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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it's 5:00 a.m. more sad news on top of an already bad day. a local teenager dies after falling through the ice. this news as friends prepare for a fellow teenager's funeral. >> loveland pass closed because of avalanche danger. >> even though broncos are traveling for the super bowl, police here in denver are getting ready so something like this on this video doesn't happen again. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm kellie patterson here with jason watching the roadways and lisa watching the first alert weather.
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but temperatures rising. >> pretty cold out there. >> you're right, this morning really cold. ten to even 20 degrees colder than -- you can feel it when you step outside. >> i can feel it. >> in craig now they're really feeling it. 30degrees colder than just 24 hours ago. here in denver now we're at 20 degrees. winds have shifted out of the southwest. that's going to help us this afternoon. that's going to boost our 3 numbers later ttday, but this morning with skies clearing it's a ccld start. you're going to find teens to morning. by the time they're heading home we'll be near 40 degrees. afternoon. it's a cold morning. fort collins today 38. this is nothing. here. warmup coming up. melting. had few icy spots here and there, esppcially through the neighborhoods from that snnw
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it's not going to slow you down too much. lanes. we'll have to deal with that short merge again southbound side of i-25 at 84th avenue. maybe you were wondering what was happening yesterday morning, why is it so slow and heavy down to 84th. they eliminated that lane temporarily going down to highway 36. people are jumping on earlier average. morning. i-25, 225, everything else quiet. we're following breaking news, a teenage girl is okay aftee police say she rolled her suv on i-25 right near 8th avenue. happened about an hour ago. police say the driver was not drunk or high. she just was going too fast for that ramp. it's the second accident at this location since the weekend. it's a sad day for students at legend high school. today there's a funeral for a teenager who died after falliig through the ice in parker.
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the same incident. denver7's lindsay watts joins us from legend high school with more. >> reporter: the first teenager who died after falling through the pond passed away soon after that accident happened nnarly two weeks ago. the second boy will be fighting for -- had been fighting for his life since then. both of them were students here at legend high school. here's a photo of max gantnier, a sophomore. he was being treated at children's hospital and he was battling brain trauma and taken off life support over the weekend. the second teen who died was a sophomore, patrick lance. the two teens and another friend fell thrrugh the ice of a retaining pond near tallman drive and ill top road in parker january 14th. it's still unclear what they were doing on the ice that day.
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his name is cole robinson. there will be grief counselors available here at school today. the principal is reminding people of state services that are available through the colorado crisis service. they can be reached at 1844-493- 8255. also online at denver 7. it's been a dangerous start to the year. ten people have ied in avalanches across the western u.s. in the past 10 days. that includes a fatal avalanche here in colorado. this is a photograph in st. mary's glacier. claimed the life of a hiker last weekend. this has been the deadliest january in nearly 20 years. this is the current avalanche threat, it's actually listed as moderate in that yellow. for most of the high country considerable, and northern san `uans. risk of an avalanche still exists even when we have the
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case in point, a back country skier has serious injuries after being partially buried in a slide. he was caught in that avalanche yesterday, e was alone, but got his phone and called for help. we have breaking news. an atlanta woman is dead after being attacked by a man with a machete while on vacation in the arribean. investigators say she was walking on the beach with her husband when they were attacked. the husband was able to escape, but the suspect is behind bars. in europe authorities are warning of more terror attacks by isis. a new report shows the group is planning more attacks. this report also outlined the different ways isis is adapting `o new security measures. a homeowner shoots a man he says tied him up and robbed him and he could be facing charges. this happened over the weekend in jefferson county.
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man's house in response to a craigslist house. but the homeowner shot the man as he was leaving the home. under colorado law you can shoot an intruder, but they must be inside your home. >> doesn't include the porch, driveway, street outside. the crime must be happening inside the four walls of the victim's home. >> colorado's law is unique. you don't even have to give a warning before shooting an intruder. but again, they must be inside your house. after a heated debate, colorado council decided not to let a church in northwest denver rezone part of its land. the church wants to build a medical center. it would have been near 32nd and irving in the north highland neighborhood. neighbors are concerned about % increase in traffic and impact on parking. >> it just seems completely out of context for a residential neighborhood to come in and do this.
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stopped in zoning. >> it's a great fit. the school that we had on-site that was open for 80 years closed three or four years ago. now we have this underutilized piece of land in beautiful north denver. >> because the proposal failed, clump officials say -- church officials say they can be ffrced to move and sell their land to a developer. less than two weeks denver broncos are taking on the carolina panthers in the super bowl. >> it's not going to be cheap. we found the cheapest tickets are just understood $4,000. that's one seat. million dollars for a suite. >> we checked for two people to go to super bowl l get ready to pony up more than $9,000 for nose bleed seats. then you have to fly out on saturday, back on monday. you can add on extra $754. >> don't forget about a rental car, that will add 114 bucks at
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when you add a hotel and parking outside the stadium, you're looking at $11,000. and we haven't counted food yet. still, some broncos' fan like scott sanders says no price is too high. >> we got airfare and a hotel already.. now juss get the tickets. either way we're prepared to take out a second mortgage and go to the game. >> to save money experts recommend arriving early, like wednesday the 3rd, and leave late monday 8th. san jose is the cheapest airport. >> wwnder if you could get a job as a ball boy? that would be a better way to go. even though the super bowl is in california denver police aren't taking chances. >> in 1998 the fans got a little rowdy after the broncos won the super bowl. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh joins us from larimer square with more on the increased security already. >> reporter: fans are going to be everywhere watching this
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when your team is playing like the broncoo are, things could get out of hand if they lose or win. theee is history to prove it. back in 1998 as you mentioned after the broncos won the first of two back to back super bowls, a riot broke out where rioters trashed parts of larimer and 16th street. this pushed police to use tear gas and pepper spray to try to control the crowd back then. in order forrhistory not to repeat itself this time, during super bowl l denver pd will increase its presence in downtown. they're not saying the number of officers they'll put out there, but they say their 3 presence will definitely be known. -`in downtown denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. >> sally, thank you. want to see your broncos pride. check out some of the pictures we have posted on our facebook page. look at these two, sent in by francesca. pretty smile.
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this is from jessica. thank you for sharing this. rowdy bunch you got there. keep the pictures and videos coming. you can share them on our facebook page and on twitter using #broncospride. lionel will join us with mooe broncos coverage, like what the team needs to do to team. >> what's cuter than a basket full of puppies? this sweet image could have brave firefighters. >> nothing is accusedder, unless a basket of panda bears. temperatures in the 20s this -`afternoon. air quality is moderate and no indoor burninggrestrictions today. >> if we can get those puppies something. i-70 and steele looking nice.
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5:13. sunday's victory. >> but the broncos have to focus on the super bowl now. sports director lionel bienvenu game. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the chase for the championship. the broncos announced a wardrobe change yesterday. they're going to wear ugly sweaters during super bowl week. actually that's not it. uuiforms for super bowl l. john elway said "we've had super bowl success in our white uniforms. we're looking forward to wearing them again ." like the super bowl in 1999, all white. broncos are 0-4 wearing orange % jerseys and panthers 0-2 wearing black jerseys. so the broncos flipped it around. newton accounted for 44 touchdowns in the regular season, ran for two, passed for 2 in the nfc championship.
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know they have a far different and more difficult challenge in 13 days in santa clara. that's why gary and the players yesterday. >> e'll go right to work. we're not going to wait for anything. the fact we have two weeks, our preparation, how we do things as coaches and stuff, we're routine. >> i'm excited right now. you probably don't know it now. i am excited. the thing is, you have one more game left. %- then you can celebrate. then you can do the things that what this game is about. but it's still business for me. >> you're going to see this play over and over. panthers dominateed the cardinals, 49-15. panthers are 17-1, highest scoring team in the league. panthers favored by 4 points and that's okay. broncos like to be doubted and dised. >> we feed off of that. keep us the underdog, whoever
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we are and how we can cover and stop this person. and i bet we win the super bowl. >> we the underdog, e the 3 favorite. it is what it is. we got to still go out on sunday, super bowl sunday, and we still got to play that game. so all the picking and who you think gonna win, it don't really matter. >> broncos' players might have a couple of days off this week, but not much time off for sure. this is it. last game, all business. they're going kicking and screaming. they'll celebrate as you heard after super bowl l. that's it `or now. we'll have the latest on the chase for the championship later today on 7 sports xtra. for now, have a great morning. oop oop. >> he's not washing that sweater until we win. we like to see your broncos pride. here's a funny one sent in. it reads, divorced for a day. she says it's because her spouse was rooting for the opposite team. >> check out this cutie.
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she's really happy. keep them coming. you can send them to us on our using #broncospride. >> the parents are going to cash in the kids' college fund and go to the super bowl. joke is on the kid. no, they're not. >> so many storiis, people willing to take out a mortgage on their home. >> thee'll do it. >> that's loyal all right. >> it is. >> when i looked at my phone within minutes of the game being over, sorry, you were not selected -- >> my girlfriend has season tickets, too, and that's fast. >> it happens. >> i feel like thhre were too many seehawks fans two years ago. >> we're closer. >> but we were closer last time, too, to new york, if you think about versussseattle. >> that's true, never mind. >> temperatures now in the teens and 20s. denver now 20.
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15 miles pee hour. dry conditions. look at our windchill. feels like 8 in denver. it's 20. greeley 10. castle rock 17. in the mountains we're close to zero if not below it. grand lake 2 degrees below zero now. looking across the region, skies are clearing. there is some snow to the south of our staae in through new mexico, panhandles of texas into oklahoma. but at this point in denver skies are clearing and we are in for drier, warmer, brighter weather the next few days. by 4:00, 4:30 yesterday at that point we were looking at snow squalls. tooaa you're going to fiid sunshine. few high clouds rolling through. that's pretty much it. state-wide. even the ountains will see dry conditions. over the next few days we might get a little light snow by the end of it. for the most part warming, drying period. mid- to upper 20s for the mountains today. gunnison a high of just 11. upper 30s to near 40 n denver.
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fort collins, 38. elizabeth a few degrees above freezing. normal high is 44. today we're a few degrees below it. look how much warmer it gets next few days. 52 tomorrow. 55 thursday. near 60 on friday. 60 degrees friday to end the week. i bet they open up a few patios downtown. saturday into sunday things will cool off a bit. we'll see a better chance for a little snow, jayson. looks like sunday into monday. ride. howevvr, there is in new problem on i-25, the northbound side of i-25. you can see alameda here is the accident. these are the folks coming up from broadway, university, going north. this is the traffic off the santa fe ramp rom northbound santa fe to northbound 25. it's off to the side. people can get around it. but it will be a hazard. take a look at the map, in this area ere. not seeing any other significant problems. a lot of green, including
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nice drive along pena boulevard now. % thank you. this morning a house in california goes up in flames, but fortunately firefighters were able to rescue a basket of puppies just in time. >> the fire forced eight peopll from the home. all are okay. after the people were safe, crews were able to get the puppies and three dogs out as well. still not clear what started that fire. but a person who lives there thinks it was a malfunctioning heater that caught clothes on fire. 5:20. bernie sanders is getting a tasty endorsemenn from ben and i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose
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welcome back. 5:22. live look at larimer square. still decked out in that broncos orange. in celebration of our team going to the super bowl. security already beefing up here in town, because we are going to win the super bowl. little worried about things getting out of hand. about that. get ready for it. the democratic presidential candidates geaaing up for iowaas caucuses. hall meeting. >> ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. we may raise taxes, but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business. >> when i worked on health care back in 93 and 94, and i don't know if you weee born then, i can't quite tell, but if you'd been around and had been able to pay attention, i was trying to get us to universal health care coverage working with my husband. >> february 1, iowa caucus
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that best represents their innerests. we're getting closer. breaking news in the race for the white house, a new abc "washington post" poll shows a significant amount of republicans expect donald trump to be the nominee. 64% of researches expect trump to take at that nomination. not sure if this will change the rankings, but one of boston's largest newspapers endorsed john kasich. not to be outdone, another large newspaper in the area, bosttn herald, also choosing a candidate, endorsing new jersey governor chris christie. the paper says he is a trusted leader. the new hampshire primary is february 9th. to a different kind of endorsement, one that's a little colder. >> little sweeter. ben and jerry's is picking a presidential candidate, the ice cream makers want bernie sanders to win.
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pints of a flavor called bernie's yearning in his own kitchen. a contest. >> what's the flavor you ask? mint chocolate chip. they say this is not an official endorsement. but they're making it anyway. >> that's ben's best. is jerry going to have his own >> good question. >> i guess it would bb bad if you took chunky monkey or hubby and made that an endorsement. >> i would not want that as y endorsement. today the coolest. high of near 40 today. 52 wednesday. anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees warmer next couple of days. we could use snow, but looks like we won't see it in the weekend. >> maybe slick in spots in your neighborhood, for the most part an easy right.
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side of i-25, before the alameda drive. alternate at this point, but it is a hazard heading from the denver tech center points south. people in the flood industry often don't get paid sick days and they come to work feeling a little under the weather. a state lawmaker has a way to let customers know when that happens. >> broncos' faa letting his 3 pride show. a touching reason he painted his house orange and blue. >> keep sending in your photographs. here's 17 in by jessica. she said they watched the broncos beat the patriots all the way from michigan. >> check out these cuties here. cheering the broncos all the
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