday and then snow moving in. as we look at our futurecast, you'll see the possibility of that snow really starting to pick up in the afternoon hours. before that, the mountains are going to get decent snow. here's what it looks like at 3:30. you can see just some light snow across i-25. heavier snow amounts of an inch maybe more possibly on the eastern plains. this could affect your evening commute. slightly wet roads, like yesterday morning, where it's not major accumulation down here. off to the west different story. winter weather advisory innthe
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front, though, it will be colder tomorrow. >> reporter: i'm out here prepping for that cheer on sunday. i'm trying here, but anywhere you go in downtown denver you'll notice that orange pride, anywhere in colorado, because we do have a professional football team here, and obviously a good professional football team isn't just good for the fans, but as well the local economy, because it means more people are spending money in colorado. come friday there will be a celebration of broncos out here, and the cheerleaders celebrating a couple of days before the gaae. for now, in larimer square, sally mamdooh, denver 7. 6:56 now. want to get back to the breaking news happening in douglas county.
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kyle. >> reporter: had pretty serious flames with this fire. now you can see any flames really or barely smoke. you can see the one ladder there shining some light down there. firefighters, more than a couple of dozen, down there on the ground trying to fight that fire. this was a pretty large house. was fully engulfed and now completely destroyed. the family is outside. they all made it out okay, including a small dog. they say that small dog was the one to alert them that that house was on fire. if you take a look over to the right, there is fire trucks back about a thousand neat all the way down. there's a lot of first responders and a lot of different fire departments. this blaze had flames 25 to 30 feet above the top of the house. pretty tall flames. you could see it from pretty far, a long way away. we're going to stay out here and try to talk to more firefighters as the situation
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no word on what caused the fire. reporting live, kyle horan, denver 7. >> good news the name did get -- family did get out. >> exactly. if you're in this area, won't affect traffic? >> no, not at all. obviously those neighbors, but that's it. >> if you have a trip that waa, `hould be fine? >> yes. >> we'll keep you abreast of everything going n today during "good morning america." >> have a greaa day. captions by: caption colorado, llc. email:
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