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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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podium singled out this one. over the last day, lombardi has eluded number 18. sunday, it will come down to doing your joo in a when become sweeter if these two -- win comes sweeter. >> sing on the board, if you play for the person next to you, the outcome comes greater york we're playing for each other -- greater. we're playing for each other. >> the guys just have that grit. just getting out there and playing and giving it all they've got. the guys are really getting out there and playing and we are excelling to this point right now. >> the patriots have not want a world playoff game since 2006. two and six against the broncos when he as a visitor. kick off less than 24 hours away.
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history unfold. mali -- eric just that off- camera that he fixed them broncos are going to in so it is official. >> there are tickets available for tomorrow's game and the price could be over 200 bucks for stubhub. a little closer in, 1000. we found and upper level in some seat for nearly 6000. colorados homeland security office telling us they are working with local partners and monitoring for any possible threats. they are also depending on you to report anything suspicious. so if you see something, next are you say something. >> we love to see your broncos pride. this picture from colorado.
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that is impressive! keep up the good work. be sure to share your pictures with us on the denver 7 facebook and twitter pages and use the broncos pride #. >> stay with us. tonight, we will have brenden stokely in the studio along with insider, cheering from the denver post. we will talk brady, manning, all's while her and the prediction machine will give us the outcome of tomorrow's game starting tonight at 9 o'clock on denver 7. >> right now on the denner 7 app and denver, exclusive secrets to the broncos soundtrack. you can check out what dj played at the sports authority field and what peyton manning had on his pregame last. >> a deadly house fire in month. the father save -- father who ran into this home has died. he went into the home to try to rescue his son who was bedridden with ms and his son could not be saved either.
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storm dumping snow in the northeast. connection. means all nonemergency vehicles should stay off the roads until tomorrow afternoon but here in denver, it is a much different story. we saw 60s and sunny skies. that's head over to stacey donaldson. stacy, we could see some snow in time for the broncos game.>> we had a warm afternoon highs today and chances for snow during the game tomorrow. we're keeping a very close eye on it. uniform broncos colors out there as the sun is beginning to set that our live radar is actually showing conditions across colorado. the next storm system coming in from the west. it will take a little while to get here but at this point, we are enjoying the weather. there is a wychwood drive three for almost all of our mountains. this could be anywhere from
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from 5 to 10 inches of snow and -- 2-10 inches oo tonight's overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. but we are going to be talking about a timeline for the broncos game today -- tomorrow and what you will be experiencing throughout the game. much less, the emotional ups and downs. >> stacey, you had one job! one shop! >> [ laughterr] we will check back with you in a minute. for travel is, if they can get to denver, all is good but many do not have a choice and eric joins us now. eric, a former olympic champ trying to get to denver for the broncos game is stuck.>> and the -- aady vandyke never made it. she is snowed in in baltimore. she was going to be honored tomorrow at halftime. her plans along with thousands
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>> despite her predicament, she was as chipper as ever when i skyped with her today and she says it will stay that way until at least monday after being the keynote speaker for a lacrosse. >> it's a wideout out there, awful, awful. >> rippling travel. >> we could not get home is not because of flight problems. we had to spend the night here. >> this won't be my first time. the worst experience ever. >> reporter: the ripple effect being felt at our own denver international aarport, even as we bask in the beautiful weather. still, close to 100 flights canceled in and out of here.>> every 30 minutes from 3 o'clock yesterday until about 3 o'clock this morning. >> siblings made it to denver in the nick of tiie coming from nashville where a staggering 7 inches of snow fell yesterday.>> we just missed
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vandyke and her husband will watch the afc championship from >> there are one or two patriots fans that i may or may not see during the game. >> she is staying positive. take a look at the misery map. you can see the ripple affects. clearly, the biggest issue is to the east.. just blanketing that area. that you can see other reports as well, having trouble. 82 flights at last check cancel here at dia. a lanes of i 25 are back open -- i-25 are back open. it lee to traffic backups in the area. no word on what caused this crash. >> an overnight shooting in downtown denver since one person to the hospital. it happened at 15 and market
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area heard the gunshot. eventually, police pulled the truck over and arrested the gun -- the suspect. >> a sad ending to a search for a missing hiker in the st. marys glacier area. after about a week, search crews found an avalanche area. they found his body covered in snow year the avalanche site. >> a new alert tonight. denver police are looking for a hit-and-run driver. the victim went to the hospital with serious injuries. the suspect was in a white volkswagen jetta. if you have aay information about this crash, call police. >> police are warning parents and students about three suspicious man and a school bus stop yesterday. a boy says the guys drove up them. investigators. >> reporter: it is a bus stop right by the park used by a few kids here in parker. >> you haae kids walking up and work.
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>> friday morning, the typical routine was interrupted. he said after he arrived, three guys drove up in a silver pickup and got out. the boy tells police that he got nervous and started to walk away frommthe bus stop.. he says he glanced over his shoulder and saw that one of the guys was following him and had picked up the pace. he said from there, all three men got back into the truck, revved the engine and drove off . >> i think it is a little bit scary. especially as i was walking up to the bus stop at the time it happened.>> matthew mccarthy and his sister say at 6:45 when this happened, they were getting ready to head to the bus stop.>> both our students at sierra middle school and say on monday, they will stick together.>> i will probably come with you. >> we walked separately.
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>> palatka police are not students and parents were aware.>> i think monday, i will probably keep a look behind me and look around a little bit. >> investigators hoping kids will do just that. >> i think i will e more alert to something happening. or a car looking suspicious down the road. >> lindsay watts, denver 7. parker police say the truck is an older model with four doors and and open bed and tinted windows. the passenger side mirror is missing. middle-aged anddour care. we have more details. the express toll lane is a success so far and we could see it runs from idaho to pioneer springs. the lanes have helped with
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tolls have stayed under $10 but can go to $30. a slow start on i-70 this morning. this is a look at our cdot camera in the heel area. about 9 o'clock this morning and you can see the westbound lanes -- moving pretty slowly. up to in our on some ve look at that same area right now. what a difference that makes. getting along quite nicely out there in both directions. >> mitchell road projects are a big topic. politics unplugged right here on denver 7. marsa gives us a look at what you can expect. >> billions of dollars are needed to prepare -- to repair colorado's roads. the director tells us where it comes from.>> both of those numbers should be adjusted to inflation.
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ccitic cannabis club like this when in -- beheaded to denver? ktxa -- tsa tells us where they found the most guns last year. >> the budget numbers are in for denver schools and they are not looking good. the district is preppring to cut a lot of jobs. beautiful the state. even in the higher elevations but not for long as a snowstorm these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free and travel upstream to the brain, where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. pradaxa was even proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke, in a clinical trial without the
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and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is the only oral blood thinner other than warfarin with a specific reversal treatment to help your body clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor
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people in denver may soon have more options when it comes to where thhy smoke pot. they may be able to go somewhere more public with it here jaclyn allen takes us inside a cannabis club in allen county. >> just outside of denver city limits, it is promoted as a
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your friends. >> it would be nicer to have this one place to go but it is sad that there is only one place. the cops come in and busted thee. >> technically, in adams county, no one interferes. >> how s this legal? >> according to the colorado clean indoor air act, there are certain businesses that are allowed to have smoking in them. >> he said he worked as an attorney. it is a private club and people under 20 pay a membership fee to get in and no pot is sold here. so-called cannabis clubs are not legal and denner city last year, pot advocates dropped an effort to get public consumption on the ballot after the city agreed to work with stepping in. >> we're willing to work with them on this issue. we just really want something to happen. we want action to take place. >> they are now working on a new ballot initiative that
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-`legal place to smoke at weather in private clubs are open bars. either way, they say it is high time. >> i think it is time for them to have a pllce to do that and not to worry. >> that was jacqueline allen reporting. the pro-pot group is still working on the initiitive but they say the language will be finalized over the next couple of weeks and they will start getting signatures for the one of the airports that had the most guns confiscated in our nation last year. tsa found more than 136 guns. 3 -- 2600 guns. besidee denver, dallas, atlanta, houston and phoenix confiscated. >> investigators need your help looking for this man. he has been missing for nearly a week and was last seen on sunday. search crews have found his car at the reservoir.
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case of a pregnant woman attacked. she lost her unborn baby in that attack. her full interview with doctor phil can be used in the trial. the judge granted that request from the suspect's lawyers. wilkens met with the suspect after responding to an ad on attacked. >> police say this guy is definitely on the naughty list. `e is accused of stabbing someone on christmas eve while just as old saint nick. he was arrested for wants out of denver. lakewood pooice are worried about his arrest and want to talk to him about the stabbing of a victim on this bus recovering from his injuries. putting out the grass fire which burned almost 2 1/2 acres of land along rio road. it was accidentally sparked this morning. firefighters were able to put it out. this serves as a good reminder that some areas are dry enough to easily fuel a fast-moving fire.
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like that. we know that many areas are dry your there is snowfall moving 3 through and there's another storm system moving in from the west but look at this. the radar shows everything looking quiet as a mouse until we get through tomorrow. tomorrow, snowfall and at this point, you can see the clear skies overhead. it has been a beautiful day, statewide. we have had temperatures will warm up nicely. you can see the range off in the distance which we have not been able to see over the last week. and even fort morgan, very quiet now. you will have snowfall going into tomorrow and early monday. and here in denver, nice and quiet. the lights are fired upon the stadium ffr the big game tomorrow. our temperature is 49 degrees. 31% humidity and wind chill at 45. we got uppto 70 but the record is 68 and we are well above where we normalll should be at order for degrees.
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in light rain during the game tomorrow. that rain will change over to snowfall and it looks like our drive home is going to be snowy . if you're heading to the to experience light snowfall throughout the denver metro recurred temperatures mostly in the 40s. 50s toward point below -- point below -- trinidad. situatiin. 31 for aspen and 34 grand junction. only 10 for the junction. as i mentioned, nice and quiet across the state we are keeping our eyes out to the west. `ave a cold front in through utah and nevada. is heading this direction so it will be the same setup as our last storm. we will start to see theesnow first in the morning. we have snow all the way from
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junction and even toward telluride and gunnison. of the time we get to 10:00, it gets a little closer and overtakes the northern corridor byy6:00 in the evening. it even six around through 10 and 11 o'clock pushing to the eastern plains and then it moves out of state. i want to give you a closer look at denver. by 1:30 in the afternoon, foothills no. in the evening hours, we have good coverage throughout the metro denver area. up toward fort morgan, rain changing over to snow. from bennett to elizabeth to castle rock, evee into the overnight hours, you will hang on to some of the snow. even a little batch coming in at 11:30 in the morning on monday. if you have travel plans or you're going to the game, increasing clouds during gametime. we will see a chance of rain changing over to snow. for the drive home, it looks like the snow will stick around.
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as we get the snow moving through. places that are going to be dry, 50s and 60s through southeastern colorado. tomorrow, 46 with a rain/snow mix. chilly air moving in on monday. 37 for a high and 19 for your low. wednesday and thursday. and look at that right spot on friday. 58 degrees. in overnight low of 32 but i `ad one job! one job! >> i know. i think we are going to bring -- blame it on the patriots. they brought that snow with them. but the strategy is not going to work there >> got it off. athletes hit the slopes flying spartan. you may use ridesharing services but a new service
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all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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the way you bank. like many of you, denver 7 is hitting the slopes this weekk you've heard of theeflyingg tomato. how about a flying spartan? here is eric carter along with our special olympics reporter. >> reporter: i am out here at copper mountain hanging out with hannah. athletes and volunteers out
5:23 pm
today. and we asked about his success. >> two, one! >> my nickname is the flying spartan.>> the 23-year-old snowboarder, cody field, is loud and proud. >> i love being noticed, baby! yeah! >> and this special all the late -- athlete has been getting years. ! >> i never expected to get three gold medals smacked down! >> finding out cody once again qualified for the x games later this month.
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secret for this thrillseeking, snowboarding machine. >> i allays have fun and i always keep my optimism up. they all adore me and i adore them. >> his enthusiasm is over the top and he is also really great at trying to help out the other borders. he is taking boardiig lessons. >> his advice, you don't want to give up and you ever, ever lose hope on what you do best.>> a great story. for all of their stories, you can logon to the denver and check out their stories every saturday on denver 7. from copper mountain, i am eric kahnert. >> cody is a river on the mountain. you can share cody on at the x games which is happening in aspen from january 20 which is happening in aspen from january
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he works at the king super and greenway village. if you want to stop by, i am sure he would appreciate that. >> if you're planning a trip to waterton canyon, there is a closure you should know about. the lower portion will close. crews will work to fix part of the canyon will be fully open to hikers and cyclists during the project on sundays and rrght now, we have more details on other routes to the trail. >> denver public schools not getting a pretty picture of next year's budget work the district is cutting 174 positions for the next fiscal year. none of those are teachers. all of those positions are at the central office including the 74 teacher coaches. >> projected to receive lees funding in 2016 and 2017 than we did 7 years ago and 7 years ago, colorado was at the bottom per-pupil funding.
5:26 pm
district is adding next year saying it will give teachers help them build the relationships with their support staff. uber left will soon have competition. the world's largest automaker is going into the crotch of business. general motors says they will test out m ven this year. and massive snowstorm just about brings our largest city to a standstill. how the storm is impacting us in denver. >> here comes a new challenger.
5:27 pm
alert weather. a maasive blizzard is making a at least 17 people have died and several states are a state of emergency. the snow just keeps coming.>> reporter: the blizzard of 2016 hitting hard. new york city nearly doubling its expected snow totals. even some of the cities subway systems frozen. >> if you have taken your car, turn around and go home now. in arlington, snow buried police cruisers. the national guard sending in soldiers to help you travel by air cripples. -- crippled. no planes leaving washington or philadelphia. >> people in dc and virginia expecting 33feet or more of accumulationn
5:28 pm
are calling for 46. >> it is not all about the snow. from long island to queens new york to the jersey shore. an entire neighborhood overrun with icy ocean water and still, the new jersey governor reassuring his state that things are under control. >> this is my 17th snow emergency. this is certainll not superstrong sandy. >> it is not misery for everyone. enjoyed the empty streets of washington dc and the giant panda. while a few brave parents help their kids enjoy this historic blizzard. >> here in manhattan, or the 2 during the height of the storm. 3 as you can see, it was burying cars and making travel and -- virtually impossible. >> abc news, new york.
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problems at our own airport as we enjoy unseasonably warm temperatures. 82 flights have been canceled so far. the mets head over to first alerttstacey donelan -- stacey donelson. >> it is absolutely gorgeous. well above normal for our temperatures. the good news for that east coast storm, it looks like a snowstorm will let up after tonight and we will have strong winds. a good break around the washington dc area. as for our area, the broncos cclors on the horizon and we are experiencing that sense that. we do have another storm that is coming in from the west and that is going to bring in snowfall as we head through tomorrow. it will start in the mountains and head across the mountain range. but we are concerned about is the winter weather advisory in effect for our mountains. along with gusty winds which may mean lower visibility at times.
5:30 pm
especially along i 70 -- i-70, keep that in mind. as for tonight's lows, we will have 20s and 30s through tonight and we will have a timeline tomorrow for the game versus the snowwand we will have that coming up. >> parker police need help tracking down three mennwho approached the boy at a bus stop yesterday. what happened scare the boy as he was waiting on clark farms drive. he said the guys got out of a silver truck and one started following him as he walked away. parker police are not calling this an attempted abduction but they want to make sure students and parents are aware of what happened. one studenn says he is gone to have warniig. >> i think monday when i walk out the door, i will probably keep a look economy. i think i will be more alert to something happening or a car that looks suspicious coming down the road.
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little bit different. >> parker police say the truck was -- an older model with an open bed and tinted windows. the assenger side mirror is missing. in southern california, a desperate manhunt is underway for three inmates who escaped from jail. investigators think they escaped sometime yesterday from the facility. the men are charged with violent crimes including murder and torture. a spokesperson for the the sheriff's office says this could be the first ever escape from that facility. >> in canada, a 17-year-old boy has been charged with first- degree murder following a deadly school shooting. four people were kiiled at the school yesterday. two others were hurt. police will not be releasing the suspect's name but they do say to teaming -- teenage brothers were shot and killed before going to school. we may see a new contender
5:32 pm
bloomberg is taking early steps toward hisslarge for a campaign saying he would run as an independent and also that he has set a deadline for march to make that decision. >> still ahead, the plans to put in another rapid transit line in denver. where you could see that new
5:33 pm
a rapid trannit line along colfax avenue may be in the works. the proposal carries a price tag of 125-$135 million.
5:34 pm
lane during peak travel times taking away a lane of traffic. the project would include 20 stops from downtown denver to the medical campus in aurora. >> there is going to be dedicated traveling much like you see right now on broadway and in adddtion to that dedicated traveling, there is going to be quicker boarding times, the bus rapid transit's will stop more frequently, every five minutes. >> local neighborhood groups are asking for feedback from residents. they are concerned about taking away a lane increasing traffic. sometimes, families need a little help to make ends meet and they have a system that has worked wonders for 32 years. as mitch reports, it involves a hero. >> reporter: they have a saying at the food bank. no one goes hungry in northern jefferson county. >> we actually serve the
5:35 pm
i were told territory is about 170 mi.2. >> this food bank turns out 100 -- 100,000,000 pounds a month. >> that is what we really need to do. help a little. if everybody helps a little, it adds up to a lot >> reporter: he helps with every program here. whether it is the future backpack program providing food to 1700 children a week -- >> there are more peppers in the back. >> reporter: or helping maintain the food pantry. >> when a client comes in, do they select the items theyy liie? >> they select. >> they get something home look at it and say i would never eat that.>> there is about 25,000 pounds a week that goes out.
5:36 pm
out the door. >> andy is there every step of the way. >> he just has a great way about waating to work and wanting to serve people and always wanting to do a little bit extra. >> he is one of the reasons the food bank was honored as the >> i'' just glad i came here need. >> that is the independent insurance agent of colorado wanting to argue as a 7-day here. >> [ cheering & applause ]>> and to learn more about the food bank, go to the denver to -- denver don't you just absolutely love this beautiful weather today is 2 higgs close to 60
5:37 pm
an interesting twist in our weather scenario over the next couple of days. today, absolutely beautiful weather. nice and quiet as it has been all day long. tomorrow, this radar will look completely different. we have a lot of snow coming in
5:38 pm
moving its way down the front range into tomorrow afternoon. at this point, our temperature is very comfortable. `9 degrees. humidity at 41% and i will windshear, 75 degrees. 57 at the airport. 44 is normal so we're kind of in between normal and the record. the record beinn 68 setback in 1970. our low at freezing right at 32 degrees. we are expecting light rainn during the game tomorrow. it looks like we would get about halfway through the game and the rain will start to move through and change over to snow as the temperature drops. the rain changes to snow and it looks like the drive home will be snowy. light snow throughout the denver area and we are expecting potentially, one to 2 inches of snow throughout the entire metro area and across the eastern plains.
5:39 pm
event but there will be troublesome -- trouble on the roadway. 49 degrees in denver. 39 for foot collins. lots of sunshine today. absolutely gorgeous. a few high clouds coming in. this is where we will start to see the rain and the snow move on and. we have one cold front coming in bringing moisture and another coming in bringing reinforced cold air. our highs only in the 30s. the cold air will settle in when the snow moves out. we have snow from steamboat back to grand junction. and then, it starts to move down. by 2 o'clock, we will start to see some foothills no and
5:40 pm
foothill snow and around denver at 6:00. you will notice when it moves in, we will see a wide coverage by 6:00 and by 10:00, it pushes follow the to he south. you will hang onto the snow a little bit longer and it will clear out through monday. our bronco planner eeps that moisture in through the latter half of the game. light rain and snowfall showing up. our temperatures tomorrow will be in the 40s during the day. 30s in the higher elevations. a rain/snow mix into the afternoon. 37 from monday afternoon. we will be back into the upper 50s by friday. 58. a great wind tomorrow would be a bright spot. %- >> yeah!
5:41 pm
>> for the championship game! >> it cannot get any better than this. the hoodie versus shanties protigi. no matter how you build it, it is a heavyweight matchup. patriots and broncos building
5:42 pm
omg! i can hardly contain my excitement. welcome to sports extra. this is it.
5:43 pm
the patriots and roncos showdown in the afc championship took 2015 chase for the championship really began january 12 and 2014 when the broncos were upset at home by the indianapolis colts. one season removed from a super bowl appearance. super bowl hangover? maybe. now these guys are trying to get back. tom brady and the pats stand in their way. the signal caller playing at home has won 11 of their 16 meetings. baltimore for the overall number one seed. brandon marshall told one of his teammates, this is the game of your life. it seems the entire team has taken it that way and sunday cannot come fast enough. >> i am just waiting. but i have been here before. i am kind of keeeing myself, this time. but at the same time, it is a
5:44 pm
>> i'm expecting their best.>> if that doesn't motivate you, you're in the wrong business. we got a chance. were supposed to go out there and get killed the sunday. were gonna go out there and play.>> debacles sent this guy to the active roster. eric macready. this video has over 135,000 views on his facebook page. he is 38 and he is a former receiver. he had 38 catches and two touchdowns during his time playing. he is an assistant coach at fairview but famous for his kick off catches at mile high. we have great story on 7 sports extra. his secret, good off-season training regimen. >> one of the big things i like to do is add a little extra weight around my tomach area so that when the ball is coming
5:45 pm
hard and fast. i -- i like to have some extra as much. >> business going to be great. we have full swing for you guys tonight. in our chase for the championship special. troy rank as well as brandon stokely and myself, lionel and orrin. in their first game since david blatt was dismissed. let's put this thing on ice. colorado slowly and steadily playing themselves into a deep, postseason push. the key to success, owning the central division. this season, 11, three and one. tonight, they host the dallas stars. last night, they got themselves a win over the division in stt louis. the blues had the only goal halfway through the contest. colorado never wavered. first, nick mckenna and.
5:46 pm
went three for three for a shoot out to decide the winner. >> we are trying to catch as many as possible. dallas was in our sides and -`whether we catch them or not, we just want to keep waiting. were in a great position.>> could it have been easy to panic and then be pissed off and find excuses to lose that game. i think the guys kept their composure and remain focused. >> the nuggets re-signed john kilpatrick. michael malone has been upset with his teams lackadaisical defensive effort. thursday, answering the bell against memphis but neither he nor nick out -- the defenss was not there. 37 points.
5:47 pm
for a team that have got to talk about playoffs. i don't even use that word. >> the nuggets host the pistons tonight. to the slopes. lindsay bond continues to break records. winning the women's downhill today and she was flying. checker out here down the mountain in 37.1 seconds. to claim a 32nd downhill when. she said she was actually 3 nervous today and she has now 174 world cup races just off the pace for the overall record. >> i would be nervous to skiing on those knees. sheedoes continues to tear it up. tt2w`t3n`&4" bt@q>o\ tt2w`t3n`&4" "a@q.c8 tt2w`t3n`&4" bm@q%h4 tt4w`t3n`&4"" dztq q[l tt4w`t3n`&4"" entq !_, tt4w`t3n`&4"" gzt& 8xt tt4w`t3n`&4"" hnt& (v8
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tt4w`t3n`&4"" jntq po
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yes we have some snow move in for the big game tomorrow. it should be about halfway through. looking good up until that point your it could be worse. just
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