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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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he says it also shows just how identifying troubled kids. committee today. he held back tears as he talked about his daughter, claire, and thanked school administrators for their willingness tt make changes. the district missed key warning signs and points to the discipline the failure after he threatened to kill a teacher weeks before the shooting. davis hopes the report can help prevent another tragedy. >> let's be frank. this process is no longer about our precious daughter, claire. nor is it about carl pearson, who is a teenager in crisis who we believe would have made very different choices if a helping hand reached out from the system that was designed to not him. >> reporter: here's another learned today. one of the authors of the
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the recommendations in the columbine report weee never addressed. something lawmakers say they don't want to see happen again. reporting liie at the capital tonight, denver 7. >> and we are on top of breaking news out of canada. five people aae dead and two people badly injured after a school shooting there. it happened in police have the shooter in custody. right now, the search is on for a dangerous suspect in denver tonight. police tell us a woman was stabbed here near yates and colfax this afternoon. she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police have not shared information on the suspect. >> aurora police need your help finding this man. he was missing in the tower triangle neighborhood. joshua gonzalez was last seen waiting for a school bus this morning. police say he is developmentally delayed and has some issues speaking. he was last seen wearing a black suit and was carrying a
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if you think you have seen this young man, call police. aurora police are trying to figure out what led to a strange deadly shooting. it happened in west navaro this morning. one man was shot multiple times. got into his car and tried to get away, and his car hit a tree. he was taken to the hospital where he died. after searching the area, police found a second man shot in the arm. right now, police are not looking for suspects. and we are on top of the chase for the championship. >> that's right, it won't be long until manning and brady go toe to toe on mile high. >> depends on how the game goes. the big countdown is on a couple days to go here. >> that's right, and they feel the anticipation building. the final time until post game sunday, we got a chance to talk to the bronco c's. this experience is new to some, and for others, it's a repeat of 2013. a lot of these guys were
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brandon marshall wasn't one of them. he was on the jaguars practice squad. this is his first taste of the big time. he is relishing the opportunity and with just 48 hours to go, he's ready. >> you can feel the energy. it's something special, so i think everybody is ready. you know, was in the meeting room talking about it and just excited. you know, i told shane, that's the biggest game of your life, you know what i'm saying? up to this point, so i think we all feel the energy and it's something special. >> don't over analyze things. let your players do what they do best.. so that's oor approach. you try to get them in the best possible position you can. so i want them to be confident in what they are doing. >> this is the fifth post season meeting all-time between the broncos and patriots. pats haven't won a playoff road game since 2006. biggest game of their lives. >> that's right. it is so huge.
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you can't play the game without the patriots arriving. here they are. this delta flight just touched down at d.i.a. in the last 45 minutes. and tom brady and the team just stepped off that plane about 40 minutes ago. so many of you came to show your broncos pride this afternoon, right? >> that's right, the square was flooded with fans decked out in orange and blue. >> we had a great time meeting sooe of you out ttere and with more on the festivities, let's go to denver 7's jason. you know it's going to go into the weekend. >> reporter: yes, it does, and `f things go the way that many bronco fans hope they will, the team hopes it will. that party will continue all the way to san francisco and super bbwl 50, two weeks from sunday. but before the teams got down to business on the field, it was time to have a little bit of fun off. earlier today, wall to wall bronco fans down here at larimer square earlier this afternoon. thousands of fans coming out in their bronco gear to get ready,
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there were give aways, thunder, also my favorite. it was really a good time down here. while not many in the national media are giving that much respect to the broncos, these fans don't care. >> this is whaa is fun. the passion, the people, and you tend to forget about it when you get caught up, that these fans out here, they don't care about any of that. they just want this team to win worse than anything. it's alive and well. >> reporter: alive and well and benefiting many local they are getting into the spirit. broncos country, the playoff signs. a couple up and down here at larimer square. with all the visitors coming into town, people filling up hotels, bars, restaurants, that's going to mean millions of dollars for the local economy when this afc championship weekend is all said and dooe. reporting live, denver 7. >> and tickets for this game are out selling tickets for the cardinals and anthers championship game by 40%.
6:06 pm they are calling this the manning effect, you can still 3 get tickets on resale sites. but be ready to pay up to $3,000. if you plan to look for those tickets tonight, watch out, all of them are printed using bar codes on regular sheets of 3 paper. that means a scammer could photo copy the same ticket as on those fakes. the best way to make sure you ticket exchange. it sends you a brand-new one when you buy a ticket. and so many of you are sharing your broncos pride with us. pam shared this image. this is from aeroelectronnics, a bunch of coworkers got together all decked out in orange and they posted thaa to our facebook page. we love tte picture. by the way, you can keep sharing pictures with s on our facebook and twitter pages using that hashtag, broncos pride. it was a beautiful day to be out there taking photos ahead of theegame. let's go to mike nelson.
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>> there is mile high off in the distance. it's been a great day today. we were up in the 50s. 36 degrees in denver. and over the next couple of days, we're going to see a change in the weather. out to the west of us is a storm system coming our way. it's not a major one like they are getting in the east coast, but it is going to bring us rain showers changing to snow during the game on sunday. i'll have more details on that coming up in a little bit. you are ccrtainly like the first half of the weekend, near 60 degrees tomorrow. >> thanks, mike. `he storms out east canceled dozens of flights out at d. i.a. 29 set to fly east were canceled while 33 flights coming to d.i.a. stayed grounded. if you're flying tomorrow, make sure you check your flight status. a snowmobiler killed. colorado's first death in a snow slide this season. the man is identified as daniel. this is a look at where he was found on the southeast shoulder of ruby peek. he was riding with at least one
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avalanche forecast say slide danger in guneson county was considerable. national park. ronald webber's body was found this afternoon. he went missing while hiking on tuesday morning. >> and a boulder man is dead after a sky diving accident in arizona. witnesses say 34-year-old,, jeffrey loy's parachute appeared to collapse as he was making his decent esterday. it happened 60 miles south of phoenix. lloyd had 12 years of sky diving experience. right now, faa investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. homeowners may be in for a big surprise. some families are seeing a big jump in property taxes. denver 7 reporter, lance hernandez is asking questions about the size of the jump and i'm sure you are getting all kinds of reaction to it, lance. 3 >> reporter: most certainly. denver's department of finance mailed out 200,000 -- >> when people see their operty tax bill go up, it's because the value of their property went up.
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skyrocketing. >> our average home values have grown from 220,000 to over $280,000 this year. homeowner will pay $300 more in taxes this year than last. >> that's too much. >> this homeowner told me she's afraid to open her statement. >> you're telling me it's gone up 300. that's crazy. it. >> dave says it's important to spend money on education, safety, and infrastructure, even parks. this bald eagle is sure enjoying ashington park. >> i think we need to invest in those hings. i think we're seeing in cities like flint, michigan, where they didn't invest and that's what you get. >> this illustration shows the tax process. homeowners make up the tax base, which is assessed. authorities set the levy, then issue statements. homeowners react and pay their
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irene says the taxes reflect months ago. >> these figures are a little bit lagging. next year, i expect them to be even higher. >> soowe've warned you. and as much as taxes are increasing, it's importtnt to note they could have been higher in larimer county. the commiisioners decided to refund $2.5 million. in denver, the property tax increase was capped when voters approved a measure backed by mayor hancock. without it, we would be paying $140 more. >> big surprise for that tax bill. >> a flip side to all of that, definitely. >> we have a lot more coming up. students fight to keep a school open. how students and eachers were able to keep a school board from shutting it down. >> and looking for the perfect
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students at a northeast denver school got a lesson in how strong their voices are. >> denver 7 reporter, brenda gonzalez is live. these students are determined. >> reporter: they are. once they heard that the school could be shut down, they knew they just had to do something. generations. >> here at the noel community art school -- >> three, four. >> the students don't just practice their skills. >> i know i made the -- they preach. >> those kids were told if they work hard enough, anything is possible. >> never have these words been so meaningful to junior peter. >> a long standing school increase our relationships with our teachers. >> he's written to the denver public school board, convincing
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school is worth saving. >> we are willing to fight for this school. >> low test scores as a reason. >> i wanted ttem to see the progress we have made. >> students got their scores up. >> i didn't have any clue of how to dance or what dance was. >> which is one reason his peers kept writing. >> in 6th grade, i got to go to the white house. >> until they finally won. >> i'm still in shock. >> the board has given them school open. >> i want them to win some battles, and this win feels so good to us. >> and a reason to believe -- >> i was so happy. >> they can't make a difference. >> as the student, we did that. we changed their mind. >> so the board is now given the faculty some time to develop their own plan, which the principal tells me they started on. in the meantime, the students couldn't be any more grateful that the board paid attention
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reporting live in denver, denver 7. >> that's a great success story, thanks, brendalise. we have a first alert traffic for you. westbound lincoln avenue, the on ramp to southbound i-25 will close for the weekend tonight at 10:00. crews are going to be out there doing paving in the area. and it should reopen monday morning by 5:30. road and highway projects are big topic in this sunday's politics unplugged. c-dot executive director joins me and marshall for this week's show. the amount drrvers pay in gas taxes hasn't increased in more thaa 20 years, but colorado transportation needs have changed a lot. >> in 1993, i was driving a jeep wrangler that got 10 miles to the gallon driving downhill. now, my car gets 40 miles to the gallon. there are cars out there that don't use very little gas att all. and so we need to just have a frank discussion about what is needed for transportaaion. >> now you can watch the full
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this sunday at 4:00 right here on denver 7. >> are you planning out yyur broncos game day meal? we have something you might want to consider. the executive chef at baddaddy's burger bar stopped by denver 7 to show off his broncos burger recipe. it's called the omaha burger and yes, it's delicious. easier to say. we have the full recipe up now on the as well as the denver 7 app. it looks delicious. >> it does, something else looks delicious, that's all that snow up in the mountains. look at this beautiful shot from up at loveland ski area. great blue sky. he's wearing the blue and orange. it's a perfect combination. loveland as already had 15 feet of snow so far this season. denver right now, we have a nice evening after a high today of 52. morning low of 21. the normals are 44 and 17. and the records are 68 and minus 14. currently, we're 43 downtown and 36 out at the airport. humidity 73%.
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pressure 30.08 and falling slowly. tonight, temperatures will fall to the teens to near 20 in the mountains and mostly hold in the mid to upper 20s over the metro area. low 20s and upper teens to the north and east of us. coldest temperatures in the state tonight. going to be 18 below at guneson. minus 5 up at craig. 20s across the eastern plains and then tomorrow, check this out. 65 at pueblo and trinidad. 63 at lamar. 58 for denver. 47, a little cooler at greeley. 45 at sterling. the chilly spot in the state will be guneson at 22. if you're heading up to ski, blue skies brushed with high, thin clouds. very nice conditions. that's going to change a little bit as we get into sunday. there's a cold front that will be moving in from utah pushing across the state by sunday afternoon taking the mild and dry air away from us. by the way, the big eastern storm byysunday will be offshore. they will have gusty winds and colder temperatures.
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inches of snow sunday night into monday morning for the mountains. 1 to 2 inches of snow in denver sunday night into monday morning. but tonight, it's high clouds, cool, dry, and comfortable. 27. gorgeous day tomorrow. 58 degrees. looking ahead, thee58 drops to 45 on sunday. we'll put the bright spot on saturday. but sunday with the bronco win, will be a bright spot. but the cold front comes in with a mix of rain and snow developing. changing to all snow, ending early monday, and gradually milder and dry for most of next week. your bronco game forecast, we start in the mid 40s, drop to the low to mid 30s by the end of the game with a mix of light rain and snow developing in the second half, although it's not going to be a heavy enough amount to cause problems. >> running game bbtter be spot oo regardless. >> absolutely. the whole game plan better be spotless. >> later on 7 sports extta. the strongest use of his words, broncos defensivv end, derek wolf, describes his feeling
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things just got real. welcome into sports extra. patriots landing at denver international airport just after 5:00 this afternoon. the other half of the afc championship equation. ready for the 5th post season against the broncos. as far as them today, everybody full except bradley roby. probable for sunday, peyton manning fresh. crisp with the pig skin this morning. but you can feel the anticipation building.
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last time out, 18 and the broncos won in route to super bowl xlviii. the memory of those battles isn't easily forgotten. >> they are always in my way. they are always in my way to get what i want. i would say it's a pretty good rivalry at this point, as much as we've played and the back and forth games and stuff like that. i think it created a rivalry. >> do you hate the patriots, t.j.? >> do i hate the patriots? >> i dislike the patriots, hate is a strong word. >> love is also a strong word. i saw plenty this morning in downtown. thousands turned out on orange friday to show they are united in orange for the cause. it's that type f backing the broncos say they will need sunday. we expect them to be even louder. thhs is what it's for. this is what they wanted. an afc championship. we are so hyped right now.
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need them in a big way on sunday to keep us going and hopefully disrupt who we're playing. >> that's the hope. >> there were some people 3 downtown that wouldn't be a part of our live shot because they didn't want their boss to see them. they were ducking from our live 3 coverage. >> at least half of those people, no doubt. >> posting pictures on social >> if they're going to the game, it's going to be great weather. >> it wiil be cold late in the game, but it should be great.
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smell the goodness. "the list" starts now. a wine expert, kind of like being a kid again but with wine. >> cheers. congratulations. >> then turn to yelp even when
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things. you fit and happy. welcome to the show. let's start by counting down the three things at the top of the list. >> thanks so much, ton ton that. hello to you and adele who is so versatile she made a record and three. hello from the other side >> hello from the other side of 1 billion views. good-bye gangnam style. adele's massively popular song is now the fastest video to reach 1 billion youtube views in just 87 days, that's 71 days faster than the former record holder er er psi. her carpool karaoke video has become the most viral late night clip to hit the web since 2013.
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