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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  January 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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championship. we have sally mendo and stadium looking at the excitement and the security and he is in the studio with us. he is so pumped up. he is reviewing the ga good morning, everyone. thank you for being with us this morning. denver seven.
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bronco sunday and we have a few hours away until kickoff. i set this off -- i added the bronco phone thing. >> i love it. >> i think this is the best -`news said endeavor right now. >> it is amazing. i have got it on the facebook page. this is live. we are doing it live, so i'm getting you in on everywhere. i'm going to move to the weather center and let's talk about what is taking place. here we go. we are watching to the wwather center and yyu are going to see we have rain and snow in the high country right now. that is going to move into the metro aaea, in just a little bit. it is going to take us some time before we see that snow moving in. it is going to be in the afternoon, so we are starting off with dry additions and quite a bit of sunshine here in denver. that is the good news. we have clouds on the eastern plains but the snow is making its way into the metro area and
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half of the game. here is how the planner plays out, temperatures warming pretty nicely, and you can ignore that 52. that should be 42. 46 at one clocks so at kickoff, right where we are going to be. a mix of sun and clouds at that point but the clouds increase, looking for rain showers in the second half of the game. that is going to be turning to snow and this is not going to be major accumulation. this is going to be very light. the snow is going to pick up overnight and it could affect the morning commute on monnay but we're going to breaa down back in day forecast hour by hour and show you what you can expected a little bit. >> people on the east coast are starting to dig out from under 40 inches of snow in some areas. the snow finally stopped falling around 10:00 last niggt. blamed for 19 deaths, more than 12,000 flight cancellations, and countless car accidents. washington dc is pretty much at a standstill this morning. city, coming off of 12 our
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governor himself with out helping motorists get moving. the big apple got nearly 27 inches of snow, the most since 1869. parts of the new jersey shore are flloded as wind driven the monster waves push that water sure. if you have a flight today or tomorrow, he will check ahead because airlines are trying to recover but they say that there will be ripple effects into tomorrow with more cancellations likely. right now 49 flights from dia are canceled today and 3 to 20 are canceled nationwideefor one person who is noted right now is colorado's on amy vandyke and he 11th gold medalist who was supppsed to be honored during the broncos game at halftime -- he cannot get here. she is stuck in baltimore until tomorrow at the earliest. she posted the picture of the snow outside of her hotel on instagram and you can see the -- see there is a big storm. time for the chase for the championship. you can almost feel the excitement. i have been a little crazy. >> it is all good. >> my excitement. >> it is game day.
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>> i get a free the stadium lit up this morning. >> it was bright and early, at 5:00, the lights on. the broncos kickoff against the patriots at a 1:05 of winning the afc title and getting a shot of the lombardi trophy. sally matos is live out there in the sunshine, chhlly temperature and you have a lot of fans there ith you. >> reporter: absolutely. take a look at this. these fans are lining up, waiting for the broncos to walk by so that they can hopefully get a picture or an autograph from one of the players. right across, justtright across is where the patriots are coming in but they are going to come in with a buzz and we have one patriot fan out here but he is outnumbered. very outnumbered not a lot of fans but these are some dedicated fans out here because these ladies are freaking cold. what brings you out here? >> to watch peyton manning from
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>> all the way. >> reporter: are you hoping to get an autograph? >> i hope so. to sign this jersey. >> reporter: he is not coming that way. >> i hope that we can waive him down to bring him over. >> reporter: hopefully you can do a lot of screaming out here. i know that they were dashed before we went live, we hope that gets his attention. we will have all eyes on you and we told you that that was closed at 8:00 and it is open. we can definitely smell the barbecue and let me tell you something. i know that you talked about the chance of it snowing today. and i am going to be superstitious. the last time it snowed, we beat the patriots so i don't know -- maybe this time -- it will happen again. i don't know. >> i agree with you. the weather is goinggto be similar to the last time we played them and so, if you are superstitious at all, that is a good thing. >> [ laughter ] >> you are going to like me instead of the people cursing me later.
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that is all it is.. peyton manning deserves to go and he is going to go. and that is the end of it. >> [ laughter ] >> thank you. we appreciate you being out there with all of the diehard 3 fans early on. >> broncos fans are some of the best in the nfl. proving that by sending us all your broncos a pride pictures. >> keep thee coming and take a 3 look at some of the latest ones we have god. he is taking a video and both of them are predicting a bronccs win ffr today aad we agree with the little man. >> this adorable little girl all decked out in her broncos cheerleading outfit and even horses getting in on the 3 action. she sent this photograph and we love it. thank you. keeping the horse warm. >> i'm going with number 2. with all of the hype and find surrounding the game, there is always the concern of safety. >> you can expect to see extra security at the stadium. jason ran our joins us with a look at that and what you need to know to make your day as smooth as possible. >> reporter: we are actually awaiting the arrival of the new engllnd patriots as well as
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barricaded. there is added event security. they are all excited maybe not for the away team to get here eventually. if you are coming to the stadium, dental police tell me that they are going to have more officers out and about to keep you safe. they are treating this like a regular normal game day and that is why every family comes through is going to have to go through a metal detector. they have been in place since the start of the season. pretty simple what you have to phones, cameras and any items. you can keep your keys but go to the gates early. the gates will open starting at the only thing you can bring with you are the facts, clear bags hat they sell in the team store or ziploc bags to bring in your items. if you want to bring a blanket, it is gorgeous our right now but you might need one so be safe out there as this big game officially kicks off. we are a couple of hours away
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i know that you are. >> that is what it's not -- it sounds like in the stadium. >> that is our impression. >> the man is here. a big game. >> that's right. >> a huge game. >> i am here to quarterback this does as we talked about earlier. >> inside the studio. on the field, we will let peyton manning to that. `> i can hardly contain my excitement and i am so pumped as everybody here in broncos country is. this is that. we find ourselves at the summit, staring at the patriots and broncos showdown and the afc championship in our faces. it really began on january 12 and 2014 when the broncos were up at home in the division rounded off the playoffs by the indianapolis colts. one season removed from the super bowl appearance. hangover? it may bee now these guus are trying to get back. tom brady in the pages stand in the way and the brady manning `ivalry, calling it playing at home has won 11 of their 16 is
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one seed. linebacker brandon marshall told a teammate that this is the game of your life. seems the entire team has taken it that way and at 1:05 pm this afternoon, it cannot come fast enough. >> i am like a bald excitement and just waiting but i have been hearing before. i am keeping yself calm this topic i am a little bit older. it is a big game and we need to get to the game that we are trying to get to. >> i know what the situation as. i know he atmosphere is going to be. i played in the playoff game last year and when this year. i am not going to -- i am going to expect the best because i know they're trying to the to the super bowl. >> if that don't motivate you -- yoo are in the wrong business. we're supposed to go out there and killed this sunday which is funny to me. just go and play business and that is why you play the game. >> the patriots have not won a playoff game since 2006 annual hear from the playoff winning quarterback and hhs thoughts on
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>> a lot of the pundits are picking the patriots.. >> i can't even listen to the analyst. >> [ laughter ] >> i was so angry coming into work listening to the radio. >> you heard cj anderson amendments why you play the game and we will see how it plays out. >> they are going to do it. we played -- we are going to come out. targett >> there you go. we have got thunder with the side effects. >> that was a racing horse. >> we want him running around the field because that means again. >> i have got my running shoes >> running on the field. stay warm out there, and denver seven has continuing coverage behind the scenes. all of it is on the app and we have a complete injury broncos grades coming back as honorary captains and some
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broncos soundtrack as well as peyton manning's personal pregame picks so it is pretty cool and check it out. at 10 minutes after 9:00 and we breaking news on the campus. anyone walking around should be vigilant and we will explain.
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denver 7 news is brought to let's go places. welcome back, everyone. 13 minutes after 9:00 and there is a look at sports authority field. it is stilllrelatively quiet as we speak right now but there are already a lot of fans out there, and sally is ive along with jason and we are going to join them throughout the newscast for the next 45
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pumps, with the blue and orange on and we will have more on the broncos game as well as forecast. we want to the to breaking news for you this morning. there has been another report of a man forcibly fondling someone at do you pick up universitt sent out a tweet at 3:00 this morning warning students about attack that took the onny description is a man wearing a black hoodie. it is not clear if there's any connection to a similar incident that took place on wednesday nights. that is when the man forcibly touched the student near high street and wesley avenue and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest information throughout the morning. we have another news alert. % this is out of denver, police searching for the person who shot and killed a man yesterday evening. this took place near the rtd shopping center parking lot, beginning with an argummnt and escalated. the victim was shot just after %-
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and came running and that is police say that they are working to identify the suspectt if it was one shooter or possibly more. that you can help them find three people that they say may young boy. attempted did -- abduction but they say the boy was waiting for the buzz near hollow park early on friday morning and three men pulled up in a truck and got out. the boy got nervous and walked away. %- he says one of the men followed him. the kids are taking extra precautions. >> going with your. usually we walk separately. i go first to be my friends and then he comes after me. >> i think on monday, when i walk out the dooo, i think i -`will probably keep a look behind me and look around a little bit. >> as the boy walked faster away from the man he says that all three got back in the truck, revved the engine and took off. parker police said the truck is an older model of four door with an open bed and tinted windows. it was dirty but maybe silver on the lower half in the passenger side mirror is missing. suspect described as middle- aged man with dark here. details are on authorities are across southern california looking for escaped inmates. police say that the three men
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escape plot which includee repot -- rappelling from the roof of the jail. both are considered armed and dangerous and their crimes range from kidnapping and torture to attempted murder. this is likely the first successful escape from that jail. 9:15 am and more ahead --
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welcome back, everybody, a look at 70 at bandpass. look at the bright sunshine. the roadways clear from all of the snow. traffic is running fine.
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buyer for the 1:00 game, you highway. >> exactly. the further west you go, you will run into snow and when the snow that we are eeing on the western slope. it is moving in a relatively shortly. it is going to make its way down here into the metro area. this is not panic mode, everyone. no reason to freak out just yet yes. we have a chance for wet weather for the second half of the broncos game. 3 tailggte should be dry anddthat is the good news. looking at satellite and radar you can see the snow to the west but notice the nice big dan of clear skies through the central portion of the state. there are clouds on the eastern plains. mountains do have some winter weather advisories in place. we could be looking at anywhere
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locations. it is always great to see for the resorts and fantastic news when it comes to the snowpack. taking you through the futurecast, showing you when that snow is going to make its way down heee but look at this shot from sports authority field, looking towards downtown, and you can see that % it really is a great start to still a little bit chilly so, yes, we have got the sunshine for you. 36 degrees endeavor, 37 boulder, them out as we have teens and 20s and gunnison was below 0. yoo are now at 0. look at this. colorado springs at 41 degrees. the denver 36 -- where do we go? by kickoff, 46 degrees, should be dry at kickoff but between start picking up some rain flash snow mix and that will turn to snow later on in -- and the game.
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hour. the highs that you are seeing are closer to about 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. for denver, 46, boulder 42, warmer temperatures in the southeast, 50s and you might top off at 60 degrees. and the high country, a little bit mild, temperatures for you as you are going to be near freezing. eagle at 32 and frisco looking for a high of 30. looking at the futurecast, you will notice that the snow is west until about 2:00, 3300 and that is here we see a little bit of it up moving into the metro area, rain flash snow mix at that point and you will notice that the rain is shifting to the southeast corner and we are looking for snow to continue. light snow for the game. overnight tonight, some of that snow will pick up in intensity and that could give us a few inches by early tomorrow morning for yoor commute. get a break first thing monday morning and a slight chance that we might see some flurries ttrough midday before it so nicely and by monday night, we are looking for those clear skies. monday, however, it is going to be colder, 37 degrees. once his system pushes out, we `re back for another warm-up so last week, remember that we had for the week, hitting the 50s.
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go towards neck changes on saturday and sunday but it looks like the temperatures are dropping just a little bit we will breekdown the forecast and a little bit and show you how it is going to play out hour by hour. for those going to the game, you are sitting at home. enjoy it. >> i feel bad for those who have no care in the world of football and they do not like it. >> thhy are stuck with listening to us all day? >> they are pumped up and -- some people don't like football. what can you do? >> even if you don't like football, you have to get excited, about our home town. >> broncos country. the broncos face off against the patriots for the afc title and we are talking about it all morning..
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welcome back.
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webster is back with us. what have you got? >> hand warmer. keeping your hands nice and warm. >> he is the quarter by. for our newsroom -- >> he has the luck. >> you can be the quarterback. >> i appreciate it because we know that i rrn the show. seriously. 3 >> keep thinking that. >> i agree. >> thank you. championship. finally i get some agreeing. no bigger stage for two future hall of fame quarterback to do battle in the afc temperature -- the winter -- super boww bound and we now it is patriots versus broncos -- not manning versus brady 17th of the quarterbacks grab the headlines. 3 best signal callers of the last decade and a half meeting for the 17th time, likely the last. the statistics, brady won 11 of 16 above brady is only 6 and 8 %- against the broncos, 2 and 6
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38 but the numbers, all of the statistics will not determine who wins. they talked earlier about facing each other again. >> i have always kind of giving it the answer -- it is the colts versus the patriots and the broncos versus the patriots but all i can say about tom brady is that he lays the position the way it is supposed >> i think that playing someone 17 times is pretty cool so especially somebody as great as him to lay against those peyton manning led teams -- you have to play 60 minutes and you are in for a tough game. >> a lot of the players have called tom brady a wider and a crybaby, complaining to the referees after every play. he did it in the first game and broncos defensive lineman antonio smith used the crybaby word earlier this week. had a field day and took it and ran wwth it. tom was asked if he is a crybaby to the referees.
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on the defenders absolutely advancing the team so that is part of football. >> whoever is going to win the game is decided on the field on sunday, not on a social media site. >> at the end of the day, hall of fame quarterback for he has got to go out and play football and try to be them. >> if you want to send a message this week, of course, you can do it through us. members of the media. check this out broncos defensive end derek wolf took opporrunity to speak when he took the podium earlier this week. the wolfman has turned himself into an anchor on the broncos defensive line. you can hear it when he makes a sack and since being drafted in 2012, and he has seen quite a bit of the pages although he says he respects them. the animosity has not lessened and a. >> everything about it -- they are always in my way. they arr always in my way to get what i want it is actually creating -- i would say it is a good rivalry at this point. as much as we have played and back-and-forth games.
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>> do you hate the patriots? >> [ laughter ] but do i hate % the patriots? i dislike the patriots. hate is a strong word now, love is also a strong word we saw plenty this week of the practice country playoffs rally downtown. thousands turned out on orange friday to show they are united in orange for this play of call -- cause. that is that have a brand -- %- backing that they say they will need today. 1:05 pm, broocos-patriots, the chance for the temperature, hoping to earn the afc title for the first time since -- [ laughter ] -- 2013. >> i cannot even contain >> we are never going to do this ever again. >> i don't know how you are able to keep a straight face. we are taking pictures. >> i like this luuk. another two weeks. tto more weeks because the super bowl, i know that you will be bringing out all of
9:26 am
>> i am actually -- i will haae to buy some stuff and he makes me look like i am not even a bronccs fan. >> i like that hairstyle. >> let me just -- thank you for that -- >> we appreeiate that. >> the commentary. >> hopefully we can do it again. >> two more weeks. get ready for that. >> we continue broncos coverage by from the stadium. if you have not had in that -- enough already. a look at thh seaach for a
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%- first at home denver police are looking for the gunman who
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montebello and witnesses heard gunshots around 5:00 last night. the victim was shot after police say that they were some kind of argument before hand and if you have information, contact police. this morning some folks on the east coast are digging out from underneath a lot of snow. this blizzard is blamed for 19 deaths and it has created widespread travel problems as well as power outages. the snow stopped falling after 10:00 last night local time. in addition to the snow, the wind wreaked havoc along the jersey shore. it pushed massive amounts of water ashore, bringing back some bad memories from sandy. several areas are under a state of emerggncy. breaking news from alaska, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rattled the state early this morning. the usgs showed that it was the largest of three that hit this morning about 160 miles southwest of anchorage. many people reported feeling the earthquake but there does
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you can see the blue dot where thank you for spending your sunday. >> we are so excited to havee you here with us because we are getting you through the top stories that you need to know. we are having a lot of fun on this unday morning as we get game. let's go into the weather because it is very important when it comes to game time. we have got a mix of sun and clouds, a look at the sports look? they were testing out the fire right there next to the horse. now that we are looking at it, they are not doing it again. they were testing it out. you could see it. they were lighting off fireworks and it is so exciting to see. we are going to be rocking later on. the game time is, of course, 1:00. let's take you through that ann show you what you need to know. if you're going to the game,
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at kickoff. not bad. tailgating should be pleasant, mix of sunshine and clouds but the clouds are going to increase anddabout 2:00, 3:00, of rain. the rain is unforttnately going to be the downside becauss that sure yyu have sommthing that can keep you dry if you are sitting out for the game. three second half, rain showers are going to turn to snow. it should be very light as far less than half inch during gametime but you will notice the temperatures are going to 36 degrees at 5:00. it . if you are not going to begin, the temperatures are still going to be the same for you. you dd have the chance for some of that snow. we are taking you to the futurecast because not only do we have the chance for snow tonight but also tomorrow morning at that will affect a lot of people for the morning commmte. if you are going to the game or watching it at home, we want to see the broncos pride of as the broncos push for the super bowl. you need to put on your orange and blue to show support, post pictures on facebook or twitter with thee#broncos pride and you may see yourself on our air like you see right here. look at the dog and the nice
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our two lighted and four like it france all get involved which is excitinn. 9:34 am and we are moving on to another hometown favorite, lyndsay bahn claimed herself another record 31-year-old native won the downhill in italy yesterday completed the course in a crazy fast 37.1 seconds, and look at how excited she has. with that, she has won 74 world cup races. -`>> that is impressive. >> unbelievable. >> turning to the race for the white house, former mayor michael bloomberg may be gettinggready to throw his hat in the ring as an independent. many have speculated for years that he would run in this election but the thing is, some say that he is only well-known and political circles and in new york the general public does not know much about him. in the meantime donald trump is stirring the pot once aggin. no secret that he is confident in his standing in the
9:32 am
nothing that he can do to -- to hurt his support numbers. >> my people are so smart and do you know what else they say? the poll say i have the most loyal people. i can stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody >> that came during a speech in iowa, just a week before the donald trump isslocked in a battle for first place in the cruz but marco rubio picked up >> on theedemocrat side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to jockey for first place there. according to a new cnn or poll hillary clinton. he has 51 support compared to the clintons 43% and that is a change from december's numbers which had hillary clinton 20 points ahead. sanders has overtaken hillary clinton in new hampshire. you out live to sports
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minute it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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welcome back. 9:38 am and we're back with unbelievable little puppies. this one is giving me kisses. from dan came rehoming. three awesome puppies. tell us about them. >> this is denise, and she has got these amazing expert this is her brother, dunhill. >> good names protect little terrier mixes that came to us as lab mixes but i am thinking no. probably not this is lady. issues a beautiful dog. amax. >> they are so cute. >> she has siblings back at the ranch. she is about four or five months old. these little guys are nine weeks or 10 weeks old, ot very big. >> how big will they get? >> maybe 15 pounds. >> okay. >> they could be 30.
9:35 am
>> 15 until 30 pounds. >> how about that? and today i understand that there is a huge game -- most important to all of us. they are going to be at an adoption event. >> good. >> at the petsmart in parker, parker road and 20 mile. >> okay. >> i believe it starts at 11:30 am until 3:00 us of the best thing is to go there, get a new friend and watch the game. >> go 11:30 am, get back by 1:05 pm for kickoff and if you are not a football fan, they can come and skip the game and check out the cute dogs. >> they can go directly to the rescue. >> okaa. >> they can adopt from there. that works. >> i would take you home but i have three dogs already. >> [ laughter ] `> thank you for the kisses. this is awesome. for more information on dmk rehoming, call the number on the screen or log onto the website and we will get your information on after the show. you can find it under the lifestyle tab. thank you for being here.
9:36 am
not have a problem. finding a home. >> they are so precious. i think you found yourself your for the dog. >> not happening. >> life would be okay with it but i am not. >> we are going the other way around. 3 looking at the futurecast, ww have the sunshine early on and that is going to change. we fast-forward to 2:30 pm and
9:37 am
`>> welcome back, everybody. 9:43 am and i'm getting the dog your off of my shirt. very cute dogs in the newsroom. >> priies. >> sports auuhority field and mile high, closer to the game, 1:05 pm kickoff. until 10:00 this morning. today police departments across
9:38 am
the week hoping to educate people about the dangers of leaving your car running without being in it. thieves often a target them but millie -- mann coloradans admit to doing it on cold mornings. you can get a ticket. you will find your car is gone. 2 feet of snow is not enough to keep new york city's famous nakeddcowboy from doing his thing. >> really? >> nothing but his underwear and hissguitar. these pictures were posted on social media yesterday ssowing the cowboy just singing away. i saw the naked cowboy during the super bowl ii yearssagoo >> that looks cood and not so fun and this is adorable. this couple decided that they really were not going to let the snow get in their way. >> awesome. 3 >> they went out and said we are doing engagement photographs and they braved the snow in dc and you can see that they noo only got awesome photographs but they also had great fun time out there. they say that -- they have want to do the -- do this for a long time so we thought this would `e the perfect opportunity and -`they are getting married later this year. maybe they will have more snow for that as well.
9:39 am
did not mind all of that snow. this is he panda at the national zoo. >> i love it. >> so cute. >> you have probably seen is making the rounds on social media because it is adorable. 264 pound bear was rolling around in the snow and putting on his -- having a great time really. >> that is because he has got enough for on his body. and enough fat to keep himself wore. he is precious. i don't think that the kids -- as some of them enjoyed it. not sure that they were rolling around in it and the same effect. amount. and we have seen it on the western slope. this morning so i feel like i have gone back to it 1 billion times, but it is he big game, sports authority field, action getting started as tailgaters tailgating purposes, it is pretty nice, 36 in denver, and
9:40 am
not going to last all day long. while we are at 36, cooler in greeley, 25 and if you're in the mountains, temperatures in the teens and 20s. it is warmer to the south, colorado springs at 41 and trinidad at 4 degrees. where do we go from here? we are going to climb and we are going to 46 degrees at denver, 1:00, 2:00 -- that will be the high and we could be looking at rain put it might hold off to 2:00, 3:00 and then we are looking for snow but my 5:00, temperatures drop down to 36. highs are -- in 2:00, boulder, 37, greeley warms up to 42, 47 aurora, castle rock topping off at 45, a gorgeous day for you up there. `n the central mountains, temperatures near freezing, cooler in steamboat, 29 degrees, gunnison, below 0 early on and you warm-up to 23 degrees.
9:41 am
colorado springs at 21, lamar he is the warm pot on the map at 60 degrees, looking at 50s and write about 64 the until the early afternoon. a chance for some rain and snow across the metro. that will turn to ssow closer to about 5:00. evening. it looks as if the heavierrsnow will be in the southern portion of the metro area. intensity overnight while you are sleeping. you have gotten home from the game. unless you are staying up at 1:00 to do celebrating from the broncos win and you can see the snow out at the eastern plate, rain and snow mix in the southeast quarter because the temperatures will be warm. %- early tomorrow morning we have a chance for flurries early on. we may even see some more midday , but that clears out quickly. by tomorrow night, we are
9:42 am
topping out in the 30s. once this system does move out now, we are in for a nice warm- up so tuesday, back to the 40s, and then wedneeday, in the 50s, so remind you that this time of year, the average high is 44 degrees. once we delve into the 50s, we are above where we should be. it really makes things nice and there are a lot of people that have some isaac additions on the roadways. they are looking around going, -`is this going to melt? yes. it will eventually and we will get more this next week. >> so wear layers at the game and start with short sleeves -- maybe not short sleeves. >> you want layers but the kky is that you wanttto make sure that you have something to keep yourself dry. once you are wet, it is going to be called. we have gusty wind maxa time so that ill make things chilly. >> back to the chase for the championship, we are excited and that feeling is widespread across the metro. >> we are going back out for the broncos coverage to sally mamdooh, live sports authority field with look at how the >> reporter: the patriots buzz
9:43 am
and as you can imagine, a lot right now, fans are lining up onto the right over there. they are waiting to meet the broncos players, hoping to get an autograph or maybe a picture wiih one of their favorite players. i cannot tell you the smell of the barbecue -- it is just overwhelming from all of the tailgaters better tailgating right now and getting ready for this istoric game that is about to happen in a couple of hours. right behind me, it looks like they are starting to let fans into the stadium. we saw a couple go through the security checkpoints, so it looks like we are just a few minutes -- moments -- a couple hours, minutes -- i hope it is would be exciting but a couple big game that everybody out here is waiting for. we did spot a couple of patriots walking around, but it is not good to be a patriot right now out in broncos country. it is very intimidating i must say. %-
9:44 am
sure that you keep the denver 7 that you are a paariots fann put the orange gloves on. %- >> reporter: but i was told that the blue and the orange. right? i was wearing orange gloves earlier and it is not cold anymore. >> i am hiding it. >> put it back oonjust tt be safe. put oo the orange. >> i will do that. >> thank you. and security has -- sports authorityy-- sports authority field, top priority on homeland security tells us they are working with law enforcement and others to monitor potential >> we have ggt denver 7 reporter jason is looking at that part of the broncos story and he is at the sports authority field. wwat do we need to know if we are going out there? >> reporter: denver police says that they will have extra officers out here on duty throughout the grounds and inside sports authority field at mile hiih but they are
9:45 am
any other and they want fans to `now that this is just like any other game, so they have to regulations just like they have since the start of the season. that means that metal detectors at each gate and gates are set tt open for a 11:00 for the 1:00 kickoff and they have to clear plastic bags and you can bring a blanket if you are concerned about the weather forecast but beyond that, no sharp metal objects or anything like that. just tried to get to the gates. i spoke to broncos officials pregame festivities and their testing out the fire actually earlier on. that was a lot of fun and you can hear the fans are really giving your seats early, get through security early so that you do not miss the 1:05 pm kickoff for the afc so exciting. >> you can feel the excitement..
9:46 am
>> you saw the fire? was like a kid in a candy all excited about it. let's look at some of the other for us as well on sunday. sometimes families and need a little bit of help at the end %- >> thee have a system that has worked wonders for 32 years. denver 7 anchor introduces us to the seven day hero behind it alll >> reporter: they have a thing at the arvada community food bank. es hungry and northern jefferson county. >> we serve the northern jefferson county area so our total territory is about 100 mi.2. >> reporter: this food bank 3 turns out 1,000,000 pounds of food a mooth to those in seed attic into that thanks to volunteers like andy fitzpatrick. >> that is what we need to do is help a little. if everyone helps a little, it adds up to a lot. >> reporter: he has served here for nearly 3 years and
9:47 am
>> i am able to do it now that i'm retired. >> reporter: he helps with every program, if it is feeding -`the future backpack program, to provide food to 1700 children a week, -- >> there are more peppers in the back. yyu put all of the yellow ones and i can bring out the green ones. >> reporter: helping maintain the food pantry where peoole >> when a client comes in, do they select the items that they like? >> they select. we know it is used because they want those. >> right. they could something home and they look at it and say i will never eat that. >> about 25,000 pounds a week that goes out to just tt them. so we are pushing a lot of food out the door for clients that are really need. >> reporter: he is there every step of the way. >> he has a great way about wanting to work and wanting to serve people. and always wanted to do a -`little bit extra. reasons the food bank was honored as arvida nonprofit of the year in 2015. 3 >> i'm glld that i came here because there is a tremendous need. >> reporter: 7news and trusted traits, independent insurance -- they wanted to honor you as a hero for your hard work at
9:48 am
>> [ applause ]
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week. >> i think i local. something good. >> absolutely. but broncos tight end has a degree in -- oceanic and atmospheric sciences to be exact but that is short for meteorology and the struggle with the forecast -- the wind caught up on him but he provided a game day forecast -`for us oday. >> 30 mile an hour crosswinns? >> that was -- i did not forecast that on friday. low 40s to start the game but a i don'' think that there willl be accumulation to speak up. it is going to get worse, it on. really,,not anticipating much accumulation. to need this bad boy? come 5:00? >> yes.
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