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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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across the mountains and we've sent cory reppenhagen and storm tracker 7 there, looking good and cold up there, cory, i know you're a rugged individual, but it looks a bit nasty up there. >> yeah, this is getting nasty, even for me, mike, really cold. this storm is getting wound up now. we've got an inch of snow here over the last hour, it's just going to get heavier thrrugh the night. you kind of see this wind will be a factor, visibility is not good right now, with the wind, blowing this snow around. this is i-70 right here behind me right now. this winter weather advisory is geared mainly towards these travelers, and really, it's slow-going westbound because of the ski traffic but the i-70 is starting to get covered up and it will get worse through the night, guys. >> brand new red jackets are warm, aren't they? all right. >> not bad. >> all right. you can see the snow here, and you can always get the latest information with both our storm
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you pick them up at the app store, ann. and don't forget to check the on our website, you find the latest weather conditions and watch live radar to see what's moving in to our area. a denver fire chief eric tade. he had no idea who she was, and yesterday was the fifrs time he'd ever seen her, denver7 reporter lance hernandez joins us and lance, you spoke with him this afternoon. he said his kids drove by. >>reporter: he had pulled out on colfax and the passenger door opened and the suspect jumped in and stabbed him. moments later, his kids, who the scene. >> probably the scariest thing was being trapped while it was going on. >>reporter: fire chief eric tade went back to work today, less than 24 hours after he was hand. >> it was very usual, a very
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>>reporter: why did this woman jump in his car and attack him? >> the motive has been a big question a move the folks, but this does not appear that chief tade was targeted because he a fire chief or a public safety official. >>reporter: tade wouldn't talk about the attack itself, his kids rode by the station on their way back by. they saw the emergency responders. >> your first reaction is no, you didn't and then all of the teachers were like, yeah, we did, 1:30, maybe you did. so kind of ironic. >>reporter: tade says doctors repaired tendons on two of his fingers and sowed up the wounds. it will be touch the da to determine what charges will be filed. >> she's never, to the best of my knowledge, ever been around
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>>reporter: rodriguez is being held on bond. his mom hallucinates and he questions her sanity. >> we're glad everyone is okay. a denver7 news alert, the former nurse accused of inappropriately touching female pattents is now facing more charges in fort collins. police say another victim came forward following the news coverage of thomas moore's arrest for assault and stalking, moore is facing a second count of unlawful sexual contact. he has worked at several hops across northern california and `ebraska and fired from his last jab. his nursing license has been suspended. now, have a look at these new photos that the denver police released. a suspected carjacker. police think this is the guy who carjacked a red suv near 15th earlier morning. police chased him into a parking garage near 17th. and after searching the area, they found his hoodie and a beanie, but they didn't find him.
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right pinkie finger, if you see this man or know hill, call the police. right now, part of the southbound university at iowa is cement truck roll over this morning, look at that thing. a street sweeper just finished last half hour. investigattrs are looking into why the truck overturned this morning. several water main brakes in adams county knocked out water supply for families, some for more than 13 #12 hours. dealing with issues. near 7th and washington and water department says it doesn't have answer. >>reporter: that's what they're working on, this crew behind me is trying to figure it all out. they hope to have answers by tomorrow afternoon, that's when they hope that everyone living around this area will have normal water pressure, right now, tonight, they are going to water pressure.
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was earlier in the afternoon, not only houses without water and businesses, but the fire station here on washington was also flooded by water, coming into the auditorium of their building from one of the water main breaks, causing more than $1,000 worth of damage. here's what some of the flooding was like at washington street after a handful of water main breaks, all at once, the fire station on that street was without water themselves, for hours, there wasn't any water in the hydrants along the street either, so they had to enact an emergency plan. >> we have water on our trucks, as much as 750 gallons. but really most single family home fires, we can put out with that much water. but we do have apartment buildings, we do have two facilities that do care for the elderly, they're not large facilities, but those two are probably our biggest concerns. >>reporter: the chief says that
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without water, there weren't any emergency situations where they needed to two with that emergency plan. but four schools around this area had to cancel schools because of the situation. right now, everybody does have water for tonight. reporting live in adams county, denver7. >> that is good to know, thank you. a family is safe this evening, automatic thanks to their very alert dog. the fire chief says the animal saved them from this destructive fire this morning, the fire broke out at the home in perry park around 5:00 this morning. the chief says the dog woke up the family and they were able to get out safely before their home was destroyed the dog is okay. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. we are counting down to sunday, we'll be watching a big match-up right here in the mile-high city, peyton manning and tom brady, leading their teams in the chase for the championship. and denver7's sports director lionel bienvenu is here, lionel, everyone waiting to see this
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what manning and brady had to say today. >> it's manning versus brady 17. the last ten goes, what the cover of sports illustrated called it. that says it all, right? not auchlt there are 92 other players on the broncos and patriots who will be a big part of this game, but of course, quarterbacks get all the glor sxri the headlines, and in this case, when you've got one of the biggest rivalries in sports, it gets bigger, and did we mention this is the afc championship game? a trip to super bowl 50 on the line? there's that two. both manning and brady talked about the game and their history together and no trash talk. >> it's been a great honor and privilege to have competed against him, that many times over the course of you know, the past oh, you know, 16, 17 years. you know, he and i have been in the league together. >> i think he's just a ggeat pocket passer and incredibly accurate, throws on time. so he's just -- he's been a remarkable player. >> the trash talk is great, they
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-- can't you feel snit broncos beat brady and the patriots earlier this yeeshg but manning watched that game from the equipment room. he was injured. nobody on the active roster for the broncos missed practice today. the best injury report you can have. we'll have much more coming up on denver7 at 6:00. >> oh, boy. and of course, the trash talk has begun as you know, broncos defensive player making headlines for what he has said about om brady and you can find that story on fans, this friday will once again be orange friday, there will be a broncos rally downtown during lunch this friday in larimer square, at noon to 130 typp time p.m. broncos team alumni and the mascot. all of you denver7 viewers have been sending in cool broncos pride photos, look at this, this ppcture is from whitney robinson.
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on our facebook page or you can tweet them to denver7 with the #broncos pride. now, this you do not ever want to happen, the front end of this car destroyed after the driver hit a pole. this happened in highlands ranch, wild cat reserve parkway, south of the university. and now rs police are looking into why this happened. one person is now recovering. and part of i-25 will be closed overnight for bridge installation, weather permitted. northbounn i-25 at c 470 will be 11:00 o'clock tonight. the plan ii to have i-25 back open tomorrow morning at 5:30 before the morning commute and keep in mind, there will be more week. so we're warning you. and there's a closure in waterton conion you neee -- canyon you need to know about. february 2nd, that includes the main entrance and parking lot.
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south platt river in waterton. that closure will be in place monday through saturday until we do have details about alternate routes that you can take during the closure, you will find that information on our website first we warned you about cancer, well now, add drug addiction. cu researchers released a new substance abuse. >> and colorado veterans come home wounded from war, a new device is helping change their lives. we will show you the exo skeleton. >> it is still winter, though, it is snowing at the present time, over much of colorado,
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welcome back. a pretty louse si day on wall
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oil are bricking down the stock prices, stocks fell after widespread selling in the u.s.. it recovered slightly at new vaccines to fight viruses that cause inflammation of the been awarded a 10-month 4.6 million dollar contract funded by the department of defense. this award is part of an extension of the successful work that center did with ebola and vaccines. all new at 5:00, this is an important warning for parents, so listen u, your teens time in the tanning booth could be linked to other illicit behavior like drugs and alcohol. kristen skovira spoke to colorado researchers who released a new study linking tanning to drug a driks. >>reporter: can there really be another dark truth toen toing?
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>> we were surprised by the association between recreational l drug use and indoor tanning among high school students. >>reporter: researchers at cu and -- say they found a direct link between indoor tanning and substance abuse. %- both activate addictive pathways in the brain. >> we were also surprised by the strenggh, how associated these two things were. >>reporter: doctor robert -- gave a behaviorrhealth survey to 1,000 high school students in colorado -- 12,000 high school students in colorado and hifk ki behavior seems to go hand in hand. >> people tend to think they're immortal when they're teenager. >>reporter: exactly when her love of tanning began. >> i started probably 14 or 15, i was a cheer leader in high school, so i tanned every lunch hour that i could. i love it because it's kind of like you get a warm nap. >>reporter: it's the warm and
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releasing endor fins that can prove so a dikt inging. as well. especially among men. doctor says it's that desire to look good while we're young that could lead to problems later on. >> when i was younger, i didn't worry about it at all, of course. but now as a mom, it's been something i've been concerned about, i want to be healthy for my children and be around. >>reporter: for denver7, i'm kristen skovira. ? southern colorado this evening, friends and family will farther to honor one of the -- gather to honor one of the 12 marines who have disappeared after a crash off the coast of hawaii. a candle light vigil is being held at the american legion post 38 in fountain, that starts tonight at 6:00 p.m.. and this ssory is so touching, a world war ii para trooper who is dying of cancer, may be able to spend his last
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nursing home, all thanks to an anonymous donor. the pueblo chieftain reports that elmer who jumped in normandy on d-day is in veteran's administration hospice care while his wife is at the university park center. june suffers from dementia and her nursing home is not v.a. approved so someone paid for 10 days of care for elmer at her center, now, his family plans to move him to a bed next to her so the two can be together. there's a new device to help treat traumatic injuries, suffered by veterans in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. donated to v.a.'s eastern colorado health ls isstoday. this device is called the exo skeleton, aawearable robotic suit that helps with lower extremity injuries. >> kind of get used to just being, you know, like, sitting in a chair all the time, so to be able to stand up and look across the room and i love --.
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group soldier strong, and it's part of a commitment to donate 80 of these suits nationwide. developments in the search for the missing hiker near grasher. the 50-year-old man that crews are looking for is todd muscleman, muscleman disappeared on saturday in high wind gusts and blowing snow have slowed efforts to find him. officials believe he may have been in an area where there was an avalanche. nasa says last year was the warmest on record when it comes to global temperatures. 2015 shattered the record previously held by 2014. and local climatologists say the warming trend has been going on for decades and if it continues, it could cause more extreme weather in the future. >> more high temmeratures, more heat wave s, more drought, and particular. and then, stronger storms, more
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greater damage from wind storms and flooding. >>reporter: scientists say the warmer it is the more moisture is in the air and that contributes to the extreme weather. encouraging news for the drought-stricken southwest, snow pack in the rocky mountains that feeds the colorado river is slightly above the long-term average. experts say it's still too early to predict how deep the know will get or how much of it will turn into water that makes its way into lake powell and arizona. april is the key time to make the predictions because the bulk of the snow has fallen by then and runoff has gun, but at least -- begun, but at least, mike, it's a start. >> a very good start. snowing pretty good up there at the present time, anne, you can see the snow falling across much of the mountain areas, denver has not seen much of that so far, but we'll get some flurries this evening. denver right now, the current conditions, downtown temperature is at 43. 37 out at dia. high was 49.
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now, tonight, there'll be a few flurries on the plains, most of the moisture with this storm will stay up in the mountains, we'll drop to 20 degrees, the normal low is 17. tomorrow, a colder day, only 38. 6 below the normal of 44. under mostly sunny skies tomorrow. here's your futurecast tonight. a little bit of light snow on the plains. it will be a trace to an inch eaat of denver, that will be as much as we'd see. chilly, low temperatures dropping down to the single digits and teens in the mountains. and then on the plains, mostly around 20 degrees, colder, 18 expected up at greeley. across the state tonight, with the cloud cover and the snow, we should stay at or above 0 in the mountains. it will be 0 at gunnison, 2 at alamosa, 5 at craig, 6 at steamboat, a mix of teens and 20s on the plains. tomorrow, not much of the storm left for us. most of the moisture moving off to the east ofs us, a few lingering snow showers in the high country, that's going to be about it. a colder day, mid to upper 30s over northeast colorado, around
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only 18 for high temperature at gunnison. i mentioned that storm is going to head east and really become a nasty storm. as it moves out of here, it starts to pull in gulf moisture, helping to build it into a strong storm, in addition, colder air coming down from canada, so all comes together, going to form a massive nor'easter for new england as we head into the weekend. could be talking several feet of snow while severe thunderstorms rumble out across the southeast southeastern part of the country. we will be milder for friday and saturday. this minor front will bring us a slight chance of snow on sunday. for tonight, a few flurries, colder with a low of 20. for tomorrow, the high temperature at 38. clearing skies. but some gusty northwest winds. looking ahead, the pick day is really friday and saturday, we'll put the bright spot on saturday with 55 degrees. but friday is not bad, either, a high of 50. sunday, some flurries come in and that will be during the broncos game, temperatures will be low 40s r dropping this the mid 30s.
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a bit milder for wednesday. kid cam, canyon creek elementary school in aurora today, had a 500 kids. from k through 5. enthusiasm. i'm joking, they were great kids. great questions and listening, gave them an a for large assembly, every kid, of course getting their own weather map to take home. looking at the kids waving, so excited. pretty cute. so flurries on sunday? . >> just a little bit. 2 feet of snow in boston. >> there you go. >> much better they're playing here. >> thanks. when it comes to your kids, a mother will take on anything, even two carjackers armed with guns. lt the surveillance video you have to see. plus, not only dozen her play
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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he often plays hero on the big screen and jamie foxx is being called a hero in real life. a man crashed outside of jamie foxx's california hope, flipping his truck several times monday night. the truck caught fire, foxx and an off duty paramedic pulled the driver out. the driver of the truck had been drinking. this next story proves that
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mommy bear. the woman who owns the vehicle, she fought them off with her bare hands. surveillance video shows a woman grabbing the suspect in the driver seat and throwing him out of his car, he runs off and his accomplice follows hip, thankfully. the woman's 1-year--ld daughter and 7-year-old son was in the car. the suspects were later caught. again, don't want to mess with momma bear. >> no way. >> i don't want to.
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