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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it's 6:00 a.m. and 26 degrees. we can attest to that, because we're in the parking lot celebrating orange friday. >> it's orange friday. [ cheering ] >> we're going to hang out with these guys, talk to them later. first we want to get a quick check of the forecast with stacey. >> it is so chilly out there, but i know your hearts are warm with bronco pride.
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teens and 20s in the front range. we'll warm up nicely later today with lent of sunshine and 50s later on. temperatures in the higher `levations single digits now for the most part. windchill factor teens. feels like 6 degrees outside. it's a cool one bus stop planner 20s in the morning, 50s on the way home with sun. chances ffr snow for broncos sunday. >> that's all right. peyton tan throw through the snow. getting busier in the usually spots around town. flat tire on the northbound side of i-25, 38th avenue, off to the shoulder now. bad news here on the outbound side of 8th from speer to cal u meth where you would head to the west side of town. three lanes of the four closed down because of a huge hole because of a water main break.
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taking a look at the work. what are they doing? >> reporter: yeah, here at 8th and delaware they're still working on this hole. they've been clearing out this dirt and this is how much dirt they're pulling out of here. that thing is about 40 feet in length. another one here and they're pulling massive amounts of dirt, trying to get to this water main that manner one of the resident -- apparently one of the residents has told me has been leaking a couple of icy. eight to 10 hours' worth of work, and hopefully they can get it fixed. >> one lane open there on that westbound side of 8th avenue calmeth. sally mamdooh is downtown now at larimer square where it's blocked off and will be for the rally today.
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if you're a broncos fan this is the place to be, because the pep rally will happen here. this entire area you're looking at will be packed with over 1,000 broncos fans. they'll have sort of a broncos street fair. tents out here, the cheerleaders, drummers, former broncos players, so much orange pride will be filling this larimer square here in anticipation of a big game coming up sunday. before that we need to have a party, which is happening here and we'll bring you that pep rally from 12:00 to 1:00. rally with sally. >> she's been waiting all come rally with sally. probably a couple of thousand people, we'll join her later today. on sunday's game. been going down a little bit. this is stub hub.
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you can see, say, row 27, 26, about 200 bucks. if you get up higher, 300's. up in the 500 section, still about 200 bucks or so. we saw these over 300, and so now they're coming down a little bit, anyway. a word of caution if you go through a third party site. could be a chance you'll get scamed. nothing wrong with the sites, issued. the majority are printed at home, on your regular printer. if you buy them on craigslist or a guy on the street, there's no guarantee the bar code is legit. >> not a guaranteeed site, like make a craigslist, that ticket could be printed off 10 times. >> if you buy through stub hub, for instance, the broncos won't verify the tickets.
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recommend go through the nfl ticket exchange, because those tickets are guaranteeed. the tickets are a little higher because of that. up to like 5,000 or $6,000, wwich is crazy. but people are trying it. preparing for the championship game is no small task for employees at sports authority field at mile high as you can imagine. we saw crews cleaning up the seats, making sure the stadium is nice and shiny sunday. we talked to the deejays, the music has to be approved by the nfl. then there's the food of course. you're looking at a live picture from airtracker 7. the orders are big, including 10,000 pretzels and about a thousand pizzas. >> we've got local bakeries baking for us. it's unbelievable, the amount of product. i just received nine pallets of soda. >> to see more fun facts from behind the scenes go to
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over two days until kickoff, which is sunday. >> producer cameo. >> we're not xcited at all, are we? >> no. >> there's a lot of respect from both the teams from the other teams. combined six world championships. the last time they met during the regular season, denver pulled out that victory in overtime, 30-24. >> lionel bienvenu says there are two keys for the broncos to make it to the super bowl. >> broncosscountry, orange friday. let's talk about this matchup manning versus brady xxii. enjoy it, savor it. no matter what the outcome, we'll be witnessing nfl history. %- probably playing against each other for the last time ever. this season we got crazy numbers. peyton threw one touchdown pass in six starts at mile high. brady threw three touchdown passes in one start at mile high. peyton does in denver this
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brrdy to have a chance. the problem is, he got rid of the ball in 1.9 seconds against the chiefs. under 2 seconds. he doesn't even need an offensive line. von miller said, i just need one second to get to him. ware said nobodyingwill to him if heegets rid of the ball in 1.9 seconds. they got to get in his face. they got to disrupt tom, if not sack him. in the pass coverage they have to be almost perfect. if that happens, broncos country, we're going to head to super bowl l. there you go. let's get back outside to our broncos tailgating extravaganza. denver7 reporter lindsay watts is hanging out with these super fans. even the bus has broncos pride there. >> it is a lot of fun. we'll be taking you on that bus at 6:30. think goodness eric lupher left behind his horse hat when he went on vacation, so i can fit
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>> we got bronco family, bronco papa, the bronco road warriors, mile high monster. we got rob with the bronco party bus. bronco reefer and my partner in crime, the bronco limo driver. >> i love it. what a great cast of characters. how did you come to meet each other? >> we're all fans and all meet up at the bronco fann and have a good time together and pump up everybody at the tailgates and do a lot of stuff and give and city. >> this is not just about tailgate parties, you do a lot right? >> that's right. we go to the kids' school [inaudible] -- we go to nursing homes. >> awesome. and hop over here to the
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you are heading to a school after this, right? >> after this we're going to an elementary school, to have a pep rally, where he principal is a big new england fan. it's going to be a lot of fun at the denver schools. >> and a lot of fun here at denver 7. >> absolutely. >> we're so happy you guys stopped by. like i said, at 6:30 we'll be taking you guys on the bus. back to you. >> get on the bus. thank you. hat is keeping her warm. >> yeah. want to make sure you're having the you would tailgating -- ultimate tailgating experience. we have bad daddy's burger bar. we're going to learn how to make the barbecue sauce even. executive chef tim cast will share the recipes so you can make this at home so you don't want to go away. >> we are taking a look at your
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look at this cutie here in her adorable broncos outfit. >> look at this picture sent in by carol. they're cheering for the broncos all the way from our nation's capital in washington, d.c. she thinks this cutie's first words may be go broncos. >> they'll have quite a day in d.c. with all that snow. keep sending your pictures. we may share them on the air. you can share them on our facebook page, send them to us on twitter using #broncospride. we'll send it over to meteorologist stacey donaldson in for lisa. >> that's right. i think that baby's first words may be snow, or go broncos. here in the metro area our highs today in the 50s. it willlbe fantastic with sunny skies. bbt we have chances for snow, even during the bronco gamee we'll talk more about that forecast coming up. >> you can see from this cdot camera unfortunately looks like we have that right lane that comes off the 84th avenue to join southbound i-25 blocked. you can see the cones up here. three lanes of the highway are open.
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welcome back. 6:14. we're having way too much fun at denver 7 as broncos chase for the championship. these super fans, a bus load full, are outside our studio this morning, helping us tailgate on this orange friday. they're standing outside in about 25, 26 degrees out there. the city of denver holds a rally, it will start at noon todayyat larimer square. they're going to close the street off. if you can't make it, you can watch it here. we have a special hour-long special noon to 1:00. you can see the rally live. we'll be out there this morning we have bad daddy's burger bar in our kitchen. here they are, mixing up a special burger for the game sunday. recipe. minutes. right now let's get you
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that snow could keep patrrots' fans from getting to denver. we've seen 60 cancellations in and out of denver all related to that blizzard that's on its way to the east coast. more than 4,000 cancellations on behalf of the airlines nationwide. washington, d.c. could get up to 30 inches of snow by sunday. american skier bill johnson has passed away. he was the first american skier to win an olympic downhill title. he died after a long illness. he was just 55 years old. the city of denver releasing jail house video showing deputies restraining an inmate who ultimately died. deputies say michael marshall was having a psychotic episode. the d.a. announced he won't file charges against the deputies involvedd >> i saw nothing to indicate excessive force. again, no tasing, no striking, no choking. >> i'm very angry at what i saw.
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response by law enforcement officials. >> marshall's family took him off lifeesupport nine days after this incident. he was arrested back on november 7th on a trespassing charge. he was being held on a $100 bond. president clinton made an unannounced visit o denver yesterday. only top level people supporters knew anything about this. hillary clinton's campaign didn't explain to "the denver post" why this event was so hush hush. they did say there were no public events planned during this trip. stacey is here to talk about first alert weather. east coast getting hammered. we'll get a little taste of that. >> in comparison, this is the east coast, this is us. a little bit of snow coming through our area over the weekend. it just happens to coincide with a huge broncos game over the weekend. it's cool outside. our temperature, 25 degrees in denver. but the windchill factor makes it feel like it's only 17
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you'll feel every bit of that when you walk out the door this morning. latee today we should be about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. into the 50s this afternoon for highs. as we go through our day that sunshine is really going to help warm things up, especially for the rally we're going to have at larimer square this afternoon around noon. weather will be fantastic for that. 21 our overnight llw last night. i think it will be warmer in through tonight. current temperatures mid-20s around denver and parts south colorado springs. cool greeley, sterling and fort collins fort collins, teens for you. current temperatures around the metro area, 24 in denver. 30s from littleton to highlands ranch and to conifer. up north, 23 erie. 25 dia. 32 for bennett at this point. current windchill, factor in that pretty light wind that we have out there. but it is affecting our temperature and how it feels around denver and aurora, greeley feels like 12. 34 estes park.
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very quiet at this point. we have a system coming in from the west that will be moving in through the weekend. high pressure will be in control for today and tomorrow keeping us sunny and warm with highs in the 50s. then it changes as that high moves out of the way, allows that moisture to come in for the weekend. so you'll start to see the moisture showing up in the afternoon and evening for our broncos' game day. highs in the northies. it-- 40s. it will be partly cloudy through the beginning of the name, then we'll see slight sprinkles, few flurries. light amounts expected here as we go through the weekend for snowfall. futurecast product into tomorrow night keeps it pretty quiet. here comes the moisture from the west by 1:00 on sunday afternoon. by 5:00, mix of rain and snowfall throughout the urban corridor and eastern plains. be prepared for that. looks like we'll continue to see that early monday morning as well. highs expected today in the 50s from denver all the way to pueblo, limon.
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temperatures in the 40s and 30s for the higher elevations. today 54 in denver. sunny and nice. overnight low. clear into this evening and that leads to 56 degrees, saturday afternoon. seven-day forecast, though, cools us off into sunday, chances for snow showing up into sunday afternoon and evening, even into monday. look at that high on monday, 39 degrees for a high. as you entioned before, it's great weather for january. >> oh, yeah. considering it's mid-january, we're doing okay. we have this trouble spot, denver health medical center, one lane open due to this water main break. will affect the drive later this morning and this afternoon. other trouble spot the north side of town, southbound side of i-25. cones in the right lane, this
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to 84th shorter than normal. you can see it on the map. % how heavy the stop and go traffic is back to before 104th. about 25 or so minutes on the southbound side. looks like it will be a place at least for this morning extra heavy traffic on the southbound side. >> jason, thank you. 20 minutes after 6:00. we went outside and showed you our super fans outside with their broncos bus this morning. we wanted to help warm them up, do a little tailgating before the game. denver is in the chase for the championship of course and we wanted to help these folks out on this orange friday. here in our super studio kitchen, jim cast, executive chef at bad daddy's burger bar. >> this is a special burger. created this especially for the broncos playoffs. we have our setup on what i would bring for an average tailgate. we're going to make our barbecue sauce. you can go ahead and make at
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we have here about two strips of bacon and jalapeo. probably about half a jalapeo diceed up. little bit of onion. we're gging to cook that up for a minute. i want to talk about preparing yourself for a tailgate. you can see a little portable burner. you can get that about 20 bucks at any camping store. watch that jalapeo on there. you like to set yourself up for success. cook your burger aheed of time. this is a cast iron grill. fits on top of this. >> reheating when you get out there? >> pretty much repeating when you get out there. the burgers i like to cook by myself. this is apple juice. let that reduce down. we have our buns here. toasted those off. let's add a little bit of any kind of sweet barbecue sauce. basically this recipe is taking something you probably already have in your pantry and kick it
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>> we're going to let that simmer there just for a minute. crank up that heat. i might have lost the heat. crank up that heat. we have our toasted buns. little bit of lettuce on the bottom. got to have your vegetable here. >> got to have greens. supposedly. >> some tomato. got to make this healthy, because wait until you see what we're going to do in a minute. bad daddy's we serve these massive 7-ounce burgers. i cooked those. has a little bit of pepper jack cheese melted on top. >> nice. i ish we had smell-o-vision. >> i know. >> smells wonderful. >> i could make pretty good pulled pork at home, but i like to support the local barbecue joint. whatever your local favorite place is, pick up a half pound of their pulled pork. get it to go, no problem. pile it high. got scrappies there. got pulled pprk.
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simmering about 10 minutes and crispy. this is good as is. i put this sauce on my cheerios in the morning, my wife thinks i'm crazy. >> awesome. morning. >> we're not done yet. >> there's more. we're going to top this with onion straws. where are the broncos playing? mile high stadium. let's make this mile high. >> i have a big mouth, but i >> there we go. >> and you're doing the sides. >> these are our tater tots. thinking about calling them the brady gaga tots. this is our orange crush. or what's another name? we have our aaron hernandez cuffs on there. chips as appetizer. you can make at home, bring on- site and have fun.
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let's bring in some of our super bronco fans. they've been out in the cold, 25 degrees. you need to taste this stuff. >> let me cut these in half for you guys. >> bad daddy's burger bar. >> look at this. >> oh, man. >> let's see what we're working with here. >> let me know how it is. >> don't stain your outfits. we've got the game yet. >> mmm! like. is it good? >> that's great. your mouth full. >> orange vader. make you slap your mama. >> thanks a lot, guys. >> tim cast from bad daddy's burglary are bar. -- burger bar. back to kellie. >> now everybody at home will want a burger. everybody has a tradition
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people are sharing them on twitter using #broncosgoodvibes. here aae cool ones we found. jay puts his flag out every morning of the game. if he's not at the game he says he has to watch it at home house. the last time he went to a game, though, the broncos beat the patriots. this is joanie on game day. she prays for the team, tweets each player good luck, and wears her benny fowler jersey
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as you're getting into the broncos frame of mind, we have a chance for rain and snoww showing up during the game time and into the evening hours. we'll start out with temperatures in the 40s as the game starts and then a system %- will be pushing through the front range that will bring chances for rain and snow. we're expecting it to be moving through in the late afternoon and evening hours and even lasting into monday morning. keep that in mind, especially
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good morning, it is orange friday. we are celebrating the broncos chase for the championship with some of the best fans around. >> how about these guys? this is awesome. n cheering ] >> these guys went to the trouble to get decked out on this orange friday. you might find them again this afternoon at larimer's square. big rally. they're closing down that one- block area there noon until 1:30. our own sally mamdooh is there. as she puts it, you need to rally with sally. >> reporter: we're out here at larimer square and if you're a broncos' fan, this is the place to be now, because just a couple of hours a huge pep rally will take place here and
6:26 am
drummers, former bronco players. sort of like a street fair with lots going out here. you definitely want to be here, sort of a sendoff with that big game sunday, and we're hoping if things go great, we're hoping the broncos take it to the super bowl. i'm getting a lot of feedback on my twitter handle, so come rally with sally, there you go, mitch. >> oh, sally, i bet there will be a lot of people to rally with you today. and the weather will cooperate. we already have the lights ablazing at the stadium. temperature outside, 25 degrees now. it feels like it's 17 outside. it will take a while to warm things up. weehave temperatures mostly in the teens and 20s here for the front range and eastern plains. single digits in the high country now. as we go through the rest of the morning, the sun will help things out, get us into the 50s this afternoon. now teens for our windchill factor. it has improved towards greeley. you went from a 6-degree
6:27 am
bus stop planner, 20s this morning, 50s later today with plenty of sunshine. we will talk about our game day snow forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> unfortunately, we have big problems on the roadways. big traffic delays the north side of town. you can see there's a huge hole here by denver health medical center over there. this is 8th avenue at delaware. daryl orr is there on scene talking to the guys. what have you learned so far this morning? >> reporter: so far what we've learned is there's a big hole in the ground due to the water main break here at 8th and delaware. crews are saying they'll be out here for eight to 10 hours to repair this. apparently this water main break is not affecting any of the residences because they've rerouted the water so people can get water. but they're being cautious. been digging about three hours.
6:28 am
main that's running right through the center of this giant hole which is probably about 15 feet by 10 feet wide, about 15 feet deep. little extra caution and that's why they're saying it will take eight to 10 hours. traffic one lane headed westbound. quite a bit of cars traveling here. you wouldn't realize this is a heavily traveled road, but it sure is. with one lane open it will take some time. >> will get worse even this afternoon as more and more folks will be using that going from speer to calumet. southbound side of i-25, cdot camera, traffic is stacked up, now they're moving around. back to the travel time. looks like they've moved that ramp that comes from 84th avenue to southbound i-25 and shortened it over half an hour getting into downtown denver. thank you, jayson. 6:35now. we are celebrating the broncos chase for the championship. bowl l.
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the broncos have to defeat the patriots. denver7 reporter lindsay watts is outside at the denver 7 tailgate with those die hard fans and she made her way on the crazy bus. how is it going out there? >> reporter: it's a party. we have the music going, dancing a little bit. we're giving you a look on the broncos' bus with these super fans. it's matthew that owns this bus. you were telling me, started out as a man cave inside your home. all your broncos gear. your wife got tired of that so what happened next? >> made me build a rolling man cave. >> i like it. >> big tailgating machine. it. get ready for broncos. >> you said it's still a work in progress. you're still adding things. anything that you're really wanting to get to really top it off in here? >> super bowl l sticker, championship for the broncos. [ cheering ] >> that's what we need. this isn't just about the
6:30 am
they also do a lot of community outreach and orange vader, tell me where you're taking this bus after this. >> we're going to an elementary school. their principal is a new england fan so we're going to throw some orange on him. from there we're going to the children's hospital, go visit up some kids over there and cheer them up, get them hypeed up. after that we are going to the bronco pep rally downtown in larimer square. >> sounds like it will be a jam packed day for you. awesome you can stop by the school and especially children's hospital. we're so happy you stopped by this morning. we'll take it back inside and we'll be checking in with them once more before the show is over. >> don't want to leave that bus, right? that's the place to be. the broncos are still in the chase for a championship after a sloppy win over the steelers.
6:31 am
they don't want to have a repeat of that sunday. >> the wide receivers coach is pulling out all the stops, making the receivers do the daunt let drill. they have to -- gauntlet drill. they have to run down the field catching passes thrown rapid fire. >> sports director lionel bienvenu joins us with the keys for the broncos to pull off a victory. >> broncos country, orange friday. let's talk about this matchup again. manning versus brady xvii. enjoy it, savor it. no matter what the outcome, we'll be witnessing nfl history. these two future hall of famers probably playing against each other for the last time ever. this season we got crazy numbers. peyton threw one touchdown pass in six starts at mile high. brady threw three touchdown passes in one start at mile high. brady has more td passes than peyton does in denver this
6:32 am
the broncos have to get to brady to have a chance. the problem is, he got rid of the ball in 1.9 seconds against the chiefs. he doesn't even need an offensive line. von miller said, i just need one second to get to him. demarcus ware said nobody will get to him if he gets rid of the ball in 1.9 seconds. they got to get in his face. they got to disrupt tom, if not sack him. in the pass coverage they have to be almost perfect. if that happens, broncos country, we're going to head to super bowl l. >> this is joseph peters, one of our producers, a patriots fan. he dared come to work like this. we've been comparing mean tweets. >> this is the first one, peyton manning, looks like he usually does in the playoffs. the feeling you get when you realize your career is over after sunday. >> that's just mean. >> that is mean. >> how about this?
6:33 am
how do you win a super bowl without cheating? i don't know, son, we are patriots fan. that's below the belt. >> four championships is four championships, right? >> do you have four? do they all count? >> one of them has an asterisk, allegedly. picture of brady and belichick. peyton manning retirement party, sunday january 24th, this sunday, sports authority field right here in denver. >> oh, man. % we have another meme. what's the best part about dating a patriots fan? they don't care if you cheat. >> oh, snap! >> cheating theme going on. >> oh, snap. >> bridesmaids dress, denver broncos when it comes to super bowl wins, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. >> what? >> what? >> not since the '90s at least, right?
6:34 am
what is the patriots' favorite snack? it's cheat os. got to be careful. it's joseph. you're out, bud. >> it was the broncos reaper. step back in there so we can see you. >> wow. >> kind of scary. >> cool. i'm a broncos fan. we'reegood. >> he's good. as we gear up for the game we're checking out some of your broncos pride. take a look at this cutie hugging a peyton manning doll. we appreciate the picture. look at this picture sent to us by laura. my goodness. she's wearing a manning mask with a deflateed football hat. she says, deflate the patriots and go broncos. keep the pictures coming.
6:35 am
welcome back. 6:43.
6:36 am
haven't heard as declared by denver mayor michael hancock. live look at larimer square fancyed up this morning. wear that broncos gear to show your team support. guys. >> that place is going to be filled up later today. rally noon to 1:30. we'll stream it live on we'll be out there as well. you can watch it from the though it will be a beautiful day today, stacey. >> absolutely gorgeous for the rally today, and anything else you plan on doing. have the lights blazing at the stadium, getting ready to roll. 25 degrees the current temperature outside. our windchill factor ooly 17. you will feel it right when you walk out the door this morning. current temperatures mostly in the 20s here around denver. across the eastern plains it's a little cooler and of course in the higher elevations we morning. our highs are expected to be in the mid-50s today. the sunshine is really going to help out. if you're headed to larimer square, temperatures around 50
6:37 am
of sun. 54 our expected afternoon high today. we'll talk about our chances for snow which is showing up on broncos sunday and that will be an interesting little twist here, even as we have the game going on. we'll talk about that coming up in just a few. >> this is the problem to the north side of town. airtracker 7 is looking at this, ramp from 84th avenue to southbound i-25. look at this new temporary barrier blocking off that right lane. that's usually a lane that could take you from 84th avenue down to highway 36. it is closed. you can see that barrier. three lanes are open. with the elimination of the extra lane, look at the map and how badly traffic is backed up this morning. all the way back up to before 120th avenue. it is well over half an hour on that southbound trip. extra time needed and you're not going to save time if you jump from 84th heading south on i-25 into downtown. that is the worse traffic jam so far. another trouble spot coming up
6:38 am
6:47. a live look outside this morning.
6:39 am
that's one of our producers. look at her going. she's got this figured out. we may never get her back. >> she's on the broncos bus. it's over now. >> the super fans joining us this morning. folks, it's not exactly warm out there. >> it's why she's dancing to stay warm. don't you love her dance moves? >> very good. >> looks kind of like an end zone victory dance. it is chilly for sure. we have temperatures in the 20s. but it feels like the teens. we're finally seeing a little sunshine there lighting up the mountains behind the stadium this morning. 25 as i mentioned outside. our humidity level at 62%. 3 our windchill factor feels like it's 17 degrees in denver. normally we should be around 44 degrees for a high today. i think we'll be about 10 degrees above that with highs in the mid-50s and lots of sunshine. our low last night, 21 degrees. our normal low is 17. at this point, temperatures in
6:40 am
we have some single digits and teens across the eastern plains. of course, single digits up through the higher elevations from steamboat to craig to eagle and aspen. around alamosa, 7 below now. little chilly there. 30s from littleton to conifer to highlands ranch. current windchill factor still in the teens. it feels cold here around denver and aurora. 12 for greeley. 15-degree windchill for fort morgan and fort collins. 7fraysure and 9 dillon. we'll have a lot of sunshine state-wide today. that will change as we go into the weekend. we have a chance for snow. big high pressure in control for today and tomorrow. highs warming in the 50s. nice and warm during the day. above normal thanks to this high. we have another system coming in from the west and that's going to bring a chance for snow coming in on sunday. it's actually going to start as
6:41 am
changing over to snowfall. watch for that as you're out and about for the game into sunday because this moisture is going to come in pretty quickly into the afternoon and evening. our futurecast showing this moisture here by 10:30 sunday morning in the mountains and by the time we get to 4:00 we'll have a mix of rain and snow along the urban corridor, that does include denver and will shift off to the ast. may get wrap around into early monday as well. snowfall even into the overnight hours. broncos planner, partly to mostly cloudy skies to start the game. as we go through it we'll have a chance for rain changing to a chance for snow in the evening hours. i wanted to show you a closeup on the futurecast here because as we go into unday here comes that moisture from the west. this will be by 1:00. by 5:00 you can see how much coverage with this moisture. highs in the 50s today.
6:42 am
54 in denver and tonight 28 overnight low. tomorrow still beautiful, 56 degrees during the day. doesn't change until sunday, in time for the game. 45 degrees our afternoon high. flurries and sprinkles afternoon changing to snowfall overnight. monday. 40s next week. >> exactly. people will want to do skiing. unfortunately we have problems including that big sink hole. >> broncos! >> good grief. [ breathing like darth vader ] >> this is really funny. do you like my tie? >> i saw that. it's good. >> huge, isn't it? >> that's a lot of orange. >> that's a lot of orange, honestly. that's a little bit ridiculous. here's the hole westbound 8th
6:43 am
because folks have been going a little bit fast through that repair that will go the rest of the day. unfortunately we have this, shortened lane now from 84th avenue to southbound i-25. three lanes of the highway are open, but that extra lane down to highway 36 is closed and looks like it will be that way during that construction project. this is the resulting traffic % jam and it's a monster. 32 minutes, i think closer to almost 40 minutes, before 120th. it is long and slow and barely moving all the way into
6:44 am
welcome back, everybody. we're here with our super fans again. [ cheering ] >> it is really cold, but we're staying warm. >> that's right. awesome these guys joined us today with their awesomeout fits. there are still some tickets available. the prices have gone down a little bit when we checked earlier today. >> not by very much, though. >> still a couple few hundred bucks. >> i don't have the numbers in front of me? do you have them? >> like 193. up in the 500 section. then down lower sections and start to get the ones like a thousand bucks or so. this year the broncos aren't issuing the normal tickets like in the mail. print them out at home. you're doing it on regular paper. that means you need to be
6:45 am
probably go through nfl ticket exchange, because somebody could copy that and hand it to you and you'd have a ticket that's not any good. go through nfl ticket exchange. >> be careful with scammers. crews have so much to do to get ready for thousands and thousands of fans. we got a sneak peek behind the scenes. takes about two days to prepare all the food. just the food for sunday's game. this will include 10,000 pretzels, about a thousand pizzas. 3,000pounds of hot dogs and sausages. >> yikes. >> the crews out there cleaning. >> they're getting ready. had the lights on this morning. of course all these guys, you'll be out there at the game, right? [ yelling ] >> absolutely. they'll be at the big rally today. that's down at larimer square, from noon until 1:30. after our midday show from 11:00 to noon, we're going out there live from noon to 1:00 so you can watch it that way.
6:46 am
not, might be away from the television set, you can watch it streaming on >> exactly. let's move on here, the broncos chase for the championship. we're looking for all your orange on this orange friday. send your pictures. wanted to share this one from castle rock. you can see this little guy here. and baby isaac getting ready for the game. thank you for sending this in, ricky. if you want to share your pictures with us, we have another newscast, couple today, we can share them. post them on our facebook page or twwet them with #broncospride. >> send us those pictures. thank you for joining us today. and we appreciate it. we're going to -- we have two minutes to go. >> how do we do this?
6:47 am
ready? >> can you do it? come on, come on. >> one, two, three, double, double, straight up,,come down, >> bam! [ cheering ] >> we had a song back in the day, because everybody was it goes like this. [ rapping ] we're broncos fans, broncos score, mile high salute. >> awesome. can you do that? >> no. >> come on, jayson. this is awesome. how long does it take you guys to put this together? >> i was born looking this good. >> what about these guys here? you have the face paint, the outfit. does this take a while? >> only about a 15-minute getup for us. easy. face paint is all that takes long.
6:48 am
>> all weather gear right here. don't matter where we're at. >> cool. >> we have a problem here this >> what's that? among us. [ booing ] >> get him, get him! him. >> i got to say, i do admire to walk in here with the patriots fan gear on today. hey, it's been a fun morning. >> it has been fun. >> will be a great game. [ cheering ] >> excited. >> thanks for joining us on denver 7. have a good one. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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