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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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this video has been released. the family has been wanting to see the video since the man's death in november? >> reporter: 45 minutes of jail house video captured the last moments of mike
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>> i saw marshal's life. [broken audio ] i am angry at what i saw. it is hard to imagine an inappropriate response by law enforcement. >> when i watched the vie was shocked how they -- they grabbed him so fast. >> reporter: in the video you can see marshall get up from a bench, a deputy points for him to sit down and then pushes him against the wall. within two seconds two other officers join in, tackle him to the bench and then the ground. >> they are struggling, he is resisting. >> reporter: marshall is on the ground for 13 minutes before he is put on a restraint chair. nurses realize that he is not breathing. >> they try to get his heart going again.
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anybody. he did not try to hurt anyone. [crying] >> reporter: deputies did not intend to hurt marshall but the family disagrees and says they will consider other means of justice including a potential civil suit. reporting live in denver tonight. denver 7. >> all right, thank you. marshall was arrested back on november 7th on a trespassing charge. he was held on $100 bond. he died 9 days later after his family took him off of life support. the community wanting its own answers tonight about the shooting at a high schhol in december of 2013. days after a report exposed warning signs that were missed. denver 7 was in the there are questions why the district withheld information from the public and investigators. >> reporter: eric, the district says per the advice of
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release certain information to the public after the sphaoting. as for the idea that the district obstructed justice by -- shooting. as for the idea that the district obinstructed justice by not releasing the video that was a break down in communication -- obstruction to justice by not releasing the video they say that was a break down of communication. >> reporter: they did not release the shooting. >> warning signs were missed by those inside and outside of lps. we are sorry that this may have contributed to the loss of two student lives that day. >> reporter: what we mains in in question is why the district stone walled the authorities, muzzled teachers and staff. >> we did not want to get into a debate during the investigation or during a lawsuit that someone -- that this person or that person or
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critical of the district for %- action against the shooter who threatened to kill a teacher weeks before the shooting. >> we looked at the threat assessments process we fouud many gaps that never got reported to the folks that could do something. >> reporter: parents still critical of a code of silence at arapahoe high and ongoing issues surrounding the now completed shooting investigation. >> the guards were not deposed. a diary has not been released. i dope -- i don't think it is for the benefit of commune et. >> reporter: the superintendent did indicate late tonight that the district would be more transparent in the future in terms of giving information to the public. in the same breath, one of the board members suggested tonight that the district looked at
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coverage during certain crisis events in the future. a somewhat muttelled and schools about giving information to the public. we are live, denver 7. right now, the search is on for the thieves that put in a handed. they tried to steal several atms using a truck to try to haul them away. all of theer efforts did not work. the police wanted to find these guys. we talked to students today, many told us the steps they take to try to stay safe on the way home. >> i walk home from the library at 2:00 a.m. i never had a problem with it. if i did feel unsafe you can call campus security person to walk us back to the dorm.
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have a vague disscription of the man. they hope you may of seen something that -- description of the man. they hope you may of seen something that can help them. this video shows a man go climbing on a statue. when he falls out he took a finger with him. that is when the police found this video. the search will. the search will continue for the search for a florida man. he hiked this area before but never in the winter. he did not have the gear to spend the night outside. e. hundreds of flights are already canceled across the eastern u.s. a massive storm makes its way across the country. hopefully you can see from this there are major problem cities on the east coast right now. we already know that there is snow coming down in washington, d.c. after an inch of snow we are talking the capptol under a state of emergency with cars stranded on the roads. all government officers are closing down at noon tomorrow
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there could be two feet of snow on the ground. >> pretty rough storm. the low is located south of memphis. we are in the sweet spot, within that storm and a front off to the west. it is quiet in colorado. getting cold, tonight, though. now, 0 off of craig, 22 in denver, 11 out on the plains. we will stay quiet for a couple of days. after a chilly night and a nice warming trend but the big storm continues to be a problem for states. we will have that and the sunday. >> speaking of the game we are three days away from the afc championship game. ready for the patriots, the stadium staff is in prep mode. >> we are live tonight, mark, long dayssand long nights >> reporter: so much to do.
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pounds of nacho cheese and 3,000 pounds of potatoes. >> reporter: a nonstop shu if ffle to get the stadium looking good from the seats to the sound system. >> i -- shuffle to get the seats to the sound system. >> i get paid to put the best music to the game. >> he is responsible of the m usic. >> we need to suumit the list to thh nfl. >> reporter: his bud sein charge of the pregame. including the -- his buddy is in charge of the pregame including the mus. >> reporter: with the big game is big appetites. just how much food?
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>> it attacks us team to get ready for a game. >> we have local bakeries baking for us. unbelievable. the amount of product i just received 9 palettes of soda. >> reporter: pregame press for a touchdown performance. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: it will be an early wake up call for many staff phepl bers here considering the parking lots open at 8:00 a.m. the chef says he gets here a good five hours before the start of the game. stewart, denver 7. >> a big stage for everyone. >> yes, even the dj. today we found out about the behaoepbd the scenes action at sports authority field. >> including the favorite songs they like to hear. you can check it all out on our web site. should be easy to get ready. occupy.
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>> yes, denver 7 will bring you the rally live at 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. with three games until the game bronco fans are sell pwraeuting but the team is focused on celebrating. >> we fans -- fans are celebrating but the team is just getting ready for the game. >> calling tom brady a crybaby. highlighted by the fact that antonio smith agreed with the label. but when you have two teams petigrees. last time-out, the broncos put it on the line. thanks to a walk off win. three days before the kick off and the conference
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>> as far as tom brady is concerned. i don't think he is a crybaby or a whiner i think he is a great competitor. now, some people to not show it, he shows his frustrations at times but what he can do is overcome those things. >> that is why i stay off of the social network. any social network with me on there it is fake. i stay off of it. right there. >> talib innoccnt of terping. he made that clear. he said he became a professional durings his time in new england. chimes in. >> that will be exciting. >> you know what i think is funny, hearing grown men use crybaby. >> yes. definitely. it is funny. getting rid of painful migraines. >> tonight, a sense of relief 3
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for when they need straight answers. [singing] you make me happy when skies are gray. %
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a $25,000 reward to find them. the police think the same guy
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it could be life or death. an investigation revealed uncertified sign language interpreters sent to important meetings and falling short. one agency is making changes, jacqueline? >> reporter: we first came across this in the deaf community. now, just this week the company settled with that group and is >> reporter: sit manage l attorney's office, chris and nick have much to celebrate. >> i am just so happy and scared and happy and hopeful and just feeling all of those emotions with this -- with everything that we have been through. >> reporter: they have been through a lot. during the process of fertility treatments, interpreters could not translate in a critical medical environment. they were not alone. this group took the agency a&a languages to court. while no one would comment then --
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there. a settlement. the exact term is confid >> the law is clear on this >> it is. >> reporter: now, the enforcement center says colorado's consumer protection certified. >> does it let other agencies only certified interpreters? >> i thank is right. a&a is an example how to it right and setting an example for the industry. are celebrating. but even more after all of the trouble that started with fertility treatments -- >> and her name is amber. >> their real reason to celebrate has arrived. >> a miracle for me. >> reporter: she was born early but she will be out soon. the deaf community is lobbying for a state license board for sign language interpreters nd
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that issue, soon. >> thank you. it is not look like tuberculosis spread at a denver school. the first round of testing is done. anyone whoomay have been infected will be tested to make infected. if you have not been contacted by the health department you don't need to worry. when you have a migraine and excedrin does not work. cure. 120 patients took part in a study and almost all of them say with the use of medical marijuana they had a decrease in their headquarters. >> it can be severely debilitating and they are not able to -- debilitating, they are not able to function, go to in life. >> they are going to study how it can ease the pain. now, a story of true love
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dying wish to be withs his wife. >> reporter: he is in va hospice care but his wife is treated with alzheimer's in another hospital. cancer limits his time. but he was able to see his bride again and this is what happened. [singing] you are my sunshine. my only sunshine. you make me happy when skies are gray.. you'll never know dear -- >> i can watch that all night. how beautiful. he is overcome with emotion there being withs his wife once again. >> yes. that was spontainious. they just broke out in song. >> that is a beautiful story, for sure. we had had a beautiful sunset. a few high clouds out to the west. clear skies coming our way. now, right on through saturday
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right now in the denver area, the temperature is 40, 44 and 17. the record, 71 and a very cold 15 below. it is 28 degrees currently at downtown. now, 22 at the airport. 77% humidity. the winds from the south, southeast at 12. falling slightly. tonight, look for a chilly temperature off to the west. single digits and teens there. -`right around 20 over most of the metro area. now, tomorrow, a pretty nice day. highs in close to 50. colder off to the northeast. now, upper 30s, low 40s. right now, farther. and over the metro area to the west. we will see the temperatures comfortable enough for skiing. bright sunshine, though. wear your sun scene. >> across the state tonight, 15 below. patchy fog, possible, in the far eastern plains, you will see that.
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cloud cover, fog, up towards sterling, north plat. sunshine, a nice day, temperatures in the 50s from denver to the south and the east. 40s to the northeast. 30 in leadville. >> now, a big deep trough out to the east. that is a strong low pressure system fed by strong winds aloft. we get a powerful low pressure that will produce the heavy snow. heavy rain, farthertory the south and a lot -- farther south and a lot over tte weekend. the next system comes in on sunday. a minor one, just a little bit of light rain and snow expected. clear and cold. tomorrow, high temperature, 50. very nice day. even nicer weather for saturday with the temperature of 55 degrees. that is our bright spot.
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light rain showers and a flurry. cooler early next week. and, the specifics on that bronco game, 40s to start, 30s to finish. broncos win, and maybe a little bit of light snow or rain towards the 4th quarter. >> forecasting, predicting, being certain. -`>> certain. % >> yes. broncos win, there we go. >> sounds good. >> we will do the best we can. >> thank you, mike. these may look like cute cartoons, look how rtd is using the ads in hopes of cutting back on accidents.
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a campaign to teach you about train safety. they get in things like plane crashes and they are eaten. and it led to more safety aaound trains there. thousands of car thieves could put your kids in danger -- car seats could put your
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seats are being recalled, if you have one the company will send you a bracket to fix it. we have a list of the models on our web site. welcome into 7 sports extra. no fancy open this time around. broncos, everyone healthy. hitting the field with peyton manning at the helm. at 39, he played the post signal more than any other caller. between the pats and the bronco there are 6 world championships and nothinn but respect. here is the coach super excited to offer his opinion on 18. >> there is a player that i have more respect for than manning, his preparation is consistency, his skills, i would never, of, ever, under estimate him under any circumstance. >> you tone take it for granted by any means. you don't get here unless everybody has worked hard.
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appreciate. >> kubiack had a saying. if you may for the person next to you more than you play for yourself, we will make it. >> we are playing for each other, playing for the city of denver, and hopefully we can get the job done. >> bronco defensive coordinator, phillips, likely the toughest coordinator in the league. giving his do. the best in the business. heewas named co assistant of the coach today. this is not n individual award. >> i don't really know what he is doing. i am glad he is doing it. you know, seems to chance his dances every game. it is great. >> did he ask you for any dancing tips? >> no, i can only do the ymca"
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42 games into the nba season and all the nuggets have to show for it is 16 wins, half of those came at home. the defense needs serious improvement or as he put it, get guys in there that understand it is important. nothing lights the fire than being called out by your head coach. that is the outfielder, showing he is a 2-sport athhete. mony on the half-court shot, backwards. now, game 6. grizzlies are in town. now, he is listening to the coach. cleaning the lay-up off of the glass like windex. now, finished with 17. not sponsored late. now, final, 3-3 during this home stand. an update on a story we brought you last night. csu forward lost his family in a house fire. he decided to play last night,
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now, csu set up a gofundme page, seeking $10,000. at the last check, thanks to the sup port it raised over $80,000. all right. we got to take a break. when we come back i will show
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here he goes! oh. he did it and did it well. should of kelt an eye on the
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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