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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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says was having a psychotic episode and who was agitated. they say that he was causing a disturbance oo the fourth floor of the denver jail. family members say michael marshall wasn't trying to hurt anyone, and hah the force used to restrain him was far too excessive. >> watching that video today, and watching my uncle's lifeless body as they just tossed him around, because he was trespassing. my uncle didn't do anything. he wasn't threatening to anybody. >> what i saw was a man that was in a psychotic state, acute psychotic state, highly agitated, walking up and down the hall. and if you watch, very closely, mr. marshall starts to slide down the wall. and before he falls, the sheriff
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and sits him on the bench. >> now, denver district attorney morrissey says he had a heart attack, deputys and nurses were able to get his heart started again, but eventually he threw up and thennstopped breathing again. mitch morrissey says he may have had the symptoms as a result of the heart attack, they don't know when the heart attack happened. deputies did not use force. they did what they were supposed to do. they may consider other avenues to seek justice, including a possible civil suit. reporting live in downtown denver, lance hernandez, denver7. >> thank you, lance. our denver7 investigators have been looking into the bbckgrounds of the deputies involved in this case. two separate previous lawsuits filed against one of the deputies, uncase, the inmate alleged that the deputy punched him while in jail. the city settled both of the suits, we'll let you know what
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nearly 13 l million dollars for excessive force cases recently dealing with law enforcement. jamal hunter was tortured by fellow enmates in 2011. the family of emily rice who bled to death in the denver city jail was paid 3 million dollars and marvin booker's family was paid 6 million dollar after he was killed. developing tonight, does denvvr police engage in racial profiling? an audit to look into that was inconclusive. marshall zelinger is live. that auuit is 63 pages, why can't it tell us if there's racial profiling or not? >>reporter: all of these rt which as and graphs, denver police does not collect enough data to determine if it's racially profiling or not. when denver police contact someone thatts not rrlated to a 911 call, they collect demographic information, only whin someone -- when someone is
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and the audit suggests that without that, we cannot say that offers are following their -- anti-bias policing policy. >> there's noise that says you ought to go further to try to answer this question. and without the data, i don't think that the police department can really act accordingly to make sure that there is no profiling going on. >>reporter: police tell me tonight they're not keen on this recommendation, if they were required to collect data on every call, it could turn positive encounters into negative ones. reporting live, marshall zelinger, denver7. a sculpture was put out so people could enjoy and longmont police are trying to find the person vandalizing it. you an see the man walk around the sculpture in st. stephens plaza and he hops on top of it. the piece features two large metal hands that open and close. now, one of the fingers on it is broken.
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you're asked to call the police if you know anything. in louisville, police hope you'll recognize this man, he and another person tried to steal atm'sier. you can see here, they tried to use a screwdriver to remove the machine from the wall. police say they hit a few different spot, but were unsuccessful. harsh words tonight for a littleton school about how a shooting on the high school campus was shooting. arapahoe high school two years ago, two the life of claire davis, the shooter then killed himself. denver7's mark boyle just stepped outside of a meeting now, and mark, you heard from the superintendent? >>reporter: that's right, he's going over the report right now, inside the headquarters here in front of an overflow crowd. going over this report. which is released earlier this week, the independent report about the shooting in 2013. he's giving his report now, to the public, and to the school board. the first thing the superintendent began admitting
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arapahoe high school didn't follow district procedures leading up to the fatal shooting. the previous threats and mental health wasn't documented or dealt with collect -- correctly. he went on to detail the changes made since the shooting. that he says makes the district urging the collaboration of the community is paramount to student safety. >> all schools are safer today than they were then and it's critical that parents outside of mental health agencies, law enforcement, and schools, work closely together to help students in crisis before tragedy occurs. >>reporter: now, linda cannon who authored one of the reports is speaking now. she talks about all of the different information received by the district and a lot of recommendations from people all over the country after the shooting as to what they could have done better and should do better.
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recommendations right now, we'll hear from her tonight at 6:00 we're live in littleton, mark boyle, denver7. and we have new details at 5:00 aboutty tubbrculosis scare. the city's public health department has finiihed the initial testing and says it did not find any transmission at the academy. health officials say a person at the school was infected with tb over the holiday break. they didn't say if ii was a student. that person will undergo testing again, just to be sure, next month. the woman accused of attacking the denver fire chief in broad daylight appeared in court this morning for the first time. marlene rodriguez is charged with second-degree attempted murder. the judge ordered her bond at $100,000. police say she jumped into chief eric tade's suv tuesday afternoon, near the speer. and cut his hand and leg. fortunately, he is okay. work.
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denver, the broncos are taking on the patriots mile-high. >> chief meteorologist mike nelson is here. >> we're looking here, from mile-high down over the city, and i have good nouz on sunday. -- news on sunday. it will be about 45 early in the game, partly cloudy, late in the game, we might have a few flurries or a few light rain showers, even by the early part of the second half. as a front moves in. but it's not going to be a big deal. it will not have a huge impact on the game. right now, temperatures are in the 30s on plains. mostly teens and 20s in the mountains, the skies are generally clear across the area. you can't say that for other part approximates of the country -- parts of the country. a huge storm that will impact the eastern part of the united states. coming up in just a few mips. >> well, it's a good thing the, weather is going to be beautiful, because tomorrow is orange friday. >> and there is going to be a big rally in denver to cheer on the broncos as they get ready to take on the patriots in the afc chammionship.
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alumni, cheerleader and thunder will be out there. we'll be showing the rally live on denver7 and streaming through it. that's tomorrow at noon. >> i'll be down there. love to ang out with you. -- hang out with you. gridiron. 7 sports anchor jahmai webster is with us. gronk is a beast. >> it's simple enough, the task, eric, get him on the ground, but somehow it's a widely debated topic after the broncos and chris harris, jr., said hit him in the knee, that seemed to have struck a cord. a little bit of off-colored comment via twitter. so let's travel back in time to week 12 when the patriots were here during the regular season to see why. gronk left that game in the fourth quarter, after darren stewart hit him low. he had missed two more games before returning to actionn
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for the first time to discuss being a broncos target. >> they're not doing anything illegal out there. it's just part of the game. just got to be aware of it. maybe just got to step up my game a little bit. maybe throw a juke. i mean, i don't know how many jukes i've got. >> y'all asked me a simple question, how do you tackle a 6-6, 250 pound tight end, that's the only way you can tackle him is hit him in the legs. >> if i was tackle you or ann, i'd go textbook, go high, because you guys aren't 6-6. >> but gronk will be a factor, the last time, tom brady targeted his tight ends 22 types. >> gg after the legs in the safe clean way. right?% >> absolutely. >> thanks a lot, jahmai. keep shaying the broncos pride -- sharing the broncos pride photos with us. veronica sent us this picture of this adorable broncos cheerleader there.
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photos could make it on air, post them to the fullback page. wommn around the du campus are on high alert, we're looking for a man who grabbed a woman late last night. the man walked by her and grabbed here any near high and leslie. police are saying that the suspect is about 6 feet tall with light skin and about the age of a college student. now, this wasn't the first time a woman has been attacked near du during the spring and summer months last year. police even launched a cam toin pain to raise awareness about the attack. a denver7 news alert now, a former employee for the state department of corrections is now getting $280,000 in a settlement with the state. filed a community a accusing prison officials of falsifying numbers about mentally ill and violent inmates. she claims the state tried to
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prison officials denied any wrongdoing. >> right now, state lawmakers are busy at work in this legislative session and one big issse is the stay's highway asksroll, and in politics unplugged, marshall zelinger and i will ask what it will take to improf coloradoos roads and which projects are a priority. if you have a question, that you think we should ask of cdot, tweet it to us @ denver7 politics and then be sure to tune in sunday at 4:00 p.m. to hear the answers during poll tiks unplugged. >> -- politics unplugged. >> our roads are a mess, looking forward to those answers for sure. a lot of people suffer from migraines out there. >> we have a new option that might help you out. what cu researchers say can drrstically cut down the number of migraines you get each month. if we told you you could drive a car that is death proof, you'd call us crazy, but there's a promise from one big-name auto maker. >> quiet here, but look at all of the weather across the
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we have the best of it, dry and
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water is now fully restored for thousands of families in adams county, several water main breaks knocked out water service yesterday and customers didn't get their full water pressure back until l this afternoon. crews are still out there investigating what caused the issue with the system, but it was so serious four schools had to close because of the problem, they were back in session today. >> and for the first time, colorado researchers are saying they have proof that medical marijuana can help ease the pain of migraines, researchers looked at dozens of charts, a private colorado clinic that prescribed medical marijuana for a variety of aiiments. of them, more than 120 patients studied, 103 reported a decrease in their monthly migraines. but frequency of migraines they got dropped from about 10 per
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>> we were not expecting the decrease in frequency of migraines that we saw. it was pretty dramatic. >> researchers believe it's the -- that plays a role in migraine headaches, but they want to see how it eases theepain. happening tonight, the city and county of denver wants to hear your thoughts on solutions for improving transit along colfax, a public meeting. between i-25 and i-225, the meeting is happening at the knights of columbus on grant street at 5:30 to 7:30. r.t.d. has launched a campaign, plastered all over union station today, r.t.d. launched the new campaign this morning, you can see the campaign features the round cartoon characters, doing things like decapitating themselves in a plane crash, and being eaten, how cut, right? they are meant to fwrab your attention. and -- grab your attention and prejudice to be safe around the train system.
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the website four people are recovering this evening after an early morning crash in denver, they were all in a car that hit a tree. this happened at martin luther king, jr.. two of them were seriously hurt. now, police are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to crash into that tree. auto maker volvo is making a huge promise, pledging to have death-proof cars in just four years. volvo says it's developing new crash prevention technology by tracking injuries and fatalities to make possible. cars. the insurance institute for highway safety says they're already 9 models of cars out there in which no one in the u.s. has died in four years. that list includes models from volvo, toyota, subaru, honda and others, that from the most recent data from 2009-2012 stwl another seesaw on wall street today, but we are better news.
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becaase of oil and gas prices rebounding as energy prices recover from the steep drop yesterday. the dow closed with a gain of 115 points today. s & p closed in the green, up 9 points. the winter storm that dropped a lot of snow in the high country is now headed out east. millions of people along the east coast are bracing for up to 3 feet of snow over the next few days. already, the so-called calm before the storm, having a huge impact in places like washington, d.c.. these are some of the many cars drivers just had to abandon after getting stuck for more than five hours on icy roads overnight. after just an inf of snow. the mayor promising today this won't happen again as they prepare for the big one. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference in last evening's commute. >> today, the governors of maryland, north carolina,,3 declared states of emergencies. yeah, going to be a tough %- one out there. %-
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nice and clean across colorado. a beautiful day today. take a look outside of the denver area, this from mie high stadium. a -- mile-high stadium. a beautiful shot. 37 right now. and 32 out at the airport. the hhgh was 40. the low 29, winds are light from the east at 5 miles per hour. and overnight tonight, going to drown to 20 degrees, which is `ust ail little bit warmer than the normal low. clear skies, light winds. tomorrow, beautiful day. 50 degrees. sunshine. milder. normal high is at 44 degrees. here's what we expect along the front range tonight. cold temperatures, but nothing that's really bad. 13 at greeleyy and fort morgan. 9 at vail and mostly single digits and teens in the mountains. tomorrow, going to be in the 30s to near 40 over the higher elevations, if you're heading up to ski, plenty of sunshine, great snow, just wear plenty of sunscreen. 53 at brighton.
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are cold pockets, 15 below at gunnison. 5 below at craig and alamosa. teens and 20s out across the eastern plains. and for tomorrow, not much to see as far as cloud cover or storms across the state. a little bit of high, thin cirrus clouds, that's about all we'll have to worry about. 50 in denver. 53 down at trinidad. a little bit cooler up this the south platt valley, in the low to mid 40s around greeley and sterling and a mere 17 degrees, that cold air stays trapped in the mie mountain valley -- high mountain valleys at gunnison. the gulf moisture and spreading snow all the wwy down to the smoky mountains and all the way up around boston, colder air coming in, a very powerful storm, major impacts on weather conditions for travel over the eastern part of the country and probably back up a lot of travel elsewhere in the nation. we are mild and dry through saturday. this is a weaker storm, but it
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rain can and snow sunday afternoon. tonight, clear, cold, and 20. for tomorrow, the high temperature at 50. even better on saturday. a high of 55 degrees. that's our bright spot. a little front comes in on sunday. i'm not really excited about it, but it will probably mean a little bit of rain and snow during the broncos game in the second half. temperatures will drop back in the mid 30s by the end of the game. by monday, a high only of 39. kind of chilly next week. but still quiet around here. which we'll get our due. >> sure. >> i think march and april will be very active ffr us, but for now, we'll have quieter weather, and we'll just kind of look at the rest of the country, dealing with all of these problems. >> look at the tailgateer, they could go out and start tailgate tomorrow. >> short sleeves. >> be ready to go. >> bring out the jerseys. >> we liie to start them early, there are denver7 reporters and photographers in training at the middle l school in jefferson county. yep, this morning, denver7
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for the broadcasts media class. >> reporter maak boyle showed them how to work the equipment. they told mark that they are there. coming up, a woman in buffalo is making nfl history. her new position, that is >> so cool. >> plus, the odds aren't that great, but a phoenix family has
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welcome back.
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history and changing the face of football, this is katherine smith, just hair hired as the buffalo -- hired as the buffalo bills special teams coach, the first female full time coach in nfl history. smith, worked for 12 years before joining the bill last year in a similar position. congrats to her, awesome. >> speaking of the nfl, if you're planning on having a super bowl party, you could get a brand new big screen to watch the game at a good deal this month. fat wallet buyer's survey says more people plan to buy tvs before the super bowl than any other time of the year, they start posting deals to lure in shoppers this month. the website says on average, you save 20% or more, make sure that you shop around out there. >> there are so many choices, it is overwhelming. >> in arizona, a family has three special birthdays to celebrate, all on the same day. >> this is crazy, a phoenix woman gave birth to her daughter, on her own birthday,
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weird turn of events, that also happens to be the birthday of her mom, the birth mom's mother, the grandmother, the mother and the newborn, all share the same birthday. the new mom says her daughter is the best birthday present ever. >> we struggled with infertility for nine year, we would name her miracle joy. >> congratulations. uncommon as you might think. 130,000 to 1. look at that face. >> better than the lottery, but it's --. >> they won the lottery.
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