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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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rtd launching a new safe temperature campaign that has a -- safety campaign that has a lot of people talking. >> plus why the sister wives a popular reality tv show are here in denver facing a judge today. >> and a california zoo
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gorilla enclosure. this time brooke higgins has a new lawyer. sally mamdooh was there for the hearing. do we know why she changed lawyers? one and new one why they decided to make that change. they told me the reason behind it is confidential and they can't comment on that. what we do know is thht the new lawyer has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to this case. it's why the new defense team asked the court for a new hearing to be set. `ue to the upcoming bond hearing that will take place on january 29th at 10:30 in the morning. and they also requested that brooke isn't shackled while appearing in court. arguing she is only 16 and shackling a juvenile is cruel and emotionally damaging. the prosecution though doesn't see it that way. arguing the fact as of right now higgins is being tried as an adult. in the end they will rule they will have one of her hands free
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the main focus is to lower that $1 million bond and get chicagoens to be tried as -- to get higgins to bee tried as a juvenile. sally mamdooh denver 7. >> thank you, sally. the aurora movie theater shooter has been transferred out of colorado to a prison in another state. but officials won't say where or why. the colorado department of corrections says the move was part of an agreement to another prison to exchange inmates. breaking news. a los angeles zoo employee that fell into a gorilla pit has been rescued. firefighters just pulled him out of that enclosure. crews were able to secure the animals after he fell. he was 61 years old. taken to the hospital with a possible fractured femur.
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someone on campus and he is still out there somewhere. the assault happened last night just before 11:00 near high and wesley. the university says the man stands about 6 feet tall, possibly college age. he ran from the campus after the attack. so be aware of your surroundings. another victim has come forward saying a former nurse inappropriately touched her. the latest case is out of fort collins. the victim came forward after hearing news reports of his arrest and assault and for stalking. he was working at several hospitals across northern colorado. also worked this nebraska. his nursing license has been suspended. the family behind sister wives are here in denver today. the brown pamly is fighting to uphold a ruling that
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utah. thank you for joining us about weather. first alert weather. it's nice out there. >> it's sunny. temperatures are not very bad. the only issue you will run into is the winds. it's still pretty windy and the winds will continue through the day. especially out in the eastern plains. looking at. there is the blue skies. plenty of sunshine which is great to see. 38 degrees here in denver. but you go a little bit farther north and off to the east we have wind speeds in thh teens. you can see fort morgan 28 miles per hour. that is sustained winds but we are seeing gusts closer to about 35 miles per hour. and we are seeing sustain the winds of 30 in lineman. this will be a factor for you. we are seeing the stronger winds off to the west in the mountain passes. you will be dealing with
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hour winds and higher gusts. temperature wise look at how we have warmed. 38 in denver. boulder at 41. we will see those mid 30s for fort collins as well as greeley. pretty decent temps. the high country though nice and chilly. the warmup today it will be there. it's just not going to be as much because of the cold front that rolled through yesterday. but if you do not like these chillier temperatures, don't worry, we've got more warm ones coming your way. we'll take a look at our forecast coming up next. right now the woman accused of stabbing denver fire chief we met up with the firefighter to see how he is doing. and he described that attack. >> it's a very surreal experience. without getting into denver police's investigation, probably the scariest thing was being trapped or being on. >> he says hh was on his way to pick up his kids when the suspect marlynne rodriguez opened the door of his suv, jumped in and stabbed him in
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he said he has never seen this woman before. we have crews inside the courtroom this morning. learn more here and on our denver 7 news app. a plan for free full day kindergarten. that is what two colorado lawmakers are working on for parents. one bill introduced in the senate would slowly shift the cost from parents to the state. the house version would put the state on the hook for the cost right off the bat. right now some parents pay up to $300 a month per child. >> many ways are being used to fund it. that is all money coming out of the school's general fund that could be used for something else. >> the measure to make the in full would cost $247 million. the other bill would shift the cost over a period of five years. crews are resuming their search for a missing man in st.
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50-year-old tom of denver disappeared over the weekend while hiking in that area. crews believe he may have been swept up in an avalanche but so far they have not been able to search that area because the snow is still very unstable. colorado springs coming together to hold a candle light vigil for a local marine. he is among the misssng after two helicopters crashed in hawaii. sergeant jeffrey simpler is among the 12 marines feared dead. his crash happened one week ago today. simpler's mom says she is hopeful her son will be found alive. multiple water main breaks in adams county have been fixed. yesterday four schools had to be closed down because they didn't have water. people in the area may notice low water pressure and throughout today. after a rough start to the week, the wall street is enjoying gains today. the major u.s. entities opened on the positive side. the price of oil now up and over $30 a barrel. still much lower than we hoped
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also today the head of the european central bank raised hopes in a news conference that more stimulus measures are ahead. the dow is up $242 points right now. s & p up 26 points. the nasdaq is up 52 points. so each of those indices up a little over 1% right now. denver public schools says it will cut 174 positions next school year. they will hit the central office in positions like community engagement, technology, and human resources positions. the housing boom is partly to blame for these cuts. higher prices are pushing low income families out of the family. less than a week after walmart announced it will be closing hundreds of stores, more than 1 million u.s. raise. the retail giant says every walmart and sam's club employee
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year will earn as much as $10 an hour. critics say that is nothing more than a publicity stunt. saying workers should be making $15 an hour. safety campaign called dumb ways to die. the idea is to grab your attention to keep you safe around buses and light rail. [ music ] >> as you can see the campaign features these cute little round characters doing things like decapitating themselves, being eaten by purr per ran thats. you might have a chance to get your money back from a
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>> plus more than a dozen states are about to get hit with a massive storm. who it will effect after the break.
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welcome back. breaking news to share with you just into the newsroom. there has been explosion at the ancient pyramids in egypt.
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reports in egypt. three people have died, 17 people are injured or wounded. again an explosion near the pyramids there. this is near cairo in egypt. as we learn more, we will bring you an update here and on our denver 7 news app. the big show down is nearly here for denver. the broncos take on the patriots this sunday. the one game between us and the super bowl. denver 7 sports leader lionel is joining us. >> reporter: the latest on the chase for the championship. no bigger stage for these two future hall of famers to do battle on. the afc championship game sunday winner goes to the super bowl. and we all know it's patriots verses broncos. not only manning verses brady `7, but the quarterbacks grab the headlines. the best two qb's meeting for the 17th time. probably the last time. the stats brady has won 11-16
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but tom is only 6-8 against the broncos. all the numbers, all the stats will not determine who wins this sunday. peyton and tom talked yesterday about facing each other again. >> i've always given the boring answers. hey it's the colts verses the patriots and now it's the broncos verses the patriots. all i can say about tom brady is that he plays the position played. >> i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool. especially someone as great as him to play against those peyton manning led teams. you know you've got to play 60 minutes and you will be in for a tough game. >> a lot of players called tom % brady a cry baby and whiner. and antonio smith used the cry baby word and the new york daily news took that and ran
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tom was asked if he is -- a cry baby. >> he agreed. so we still got to go out there and play football and beat them. >> broncos back to practice today. same for the patriot which is in new england. sports extra. until then have a great morning. it's time to gather up that orange gear you have at home and come out to a rally to show your bronco support. it's happening in downtown denver. we will be celebrating here. the chase for the championssip. this is just in time for your lunch hour. there will be former broncos players out there, cheerleaders, thunder will be there. the fun goes from noon until 1:30. if you can't make it out, we you. and stream it so you can watch
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be we'll have it on the it should be a lot of fun. lamer square tomorrow, start watching at noon. while you are doing that, you can enjoy this coffee. you can drink broncos pride. it is broncos coffee. it's described as a dark roast with a rich bold body and aroma. this woman is officially the fiist full-time female assistant coach in nfl history. she is the new assistant team coach for the buffalo bills. how about that? >> that is great. we've got to get ready tomorrow will be great day for a rally. today a little bit chilly because of the front that moved through yesterday. so that will cool us off some. but not bad. the wind just more obnoxious than anything. from sports authority field,
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this morning if if you looked off to the east, you would definitely have clouds but it is nice and clear right now. which is great news. as we look nationwide, that is not the case. the midwest getting the snow and look at the southeast. there is just a lot of rain, freezing rain must'ving through and then we will be tracking a big snow from memphis pretty much all the way up to boston. so good snow out he's. for us any of the snow we had early on this morning, it's pretty much gone. yeah there is still a few clouds and a few flurries in those northern mountains but not really amounting to much at all. morning. it will be nice evening for us. here in denver we're at 38- degree.
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estes at 25. here's the rest of your afternoon and evening. 4:00 you will see the temperatures climb. and then we will cool things off a little bit. mild. our average high 44. we will not be far off from those high temperatures. 43. aurora 44. at 47. and it will be ten degrees colder down in the southern portion of the front range. greeley don't worry, you will be right there as well. here's the 50 i was talking about for you tomorrow. it is going to be starting off in the 20s because of the clear skies tonight our temperatures will be colder tomorrow than they have been in the last two days. warming to 50 and then on saturday even warmer. 55 degrees. sunday of course that is where we will start to see some changes. we will be looking for the mountains to pick up some snow. area. early on in the morning we
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mix, and then it looks like we might get a little break, which could be just in time for the game and then sunday night some more snow returning. but look at the temperature drop on monday as you get up and head inno work. hopefully we will be having victory monday. so you are not going to care if it's cold because you will be so warm from excitement. earlier. 1:05. >> we might be there right in the middle of the wet wwather. >> it will be perfect. tens of millions of people are bracing for impact as a massive winter storm for the east coast. 15 states under a winter storm watch today. this goes from north carolina up to boston. crews have been out all night on the roads trying to keep these things drivable. especially after snow caused more than 100 accidents. d.c.. this is before the major snow.
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bracing for wide spredde outages and warning people to be prepared. >> we don't want to over react. be prepared. >> forecasters say it could be a historic blizzard for that northeast region. jayson luber has your daily dose of laughs including this man's poor attempt to be athletic. >> and i bet you can't do this.
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there is a lot of snow on one car. a man was pulled over by police for driving his car like this. the elderly man said he was just too old and too weak to brush it off. the officer cleared the snow for the man and let him on his way but not before giving him a $110 ticket for having an obstructed view. watch thhs great reaction for a little girl that sees herself on the phone camera. isn't that great? she looks at herself. yeah that is me. that is a baby.
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nice. this is the moment a man tries to emulate an athletic man jumping on top of a trash can. he fails horribly as you can see. ending with him riding around on the ground with his legs in the air. better luck next time. how do you add insult to injury? with a rim shot. well the older brother there said in the microphone his little brother is stupid. he falls down and little bro is there with perfect timing. [ laughter ] and this is a new twitter page that you've got to see. it's an account that has one simple purpose, it's to show you oh boy. let's see if it's going to load here. that what you would look like as a dog. it's called you are dog now and
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canine top top lgangers. just like the president here. go to you are dog now. what do you think? >> we should try it. >> i think we should. [ laughter ] >> i'm afraid. i'm afraid noww >> you should be very afraid. >> thank you, jason. in florida a helpless puppy is traded for crack. this dog nabbing was caught on camera at a pet shop. this tiny two pound yorkie still missing. >> reporter: what you are watching right now is a devious deed in action. look closely and you will see this guy steal a scared helpless puppy shoving it in his shirt. sadly he had plans for the two pound yorkie according to police. this innocent animal would be used as the cruelest of currency in a drug deal.
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traded for crack and cash. apparently was no shame this this guys game. this happened at 3:00 in the middle of daylight. >> i was disgusted. i ranted on facebook you know that how could somebody sell a little puppy for drugs. >> reporter: regit is the kennel manager and was heartbroken when this happened. the missing yorkie is so small, roughly the size of this little gal. >> even when i come in the morning to clean, i'm like is there a box? maybe there is a puppy in it or something. >> reporter: bridget made two phone calls that day. largo police and 8 on your side. once we put the pictures out there, it was on and cops got their guy. wayne junior barfield. but that is only half the story. the heartbreaking question
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here's the deal, bring her back. no questions asked. and you will get $1,000 in reward money. up next we'll have a review of the heedlines today. unexpected change from one of the teens accused of planning an attack at her school in colorado. >> plus the death penalty in 3 colorado is back under the spotlight. how some lawmakers want to change the process. %- >> and nationally we'll tell you about a mom that is wowing
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just about 11:30. shot and killed after a high speed chase in california says their daughter had problemmed and ried to help her work through them. kelseyhouseer was one of the passengers in a stolen car. after the chase the driver sped toward them so the officers opened fire. hauser and the dog inside that car were killed. denver police released this photograph. he is still out there. somewhere on the run. this happened tuesday. right near glen arm and 17th. after searching the area they found his hoody and beanie but he couldn't find his eye. he has a splint on his right pinky finger. if you see him, call police. don't mess with this mama. some would-be carjackers tried
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all caught on camera. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the two men sprint across the tom thumb gas station parking lot and try to carjack a woman on the other side of the gas pump. she locked herself inside. the men then tried to carjack a woman who owns this red car. one gets in the passenger seat, the other in the drivers seat. but the victim fights back and rips a ski mask off the the carjacker. the victim had reason to fight back. >> she was a mom and what that bad guy didn't know it in the backseat of that car were two kids and she wasn't going to let them be taken. she fought and dragged the guy out of the car and they both ran away like cowards. >> reporter: the would-be carjackers gonzalez, and roe salless ran to a getaway car driven by rebecca. their high speed getaway caught the attentton of a police officer. >> a police patrolman who had no idea of what just happened
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the car, the car ends up crashing against a fence. >> reporter: all three were arrested and booked on chargess of attempted carjacking and fleeing police. the judge has ordered all three to stay away from the two women they're accused of trying to carjack if they post bond. new details on one of the teenagers accused of planning an attack add mountain vista high school in highlands ranch. brook higgins is changing up her lawyer. >> reporter: i asked why the switch was made. both the new lawyer and old lawyer declined to give a comment saying the reason behind the switch is confidential. we do though know the -- we do know the new lawyer has a lot of catching up to be made. that is why he asked for the hearing to be reset.
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during today's hearing that brooke be released from the shackles while appearing in court arguing she is only 16 and shackling a juvenile is cruee and emotion thatly damaging but pros -- and emotionally damaging but prosecution doesn't see it that way. the court ruled that higgins will have one of her hands for taking notes purposes. the main focus is to lower that $1 million bond as well as try to get higgins to be tried as a juvenile. the defense team plans to have witnesses testify. sally mamdooh denver 7. csu basketball player emmanuel is coming home today to pay tribute to his parents and two-year-old niece and nephew. they died tuesday when their home caught fire. he showed a lot of courage last night and decided to take the court as csu played against air force. the team decided they wanted to
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-`ball to him. and they did that. by the way, there is a go fund me account set up for emmanuel. developing now in our state. a question of life or death. should sentencing someone to death be less difficult in colorado? there is a state senator that wants to change how jurors reach a death sentence in our state. right now colorado requires unanimous decision. but state senator kevin lundberg wants to change that and include nine of the 12 jurors. >> are we going to have a death penalty that functions in control? >> twice last year juror jurors convicted murders to life in prison instead of death. don't forret to join denver 7 this sunday for politics
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it's our newest show. marshall sell linger will discuss what it will take to improve denver, colorado's roads. it airs sundays at 4:00. after the break we will every day hero that is helping many seniors in need. >> and we are getting new there is is a ninth planet over all. >> in the high country almost
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there is a place in denver that makes each place happier and safier. and it can provide support thanks to volunteers like this weeks 7 every day hero. >> i'm a case manager in denver, colorado. >> reporter: there is barely enough time to sit down for volunteers and staff at denver's senior support services. >> senior support services is a day shelter for hungry and homeless seniors. >> reporter: they serve three meals a day. >> we serve over 65,000 individual meals per year. >> reporter: and it provides
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socialization, transportation, health screenings, and most important help in navigating government systems so they can get the aid they qualify for. >> that is where this particular organization is helpful because it can be an advocate for people when the system starts to fail. >> reporter: john cotton says he was the manager here for 13 years. he retired in 2013 but then started volunteering here. >> because if you care about these folks, you just .say too bad. i'm gone. >> the man has been a god send for me. without him i probably couldn't get to the doctors. i couldn't get to the groceries. >> they hhve to pay your rent and other expenses. but our biggest problem is we don't have any place for you to go. >> reporter: john is so knowledgeable, senior support services often signs him the toughest cases. and the clients ask for him specifically. >> got a vast memory about
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available for clients. >> man knows everything that i think there is in the world to know about seniors and help them. >> reporter: so we gather everybody here for a surprise for you. for all of your years of service here helping the community 7 news and trusted choice the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero. >> if you'd like to learn more about senior support services, you can go to our website if you click on community, you will see right there 7 everyday heros. colorado veterans will get a second chance to walk again. this is thanks to the kindness of others. the va eastern colorado hospital just received this exskeleton. one man that was paralyzed in afghanistan says it's life changing. the suit was donated by the group called soldier strong. they plan to donate 80 of these suits nationwide.
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happy ending thanks to the generosity of a stranger. world war ii paratrooper was dying of cancer and he will spend his last days with his wife. she is at the university park center which is not covered by the va. someone stepped in to pay for ten days of care so elmer could be with her. the couples son ys th conntions stan andou shld see. unlievle. ey iwi . ey re sgingsos tother >> e peon ping for elmes ca fod out out eir story after it ran in the pueblo chiefton newspaper. came in and paid for all ten of those days. isn't that awesome? >> that is so sweet. that is great. they get to spend the end of liar lives together for -- of their lives together after
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we want to take you out east. so we can show you everything that we're seeing. we will start in fort morgan. this one is just a screen graph. so you will notice a mix of sun and clouds. not as much sunshine as we have here in the metro area. let's go even farther east out into burlington and watch closely. can you see the camera just shaking around? it is just bouncing. quite a bit of clouds on the eastern plain. they had snow early on this morning. that has all pushed out. sustained wind speeds 22 miles per hour. in lineman it's even worse. sustained winds of 32 which means we are looking at gusts upward of 40 miles per hour. if you are east, you will feel it. here in denver, not so bad. single digits as far as the wind speeds. we are also seeing strong ones over the higher mountain passes. our temperatures cooler than % yesterday but not bad as you will notice in the metro area. up in the high country it's quite a bit cooler.
11:36 am
43 in boulder. that is the warmest spot across the front range. by 4:00 warming to 40 degrees. so we are going to warm up about 1:00, 2:00 hitting gh of 43 in denver. and cooling things down. by 8:00 still dealing with mostly clear skies but we are going to drop intos upper 20s. over night temperatures because we will not have the cloud cover this evening will be cooler than what we saw the past couple of days. because of all of our clouds. in denver here's the high of 43. boulder 45. greeley 39 and out with llneman and burlington. the highs will be in the upper 30s. with that wind it will make things feel cooler. mid 20s for many of the mountain towns because of the cold front from yesterday. steam boat a high of 25. a llttle warm as you head through eagle, glenwood, and grand junction. we are getting a nice break from all of that snow the mountains did receive. looking at satellite and radar nice and quiet.
11:37 am
midwest and then we are just watching that next system that is getting ready to build. dropping some freezing rain down in the southeast. this will bring a lot of snow up on the eastern edge of the country. and they are in for good snow tomorrow as well as on saturday. ffr us, we are getting great weather. both friday and saturday our temperatures will be into the low to mid 50s. but there is the cooler teeperatures i was talking about for you tomorrow morning. and then we will change things up. of course for sunday mother nature can't keep us warm for too long. we have the chance for snow to move into the mountains. here in town it looks like we could see a rain snow mix. might get a break as i mentioned just in time for the game. it doesn't mean the game will be perfectically dry but kick off at 1:00. there is a chance that mother nature will quiet down for that moment and briig more snow later on. >> yeah. we could use a little moisture. >> we do. >> not while we're trying to run the ball.
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cold weatherrand wet eather. >> he is fine. >> i'm going to call mother nature when i get done with this. >> it's a long distance call. you're going to have to wait a little longer for the next star wars film to hit the big screen. disney says it will release star wars episode 8. that is seven months later than originally planned. disney didn't give any reason. researchers at cal tech say they are confident our solar system has a ninth planet after all. and it's not pluto. %- times the mass of earth. dr. mike brown believes the planet 9 as he's calling it used to be inside our solar system but was ejected to the out skirts. >> got kicked out by the big boys jupiter and saturn. >> dr. brown is the same astronomer that burst everyone's buuble in 2006 when
11:39 am
he says his daughter was so upset that she told him she would hold a grudge until he found another planet. lots of ways to make money. take a look at this. this is jay knee who lives -- jamie who lives in illinois. apparently things stick to his head. we'll let him tell you how this happened. >> all of a sudden they hit a home run. i went up to grab it and missed it and i'm like where is my drink? everyone is laughing because it head. >> he visited a doctor and it seems like his body is acting like a big suction cup depending on the temperature of his body. he says he can make $1,000 a day performing these tricks. sometimes on the weekend he can make $8,000 ust sticking things to his head. strange but true.
11:40 am
recalled because it can catch fire. and if you'rr unable to go to london, google is offering the next best thing. >> >> in today's tech bites a recall by microsoft. >> it involves power cords for older tablets. >> details on how to exchange the cords for new ones will be released soon.. new detailssabout the upcoming samsung galaxy s7. online reports going the flag ship smart phone will feature a 5-inch screen. >> have you ever dreamed of taking a private tour of buckingham palace? now you can. >> google has unvailed a youtube 360 video of the royal residence that can be viewed
11:41 am
those are your tech bites. if you are not too happy with that hover board, amazon is offering refunds for anyone who bought the gadget on their site. just because you are young doesn't mean you can't leave a major impact on this world.
11:42 am
a young boy struggling with cancer has one wish then is to be famous. >> reporrer: he sat calmly eating chips as rhode island lawmakers sang his praises. >> you're a beam of light. >> reporter: calling it d- strong day. the d for dorian. most kids these days dream of being famous but dorian murray is in a hurry because doctors say his rare terminal cancer may not leave him much time. >> i'm just thinking before i go to heaven to try to be famous like as much as i can. >> reporter: dorian specifically wanted to be famous in china because of the
11:43 am
when his family posted his wish, it came true. d-strong as in. d. >> reporter: was displayed all over the great wall and beyond. from africa, to australia, to paris. above water and below diving for dorian. he was serenaded with songs. dorian dorian your dream came true >> reporter: after all this is a kid that seems to love music. dorian and his parents decided to stop any further treatment after tests showed the capser spread. in the rhode island senate they were still hoping. >> miracles do happen. >> reporter: dorian's -strong message has been shared by celebs ranging from conan to harold king and paula abdul. >> i'm 8. >> you seem a lot older than 8.
11:44 am
>> reporter: do you have an id? >> i have my birth certificate. >> reporter: and what does he famous? >> because i can get ots of girls. >> reporter: that he has. in his hometown of westerly, rhode island oaf 2500 people gathered on the beach. dorian murray is a kid with heart. >> so he can get a lot of girls, i love it. a young fire survivor in new york is making a big impression she said all she wanted was christmas cards for the holidays. more than 2 million cards poured in from around the world. %- only eight years old never expected this response. her aunt says it's inspiring. -- she's not only given me but the world.
11:45 am
people to believe that no matter what you can get through anything. that is our whole motto. >> there are so many good people in the world. we are seeing it. we are seeing it with all of these people and with all of %- these millions of cards. at least 2 million cards plus that she has received. not counting gifts. that is a lot of love. >> a lot of support. this little girl's dad, two brothers, and sister all lost in this fire. she still stays positive and she is very happy. >> those are two incredibly inspiring kids. >> if you are having a rough day, it should make you feel better. all you have to do is go outside and enjoy the sunshine. that will make you smile. we have beautiful blue skies as you look downtown. our high temperatures a little cooler than where we were yesterday but still nice and mild. 47 the high in longmont. here in denver 43. down in castle rock a little cooler in the mid to upper 30s. check that out though. 50s this time of year.
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it is still january. >> is it march 21st? >> 55 on saturday with sunshine. and then the broncos game. you ready for this one, mitch? >> yes. >> do you see how there might be a break just for the pregame, the beginning of the game, end of the game, chance for a little bit of snow. >> no over time.
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