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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  January 24, 2016 7:00am-7:59am MST

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a very important fork in the road. the new england patriots potentially standing in the bronco's way of the super owl. the broncos kickoff against the patriots just after 1:00. >> we have sally and jason out at the stadium looking at all the excitement and security. we're going to get a all of the in just a minute but first, we want to begin with a news alert out of denver.
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the person who shot and killed a man yesterday evening. this took place near the montebello park and ride. police say it began as an argument and escalated. the victim was shot just after getting off the bus. witnesses heard the gunshots and found the victim. >> i heard four gunshots. i asked a lady if she heard them. she said somebody just got shots. >> police say they are still working to identify their suspect and they're not sure if it's more than one shooter or not. i am dayle cedars. >> and i am eric lupher. just five hours until kickoff. >> this is eric's shine. sunglasses on the broncos
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think we should keep it on the set year-round. >> you think so? >> here is the sad thing. you're going to need your sunglasses while you are tailgating but by the end of the gamecock more make sure you have a hat -- and of the game but make sure you have a hat. out on the eass coast, let's show you that radar. we are going to show you exactly how much snow they got. it's quiet today but we are excited the game is here and not at foxboro. dry across the metro and the planes in colorado but there is no. this system will move in and we will deal with some wet weather throughout the afternoon. more than a foot of snow to the
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it will make travel a little difficult because of some of the gusty winds. you never want to hear the word wind when we talk about the broncos. but that could be a factor through the game. right now. we are cooling just a little bit. it's quite a bit colder in greeley and teens in the high country. the warm up today is still going to take us where we should be but not as nice as yesterday. noon 450, i have 460. clouds are going to increase as thh day goes on. we do have a chance of windy conditions at time. it looks like the rain snow mix will hold off until the second half of the game but pack your wet weather gear. people on the east coast are just starting to dig out from more than 40 inches of
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the snow finally stopped falling around 10 pm last night. this massive snowstorm is now blame for more than 12,000 car accidents and 19 deaths. new york city coming off a 12 hour travel them. the governor was out helping stranded motorist get moving. the big apple got nearly 27 inches of snow, most it has seen since 1869. parts of the new jersey shore pushed monster waves onto sure. airlines are still trying to recover but they say there will be ripple effects into tomorrow with more cancellations likely. some 49 flights from dia a canceled and 3400 across the nation are closed for tomorrow. an olympic gold
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honored in today's game but she is stuck in baltimore. she posted this picture of the snow outside her hotel. time for the chase for the championship. you can almost feel the excitemenn. you can see live this morning. >> the stadium was lit up bright and early even at 5 am tehran as i was driving to work. broncos mania is here. kickoff is earlier today. 1:05 pm nd aal of this in hopes of winning the afc title in getting another shot at the lombardi trophh. we have already seems hands of their gearing up. >> reporter: it's d-day and right before that comes tailgating.
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on colfax of all these they let -- the lot is closed but they have been at mile high since yesterday. obviously, they are sleeping in their vans but they have been out here making sure hey don't lose out on theii spot. for some, it's a tradition and for others it's all about superstition.>> figured if we did all the same things again, it will be good news. >> reporter: some plans are up bright and early. checking out the scene but the lot is closed and will open at 8 am. >> she is ready with her orange gloves. `> broncos fans are some of the best in the nfl and you have proven that by sending us all
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>> this little guy predicting a broncos win. >> than this little girl and her broncos cheerleading outfit. and horses getting into the act -- the action. >> with all the hype surrounding today's game, there is always a concern of safe day -- a safety. >> expected -- expect extra security. we have a look aa that and whht you need to know to makeeyour day as smooth as possible.>> reporter: under six hours to kick off. i have a few things you need to know if you're coming out to the stadium. if you haveegotten your tickets yet, it's not too late. there are still some tickets available online.'s the
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stuu hub. parking lots are not open yet but they will open. all parking lots will open at 8 am. that's earlier because of the earlier kickoff. finally, as you mentioned, security for those fans that may be new to the game, their first game of the season metal detectors will be available at every home game so far. the nfl bag policy will be's in effect. one clear gallon bag is a you can bring with you. you can bring a blanket as well because it will be into the 40s and clouds according to role in. as always, the team is asking all these fans to come to the gates a little earlier than usual because they are
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just to make sure everybody gets through security safe and sound.'s we will have much more in a little bit. i am jason run our -- grenhauer. it won't be long until at mile high. they can feel your anticipation building. we got a chance to talk to these broncos a couple days ago. for some it's a repeat of 2013 but a lot of these guyy weren't big contributors. like brandon marshall who was on the jaguars practice squad in 2012. this is his first taste of the big time.
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opportunity and with about six >> you can feel the energy. it's something special. i think everybody is ready. we were just talking about it in the meeting room. we're just excited. this is the biggest game of your life. i think we all feel the energy and it's definitely something special. >> don't overanalyze. let the players do their best. that's our approach. at the best possible position but that -- but let them play. >> this is the fifth postseason meeting between broncos and patriots. the pats haven't won a game since 2006 ii the playoffs against denver. peyton manning well give his thoughts later this morning. >> we are so glad you're not
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this game. >> thank you for talking about my athletic abilitt but i can get the job done. >> let's just hope manning gets the job done. denver seven has continuing coverage of today's game from ticket security and that chaps. we also have some really cool extras on and the denver chancel app. we have exclusive secrets to the broncos soundtrack. also find out what peyton manning has on his pregame playlist. an avalanche may have
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here is a live look at air tracker seven of sports authority field. who is ready for the big game? 1:05 pm, the broncos taking on the patriots. we have all you need to know to get you ready for the game. of your forecast and just a little bit but first, let's get to our sunday mornings it -- news. a sad development for the family of a hiker who disappeared on st. mary's glacier. todd musselman was found buried avalanche area. he disappeared last saturday. parker police are hoping you can find -- help them find three people who may have been trying to kidnap a young boy. they're not officially calling it an objection by the boy was
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a park -- jola park. three men got out of a truck. the boys are nervous and walked away and said one of the men followed him.>> usually we walk separately in my go first to meet my friends and he comes after me. >> i think when i walk out the door i think i will keep a look % behind me a little bit.>> as the boy walked faster, he says all three got back into the truck, revved the engine and took off. parker police say it's an older % truck with an open ddor and they were missing passenger- ssde window. all the details on the denver authorities are fanned out across california looking for three escaped inmates. they came up with an elaborate escape plan that included rappelling from the roof of the
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their crimes range from kidnapping and torture to attempted murder. this is likely the first successful escape from that jail. ahead at the broncos matchup against the pass but first, that first alert weather. >> what is ever want to know? what's going to happen during the game.
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field at mile high this morning. lights are on, people are lined
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air tracker seven live in the sky. those banners have been up all year. von miller is going to have to play a good game today. the linebackers really have to play good. we know brady will be throwing to linebackers. they've been stepping it up all year. it's going to be nice for the first half, but then things could change in the second half. >> before the weather takes the change, enjoy your tailgating. this is from sports authority field looking toward downtown. it looks nice. clear skies and you think it's going to be a gorgeous day. we are going to see some changes, it's not going to be warble so don't blame me for
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afternoon. right now, if you're heading to the stadium and i know a lot of people are going early, temperatures in the teens and 20s. boulder is a little warmer at country. tennyson and alamosa very cold with temperatures below zero. to window at 200. here is how the day plays out. we are going to warm to where we should be for this time of year. hitting 460 by about 1:00 but between then and 1:00 could pick up a little rain. i will show you that now are other forecast but by 5:00, we are going to be looking for some snow. by the end of the game, we are going to have some wet weather so make sure you pack your wet weather gear to keep dry. looking for low to mid 40s across the front range. 466 in denver and quite a bit warmer in the southeast corner.
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into the 50s. lamar may reached near 600. we already have snow off to the west. it's going to continue throughh the day and between 2:00 and area. that is going to continue the second half of the game, even through sunday night. it's going to get heavier as you sleep sunday nightt heavier snow and a little snow monday morning. some light snow through the day on monday and now temperatures are going to take a tumble. monday, 370. they good news is it does look like the first half of the day is going to stay dry. we see a little rain snow mix through the second half of tte game.
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press -- probably less than a half inch but gusting wwll make it feel cold. >> in case you have been asleep the past week, today s a big day here in denver. playing the pats for the afc title.
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jahmai webster with us. 3 it has been fun the last few weeks. >> the excitement is building.>> reporter: both of you are pumped. chasing the championship. no bigger stakes for these to future hall of famer's with peyton manning and tom brady
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bowl l. will modes patriots versus broncos. but the quarterbacks continue to grabbed the headlines. the best to quarterbacks of the last decade and a half meeting for probably the last time. brady has won 11 of the 16 meetings against manning. all the numbers, all the stats will not determine who wins this afternoon. peyton and tom talked earlier this week about facing each other again. boring answer. it's the colts first the patriots and now it's the broncos first the patriots but all i can say about tom brady is that he plays the position the way it is supposed to be played. within playing some times is pretty cool -- cool. especially those peyton manning led teams.
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>> a lot of players have called tom brady a whiner and eric mmght even agree he is a crybaby complaining to the rest after every play. antonio brown use the word earlier this week. the new york music that and ran with it. tom was asked if he was a crybaby to the rest. >> i would love them to throw flags on the defenders. that's just part of football. whoever wins will be decided on the field on a social media site. >> he is a great hall of fame quarterback. we just have to go play football. >> reporter: if you wanted to send a message this week, do it through us. derek wolfe took complete when he took the podium. he has turned himself into an
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being drafted by the broncos in 2012. he has seen quite a bit of the pats but says even though he respects them, his animosity hasn't lessened. >> i hate everything aboutt them. they are always n my ay. it's a pretty good rivalry at this point as much as we have played. >> do you hatt the patriots? >> dry hate the patriots? no, i dislike the patriots. hate is a strong word. >> love is also a strong word. downtown, thousands turned out on orange friday to show their united in orange for the cause -- they are united in orange for the cause. plenty of people out there to 3 support and plenty of broncos
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it's 7:30 am. it's time for a look at the top in his. first, denver police are looking for the gunman who killed a man near a park and ride in montebello. witnesses heard several gunshots rang 5:00 last night. the victim was shot just after getting off the bus. police say there was some kind of argument beforehand.
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coast are digging out from under 40 inches of snow. this blizzard now plane for 19 deaths and has created widespread travel problems and power outages. this now finally stopped falling just after 10:00 last night local time. wind wreaked havoc along the jersey shore pushing massive amounts of water a short. several areas still under a state of emergency. making news out of alaska. a magnitude 7.1 earthquake morning. usgs shows that uick waa the largest of three that hit this southwest of anchorage. that the bottom left -- that blue dot in the bottom left. thank you for spending north from a morning with us. >> we are decked out in our orange and blue.
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sports authority field. those gates open a pretty soon and they are going to be filled. those parking lots will have excited fans ready for the game and everyone wants to know the dry weather will stick around for the game pick -- game. as you look at your radar, the pacific moisture moving into the west half of the state, central mountains getting some of it in the western slope, try across denver but the snow is going to move our way am likely to affect the second half of your game. this morning, is quite.'s we have quite a few clouds over -- it is quiet. we have a few clouds up over the field. 3 rainouts 290. hour warm up will take us into the mid-40s at noon. 460 is the high at kickoff. weere not goinn to have much sunshine.
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clouds threat the day, gusty winds at times and it looks like the seeond half could be picking up some rain showers and even a little rain snow mix. no major accumulation. about a half inch of ssow. i know you are really excited about today's game. that feeling is widespread across the area. united in orange, we started coverage at mile high. >> reporter: eric, it's d-day and before the game, there comes tailgating. righttnow, there is a lot of tailgaters on colfax waiting to come into the open last. some dedicated fans onto my right. halfhearted you drive just to be here? >> 444 miles from albuquerque,
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>> reporter: mur standing out here in hopes of getting an autograph? >> yes, we're hoping to get peyton manning's autograph for my grandson who is 12 years old. >> reporter: than i have utah over here. >> i turned 17 yesterday. >>reporter: you are not getting him a gift? >> thii is the gift. >> reporterr to go to the super bowl? >> that will be the best gift ever. >> we are trying to get peyton manning's signature for his birthday. >> reporter: and we have some super fans here. he is very optimistic. you said you are already making plans in san francisco? >> i have been making plans for a broncos fan headquarters in san francisco. we are heading that way. optimistic. tailgaters will be able to came in at 8:00 would say open the
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>> you've got to love his laugh. >> look t the field. so exciting to see that. security at sports authority field is a top priority for the game. colorado's homeland security says they are working with local law enforcement and threats. >> we have jason looking at that part of those story today. what we need to know? >> reporter: i just spoke to members of the police department. theyyssy because it's such a big game, there will be more of them. more of a police presence on hand throughout both the tailgate lots, inside the stadium, etc.'s make sure you know a coople things. number one, just as they started at the beginning of the season, everyone will have to go through one of these. have metal detectors installedd at each one of the gates.
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metal objects. that's just to keep yourself safe. the gates all the way up there is greatly fans obviously will go. the team is ask -- asking fans to come a little early. gates open two hours before kickoff. all the lots are opening at 8 am. that's an hour early because of the 105 1:05 pm -- 1:05 pm kickoff. whether you are watching at home or at the game, we want to see your broncos pride. put on your orange and blue to show your support and post your pictures on facebook or twitter and you may even see yourself here with the #broncospride. lindsay von claimed another
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the veil made it won the -- in italy yesterday finishing the course and 31.7 seconds. with that, she has down won 74 world cup races. turning to the race for the white hhuse. michael bloomberg maybe getting ready to throw his hat in the ring as an in the patent. many have it -- as an independent. many have speculated he would enter the race but the public doesn't know much about him. donald trump is stirring theepot once again. it is no secret trump is confident in his standing in the race. he is confident there is support numbers. >> why people are so smart. in the polls say i have the `ost loyal people.
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fifth avenue and shoots emily and wouldn't lose any voters. >> that came during a speech in iowa, now just a week before the caucuses. this marco rubio who just picked up the endorsement of iowa's largest paper, then the mind -- the des moines reporter. according to a new cnn poll, bernie sanders is now just ahead of hillary clinton in iowa. sanders has 51% compared to clinton's 43%. that's a change from december's numbers which had clinton nearly 20 points ahead. sanders has lso overtaken clinton in new hampshire. major roads are a major discussion in today's politics ddscussion. >> coming up on politics unplugged, the directtr of cdot tells us where the money is going to come from. >> everything else goes up over
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inflation. >> that, plus political laughs on political unplugged -- politics unplugged. it's noww7:39 am and very few can say they have personally made sure thousands
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7:42 am. the jumbotron gives me goosebumps. i am a ridiculous broncos fan. i'm supposed to be in the middle as a journalist. >> not when it comes to the broncos. you do not have to root for the patriots just because you're a journalist unless you live in boston but here, it's broncos country and we are so excited. there's a lot of fans out there waiting about 17 minutes for the gates to open. it's 7:43 am and sometimes families need help at the end of the month to make ends meet. >> in arvada that have -- in
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has worked for years. >> reporter: they have a saying at the arvada community food bankk no one goes hungry and more than jefferson county. >> we actually serving more than jefferson county area so our total territories about 100 mi.2. >> reporter: this food bank turns out 1,000,000 pounds of food each month to those in need thanks to volunteers like %- amy fitzpatrick. >> if everyone helps a little, it helps a lot. >> reporter: and the has served -- andy has served here for nearly 7 years helping with every program whether it's the feeding the future backpack program that proviies food to 1700 children a week -- >> there are more peppers in the back. put all the yellowing here. >> reporter: or helping maintain the food pantry, or they will get to shop for their families. >> when a client comes in, today select what they like or do you build a box for them?>> they select.
7:36 am
saying i will never at that.>> there's about 25,000 pounds of food a week that goes out to them. there's a lot of food going out the door for clients in need. >> reporter: and andy is there every step of the way. >> he has a great way of wanting to work in serve people and always wanting to do a little extra. >> reporter: he is one reason the food bank was nominated as the arvada nonprofit of the year of 2015.>> there is a %- tremendous need. >> reporter: we wanted to honor you for all your hard work -- hard work here at the food center. >> reporter: for more information, go to and click on the community section and our 7 everyday heroes. the huge blizzard that hit the east coast is causing %- problems from jordan -- georgia to new york but ne residenn doesn't seem to have a care in the world. 3
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across colorado, yesterday was so warm we were talking about temperatures mean warmer. today, we are going the other way. it's going to be quite a bit
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it's cold outside.
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november. i am jim nance. was at a good impression? >> i love it. it was amazing. >> live over sports authority field at mile high. broncos-patriots. i want to go to the game now but we have other news. 7:48 am. today, police departments across the area are kicking off -- week hoping to educate people about the danger of leaving your car running when you're not in its. you can get a ticket for our as you come on and find yourrcar is gone along with getting that ticket. just don't leave your car. the easttcoast certainly doesn't need any help with snow but snow didn't stop these two
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photos taken. look how cute they are. they braved dismounting dc to get these awesome photos. they say they actually wanted a snowy photo shoot so this % turned out to be the perfect opportunity. they are getting married later this year. hopefully there will be another wedding. how about a cute alert. this is the pin at the national zoo. >> you have probably seen this on social media. it's adorable. 264 pound tian tian having a great time in the snow. this has been shared way too much on facebook but i love it.>> you can't get enough of that. in number, at the stadium, maybe a half inch and thht will give us a little time through
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that won't even before the game today. the high country, still not 2 feet of snow but about a foot in the northern mountains. is higher elevations looking for 4-8 inches. at 9:00, you can still see clouds across i 25 but we are looking at seeing that's non- the western slope moving in to the mountains through the day. at kickoff, things looking decent and try. by 2:30 pm, look at this rain snow mix by 2:00 and 3:00 and as we inch closer to 5:00, that's where we will be looking for that snow to move in. second half of the game, have something to keep you dry. overnight, the snow is going to increase and we are looking for heavier snow in the southern half of the metro area.
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into monday morning and events start to clear out but even midday on monday, we could pick up some light snow in number. then, there are those clear skies as we head into tuesday. it looks gorgeous right now. this is our camera on top of sports authority field. we are looking toward downtown. beautiful skies those clouds really increase as the day goes on. those heading to the tailgate when they open in 10 minutes, it will be slightly below freezing. castle rock is at 390. parker, 410. by 1:00, 460 with a slight does look like it may hold off until about 3:00 and then we are looking for that rain snow mix through the afternoon and evening.'s this is kickoff -- this is kickoff. parker, you're going to top out at 470.
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possible. thhs could affect your commute, time. 870 is a high but a nice warm the 50s. remember, the 50s this time of should be. 440 is our average high. i know a lot of people are saying of course it falls on the broncos game but it's football. >> but guess what, i am hooing you are dead wrong with your forecast. and the storm comes later than it'sssupposed to. we want nice weather for the whole game. >> we are going to have some gusty winds as well. >> stop being so negative. >> owen daniels even said he didn't forecast the winds last weekend and i said he is correct. this time, i join him saying
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i'm livv at sports authority field. the sun is up and the fans are here. they are ready for the broncos kickoff at 1:05 pm. parking lots opening and all the tailgate festivities getting underway. gates open at 11:00. keep in mind, extra security. you will have to go through the metal detectors. these fans are ready. even me police are getting into his. they are going to keep everybody safe but they are here for the big matchup. the weather is not too bad right now. it might go downhill a little but for now you can't really >> jason and sally both have i want hose.
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>> this is leroy. i named him last week. i think that's the luck that got them through. so we're going to continue to bring leroy to the set. i'm a little hot. >> reporter: last night, we had hour chase from the championship special. our guests offered some of their keys to the game. >> they need to make some explosive games, play the sharp passing game uptight. make the patriots through the ball upfield. hit him and hh's not the same quarterback. >> again, chris harris needs to be healthy. can he jam with julian edelman? they have to tackle weel with gronkowski. >> how important will it be for patent not to turn the ball over? >> we can't have it in this game.
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when this crew is together healthy, the patriots were undefeated. >> 27-24 manning drives them down with a minute left to demaryius thomas is my prediction. >> i think they're going to win 20-17. >> i agree with tryy 20-17 broncos. >> i don't want to wait to the
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